Aquarius Pisces mismatch

The two final signs of the zodiac, both Aquarius and Pisces are not really bound to earthly matters. Aquarius theorizes about the laws of the cosmos; Pisces fantasizes about worlds unborn. Aquarius can perceive future trends and conceive technologies that may not be embraced for years. Pisces creates fictions that cannot physically exist.

Pisces doesn’t even care about the boundaries of science, the quest to understand outer space. For Pisces, inner space is what counts. For Aquarius, laws are made to be broken; for Pisces, laws themselves are illusory lines drawn in the sand to separate what is from what most people can’t imagine.

Interpersonally, these signs can’t be more different. Aquarius detaches, while Pisces merges. The latter romances and deifies the lover, while the former finds intimacy too sticky. Think Neo from The Matrix, who can bend the laws of physics and overcome the boundaries between humans and AI, versus Agent Smith, who finds the smell of humans revolting.

Mysticism versus Astrology

Pisces will meditate to transcend the limitations of ego consciousness, and feel love for all sentient beings. Aquarius will study the heavenly bodies to understand the meaning behind events and personalities, and although she may achieve an “ah hah!” moment, she doesn’t quite feel the interconnectedness of all things (As Above, So Below), as much as comprehend it. Both ways are important, but these two signs don’t see eye to eye.

Comment below: Are you one half of a successful Aquarius-Pisces coupling?

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  1. heather says:

    Aquarius here (detached, unemotional and easily annoyed)… engaged to a pieces that i have known for many years and wouldn’t date him for a long time. Though I am pretty stereotypical in the Aquarius tendencies I would say i am a bit more sensitive to the pieces needs as I have a younger brother and a son that is pieces. Still, I do go out of my way not be touchy feely (though it sometimes irks me to near repulsion)… I try really hard to not tease (even in good nature) and do patiently sit by for emotional talks. As someone else mentioned, the stupid little lies (about nonessential things like eating a piece of fruit) are annoying, I get over it quickly by just chalking it up to being “his thing”. As long as I keep in my mind that we see things from an entirely different perspective… even at times it seems like alternate universes; I keep my frustrations at bay. Another thing we do is have the lazy at home days for him and alternate them with the hiking to the swimming hole adventure days for me. Don’t know if it works for all, but compromise and communication (even if it is drawn out and repetitive) seems to keep us on an even playing field and our relationship happy and healthy.

  2. heather says:

    pardon the massacre of the word Pisces

  3. heather says:

    lol, also – i go out of my way to be touchy feely (opposite of what i typed above)… sorry it is 3am for me 🙂

  4. Well… I wish I was!!! Ive known my aquarius for almost 3 years, we talk about everything, we have the most amazing sex ever!!… and just when I think he may finally ask me to be his girlfriend he tells me he’s back with one of his old flames… I hate that about him, all of them break his heart and I always end up mending it and waiting again… =(

  5. AquaTrainer says:

    ehh… I wouldn’t say mismatched… I’d just say “so similar but with different reasons to justify what they do or think”

  6. I am not a successful match. but i wanted to add, that he and I are complete opposites. we have a son together, and a successful FRIENDSHIP, but nothing romantic has ever lasted for a significant amount of time between us. he is pisces, and i feel that our demise was his attachment to the past, and my attachment to being unsettled… i probably waited to long…

  7. to maryjose:
    our passion is in the sex… and the illusion of that is what keeps us intent. when i have sex with someone, as it attracts them more to me, i am less attracted to them. just be casual about it. it will drive him crazy.

  8. Danielle says:

    Define sucessful… 🙂

    I am an aquarian women, very typical (except for a pesky Venus sag…), married to a Pisces man for over 13 years. Mostly good stuff, but, for me, the sex is the issue… Our charts have a lot of similarities, so I attribute our ability to keep it going to that. But it has always been an uphill batlle. We both know we are not fully getting what we need and we both make many personal sacrifices to make the other happy. But maybe that is what it is all about? Our communication is our cement; without it, we’d have been done by now. All complaints are typical, I think he’s too “sticky”, he thinks I’m not interested, distant and cold. We both feel unfulfilled in the bedroom (me moreso than he, he chases me around all the time, with the touchy feely crap). And, to boot, my 8 year old daughter is Pisces too… It’s all been fraying my nerves for years, but yet I stick to it. Out of obligation? Out of guilt? Maybe even out of some strange form of love, I’m really not sure…I wish I had an answer for us to both feel satisfied with our realationship…

  9. AQUARIUSontheprowl says:

    I’m currently looking or searching for a way to be a part of a successful Pisces-Aquarius match or even just a Pisces-Aq match at that. Aquarius female here and I am EXTREMELY interested in a Pisces male. I’m actually talking to a Scorpio male but it’s a long distance relationship and not cutting it. I definitely desire this Pisces male, lol. I really want to make him and I an us but there are problems and things to consider first.. UGH. Why can’t it be easy?

