How to seduce a married Cancer man

What are you thinking?

Cancer rules the family, old-fashioned values, and the home. Unless this Cancer man has restless Uranus compelling one of his love planets to break the rules of matrimony, you are as likely to break up his marriage as the Moon is likely to stop in her tracks.

And what is this whole seduction-of-married-men thing about, anyway? The planets may be far away, but they are not impartial. OK, Uranus may say, “Go for it!” but Saturn … oh Saturn … the god who keeps tabs on your karma — he doesn’t forget. Like Santa Claus, who makes a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice, Saturn will give you back whatever you put out. The witches say that it’ll come back three-fold! And if not in this life, well … in your next life you’ll be born a leper or an orphan or one of those poor saps who’s constantly cuckolded.

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  1. Does this also apply to people with Pluto aspecting their personal planets?

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Are you asking if someone with a Pluto-Venus or Pluto-Mars aspect is prone to cheating? Pluto is attracted to taboos, and Pluto in relation to Venus or Mars can relate to sexual compulsivity. Someone like this can feel that they can’t control their impulses to explore the dark side of sex and relationships.

    But they’re not bent on breaking the rules for the sake of it. Let’s say it’s a Cancer man with Venus in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo. He’ll have a sexy, flirtatious manner, but will he stay committed to his wife? Maybe he’ll call phone sex lines, but keep it at that. He could just as easily explore the depths of sexuality and relationship in the confines of his marriage.

  3. Oh, Jeffrey, I meant to post this under the Scorpio break-up item. Duh. That’s what I meant. Excuse me. Transiting Neptune is affecting my natal Mercury, plus TSaturn is right on top of the latter and is also squaring my natal Neptune. So, it’s all confusion all the time. Sorry.

  4. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    You mean I did all that work for nothing?


    In that case, the answer to your question in relation to Scorpio coping with breakup is Yes.

  5. Well, I did learn something that I… uh, already knew given that I have a Venus/Pluto aspect myself.

    That makes sense, btw. I only have Neptune in Scorpio but with Pluto/Moon opposition squaring Venus, I’d say that that sounds on target. I don’t know if I’m vindictive so much as definitely someone who stews in misery. Thankee!! You’re the tops!

  6. i can’t say i agree a cancer won’t “cheat”, but then again they were seperated when we met and their compatibility is really crappy. Her bday 4-11-80 and his 7-9-74. have some fun with that one and you’ll see what i mean. my bday is 7-29-67, not perfect for him either but you’d have to agree it’s better than theirs! He is deluding himself into thinking they can give it one last chance before they divorce and i am saying go right ahead and try, see you back in a couple months (not that we even broke up in the first place….) P.S. we were going to have a baby but i got hit by a car and she died on us so there’s a lot of heightened emotions right now.

  7. I am a pisces woman who’s in love with a cancer man. He says he loves me already and its been less than a month. It’s weird because I feel the same way but I didnt want to tell him yet because its so soon. He’s telling me things like “I’m getting older and I am ready to settle down”, and “I think you’re the one”, etc. I am very sensitive and I don’t want to be hurt, so my question to you is could he be trying to play games with me or is he serious? Also, how do I keep him in love with me if he really is, or how do I get him to fall in love with me if he really isn’t?? PLEASE HELP!!

  8. Cancerians don’t usually joke about marriage and settling down. They’re homebodies, by and large, and they take family and marriage seriously. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your time getting to know this guy until YOU’RE sure of what you want. As a Pisces, you probably tend to focus on others’ needs and feelings. The important thing is how do YOU feel? What do YOU want? When will YOU be ready to commit? Don’t worry about him just yet. Get to know him. You will know when you know and until then you have all the time in the world. He should respect that and if he doesn’t, then you know, dontcha?

  9. mike paahana says:

    my secret lover is a cancer an he is i hot lover, hope my bf does not find out, i know he is married but that makes it better

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cook better than his wife can. And get a good boob job if yours leave a little to be desired.

