How can a Sagittarius woman seduce a Capricorn man?

I can only imagine a Sag falling for a Cap if she has her Venus in Capricorn — why else would she be drawn to such a dry, old fart? Whatever area of the zodiac our Venus inhabits, we are attracted to the qualities of that sign. However, these two Sun signs are totally incompatible. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Contraction, expansion. Cynical realism, boundless optimism. Hard work with distant payoff, good luck and opportunites.

How can a fiery, inspiring and enthusiastic woman seduce a melancholic and conservative man? Would he be attracted to her Sagittarian qualities? Or would he be turned off by her arrogance, her inability to focus on details, her tendency to go overboard?

If this Sag woman has Venus in Capricorn, then she can lure the Cap man with her very own Cappiness. This is how she expresses her femininity, after all. She can be brilliant at converting the masses with her fire-and-brimstone sermons, but she can do it in a grey pants suit and low-heeled shoes.

If she has Venus in Scorpio, no one will be able to resist her. And besides … she loves power and Cap loves status, so it’s a match made in heaven!

Comment below: Have any Sadges out there successfully seduced a Capricorn?

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  1. @sexysag, it means that you have similar love/sex styles. But you really have to pay attention to the aspects that other planets make to your respective Venus’ and Mars’ because these angles can significantly modify their expression.

  2. Sag was hurt by a Cap. :( says:

    I don’t think I could ever forgive him again. He was so mean to me, he said I was ugly and would never find a good looking guy and then wouldn’t talk to me and then afterwards said he wanted to talk to me again because he missed me and he’s been nice but I’m so confused to what this all means. did he really mean everything and why would he come back? I’m so attracted to him although he does really stupid things sometimes that I’m not attracted to. and he said I have a lame personality? lmao. he really hurt me but then he said I hurt him. He really confuses me and I don’t know if I should really believe him or not and if he’s gonna do the exact same thing again because I’ll never forgive him ever again I don’t think, I never thought he could be so mean although I kind of already knew he was a bit mean. He has Venus in Capricorn, I have Venus in Capricorn, I have Mars in Scorpio, he has Mars in Taurus, I have Moon in Leo, he has Moon in Taurus, he has Mercury in Sagittarius, I have Mercury in Sagittarius and I have a Aquarius Ascendant. can someone explain to me what this all means and if he was really sincere in coming back or just trying to “fuck with my head” again. I can’t stand with people do that although we haven’t really talked about sex since we started talking again. I never thought he’d talk to me again after that though. I really don’t undestand him though and I don’t want this to happen again. can someone help me understand this? he also called me a whore although I’m pretty sure he knows I’m not a whore. whatever I’m pretty much done with him, he doesn’t make me feel good, I really don’t like him anymore and we never talk anymore. I still love him though I think although I don’t think he really loves me although he says he does. arghh whatever. he really pisses me off though and I don’t like to be pissed off. seems like he loves drama though for a guy haha. and he’s not even that good looking tbh but he is really sexy because of the way he talks to me sometimes but he’s such a prick ugh. I don’t think I should talk to him ever again. I don’t like to anymore. I should just try to forget him. He’s too weird. :\

  3. Kesha Williams says:

    I’m a Sag and met a Cap man back in Dec. and we’ve been dating for 6 months. I’m moving away and he knew this when we met and so we made the decision to enjoy each other while we had the time together and not fall in love. The funny thing is Cap women really get on my nerves and I feel like they are so self centered and selfish, so I thought him and I wouldn’t get along. But quite the contrary, this man is the most romantic ever. He’s so attentive, loving,giving caring, and sexy and tells me how beautiful I am all the time. We share some of the same interests in music, political views and life in general. He’s such the mans man, which I Lahuv about him. No stranger to hard work, but knows how to take it down with a glass a wine. Oh and the lovemaking…off the charts. Uh, uh, uh. IS that all Caps or just him? Now I’m curious.LOL The down side to him is that he makes promises that he can’t keep. Well the fact that he can’t keep the promises doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact that he doesn’t call to say he can’t. Ugggh! I hate that. It’s the lack of courtesy. To his credit he has gotten better, but every now and again he reverts back to that, It’s a turnoff for me. I mean I feel disrespected when he does it. So I just take the good parts of him which are a lot and enjoy him while I can. Because even with the lil flaws he still has the bar set really high. Damn I’m gonna miss this Cap man!

