How to come back to Aries

ariesAries is always right — for there are no other viewpoints to consider — so the best way to come back is to yield. You probably broke up because you locked horns with the Ram, and realized that he would never concede. So you left, and realized either that you were wrong, or that even though you are right, you are willing to brush pride aside to be held beneath his powerful arms.

You don’t need to plan an elaborate apology. He burned through his anger weeks ago! Just admit the error of your ways, and pledge that you will follow his lead on all matters. If he has not already moved on to someone else, Aries will likely take you back.

Comment below: How have you returned to the Ram?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh PLEASE- these men are retarded.

    I am a Cap and we never really argued-he was usually so sweet and nice-until he decided he wanted to go and have other female friends-then I would EXPLODE and he would not listen so I would resort to passive aggression-and he would always be bewildered why I acted like that-so I left him in Europe and told him I was doing it the day I had to get on the plane-

    back to the states and I would not yeild one inch-well he was not that persistent anyway-

    15 years later, he is married and we spoke on the phone for HOURS and have been in touch regularly ever since-as friends only-but one thing he said to me after 15 years was “What happened to us?” I went beserk and could not believe he forgot our “infamous” parting-he really did not but I think he was asking why it did not work out-

    B/C ARIES is so SELF CENTERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is why-despite my attraction to a lot of them.

  2. Eme Kah says:

    When he wanted other female friends did he mean real friends or friends with benefits with whom he slept?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Libra woman and I lost my Aries man and I want him back. I didn’t understand the complex simplicity of an Aries man until now. In short I said something that wasn’t insulting at all but was completely insulting to him and he hasn’t spoken to me in over a week. He wont talk to me or see me. I know he cares about me a lot and what we had was something great but I dont know how to fix it. I understand now that I’ll have to be the one doing the pride swallowing and I’m ok with that so long as he doesn’t know what I’m up to. And an appology isn’t going to do it either. I think its going to take much more than that. Suggestions from an Aries man would be much appreicated

  4. Just out of curiosity, what did you say?

  5. I am also a Libra woman in love with an Aries man who has me completely confused. I really need advice on how to get him to take me back. I didn’t know he was so sensitive (first time dating an Aries…).

    He is so brusque sometimes & we all know Libras bristle at that. I told him to ‘be a jerk to somebody else’ via text because I was hurt – he gave me another chance. Then I asked him a question about dating other people, which he took as an ultimatum – and it wasn’t – and he says he is done with me because of this and that I hung up on him (which I didn’t think I did). The ‘last straw’ came about because I didn’t know how he felt about me (mixed signals – to me) & I was hurt. Turns out I had it all wrong.

    I have apologized, admitted the error of my ways, tried to explain myself & it’s not enough. I haven’t cried, which I doubt would work anyway. His heart is hardened & I am heartbroken. Please advise. FAST! πŸ™‚

  6. Anonymous says:

    For the Cap: AMEN!!! They are self-centered.

    the person that responded doesn’t get the fact that he brought up that he wanted female friends is just like saying, “I want to leave the door open.” If he was serious (which they usually are not), what the hell does he need to make a priority out of friendship with females instead of building the one he has with his significant other?!?!?! They are not “friends” if they relationship with them has to be outside of the one with his woman.

    The libras: it’s a challenge for the 2 of you because Libs are naturally designed to be a partner while the Aries is designed to be a loner. Libs will try so hard to keep something the aries knows they’ll live with or without fixing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am in love with an aries man with whom I work. Im reading those stories and can see myself in them. We are intimate but not exclusive although none of us are sleeping with anybody else (cuz I honestly think that both of us would probably loose it if we ever found out) I am a virgo woman with alot of Leo in me.

    He claims that we cant be together because of our working situation plus his ex is part of the company. But he is jealous and doesnt want me to see anyone and gets so frustrated when anyone tries to talk to me. He is sweet and passionate and has great qualities but the occasional distance is driving me insane…

    One day its hot between us, then I dont hear from him, then its hot again, this man is driving me crazy what is the solution?

  8. Anonymous says:

    To the Leo woman. I am a Scorpio and work with my Aries man. And one thing about Aries men is they are natural rebels. and If he wants something he doesn’t give a @#%^ what ANYONE thinks. Otherwise how could he have an ‘ex’ who also works there? Sorry to curst your bubble but he wants to have his cake and eat it too and I can guarentee he is probably still WITH his EX.

