Waiting for a Libra man to call

A Taurus writes:

I have asked my friend to pass my number on to a Libra man I fancy. Should I have played harder to get, as it’s been nearly a week and I’m still waiting?

LibraLibra is the sign of the scales, and as an air sign, he is both blessed and cursed with the ability to weigh both sides of any issue. As a result, he has earned a reputation for being indecisive. Although as a cardinal sign he can be a man of action, Libra cannot initiate until he’s made up his mind. Ruled by Venus, Libra can also be a bit lazy.

I don’t understand how having your friend give this guy your number is playing hard to get. You’re more like being hard to give — meaning that you’re putting yourself in a passive role. It seems so “high school,” but for all I know, maybe that’s where you really are. A Taurus will surely not be the first sign to subvert gender roles, but geez, can’t you be a bit more assertive?

Let’s assume this Libra knows you’re interested in him. Why would he not call?

1) He’s not interested.
2) He thinks you’re cute, but he doesn’t really know you all that well, and you seem a bit unyielding. There is this nice, sensual quality to you — you seem really earthy. However, he’s not sure if you two would hit it off. I mean, you have a throaty voice — that’s really sexy — but you don’t really talk all that much. Does he want a silent type? He wants somebody to talk to, somebody who can match him mentally. On the other hand, maybe what he really needs is somebody to ground him, and you seem like you could do that for him. Maybe he’ll sleep on it, think more about calling you … tomorrow.

Comment below: Share your experiences with Libra men.

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. Hey guys. I’ve never had any experience with a Libra man before, and I could use some wisdom. Nothing dramatic, just a bit of insight would be lovely.

    I am a 30 yr old Libra/Scorpio cusp, Virgo rising (10/23) and he is a 28 yr old Virgo/Libra cusp (09/23).

    We met last sat night at a bar after I canceled a date I had scheduled w a man I met online whom I decided just wasn’t going to be worth even the one date (not nice, but I had to go w my gut).

    We clicked IMMEDIATELY, and it turned out we went to (a very tiny) high school together, and I had been good friends w his older brother for a few years back then. He was kind of, uh, a HUGE drok in high school, and he made it clear that he DEFINITELY remember me as if he had liked me from afar back then. Who would have thought that my friend’s dorky little brother would turn out to be a beautiful 6’2″ professional musician who owns a house, has a brand new car, and who has everything possible in common with me?! BUT–anyway, we ended up going back to my best friend’s house to hang out, then he came back to my place and we hooked up (no sex, just fun stuff).

    We have hung out pretty much every day since then (I do have a 3 yr old son, and Libra lives literally 5 blocks from me, so he’s been keeping in good contact and coming to just chill at my place after my son is asleep).

    He had said SO MANY things to me which imply that he has some REAL feelings for me. No, they don’t just IMPLY that he has feelings, it’s pretty obvious. We finally slept together this past Sat (whatever, it needed to happen), and it was AMAZING. He stuck around for a long time after the business was done, but couldn’t stay for various reasons that I have, not him.

    I texted him yesterday to give it the old, “ok we slept together, now will he text me back,” and he totally wrote back, told me what his plans for the night were (music lessons and a holiday party for work at the music school) , said have a good evening and maybe he would hit me up later. Well, he hasn’t yet, and I am freaking out!!

    I have not felt this way about someone since my son’s father, and I have been actively dating for the past 2 yrs since becoming a single parent, so it’s not like I don’t have much to compare it to.

    I know I am freaking out because these feelings I have for this guy are not something I’ve had in a long time, but I would like some insight onto the Libra guy’s personality so I can maybe have something to maybe comfort me (lol).

    I should also mention that he got out of an 8 yr relationship about 6 mos ago, and I am really worried about being a rebound when I actually like him. A lot. We discussed this concern of mine in-depth, and he made sure I knew that it wasn’t like that, but don’t rebounders ALWAYS think it’s “isn’t like that?” at first?

    Any insight would be super helpful. Thanks!

  2. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    I’m sorry that I didn’t read your comment earlier. How did it go? Did he make a move or did he leave the ball in your court? My experience with Libra men and Virgo men haven’t been very encouraging. I always found them lazy about a relationship, they seemed to want me to take care of everything, do the caring and the worrying and the calling, well if you like feeling like your the man in the relationship it wouldn’t be bad but if you are like me and like to feel like a lady then sometimes you need to light a firecracker under one of these guys or find a new flame. My ex husband, perfect example, he wanted everything in his life to just fall into his lap, my older brother too, he is also a Libra guy. I dated a Virgo man once when I was a teenager, just as lazy about everything, you never know if they care. I got tired of trying to make him show me that he cares, either a man wants to show you or he doesn’t. He either cares or he’s indifferent. Without that kind of effort that a Libra woman needs from a man then it just makes her more miserable by the day. Its almost torture to be married to a cold stone.

  3. Anyone can help me out here. I am drowning in my own sea of emotions. I met a libra guy (his moon is Gemini ) one month ago. I am aquarius sun moon in Scorpio. And we hit it off. I mean the attraction is insane! I am in a poly relationship (married ) and he is recently separated going through a divorce. He has full custody of his three children under ten. For three weeks straight we talked everyday, shared pure jokes, wit and outstandingly off the wall humor. Then I told him how I felt twice, I told him I has a crush on him and left him a whatsAP audio birthday message and he had been gone with the wind since then leaving a simple thank you message.I am heart broken but feel optimistic but I don’t want delude myself in thinkING he is coming back or if he does what do I say?

  4. nphatnat says:

    Hi ladies!! This thread was started years ago..but I jus met my Libra man and I’m an Aries lady!! So I’ve decided to look up a few things since I was getting mixed signals – like I’ve read in this thread so far. Only question….since I’ve realized that he’s fallen back since we’ve met in regards to his texts and reaching out I have too. So what I would like to know is, do you think I’m playing games or is he. The last message was from him and I haven’t sent said hi or anything since and neither has he?? So is it me and I should jus do what I feel (which is text and reach out) or should I follow my mind and let him reach out and say hi?? He’s been doing it since we met – why is he changing up now? I’m 11years older than him, I enjoy his company and so forth but I’m not trying to be in a relationship with him, I want to keep it light and friendly with benefits. Jus hang out, sex when we can and that’s it! But I did read in this thread where a Libra guy said if we don’t have anything in common outside the bedroom then he’s not getting any mental stimulation (that’s probably why the lack of reaching out to me)and I don’t really think we have much in common, LOL!!…why can’t he jus stay the way he was and I stay the way I am and we jus enjoy each other!?!? I feel like he wants me to chase him, I’m sure if I called or text he would answer or text me back! But I’m a stubborn Aries and it’s not gonna happen. So as quickly as it started it’s going to end

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