Is Scorpio man cheating on Virgo woman?

A Virgo female asks:

I have read a lot of different horoscopes about Scorpios and Virgos. Are we really compatible and are these two signs a good love match? Also, my Scorpio man and I have been seeing each other for over a year now. I have revealed to him that I am in love with him. He has told told me that he loves me, but that he is not in love with me, but that he cares for me deeply and that it takes him a while to fall in love. Is this normal for most Scorpios and does it usually take this long for a Scorpio to fall in love? Also, I have no proof but at times I feel that my Scorpio may be involved with other women and I know that Scorpio’s are very sexual and lustful. Is it possible that my Scorpio man is telling me the truth that he does care for me deeply, but that due to his lustful nature he can still juggle other women, while having deep feelings for me? I have asked him in the past if he is involved with anyone else and to please be truthful with me. He always replies that I worry too much and that he is not seeing other people. However, my gut instinct and intuition makes me feel that he is. Should I take it that if I do feel that something is going on that it probably is and that he is being dishonest with me? If so, does that mean that he does not care deeply for me as he claims? Do you think that there is a chance for a Scorpio and Virgo to have a deep love bond, so much so that my Scorpio man will give up all other women and fall in love with me? Please help. Virgo girl not sure what to do.

“He has told told me that he loves me, but that he is not in love with me, but that he cares for me deeply and that it takes him a while to fall in love.”

Since you’re a Virgo, you will bear with me as I linguistically parse these phrases (with apologies to George Lakoff).

  • When he loves you, he is performing an action, because love is being used as a verb. He is willing to care for you.
  • When he is in love with you, both of you are in a box, for LOVE IS A CONTAINER.
  • When he falls in love, he is not in control. He slips and falls into the “love box,” against his will.

As we know, Scorpios are control freaks, so it is not so easy for them to allow themselves to do anything against their will, to surrender. For a Scorpio, giving up control opens up the risk of hurt and betrayal, so perhaps it does take him a long time to fall in love.

One way to guard against surrender is by having affairs, for it keeps him at a distance from the love box. However, you may just be a Virgo worrywort. Just because you feel something is going on, does not mean that it is. But you also should trust your gut, especially because Virgo rules this part of the body. You likely have good “attention to detail” (Virgos love to put this on their resume). What would be “out of place” if your Scorpio were cheating on you? Would you notice? I’m not telling you to poke around his private affairs, for that will certainly make a Scorpio run for the hills. But think logically about what would be “out of order.” Also keep in mind that Virgos are self-critical. Maybe you don’t feel good enough to have a man devote himself wholeheartedly to you.

Virgo and Scorpio are a good match, but this is not what your concern is really about. I’d suggest that you look at your relationship history. Have you been cheated on before? Do you feel worthy of being loved? If after your own self-exploration you still feel in your gut that he is cheating, write back and we’ll see what we can do.

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  1. Scorpio's Woman says:

    Such a cool blog I had to add my story…

    I am a Virgo woman who met her Scorpio man 40 years ago. It took all of those 40 years for us to finally come together.

    We sat across from each other in the 4th grade in 1970. He thought I was intelligent and driven, I thought he was adorable and sexy even before I knew what “sexy” meant. We worshiped each other from afar for the rest of our school years. I championed him in the 6th grade when a couple of stupid twits were picking on him… he never forgot that. He tried to ask me out all through Jr. High and H.S., but never felt worthy of me since I seemed to have my act together more so than did he. I caught his gaze once our Senior year, but looked away because he was dating my friend and she was standing with us at the time. We lost track of each other for 3 years after H.S. then I ran into him in a bar… the night before I left to take a job across the country. I knew I’d never see him again and gave into my desires when I said goodbye and took the kiss I’d always wanted to experience from him… we lost track of each other for another 27 years, but he never forgot that kiss.

