How Scorpios get over breakups

You know that deep, dark hole you dig after you’ve been dumped? Where you stew in the juices of your resentment and despair for months and months? Well, the first hole of despondency was dug by a Scorpio.

In a relationship, Scorpio explores every nook and cranny of the intimate space shared by two people — sometimes even looking into recesses for which her partner has not granted her access.

As a result, Scorpio knows her partner really well, and if she’s gotten to the point where she trusts him, Scorpio is not willing to let him go. So when the day comes that she gets dumped, Scorpio goes into one of two modes. She withdraws into her own private hell, or she gets even.

You know that saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” That surely must be about a Scorpio. Because she has all the dirt on her ex, she is willing to bring it to the light of day, or at least manipulate him into staying so that she will keep his secrets safe.

And Scorpio’s private hell … she can live there a while, commingling with her demons, brooding over past wrongs. However, Scorpio is the sign of transformation — after she has burned through her resentments, she will be a new person. She may tread lightly the next time a man shows interest in her, but she will bring a deeper insight into her own process. This latter option is preferable; revenge may be sweet, but it leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Comment below: How have our Scorpio readers coped with past breakups?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Velmah Sebola says:

    I’m a scorpion gal in love with Gemini,as a scorpion we give all our heart to our partners.its all or nothing but for Gemini guy looks as if we are waisting our time..Most Gemini guys are emotionally unavailable guys.they always want to rule…

  2. Lonely cancer says:

    I’ve been in a situation with my Scorpio for a year now and it was an instant connection. He told me I was the best thing that’s ever happened to him. A few months later, we had our first argument over something that wasn’t even my fault it I was blamed and called a liar. Throughout the months, he has broken up with me 50 thousand times but he continuously calls me and wants me to come see him. He says his feelings still haven’t changed but he’s not letting me go. What does this mean? Why is he pushing and pulling at the same time? Please help!!!!!

  3. Scorpio Woman says:

    Lonely cancer:
    Leave him, he is stringing you along. Using you, when he feels lonely.
    Find someone who deserves you. Self respect. This scorpio man has lost respect for you, and will never see your worth.

  4. Virgo sun Scorpio Moon says:

    I have scorpio moon and honestly its hard to move on from someone I love. Usually I dont want to start talkn to anyone else due to trust issues bt finding a nice new love interest is fun. And never count out friends and family they can provide fulfilling times. My dominant sign is scorpio and I really believe that being my self and doing what I want and love will lead me to the right people. Self respect is important and help u make better choices.

  5. Scorpio female here, I just broke up with my Gemini Taurus cusp girlfriend. She wouldn’t stop talking to a girl who did sneaky thing so break us up.. I gave her opportunities..but she didnt. So I flipped.. she said “I made her feel old and she was jealous… and she told another friend they were going to date” her talking about MY girl, to my girl. Like red flag. Hello do I have ass hole on my forehead? She might have loved me. But she wanted attention.. she wasn’tb cheating but emotionally I know she was. I was subconsciouslyy.. being mean to her.. and I left her today.. was just thinking about if she looked up Scorpio break up to see what’s out there.. honestly.. she hated me and scorpio.. she didn’t understand at all.. thought I was cocky.. just me being me put her down… she was insane not my kind of craazy… she tried to argue with me to manipulate me to stay in ended up staying a week longer. And just freaking oht again. Lmao don’t FuckING playing with a scorpiooooo