    I know it is hard but having been on the winning end of this ..I was the one trying to keep things secret..he made it VERY obvious he was into me and makred his territory with every man. If he was into you he wouldnt be able to help himself. They are like little kids in a candy store. When they are really in love 4keeps the scream it from the mountain and 4sake all others. Virgs tend to want to please and Aries like to win…but in the end your to much of a pushover and not enough challenge. Don’t change yourlsef.. change your man and move on.

  9. DIZZY DAN says:

    Im also a libra an my aries man broke my heart an he knew it but he didnt care he never took me back an ive had a difficult time getn over him.. 6 months later h sends me an email askin me if im ok an askin how ive been all these years ive replied 2 him but his ansa was short an blunt an now i feel like ive gone back to square one with him..

  10. To Anon031108 – they don’t build… it’s like giving a 4 year old a bucket of lego… they’ll either throw the mega blocks at you… or… yes, granted you might get them to erect a tower, but that’s with the anticipation that they’ll eventually push it over…

    they don’t cultivate… they just plant the seed…

    For All Other Anons. – to jump on topic… if you’d like to cater to your codependent tendencies, look forward to a conversation this…

    You state, “I f@#k’d up. I’ve come back.”
    Arien chuckles, “I knew you would.” while thinking, “you can’t help but bask in my awesomeness.”

    A better option may be to get Aries to move on…

    Arien’s childish attempt at a ploy, “Let’s end this.”
    You: “So be it.”
    Arien’s thoughts (24 hrs later), “You couldn’t appreciate my awesomeness. I don’t care.”

    You didn’t hope that Aries would appreciate how awesome You were? Did You?… You didn’t expect Aries to ponder where Your relationship went wrong? And fix it, Did You?

    Arien’s thoughts (48 hrs later), “You will come back. I really am awesome!”

  11. aries man says:

    from an aries man perspective who is doing similar things its because we feel unappreciated. it would be nice to call that aries sometimes and tell them they miss them, they trust them, they love them when u are in a friendship or relationship. YOu think you know aries but you don’t….if we were so self centered then why are we so generous???we are selfless through our actions. however to the girls with aries bf be careful of not making aries feel unappreciated because even if they do love u and u are the most important thing to them they will get the “With or Without u” and once we do become distant its hard for us to come back to you because we see you as an experience that failed. U were the one that we thought would be our other half(our soulmate)….after that we just go with the search and soon time we forget about u….oh one thing…do u ppl really think that just because aries are most of the time cheerful that they can’t read u???we act like we are dumb sumtimes so the conversation doesn’t feel ackword but we read u like a book and can tell that u are lying but ignore it which makes us hard to read….lol so who are the dumb ones now???

  12. Well I dont know about you guys but Iam a libra dating a Aries man. I love that boy and I know he loves me. He brought out the worse and best out of me, and I believe I did the same for him. We have went through our times when I thought it was over he didnt talk to me, answer my phone calls, see me anything. I found out the way to get them back is really based on how you treated them when ya was together. My aries man came back to me when I stopped acting like I cared. when I stopped calling him and crying to him he came back to me. They get scard of the one they feel like they lost. at the same time they like it when we beg but it wont help us get them back fast enough. One My aries man seen that I was giving up on him an our relationship he surprised me with gifts. nice phone calls and text messages, showed up to my house. He know what to do to make me fall back for him. But Aries men can get very cold hearted and act as if they dont care about you at all, but in their heart they really do. when they get like that just give them time a couple of hours to a day depending on how bad the situation is, then call them, they will recover and soon be back to normal. Dont nagg them when their upset just give them space. Nagging them Pushes them away.

    Good Luck!

  13. I am a libra and i was with an aries man for two years and then we broke up because of the emotional turmoil we were putting each other through- i couldn’t make up my mind and he just wanted passion right then and there and i needed more time. When he started acting weird i told him to get his act together and eventually he broke up with me..that really hurt me..anyway he friended me..i accepted and then deleted him…(couldn’t make up my mind as to whether i wanted all those emotions to resurface) and then he friended me again asking what had happened and i accepted it again. Now i am totally in awe of him and he wont give me a passing glance..he’s so cold..i dont even know why he friended me..i thought he wanted us to give it another try…:( Well, because I cant stand to see him without feeling attracted to him on a deep level i feel like i just need to cut off contact with him completely. Is this the right thing to do?

  14. when i say ‘friended’ i mean on a social networking site.

  15. @Tina I was in a similar situation couldn’t make my mind, everyone was blaming because they thought he was nice. I was struggling really to make up mind…. the next thing I knew I was pregnant & lost it within two months, he was gone then. Came back after some months, it was me then who was so into him because of guilt, guess what???… He lost interest but kept on calling, telling me how much he missed me. I did the chasing most of the time, him running in a different direction.