    In late 2009 he found me on Facebook, of all places. He told me he’d been looking for me ever since I left that bar in 1982, but he couldn’t find me. He’d wanted to share his feelings for me, but never felt he was worthy. We both had been married for many, many years to people we had “settled” for, raised our children and recently divorced. We are currently in a 1,500-mile long distance relationship and I have never been happier, nor felt so loved, worshiped or secure in any relationship I have had with any man, EVER. As I write this I am watching him sleep on Skype as I do whenever we can’t be together physically.

    My advice is this… Virgo, Scorpio love is real and very powerful, almost magnetic. It is deep and knows no boundaries, even time. It is forever and so much more meaningful if it is left to mature, to marinate until it is ripe. Scorpio men wait forever, until the moment is right for THEM, before they show their hand. It does not come easy and the Virgo woman must be true to herself and follow her own ambition, even if it means leaving him behind. Do not sit by the phone and wait for your Scorpio man to call. It is your strength, honesty and sense of purpose which attracts the Scorpio male. And if he has the true strength of his sign it does not matter how long the separation… once he loves you he will search the ends of time and will move Heaven and Earth for you… only then he will be yours for eternity. And an eternal life with you is exactly what he is after. Believe me, he is so worth the wait. You will never find a more devoted, considerate, intensely loving man to share your life with. Besides, even us Virgos need to grow up before we can truly handle all that man has to offer. Enjoy and good luck!

  2. phenix scorpio says:

    wow that was interesting maybe the scorps need to grow up to though im still growing i admit i need more time everyone does though

  3. WOW Scorpio’s Woman! That really hit home with me! It brought me to tears actually. I’m a Virgo, and this Scorpio man has entered my soul and I cannot for the life of me stop thinking about him, We have known each other for almost 3 years. We share a deep friendship, very close. Whenever talk starts to lean towards relationship, it’s the same thing. He likes me so much, he’s scared of gettting hurt again, he’s afraid of taking advantage of me. It is very frustrating at times. He comes at me, then pulls away. He tells me his feelings are growing deeper, and that scares him. What do I have to do to get it through his head that he does not have to be scared? He just told me the other day that he knows I would take good care of him and do anything for him, and that’s what he’s afraid of, that he will take advantage of that. “I know how I am” he said.
    I feel like I would give anything to have this man. I am a nurturer, always have been. I know I would give him the deep love he craves, I already do. So what in the world can I say to him? I have been so patient with him, but it’s killing me inside. There are nights I cry myself to sleep for this man, geez I’m 45 years old! What the hell is wrong with me?
    What you said about your Scorpio man is everything I can relate to. I don’t want to wait 40 years, I won’t be alive! I want it now, LOL!
    Any advice on how I can weather this and keep my sanity until he breaks free of his resistance?
    Please help!!!

  4. SexyniceVirgo says:

    @michelle Newman: obviously Im a Virgo woman and reading what’s post above I think the cheating problem with a Scorp is not always true or real is more something we think and is in our Virgo minds!. We somehow know better than anyone that perfection is not a human quality and is one we strive during some of Virgo’s life!. Till we find out noone is perfect!. At least I dnt trust anyone!. In your case I dnt understand your question never being there with any Scorp trying to make him feel and do what he should do!. As a matter of fact I find they fall in love too easy, too soon, so I have to see if I love this easy and True lovers of the zodiac back!. I’ve being in 3 relationships with Scorp and they always know what they want when they wanted and how they wanted!. I know ur age but dnt know if ur just dating the guy in a relationship and for how long (?)!.

  5. SexyniceVirgo says:

    @ all: hahaha we Virgo women R allways thinking guys are cheating on us at cetain time in our relationship!.