  6. Thank you Velmah am in the same position

  7. Sanad Khalid says:

    Hey i’m a scorpio male in relatiinship with scorpio girl. In the begining of a relationship she always like text me first and crazy about me but as the time passed she told she’s in a relationship with another guy and they both got into fight a month ago and that guy turns out to be is my cousin but the real twist in a story is that she does’nt knew that i’m her bf’s cousin and i also did’nt knew she is in relationship with my cousin, Anyway she and i both went into shock and atlast i asked her what she’s doing with me and what she wanna do with me in future for example you just wanna stay friends or you wanna finish it and then she asked me do you like to marry a girl like me in future and i tokd her yeah i would love to…
    But know she keeps on talking about my cousin now and then and tbh it hurts cuz she’s with me but she still talks about him and she also told me another day that she’s not gonna forget him cuz he was her first love, Anyway long story short now-a-days she won’t talk with me much like she used to do and it feels to me she still confuse about me and him like who to choose. Now plz tell me what should i do cuz i’m really in love with her and i also asked her is she in love with me? And she said yes she loves me too but her behavior changed now-a-days so olz give me some advice…

  8. im a taurus sun scorpio moon just broke up with my boyfriend from 4 years, its only been two weeks and dont know where my heads at or what to feel.. is anyone else a taurus sun scorpio moon and have any advice ?

  9. Sanad Khalid says:

    Plz someone give me advice i asked a question week ago
    I’m really in a mess plz help me someone…

  10. 100% Arian says:

    I’m a Aries Fem with Scorpio concerns you should exchange numbers with me let’s chat. I need someone I can vent to about these Scorpios and advice. Fem to Fem oh and I’m attractive af ? Email me.

  11. I’m a Virgo male, who dated a Scorpio woman for 3 years. We lived 30 miles from each other, but spent some days and all weekends together. After long day of work and driving to see her, I was tired and said some words that she did not like. She disappeared for 3 days to think, then called me up to tell me “I’m done”. She was asking, how come I can’t provider her the honeymoon every time I see her. I said some days I need to re-group. That wasn’t enough for her, so she tells me to go NC. What’s odd is that she tells me “I’ll reach out to you when I am ready”. What does that mean?

  12. @Ken

    Im sorry dude,What did you say to her? I’m a Scorpio woman and I think for the most part I’m not needy, I enjoy my space but if I’m in love I want passion, energy and to feel missed and loved. You have along distance relationship and your encounter with her almost sounds like it’s a chore. Maybe she feels like your not that into her anymore, she can feel it from a mile away. Have you told her after 3 years how much you love, need cherish her, how you long for the day you get to hold her. Women, not just scorpios like to hear this especially with long distances where you don’t get any intimacy for a while, you have to reconnect.
    If it was me and you walked in all tired I would understand if you said Im so tired that trip was rough and my week was long…..but would still expect some affection. I don’t think you said enough to help you.

    “I’ll reach out to you when I’m ready”, means she’s hurt and wants space to think about you and her. I’d chase her it sounds like she wants more attention.

  13. Hi im Aquarius guy, i dumped scorpio girl today coz i caught them cheating. I came to analysis that force her to accept break up and stay as friends forever because she was the one done the wrong she has no choice but to accept it.

  14. Nadia Nash says:

    I think this frustration is because she didn’t had enough time to get over with the relationship with her ex(your cousin), so probably you need to be more patient and (friend)!!! with her.

  15. I am a Taurus woman that spent about two years dating a wonderful scorpio man. We truly loved each other and even discussed a future together. He is the one that expressed his love to me first and his desire to be partners in every way. We are both very busy with our families, jobs and independent. It was difficult to find time alone but we made it work. What I don’t understand is why my efforts and invitations did not work out? Is it because he needs to be in control of everything or was it being played? He was older than me and very set in his ways. It finally got to the point where I was tired of accommodating his excuses and of being the understanding polite one and asked him to please let me go if he no longer wanted to be in my life. He then admitted that he did not like my answer to something two months earlier and deceided then to distance himself without telling me or even giving me the chance to explain my side. Why would someone do this? If he was that sure of us and our future why react this way? I was so disappointed and hurt. I did walk away but I am having a very difficult time moving on. I do not contact him and I am trying to just move forward. Any advice? Should I expect he may come back at some point if he truly did love me or is he gone forever? In the end i did write him and politely express my disappointment in not allowing me to respond to him, yet wanted him to be happy even if it was without me. Told him I would always love him and wished him well.

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