Why a Leo woman cannot win over a Scorpio man

When a Leo woman casts her eyes upon a man, the brilliance of sunlight follows. Unfortunately, the Scorpio man does not want his secrets illuminated. Sensing that a woman is trying to get underneath his skin, Scorpio pushes back. If he is going to reveal himself, it will be at his pace.

The Scorpio man may even feel suspicious being the recipient of Leo’s warmth and generosity. What is she trying to get from him? What is her ulterior motive? Of course, the Leo woman has no hidden agendas — but she’ll have difficulty convincing him of that.

Pluto is also turned off by Leo’s displays on the red carpet. He is behind the scenes, more interested in the machinations of the film industry, not the glitzy surface of its starlets.

Comment below: Share your exception to the rule.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. hmmm. i know for a fact that the push/pull that has been going on for two+ years with the scorpio i love is because i have a leo rising and mars. and he, he has three planets in scorpio.

  2. I agree about it being hard to convince a Scorpio that you’re NOT fake and NOT out to stab him in the back down the road. =/

    Every one of the Scorpio men I’ve encountered throughout life always had a touch of insecurity when around me, heh.

  3. Subterfuge says:

    I’m a Scorpio/sag cusp and I’m absolutely WILD for a Leo female (with a touch of cancer cusp).

    When in Scorpio mode, the Leos warmth and generosity would alarm me normally, however Ive known this woman since middle school…so I’m fairly certain there’s no hidden agendas or deciet going on…. Sincei trust her, i open up to her like Ive never done with anyone, shes so passionate and it opens up and channels my extremely emotional Scorpio side… i could talk to her for ever and ever and she LOVES that because i make her the center of my universe 😀 which she is, and i dont let he forget it though little gestures and things.

    And the sex we have….. unbelievable. Scorpio sex drive is hard to match, but Leos passion will floor you.

    To any Scorpio men thinking about a Leo woman, if she shows you her undivided attention and tells you how you make her feel special, don’t be scared and run…..trust me let it flow, you wont regret it!

  4. let it flow she says….. hmmmm. im trying.

  5. me too hmmm this is a tough one

  6. Greetings! My sun, asc, and mercury are all in Leo. I popped in to see what this is all about because I get on swell with Scorpios, at least on a friendly level. I agree with this: “To any Scorpio men thinking about a Leo woman, if she shows you her undivided attention and tells you how you make her feel special, don’t be scared and run…..trust me let it flow, you wont regret it!” This is absolutely true.

    Yes I have men chase after me, even guys who say they don’t chase. I can approach men and strike up conversations. I’m over-friendly with everyone. I’m very affectionate. HOWEVER – I keep every person who isn’t a woman or a gay man at arm’s length. All that attention from men just serves to make me feel exhausted and empty because I know they don’t really care. I generate quite a lot of positive emotions and give them freely, but there aren’t many people who give them back with the same consistency. So, keep this in mind when you happen on a Leo. 🙂

  7. It has been known that Scorpios are secretive and doesn’t want their spaces to be invaded. In due time, they will reveal their selves not to mention their deepest darkest secrets. Just be patient.

  8. amanda.s69 says:

    I’ve been living with a scorpio for one year now and we’ve been dating for three years I’m 20 he’s 26. In the begining we met through mutual friends at a bbq and I thought he was very attractive but I heard some bad storys from his back round and the thing’s he had done to other girl’s in the past it was very player material as a leo myself my ego grew huge because I didn’t want him to think he can play me so I put my defense up that time I was very young and I had fallen in love with a taurus I showed him all my love he was older as well but he ended up cheating on me and treating me like crap so I didn’t want that to happen again.. I was very distant and neutral with my boyfriend in the begining we went very slow .. Now the relationship is amasing I mean ya he is sometimes very domineering but he does everything for me and takes really good care of me in all areas of my life he likes spoiling me and his sex is tooo good.. But when he’s mad that’s it he bark like a dog and snap so can I but when I snap he becomes mute doesn’t pay attention to my presence at all pretends I don’t exist, he doesn’t like giving me space sometimes which I hate sometimes he begs to come in the shower with me so I go to my parents house very week and spend a few nights there in the begining of our relationship he would space out for a few days well I’m doing it now ever since we live together and he respects that a lot we don’t hide anything from eachother and this year was a crisis for me so he payed me a trip to go to costa rica :). But then again he loves to boss me which is soo annoying omg but I keep my cool he understands if I don’t listen but he won’t listen to me in other situation so it is hard to be with them but reallllyy good too depends if your independant mature and not to clingy he’ll want to marry u . My scorp wants us to get engaged buti told him not in the next three years untill I’m done in univerity I guess our love is strong because we have a lot of respect for each other, patience and we trust each other I do my thing he does his I need my independance way more than he does my moon is in capricorn venus in virgo .. Take your time with scorpios play hard to get he knows he’ll get u in bed before you know it make it a challenge don’t fall for his mr.gentelman lover side he tries to pull of in order to pursue you .. One of the things I love about them they’re so protectif and they love take care of u like a princess if u show them your not afraid to be treated like that and they can be distant he was when we weren’t living together they’ll come back in a few days respect that they need to recharge since they’re always in war with themselves. Good luck girls he’ll be your shining armor if u can handle it

