How do you get Taurus to do anything?

A frustrated reader writes:

Enough about Scorps! What about Taurus? Why are they so damned stubborn? And how do you get them to do anything??

Have you noticed that Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are all fixated in one way or another? They are all resistant to change, whether in the realm of ideas (Aquarius), their self-importance (Leo) or emotional resentments (Scorpio). All these signs have one thing in common — being fixed signs. They’re all stubborn, just in different ways. What makes Taurus take the cake, though, is that the Bull is an earth sign. Compared to the other elements (water, fire, air), earth is the most reserved and cautious. Earth signs (which also include Virgo and Capricorn) need to see the goods to feel secure — cold, hard cash; a plotted graph; a dust-free cabinet. When you mix fixed with earth, you get Taurus — the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. Taurus doesn’t want to let go (fixed) of any of his possessions (earth), and wants things to stay just as they are, thank you very much.

So, how do you get him to do anything? Venus provides the key. The planet of love, money and art is the ruler of Taurus. The Bull is a pleasure-hound, and will be roused out of his laziness if there’s a reward to be had. The reward, mind you, must be physical — praise won’t cut it. A deep massage, sexual favors, rich food, sweets, money — whatever it takes to bribe Taurus into taking a course of action. Learn the principles of behaviorism to develop an effective schedule of reinforcement. You know: rat gets pellet of food when it hits a lever.

I know it’s not easy. If Taurus has dug his heels regarding an issue important to you — such as his willingness to spend Christmas with your parents — then it may take some creativity and persistence to find the right carrot to get your donkey walking.

Comment below: How have you gotten your Taurus to do anything?

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  1. I made a “HUGE” discovery a few nights ago when I found out how to play Scrabble
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    I used to play with my sister Lisa years ago but she lost interest because I was always
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    and I said to her. You are better off with that instead of a hell of a lot of things he could
    be doing which would be far worse so learn to grin and bear it. She said you’re right and
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    I used to think how can he be on the phone playing that stupid game all the time but now
    I understand because I derive sooo much pleasure from my word games and I “LOVE” it.

    Alexander told me off the other night and said these dishes had better not be in the sink
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  2. I am sooo “MAD”.!!!

    Just as I have made my new discovery my love of the original version of scrabble has
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    “HOW DARE THEY” make such drastic and horrible “CHANGES” without “CONSULTING”
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  3. Until those MORONS decide to come to their senses and return the Original
    Scrabble I have now found a new “PASSION” with two of my previous games
    which are called Lexulous and Word Trick and my Scores are really HIGH.!!!

    Disgruntled Players are voicing their complaints in droves and by the thousands
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    Man talk about an addiction of the worst kind. I told them that the only way to cure
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    Scrabble game which they are unable to let go off and I told them that it is like a
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    I had better go back to that Protest Arena which has turned into a Mexican Standoff
    between the Players and the Monopolising Morons and see what else is new.???

  4. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.!!!

    Will wonders never cease I do declare when last night I discovered that you now have
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    The protest is still going strong from disgruntled players whom are still dissatisfied with
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    Oh well you can’t please everyone I suppose so they can take it or leave it seems to be
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  5. Too much of a good thing can be a real hazard and these highly competitive word
    games require so much concentration and strategic manoeuvres which exhaust
    your brain and I really need a break so this weekend I am going to do some real
    socialising and invite my friend Vasili to lunch and a drive on the beach which will
    take me away from these games for a while and return for the challenge.

    I read about that Woman whom allowed that Old Hag to jump ahead of her and
    score the winning ticket power ball I think it was anyway she bravely faced the
    cameras and stated that she has “NO REGRETS” which I seriously doubt and
    if she really does mean it she deserves an Award for being the Dumbest Woman
    in American History for permitting this Old Hag to deprive her of her one and only
    chance of winning the BIGGEST PRIZE which would have made her family rich
    and is completely useless to the Old Woman since money does not buy “YOUTH”.

    Oh well that’s the way the Lady Luck smiles down on some and that’s the way the
    Cookie Crumbles for the unfortunate ones whom are left with no choice but to face
    up and accept defeat as gracefully as they possibly can I suppose..

  6. I couldn’t be bothered going out afterall. Lucky I didn’t promise or say anything
    to my friend because getting out of the house feels like the impossible task so
    I try to avoid saying anything just in case I don’t end up going anywhere. Which
    is usually the case unless I absolutely have to go and then I make the effort.

    My Son Frank posted a beautiful picture of our harbour bridge and the opera
    house and it said something about being the long weekend so I figured it must
    be the Queens Birthday but it’s not really her birthday they just celebrate it in
    June because of the weather and in keeping with royal traditions anyway I am
    proud to say that our Monarch is a Taurus.

    Other Famous Taureans include Sigmund Freud, William Shakespeare, Cher,
    Barbara Streisand, Michelle Pfeiffer and last but not least David Beckham.

    They say that the Infamous Adolf Hitler was a Taurus but he was born on the
    20th of April so that should make him an Aries or perhaps both it is dubious at
    best and that probably explains his “Autocratic Persona”.

    Just a little Trivia on the Taurus Front.!!!

  7. This is too Funny and I laughed sooo much when Frank returned after he left
    for the Airport and said guess what I forgot.? My Passport. I just couldn’t stop
    laughing and said that figures and whatever you do make sure you don’t forget
    to get on that plane otherwise you will be stranded at the Airport.

    Well he and his uncle Nick embarked at and they are flying high right now
    and off to Greece for a great holiday which I am sure they will enjoy with great
    passion because it is an ideal and beautiful place to be especially in summer.

