How to know if an Aries man is rejecting you

ariesIf there is one sign that is straight and to-the-point, that cuts through the bullshit and tells you like-it-is, that sign is Aries. Aries doesn’t care how you feel — either you meet his needs, or you don’t.

You can understand Aries better by looking at Libra, his opposite. If a Libra man is rejecting you, he will do it in the nicest way possible. Libra will make sure to cushion the blows by mentioning all of your positive qualities. He can see all parts of you, good and bad, and he’s graceful enough not to focus primarily on the negatives, although he won’t neglect to mention those too. (How else would he be balanced?) He’ll reject you in a manner that makes you feel like you received a compliment, but that there was something in there that felt like a little cut … you just can’t quite place it.

So be grateful you’re being turned down by an Aries, instead. If he’s not interested, he’ll tell you so. No hedging, no cushions. The Aries package does not include empathy and sensitivity. If you’re gonna get rejected, isn’t it best to take all the ambiguity out of it?

Comment below: How have you been rejected by an Aries?

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  1. @ Nia he cares. you bruised his ego when you put him out! He is young and stupid! he shows up at your door to see if you have another guy over! The talking to wemon online is an ego thing and to make you jealous and to get your Attenton! because he wants attention the same as a child does! sometimes Aries men have Tantrums and act like they are two. I am with an Aries man for some years now. I am a Gemini woman and can handle him, just as he can me. Every time he get’s too close to you he pulls away. Aries men have trust issues and insecurities as well. if you are supermodel thin and beautiful he will feel even more insecure.they also get board quickly and like a challenge. Gimini wemon are the same way.
    Getting an Aries man to say the little three words I love you in the first year of a relationship is almost like pulling Teeth. Good luck!

  2. @Nia those are also some of the symptoms of Bipolar as well. does he have a history of Manic depression?
    or has he ever been in therapy? or Anger Management for anger issues? Maybe you should talk to his Grandma. She would know. Google mild bipolar disorder.

  3. virgo queen says:

    well, I had 3 good nights at an apartment with an aries guy and I performed a procedure which I usually perform on all guys I told him that after the apartment he will not contact me nor does he really like me or care and that he just wanted to kick it because his friends were there with girls, keep in mind im a virgin so all we did during that time was kiss and cuddle and fought constantly like a couple
    anyways after he left the apartment he contacted me on snapchat (cause I was his friend) when after we exchanged numbers. he called we talk for a little bit anyways he said he was gonna call back and he didn’t so I got mad at him after I was mad he got mad, so I sent him snapchats to piss him off like “im going out tonight, going to go find a guy who actually cares about me” and he got mad and blocked my number and on snapchat anwyays I called him on private he picked up I said “why’d you block me ” he said “im not interested” and im childish I didn’t believe it so the next 3 days I kept calling him and he would answer and talk to me normally it wasn’t until the next phone call when he told me he had a girlfriend, I was like “wtf you said I was interesting and I gave you every chance to be honest with me at the apartment” he was being so heartless he said that he was just “acting” wtf!!!!
    anyways him and his girlfriend broke up and called me to talk about it, he was very open with me about everything that reason he was the he was, it because he was hurt and he is unable to care about another, so does he really like or? and should I believe him ?
    is he worth it ? im a virgo I like a challenge but am I just setting myself up for a heart break or should I try to tame him?

  4. JustVisiting says:

    I’m an aries female. My aries male and I were HOT from the start. Then he got distant after about 3 weeks and ignored/ghosted me.

    4 weeks later he tells me he’s missing me so I give him another shot. 3 weeks later he starts getting distant and ghosting me again. Distance and not responding to any message is how he rejected me before I could talk it out with him.

    Like a child they walk away without consideration for the other person.
    My ego is bruised and the sex I’ll miss, but wow aries men can be cold.

  5. Syrenknyght says:

    @virgo queen Were you at his apartment? And where was his girlfriend at the time?

  6. I was dating this Aries man for like 4 1/2 months. He breaks up with me, saying neither one of us has said I love you yet, and that by this time he should feel like he’s in love with me. I’m an Aries woman I told him that I do love him and have for sometime now I didn’t say it, because I didn’t want to scare him off. He wants to be friends still I would just like to know if he might date me again because we were amazing in bed.

  7. Zearidal says:

    My aries guy was incredible in bed too. We were red hot. Most of them are so you’ll find it again. Also, you might find they’re emotionally cold at the drop of a hat.

    His wanting to be friends is narcissistic behavior. He might still sleep with you, but if he’s ended it once there will be no successful round 2.

  8. Gemini female says:

    I met an online aries guy. After sometimes he told me he is all mine and he likes me . He told meclets marry but be like friends free of controls and pissessivness. He said he is scared of settling down. It has been few month that he is on and off. He says he is unprepared for any decision. I like him so much should i wait fir him or move on. Do u thibk he has duped me

  9. Aries is extremely charming. And fickle. When we want to commit nothing will stop us. And we tend to know right away. If time has passed and we’re still acting hot and cold don’t expect us to suddenly see the light.
    It’s the chase. The challenge. Once it’s made too easy we lose interest, but we hate to lose so stringing along a heart isn’t unheard of.
    Aries female with aries playing a large role in my chart. Sun, moon, Venus, to name a few. It isn’t fair or right, but it’s true for many. It might help to know his chart. Just being aries sun can explain some things, but nothing beyond superficial.

