Should Virgo woman take friendship with Cancer man to the next level?

Miss Worried Virgo writes:

OK so its resorted to this. Me Miss Virgo, just recently started dating a Cancer man. We have been long time friends but the romantic connection is so very strong, at least for me anyway. Talk about romance. He knows exactly what to say and do. He broke up with some one about 3 months ago. He went so far as to change his phone numbers and moved and doesnt care that she cant reach him. I knew she hurt him because he would come crying to me to often. Never in a million years did I think we would be dating!!! At times he can get moody and the predictable Virgo that I am cant take those mood swings. This is sort of weird because we were friends first and never in a million years did I think we would be going out on dates. He knew my boyfriend and I knew his girlfriend. I dont want to ruin our friendship by going to the next level in the relationship but he is persistant and I must admit that I am willing. Should I just call it off now to save our friendship? The thought of him being with some one else would kill me however, even though we have never been sexually involved.

Friendships are sacred, but romantic relationships are even more rare. I know you are being cautious, as is Virgo’s inclination. However, you only live once. (At least in your current body!)

Virgo-Cancer is a fine combination. You may analyze your feelings more than necessary while he wallows in his moods, but you both share a risk-averse nature that will keep you tied to the work-home routine, without too much disruption.

Be careful, though. Cancer can get defensive, and if he completely shut out his ex to the point of moving and changing his number, what’s to say he may not do the same to you if he feels sufficiently wounded? Cancer is ruled by the habitual Moon and serves his past — he may be a slave to old patterns that are hard to shake. Virgo has been known to nitpick, and the Crab may be too sensitive to bear too much criticism. Harp on him too much, and he’ll retreat into his shell. After that, you won’t be able to reach him on his cell.

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  1. Thank you. Your reply helps a lot. I have now noticed the mood swings and am not sure if that is something I want to deal with. Sometimes this Cancer is so happy and other times he seems so withdrawn. I am going to re-think having a continued relationship. Typical of Virgo I guess.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

  3. Natalie says:

    I am a Virgo to the tee. My soon to be ex husband is a Cancer. We were great in the beginning until I started to do exactly as he mentioned and so did my husband. James is a great man and I love him dearly BUT I couldn’t take his moods anymore and in turn made me more of a nit picker.

    Don’t know if this helps now but maybe it will someone else!


  5. proserpine says:

    Ada, you asked a while ago how to know when a Cancer man is interested in love?

    You will know.He will be sweeter, and gentler.
    If you don’t notice anything , he is not interested, or, not feeling safe around you.

  6. I am a Virgo woman who was married to a Cancer man. A negative Cancer man. He knew all the right things to say and the right moves to make but once he felt that I had fallen for him he became lazy and more of a reciever than a giver. A negative Cancer man will try to criticize you because he knows this can cause you to become insecure. If you notice any of these signs cut him off. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  7. I am a Virgo and I broke up with my Cancer boyfriend six months ago. He was the biggest ass I have ever been with. He was an alcoholic, a drug addict, a food addict and smoked pot more than five times every single day. I could never have a decent conversation with him, because he was either high from drugs or drunk. Or both. He was also manio depressive and took a lot of medicine every day. When he was drunk he couldn’t remember what he had done (including driving his car) and he would shout sexist comments to other women, even though I was standing right next to him. It took me three months to fully see the extend of his lies and his dubble life. He even used me to get hold of his old dad’s money. He always wasted a lot of money on booze, drugs and useless, expensive things. In the end I was very bothered with all of his overweight, even though I wasn’t in the beginning. It was a nightmare. Perhaps the worst part was that he tried to manipulate me into staying – and other thing. Sick bastard! I don’t feel sorry for him at all! I think Cancers are avoiding and hiding problems instead of wanting to talk about the issues. It’s like when they don’t talk about the problems, then they don’t exist. I always face issues head on, so maybe I shouldn’t be with a Cancer. They are also too quiet for me anyway.