  4. sexysag says:

    Kesha I don’t know if all of em are but sounds like your dating my Cap to a T!!! Mine is just like that!!!

  5. i met this cap and he was so clumsy. i mean he was sooooooooo crazy for me but never knew that i was a sagg. he was one passive and ugly guy i met. always talking big. he told me that i was the most devastated soul……. rather he is the most depressing person i can ever meet. being with made everything so common and slow. but yes he admired my urge to be free and of course my good luck…….. since he had a habit of messing everything he did.

    there is nothing exciting about caps and soon they drag u into boredom. they accuse u of being amateur and restless. its better to maintain distance than getting trapped in their big and good for nothing talks !!!!

  6. PrettySxySag says:

    @Anisha No not true I use to think the same way that is soo!! funny. Now I can’t believe that I am about to marry one. I think the boyfriend I had when I was younger was always about playing games. Now that I am in my thirties I have met the love of my life and everything is just so wonderful I can’t believe it. I think with any sign the older they get the better they become….and if it takes some to long to grow up they will just always be that way. They say you got to watch for the signs.

  7. runswithscissors says:

    Currently with a beautiful cap man! OMG doesn’t come close ;.) Inside and out, he impresses me more every time I’m with him or talk with him.

    His sun, ascendant and Mercury are Capricorn, his moon, Uranus and Pluto are in Virgo, Venus and Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio.

    My sun is Sagittarius with ascendant, moon and Pluto in Virgo, Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus in Libra, Mars and Neptune in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Leo.

    We have a few matching houses in Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Capricorn.

    We met when I moved his coat from a chair, thinking it had been left behind by a customer. He came up and I don’t even remember what he said because his eyes were so intense my mind went blank. He looked straight through me and I remember having to blink to clear my vision and being slightly embarassed for having to ask him to repeat himself.

    We ended up talking all night and wound up at a nearby beach watching the sun rise. Went our separate ways for the day. Then he called later and I came back over. This has to be the beginning of my last first kiss. The power of this man over me is unreal. His intensity is so overwhelming I often catch myself on autopilot… thank God whatever that is meets with his approval! :.)

    He is a former olympian, semi-pro baseball player and coach turned model/actor/acting instructor. He has a degree in Kinesiology and is a certified personal trainer. Extraordinarily accomplished, refined and motivated. Me? I’m just a girl next door type who only aspired to be a good mom (which I was/am) – certainly not the Barbie a GQ man like him is usally associated with. He is also 44 and I am 50! Go figure!!!

    As a lover, he is phenomenal. Simply phenomenal. There are no words for what he does to me when he’s close… it’s all I can do not to smother him. Constantly finding ways to make him feel how much I care about him and the things that are important to him so I have valid reasons to be near him. He has a heart of gold. Perfect manners. Everyone loves him. A perfect gentleman. SEXY ALL DAY… ravenous all night. My God. Five times in less than 24 hours last week… I don’t know where he gets his stamina – and I have Mars in Scorpio! – but he is undoubtedly a marathon lover with maximum skills as much as that’s an understatement.

    He has ruined me for any other man. I can’t even imagine being with anyone else. If this relationship fails, I don’t how I’ll recover.

  8. I am a Sun Sag with a Venus in Scorpio and have been being pursued by a Cap for 3 years. He has sent gifts, taken me on a trip and all he wants is me to be his. After much running he is still there. I am happy to say I have come to my crazy senses and decided to give my goat a fair shot…so far so good!

  9. I am a Sagittarius woman with Taurus moon and Cancer rising. The Capricorn man I am in love with has a Virgo moon and we both have our Venus in Aquarius. His Mars is in Sagittarius and mine in Scorpio, and aside from this every other one of our signs and planets are exactly similar! Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn etc.. Our moon signs are 100% compatible. I never met a man like him before, he feels like a best friend, and is amazingly funny and romantic, and he has been pursuing me for the last year and a half but I have been in relationships. He is long distance though. This is the first time I’ve been single, and we’ve taken trips together recently. I was the first to verbally admit to him that I am in love, although he already admitted it through his fantastic piercing eyes and in every action and touch. He admitted he felt the same way for me. But we are long distance, and he is moving even further away (a/b 5 hrs) so we decided we can’t have a relationship (for practical reasons so much like a cappy!) but he said ‘for the time being…’