  11. Hi Jeff…

    i’m Aries, Aries moon,Pises rising.
    he is Cancer, Sag moon, Gem rising.
    we have been dating 9 months and we get along great! communication is great! We have had only 2 little biffs, and both times we communicated and ended it quickly with mutual respect fot the others feelings. He seems to good to be true. Is he? He is a great father as I am a great mommy, i love to cook for him and love him up, and he does all the right honey do love things for me too (and we are not even living together.) Iam worried that this will not last. I’m crazy for him and he says he is for me.. he spends all free time with me. me:Venus-Aqu, Plu-Vir,Mars-Leo; Him:Vemis-Vir, Plu-Vir, Mars-Gem
    Whatcha think? πŸ™‚

  12. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @slm, I think you should go to “ask jeff a question” as I don’t like to answer advice-seeking questions in the comments section.

  13. I think everyone has to remember that we all fall under the “what goes around comes around” karmic Saturn influence. BUT my view is that we are here to learn…we are human.
    I’m an Aquarius/Cap Rising, Cancer Moon/Venus in Aquarius/Mars in Cap, married and for the lack of something missing (go figure), fell for a very exciting married Cancer man, Leo Rising, Aries Moon, Venus in Leo.
    As it all depends on your composite chart, I’ll give you an idea of the type of Cancer man I deal with and the responses and reactions brought on by him in myself.
    1. Sex- Very hot impulsive ‘let me throw you around’ sex, (probably that Aries moon here in this case)and then can be very sweet also
    (the variety was like an addiction)
    2. Vices~
    Mind Games-From passive aggressive to reverse psychology, to the silent treatment…never underestimate a Cancer and the silent treatment…this can go on forever
    (This was a challenge, so kept me holding on for awhile, especially with the Aqua in my blood…we love intellectual stimulation!)
    3. Personality~Abrasive,Protective, Endearing, Cold/Hot (Gotta love the moon!)
    4.Negativity~Always remember even if the wife is crazy, and I mean really mental, if Cancer has kids, he is going to feel guilt, and then no matter how much fun, earthshaking, soul enrapturing sex and time spent together,pychic bonding, pilfering through each other’s minds, he will transfer that guilt into being all your fault, because YOU tore him away from his psychotic bundle of happiness, his nest if you will in this life time. It is just simply his instinct as a Cancer.
    Of course when he feels better and lets go of some of that guilt, (for us it was when the moon hit Leo, I could mark it on the calendar) then he will come back full force begging for more. Ah, but then the moon changes…and there he goes again.
    Again, it is all about the experience, right? I have to tell ya, for all the heartbreak and guilt it inflicted on me, my lesson was this: Intimacy now has a whole new meaning which is very improtant to me as an Aqua, I have learned to restrain from giving TOO much (there is such a thing), learned how to administer the silent treatment if neccessary, and also learned to love someone unconditionally just because of who they are and enjoy an experience here on earth that helped me to grow in more ways then I could ever list here.

    Good luck with the Cancer men…let the journey begin…lol!

  14. Anonymous says:

    HIM: Sun: Cancer —Mercury: Cancer —Venus Leo —Mars Sagittarius

    ME: Sun: Scorpio —Mercury: Libra
    Venus Scorpio (oh Ya) —Mars: Libra

    My kids are grown, he has none. Two months in, tells me he never wants to get married again. Has not even said he cares. We see e/o every day and talk 2-3 times a day. He cooks, waxes my car, takes my dog to the vet?

    What is up with this guy? Does he care?

  15. I was dating a married cancerian man for 1 month who just became a father. Then he started feeling wrong and guilty. Trouble is I want him back in my life. Is it possible???

  16. is he still married? if yes, then you said you want a married man back into your life – in what capacity? If he is married, he is already in someone else’s life. I think you both can decide. But why would you want to share a man with another woman who has his child and now his life will be in his child’s eyes. it was a fling.