  8. I’m a Cancer man and I must say I hear those of you talking about our mood swings. Completely understood. The thing to take into consideration is where is their base? Is their base positive (optimistic) or negative? If their base personality is negative, then the swings will curve further in that direction, and in those times you see manipulation, sniping, defensiveness, etc.

    If their base is positive, they will still have mood swings, but you, as a stable Virgo, can actually have influence over those – while at the same time give a little space for them to unmuddle their mood. Make sense?

    As per the anon post about the addicted Cancer, that’s not really about the sign. That’s a more psychological disorder, and, no matter the sign of the individual will in the end result in self-destruction and quite a lot of damage to wheover is involved with them. The only thing to glean from that post is that yes, Cancers are Masters of Hedging so if you want a straight answer on a topic that is close to their core OR is something they are feeling extremely guilty about, it will be a hard time getting it out of them. Even then, that whole mess of a person described has much more than the negative traits of their sign working against them.

    Make home a safe place, and your Cancer will almost always return, and hopefully want to continue to keep it a safe haven.

  9. Hi. I completely agree with Billy. What you experienced are negative traits of the Cancerian sign working against a self destructive person. There are other cancerian with similar mood swings and a thirst for liquids. But as far as I see, they also know how to use their handy tough shell to get through the mood swings. And their drinks doesnt get any harder than large quantities of fruit juices. Most Virgo women are very quick to analyze a person. I wonder what made you stand by him for 3 months watching him make sexist comment at other women ? And if so, this cancerian has lost the most positive essence of the Cancer Sign – Decency & Kindness. By the way, I & my brother too are cancerian. My brother is similar to the person mentioned above and leads a wasted life away from his family. Whereas I live a blissful life free of drugs & alcohol with my precious Virgo wife and my sweetheart Taurus son..

  10. canceriancrab says:

    Just because the sun sign is in cancer, is not a great indication of if you are compatible…put a nice Venus in Gemini with a Scorpio moon and strap yourself in 4 a crazy ride. If you are ready to break this
    Cancers heart by judging soley on a sun sign, I question if true love is present? If you are going do run your relationships via astrology, atleast go further than reading only the first chapter of many….do it the right way and find out about other placings in the birth chart and you will find a whole new world opens with more possibilities then you could ever imagine! I’m a cancer with a moon in Scorpio, rising in libra, mercury in gemini I along with Venus in Gemini and a mars in Pisces and am speaking to a Virgo at the moment and things are looking bright! Remember, love for the meaning of love not just because of the stars in the sky. Looks like a few caps of MDMA are here, toodles!

  11. Im a Cancer man. the virgo woman I have been with the last eight months is absolutely beautiful and so amazing. I am truly blessed. I could not believe how often she appreciates the little things I would do because she had not experienced them before. she says that the way we just held each other was not something she knew before…and yes I do believe her because I have had woman friends who are not treated with respect by men, regardless of their sign. I am very much a cancer, but I am aware of my moods and try to keep them to the upside…which is a great trait to be aware and care enough to change.
    I say listen to your feelings. If the person I am with energizes me and inspires me instead of depleting me, that is where I will be and want to give back 10x. we have a bad reputaion for our moods, fair or not, I am more easy going and upbeat than most people I know.

  12. I am a cancer man and dating a virgo as well.everything is amazing actually she makes me feel good in a special way and yes she is very critical at most and i do get hurt many times.its always better that if the mood swings are present i be left alone because at that very moment i tend to be able to make irrational decisions and changes no matter how hard i try to point out to her how being so critical is hurting it never helps but if you real love a person you will have to learn to hang in there and as long love is there just hang in there its not always everytime that you gonna be happy in a relationship and virgos love independence and their own space and just give them and they will love you for it.goodluck

