How to seduce a Gemini

I hope you like to talk, because Gemini gets turned on by the art of conversation. She feels connected in the midst of banter, chat, gossip. It doesn’t even matter what you gab about — Gemini don’t go deep, anyway. Just keep your tongue wagging.

Gemini is a flirtatious sign. Playful innuendo, double entendre … word games keep this witty sign engaged. A bored Gemini will move on to the next table if you can’t keep up with the verbiage.

The sign of the Twins also rules hands and fingers. Lightly touching the tips of her digits will send chills up her spine. A thorough hand massage will get her fingers to do the walking later on. (Keep your Yellow Pages ready!)

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, rules the nervous system. Gemini can be easily stimulated, and if she has too much nervous energy, Gemini may have difficulty settling down. It is wise to temper your approach. You don’t want someone too much in their head if you’re heading for the bed.

Comment below: How have you seduced a Gemini man or woman?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Hi Steve,

    Either she wasn’t satisfied with the amazing SEX which you say it was or
    she wants something more.???

    Women are NOT SEX OBJECTS even if the SEX is amazing you have to
    inject EMOTION into the mix in order to keep her attention and keep the
    FIRES BURNING. If you get my drift.???

    So get CREATIVE and offer her something more then the avarage Joe.!!!

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  2. @karissa15…as far as the sex I was just basing my opinion of it on the frequency of it in the beginning and her reaction to it (things she said). But NO, I agree with you, women are not sex objects I did not mean to imply that I thought that (if I did).

    I think we did connect in a lot of other ways, and proof of that, I thought, was and still is the long daily phone calls. She also has a 2 year old son and she can tell that I like hanging out with him. She admits that she never brings guys around and introduces them to him, but she seems fine with me. Anyway…point being, I feel like there is a lot more of a connection then the sex……but the sex was good too.

    But as far as emotion…as you said…like how much? I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve….but don’t want to come across too serious too soon, or even worse, NEEDY. Problem is I think like the typical Gemini woman she likes the attention of lots of guys and gets bored easily. But I feel like I’m still “in there”….I just don’t want to come across as needy when I am trying to “keep her attention and keep the fires burning”

    By the way…..sorry for being totally clueless about all this. I was with my last girlfriend (fiancΓ©e) for 8 years. Been out of the game for a while


  3. @Steve

    I am a Gemini Sun/Mercury/Mars and Rising. Can’t get anymore Gemini then that! I would totally respect it if you would straight out ask me (but not corner me while asking) how come the sex has stopped.

    I am thinking that she loves hanging with you but something about the sex made her think you guys were not compatible sexually.

  4. Hi Steve,


    One day they are Arthur and the next day they are Marther so you have to deal with
    them as two different people by ignoring one and focusing on the other and what
    their needs are depending on the situation of the day.???

    They are very secretive and refuse to reveal and devulge what is on their mind and
    in their heart. They expect you to guess or figure it out for yourself.???

    You sound like a really good and straight up front Guy whom is genuinely interested
    in figuring this Girl out because you care about her so the only way to get to the bottom
    of this Mystery is to be up front and confront her in a way which does not make her
    feel threatened so she is able to open up to you and tell you how she really feels and
    what is going on within her complicated mind and emotions which she keeps to herself
    because expressing it means she is opening herself up and becoming vulnerable toward
    something which she feels uncertain about and is causing her to feel INSECURE.???

    Just be honest and tell her how you feel and where things are going from your perspective
    where this relationship is concerned regarding the future.???

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  5. Thanks Karissa and Gemster….really appreciate the input and advice!! πŸ™‚

    So I sort of confronted her about it all….in that she brought up the fact that other guys wonder why she was blowing them off…she was talking about guys that she goes out with I guess as friends….and I responded with “well, I was kinda wondering too” And she was all surprised that I was wondering…so I changed the subject (like I didn’t really care…or was blowing it off) and she brought it back to the subject and without going into a lot of detail, said that she loves hanging out with me, loves that I dig her son and she likes me a lot. She just said she has a lot of friends here…so she’s just very social. But we went out last night and she stayed over last night. So I’m happy for now. I think I just have to keep it light and no pressure (which is cool with me). In our conversations last night she basically told me how all these guys are always trying to be more then friends with her and then act all broken hearted when she says only wants to be friends….seems to be a turn off for her (or the guys are not her type…or a little of both). I think if I directly confronted her about it it would have turned her off. And I think she knows how I feel.