  17. this is really a screwed up topic… why don’t you go for a man that is AVAILABLE?! Why would you want to tear a family apart just for sex..

    I am pisces and have a cancer husband and agree with the others, they don’t take marriage lightly and he talked marriage on the first date. It freaked me out but he begged me not to freak out, I think pisces and cancers understand each other’s sensitive natures very much.

  18. hi,my story is strange,had love at 16 years w/cancerian male,now iam 40 yrs found him again almost 22years later,my first love and all emotions splurged out,
    he says love me too,but couldn’t meet me since 4 months,
    talk very nicely, never share email,loves his wife and family too much,
    i have very good family too, i just want to meet him once again,since 4 months he has changed his mind several times,
    what should i do to controle myself

  19. damn…ive been going out with a cancer for almost a year..weve known eachother for 3 years now…but when started dating I got this feeling he is the one!!

    Though it is maybe just my impression….coz when he talks of future he thinks of what we will do when we are 50….telling me he wants to be sure i love him and wont leave him….I do and I think I am showing him everyday. I dont see him saving money for our common future or wedding. Seems parties and friends are very important and places where he cant be missed. Its true he is saying he is ready to go with me wherever I want…but I dont see him taking any of that seriously by actually moving towards it besides talking. I have no clue where he is heading…im 27 he is 28 and I feel he is the one so what should we wait 5 more years for? I dont understand these signals of his…
    btw: I am taurus he is cancer πŸ˜‰

  20. meet him to do what? maybe he feels the same way and it would be better for both of you to stay apart since you are now both married?!

  21. I’m a Sagittarius female, 12/06/79. He’s a married Cancer, 07/19/69. I’ve always looked down on women that were involved with married men. I’m now dealing with the heartbreak of him pulling away from me, to work things out with his wife. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anybody.

  22. cappie chick says:

    Why would anyone want to seduce someone that is already married? I don’t think cheating is right, I saw what it did to my parents and I would never want to put someone I love through that and I wouldn’t want them to put me through that either. If any guy Cheats on me again, (and I’ve only been cheated on once) and I swear to God he’ll wake up without his c*&k πŸ™‚

  23. Interesting thread. I’m a pisces female with a cancer male partner. He was in a LTR (with children) when we met, hooked up, and he left her. Before I get the whole OMGCHEATING is so rong! his relationship was “open” and his wife knew where he was when he was with me. He just liked me better, and left. Didn’t ask him to, that was not my goal, but he was the one. We fell hard, deep, and fast.

    It’s been 7.5 years now, we’re still together and still happy. Cancer men do leave, when they’ve had enough, and they don’t want to be in their relationship anymore. He may be a family type person, but he preferred the stable family to the one he had. So, just because Cancer comes with the label “family” it does not imply loyalty. In fact, if the family unit is failing, the Cancer man will eventually choose himself over the hell that he’s living in, and go.

    It’s hard not to fall for the caring, giving, loving Cancer. For those that find ones that are not available, they also make excellent friends, I have several not counting the one I kept.

  24. how to control emotions ,we had sex twice when i was 17 yeras old, and then he left me, now after 20 years i found him, iwant to see him, meet him,
    i am dying of emotional trauma, but he seems hardly bothered about it,plz tell me what to do,

  25. BeautifulThings says:

    Wow Valkyri, That’s big stuff you’re talking there. He was in a long term relationship with kids and liked you better so he “left”? What happened to the kids?

    And if the Family unit is failing, it’s alright that he’ll choose “himself” over the hell he’s in? What about the poor innocent kids that have no choice? They stay in the hell? What about the fact that most of the time, he is the direct cause of the hell?