  13. I have a question..I’m a Virgo met a Cancer man…been with his wife for 12 years, she has cheated on him multiple times, but he stays with her for the children and his military career. He has filed for legal separation and said he was going to divorce her as soon as he returned. We met and experienced 90 days of total bliss. We were together everyday and he opened up to me and I too him. We share a very similar history and I feel we connected. He said the same. He actally told me he “loved me”. He recently redeployed back home and in these last 30 days I’ve heard from him 3x. I keep asking the question if things are okay between us, but get no answer. In the time we were together, he did things that no other guy I’ve ever dated has done. Gone out of his way to make me comfortable and feel secure. Spent every minute with me and only me. So now that he’s home and competely distance has really thrown me for a loop. His last words to me were “patience, honesty and communication, are the only way this relationship is going to work”. I feel like I’ve been bamboozled. Any comments from you Cancer Men?

  14. Hi,
    I’m a virgo woman and i’ve been working with a cancer man for about a year we both get along great and we’ve had a strong connection early on i seriously do think we would be great together but i’m worried about ruining our existing friendship what should i do? i really like him!!

  15. Virgo Girl, I suggest that you keep your distance from this cancer man. If he was interested in you, we would have made some attempts. Why ruin a good friendship?

  16. hopefully someone can help me. I’m a virgo and he’s a cancer. known him many yrs and we just got together recently, it’s been great but he recently told me that he hopes that hes not leading me on, didn’t know what to say I was numbed. He’s a great guy and he does everything for me but he confuses me. He wanted to get a girl’s phone number while I was present and i felt disrespected, how can I bring it up to him even though he has told me that this relationship is going nowhere basically when he said I hope I’m not leading you on. help?

  17. @Joan

    Dump the son of a b*tch!

    He’ll come crawling back on his knees to you……….

  18. ImaPrettyGal says:

    Hey Miss Worried Virgo,

    I wonder what happened with your cancerian man?! I don’t know how long back you wrote this. I just happned to pass by this site and read what you wrote!

    I’m a cancerian gal and NO I’m not gay.. I love a virgo guy and I was just looking up stuff on virgo men and cancerian woman.

    I never knew our moodiness upset you’ll so much!! I must say I’ve surely come across weird to him after reading a lot of this kinda stuff.

    I have to say that sometimes you need to just ignore our moody behaviour!! I know that sometimes I’m really moody and it has had absolutely NOTHING to do with the my virgo man! Sometimes, I may be upset with him but I soon get over it!! Its may also be that something went wrong in the day and I need to cool off. May be its the same with cancer men!

    WHen we cool off, we get back to our loved one.. But I will keep this moodiness in mind. I will try to be in better control of it so I don’t upset him. But really you shouldn’t take it seriously enough to break the relationship! Just give him some space!
    Tell him you don’t like it, in a very nice way. Say it hurts you and that he needs to be in better control of it.. in a very plain, understanding voice and manner..

    And I have cut off my ex too.. but honestly never felt like doing it with this virgo man! ALWAYS ran back to him! Its just the way things are with him and me.. its deep and probably true love!! 😀

    And one thing I know.. For the MOST PART, when we love someone, WE LOVE THAT SOMEONE.. it almost lasts forever!!

  19. Queen T says:

    I too is a Virgo Woman that fell really head overheels for a Cancer Man but his actions tells me sumthin different to make a long story short I distant myself from him and ever so often he will call or text I told him recently how much I missed him an a text and he replied u always make me feel good sum now I’m thinkin of contacting him a little more often I mean I’m a girl that likes her own space as well I still very much want to be with him the mystery turns me on but at the same time I don’t want to be playin alot of games with him and yes they do flirt with the opposite sex in and out of ur face they just r natural flirts

  20. if u luv him and u know he luvs u then stay by his side, don’t giv up something that seems so rite just becuz u r worried :3

  21. try reading about ur guys animal signs as well as sun signs ^-^ u’ll understand them more then u can sort the issue in ur relationship out, or try too

  22. btw i’m a virgo woman, and i’ve had loads of experience in my life, i’m 15 years old, i’ve had more experience about life then u can even think of, it’s made me much wiser then i used to be though.