    Thanks again ladies! I might be back here soon haha!

  6. Your welcome Steve! So I guess you are back in the saddle?

  7. @karrissa15…

    So you said “One day they are Arthur and the next day they are Marther”…not really sure I know exactly what that means…except that she is one person one day and then the opposite the next. So how do you suggest I deal with that? We just had a great week…spent everyday together. I went out with some friends last night, and we talked and texted last night. But now today…can’t even get her to call or text back. The one text I did get was kinda cold. I asked if she was OK and or was something wrong…she just said she’s good. So I’m just giving her her space and leaving her alone. She did mention that she hates it when guys smother her (wasn’t referring to me, it was some other guy that has been chasing her). So keeping that in mind, I just haven’t texted or called anymore. Last night she even sent me some really sweet messages…so maybe I’m just trippin today…I dunno.

  8. Hi Steve,

    Arthur and Marther are two completely different people with mood swings which
    are very confusing because one day they are all lovey dovey and the next they
    are cold as ice and accuse you of smothering them because they cannot handle
    the closeness and the intimacy which is conflicting with their mood swing emotions
    which engulf them and the only way they are able to deal with it is by creating dramas
    and cooling things off until the next time they need you to provide what ever it is they
    need at that particular time.???

    Beat her at her own game by ignoring her and let her come to you. She needs to realise
    that you are not a yo yo which goes up and down in order to suit her mood swings which
    she is unable to control due to the fact that you are there at her “BECK AND CALL”.!!!

    OUT OF IT. If you get my drift.???

  9. Steve,


    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  10. Thanks karissa!

    I think you’re right! And you are right about not knowing what you got until its gone. That’s why when I have been with her I have always tried to appreciate the moments….b/c I enjoy being with her. Geminis certainly like to talk….well at least she does. We spend a lot of time on the phone. So I just figure if she wasn’t into me she wouldn’t spend 2-3 hours on the phone with me. Anyway…..feels like its all good…..for now! haha!

    Thanks again!

  11. I agree the Geminis are flirtatious. Don’t get me wrong, I even think it’s quite interesting. Rather than being a wall flower, Geminis tend to roam around the room and socialize which makes them energetic and dynamic. Nice article!

  12. HI Everyone, Im new to this page, I am into a Gemini, only ever had a run in with one, long ago, Can someone give me some tips please….. we’ve been friends for a year, but then we gathered, we liked eachother, NOW WHAT? it is very new (days) and his situation is complicated, ive fond when hes in contact hes very full on, but when ‘hes busy = nothing ‘ 2 days of nothing….. Please can someone shed some light, What are gemini males like ? Do we chase ? or do I not… or Do i just play the ‘PLAY IT COOL’ let him come to me card .. THANKS ALL X

  13. Hi Steve!

    Sorry to be the pessimist here, but a Gemini doesn’t have to like you to hang out with you. I’m a Gemini sun, moon and mercury so I feel and talk and act how a Gemini acts haha. As an example, I dated a Virgo guy for a few months. I had no interest in taking things further with him and even told him I don’t wanna be with him and that we should keep things how they are and not move forward (which he was a Lil upset about). However I think He thought he could ‘turn’ me if he woo’d me enough I.e dinners, breakfasts, lunches etc. He shared very sentimental things with me… Which I appreciated…. But I was not getting attracted to him. Mentally he was great, very very intelligent. But boring!! He was not keeping me mentally stimulated in a fun way buy rather just an academic way. Which is alright in the beginning but it’s so draining. Because I wasn’t enjoying my time with him I didn’t wanna have sex. He would say I have a low sex drive and always try initiate it but I wasn’t keen. But I hung around cos the sex was alright (he is a sports model so why not enjoy the view) and I got free dinners lol. Couple weeks after we ended our shenanigans I met a Gemini man who is now my boyfriend πŸ™‚ he is not as good looking but boy is he fun!!! Constantly laughing and we play scrabble every night. Perfect. And I cant get enough sex from him haha!! What I’m saying is… Read between the lines. If your not sure if she likes you then she doesn’t. You’ll know if a gem likes ya. Good luck! X