    I walked in his room and saw him packing Girls clothes and shoes in his suitcase
    and I said what are you doing with those.? He said I am planning to become a
    cross dresser in Greece. I thought he had brought those as presents for Sofia
    but he said that she had left them behind at her friends house so now he is taking
    them to her because she wants to wear them for the summer.

    I said you are an idiot filling up your suitcase with her things and you could end up
    paying extra. He said mind your own business, get out of my room and don’t you
    dare interfere in my affairs. I said suit yourself but you should take lessons from
    your brother Alexander whom never runs after Girls because they run after him
    instead. He said I am not interested so get out and stay out.

    Hmmm I wonder what’s installed where his “Love Life” is concerned.???

  8. I bet the 13th is the Big Day for the Royal Baby to be born and enter the World.!!!

    It coincides with the Year 2013.!!!

    The World Anticipates and Awaits Anxiously so we will just have to Wait and See.???

  9. Following the Great Kate Wait the Royal Baby Boy has finally arrived.!!!

    He was born on the 22nd which is the Cusp of Cancer and Leo so that
    means he is both and something he will share with his late Grandmother
    Princess Diana whom was a Cancer and his late Great, Great Grandmother
    the Queen Mother whom was a Leo.!!!

  10. Diana and the whole world is smiling down on her beloved Son William
    her new Grandson George, Alexander, Louis and her Beautiful, Graceful
    Poised Daughter in law Kate whom is such a Yummy Mummy and already
    following in her footsteps by adding her own style and charisma to Diana’s
    Legacy which has become a History.!!!

    What a Beautiful and Adorable Royal Little Family They Make. Bless them
    always and looking forward toward their next Baby which maybe Diana.???

    Diana may be gone but she shall never be Forgotten.!!!

  11. Hell Hath No Furry Like A Woman Scorned.!!!

    A Woman from Western Australia turned into a human fireball by an acquaintance
    whom believed that she was having an affair with her husband. She broke into the
    Woman’s apartment with a Male friend through a window and confronted the Woman
    whom was asleep on her couch by saying hello Dana.

    When Dana woke up the Woman wanted to know where her husband was and Dana
    said she didn’t know and that she was not involved with her husband but the Woman
    kept insisting that she did and she had better tell her otherwise she would set her
    alight as Dana was holding an open flame lamp used for smoking crystal meth. So
    as the altercation ensued the Woman picked up a bottle of methylated spirits which
    was sitting on the counter and sprayed Dana on the face arms and chest setting her
    alight and as she was leaving with her male companion they both began laughing.

    Dana was saying help me help me and began rolling on the floor then throwing water
    over her self then ending up in the shower where a neighbour found her collapsed on
    the shower floor and called emergency services. She suffered 60 per cent burns to her
    face and upper body and has been wearing pressure bandages for the past 18 months
    and will have to continue wearing them for another year although the scars will never
    heal or change and she will have to live with them for the rest of her life.

    The court heard that on a previous occasion the Woman had threatened Dana by telling
    her that “I am going to ruin your pretty little face” and good to her word she did just that
    when she broke into Danas apartment. The police had bugged the Woman’s and her
    male companions mobile phones and when they announced on the news that they had
    a hold of her Male friend and they were looking for a Woman with blond hair she dyed her
    hair and bought a one way ticket to Macedonia but the police intercepted her at the airport
    15 minutes prior to her plane taking off and arrested her.

    She has been found guilty and is awaiting sentencing later this month and may appeal her
    jail sentence depending on what and how long it will be.?

    Hmmm I wonder what kind of punishment will justify ruining a Woman’s Pretty Face and
    leaving her Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Scarred for the rest of her Life.???

  12. Depends on the Taurus man’s Venus sign especially… Venus in Taurus + Taurus Sun is best for me, but Venus in Aries + Taurus Sun was a nightmare!

  13. Lol at Karissas posts 😉

  14. Everyone has their ways about them, fears and challenges. In any relationship there is no place for the level of selfishness and stubbornness that most Taurus’s possess. I get that people should have the right to be who they are but we all should extend the some common courtesy To others. Taurus wants affection, alone time and security among other things however the level of selfishness or fear in them will not allow them to give the same. If it’s anything short of what they want then a person is viewed as not being genuine or annoying. The second you think you have any care from someone How about a little compromise and communication but that of course would require a little give and take, If you don’t care for them graciously excuse them from your life PERIOD. Real simple.

    No sense in wasting time playing your little game. What about the time others waste on you while you go back and forth in your mind about whatever it is you are trying to decide on. Most of you are ungrateful and extremely inconsiderate in my opinion. I find it funny how most Bulls play the victim role In their minds and never except responsibility on how their mindset m, lack of actions, inconsist behavior and way of viewing the world and the ppl in it plays a very big role in their pain. You want someone to be affectionate but you can’t show affection, you want stability yet you can’t provide it, you want someone to be honest when you keep them in the dark ( to protect your poor little feelings), you wanna be wanted when lack the ability to make a person feel wanted, you don’t like games yet you play them just to survive hypotheticals, you are possessive but flip the table and the possessive person is not good enough lol. Contradictory little beings, I kind of feel sorry for you. I wonder how many good situations you ruin or miss out on. Seems like it may be tougher being a Taurus then actually dealing with one. you are not so great that you are exempt from equal effort or the same hard work that is required to tolerate you. You are so caught up on yourself that you don’t consider the ppl that care about you …. lunacy in my opinion. its a good thing you love being alone

  15. Thank you ????

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