    Anyway I am still in love with him, except when we are long distance he is not so close and seems distant on our usual methods of chat. When we were just friends we would talk every day and for several hours into the morning, but since things changed between us he is so often M.I.A! I wrote him a text yesterday but he didn’t reply or answer me but wrote something else to me in a different place unrelated. Why are Caps so confusing!! He is soo warm and loving and affectionate in person but then when we are apart its as though we aren’t even friends sometimes, but he will always come after me if I don’t initiate, even if it takes a week or two. He would always make sure we are in touch. I think its because we both have Venus in Aquarius so both of us get aloof and cold with the other and expect the other to pursue? What should I do with my Capricorn,?? I am a very independent woman so I am happy with someone who likes their space, but I feel disrespected sometimes if he is this aloof!

  10. i dont know if it’s a capricorn thing or not, but it just aint cool when a woman initiates contact or goes after a guy.
    i guess we like the challenge.

  11. sagittarius girl says:

    I hate Capricorns. they’re such condescending assholes. I can’t believe I still talk to some of them. they’re ugly as hell though. they seem pretty boring. I’m boring but I don’t like to be bored so I make sure I never am. I dunno almost all the Capricorns I’ve known have been condescending assholes. and the girls have been jealous and uncaring. it seems like they have no emotions so they’ll never make you feel better if you’re sad. they even made fun of this guy I know that was going through a hard time. I mean I didn’t have to know he was depressed. there’s some things that shouldn’t just tell everyone. I’m scared of telling them anything personal about me because they’ll just make fun of me. they say we’re the immature ones but that’s a pretty immature thing to do. to laugh at someone because they’re going through a tough time. I don’t tell people everyone’s business even people I hate that I know things about. I just hate drama and those Capricorns seem to love it…

  12. LOL I have to agree…Cappys are definitely boring! And I DO NOT get along with Cappy women. Not one. My mother is a Cappy. She lies like no one I have ever known. I seem to get along with the men for the most part…just booooooooooooring!!!

    BTW…I nixed the Cappy (or at least tried to…he is still chasing me). I just cant be with someone I have no physical attraction to though I really did give it a shot. OMG he bored me to tears…I wanted to slit my wrists for some excitement hahaha…as you can see I didnt, I just disappeared!

  13. I’m a sag that has Venus in Capricorn so I guess I’m in hahaha… Plus I find this cap really attractive.. I hope it works

  14. @talesha, i also have a venus in cap

  15. I’m really liking a capricorn guy at the minute. He is so practical and down to earth, that’s what I really like about him, along with his dry sense of humour. I’m a Sagittarius woman but have Venus in Capricorn, also Moon, Saturn , Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, so I have quite a few Capricorn qualities and characteristics, along with some common Sagittarius ones too.

    Are you sure Sagittarius and Capricorn aren’t attracted to each other? Because from what I’ve seen they are, kind of like Aries and Libra aren’t suppose to be into each other but usually are. Maybe it’s a opposites attract thing?!

  16. I fell in love with this cap man when I was 18 and 22 years later we are still in love. When we met, he was married and l later got married and got divorced and married again the second time. He is now divorced and l am married so there is nothing really we can do. He is the sweetest man l have ever met, so compassionate, loving, respectful and always there when l need a shoulder to cry on even through two marriages. I know he is the only man for me.

  17. Well im a saggirl. i Fell i Lovee with a cap quy. Hez soo Adorable!. i know for sure that when we saw eachother, he felt somethiinq for me. My 6th sense of women tellz me. LOL. Butt idont know if he might like me like i do. Do yall think this can work out???

  18. hai friends , i m a capricorn,,,fell in love wit saggitarius………actually she was too practical and she doesnt stand on a right word…its a real headache………but i love her … she is my life……now its just a breakup. i think we get together for a time….but i m waiting crazy for that time…i hope she should notice tat time…..and she should come to me again……..

  19. I’m on the opposite side… I am a Capricorn girl who has fallen for a Sag boy… Normally I go for practical guys, organized Virgos, or homebody Taurus.. But this time is different. I am so lost and completely head over heals with this guy. I don’t know what to do. I never realized how controlled I was about the guys I fell for until I met him. I feel like I am starting from square 1. I have no idea how to approach him, or what I should or shouldn’t do.