  9. amanda.s69 says:

    Oh and all this crap about them being secretive is so untrue mine was and is open about all his secrets to me if they love u he’ll tell you everything , they will be secretive with they’re friends and family veryyy actuaylly but not towards you I know all his passwords bank account all the way to fb just make sure you don’t piss them off because he’ll come back ten times stronger and sometimes I loveee to fight with him leo girls cmon we like that sometimes just to have fun but sometimes its scary

  10. As a generalisation I’m inclined to agree with the author if we’re talking about western Scorpio male and Leo female. Western culture is often poison for the leo female who will idolise the like of rihanna and beyonce, film stars and successful people, Scorpio men dream of the perfect pretty virgin with a romantic soul and an eye for hidden depths in men, yet a detached from the world individuality (picses, virgo, scorpio, taurus…..). What they think they want however can change if they meet and understand the remarkable miss leo. Often for her too, she didn’t think growing up she’d want a man like this, mysterious men aren’t often found on the cover of hello magazine (She loved pictures of good looking boy band members, not mysterious types) .

    . It is often that a leo woman can pick and choose men like sweets in a shop, but a powerful alpha scorpio man is one male who will totally baffle her by refusing her advances if he evaluates that its impossible for their souls to ever touch. If she won’t meet him half way, the relationship will end fast.

    However in an old fashioned dynamic, i.e. most of the world, where a woman looks for a protector, this relationship is often simply the best. If she needs him for protection, companionship, love etc. If she feels she really NEEDS to find the best man out there and love him forever, then the Scorpio responds powerfully to her charm and falls deep for her. For him it is perhaps the most equal relationship he’s ever been in, he might well confess that he’s had to compromise more for her than any other woman he’s ever been with. She has a strong feminine way about her and a skill set that he respects. Fighting the world now with her he feels his power is doubled, his past girlfriends didn’t give him this same feeling. She can alter his mood with a smile and a joke, offers her deep love and loyalty, says, ‘your my boss’ now and again and, ‘yes sir’, which makes letting her have her way 2/3rds of the time possible for him if not exactly easy………..

    This relationship can work and the two can can form a Bonnie and Clyde loyalty bond and deep love. Also peace can endure in the relationship if they both learn to forgive the other quickly for perceived slights. Make each other laugh, it’s easy for you two. Scorpio man often will have a silly sense of humour and a playful side to him the leo can tap into, she needs to remember to be patient and try to help elevate him into a good mood. Suggest he, ‘smile please’, whilst smiling at him, it will often work and he’ll be happy………. making him feel better is a leo female power that other women find difficult to match.

    He needs to praise her when she does well, avoid excessive negativity directed towards her, but yet remain his natural chauvinistic self. Despite her protestations she can’t resist a man who moans about women drivers and his useless receptionist, providing he accords her respect. The lioness is the queen of women, she’ll often be scathing in her views towards bad mothers and wives, even if she doesn’t find being submissive to a man entirely natural (just like a scorpio woman). Don’t allow her to forget you’re the man and she’s the woman. She’ll hate/love that. To prevent annoying her though, from time to time engage her in some sort of friendly competition, beware she might surprise you, word games and others suit her often very sharp mind well. Leo woman has some skills that are stronger than Scorpios, he’s often quick to recognize them and can in a love union help polish this diamond of a woman to the point she feels happier than she’s ever felt before.

    So Scorpio man can be more than won over by leo if she needs him, it helps if she’s away from family, friends and is beyond her mid 20’s, it takes a while for this girl to grow into a woman. It can be the ultimate zodiac match for both, good morals and both being centered on the spirit of love is of crucial importance, otherwise negative spiritual forces can conspire to cause a nuclear bomb of a war between these two.