    Guess what??? He is now chasing me I am not interested & I am afraid I never will. I am not the one to be running back & forth after three years. I don’t think you need to be hurried to make up your mind, & they use force most of the time. I am not going back. He does like the chase not the catch- it’s not challenging to him. There is this childlike attitude I don’t like about them. Ok that’s enough…. you gal be careful!!!

  16. Aries Girl says:

    I love Aries Man’s comment – it is totally true…cause I can read everyone like a book…very well said!!

  17. From my experience Aries men are like toddlers.Feed them and take care of them and they will coo.If they trow a tantrum it is usually because they see a “toy” they want,they will blame the tantrum on you, it is a diversion tactic. I have a particular problem of being in love with an Aries man who will [expletive deleted] anything and anyone unless I am physically next to him babysitting him like the child he is.I know I know you will say dump him and I have several times.But he is a sweet person, fun , and I am hooked on the sex.Any advice from Aries men on how to handle this?

  18. I’m an Aries female and one of the most spot-on things I have EVER heard about my sign is “Aries fire burns hot and fast…Aries ice can be eternal.” When I am raging, angry with flames shooting off in all directions I still care. It might be scary scene, but it is over quickly and everything returns to normal.

    When an Aries appears cold or disinterested, I wouldn’t waste your time. Once we turn off to the point where we are ice cold….it is not likely to ever change.

  19. Im A Taurus Man, Any advice for getting a Aries girl back…


  20. anotherariesgirl says:

    hi taurus guy, care to share how you and your aries girl broke up? when aries initiates the break up, it’s usually over. however if she still responds to your calls or emails, there’s still a chance of winning her back. you have to prove her your worth though, which means starting all over from scratch. you have to be ultranice and set aside your pride.

  21. I was in love and involved with an Aries man. We had a torrid affair that turned into one of the best relationships that I have ever had in my life. I am a sagitarrius woman, so I am quite amazing myself. The relationship was a complete accident and because it was there were difficulties defining the roles in the relationshipa ns what it was. He ended the relationship, although he will not admit it, and has been persuing me through the years. What I’d like to know is why he dumped me, and is fervently trying to resume the relationship. I am a sagitarrius, and sags are known for having huge trust issues. Although I am still madly in love, not just lust, with this man; I have no clue as to what to do. What are his intentions? What in creation does he expect? How should I handle a situation that I am not sure I really want to open myself up to if it ends as it did the last time?

  22. Ok hi taurus guy i’ve spilt up with my Taurus boyfriend and if you wana get an aries back i’ll tell u now for ur own sake don’t be distant twards her. Is all u’ll have too do is smile at her Aries women love too laugh so make her laugh you will do anyways cas of chemistry. Be affectionate twards her show her how u feel, treat her like a princess too God aries women love that shit its why i loved my ex so much. he fussed over me, treated me like a princess, bought me stuff without damaging my independence. But on the down side he ignored my calls which made me feel unappreciated and unloved, he played me too an extent where i was crying alot. it will take alot too win back an aries womans trust once u hurt her badly but she is one too forgive and forget and when u break them walls down ya’ll win her trust no problem. Aries women love the attention so give her plenty of tat too. fuss over her but key make her laugh and smile at her and ya’ll have her attention big time πŸ™‚ hope this helps

  23. and one more thing taurus guy, be urself around her she appreciates the fact ur down to earth, calm and loveable twards her. make her feel special too πŸ™‚


  25. as an aries woman i can totally say it would be nice too call or text once in a while to show us how much u appreciate us. ACTIONS ARE STRONGER THAN WORDS meaning we are selfless through our actions. As aries guy say’s “however to the girls with aries bf be careful of not making aries feel unappreciated because even if they do love u and u are the most important thing to them they will get the β€œWith or Without u” and once we do become distant its hard for us to come back to you But if you do break them walls down ya’ll have us completely. if we thought U were the one that (our soulmate)….after that we just go with the search and soon time we forget about u… oh one thing…do u ppl really think that just because aries are most of the time cheerful that they can’t read u Aries will act dumb cas they are questionion ur moves and motives seen if u are sincere or not. with aries if ur not there for her at her worst ya’ll never be there for her. so if u truely love him or her prove it remember actions speak lowder than words πŸ™‚ good luck ya’ll

  26. If an aries is deeply hurt they will become cold so warm them up. send them music and be around where they are not in a obsious way. Talk about things that really intrest them. Make them laugh and smile at them be effectionate twards them that will warm them up. then work on building back their trust cas without them trusting u they will not respect u the way they use too.

  27. annoymous says:

    Aries girl, what if she doesn’t respond to you.

