How to get a Sagittarius to forgive you

Forgiveness is an integral component of the world’s religions, one of Sag’s favorite topics. Intellectually, he knows that holding on to resentment hurts him more than it hurts you, so he need not wait for your apology. Therefore, Sag may not have any problem letting bygones be bygones. The danger is that he may be holier-than-thou when you do make amends.

For the Archer, to be right is to be righteous, so it can be a challenge when you’ve wronged a Sag. You want absolution, but you also want to pop his balloon of self-aggrandizement. Forgiving does not make him better or more exalted. It just opens up his heart. Or at least it’s supposed to.

Sag may have just a little too much ego when it comes to granting you a pardon. Until he gets out of his own way, he’s acting more like the institutionalized Church than the compassionate Son. When you ask for forgiveness, wear a “What would Jesus do?” T-shirt. Hopefully, the message will knock him down from his high horse.

Comment below: How would you apologize to a Sag?

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  1. I recently started drinking mine with clamato. lol. My ex would always call me a light weight. Now she can drink.

  2. @ Sting….so the FISH is up to something and i found out through my scorp and another mutual friend….he has been lying to his friends and telling them that him and me are having this great love affair and how hes over at my house all the time!!! i couldnt believe it…i was shocked! this was the second time he has lied on me to his friends and hes in for it when i see him…he will probably deny and lie to me in my face but now i have proof!!! im going to kick his as

  3. Dont ya hate it when ppl lie… Just doing whatever they want. Making problems. I ran out of stuff to talk about. Lol. Have a great weekend everyone!!!! Im still working on my ankle injury so i cant go out yet. But im doing the most i can.

  4. hey everyone. It’s me. Just trying to make conversation. Does anyone here know anything about stones. like all that chakra stuff and energy. Im getting interested and have ordered a couple hoping they will help me with myself. thanks

  5. LibraLady says:

    After reading the post about Sags and forgiveness, its funny, I’ve always found the opposite. I know quite a few Sagittarian men, inluding my brother and fututre father in law, that forgive people too easily. And I’m not talking for little things, I’ve seen them take shit that I would have walked away from years ago yet they forgive and forgive and omg! its not fair the way these guys are treated, I don’t envy Sags, they have as much hell to live through as a Libra when it comes to relationships. I’ve met some seriously broken hearted Sag men that got up just to dry my tears when I needed it. as far as the Ego? I don’t see the ego being displayed as often as the heart on the sleeve, a Sag man and a Libra woman are the most pathetic heart broken creatures on earth. Anything bad that could happen will happen to you, its the way it is. Maybe there are some SAgs like the way they are described above, but all the ones I met were very forgiving, people hurt them and were forgiven way too quick.

  6. somethings can not be forgiven and the holier than thou attitude does come out.

  7. LibraLady says:

    Oh, My sag brother married a wonderful Aries woman, she loves him the way he deserves and he treats her like a queen 🙂 Then they introduced me to my soul mate, my Aqua guy 🙂 It took years for my brother to meet the right person but I have never seen him so happy.

  8. LibraLady says:

    True, there are things that noone could forgive.

  9. So far I’ve known only of one sag and she broke my heart. I don’t think she’ll deserves my forgiveness any time soon. She flipped the script so i’m the “bad guy” that she won’t forgive. I need to meet another sag. So far sag’s are looking pretty dull and wreckless. Unaware of the flow between themselves and their surroundings. What do i know though. Only that one sag. Hehe.

  10. When i said dull i meant their senses are dull. Well, compared to other possibilities in people. Not their behavior. Based on what I’ve experience, they do whatever they want with a smile on their face. Sometimes not knowing the consequences of what they do.

  11. Calamity Jane says:

    It’s not actually a belief that we’re “holier than thou”. It’s that we try to be good to others and naturally expect goodness in return. So when it doesn’t happen that way, we make sure to let you know what is up. I guess we have a silly notion/ idealist attitude that this an unspoken understanding. That is where we make our first mistake.

  12. Help!! I had an affair with a sag man (who is also married). After we were together only once he started to ignore me for days saying his mother was sick. I couldn’t help but feel that he got what he wanted and that was it so I told him just that. He told me not to say that again. Then the week after he kept ignoring me again saying he was sick. I got fed up with him not returning my calls or messages so I told him to lose my number and that i was stupid for caring so much. I haven’t heard from him since even though I tried and I sent him a message telling him I am genuinely concerned for his health. What do I do? How do I get him back???

  13. u never had him, how can u get him back

  14. Uh, quit being delusional and realize you can’t have a married man…. and then move on! It was a fling sweetheart, you said so yourself. And a married man at that? Girl, go get a REAL man who respects women!

  15. oh, my bad… you’re also married. Tell your husband he’s free to walk whenever. Ugh. Maybe you’re with a real man, but you’re a little silly girl.