  6. Hi Michele:

    I am a Taurus woman “hooked” on my pain in the butt scorprio… he frustrates me to no end… also a commitment phobe and as hard as I have tried I can’t for the life of me shake him out of my system… he’s become a part of me that i can’t let go of no matter what…. it’s like he has rooted himself into my heart and no matter how many times i want to walk…. I can’t…. we are always pulled back together… he has been married twice, divorced twice and also had a falied relationship with someone else… now about the cheating part…… mine is a womanizer and has been with other women behind my back…. had denied it the entire time and I was devastated when I found out…. I stopped speaking to him for 4 months…… it killed me inside…. and he never even apologized…. he kept denying it…. like I found the text messages and the dating website on his computer….. seriously he must have thought I was dumber than a doornail….. but yes he lied and yes it’s true what they say about them and “secrets” be very wary …. because they will fool you for fear of losing you…… I had told him a million times… if you want to be with other women and that’s the lifestyle you want for yourself… then go and be happy and live your life as you see fit…. BUT leave me out of it because I’m not up for dating you while your dating other women….. NEVER!…… yet…. I still keep going back like some love struck teenage fool…. I too am 45 years old and I hear ya about the crazy part cause guess what.. we both must be… lol… I too would like like to be in a secure relationship – longterm of course (it’s a Taurus necessity) … i’m not getting any younger for pete’s sake… I’ve had many other offers from guys better than even my scorprio…. yet my heart is with him….. anyhow, the worst part to top of course is that it is also a long distance relationship… he lives 3000 miles away in another province…. so we see each other (always me flying out to see him) a couple of times a year…. we talk everyday, but it’s been difficult to say the least…. I really love him…. he tells me he loves me… but still is unsure if he wants someone in his life fulltime….. wish that he would stop making excuses…. but ultimately it’s his choice…. and hopefully he makes it before I get tired of waiting… all I can say is we are all in the same boat when it comes to scorprio men….

  7. SexyniceVirgo says:

    @Michelle & taurusgal: The Other say I postes here somewhere in sass that I was thinking he slept with someone but he didnt my problem with him is that he has a drug problem and his jealousy. he has trouble trusting me!. I also feel like you taurus gal that We pulled each Other back as If we can live with or without it!.

  8. Scorpio's Woman says:

    @ Michele: All you can do is what you have been doing–be patient, loving, gentle and supportive. That is what attracts him to you. Scorpios have a tendency to over-analyze everything… to the point they are paralyzed and cannot make a decision. They hate failure more than anything else. Don’t scare him away with talk of relationships and your future together, just live your life for yourself like he’s not part of the equation. I know it will tear you up inside, but in reality there is nothing you can do to hurry his thought processes along–he needs to settle things in his own mind.

    That said, do not even think about trying to make this man jealous. That will tarnish your halo and he will question your loyalty forever. They need to feel 110% that the woman they invest their heart an soul into will be loyal.

    I guess I had the advantage by doing my “hit-and-run” thing back in ’82, but in reality I never knew he harbored any feelings for me until he found me 27 years later and he opened up with me for the 1st time–fortunate me 🙂 By that time he had thought of me so often and looked for me for so long that when he finally found me he was ready to commit. He’s told me he’d marry me tomorrow, wants us to be that old couple in the park still walking hand-in-hand, yet we are both newly divorced so it is I holding back. I am in no hurry…

    Advice? Just be strong. Don’t push. Be your loving, nurturing self. A Scorpio male is usually honest… they just don’t share everything. If he says he cares for you, then he does. If he says he loves you, then he does. If he says he’s not ready to commit, then he’s not. Wait for it…

    @ Roxie: Not all Scorpio males are players. Mine has had only 5 other sexual relationships–3 of which were friends of mine from H.S. Besides his ex, I am the only woman he has slept with in 26 years! Some Scorpios can discriminate. I guess it just depends on how shy they are and their level of maturity. Mine is very, very shy or I’d not have had to wait as long as I did.

    My advice… walk away. If he loves you, truly loves you, he will chase you down and then you two can get down to some serious relationship business. If not? Go find yourself another Scorpio who’s more mature.