    The Cancer man is NO prize. He has some of the best PR in the zodiac but the fact is that these men feed on attention. Every married Cancer man I know is hypercritical of his wife, restless at home and always convinced there is another woman out there who will love him more and understand him more and take better care of him than his mother, err, his wife does. They compete with their own children for attention even. And I guarantee you that just as his relationship with his wife was “open”, his relationship with you is as well, lol. He’s always going to be looking for a woman to shore up his fragile ego and to tell him how desirable and manly he is and to be willing to be with him even though he’s married because he’s just THAT special. And if you try and stop him, your home will suddenly become a hell he’ll have to free himself from.

    I don’t mean to be such an old school fuddy duddy scold but dang that post grated my last nerve.

  26. Scorp with Cancer soulmate says:

    No matter how strong your connection with a married Cancer is, he won’t leave – especially if there are children involved. He may love you with all of his heart and want to be with you, but he knows his responsibilities.

    If you believe in your love then you have to walk away, and if you’re prepared to wait, then do it. If he’s in a rocky relationship, then he needs time to sort it out. If he comes to you when all is said and done, then lucky you. I guess the question is – how long are you prepared to wait?

  27. airesgirl says:

    Ah, I’ve never cheated on anyone, but my last Fall Hard Love was a Cancer who was “truely in love” with me. His words. We got along like butter and I was soooo happy. Then I found out he was a cheat. I broke it off, lost a lot of weight from shock and grief and became a hermit.
    He immmediately went on a zilion dates from the internet. Mind you , he still emailed and called and sometimes we even saw each other- but so sex. Then he jumped into co-habitation with a Pisces. He didnt tell but he did send me notes telling me his exact moves and addresses minus the news about the new girlfriend. Of course I found out. Then when move in time came , he wrote a series of desparate notes telling me how his soul was so connected to me. I know – cause I remember past lives, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to play his game so I told him off in blazing Aires fashion that he made his bed — now go lie in it.

    During the past two years of his cohabitation and he’s still working on the divorce from the ex wife — then he sends me note saying he’s not sure she’s the one and signs “love”
    Yet- the next thing I know he’s sending me another note that he is moving on the 1st of Nov. and here’s his address. The address is one block from my office. No mention of a girlfriend at all. Several notes and he’s hurt his knee. I’m a healer type and said it would be interesting to see the xrays- just to test to see where he was coming from .. he said sure- he’d show me the xrays. Then I bait him about meeting him somewhere really public in the neighborhood and he admit he’s living with a woman. The same Pisces.

    The divorce from the ex is still dragging on ( 4 years) and he co-bought this house with the new girlfriend and he’s still trying to go after me. I know the honeymoon with the live in woman is long over and I’m tempted to seduce him.

    But I know what I really need is a new love interest who is true blue.

    I know that Mr Cancer is going to flip out once the official wife gets the divorce and the girfriend with whom he bought the house is expecting Marriage. He’s barely tolerating his choice as it stands now. Working late, etc.

    I have a strong feeling that if he somehow got free from both ex and live -in girlfriend and we started being together, he woud soon start to be critical of me. As the unattainable woman, I have his heart and imagination. I think I’ll leave it that way.

  28. WOW! is all i can say…..I know how u all feel….I had a relationship with a cancer guy….he is 51, I am 37….he was married….I had NEVER had a relationship like that in my life….and did not plan on it….he just constantly pursued until I gave in….I will say I dont regret the passion, communication, caring, protectivness, etc….He made me feel really loved when he wanted it all….but about a yr and a half ago he decided he wanted to try to make his marriage work due to his first grandbaby being born…..I am still to get over all the games, lies, SILENCE, betrayal..and do u know, he NEVER told me it was over never to this day…he still calls from time to time, to tell me he still loves me and to THINK about us……(GO FIGURE) I get sooo excited when I hear from him and all the feelings come rushing back..and then bam, I dont hear from him until another wk or so…..I would NEVER date him again if I could go back….IT has been the most hurtful/wonderful relationship. I still do not know him…..