  10. AQUARIUSontheprowl says:

    Heather: Thanks for responding and I understand what you’re saying but damn. First, I’m only 16 and still a virgin. I’m definitely not up to having sex yet, so that options out. But have you ever been in a relationship with a Pisces? I’m definitely confident that I could make us happen but there are obstacles in the way and I’m not sure if I should push anything yet. I feel like I should just wait till we’re at the end of high school or out of it to really pursue him but I do really want this. Well, at least I think I do.. My feelings may change in time but I’m more positive of this then I’ve ever been about myself and any other guy.. For now. Damn.

  11. Ok,

    Im looking at this post and these comments and feel the need to say something. In this particular situation it is not a good idea to go by sunsigns alone ! trust me I know a water bearer that has a good bit of water and is far more pisces than I am !

    You need to look at the chart, generally speaking if the fish has a lot of air or fire ( merc or venus in particular) they will have a reasonable repor with the aqua esp if the aqua has planets that are compatible with the fish.

    I once dated an aqua with pisces venus , he was more pisces if you will in the relationship

    Aquarius should keep in mind you are dealing with someone who is VERY different from you, dont dismiss their emotions they are as real to them as freedom and logic is to you, they do not look at things the same way as you do .

    Likewise pisces must check their emotions and learn to keep a clear head an argue rationally instead of going by their feelings all the time.

    So yes, of course there is going to be an immediate clash, it depends on the charts very much pisces is not weak as some aquarius think they are you are only seeing what you want to see if thats the case, stop trying to make pisces fit what you think is a logical way of doing things and take them as they are and love them as they are.

    No one should have to make vast changes to their personality for anyone loving someone means loving all them even the bits you dont like.

    If you cant do that/ they cant do that then they are not the person for you

  12. @abc123:

    “You need to look at the chart, generally speaking if the fish has a lot of air or fire ( merc or venus in particular) they will have a reasonable repor with the aqua esp if the aqua has planets that are compatible with the fish.”

    This is good information. I am very close with an Aqua right now and I have mercury in Aqua and we have a very good repor…my mercury placements helps me to understand and appreciate him for who he is and my ability to detach emotionally in conversation (plus my moon in Cap) helps me to not have such emotional displays…in fact, in person, he is more emotional than I am

  13. curious757 says:

    this is one of the few articles i don’t agree with. Only because when I read that aquarius is akin to “Agent Smith” who is revolted by humans. You make it sound as if they aren’t even human beings but robots. Seems like a man with a stellium in aquarius and with aquarius moon and everything aquarius. Aquarius moons, in history have usually been very loved though: Britney Spears and Princess Diana are loved by the public. Good people. There are some really bad characters too in aquarius moons: Charles Manson (his chart is interesting). Just the “sun” alone doesn’t make an “agent smith”, and there are Pisceans who exhibit coldness as well. Perhaps this is the very extreme of both signs. So, a Pisces with a ton of aquarius might exhibit different behavioural patterns than say an Aquarius sun with a ton of pisces. Although, Aquarius sun has a “detriment” in the ruler of Leo. And vice versa: Leo detriment in Saturn. What is the balance? The Aquarius sun needs to have humility (like his saturn ruler – traditional ruler or modern – some astrologers say either, because of Uranus being newer); the Leo sun needs to bow down to the people, in order to feel like a true king: he is useless without people. This is probably why some aquarians have more Uranian power, too out there, without groundness and humility (like a saturn), and there are some with stronger Saturnian energy, with enough uranus to evolve.

