Should a Capricorn woman get her hopes up?

A Capricorn asks:

I’m Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon, I notice I attract mostly Scorpio and very recently, Cancer. I enjoy the spiritual depths of Scorpio and Cancer. I’m also a homebody, extremely financially responsible and prefer old world customs. I’m interested in a Cancer Sun/ Capricorn Moon. Should I get my hopes up?

I can see why you would want a Cancer Sun/ Capricorn Moon. Having two Sun-Moon conjunctions in synastry would seem to be the ingredients for a perfect marriage. But how do you go about finding such a person? (If you’ve already found someone specific, and this is not just a theoretical longing, please ignore the following rant.)

If you’re looking for, say, someone in their late forties, a July 8, 1960 birthdate fits the bill. Someone in their late thirties? July 17, 1970. I could go on. Buy an ephemeris and look for any birthday that has this combination — or pay an astrologer to do it — and then put a classified ad on listing all the dates.

You’ll get responses (hopefully) from only those who fit your criteria. Screen them over email, go on dates, maybe go steady with one or two, get engaged, yada yada. And who are you stuck with? Someone much like you! What fun is that?

Not that there’s anything wrong with the attraction. I’ve been drawn to Aquarius Sun/ Pisces Moon types in my day. (There’s your roundabout answer, if anyone feels compelled to ask about my sign!) No doubt, a match like this can feel very comfortable. But there’s something to be said for variety.

And if you’ve already found him or her? Work it!

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. @Ladydb,

    it’s not that I disagree with your point of view…

    there’s a fine line between the weight a person can carry… and the weight a person is expected to carry… just as there’s a difference between apportioning weight vs. binding a person to the opportunity to carry the full extent of that weight…

    I agree wholeheartedly that I should be able to condition myself into bearing a heavier load… if imperative, I will do so…

    “balance is the key” – this one is my fav… esp. with the Librans who are missing water… so, I’m gonna laugh some…

    Aries – Venus
    Taurus – Mars
    Gemini – Saturn
    Cancer – Asc
    Leo – South Node
    Virgo – Moon
    Libra – Pluto, Uranus
    Scorpio – Lilith
    Sagittarius – Neptune
    Capricorn – Jupiter
    Aquarius – North Node
    Pisces – Sun, Mercury

    in traditional/classical, multiple dispositorship…

    you seek what I have by birth…

    yet, you’ll likely see my detractors point to my bias, prejudice, disparity, discriminatory practices, and disproportion coz I lean in a certain direction…

    I can further debate this issue of balance… but, as I was told by a Scorpio, I suffer from NPD (Virgo Moon)… so, I don’t want to pat myself on the back too much…

    I yearn for a stellium coz then, I could be strong in one area as opposed to being weak in so many…

    I’d luv to trade shoes some time… but, this is not a possible reality… I’m relegated to my annoying questions…

    I’d like to see a ‘real’ smile from a Cap girl… only time I see a ‘real’ one is when I meet an Aqua or an Aries… 😉

    pls, don’t add anymore weight… I don’t want to start wobbling and experience disequilibrium

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