  9. Dear Scorpio’s Woman…. all is can say is YOU ROCK!… lol…. I love your advice and you have made many great points….I whole heartedly agree that you shouldn’t push them or give them ultimatums… and by all means do not make them jealous… you are 100% right there….. my problem is that I am extremely patient when it comes to other things…. but I am extremely impatient waiting for him to commit… lol…. and I guess with that said… I would be heart broken if we never ended up taking things further than they are right now…. my scorp knows exactly how I feel and what I want and do not want… but I will wait for now…. or I will come to a point where I throw in the towel and walk away….. I’m just one of those people who would very much like to have someone to share the rest of my life with…

    As far as the cheating thing…. that completely devastated me because he was extremely showing me another side of him… leading me to believe that he was always so loyal to me…. I’m not 100% trusting of him and he is aware of my feelings towards that as well…. as I said before I have told him if he wants a life with other women… then so be it…. go and be happy… but don’t string me along for that ride…. I have no desire to be apart of that nor do I want to be someone’s 2nd, 3rd or last choice… I guess I just want what most women want …. a long and happy ending with Mr. Right

    Thanks again for your great words of wisdom…. they give us all something at least to think about….

    take care, Roxanne

  10. Thank You sooo much for the great advice! I know that everything you’re saying is the right thing deep down in my heart. It is just so hard to wait for something I want so bad. Scorpio’s Woman- you have described the man I truly love perfectly, and I know he wants, commands and also deserves loyalty. He knows he has it with me, but yes, he has been married twice and burnt both times, so I know he needs to be absolutely sure. I made the mistake about 9 months ago when I was feeling really emotional to kinda blurt out some things about me loving him so much, and it pushed him away for about a month. Then, we were at a company picnic (we work for the same company but not together) and we hung out together the whole time. We were both drinking beer but not drunk, and he just comes out with “You’re going to marry me someday aren’t you?” It totally caught me by suprise, and I just said “I would love nothing more than to take care of you the rest of your life” We had a fun time, and that night he spent the night with me, and it was completely amazing. Whenever we make love(which has only been 4 times) it is a deeply moving connection we share and so fulfilling I cannot put it into words. Then the following Monday, he tells me he’s sorry he led me on, it was cruel. My head has been left spinning so many times I’m getting whiplash.
    I told you that just the other day he brought up the relationship again and what he said about being scared of taking advantage of me. Whenever we do see each other at work which isn’t very often, he flirts with me and I with him. He says things that lead me to believe we will get together later on or over the weekend, then it doesn’t happen. If I didn’t love this man to the depths of soul, I would just forget him, but you know that I absolutley can’t.
    There is no other guy for me. I wouldn’t even think about trying to make him jealous, I’m not like that anyway. I have thought about looking into a dating site, but then I think, there is NO ONE that I want, NO ONE that would ever compare to him. These feelings have been here for almost 3 years and instead of waning, have only gotten stronger.
    It is encouraging to know that aslong as I keep showing him how honest and trustworthy I am to him, he will eventually believe it and come around, but it’s too tough waiting. I try not to ever bring up the relationship stuff, I let him bring it up.
    So you think I’m on the right track? Is there ANYTHING I can say to him to keep him intersted and wanting more of me? To let him know I will always be his #1 woman and will not betray him without uttering the “L” word and scaring him? I guess all this waiting is making me lose some confidence, and I need reassurance, but I need it from HIM!
    This is the first Scorpio man I have ever known and I refuse to let him go. (Geez I sound pathetic!)

    Thanks so much for your honest comments.

  11. Scorpio's Woman says:

    Dear Michele,
    I feel for you. I can’t speak for your Scorpio, but it seems when I talk about mine you seem to relate…

    Patience. I cannot stress this enough. I know Virgos are “get it done” people. You cannot rush this. Scorpios never rush into anything. To watch them make up their mind is like watching paint dry. A Virgo is much better at analyzing, judging and acting. We have more important fish to fry. If we make a mistake we chalk it up and move onward to fix it. Not so with a Scorpio. They abhor failure so much that they would rather be frozen than make a wrong move. It is in their nature to do so.

