How can an Aries woman and a Gemini man work it out?

ariesgeminiaries_gal asks:

I, an aries female (w/ a scorpio rising) have been dating my gemini guy (w/ a cancer rising) for a couple of years now..although we do love each other, we argue and bicker constantly, we seem to get along only half the time..we make great friends but am not sure if we could make a marriage work. Are we just not meant for each other? Are we just wasting each other’s time..should we just just call it quits ?? thanks!

Both of you have water signs on your Ascendant. Scorpio rising can be secretive, and Cancer rising can be defensive — different ways of protecting yourselves, as you are emotionally open to your environments. Using whole sign houses, you would have your Aries Sun in your 6th House of Work and Health. You put your pioneering Aries fire into keeping your daily routine organized, and may become easily irritated if the order you need is disrupted. I can only imagine that a relationship with a Gemini would make it a challenge to have predictability in your daily life, as consistency is not one of Gemini’s virtues.

In addition to having Cancer rising, your Gemini man would have his Sun in his 12th House of Seclusion and Imagination. Not only is he prone to hiding behind his shell when the going gets rough — he is also most at home by himself. (If he is a gossip hound, it all happens behind the scenes.) Being that both Scorpio and Aries are (traditionally) ruled by Mars, you are a “don’t mess with me” type of woman, and when you get riled up, your Gemini may run — not so much physically, but emotionally. He retreats into himself. Being a 12th House person, he’s not as attached as you are to things being “just so,” and as a mutable Sun, he is more able to go with the flow. With your fixed Rising sign and your Sun in the very particular 6th House, you are much more attached to having things your way. Your Gemini man may often be willing to concede, but if you attack him with your Ram’s antlers and Scorpion’s sting, he’s going to either hide in his Crab shell, or complain incessantly.

You can’t change your Gemini guy, but you can look at yourself. Ease up on your anger when Gemini forgets to re-file your CDs, and see what happens.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what do you care what my name is–I just didn’t know how to post otherwise, without a whole big deal–it hurts me physically to type for long.
    I didn’t want to open a google account, and didn’t know it made a diffreence to you.
    Now that you’re being difficult, I don’t feel comfortable posting anymore.
    Gee thanks.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:


    You must be referring to my post on commenting. I don’t care what your name is. I just find it easier to connect with readers if the majority of commenters pick at least a pseudonym instead of Anonymous. For example: I don’t know who Sagilarious is by real name, but I am always glad to see her comments.

    I don’t see myself as being difficult, I’m just asking that commenters add one small step to their actions. You are free to remain Anonymous, and I won’t treat you any differently if you do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    its such a coincidence. Im an aries w/ scorpio rising and my ex bf was a gemini w/ cancer rising.But it dint work out for us as i was too demanding, wanted attention and he just couldnt handle me..Though we still love each other ..we are better off as friends.

  4. I am an Aries and I feel so easy and good with Gemini men, great for conversation, non-stop debate and it is fun. It is very easy to love them

  5. lecussh says:

    Hi there, i am an aries women and my partner was a gemini,
    We have been together for 6 months and we have just broken up .
    He left saying that i was the problem and that i couldn’t talk to him or talk to him how he needed me to. i clamed up everytime as i felt i wasn’t intelligent enough to let the right words come out of my mouth.
    The times i did try and talk when i had enough of not being heard and my feeling for love from him were shown to his dog more than to me.
    I love him alot and i do want to try and make it work. i dont like that he left me saying it was all my fault as i feel theres always 2 sides to a story and one can say they tried but i feel he never sat down enough with me and actrally had decent convos and talked me through things.
    I dont know how to go about this as i’m so upset, just wanting some help as wanting to be able to try with him.
    He says he needs time and i am all for giving him time. i dont want him to loose the awesome friendship we had and i guess i want him to try again with me starting slowly and working forward

  6. Aries Girl 87 says:

    I am an Aries girl with a Scorpio Rising as well. I’m in love with a Gemini man with a Capricorn Rising. I do love him for his beautiful, kind, and respectful soul. I think he is wonderful. Maybe I put him on a pedestal and I am blinded but the more I get to know him the more I see his intelligence, adaptability, and his love for adventure. He is one of my friends, and that’s all we may ever be. I am so heartbroken in a way because I want him so bad. But another part of me thinks that it might be for a reason and that it’s not the end of the world. However, I get to know more guys and they seem so deceiving. While he seems just so open and honest. He is NOT perfect, he has done some things that I definitely do not approve of. However I know that his intentions are good and that he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Sigh, I wish there was something to make him see that maybe we could try things out. Just maybe we could try, even just for now. Sometimes I am desperate. How do you go about being friends with someone and nothing more?

  7. little flower says:

    hi im an aries woman and i was dating a gemini man for a short period. he broke it off with me when i got stressed out and blew up his phone with lots of nasty messages…i want him in my life . how do i seduce him back?
    he says its over and loose his number yet when i talked with him his voice was cracking and said he couldn’t keep lunch i know i shouldn’t have lost my cool but he loves me and wants me to marry him on sunday and by tuesday he says he no longer cares or loves do i fix it? how do i catch his eye again?

  8. I m a gemini and in luv wid aries women but due w misunderstanding i got angry and got engaged 2 a girl. But now after the misunderstanding been cleared I want 2 break dis engagement and want her back in life. She luvs me a lot.

  9. I think you have to cool down your thoughts before talking to your guys, or else he’ll retreat back to his shell. Take things slowly and calmly listen to his side before all hell breaks lose. Just chill and listen.

  10. Im an aries and my ex was a gemini before although it was a puppy love . Now that we grown up he seems more interesting ,loves his thoughts but yesterday i unintentionally offended him kinda hard for me as we talk back then that we should fall as i think we both are not yet ready for relationship . He is so charming and would love to ask help from him to change the way i think . As he say i just need to be cool ,chill and enjoy my life . I want to have him back seriously .

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