  28. Offered her anal sex, afterwards worked on trust

  29. dublinaries says' says:

    haha with the anal sex, leave it up to a taurus man too say that πŸ™‚

    Send her a email or text, if she doesn’t respond well then she’s either moved on or does not trust you. If it is trust well then work on that but remember actions always speak louder than words with any aries. Aries have to be proud of their man, and for myself if i’m not proud of my man i will get rebilious. Show her love and affection, put humour into conversations with her and remember with aries use eye too eye contact. Aries women love humour, a mans smile or his eyes. Underneath her hard, outgoing personality is a child who wants to be protected, loved, adored once you show her your that man she will do whatever to keep you in her sights.

  30. first off, i’m a libra and my aries broke up with me four months ago.
    we still talk and have pretty much seen each other every day since we broke up.
    we still cuddle, and she still wakes me up with me kisses on the cheek. πŸ™‚ which feels nice.

    i reaaaally miss her. and i just want her back.
    please help, i need advice and the best way to win her back.

  31. I’m a pisces that was involved with an aries. At first he was really into me and i would rarely show him affection. But once I fell for him it was all I could give him. Pisceans are known to be lovers not haters. I love the man even though it’s been about 3months since we broke. I find it hard to get him out of my mind. I’ve been around. I still talk to his friends but find him ignoring me when I’m around them. I have been told though, that he still looks at me. He has sent me random messages here and there. I even tried helping him out with a problem he had. He accepted my help but gave up shortly afterwards. He told me he was cheated on by all his past relationships and I did none of that. I’ve been everything a loving partner could be and still we went our separate ways. I must say that I was the one that ended the relationship over a stupid fight. I’ve done everything to try and get him back. I’ve even stopped all relationship, love conversations with him. I know he’s been with others in this time span but he isn’t seeing anyone else. The only thing I haven’t done is apologice for breaking up with him. I’m afraid if I do he’ll just tell me to go away and ignore me again.
    There was a point in which he told me I was the one. I do feel deep down in my hearth that he is my one. How do I get him back? What do I do to win him over again? I honestly don’t know what I did the first time. He seemed to just fall into my lap. What do I do?

  32. I’m a pisces that was involved with an Aries man. When we first started he was the one giving me all the attention. He was so sweet, kind and generous. But I was a bit cold to him. It wasn’t until after I truly felt that I loved him that I’d shower him with love. But I found that the more attention I gave him the colder he was with me. When I didn’t give him attention he’d ask for it. He’d tell me things like, “You don’t love me anymore do you? I know because you haven’t told me anything lately.” I always assured him that I did though. We broke up because I was angry. Pisceans may be sweethearts but when we get really angry we bite hard. And that’s exactly what I did.
    It’s been just a bit over 3months since we broke up. I still find myself thinking of him. Pisceans are known to be lovers not haters. And I do love that man. I can honestly say that I truly did fall in love with him. But I lost him and I want him back. I’ve tried everything. I tried making him jealous, I tried ignoring him completely, I tried making him see that I am everything he’s always wanted in a partner. None of which worked. The only thing I haven’t done is apologize for hurting him. I’m just afraid that once I do he’ll turn around and ignore me again like he has with my past tries.
    He told me that in all of his past relationships he was cheated on and hurt badly. I know that he strives for a real relationship and all the hardships that come with that. But for some reason he hasn’t gotten that. I never cheated on him and cared for him as best I could. Sure we argued a lot and most of the time I cornered him. I know now not to do that. But still he always came back to me and held me. I miss him so much even though it’s been so long.
    We have spoken and I have been told that he still looks to me. It does seem that he’s still feels something for me. He does respond my calls and txt messages. He does offer help and accept mine. But we don’t speak in public. If we bump into one another we just walk by without saying a word. I do feel deep down in my heart that I hurt him badly. He once told me he wanted me to be his one.
    I’m not sure what to do. I’m afraid that if I apologize he’ll push me aside like he’s done in the past. I do feel he still has feelings for me but how do I find out without making him feel cornered or pushed into something he doesn’t want to do? How do I win him back?