  11. OMG… if he could only feel what I feel for him!! He is driving me crazy, he is hard headed and out spoken. My Scorpio man test me at every curve. It is like playing with fire. But there is a side to him that opens up and he shares with me, bring us closer. He is my world and I his sun. Things can be both intense and amazing. But if I can rein in my pride and for a moment step back and be silent, truly great things happen with us. It is both testing and rewarding. It is by far the hardest relationship I have had, but the most rewarding. Fire and Water for sure, making steam. But I have to be careful not to boil out his water and he has to be careful not to put out my flame. If you are not ready to be pushed hard, then you might want to look else where. But if you can wade the rapids, the adventure will be one you will extremely love!!

  12. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Hi Everyone
    My husbands sister is a Leo and shes been married to a Scorpio man for 20 years. They look so good together, She looks at him with so much affection and he looks at her with devotion. They are wonderful parents and are so involved in their family life and each others interests. Sometimes when you are near a couple you can really feel how much they love each other. I can tell that they would die for each other.

  13. Scorpno1
    By far the most accurate and REALISTIC I’ve ever read about these two. They are a real force to be reckoned with if together, both are the prime example of Alpha male and Alpha female. Great read.

  14. scorpiono1 ooooohk ……. I disagree with ”leo girls take time to be woman” its so untrue…. Scorpio boys take time to mature and grow to be a man, most of them had bad childhoods, very secretive, suspious and Leo woman honestly already know their ”secrets” we can read between the lines.
    These two are not compatible but they make a very good match if leo is ”patient” and scorpio is ”open” early in a relationship.
    But above all…… Maturity counts more than ever.

  15. LeoLady88 says:

    Hahahaha!! Well I had two Scorpio men chase me for years to no avail and I kept turning them down. I don’t care for that whole deep, dark and mysterious persona vibe that Scorpio men have going on. To me, they seemed like a mood killer. Scorpios seem like a dark cloud trying to block my bright sunshine, haha. One of the Scorpio guys who liked me was super jealous! Every time we hung out together (as friends) he’d get pissed because so many guys wanted to talk to me. And he didn’t like that I was a social butterfly. He felt like I should’ve only been talking to him but he was kind of boring because I had to pry to get him to open up. I’m a typical lioness, very vibrant, talkative, confident, warm, generous and friendly so the fact that he was so closed off towards me but somehow wanted to have all of my attention was just exhausting for me. Surprisingly he still wanted date me. Not sure why. But boy am I a sucker for a Sagittarius man! Dear god, they are my krytonite. And apparently I am their krytonite too because me and Sags always fall in love fast and hard and our attraction is always mutual, never one-sided. My two deepest and most fulfilling loves were Sagittarius men. But Scorpio men? No no no. They seem too emotional and intense for my taste. I prefer my men a little more lighthearted and carefree and not so restrictive and possessive.

  16. missleoinlove says:

    Would a scorpio man be into a much younger leo woman? would he pick love over conventional practicality? im into a man who is 15 years older, we havent talked yet but i have a strong instinct that well get along. im trying to figure out where he would stand on this situation.

  17. Scorpio trying to get in my Leo panties! says:

    So I am a Leo who is bffs with a Scorpio man in my law class. We started off as study partners, then became genuine friends, confidants, divulging secrets about each other we dont share with most. See he is not afraid to see all sides of me as complex as I can be sometimes! When he first made an advance at me I rejected him & felt ashamed & embarrassed. It is hard for me to even type it because i am to ashamed-he is married with 2 kids-against all my morals & values. I am also celibate for the last several years & definitely wouldnt waste that on a married man! So I avoided him for awhile & was cold towards him, but the truth is he is the only one I can talk to about certain shit. So of course we remained friends. He is a gentle giant, kinda goofy actually, but with a silent strength that makes me respect him & he is absolutely brilliant! Like a true Scorpio he is persistent, eventually revealing detailed fantasies of him eating me out, whispering it in my ear & planting french kisses on my neck despite my turning him down & telling him to stop. The problem is I think this only makes him want it more & the Leo in me cannot resist a man who wants me so bad it’s all he can see/taste/smell (his words). I am after 3 years starting to feel more & more powerless against it everyday. I find myself thinking of what it would be like to let him have his way with me. The way he looks at me & touches me is as if he is eating me alive! I protect myself by meeting up in only public places & under no circumstances will i kiss him. i know that will open Pandoras box so hell no. But he showers me with attention & constantly tells me how cute & sexy I am even when I don’t feel it & i can tell in his stare he means it. i know if i ever gave him permission he would totally possess me -with his tongue or otherwise. My deepest relationship ever-intimately, sexually, spiritually, everything, was with a Scorpio who I still refuse to see in person after 8 yrs because im scared of our connection. & here I am, best friends with a Scorpio of the opposite sex again. Help! I’m in serious trouble!