  23. kimmylulu says:

    Cancer. .pls run from Virgo. . not a good match .I call them the Ki Boshers of the Zodiac.. its only fun if THEY are having fun .if you are having FUN god forbid. .they are mortified. As a true Cancer, I stay away from Virgos bc eventually I know its ALL MY FAULT …run. .they can be sweet and warm and loving but they are not team players, most Virgos are all above everyone else, believe me, I know. .I cant stand their hypocriticak natures and how dare they say they are better than me. You are in the sweet sucker stage of Virgo. .Cancer run!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang out with a Libra or Leo ,more chill

  24. kimmylulu says:

    ahh my point exactly. .LOADS of experience and im 15 yo. .WTF??? Wake up Virgo

  25. Livelifelove**** says:

    Well, I don’t know if thus stuff is all true ! But I’m a virgo women && I’ve been friends with an cancer guy for along time . Now we both have noticed that we like each other more then friends .

    I’m really not sure if I want to pursue an serious relationship with him because i’m scared if our relationship go wrong ! I would lose a great friend … So I’m really confused!

    Should I take a chance and pursue the relationship or keep being friends ?


  27. Lol!! Well truely I never new I would stumble. He is a cancerian. An artist and so well behaved and controlled. He never gives me the indication that h e likes me. But behaves himself. I want to pursue him. But in the very initial stage he gave me the indication , that I should move on. I agreed and we continued our friendship. We have hardly spent time and I am moving to a diff country. But few days painting with him made be feel so calm and relaxed and in tune with life. I wish I can continue this, even in a long distance way. i like him to this level. [ Another disadv he is a pure muslim. And I don’t follow any religious texts, though I am spiritual. And we both are 31. Do they consider females of their age at 30+]
    Are there any advices on my scenario? Am I being too optimistic and determined? Is my persistence in vain?

  28. gentle cancer says:

    hey i am Cancerian man 18yrs. i am currently pursuing a relationship with this Virgo girl. she likes when i give her attention she is supportive, yes she does have this feeling that she is the best but…i really don’t care. i keep having thoughts of marrying her and a lot of stuff… i alway try to assist her in every way possible. if she needs something she hesitates alot to ask me i would have to be the first one to approach and then she would ask me to help her out and its really important. when we text i dont know what to text about?
    p.s i am sure she likes me but how can i move to the next level! i don’t want to do anything rash!!!

  29. Hey gentlecancer 18 yr old man.
    I am a virgo woman. Give her time cos virgos need to know that thinga are going to last. They are critical but in a mild way. Give her attention and do loving things. Text her nice comments. Ask her what is she up to? Compliment her on any new ventures. Tell her she is lovely and you like the way she does this or that etc…. Virgos take a long time to show their true feelings. They are very sensible in love. Give her time and she will be your soulmate.

  30. gentle cancer says:

    thank you miss jam. I trust what you say! she is opening up to me and asking about my where abouts when i am not around her,she stands by my side and i am still giving her the right attention…I am so happy…Patients is the key so i will wait!

  31. Well my escapade with the Cancer man is over he now supposedly in a relationship with a woman. He text and call from time to time askes me for meals & gifts in we r not cool like that plus he stated he has a woman so I finally stop dealing with him he wanted to use me what a JERK

  32. Some interesting comments here.

    I am a Cancer man, married to a Virgo woman for 20 years now. Beyond the “should I date someone because of their sign” stage. One thing I can tell you about me, that may be true about other Cancer males is that I am often in a great “mood”; funny, with lots of energy and adventure. Rarely (I think), I need some space. I don’t want someone on my ass asking me what’s wrong, what did they do, blah, blah, blah. Just back off and give me a few minutes (or the rest of the evening) to work through whatever I’m dealing with. This may be about work, finances, family, or who knows. Nothing too serious, and I’m good to go after some introspection.