  33. Hello, I need some Concern from an Aries Girl. I’m a Cancer male & I just love an Aries Girl,and i let her know about my likings. in reply she told me that she don’t like me like that. I just love her madly, and everybody knows about Cancer and Aries Passion.. !!! so, i proposed her for a physical relation, bcoz I knw that’s Aries weakness and Strongness. but she told me that she don’t like me like that so why she’ll give me that?! and also told me to stop these.. she don’t want these.. She text me Exact this ” i’ve my family frnds and someone and i don’t like u like that, so please stop these…” so i stopped texting her, though I feel her every single moment. I don’t know it’s true or false that she has some one. recently i notice that she talk over the ph with someone. And I also notice her voice.. and i felt that may be this is true, (But this is recently happened, someone came just recently) so i just can’t control my self and felt so upset, and text her, that ” u Told me that u have someone, how you can do this when u knw that i like u so much…!! ” And she never Replied me. some times she looked at my eyes… we looked each other’s eye’s directly. i always tried to find my love in her eyes, but i never found anything. but when she talks with someone infront of me i also notice her voice, it was like she is not feeling comfortable infront of me… something like that, but now i just felt tht she just hates me. I text her yesterday very simple but meaningful text. I wrote – ” Hi, I just felt that u hate me, and i’ve no complain about that. May be I deserve this. but still I just want to say 1thing that, u are the most beautiful girl, & the most gorgeous girl in this world that i’ve ever seen in my life. I sware to God.. I sware to God. bla. bla (This is True :)) and in last lines, I wrote : can u give me a simple reply by saying ‘Yes’ that u receive and read my Text… and she doesn’t reply me.. I just want her, I want to love her..adore her…. :(( bcoz, she’s really the most beautiful girl in this world, and I want to be the lucky person to have her. but she told me that u’ll never have me…!!! Pls, pls I just need some help to get her back in my life… I just want to have her.

  34. aries girl says:

    k dhrubo
    the way my ex got me to run back to him, he was my friend first, then each time he smiled or laughed i was reminded of the good times we had. It sounds to me your putting to much pressure on her, she will feel sufficated if you keep doing that and this she will disapear all together. She could be feeling a number of things including, tormented, sufficated, anxiety, fear of hurtin u and many others. My advice would be give her a little space. Be her friend, make jokes, and whatever u say, don’t say u love her as she will pannick again feeling trapped.

  35. Aries Girl, Thanx so much for your reply. I always tried to give her a lot of space, B.coz I really Love her. But she don’t give me any scope. How could I laugh?? Just yesterday i tried to give her a call; I don’t give her call usually. but I just found that she Blocked my number from her cell phone.. Coz i gave her Text all the time. πŸ™ (honestly, I was always be honest with her, I share every single Moment when I feel her). U just tell me in this situation how could i laugh??!! πŸ™‚ when I realize that she Blocked me, I gave a call from my office. she picked up the Phone and say “”Hello, I was just politely ask her that, “hey, I just send you a text did you get that? I also try to give u a call but I think it’s blocked or something. She didn’t give any answer. and when she realize after saying Hello, That it’s me, she become completely Quiet and i guess she down the phone from Her Ear but didn’t hang up. i gave a second call. but she didn’t receive it.. I was so upset yesterday. Then I took Few time. I was staying a long time by my self alone… Then Today Morning. I send her a text From a different cell phone Number. But I wrote my name at the End. I wrote Exact ” u have to suffer a lot for me. I’m really sorry for that. But I’ll not give you the second chance to insult me. 1 more time I’m really sorry.”
    I thought that I’ll leave her alone. I don’t have anything here. but now I’m Feeling the pain. πŸ™‚ u knw wht whenever she come in-front of me, i don’t know what happen to me, I just look at her eyes, and can’t say anything to her. Aries girl, Please tell me after all these situations, how could I’ll be friendly to her, bcz she always ignore me. and all above she talks with someone over da phone. I notice her Voice… I don’t know πŸ™‚ πŸ™ .. In my life I just learned Never Give up. and from last 1 Year I’m trying to win her. but day by day our relationship is going worse. 16 April is her Bday. I bought a Gift for her. and also was thinking I’ll order a Bday Cake for her, to give her a Surprise. and will Make her as special as she is. But in this situation What I’ll do.??
    Just laugh and try to do frndship with her, and forget everything wht ever even happened ??? try to make a new start without saying her anything..?? :)) And wht I’ll do on 14Th February?? on valentine’s day?? Should i Greet Her? :)) Take care. :))