    That said, we are also very alike in many ways. Both the Virgo and the Scorpio are homebodies, love children and a sense of security the home represents. Mine wants to build a moat around the house so the outside world can’t get into our “sanctuary”. Both of us are also so critical of ourselves we can’t stand to be beaten over the head with our faults by our partners–we do that all on our own without any help whatsoever, thank you very much. Virgo loves to be perfect. Scorpio would like to be, but understands that is an unrealistic goal–everyone has faults. We understand each other without living in each others pockets. We can cherish the unique qualities of the other, respect each others need for solitude too without becoming needy. That is a rare thing in a relationship.

    If you want to get closer to him while maintaining your “self” try this… insist you make love with the lights on. I know it might sound strange, but at the beginning I requested this because I love his eyes–I look at him and see his love and it brings us closer together. I have since realized that eyes are the first thing a male Scorpio notices in a woman. He noticed mine when I was 10 years old! With most men it is a nice ass or big tits, possibly long legs… not so with a Scorpio. He wants to own your soul and your eyes are that window.

    Speaking of making love… sex… is incredibly important to him. It is incredibly important to me too! I am the one to push the envelope in our relationship, not because he is squeamish… I think he has been shot down too many times and is hesitant to push, has been told he is depraved or sick. There is a saying… it is only kinky the first time. Don’t go beyond your comfort level, but DO experiment! It is quite fun and very rewarding. Communicate your innermost fantasy with him, then act it out. The male Scorpio likes to play. He does not like the mundane, missionary yawn. You said you have slept together, so I’m sure you already know this–you will never be quite sure in which direction he’s going to take you. They think the term, “quicky” means making love in under an hour, have no idea why any man would ever need Viagra. ED is a foreign disease contracted by lesser men! Be GG&G (good, giving and game). Let your hair down and watch out for the sparks! Dress sexy, not trashy–sexy. There is a difference. He loves to be wooed. He loves surprises only if they are sexual in nature. He loves exploring all avenues… He already is GG&G (as I’m sure you already know) and is looking for a woman who can step up to the plate and be his equal. Play. Play. Play. Go on the offensive sexually in a gently seductive manner and without any mention of commitment. Just have fun! Enjoy him and all he has to offer. If you end up together than great! If not, you will have experienced a great ride that will ruin you for all other men. What’s the old saying, “better to have loved and lost…”

    Good luck my friend. I’m pulling for you.

  12. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    @michelle newman and scorpio woman: Im asuming ur both virgo women ? Speaking about sex with scorp and making and feel love is really one of the best experiences! I feel the same like ruin for other men :+ but better to be loved thaJEn lost!!!! My scorp really gives a whole and is a consuming experience for both and also the fact that his so loving outside the bedroom for me a big plus! I feel loveby him the way he says things etc! The other day we were in the broom and I said to him I look better naked than with clothes now that Im fat, he reply you look good in everything but he meant it! There is so much I could tell you guys on the positive side now that we are keeping our distance cause hes trying to mend his life! But when we are together. JEALOUSY is an issue!!!!that ruins everything and makes me sad and I loose my love for him 🙁

  13. Mariah Virgo Woman says:

    Omg I’m a 19 yr old Virgo with a 25yr old Scorpio…I sit here and read all these things on our signs, and it actually scares me a bit. I don’t want to wait 30 years for him to fall in love with me. I find it highly ironic when I read things about our signs, they match almost to the T, but also do you think at a young age for the two of us, that it will work out like these other Virgo women? and also with the Scorpios very lustful nature, and and if this is a particular Virgo trait, but I’m a worrywort and very insecure, I’m scared that I’ll end up pushing him away with my insecurities and fear of letting myself fully trust him. Any advice from an older Virgo woman, or a Scorpio man that can help me out here?

  14. Sapphire69 says:

    @Scorpio‘s Woman and Michele Newman – First, I must say that I, too, got teary-eyed reading your posts. It is almost frightening how similar our experiences are. I apologize in advance if this gets too wordy!

    I am a Virgo woman and I met my true love Scorpio man during Desert Storm/Desert Shield. We were barely 21 years old.