    Although my marriage is generally a good one, we have had some arguments. The worst of these have always been with me saying Laura (not her name), let’s just leave it, I need some time. But she has pit-bulled me relentlessly and won’t back off. Which ends up with both of us raising the decibel level a bit. And I can let it rip. So, I need my wife to back up a bit, and not pursue the end of an argument when I’m not ready. The truth is, I am thinking through a lot of things and, if given a moment, can come through much more clear headed, logical and civil than barreling through the muck at warp speed.

    There are some things that tick me off about my spouse. I’m sure she has a list on me, too 🙂 But this may give you some insight into other Cancer men. I am sometimes astounded with some of the things she does that she knows blows my mind.

    For example, I am the cleaner, my wife is definitely NOT a tidy person. I do the whole house, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, etc., without her help. That’s not because I enjoy cleaning, but because if I didn’t do it, we’d live in a pig sty. What I enjoy is living in a decent home. And yes, I have been ashamed if someone has stopped by and our house is a wreck.

    Sometimes I will see some mess and I think why does she do this when she knows that this is important to me? Don’t get me wrong, I am not some OCD neat freak. I’m talking about leaving trash on the coffee table with no intention of EVER throwing it away. Leaving a coke can and an ice cream bar wrapper for me to clean up after her. This type of thing can cause resentment.

    The point is not that I like a clean house, but that I have expectations. And I don’t think I should have to tell people (loved ones) what the expectations are but that they should meet them if they do indeed love and appreciate me.

    Another example: I also have expectations on appearance. I present myself just as I did when I was “out on the prowl” in my single days. Meaning, I take care of my body, wear nice clothes, etc. I do this for her as well as myself. I have been disappointed that my wife doesn’t have the same motivation here. And again, the point is not that she doesn’t present herself well … the point is I expect her to and am at a loss as to why she would not want to do this on her own. And why she wouldn’t want to do this for me.

    And I think that these “expectations” may be part of the Cancer male psyche. In the end, it all works out, she has many great qualities: high moral standards, completely trustworthy and loyal. Which is exactly what I want in a woman. And those qualities go far when growing old together.

  33. I’m noticing a lot of the experiences on here are similar to mine with Cancerian men. They’re unbelievably confusing. I’m Virgo but not your typical (well, not all the time anyways) as I’m on the Libra cusp and have a Piscean moon, so I’m a bit all over the place at times..

    Either way, I seem to have a strong connection with Cancerian men but they end up either changing their mind on me or wont admit their feelings. I’ve recently been approached by an ex-coworker who also happens to be a bit younger than me (don’t worry, he’s legal LOL). He came on really strong and unexpectedly, never knew he felt that way and it’s kinda blown my mind. It’s been mainly sexual though but he’s very sweet about it. Never said I was looking for anything super serious as I don’t like the labels society tries to push on me to begin with, just a connection that isn’t short-lived. I have Venus and Mars in Leo, so as long as I get some decent attention, I’m relatively happy! Thing is, he’ll approach me out of nowhere telling me how much he wants me and then we’ll go days without talking (I think he’s doing the Cancer thing and escaping into himself as most of his posts are about how annoyed he is with one thing or other..). But he also seems to want attention as he’s frequently bored and cries out for attention. Also his mother died when he was young and I know how important early home life and a mother figure are to (well, anyone) but most especially Cancers. He has moon in Libra, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Taurus if that helps. Am I just a cure for his temporary boredom or does he really want me…? Just trying to figure out people here!

  34. I have to agree that this is a fabulous combination. Both compliment each well enough and could this to house chores after. Point is, you both could balance pleasure and work at the same time.

  35. well i have failed getting my Virgo girl. 11 months of labor was in vain. i do not know what i have done wrong i was there for her when ever she needs me…when i finally tell her how i feel i get this respond that she doesn’t like quiet boys because they are dangerous also i am nice person and i should not change that way i am..and thats the end. i still cannot catch myself up to this time.