    Trying to move on,


  29. Married cancer woman meets married cancer man. We both have strong partners and good relationships, but seduce each other – no problem. Cant say who started it, just snowballed. Not looking to leave our partners, but loving the Cancer/Cancer thing!

  30. These are the aspects:

    Him:Leo Sun Me:Aries Sun
    Him: Moon/Scorpio Me:Moon/Libra
    Him:Mars/Cancer Me: Mars/Capricorn
    Him: Venus/Leo Me: Venus/Pisces

    He is attached…we saw each other at his opening, we did not talk but we knew of each others presence. I contacted him by email, he was very happy….he told me this.

    The communication has continued, he wants to do things for me and I for him, we try to keep it professional due to his circumstances but the feelings are overwhelming for him and I…..he is very Cancerian even though he is a Leo, I know because both my parents are Cancers!
    He is only a few years older than me….I feel his sadness, about the life he has made and how he feels committed to it even though he is unhappy, I don’t want to be a home wrecker but I don’t think I am, he is changing in himself, it is not just me that is making him want to change his life direction…..he is extremely caring and sensitive and I see in him the boy and the man, I care for him very much, so much so I could love him from a distance if it meant that he didn’t have to go through hell to break up with his wife but I know as sure as the Tarot card in a reading, when a man decides then he has to take action, otherwise he will not grow and the poor wife will not have the opportunity to have someone who truly loves her.

  31. The tarot card I was referring to is the Tower

  32. PurpleChild89 says:

    I’m currently with a Married Cancer man, I never planned on being with a married man in all my life. He pursued me til I gave in. At first we were good friends and I thought he was just a cool single guy with a son. Then our friendship became sexual and still I thought he was just a cool guy with a son and a baby mama somewhere. He would always show up on time, was very attentive and so sweet. He loved to cuddle and talk for hrs, then one day a good friend of mine told me she met his wife. I was shocked, I mean I wasn’t in love with him or even in strong like but I still cared about him and hated that he didn’t just tell me. So then I was in denile, saying “well until he tells me I’m not sure it’s true”. I went so far as to ask him if he’d get me pregnant and he said that he wanted to but that he couldn’t. I became suspicious and when I kept on about it he kept telling me that he couldn’t be there for the kid if he did and so he wasn’t going to get me pregnant. Recently he went on a 6 week job course, now before that our text and phone conversations weren’t that special. He would sometimes have me talk to his son and I even got to meet him twice but other then that nothing unique. Then the last weekend he was home he blew me off with out telling me why. I freaked out on him and he apologized saying that he was spending time with his son and his sons mom, not his wife but his sons mom! I knew it then that he was indeed married. So I said ok have a safe trip and didn’t expect to hear from him again. Well everyday since he left he called or texted me, I never again spontaniously called or texted and still don’t. I knew it was wrong to talk to him but I grew to love him and he told me one night that he wanted to love me but that he was married. I was depressed and wanted to end the thing. But he wouldn’t let me and even called me his “girlfriend” and “mistress”. He still gets jealous when I hang with other guys and wants to know if I tell people that we’re together. I’m confused and hurt but I do love him and even though I’m pretty confident he won’t leave his wife I can’t leave him. I need him to walk away, I’m not strong enough. The man was gonna come see me thanksgiving night but I told him not to because he needed to be with his family. He even justified him and his wife getting a hotel room for the night to me, his kid had to get surgery. I’m like dude your married! Do what you want with your family! He is making it hard to hate him and leave him, he invited me on a two week cross country trip with him and I agreed, then he wanted to know if I’d go again and I said “lets see how the first trip goes”. Also once his wifes cousins saw me sitting in his car in the passenger seat and got upset by it and he still took risks to be with me, He asked me if I think he just has sex with me for kicks and I said yes. He said no he liked me more, I don’t know why? I’m nothing special and by this I’m even worse. Is this normal for a Cancer to cheat? and then to top it off he talks like we’re going to know each other in the future. Do most Cancer men cheat? And btw he has a Taurus rising what ever that means, and I’m a Libra. I just wish he’d leave one of us, perferably me since he’d legally tied to her and has a son.