  16. Actually I do believe I had him… He chased me for a year and a half before I gave him the time of day. He followed me and knew every where I went and with who. But why the insults? My husband is a great man, he cheated on me with his ex wife. He chooses not to walk because we have kids and we are in a multi cultural relationship which means we would split the kids in 2 different countries. The thing about it is… why do all that and go to that length to talk to me? Then start flaking? Maybe I am delusional, that is my nature. In any case all I wanted was a beneficial friendship. You know, the things I am not getting in my current relationship. Aren’t sags known for that?

  17. saggis love the chase.

  18. I’ll roll with a apology from someone ONCE!

    I will not however be a co-signer to someone

    who habitually slaps me in the face. If I’m

    willing to give someone a second chance, by

    all means they better come at me with a different

    approach. I’m a gumbo of Sagittarius, Scorpio

    and Cancer dominantly. Abuse my trust, kindness

    and loyalty it’s a wrap for you! Depending

    who’s in the driver seat at the time. The Sag

    in me will just walk away, Scorpio and Cancer

    will have the person not leaving unscathed.

  19. ahhh.. my saggitarius fucked my heart up for real. I tried to leave him many of times, even walked out of a resturaunt on him with the bill.. he was just so insensitive to my needs I couldnt deal. But in the end he was the one who ended up leaving. I dont know if I will ever get over this. I need saggitarius breakup/grief counseling. Typically he would only want me around on weekends which i didnt mind at first but then it just felt like i was being used as his weekend pet. That pissed me off to no ends. So i started creating more distance.. that really rattled him.. at first he said that he would try to work with it, but then I started getting really flaky and he said fuck it. I just feel like we connected on such a deep level without really spending enough time getting to know each other first. He was telling me all this shit early on like lets spend our lives together/get a place together, and it made me wonder if he was just nuts or serious. Inside I actually wanted to get a place together but i thought that if i told him it would scare him away. So i played like I actually didnt care.. I read on one of these things that a good strategy to deal with a sag is to get involved in yoga/meditation and damn i wish I had so i didnt get lost in my emotions and the relationship. I think in the end things just got to heavy and my calm exterior broke and I was apologizing and begging to him for I dont even know what anymore.. i think that was what made everything come crashing down.. which is pretty fucked up but i guess thats how sagg operate.

  20. I need some advice.. My saggitarius guy broke up with me about a month ago..
    My urge was (and still is) to try to contact him and make things right, but Im afraid that
    it will turn him off even more… Ive let him know how I feel and he knows I miss him (which somehow might even be what turned him off)
    but hes still not talking to me and I have no idea what I should do but to move on.

  21. whats your sign? what is yours/his birthday including year?

  22. im capricorn. jan 16th 84. 2:00am
    dont know his

  23. i was with my Sagittarius guy for almost 4 months, we started dating and become an official couple pretty fast, i noticed a change which made me a bit ancy but i had a hard time telling him because i didnt want to push him away if i complained, and he really didn’t open up much to me either, we mostly seemed comfortable affectionate wise. but now that we broke up i miss his company and though i tried to be friends he seemed to push me away regardless cause he didnt think itd be a good idea for us to hangout with our break up just having been so recent. i would really love if if he were to want to give us a second chance of doing things differently, and want to get back with me. but the other day i made him pretty mad at me it seemed because i was upset and emotional that when he said “i don’t mind if you go or not, It’s up to you” about going to a show, and i said that just seemed like he didn’t care, and to not sugar coat it and he said “fine idc then” and i just responded figures. he wasn’t really an asshole before aside when he would lag to responding his texts. i know i need to be more sure of myself and not be so clingy. i would just really like to start over and get a second chance.

  24. I’m a saggi guy. Why do I always take a women’s pain and fuck my self in the end ? I give them support and everything they need. Once they are all high on ground they can easily leave.
    Everyone of them came back but I’ve moved on.
    Plus why can’t I love a women untill she ain there

  25. tauruswoman says:

    I was dating a Sag for 1 month an a ex had inbox him on his fb an I haven’t heard from him since. I was really falling for him. How can I get him back??

  26. Piscesgirl says:

    So here is a sagg who loved me a lot. I love him the way he loved him. It was all perfect and then suddenly things started changing. I started being a nagging, possesive, girlfriend. I did all the stupidity possible and he kept forgiving me. Finally I accused of him cheating on me. I was misunderstood. He didnt say anything. He simply had blocked me everywhere possible. And later I got to know he was not cheating on me. I m guilty. I want to apologize and I have no ways left to do that. Please help.
    p.s. we are in long distance.

  27. I was in a 4 yr relationship w/ a sag woman.She just broke with me recently. She said that I couldn’t commit. We broke up several times over the years. I have never felt so connected or in love with a woman. I lost myself in the relationship and she lost respect in me. She has blocked me on fb and says that she wants nothing to do with me. Told me to leave her alone. Any suggestions?

  28. latinalover says:

    Jake… ignore her…. move on!!!! get a new gf!!! and ull see!!

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