How does an Aries girl keep a Gemini man interested?

GeminiLover64 asks:

I’m an Aries girl, who seems to be a perfect match for my Gemini man. My question is how do I keep him interested in me and get him to propose marriage? By the way i’m 3 yr. older than him.

A Gemini man has a wandering eye and a fickle disposition — what can you do to keep him interested?

You can start by not boring him. If he does not feel engaged in conversation with you, he’ll seek stimulation elsewhere. Surely, as an Aries you’ve got the inspiration to at least start the momentum. You can begin with your favorite topic — yourself — and no doubt he will take that subject and run with it. As long as you don’t keep bringing the discussion back to “me me me,” you two should have a blast.

Frankly, I am surprised than an Aries would ask a codependent question like, “How do I keep him interested in me?” If he’s not into you, there must be something wrong with him! Let a Libra do all the deliberating. If a man doesn’t go along with you on your mission, leave him in the dust!

Also, “How do I keep him interested?” smacks of, “How do I compromise myself or manipulate my man to keep him in love with me forever?” All you can do is be yourself. If you sacrifice your authenticity to make someone else love you (if you can call that “love”), then the woman (or girl) your man thinks he loves is no more than an illusion. Leave fantasy to Pisces! Your job is to initiate the cycle of the seasons. If an Aries wavers in her truth, then the sanctity of the entire zodiac is threatened. You’re the more active sign in this couple, anyways — why don’t you propose marriage?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    im an aries..and im madly in love with a gemini man too…the problem is he just got feels end of the world to my hope.when i read your just what i wanted to ask too.what shoud I do now? is moving on the best option…i wonder.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    If he’s married, then moving on is the only option, unless you want to torture yourself, him, and his wife.

  3. proserpine says:

    Yes, Aries.I’m sorry to say Jeffrey K. is right.I’ve experienced not wanting to believe a marriage betwen someone important to me, and someone else will work, or should work–and even when I *was* right(not always), it might not dissolve for 17 years.And that’s my experience not a made up guess.
    No matter the veracity of your feelings and the seeming “rightness” of this Gemini for you, he made a choice, and then that *is* what is meant to be.
    If he chooses to leave on his own someday without you interfering ever, (or anyone else for that matter) only then could you consider it.
    But, I would not wait and hope for this, Aries.Live life now.
    What Jeffrey said in one sentence is right-on and summed it all up..

  4. I am an Aries woman in love with a Gemini for the first time in my 34 years of life. I have had three other serious relationships, two sag’s and one leo, both very strong long lasting relationships… So different than my gemini. We are so vibrant and lively together but as good as it can be, is as bad as it could be. He is the only man that has ever made me have self confidence and jealousy issues, something I’m not too proud of. But I’ve never loved anyone so deeply, or felt loved so deeply and genuine. I keep him busy and on his toes. We have deep talks and work well together. But boy can we argue… Phew. We’ve figured out a formula to prevent unneccesary blows, and things are getting better, but without the love, physical and mental attraction, it wouldn’t happen. Love it what drives this relationship. No expectations, just love. I think that’s what keeps him on his toes.

  5. I’m a Gemini man absolutely in LOVE with an Aries woman who absolutely stole my heart in one moment! She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever come across & her ambitions and confidence drive me absolutely crazy! I have never dated an Aries and–like a true Gemini–have been researching Aries women since the night after we met-lol. I was pleasantly surprised to find that we are compatible–guess I haven’t been keeping up on my astrology too much! Anyhoo–since we’ve just met on Thanksgiving night, I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to make her my S.O. It’s probably hard to believe but she’s the only woman I have eyes for & I’ve pretty much planned out the rest of my life with her. One question–how do I reel her in? lol (I’m usually very sure of getting what I want but, in this case, she has me sweating!) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)

  6. Speakering as an aries female, you should take her on fun dates, do things that are exciting. Go ice skating (don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself) be active. Dinner and movies are nice now and then, but if you want to sweep her off her feet, active things and understanding her and her needs always helps.

  7. Hello,
    I am a GEMINI male. I am having a relationship with ARIES woman. I am her second boy friend. But I’m the one she loves. Its 1 year we are together. She want to marry me.
    Now I am in a doubt. I love her. To me I can marry only her. and marriage is the next step after love. But I think we are still in the middle of love and marriage. When I told her about this, she broke up with me. Every time she breaks up, she cries a lot, break her stuffs and lots of other thing. Yes she broke up many times. But none of those last more than 20 hours. We were together again. But this time she is strict.
    The thing is, every time we have an argument I have to do what she says. Otherwise she will broke up. And when I think she is not with me, I feel so lonely and feel this should not happen. So I do it what she says as I dont want to loose her.
    At one end I can not loose her. On other end I can not marry her as I need time to take this relationship to a more stable state. Last thing, She broke up with me almost 20 hours ago.