  36. The past men that I liked and had crushes on were all Cancer men (I am a Virgo). They just naturally turn me on! I love that they recede and I can’t reach them. This is so challenging to me (probably problems from by childhood. I can guarantee you that I will some day marry a Cancer w/o intentionally seeking one.

    I LOVE CANCER MEN!!!! So strong and vulnerable at the same time. Yummy . . .

  37. Virgo love says:

    To Brian in Texas: Your wife doesn’t sound like a typical Virgo to me. I am a Virgo and my house is always clean and tidy. I cannot sit in a mess, I just have to clean it-cant relax until its done. My boyfriend calls me a neat freak and says I have a touch of OCD haha! hes always trying to get me to relax but I wont until my to do list is all done.. but he does appreciate the fact that we don’t live in a garbage dump and he cleans the house too. Hes great to help me. Also my physical appearance is sooo important to me. I always want to look my best as I don’t feel confident unless I have my beauty routine done each morning AND each evening.

    To gentle cancer: I’m sorry about what happened with your Virgo. As a virgo myself I prefer to date someone (not become friends first) Virgos do like to take things very slow at the start of a relationship but they do not like going out with their best friend as they will be afraid of losing you as a friend. Also, it is difficult to find chemistry if you go out with your friend. And Virgos crave that spark, the chemistry, the intimacy, the passion etc and she wont feel that with someone she already knows a lot about.

    In general:

    I love my work and take great pride in it. A man has to understand that Virgos need to work or they will never feel truly fulfilled and not just at any job, she craves success! Most Virgos will not want to be a housewife. Not because they don’t love the home or kids. They love all that but they need to feel like they are more than just a mum and a wife…
    Like they have something outside the home that they are good at. We like to feel like our role is very important and that we are needed.

    I love men who look after themselves and make an effort to look their best too. That is something all Virgo women absolutely adore. We also love intelligent men who can stimulate our mind and talk to us about a broad range of different topics. Communication and trust are big on a Virgos “must have” list in a relationship. But sex is also very important to a Virgo. We like men who make an effort in the bedroom. Who want us to enjoy it as much as he does and if a Virgo women does not feel your passion or love towards her in the bedroom she will be bitterly disappointed and upset but she probably wont tell you this. She will just become withdrawn and show less interest in sex.

    The most rewarding part of a relationship to a Virgo is making you trust her, making you open up to her and tell her things that you normally don’t tell other people.. This will confirm that you trust her enough and she will love you for it. You also have to gain her trust. She needs to feel safe and secure and she needs to know you will be faithful before she will commit to you.

    The first time you sleep with a Virgo, it should feel like you care. Actions speak louder than words to a Virgo and she will want it to be gentle, slow and passionate. She will also want you to take the lead and make her feel special. This will seal the deal with your Virgo and she will fall for you big time! If she has slept with one or two before you-they probably disappointed her in this way by being too rough or too much in a hurry etc… she will appreciate your effort, (she probably will have very little experience in this area by the way, She shares herself very cautiously and is very careful about who she will sleep with).

    Virgos can be critical (I am guilty of that but it doesn’t happen very often. You need to understand that when a Virgo criticizes you it is not because she wants to hurt your feelings. She is genuinely just trying to improve things. She believes why look 80% perfect when you can look 100%. Why do a half a**ed job when you can be the best at it? Why bother doing anything at all unless you want to do it right? Try to understand this about Virgo-she tries to be the best she can be at anything she sets her mind to (including in a relationship) and she cant help wondering why other people are not as dedicated as her.

    Good things about Virgo: If she loves you, really loves you, you will be a happy man and you will stay happy unless she ends the relationship.
    To keep her love; don’t get lazy or sloppy. When you get home, the first thing you should do is give her a big hug and a kiss, sit down with her and have a chat about your day. Try to come home in a good mood as much as possible also. If you come home in a bad mood she will think that your not happy to see her, (Virgos over analyse so be aware of this-her mind races constantly and she will keep thinking does he really love me? How can I be sure hes happy? etc, etc she cant help it)! Sometimes she needs reassurance-not with words, with actions and by the way you look at her.