  36. VirgoLady says:

    I’m a Virgo to tha Heart, I dated a ARIES, and was Inlove love man, I was Inlove and we hadnt talked in 3 yrs Ive just kinda started back talking to this person, Now my ex is inlove with sum 1 else, which is cool by me becoz im finally over my ex, When i did finally talk to my ex i started feeling that inlove Feeling trying to come back @ me again, I dont like that feeling @ all!!! So we talked, my ex and is just getting out of terrbile relationship , but the point im making about ah Aries or very Harsh and hard to get a long with kind ppl in a relationship, Even though i’am totaly over my ex, My ex still has sum Resentment toward me so when we 1st talked after 3yrs, I felt how angry my ex felt toward me, but hey Fuck em and thats why i moved on… Im a Virgo Chic and when we love we love hard ass hell, so but when we dont love we dont give a Fuck!!!!!!!!!!! Yes i still Love my Ex but i will never ever want to be in another Relationship with my ex ever again!!!! Im inlove alright with my damn self!!!!!! So to all u ppl that or inlove with a Aries and ur not getting love you deserve in return shittt dont be a damn fool, MOVE ON its 2010, If i love you with all my heart and i dont get tha same love inreturn, FUCK You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im out

  37. hello, Aries Girl. I just really need a help from you to figure out about a meaning. What does it mean When an Aries girl write in her Quotation Page that “Chocolate is the answer to EVERYTHING”

    Please Aries girl I need your real help….


  38. Uhm, hello – how about a few more Aries WOMAN posts, please. It’s all about Aries MEN here, whom I personally despise myself (as partners anyway – they’re OK as friends, in small doses…). As an Aries gal, looking at a man with my same star sign is like looking at myself in the mirror, only a far worse version of myself. πŸ˜€

  39. As an Aries woman, one thing I would like to point out to all the baffled men out there is that an Arien gal will lose her trust in you if she even so much as suspects you aren’t and weren’t always 100% honest and forthright with her. For instance, if she discovers that you told a common friend something that she doesn’t know, this will make her feel tricked, not to mention treated as if the common friend were more important to you than she is. Bruise our pride and confidence and our childlike trust will be swept away in an instant, turning into a hurt that may make us even turn vengeful against you, or anyone unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (that is, within our reach!). NOTHING hurts an Aries as much as dishonesty, or even the suspicion of dishonesty, even if it was a white lie or something not said “for our own good”. When we retrospectively discover that someone we trust and love has not been telling the truth or omitting information that we consider essential, it’s the equivalent of slapping a peacefully snoozing child brusquely awake. It can be such a brutal shock and as I said, you will then have to work extra hard to regain that innate, innocent trust in your Aries girl. TRUST ME!

    But on the plus side, contrary to popular belief we don’t bear grudges at all and can be extraordinarily generous. Just to give you an example: In addition to translating his book, last summer I found a book publisher for a friend, all this totally for free. I practically starting off this friend’s career as a writer. I did it all while pregnant with my second child, being a mother to my first child and also juggling my day job. Thanks to my Arien boldness and ambition, I even contacted a prestigious author to ask him to write a foreword for my friend’s book – which he did! I honoured my friend in such a way simply because I wanted to show how much I really value our friendship and wish to have his undying respect, loyalty and admiration. I would honestly climb the highest mountain and slay the fiercest dragon for the people I really care for, so anyone out there calling us self-centred (which is actually true, too!) ought to realise that we Aries are also one of the most generous signs out there. Generous with our actions first and foremost, as another Aries in this thread also mentioned…

    Aries can be vulnerable, but never helpless, so don’t be tricked into believing that a derelict Aries has been beaten. They may well rise like the phoenix from the flame when you least expect it, and they might unsheath their deadliest weapon yet just then.

  40. The person I love most, is an Aries Girl. I do love her , I do respect her. i really do love her. But i never get the response from her. even though she told me once long time ago that she don’t like me like that. and she was peace off when i text-ed her. my feelings my desireness become nasty and creepy to her. But after that I stopped her texting about my feelings. and now we are just in Mutual understanding. If I say hi to her she says hello. that’s all. but after that i always tried to make her smile, and tried to do something special that she can remember and love me in the same way that i do… But she never text me back. Never. Sometimes she just looked at me I can realize. and i just feel some time that might be she like me…. but never get confirmed because, when ever I leave from her sight she never text me or call me.. nothing. I checked with my Birth date & Time with her Birth date and time and find that there is nice mutual understanding between us. and we like each other. we are supportive.our Friendship relationship is more important to her than any love relationship develops. but not getting any result in real life… :(( can’t tell how do I feel… feeling so depressed… How would I know that she love me or not?? If I asked her again I believe she will give the same reply.
    so, I scared to get that Answer. Coz I just don’t want to loose her. but can’t live also like this. Should I asked her? and if the answer is “NO”. Should I leave for ever?
    what is your concern Aries Girl… ? just do realize my feelings and situation… I believe I’ll get a Real Help from you. which can make me ponted at the exact view and make me take a good decision.


