Is a Sagittarius woman or a Pisces woman better for an Aquarius man?

The Aquarian man needs an outgoing woman, and preferably one who can challenge his mind. The Archer, in addition to sharing Aquarius’ need for freedom, is at heart a philosopher. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, the Sagittarian woman loves to explore — geographically, academically, theologically. An inspirational fire sign, she uses her pulpit to convert her congregation to some pretty high falootin’ idears. And who loves idears more than Aquarius? Aquarius breathes thought, being the airiest of the air signs. If grand theories about the nature of the universe could be served in liquid form, he’d be hanging out by the bar, waiting for the Sag woman of his dreams to engage him in Socratic dialogues.

Although the Pisces woman likes to drink, she imbibes one part dreams and two parts music, nursing a concoction so hazy that no bartender knows how to mix it. Philosophies and theories don’t make her mouth water — rather, visions of losing herself in oceanic bliss-states are her sustenance. How could an Aquarius man possibly connect with a woman whose mind goes beyond even the most abstract of equations, who creates images irreducible to algebraic formulas? He is more at home with a woman who revels in the diversity of opinions, beliefs and cultures, swallowing knowledge as if it were the only brew that could quench her thirst.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Sagilarious says:

    “swallowing knowledge as if it were the only brew that could quench her thirst.”

    This is not an “as if.” There really is no other brew 🙂 At least, the only one that comes close is romance, but that one ends in a hangover, unlike knowledge.

    How did you get to know all this about a Sag woman? I feel like you analyzed my personality and explained it back to me, in exact, vivid detail.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    How did I get to know all this about a Sag woman? I read alot. I think archetypally. I channel the astrology gods. 😉

  3. aquamarine says:

    …”revels in the diversity of opinions, beliefs and cultures, swallowing knowledge as if it were the only brew that could quench her thirst” : that’s also me to a T and..I’m a Gemini!!! So I too should be able to get this damned fascinating aqua guy hooked, shouldn’t I?!

  4. wildrose28 says:

    >rew 🙂 At least, the only one >that comes close is romance, but >that one ends in a hangover, >unlike knowle

    Yes knowledge my undying love. I had an Aquarian how brilliant he was! He was a computer programmer he knew nothing about literature but listening to him about what he knew was like finding the fountain of eternal life. No subject is too complex…but watch out Aquarius there will be disagreements. I have learnt to just let it go I don’t need to be right. When I don’t know I can tell him ‘What is that’ but proud Aquarius will not. Still who can resist the charm of this mad scientist tinkering around with his motorcycles and finding ways to break the speed limit. As for adventure yes I’ll will go anywhere I am not afraid of change or of new experiences even if I make a fool of myself. I don’t need to be in control all the time but I would have thought that all this would mean something to Aquarius. We shared so many hours of blissful silence but one cannot live on telepathy alone.
    I can read your mind sometimes but I cannot explain your actions or lack thereof.
    I wonder if it would be different if I could find an Aquarius who had more fire in his chart and water because truely I did find my intellectual equal.

  5. sxysadge says:

    I’m a sagittarius woman and i am in love with an aquarius man… and this was years ago and now his mom gave me his number saying that he thinks about me and he was talking to her about it and i was totally shocked because he never said it directly and now i feel stupid because all the songs and poems and little indirect comments make sense to me. now he has a pregnant girlfriend and i just feel like i need to back off, but i feel like we could be mising out on something that could’ve been really good…should i just stop pursueing him?

  6. AquaTrainer says:

    SAGITTARIUS ALL THE WAY. I’m an Aquarius so… almost the same as a Sag. Aquarius and Sag compatibility far outranks Pisces.

  7. I think a Pisces and an Aquarian would be fun, OMG can you imagine a three way with a Sagitarian, Pisces and an Aquarian LOL

  8. AquaTrainer says:

    LibraLady – it can be fun. I’m an Aquarius female with a Pisces male, but two big differences: Aquarius likes to have friends and be social and Pisces likes to be with their inner thoughts and likes to snip the wings off of his social butterfly.

  9. SamiTheSaggg says:

    Wow I have been inlove with my aquarius man for the past 8 years and love everything about him. I Love me an aquarius mmmhmmmm… And we are gonna get married and live a long happy loving marriage and I will never leave his side

  10. pisces+aqua says:

    I am Pisces and I am in love with Aqua guy. We had an unbelievable, crazy, fast, super strong connection in 1 day! we started talking and it was getting better and better and better…I like tlaking, I am extremely anlytical and I am veery social. We find wach other very much the same! But here is the problem – he is married and to a Sagg! I find this post funny in a way. So if he has a problem with his wife he comes and tells me, we talk about it, I give him a veyr friendly and independant advice, no manipultaion, even though I am veeery manipulative. I have ascendant Leo and he has Scorpio. I love scoprios although one hurt me really bad recently and I am still going through this bad break up. So my aqua guy is saving me from my depression and yes – I love drinking…just like this article says. Him and his wife have lost their relationship, I think and both sexually and mentally are disconnected. He said if theyd dint have kids he would have thought of divorce. I dont twist his arm but I start getting attached.
    what do you think? Is there future there? I can wait for a while and see where this goes and I dont like married man, I never did this before, it just happened and was way stronger than both. I have decided to just let things flow this time, not swim against the current.
    Tell me what you think about this – has anyone ever had a super strong long lasting connection with Pisces/Aqua and is this a good match.
    BTW – I dated Cancer, Scorpio and I am well aware how compatible we are but there is too much emotion going on and I am a thinker too.
    Thanks in advance

  11. I’m an Aquarius, and while I fall madly in love with every Pisces woman I meet, I’ve never fallen into a relationship with one. Pisces always ends up being too dreamy and non-comittal for me. Aquarius wants a partner to share life’s adventures with, while Pisces wants a strong personality to lead them through life and take responsibility for them while they lay near the water’s edge and dream. Initially it’s a lot of fun, but in the long term Aquarius and Pisces just don’t mesh very well.