    Dont stare at her face, this makes her nervous, she will want to look in a mirror and make sure she still looks great if you stare at her. Staring makes her feel insecure.

    Do not drift into a routine-this will bore her. Be spontaneous sometimes, take her out randomly, surprise her with theater tickets or a concert. Every once in awhile take her away for a romantic weekend for two. Shell absolutely love you for it! Keep it exciting every now and again. Virgos do like routine and predictability most of the time but she also wants to be sweft off her feet 🙂

    GOOD LUCK!! xx

  38. I am a Virgo..I have been with my cancer man for many years..we had chemistry right off the back..I love my baby so much..yes he can be moody & distant but @ the same time he is so caring & gentle..he is funny always makes me laugh & when we are together we are amazingly happy..I love the challenge as a Virgo..BC we are def.not weak. If you have a cancer in your life hold on to him tight ..they are loving..loyal & protective over you..also great listener’s..I fell deeply in love with my boo & vice versa..we are soulmates..started as friends we are lovers..Be patient & you will snatch that crab lol..good luck Virgo ladies..

  39. Hey! Cancer men are so down to earth As us Virgo’s are…they are not that bad …besides their moodiness sometimes..truthfully everyone can be moody and love their own space..I adore my crabby as a Virgo we do not tolerate nonsense .I am a true Virgo..neat as hell & oh so clean..everybody says I have OCD..we are very out spoken..very blunt & to the point..we can be sweet.loving & we are honest ppl..but don’t cross us.we can be just like a cancer distant ourself from you & won’t look back..I find that me & my lover have so much in common..I give as good as I cancer man loves that abt this Virgo ..I do not back down from his stubborn ass..I don’t think I could get rid of him even if I wanted too..we invested so much into each other mentally.emotionally..sexually & so much more..we know one another so well..we like so many of the same things it’s actually scary..we argue & in no time we are cuddled up again..he has female friends..but I ain’t worried abt that.. I got him..I also really trust him . He trust me as well..we are so good! Thank you guys..all the best to my Virgo diva’s..

  40. This is to jam..hi ; I am Miss Virgo i am in a long term relationship with a cancer man
    He always tell me I have a good heart I am a good person & I never throw things up in his face..but sometimes I can be critical
    but not in a mean way. I think me as a Virgo is very up forward we try not to beat around the bush a lot and we try to say things as nice as we possibly can without hurting someone’s feelings.. remember we to are sensitive timid and could get defensive when were up against the wall.. with your Virgo lady take it very slow with her you have to ease your way to heart gentley do not say the L word too fast she will take off and run lol also we do not like games and we love our space so if she is not texting/calling all the time take don’t take it personal..we are fun individual we analize everything you say so just know we listen very well and are cautious before jumping right in. But once you have our heart it’s yours for keeps b/c we are loyal and faithful to that special cancer man and I have a lot of the same qualities and although no relationship is perfect we would have or share of throw down arguments lol..but deep down we learned to trust and that we truly cared deeply for each other so we always knew where our hearts remained and that’s with us together.. sorry this is so long but I really wanted to express to you that Virgo’s are good people and wereally appreciate a patient person…so hang in there and just keep doing what your doing but don’t over do it..we don’t like to be smothered or pushed into anything if so then we will just leave..I am a true your instincts and I wish you nothing but good luck and memorable memories with your Virgo woman