    Like I emailed him the other day to say I couldn’t make it out to meet him. It was informally a set date, but thought it was the best way to tell him. By no reply. If I was with a Virgo I would know that would mean that he was pissed and I would expect to hear all about it. But then a friend said I should have been mysterious and NOT EMAILED and left him curious as to why I didn’t show up?? So now I don’t know what was right.

    Help! People out there with experience with Sags – what does a very practical, by the book Cappy do to snag and keep that perfect Sag man??

  20. A good friend of mine (Sag) successfully seduced a seemingly boring Cap with a book I told her not to use (“Celestial Sexpot” something). Yep, she got into his pants, found out his secret fetishes, and he stalked her for the rest of her time at that school, which was… about 2 more years.

  21. Marissa says:

    I’m a Sagittarius woman and I am unfortunately in love with a Capricorn man. Unfortunate because he treats me like crap. I’m always the first one to text him and when we text he always ends the conversation after 5 minutes. He ignores me, and supposedly says he loves me and never shows it and the sex is good, but I guess he suffers premature ejaculation cause we always last like 4 or 5 minutes in the bed. And really I guess it was his looks that made me like him, oh and on the plus hes kinda funny WHEN HE ACTUALLY HAS TIME TO TALK TO ME 😉 but yeah hes just really inconsiderate I guess is what I’m trying to say. Hopefully this helped.

  22. SagFemale says:

    Met a Cap and it was like instant OMG.
    I’m a Sag with Venus in Scorp; and Moon,Ur, Pluto Conj In Virgo.
    He’s a Cap with Moon in Gem; Mars in Scorp.
    Topping it off we both have Libra Ascendents.

  23. SagittarianGoddess says:

    I thank all of you!!!! Your feedback has eased my mind about this Cap male I have recently met online. Hopefully, my outcome with his is as wonderful as you guys. Can’t wait to finally be happy with a man again. It’s absolutely crazy how the things I’ve read on this post match and is very similar to what I’ve found out about him as well. Can’t wait to experience more. Maybe even fall in love and be married. I agree with most of you ladies on here as far as my feelings. So I’m confidant what’s next for us may be the exact way or better than what you’ve explained. Good luck to you’ll on your Sag and Cap relationships.

  24. I’m a sag girl, venus in scorpio, met my goat in a wedding, he liked me instantly. I fell for him after maintain online chatting cause we live in different countries. I fell so hard that he was a bit off-kept a distance and rejection was done many times. We maintained contact for about 7 months and i was very patient with him. finally when i was about to give up that its only one sided and decided i cant take it anymore and wanted to leave..he pulls me back in confessing he is in love with me..was in love all this time but needed to make sure. I’ve been tested many times by him and i passed every single test with flying colors..he had a very bad break up with a gemini 3 years ago and was not able to trust again..until me 🙂

    Now we are together for a year and I want to marry him.. we can’t be any happier..the tip for you ladies is never chase a cap man-or any man- wait patiently and maintain regular contact. Be honest at all time and so feminine and it should work for you too 🙂

    good luck!

  25. Viktoria says:

    I am a Sag woman and met a Cap man. There were instant sparks. We flirted upon running into one another twice and on the third time, I met up with him after I ditched my friends. We got to drinking at a bar – his turf, and ended up going back to his place. The sex was amazing but I played all my cards wrong. I didn’t stroke his ego enough, I tried to play it cool the next morning and probably rushed off too quick. I just got divorced, haven’t dated at all in over 7 years so I’m not exactly on top of my game. So far he has made me feel like I was just a conquest. No call after, which is a gamble I took probably going to bed too soon. I acted upon the fierce burning desire I had for him and should have been less aggressive. I’m seeing in the comments that many Cap men do things such as not call or text, and leave us Sag women frustrated. At least I didn’t start to fall in “love” or anything.

  26. betty and al says:

    Mine has seduced this cap.
    We fight, we argue, whatever we do is passionate.
    She is the only woman that does it for me, and I do it for her.
    It’s crazy love.

  27. Ok I'll spill says:

    Met mine in nov. Explosive passionate sex!!! Agonizing… he calls it a pleasure punishmen!!! Wooooo,calls, texts, attentive,generous. I initiated the sex and it was on the first date! – I’m a sag. I have Scorp in my venus…

  28. Latosha Mcdonald says:

    I feel the exact same way… EVERYTHING you said pertains to me…Why are they so mean for no reason…And when I leave he misses me.Im confused also.

  29. Latosha Mcdonald says:

    Yes they are GREAT lovers…

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