  33. Jeffrey, loved the characterisation of Saturn: it’ll take a while to wipe the smile off my face after reading that!

    Now, regarding seducing married Cancer men; indeed, what’s the deal, here? What are you gals thinking? That’s just a big no-no! Especially since I’m a Cancer man’s wife. Not to mention the daughter of a man who was constantly unfaithful to my mother, which does not make me exactly moralistic about marital infidelity, as overwhelmed with feelings I have yet to elaborate (above and beyond anything else, the extreme insecurity that this can create in a child and growing young person is immense).

    But let’s get back to the subject du jour. PurpleChild89, I’m not overly surprised about your cheating Cancer man story, to be honest. My husband and I have often discussed such matters, among many others, and I do believe that there are precise and specific circumstances in which a Cancer man will cheat, as family orientated and devoted as they may be. Though I’m certain that R (my husband) would never cheat on me, I try not to take his fidelity for granted. Now, what I’ve come to see from being married to R. is that Cancers are extremely devoted to their inner circle of loved ones, to a point that they will sometimes make you feel a little smothered (I’m an Aries woman myself and have had to “train” my husband to leave me more breathing space, sometimes!). But I think that their sense of duty towards family – that is, a wife and children – not to mention the institution of marriage and family itself, will sometimes push them to maintain an outward appearance of loyalty to their spouse and their marriage vows, whilst actually “falling” into an extra-marital affair because they no longer feel true emotional attachment to that milieu. However, I really believe this will only happen if the Cancer man in question is simply no longer in love with his wife, whereas, say a man belonging to an Air or Fire sign may take a lover even if they do still love their spouse. So PurpleChild89, I think that quite simply, your Cancer lover is devoted to his role as husband and father, but not to his wife anymore, whom he no longer loves at all. He probably doesn’t have the strength to break it off, though, as I think that Cancers hate to do anything blatantly anti-institutions. To be honest, knowing what Cancer men are like through my husband, it sounds to me like this guy DOES care about you. I don’t believe for a second that a Cancerian is even capable of having sex with someone “just for kicks”.

    As I said, a Cancer man may therefore have an extremely difficult time breaking off a marriage that has turned stale or mediocre precisely because they’re so devoted to the very idea of marriage and family, but falling into an affair to spice their lives up a little may not be beneath them at all. I do think that the vocation to be a devoted partner will soon emerge also in the way that a Cancer man will treat his mistress, provided it won’t threaten the marriage he is still struggling to keep intact at least in outward appearances. On the other hand when a Cancer truly loves his wife, I think it would probably be near impossible to get him to become unfaithful. You’d have to come close to embodying his physical ideal and ravishing him! Hence, PurpleChild89, I’m almost certain your married lover has long stopped feeling in love with his wife.

    Precisely because my father (not a Cancer!) was so often unfaithful to my mother, for myself I have sought a husband who was very unlikely to do the same things to me. Out of all the previous relationships I’ve had, I only ever trusted R. enough to agree to marrying and having children (R. and I have two tiny tots: a 2-year-old boy and a 4-month-old girl). Another thing about Cancer men who become fathers: they seem to be made for the role. Parenting comes so naturally to them, they end up being their children’s father AND mother. As an Aries woman I sometimes feel as if my husband is more of a traditional mother figure to our kids than I am!