  41. Well, dhrubo, whatever you do, never seem overkeen with your beloved Aries girl. I had to train my Cancer husband out of seeming too gooey or gushing too much about/to me, as it got on my nerves, and I didn’t want to feel any less attracted to him than I do. But it’s a fact, we can’t stand overkeen, gushy men. Devotion and loyalty is much appreciated – in fact it’s essential to us. But just you make sure you give her the feeling that though she’s extra important to you, yourself and your own life is just as important – in fact, more. You’re not hanging on her every word and action and don’t expect her to respond positively to excessive shows of devotion.

    Trust me, Aries girl has more than a little masculine streak in her, though externally she may look like the most feminine woman you’ve set eyes on. Aries girls slay their own dragons and don’t believe in heroes or knights in shining armour, not to mention that they feel competitive towards men who try to place them in a role that’s too stereotypically feminine (as in passive and helpless). Yet she appreciates a man that’s masculine, which has nothing to do with being macho, arrogant or domineering. You just have to strike the right balance between being your own, strong person and being too touchy-feely and ultimately, clingy. I think this is probably the right tactic with any woman, though – not just Aries (though we are ESPECIALLY allergic to goo).

    Good luck, dhrubo!

  42. xanthe, I’ll keep your request in mind.

  43. Hello. Aries Girl. Thank you so so Much for your help.. I really Appreciate For your help Mam. Your every words help me a lot to re-think about my self and my love. Now I’m Trying to find my lacking.. and will try my best to make those weakness convert to my Strongness.

    But u know what, I just feel sometime, that why I’m a Cancerian?… I believe this is the most Worse stars in Horoscope…

    But, Aries Girl, Really thank you so much, that, came here to help me… πŸ™‚ Let me Share 1 thing with you, one day we (Me, my Beloved, Her sister and their Parents) went for a long drive together and that day was snowing very badly. (That was the reason that we went for a long Drive) and in the evening we saw a Guy who was Pushing his Car, because his car was stuck in the Ice. Suddenly my beloved said we should help Him… :)) You can’t Believe this is a very simple Scene, But I think I’ll always Remember this… :)) I know and Strongly Believe “– This is only Possible for an Aries Girl/Woman….(I don’t know about the Man)”

    These are the reasons why I love her Most and can do More than anything for my Aries Girl… πŸ˜€ I don’t need to Act to her she like a Princess.. I do Believe She is The Princess to me….

    But Some time Get Hurt coz, Some time I just feel I don’t get the Appreciation from her. and The very next time I forget everything and try again Some thing Else.. Ha.ha.ha..

  44. Dear Xanthe, I’ve a Question, you said that don’t expect her to respond positively to excessive shows of devotion. But not just for a once at-least?? if she really do care about me or like me doesn’t she would send me text or mail? I text her every 3/4 days later. But I never say anything wrong, coz I can Do Understand that, what she likes and she doesn’t. And in my every text what ever I wrote, I always give the priority to her. and always talk in a Polite way.
    But she never Text me back..

    Then What I’ll think, She don’t Like me..??

    You can give the Best Answer.. because you can understand My situation..

    Thank you Xanthe. Take Care.

  45. Dear Xanthe. I’m a Free Bird Now Mam.. :)) My beloved person Left me Permanently.. She Deleted me From her Facebook Frnd list ..Because of I just send her a Message. The message was funny and full with joy. but in the last line i just wrote, “I love u always. just take care”.. and we had a lunch party at her house today. and i just ignore her completely.. i don’t even look at her… :))) my eyes was full of water but I just felt.. enough is enough.. why i should feel low for that person, who don’t have even a respectation for me, who don’t care about my feelings??!! So, i did this.. i know it’s not gonna effect her.. but it’s effect me..

    I just wanna thank, all of you, who honestly help me, Treat me as their good frnd and supported me in my Bad Times… πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ I’ll Never Forget you Guys… πŸ™‚

    I don’t know wht will happen to me.. what is God’s Next Play for me.. But I will Never Request anything Else to him again.. Coz, He just Take away My Most Favorite Person, After my Mom… :))

  46. Hi

    My aries guy broke up with me 6 months back… after that i tried to reach out to him again when he found out he again withdrew now i am trying to reach out to him via phone.. sending him funny stuff etc he never responds though but i am wondering how is he taking it…. there is no point getting senti with aries they run away…

  47. Hi,
    Alish. I already pass this situation that you are Passing Now. πŸ™‚ In a very Short way want to tell you that, “They will never Realize that you just want to make a Space in their Heart”….. You will do Continue Texting Funny MSGS, try to make him happy/Smile, and after a Long when you will try again to get your Position, They will do the same Thing… Ha.hah.ha :)) I did the same with my Aries Girl. And she also never replied me any of my text or emails. My last Conversation with her was (a funny conversation and in the last Line I wrote) : Take good care of your self. I love you Always. just Take care. And Boom, She Didn’t reply me any thing but the Next day I found she delete me From Her Face-book Frnd list….