    Now what should I do?

  8. i’m an aries girl and find hard to fall in love with some man feel like i’m unless emotion all my friends are in love i’m desperate and so bored all what is around me is in love they spend time with the beloved ones expet me isn’t it so sad to not falling in love ?? like my heart is pretected !!!!!!!!!

  9. what makes aries and gemini compatible signs you stupid total dicks and i’m tired of hearin about aries aries are just punk ass bitches that’ll run their no good mouths and short attention span they dont know why they speakin for i am a gemini and this is my sister a sagittarius we’ll hurt an aries so badd they cry wen gemini and sagitarius to kick the shit out of ariesand u can kiss my ass all the way to brooklyn cuz aries is the worst zodiac sign that can be in history


  11. u aries sucks eggs booooooooooooooooo aries suck

  12. shiplu if i were u i would be a man and throw deuces at that bitch i am a gemini too thats what i would do

  13. Gemini are very difficult to read and understand. They are very social and analyze everything and everyone before getting involved.

  14. veronica giragossian says:

    i am an aries and i tell u a secret….i am the kind with short temper and loud and controlling….
    but i have to say to the gemini …their lack of desire and compliments can bring problems to aries…
    we r very passionate and like and love attention from a man that we want(not from the world)..
    we love jelousy from the loved one and the more he is the better to control us, we love to control and when a loved one controls us we feel we are all they have and if they dont have us they will die…..
    beacuse we are selfish and act before thinking ….thats why most the time we go extreme with our temper…
    show her jelousy like say to her i dont want u to wear this because u become too attractive….lol this is an example but in a sweet and fun way….one thing i have to remind u always compliment loves compliment
    aries fall in love for sweet talk even if u have to fake…. just do it….
    and the good thing about aries they are loyal he they fall for u u are the KING
    give her attention too much attention and at the same time be bossy and have her to follow ur rules…even if u have to demand because we are demanding and aggressive and we dont like sweet caracter we like only sweet talk and not weakness in personality …..

  15. veronica giragossian says:

    i also forgot to say that because aries love to be pampered by words and attention i highly recommend for the man to be diplomatic ….the weakest part of an aries that they are little bit slow with thier diplomacy and when a man is diplomatic that will make her go crazy
    play politics and you will be surprised with the results
    pamper her for hours and but demand ur way of doing things she can leave u but that will be only for hours or fews days only she can never resist the pampering who makes her feel like a queen….
    To all the men POLITICS will win her and get her on her knees…….

  16. Tatyana says:

    @veronica giragossian
    My oh my!
    Veronica, with all my respect to any kind of post, my question is: understandings such as indulgence, arrogance familiar to you?

  17. Yes, move on. What other options are there? You certainly can’t go & sleep with him…break up his marriage, eh? Nah, don’t think so. Karma is truly a hoe…& she has absolutely no mercy. Yes, please move on.

  18. 1. 3 comments about how bad Aries are is making me mad. Ok, Aries are about their moon signs. No one realizes that Aries are very dependent upon their moon signs. It is a big part of their personality. I am an Aries but my moon sign is Libra (opposing sign) and I am not agressive unless if that you mean in my mind. I am not very loud, especially at school. You people hating on Aries need to stop.

    2. I came on here to find out how to basically get a Gemini male I am interested in to be interested in me; he is really nice and interesting and so mature compared to the other guys in my grade, and that is the biggest turn on I have in me; I am also mature for my age but at the same time I am also immature, my friends say that at one point I am like a little kid and others I am like an adult. I want someone that I can not only love, have them be respectful, relateable, someone I can adore, kind of like an older brother but except we aren’t related and in a relationship. This guy literally matches up with all of that, and that is so rare. I want him.

  19. Amit Debnath says:

    Just listen to her again and marry her.Just don’t let her again argue with you or else she will be very disappointed.You have asked this question 7 years ago and I think you both have already married.I m too in love with an aries girl. I have too broke her heart many times but again we are together.

  20. Ur just a hater we are a fire signs and we tell it like it is

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