  34. Bright.Awake says:

    A few nights ago, I met a Cancer guy at a club. We ended up sleeping together.
    He is:
    Sun in Cancer
    Moon in Gemini or Cancer
    Venus in Cancer
    Mars in Scorpio
    Pluto in Libra
    (How sweet)

    I am:
    Sun in Sagittarius
    Asc in Scorpio
    Moon in Aries
    Venus in Sagittarius
    Mars in Gemini
    Pluto in Scorpio

    He told me the next day that he has been in a relationship for 4 years, but the sex is a problem..
    I forgot something in his car and told him he could drop it over whenever he had time… He instantly wanted to get over here and see me.. kept telling me he couldn’t get over how “hot” i was and that he’d be all over me if we hadnt met in such a circumstance..
    So he came over, we hung out for a couple hours, talked.. Nothing happened.

    With all the fire in my chart I am not clingy… I havent called him or messaged him since… maybe ill send him something in a few days..

    My question is:
    Does he plan on seeing me again?
    He is really into me… he told me I am his type of chick… blablabla.

    I don’t want a relationship I just want sex…. Selfish I know.. but we’re young and there are no kids/marriages involved..anyways im not looking for judgment here.

    Am I getting any more action from this guy?

  35. Veri Confused says:

    I am a Taurus. What if that married Cancer man is chasing me?

    Chasing me for years! There is a natural raw sexual attraction between us. I have tried to keep my distance for years. Cancer is persistant. Funny thing is… if I respond or try to test the waters… he backs off. Waaaaay off.

    But if I’m hanging around with a new beau, he is super jealous. If I act as if he doesn’t exist, he’s all over me. And he’s with his wife 99% of the time. As a bonus, I get the wonderful evil eye from her. ugh!

    Being a Matter-of-fact Taurus, I want to know “What do you want from me!?”. Are you interested in me but afraid to break up your happy home? Or What?

    I think next time I will tell him we can only be friends. You know possessive Taurus doesn’t like to share anyway!

  36. @ Xanthe

    Heeeeey! how are you, how are things with your Crabby hubby? Long time no read!:)

    @ Veri Confused

    are you in a relationship? or dating someone and the Cancer guy knows about him?
    i’m a cancer girl. dated several Taurus guys.
    The thing about you Tauruses (in general, whether they’re girls or boys) is that you’re attractive, witty and fun people to be around with…most of the times. A shy, introverted Cancer (man or woman, we all have this trait deeply seeded in our hearts) will instantly be attracted by your shining from within, because Tauruses, like Virgos, are aware of their seductive power and love being all playful about it.
    When a Cancer man wants something (sexually, physically, whatever you wanna call it- physical attraction even if you guys haven’t slept together) he’s gonna become a real clown in his own eyes and do whatever it takes to have you (IF he really wants you). The passion can last for years and the Cancer will keep fantasizing about it. Yep, i think he likes you. But he doesn’t want YOU to test the waters because he’s already doing that himself. He wants to see if you’re gonna play ball with him and give him what he wants- have an affair, maybe, i don’t know. If you try to figure things out he will absolutely ‘back off’- he isn’t confused, he doesn’t want you to figure him out.
    A married Cancer man to break up his marriage for something that isn’t consistent enough, i seriously doubt it very much.
    The thing with Tauruses is that we Cancers love their self-confidence and indulging in self-appreciation up to a certain point. After that, it gets a little irritating. Yes we know you’re funny, smart, attractive..just let US discover it and stop rubbing it in our faces. I think he’s just playing with you, the only thing that kept him going was that you still haven’t figured it out.
    That’s my take on the Cancer-Taurus compatibility. Of course, it works most of the times. But these are the drawbacks.
    You might have a chance to figure out his intentions (though i can assure you it’s not really necessary) if you bluntly ask him what are his intentions. He’s gonna get scared you’re grabbing him by the nuts…maybe his wife would find out, maybe his friends…so if he REALLY wants you he might tell you what you want to hear, but be careful with the context….ask him during daytime, in a pubic space like a cafe, and see what he says. if you’re gonna meet him for more than that…then you’re setting yourself up.
    Best of luck and don’t mind my honesty.