    Pisces has a tendency to develop strong emotional connections with more than one mate, sometimes without even realizing it. A Pisces I was interested in was so lost in her own emotions that while we were out on a date she started telling me about another great guy she was involved with and how wonderfully she thought he and I would get along because we “thought alike”. She went as far as to mention that she and he had shared a bed (in a non-intimate sense, but still). I asked her why she would tell me this when she knew I was interested in her and her reply was “We just spent the night together, it’s not like we were dating or anything!” Looking back now, it’s actually kind of funny, but back then (this was early 20’s) it was heart-shattering…and Aquarius likes nothing less than feeling scorned or unimportant.

    So, yes there may be some exceptions between Aqua and Pisces, espescially when it’s a Pisces gal and Aquarius man since we’re both creative dreamers, but on the whole Pisces and Aquarius are in two very different dreamworlds.

  12. AquaTrainer says:

    True that – I’m an Aquarius girl and my ex was a Pisces, you’re right – too emotional and he definitely had a wandering eye. I think if flipflopped, like this thread would suggest it still would be difficult. Neither Aquarius nor Sagittarius would fully be able to walk around in the Piscean world. I don’t think being someone’s homewrecker is too honorable either. That’s just wrong – people equate emotions with sex…..but it’s great sex cuz there’s no committment. Women are so susceptible sometimes.

  13. I actually think Sagittarius wouldn’t last as long as Aquarius with a Pisces. Sagittarius hates messy emotions and clinginess, and both of those are Pisces traits. Everything about a Pisces would be screaming at the Sag to just run away and find someone more fun, dispassionate, and unattached.

  14. Pisces Queen says:

    I think Pisces women/men sometimes come in two extremes, either extremely committal or extremely non-committal. Pisces are especially like that when they are very very young and/or do not yet understand or accept their emotions and personality. Some pisceans spend their whole lives trying to deal with their emotions and the fictitous thoughts/dreams versus their reality. I do believe, however, that a certain mix of Pisces and Aquarius could work. For instance, that comment that Pisces usually need someone to be reponsible to lead them and take care of things is the total opposite of me which is probably because of my Capricorn moon. I am extremely indepedent and I take care of my own things so much so that sometimes it is hard for me to rely on someone else. My dad is a Pisces and has always taken care of everything. He even cannot stand my independence…lol… All this to say that I believe that a person’s whole chart is way more indicative of their compatibility with another than just their sun sign.

  15. @damien, i agree

  16. Sag. No contest. One of the best matches out there. I am a Sag woman; I always hit it off with Aqr. We’re on the same page, always. Its just easier. A Pisces woman is going to be far too emotionally high maintenance for yer averge water bearer, however well intentioned.

  17. @Saturnalia:

    I do not think its that cut and dry…the other planets in the chart play a very important part….I am a pisces sun…but my moon in capricorn and mercury in aquarius makes me less emotional than many other pisceans…just as a sag sun with a lot of water in her chart may be a little more emotional than the average sag sun

  18. @Saturnalia….but I do see your point..however I have several sag female friends who can be quite extreme in the emotional area…i dnt know, probably their other planets…I am going to check their charts

  19. @pisces+aqua: No, you guys won’t work out. He’ll go back to his wife or find another woman to marry. That’s how Aqua with Scorp rising will do if they ever betray their spouse or girlfriend. You’re like a “middlewoman” to help them get through their tough time but for the future , you’ll be a reminder of their past. So very likely the guy will disappear on you. Just get ready for that.

  20. I personally think Aquarius and Pisces could be a nice match, but Aquarius and Sagittarius sound more exciting.

    I’m a Pisces and I’ve been in an open relationship (but it was actually just like any other relationship) with an Aquarius male with Aquarius venus. He loved to go out and drink with friends, or be at friends houses. And I let him live his life, because I need a lot of alone time anyway. I didn’t want him to make me his life, nor did I want to make him mine. I don’t like how some couples seem more like 1 individual than two separate beings.
    When we dated, he told me I was the most normal girl he had dated.
    Our relationship wasn’t particularly good, he didn’t know how to communicate with me. He said he disliked small talk, and therefore he never felt like a friend of mine. That connection was missing.
    And we didn’t meet often, which was both good and bad. I wanted to do fun things at times, that would have made the relationship better, but I had economical problems. So it wasn’t exciting at all, other than sexually.
    To me it’s not so important to meet often and do a lot of things together. I value my freedom, it’s the most important thing to me. It’s more important to have each other to turn to. If you meet too often, you’ll probably get tired of each other. I fell in and out of love several times, and I actually liked that.

    I bet there are Aquarians out there who would match with me better than he did.
    I think all Sun signs could work. And I guess some Aquas work better with a Sag, while some other work better with a Pisces.

  21. curious757 says:

    I may be a bit biased here, but one of my two favourite pairings of the zodiac, is Aquarius man and Pisces woman.
    I guess, because after reading Linda Goodman’s pairing of these two (i’m not including moon/venus/mars synastry) tears gathered around my eyes. It was the most touching, most beautiful representation of a couple. Aquarius man was left free to do his silly inventions and the Pisces woman was his ethereal woman whom he trusted and loved.

    But it’s all perspective.

    in real life, Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel couple.

    Sagittarius woman usually loves the Virgo and Cancer men.

  22. I am a Pisces and I am madly in love with an a Aquarius, we just connected so fast, and were engaged… so it dose work, if you try hard enough

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