    Before I met this man, I was completely hooked on another Scorpio (who ironically shared the same birthday!) from high school. The HS guy had a definite connection with me but he couldn’t seem to commit to anything. Still, I assumed we would go on in this back and forth situation until we were old enough to realize that we wanted a relationship and then we would marry. That was, until I met my Soldier Boy.

    I met Soldier Boy my first day in Saudi in 1990. I was young and flirtatious and he seemed a little dangerous so I thought he would be fun to hang around with and show me some parts of the country I wouldn’t normally get to see. Instead, he showed me the greatest love I’d ever known. I would go over to the mail tent looking for letters from home and find that he had stopped by during the day and left a letter for me. Even though we were in a war environment, I never once felt unsafe because he was always watching out for me. And for the first time in my life, I knew what it felt like to have a man truly care whether or not I lived or died. And let’s not talk about the sex! We did things in those trucks that you can’t even buy in a video store! Probably the most beautiful thing about it was that neither of us needed to acknowledge the significance of the relationship. It just was. And for four months, I experienced heaven on earth. When we got back to the states, he went back to his base with his wife and I went home alone. That saying “Better to have loved and to have lost…” is pure bull. Had I never loved, I would have been blissfully ignorant to its magic and its power. Instead, I was completely tortured. He would occasionally call or write without really saying anything but mostly, he was totally silent. I wrote letter after letter, pouring my heart out to him. I went to psychics and anyone else who I thought might be able to tell me how to get him to accept this love I was now consumed with. Some days, I thought all I needed was to hear him say he felt the same way over there but now that we’re back, it’s over. Most days, I needed to hear him say he couldn’t live another day without me. Eventually, I moved on with my life but never got over him. He became the standard that all other men had to measure up to. I needed to feel the way I’d felt with him and wouldn’t settle for anything less. Every now and then, I would search for him and send him a note but never really got anything back.

    Fast forward to 2010. I found him on Facebook but I was afraid if I asked to be his friend, he would decline so I just sent him a message to wish him a ‘happy birthday’ and really would have been fine if he never responded. I had gotten used to that. Only this time, he did respond with his email address. He said he was single and had no kids and suggested we get together for a drink. I responded that I had never married and had no kids and would love for us to see each other again. One day later, for the first time ever, he told me that he loved me. Not only did he love me but he had always loved me and had said many times over the past twenty years that he should have married me. He has now said that he will make me his wife and the mother of his children. He lives in FL and I live in NY and we are now planning to spend the rest of our lives together.

    @Michele Newman – I know EXACTLY what you are going through because the first five years after we separated, I was right where you are. I despartately NEEDED to know what I could say or do that would make him come back into my life. I poured my heart and my soul out to him through many letters and, as I think back now, they must have been absolutely frightening to him; if he even bothered to read them. But, as Scorpio’s Woman has said, the sad reality is that there is nothing you can do and nothing you can say that will alter his actions. He is the only one that can dictate those. What I can tell you from my own experience is to go on with your life. That doesn’t mean to cut him out. It means engage yourself in hobbies and activities that YOU enjoy and concentrate on your own happiness. Re-read the article above. If he’s anything like my Scorpio man, when he says he’s afraid he will take advantage of you, he may mean that he sees a weakness in you and they are compelled to crush weakness. They despise it. Be that grown up woman that he feels can take all of his fire and strength. Also, set limits and stick to them. I believe you truly love him but you must love yourself more. If you continue to give him everything he wants even though he’s told you that he is unwilling to give you what you want, you are only confirming his suspicions that you are not mentally capable of withstanding all that he has to offer. Not to mention compromising yourself. Believe me, I know it’s hard but think about it — how would you feel about a man who would empty his bank account and drop everything to come and be with you even though you’ve told him you really don’t love him at all? Not the most attractive portrait of a man for us Virgo women! Good luck to you.