  14. Thanks all of you for all the great advice!

    So we have been together for a few months now (this is the same Gemini girl I have been asking you guys about…not talking about another one! Haha!). Now she has said to me, from the beginning that she doesn’t want a relationship. But then she started acting like she does with me, and even somewhat admitted that. We certainly act like we are in a relationship. Anyway, without going into a lot of details, earlier this week, I was calling her and texting her and not getting a response. So when she finally did respond (by text) she sensed I kind of had an attitude. Anyway, we sort of argued over it via text only. We have not talked since (about 3 days). But have texted back and forth. She basically accused me of being possessive and she hates that. I know that about her and I am not a possessive person at all. But yesterday I looked at what I wrote in the texts, and it did come across as me be being possessive. Which I really did not intend. She says now (still in text) she wants to “step back” because its getting too complicated. So I wrote her an e mail to apologize for coming across as possessive and that I can now see how she interpreted that. Though I haven’t sent the e mail yet. SHOULD I??

    I know “the game” is to act all aloof. I haven’t tried calling her at all nor texting. The last text I got from her was last night and it said, let’s talk tomorrow. Goodnight. I just said, OK, goodnight. So question is, should I send the email? Its short and to the point. I apologize a couple of times in it and say that I completely understand where she is coming from. And basically I want to talk b/c I don’t want to end what we have based on something that I am not.

    Thanks ladies!

  15. HI everyone,
    I need some help reading charts.. I met a guy online and we are talking everyday for a while now, hes away atm, and is back in a few days. I am excited to meet him, I really like him so far. Is it possible to fall for someone over the net? It makes me feel silly, so I am waiting patently to meet him.
    I did a compatability chart, although I used my birthtime and no birthtime for him, is it better to use 12pm for him?
    this is our charts, if its better to use the 12pm, let me know, and I will re-post. I feel something strong for him already? is that weird? am I able to keep this feeling what I mean, does it look like it will work, do I need to play hard to get? or just be myself? ooooh im so in lust atm πŸ™‚

    Mercury Trine Sun 0.32 224
    Mercury Opposition Uranus 0.18 -84
    Mercury Square Ascendant 2.54 -92
    Mercury Opposition Midheaven 1.21 -32
    Mars Conjunction Venus 2.42 130
    Mars Conjunction Saturn 2.36 99
    Mars Trine Ascendant 1.39 69
    Jupiter Square Sun 0.06 -225
    Jupiter Sextile Venus 0.50 76
    Saturn Conjunction Venus 1.08 129
    Saturn Conjunction Saturn 4.11 67
    Saturn Trine Ascendant 3.14 44
    Uranus Sextile Sun 0.53 83
    Uranus Conjunction Uranus 0.40 93
    Uranus Square Ascendant 2.32 -66
    Uranus Conjunction Midheaven 0.59 48
    Neptune Conjunction Mars 1.38 96
    Neptune Conjunction Jupiter 4.40 57
    Neptune Conjunction Neptune 1.27 76
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.56 39
    Pluto Sextile Mars 0.52 50
    Pluto Sextile Neptune 0.41 42
    Pluto Conjunction Pluto 1.42 66

    I really like him so far, Im hopping when we meet the feelings stay the same.. what are my chances of him being the one πŸ™‚ lol

  16. @PANDORA

    Without accurate birth timing, I don’t think the aspects will be considered accurate.

  17. Thanks Nov Lady.

    I thought that may be the case, but was hoping 12pm would be close enough to go off??
    or is there no point?

  18. @pandora @novlady if you’re not looking at houses, synastry aspects will be accurate as long as you don’t include the moon

  19. @Jeffrey Kishner

    Thanks for the clarification. So, without birth time you are saying aspects (without moon) are accurate, but looking at the person’s houses and a house overlay between charts would be inaccurate?

    Would a composite chart be inaccurate, too?

  20. @novlady If person A has a birth time and person B doesn’t, I would look at B’s planets (except Moon) in A’s houses but not vice versa. The Moon and the houses change a lot in one day but everything else doesn’t. The only exception is that if a planet is on the cusp of a sign, if you’re using a noon chart the sign placement may be wrong (e.g., 29 Aquarius versus 0 Pisces). A composite chart would be accurate if you ignore the Moon and houses (so for example you cannot know the composite Ascendant or Midheaven).

  21. @Jeffrey Kishner

    Thanks so much for that clarification!!! This has helped me tremendously in my comprehension of synastry.