  18. ScorpNov19 says:

    Nov 19 males wants Leo woman. Stuck in friend zone – want more – much more – read all these posts – she’s the princess im fine with that. How do I break away from friend zone and make a physical connection? 3 years in. Need some Lioness – mane, tail, all of it.

  19. Sooo true..All the attention is superficial and means nothing more than the moment…totally fake and insincere…and we know this as Leo women

  20. I’m a Scorpio/sag male born on the very cusp on Nov 21.although most times I fully identify as a Scorpio and none of sag. I have met an absolutely gorgeous Leo woman and I threw her a playful hint that was ignored so I stepped away. A few months later we crossed paths and again I threw a hint and she came at me like she has known me her entire life and can’t live without me. I was and am searching for the one and not another sexual conquest or adventure. I have had my fill of those. If there is no true meaning I won’t nothing to do with it anymore. She is such a lioness she dyes her hair blue and purple And pink. And is absolutely stunning. Her Facebook is full of compliments from men ,that she doesn’t reward with a like. Which I love!!!! If a woman says she is beautiful she will like but not a man.I have only been talking with her for three days And she is telling me she is falling for me. She is telling me she wants me more than anyone before and sends me pictures on my phone that I can’t look at for more than two seconds or I would do 130 miles an hour to her doorstep. I feel like she could be using me.for her needs at the moments or just wants to be in love so bad she is forcing these feelings on herself. But she is making me start to feel for her already with how she is with me. I have never clicked with any woman so fast not even close. I have been with some certified knock outs that any man would want to have sex with (even gay men) lol. But this women is seriously straight out of a dream. That’s why the playful hints instead of my usual straight forward I’m coming for you approach. I didn’t think I had a shot in he’ll of her liking me. She is 30 I’m 32 we both have 2 children and are in transitions in job money and living situAtions. I have loved a woman deeply before that ended up proving unworthy of my true love.and LOYALTY and do not want my heart torn apart again. Should I go with this And let go of my cautiousness to fall in love so fast???

  21. I am a Scorpio man who’s 35 and i have hit it off with a Leo girl who’s 19 yes he will take ur time

  22. Key2urheart says:

    If you are in the friend zone she is waiting for you to show her you have matured. There is something she she still finds childish in you. We do not keep scorpio’s in the friend zone. She may more than likely be waiting for you to show you are Alfa male and the leader. As long as you allow her to lead you are not ready.

  23. Lioness says:

    Bobbygotit, Leos tend to hold guys on arms length when they don’t have the intention to give them the false hope that they are liked than a friendly gesture. So if she says she’s falling for you, she’s telling the truth. We can’t really keep secrets when it comes to something where love is concerned. Be careful though, you might be overwhelmed by the love she’s about to give you. It will probably scare you (as a scorpio), but thats just how we are. Receive it with open arms and no doubts.

  24. LionessLoyalty says:

    Today is the friday 20th July 2017. I must say after so many years I have met the man that I never thought existed. At first I was hesitant to trust yet even love my scorpio lover but then after breaking up with him I came to realise that he loved me and I might have lost the man that I cared for and love so much.
    The breakup was sending me crazy. I did the unspeakable just to forget him but nothing worked. Realising that I made a mistake I reached out to him and apologize. I knew that I broke his heart….came back and love me even more than before. We have this crazy deep sick connection and it’s not just on a mental spiritually or emotional level……but boy oh boy!!! The way we connect in bed is out of this world. I feel like his queen and I remind him that he is my king….as best as I could.

    things that capture the heart of a Scorpio man

    1.Being truthful at all times
    2.Respect for him in every sense of the word.
    3.knowing how to demonstrate the love you have for him
    4.Having eyes for him and him alone
    5.Always be ready for sex and remember to tell him how amazing he was.
    6.He love a great blow job.
    7. Make sure he sees transparency in your actions.

  25. Leo gal/ Scorpio asc/ male FIRE N ICE, RUN

  26. Interesting..Ryan gosling Eva longoria? Think her moon is in Leo..

  27. With good reason Leo woman stab Scorpio man for being kind and loving but Scorpio man will forgive or forget

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