    @Scorpio‘s Woman – Your experience was so very touching that I am going to print it out to share with my man. He is coming to see me the first weekend in January and it will be the first time we have seen each other in twenty years. We have both said we will shed tears! I, too, have never felt so completely loved and adored. We send each other emails throughout the day and, often, when I hit “Send”, I receive a message from him that has much of the same sentiment. He calls me every morning on his way to work and we “ride in together”. During those talks, we will sometimes touch on a subject only for him to get to work and find that I sent him a message the night before touching on the same subject. Over the twenty years we were apart, I spoke of him and our relationship quite often and one of the things I stressed was how easy it was. It was as though our souls already knew each other so we could spend each day just laughing, holding hands and sharing what was on our minds and in our hearts. Of course, that was followed by the most passionate lovemaking I’d ever experienced! Today, our souls have picked up where they left off twenty years ago and I couldn’t be happier! I wish you much success and I thank you for sharing your experience!

  15. hi to you amazing virgo ladies, i myself am a virgo totally in love with a younger scorpio male, ive known him for many years, but the last 3 years have been on and off sexually, he knows how i feel for him, and he has often said he is scared, of what im not sure, then he finally drops the bomb that he wants more from us as in a relationship, and he trusts me,im totally gobsmacked by his revelation, then he backs off again, hardly a word spoken, no eye contact in public around our friends, as we hang round with the same circle of friends. ands its absolutly killing me inside i cant sleep or eat properly,have cried myself to sleep many nights, my head keeps telling me to run a mile and not look back, which i have done before, but every time we do spend with each other i feel more a connection to him, its almost as if im spell bound, i have seen him with a past girlfriend, a few weeks after he was every weekend spending it with me, well to say the least i broke down, and being a virgo i cut him off dead as we virgos do best, then that relationship broke down and we started up again, hence my confusion over his words, he knows i would give him the world, but dont feel i can keep waiting for him to keep picking me up then letting my heart feel crushed again, i to amd nearly 40 and have only ever had these kind of feelings once before to a sagitarian, someone help give me some advice as what to do please

  16. I love my scorpio husband, I’m vigro woman

  17. Scorpio men are faithful to the women they love, and it sounds like your Scorpio man has been hurt in the past and is afraid to trust again.

    Trust is most important to Scorpios before they decide to “surrender.” You need patience and understanding and reassure him that you’ll never hurt him.

  18. Hi there i really loved ur story! Such a beautiful one. I met my scorpio man 6 months ago and the chemistry is so powerful. I am a virgo to. I know he has strong feelings for me as i feel it. He is so loving an protective. I am giving him his space but i have fell for him. I really want it to work and i am giving him the reigns of the relationship as its his pace. People read scorpio wrong as i have never met a more loving man. Anyway thankyou for ur experience its beautiful xxxx

  19. Aloha?Virgo says:

    I’m a Virgo female. I’ve been dating scorpio male for almost 2yrs
    To cut this story short when I met him 8yrs ago we had alil
    Connection lost contact got back into contact but now he has 3kids Nd was recently divorced. Ok ya I knew he was getting a divorce but not the truth I feel.from ex wife says he left them for me he says he wanted to separate for awhile. I’m so confused. Thinking will he do same thing to me? Have a baby and leave me.or possibly cheating on me.

  20. angela-virgo says:

    hi reading all the information here is very helpful and i can’t stop myself posting what i am experiencing right now i found this Scorpio guy few months back as one friend of mine sat us up so we started talking to each other over phone and online chat and video calls as we both live miles away so we haven’t met yet but we both enjoy each other’s company we almost talk every day and i feel this pull towards him like a magnet as he is very sexy and charming and intelligent person i ever met and intense too we haven’t met yet earlier he came to meet me but i didn’t as i freak out by thinking that he won’t like me and reject me. but we continue talking and he tease me for it now and then about it as well since then our relationship become more and more intense but i still feel i am not good enough as other girls are i always think why the hell on earth he would chose me to be his lady now he is coming again to meet me in my city in September and i am again freaking out ‘what if he don’t like me’ many time i considered not meeting him at all and ask him to go on his own way but couldn’t because if i ask him he will what should i do

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