    If you Love Someone truly, U can’t Forget Him/Her, but you have to be strong too. Right? If you Don’t Love your self, if you don’t respect your self, How could you love or respect some one else?

    So do what ever your heart says, but you also have give a Right Guidance to Heart Also.

    I don’t know My Text will help you or not. But I wish you All the very Best. And Pray to God He Give his all mightiness to you that you got everything that you want….

    Thanks. And Take care. (I get Scared to say any Body Do Take Care Now.. Ha, hah, ha :)))

  48. I just dont understand this one Aries guy…He wanted me, left me, wanted me again, acted like a dick, left me again…And then when I tried to reach out to him he lied ignored me all of that I really just want some clarity from him and for him to be honest with me but it seems that he no longer wants to speak to me…he’s literally blocked all contact with me and I didn’t really do anything to devastating, but he clearly took it as a blow to his ego…Does anyone have advice on how to get some legitimate closure with an Aries who wont talk to you anymore? I think it would make me feel a whole lot better…

  49. Hi, M!

    This is an Aries woman writing. Oh dear – that does sound like a premium jerk to me. He’s on a major Aries ego trip, by the sounds of it. I think that at some stage he probably expected something from you that you didn’t deliver. For instance: he expected you to reassure him in some way, say, by paying him the right compliments or giving him the right emotional feedback at the right time, but you didn’t read his signals and failed to comply when he most expected you to. We Aries can be quite childish and unreasonable that way, and react in a tit-for-tat manner afterwards. “You didn’t tell me I was amazing after I won that argument with those arrogant guys at that dinner party the other night? You didn’t take the hint the following day either, that I wanted you to saw something about how clever I was, that one time when I won the argument at that dinner party? Fine! I’m not gonna return your next two calls, then! That’ll teach you!” Or something like this…

    I blush to admit, M, that the Aries mind and ego CAN work like this. Honest to God, it’s often that simple. What you have to ask yourself now is whether you think your Aries man is worth keeping. If he’s a jerk tout court (and it sounds like he may be – believe me, I don’t always feel kinship towards fellow Ariens!), tell him to go to hell better by ignoring him even more than he’s ignoring you. His ego will sting so bad when he hears that you’re doing very well without him – nay, thriving! Nothing bruises an Aries ego more than being ignored, whereas one-to-one, head-on combat is where we most feel at home (think of a battering ram, literally). We also think that if someone confronts us, it’s because they care enough to risk a confrontation with us, and consider us worthy adversaries. Whereas if someone starts treating us as if we don’t even exist – well, nothing stings our pride more.

    If on the other hand you do think that your Aries man is worth fighting for to have back – that he’s just rash and impulsive and big-headed, but also someone you still think has a lot of good in them, then I’d appeal to him in the frankest, most honest way possible. Tell him exactly how you feel about the way he’s behaving with you now, putting aside all pride, but do it in a confident, strong manner, neither confrontational nor abusive, but self-assured, firm. HIS pride may give you an arrogant response to start with, but if he’s responding it means you’ve reached your target: his heart. His next response may well be totally different, and he may come back to being his generous self again. Aries respond well to honesty, as there is nothing we fear more than deception (which doesn’t mean that we can’t be liars ourselves! Though lying isn’t actually Aries’s biggest sin, usually).

    Another perk with Aries is that we don’t bear grudges, but if your man has already moved on… well, he may not bear a grudge, but there’s little that might persuade him to come back to you at this point. Not in the short term anyway. He’ll have to make his own mind up, as you simply cannot MAKE an
    Aries do something!

    Basically, if you want to confront him you’ll have to strike the right balance between putting your pride aside and NOT grovelling (be strong, assertive, but also coaxing). Lace your criticism with compliments (eg: “I’ve always admired you for your intelligence, but I really don’t like it when you…” etc). And most importantly, SAY THE TRUTH. Or, if you’re gonna tell a white lie, make extra sure it’s totally credible.

    Sorry if any of this is a bit confusing or contradictory… I may be an Aries woman myself, but the one relationship I did have with another Arien years ago didn’t work out that well, so I may not be the best person to ask, haha! Good luck, M! Keep us posted.

  50. Hey, dhrubo! Sorry for not responding to YOUR posts… Will do so asap! I’ve just written M a really long post and realised I owed you one as well. But my son, who is two needs to be fed right now… shall come back as soon as I can manage, I promise!


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