  37. @ Bright.Awake

    Honey if sex is the only thing you want then sex away! there’s a common misconception that Cancers are the emotional ones and bad in the sack…which isn’t true at all. we can be very passionate and active…and you’re a sag! you’re flirty and active and full of energy!
    i think there’s no way the Cancer will say no if you ask him over or call him and ask to meet…why would he if he likes you?
    Be careful, if you’re his type of girl+sex with no commitment+the experience is going to be good= you might find a whining Cancer on your doorsteps at 3 a.m. asking you to let him in cause he broke up with his girlfriend and wants to live with you :))

  38. @ Veri Confused

    omg i meant pubLic space…my my my *blushing*

  39. Veri Confused says:

    @Jolie. Do you know how bad I want married cancer to meet me in a PUBIC place? LOL!!!

    I know he likes me because he gave me his cell # and wants to come over for lunch. We have been hanging out in our big group of friends for years. He is well known to me.

    Yes he knows my new boyfriend and the kicker is… my bf is a Cancer. My sweet crab has grabbed me with both claws and pulled me into his shell. It’s rather nice & cozy there, but the walls are starting to close in. We are getting very close and I am afraid that he will sense that I am holding a torch for someone else.

    And socially it is kind of the opposite of your scenario Jolie. I am VERY shy and modest and married Cancer is very social, witty & playful. He takes great joy in making me blush or he’ll say something rude that pisses me off. He kind of picks on me a little. He acts like a total goofball when he’s around me. But when he’s at a distance I see him staring at me kind of serious.

    And I guess I’m not total innocent in this. He caught me by myself once and kissed me. I kissed back. He stares at my boobs and those claws pinch @ my butt and I do not protest. I give him a coy smile and walk away. Of course this was before I met my bf. Now married cancer just takes cracks at my bf and tells me he could do me better, all along hinting for me to call him. But I know if I do he’s just gonna back off again.

    You are right, I still hadn’t figured him out and he knows it. But it’s probably not wise to play with a bull.

  40. july 5th 1984

    if you were born on this date too then add me i’m

  41. anything female seduced my cancer man of 7years.. he wasnt shy about it either, just rub it right in my face.. it was wonderful .. NOT!!! lol.. he would go wat do you want shes hot, and grab her ass.. it was beautiful to watch .. hahhaha yeh right.. or look at those titties dont you just want to rub your face between them.. then in front of me.. say to her face she has fantastic tits.. and they would proceed to flirt.. then disappear later on in the night.. and go on to tell me that I was paranoid they were just talking.. hmmmmmm, no wonder I left.. I couldn’t take it… my venus in scorp def did not allow it.. lol

  42. p.s oh and you could tell by the look in the womens eyes (when they would come round our house each time they were super excited to see him, thinking they had a thing) they thought they were super special.. better than his wife me, for the attention they got off him.. I was thinking sorry to say darl as soon as you walk away, then next woman who walks in the room gets the exact same treatment.
    In our circle of friends, you could tell all the girls thought that he treated them differently, but no, behind all your backs but infront of me… like wat a looser.. or really hes good at wat he does.. that whole teasing thing, putting you down with a smile, then make a small compliment, and flirt slightly sexual in a joking way, stare at you from across the room.. hed play all the girls from different angles and no knew the wiser.. except me, my fault for sticking around.. wat can I say.

  43. Exactly! What are you thinking? Seducing a married man? With a deed like that, karma can kick you in the ass. Be careful when playing with fire honey, you might get burned.

  44. What a bold move sis! To think seducing a married man. Good thing if his marriage is on the brink or about to get divorce but not matter how hot or attractive the guy is but is happily married with kids, I wouldn’t dare seduce him. I would day dream of him though. haha

  45. I am married since 4 years. I have fallen for a married cancerian who is in his early 40’s. I love him very much and he speaks to me too. Not sure how this will work, but I am afraid of loosing him as he means so much to me. not sure how to last this relationship

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