  14. curious757 says:

    * meant revolted by the stench of humans (a synthetic who hates his creator comes to mind)

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m an Aquarius woman with a Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Mars, Sag Venus…I have had a strange relationship with a Pisces Man, his moon is Libra, his Mars and Venus is both Aquarius. I am 11 yrs older and he had a crush on me for several years as a teenager and I was in my 20s…and I thought it was cute and liked him, but not for more of course, haha. Then we met up again 7 yrs later, he’s grown, we are both single. So he was a little aggressive then would back off . If I would take off on a trip he would man up as soon as I got home. Declare something, haha. Well then after we got physical a couple weeks later he went away to school and it seemed he was really upset and just was putting distance between us on purpose, he would say the opposite of what he wanted, or like he wanted me to get mad and be done with him. he gave me the silent treatment 6 months. then he came out of hiding about 4 or 5 months, and would be at all the places he knows I frequent and go every week but we would both just pretend the other wasn’t there. I took off to south america a month and he even got back the job he had 7 yrs earlier, where I walk by every day now for 12 yrs of my life. he was running, then he was everywhere, but still not talking or approaching. i stayed quiet just because I tried a while and I just can take so much rejection. I wanted to respect what I thought he wanted, even though he never spoke to me abotu what his problem was or is when he left for school. Then he finally came up to me when I was sitting with one of his best friends and he wanted me to look at him so I finally did and just said, you missed a song by echo and the bunnymen, since I k now he loves them and he said, I heard it outside, he said you know killing moon is my favorite , I said, I know , I do know you, he said, a little bit and grinned. We spoke normal he came in for a hug before i left. he never mentioned any of his lying and villifying he did while we’ve been apart and I didnt’ either. Then the next night I saw him again and he was trying to act like iM not there, and i just said hi when he passed me and he seemed eager to speak and we spoke most of the evening. So before leaving, I said, Is this weird for you, you’re okay with us talking and he said, it’s whatever, but then he grabbed me and hugged me. I felt mad and I just started walking home. And I txt him that I dont want him to hug me or speak to me if it’s whatever. I dont want to take up space in people’s lives. I mean, come on, I’m not deseperate, I dont’ need pitiful relations. which I didnt’ add that. I said to speak to me is fine and hug me is fine but only if it’s what he wants and is genuine. Well he’s never replied to me and I dont know if him even speaking to me at all means he cares ….he’s so so bad with communication. But having mars and venus in aquarius, and libras also are very communicative. I’m confused by his push and pull and I know that being an aquarius myself, I would diminish relationships to friendships when they were more. I totally validate this guy though, I mean I really go all out and will say right to his face how I feel about him, because he’s a pisces and I know that they need more words than I do. I need action when it comes to showing me you care. but when he’s blase like that, it just rubs me the wrong way. perhaps my scorpio moon and sag venus,. I do think sags are so upfront and blurt it all out, hahaha…but I feel that part of me really scares his pisces side. he told me when he went off for 6 months. I intimidated and overwhelmed him. I have never raised my voice nor cussed at him. I dont call him names. I support his music and all his dreams, literally…I come to every event and even spent my money on them . it just goes against my nature to keep doing the ignoring game…but is that what he needs to open up again ???

  16. xAquariusx says:

    I’m an Aquarius Woman. My daughters father is a Pisces Man. We were together for 9 years till I finally called it quits because of the lies, cheating and constant fights and put downs. But he had some good qualities. I was happy with him and the sex was amazing. But it will never happen again. Sadly too much damage has been done, and his chance to apologize and mean it and propose has been gone a LONG TIME AGO.
    Still I do keep in touch with him for the sake of our daughter. I would like to still have him as a friend because he knows me very well. As long as he’s able to not bring up the past and keep moving forward, a friendship between him and I will be a good one.

  17. Amanouzume says:

    Even if the sun signs are not entirely compatible, sun-moon connections or venus-moon etc. (or even the more difficult, but nevertheless intense saturn-moon or pluto-moon connections…) can still form a great connection. I (pisces guy, moon in sagittarius) am very happy at the moment with an aquarius guy (moon in scorpio), so the Sun-Moon connections work perfectly – he is able handle my emotions, which can be strong thanks to his scorpio moon, and I am as freedom-loving as him (moon in sagittarius.)..

  18. I’m an aquarius!

    Its really Hard to say Its a bad match ! We are more than a sun sign!!! Look for your birth chart and have hope in that! My relationships with men were all terríble and then I met a wonderful pisces men, who adores me and truly loves me. I was raised by a cancer lady she helped me to develop my sensitivity. I have a lot of earth on my birth chart maybe this helped me to be more understanding an sensitive. So aquarians outhere , try to be more sensitive , understanding and passionate. I’m 99% sure that you will br more happier.

    With care,


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