  10. I’m a Gemini, met my Aries man on Twitter after a month or so we had an argument about something so stupid. He Saud I cared too much so I emphasised that all I wanted from him was friendship and nothing else. The next day he was worried about me asked if I was okay I said I was, after a few hours we started fighting again he said I don’t listen. He asked me to delete his number him and I can’t be friends anymore I did just that. After a week he dm’d me telling me he he kinda misses me I told him that I did too and wanted out friendship back he said he didn’t think it’s a good idea so I said okay. Then he started telling me that I stress him and sometimes it’s not intentional. When I asked him to explain how I did that he did not want to. A few weeks ago I told him how I really feel and I blocked him because I was really hurt by what had been happening unblocked him after a few days. Yesterday I logged on to Twitter only to find that he’s blocked me. HELP!!!

  11. I’m a Gemini and my boyfriend is an Aries and he’s very quiet and not really the jealous type or if he is he doesn’t show it. He’s always been super sweet and loving towards me but ever since we moved in together things have gone down hill fast. He’s terrible at communicating. I’ll try to talk to him about how he’s making me feel in the relationship and he’ll literally just sit there and stare at me, not saying one word no matter how long i ask him questions or try to get somewhere with him and resolve the issue. Then he’ll just randomly get up and storm out. I’ve only witnessed a few Aries rages from him, not even enough to count on one hand. But recently, he’s been ignoring me, just straight up will not talk to me and acts totally disinterested in me. I’ll say “i love you” and treat him like a king and he just either says nothing or mumbles “i love you too” and wont make eye contact while saying it. He goes in his man cave and hides and never comes out to hang out with me and it’s to the point where he won’t even sleep in the same bed as me anymore. I can be emotionally tumultuous at times but that’s only when i’ve bottled up my hurt feelings for so long that they burst out in crying fits and he wont even attempt to console me. He’ll just sit there and look at me. It’s amazing how he went from the sweetest guy i’ve ever dated (we’ve been dating for 6 months) to just ice cold in one month of us living together. The only thing that seems to get him to come to me is ignoring him back. But i really need advice as to what to think or do.

  12. Oh Morgan,
    I’m sorry to read this. Ugh, us aries are not always the best at treating people well. Our feelings are not hidden. And we grow disinterested when the chase is done. Maybe the moving in did that? Maybe you’re too accommodating? Not that these things are bad or wrong! They’re not. Find someone who appreciates you.

  13. Brenda Brewster says:

    I had a aries man all he did was used me and lied to me ..One day his other girl friend call my phone day i went on his Facebook page they took plenty of pictures together. I unfriend his family from my face book page..
    But i still love him what do i do?

  14. Aries here. Surround by aries ex, aries friends both male and female and aries younger brother.

    The only thing i can say about Arians is that we would fight to die for those we consider is in our circle. BUT, too much attention suffocate us.
    Arians have a childish needs to be needed and to be in control, but we hate a weak.

    My advice to those with Arians are: Keep yourself busy and active. Tell your partner specifically where you’re going, what you are about to do and what time you will be home. Do casually mention that you would love to have her/him with you but do not ask him/her straight to come.
    Arians do put their loved one in pedestal but having trouble in doing anything we know would caused us guilt like refusing to go/do something.

  15. Hi Pam I would like to know if you could help me? I’m in love with an Aries man we have two children together and it’s been really rough but I want him back. I truly love him but he went to his Capricorn BM…Smh I don’t like her as a person or mom or woman at all.what should I do? He said he doesn’t want to be with me anymore but proposed last March, is he really done or do I have a chance again after all the chances I’ve given him?

  16. rock.ashly says:

    being a virgo women I m like deep down in love with an aries man.
    we used to be besties and soon he showed his affection after 5 months of hanging out like buddies
    we were really like no one
    everything was good
    he started being overpossesive he hurt me alot
    he abused me alot
    he hurt me physically
    still I let the things go
    I was just being patient
    and one day all my anger and frustration came out and i hurt him
    that was the only day i hurt him and all things went wrong
    he started questioning my character
    We stopped contacting for a week
    and a common friend made us to meet
    He was so angry and I apologize coz I dont wanted to lose him
    he promised me to be good with me behave as a good friend
    when I asked him that is our relationship over , r our feelings over, have u moved on? then his answer was ” I hate the thing u did. I am over or not its not the point. point is once I m over I am just over.”
    then I asked him ” m I showing myself wrong hopes of our feelings? u r talking to me just as a favour and because u promised me?” he said ” yes I am doing it because I promised with full of my heart and not as any favour or mercy. and about hopes its 50-50″
    I am seriously not getting it
    what he exactly wants to say?

  17. Wow! This sounds like my story! We met in my city, he came for work we clicked right away, after a month he flew just to spend a weekend with me. Those 2 days have been heaven, he was super affectionate, telling me beautiful words of appreciation on any level, then he went back to his city. Completely ghosted me, I texted/called he wouldn’t answer nor calling back. I got mad and disappeared, then because I’m terribly into him i contected him again playing it cool and sending love no matter what was happening, he answered back in a warm way, telling me he misses me and he would like to plan another weekend together somewhere. I was happy and agreed, but he disappeared again so I texted him that I can’t deal with this and if one day he’s ready to talk I will be here. Of course no answer from him. I found out he didn’t even answer or called back his mom for his bday, she was mad she couldn’t reach him and wrote it publicly on fb. How to act with this man?? I told him he’s the man of my dreams and he’s been bery happy about me communicating it, but now what??

  18. Camille says:

    Hi Jo, I was just reading your situation and I can guarantee you if he ran back to a Capricorn…he will definitely be coming back. A Capricorn and an Aries Will NEVER work…ever.

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