  41. Hi..I am a virgo currently in a relationship with a cancer male..omg! These damn cancer men are a piece of work boo can ignore you like there is no tomorrow. But me being a Virgo cannot stand that. So I annoy the crap out of him and he cannot stand that.hahaha. on the serious side how we compromise is by just giving each other a few days of space being that we both enjoy our alone time. When we make up it’s all about us nobody else..I love the way he cuddles me in his arms pulling me close and showing me that I am protected and safe. The love making is out of this world. When a cancer man adores you. He mostly show you by his actions not so much in words and I love when he say to me during sex you love me? Omg! That really turns me on. Also ladies once a cancer man is into you they believe in making love to you. Every relationship has there on & off days. Just stand your ground. My cancer nan always tell me I am a good person with a good heart and I am there for him like no other but I am annoying sometimes. I say that’s right. B/C a Virgo woman know how to deal with a cancer man. We are no push over and we speak our minds and we can’t just hold shit in.A real Virgo will go in on that ass. Guess what? Men love a stand up woman sweet loving clean caring ride or die & alil freaky (smile) but not to pushy. As long as he know he can trust you & you’re loyal to him You will have that cancer man going crazy and in love. He will cut every other female off for you. They kind of like a crazy fun entertaining Lady. Mines tell me I am all the above. But be natural they also know when your a bullshitter.. peace love & happiness

  42. I am a Virgo woman and befriended then dated a Cancer man….. bad move!
    Everything I read here sounds like my relationship. It started like a dream come true and he seemed like the sweetest, most romantic, loveable man, generous, sensitive, caring you name it and I thought my dream come true. He left a 9 year relationship and we began ours. Very quickly his moody, conditional side came out among other nasty traits and hidden secrets.. including cross dressing. His true past would come up and the longer our relationship went on the more insecure and stuff I felt. It was in many ways abusive emotionally and mentally. They are clever and I agree totally with the lady that said this sign do not like to face their issues and they blame everything on us. Unless we are their mothers and house slaves everything done his way in his eyes I didn’t deserve what he had to offer… wow.
    In the end he simply cut me out of his life and it got ugly as I choose to communicate. I will never go near another Cancer man and my suggestion is run…. stay away from them.

  43. Virgo woman says:

    I’ve met my cancer mail friend online actually fb… We’ve been knowing each other for at least 13 months.. We had chilled withinh the first 6 months just once.. After that we both became distant.. So we recently hooked back up in November more consistant with spending time.. We were together he says all these sweet romantic things and hold me and caresses me so sweetly… But when we’re not together he’s so distant.. Hell txt like every other morning.. Good morning my love txt.. Well txt then he’ll randomly stop and I don’t like that and there be a possibility I don’t hear from him no more that day.. Until…. I be so confused is he into me.. When I txt his somewhat moderately complaining about how he never responded hell call instead of txt and re assure me that were good and he’s going to work on it…. He rarely responds to my txt but can be online posting consistanly and I get no response. I be wondering are we good are we not is he into me am I a 50 shades of grey ordeal or what.. But when we together he’s so demanding I can’t walk to my car alone he makes me hold his hand.. He holds my hands when we’re even watching a movie.. He tell me make sure ain’t no other man calling my phone… But being a virgo woman and him a cancer man I need help reassuring is this gonna work to just be patient or just keep moving on living my own life.. Please help me understand this virgo-cancer situation

  44. I can completely understand I don’t know what to do right it’s just so much and really thinking about a new way.hes a great man but I’m just not sure no more

  45. I can compare he’s so negative Im trying to deal with mood swings but I can’t no more I can’t deal with a man that loves to play a victim even if I tried to help him relax he still wouldn’t be able to sexually is becoming a turn off because he is as well becoming lazy and a receiver and at the sametime my trust n him is off he supports me tho if I needed anything he will try his best to be the one to make it happen for me but its a lot of time maybe a female cancer and make Virgo can work better but honestly with all this I would of tried my luck with a pisces

  46. Mysterious Cancer man says:

    For some of the Virgo women above that despise cancers, always keep in mind, that it’s not the particular zodiac sign that determines a persons overall personality, or traits , it’s more so the individual alone, his background ‘n such. Y’all make it seem as if it’s just cancers in general that you need to stay distant from, it bothers me to see that you people are influenced by how finding out a persons zodiac sign can answer all of your questions, about their true “colors”, and how “cancers” operate overall. You people practically make me feel ashamed to be born a cancer, it hurts.

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