  22. Hi guys! I am new here. I recently hooked up with Gemini guy who I have known for 20 yrs. He ha had a “crush” on me since 7th grade. πŸ™‚ I’ve always kind of liked him too. As a matter of fact once he revealed to some mutual friends that he was into me (yrs ago) I gave him the green light 2 times and both times he backed off. We remained cool (super funny guy) and continued to flirt off & on. Carrying on simultaneous relationships resulting in us having kids with others and me being married/divorced once. Well we recently found that we connected by one of my Co workers and have been eing each other almost everyday for the past month. His birthday was this past weekend and we went on out first official date. During which I fainted from having low blood and ended up in the hospital. He has been by my side this whole time. Very sweet, thoughtful, proud of himself for “saving” me. He really handled the situation like a champ. Everyone thought that he was my husband the way he dotted on me. Ok so that’s a little history. We talk on the phone for HOURS. I am really starting to get into him. But I put up a defense telling him I wanted to just take it “one day at a time” and just see what happens. Deep down though I think I could really love this man. I don’t want to mess things up and have been enjoying the pace at which we we moving. I’m not sure how the whole compatible thing works but her is what I know: Him-Gem sun/Pisces moon/Virgo Rising/Gem Venus/Cancer Mercury/Taurus Mars… Me-Virgo sun/Leo Moon & Mercury/Libra Rising, Mars AND Venus. We get along great! He does have the talkative nature of a Gemini and is funny as hell. Could’ve been a stand up comic! Yet he also has this really serious side. Passionate, affectionate, expressive, dependable. He kind “outed” us to our high school friends by putting up a picture that we took before or “date” on Facebook, but continues to say things like “I know you want to take this one day at a time and I’m cool with that” But seems to be “claiming” me as his girl/baby to everyone else. What do you guys think? Do we have a chance? Should I continue to go with the casual “one day at a time” theme, even though clearly we both feel deeper. Or should I confess that I LIKE him as much our more than he demonstrats??? BTW-There has been no sex yet, lots of petting and kissing. He maked me feel like we are in high school again! I don’t want to mess this up!

  23. I think this is about seducing Gemini, too many long story’s. I think if I remember correctly you have to
    Flirt,flirt,flirt, and 2 to 4 days after meeting to have sex or your in the friend zone. and They love to talk about it more than participating and then you could be the fool.

  24. Seducing and Flirting comes in many forms and if you think that “SEX”
    is the answer to a Geminis or any Mans Heart then you are very much
    mistaken so rethink your seduction priorities and act with your BRAIN.

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus.

  25. To Sally:

    “he is not as good looking but boy is he fun!!!”

    What can you define as FUN? I am crushing on a Gemini boy, very badly.. but do not get to spend much time.. so you know it needs to be very short and amazing way to intrigue him.

  26. Yokido(M) says:

    Personal Experiences: Gemini Sun / Mercury / Venus & Taurus Moon.

    Unlike others I don’t find communication to be so much a contest, I value having someone to talk and listen to, but mostly I am a listener and can do it for hours on end if the other person likes.

    The main reason people get upset with me over long relationships, is that I don’t like sharing much about myself. Truthfully, it’s that who I am isn’t static, and changes with the situation. Even if it meant recounting events in my life, I couldn’t do them proper justice because there’s a lot of backround information required to put it all into context, which can get befuddling for others as I receive my environment in unusual ways.

    I really like someone who doesn’t try to get to know me, but simply accepts that I am who I am at that moment, and that I’m only that way as a result of judgement and environment. No speculation, no assumptions, I want people to hit the “refresh” button each day they spend with me as if we’ve never met(minus resuming conversations), for all they know I could be completely different on the 2nd day as opposed to the 1st.

    It isn’t impossible to get to know me closely(as in the few consistencies I do have), but it is not easy, and it’s only harder if that’s your goal.

    Due to venus in gem & taurus in moon, I do have guilt, and usually it’s over things other people wouldn’t even flinch at, I keep mental tallies whenever I feel I’ve wronged someone.. Not all Geminis are like that, and are okay with leaving apologies unsaid for both important and unimportant things, be prepared to accept their ability to move on.

    Anything can be talked about with a Gemini at any time if you have enough tact, a Gemini’s ears are always open even if it seems they hate you.

    Best of wishes to anyone trying to hook up with the Twins, remember that all signs need to be taken into account, not all Geminis are untrustworthy!

  27. To Yokido(M);
    I’m so happy to found someone that also have Gemini Sun & Venus and Taurus Moon.
    My mercury is Taurus and i could see little diferences…
    But I feel you in so many ways…

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