What turns on the Cancer man?

CancerThe easiest way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but the most sure-fire way to fire up his loins is via the breasts. And both the tummy and boobs are ruled by Cancer.

Cancer governs the mother-infant bond, and the newborn connects with his or her mother through suckling. Freud broke taboos when he suggested that babies are sexual beings, and some mothers may not admit that they derive sensual pleasure from breastfeeding, but it’s often true. The breasts signify maternal nurturance, and they are also erogenous zones.

What exactly is it about boobs that turns men on? Is it an instinctual response to identify the best mother for his progeny? A sociocultural imprint influenced by mass media? Or just a desire to once again feel maternal comfort as an adult?

I don’t know. But if a home-cooked meal doesn’t get your Cancer man hot, take off your apron and feed him the old-fashioned way.

Comment below: How do you turn your Cancer man on?

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  1. Ok so I have been talking to the Cancerian guy for about 7 months now….. we met in college years ago and just reconnected one day on fb! I am a Cancer woman and am falling hard for this guy! He says the right things and I feel knows me better than any other guy I have ever met. It is scarey how much we have in common…..no really we have come to find out that he is the male version of me and vise versa! We have slept together a couple of times and it was great we are uber attracted to each other and I have to say I agree that he is a boob and butt guy!!!! I have a pretty jacked up body image but he is always telling me how beautiful my body is and how nice my boobs are and my butt! Although we live a state apart he has come to visit a couple of times and I am about to go visit him next week, i feel clsoer to him that any man that I could have in arms reach. I just dont know for sure yet if I should trust my gut and tell him how I feel about him. He is always telling me how much he misses me and just wants to be near me and wishes we lived closer to one another. I want to move closer to him, but am bound by my ex and our children same for him. I am at my witts end on ideas…….any suggestions? P.S I could totally see myself with this man the rest of my life!

  2. LALUNA73 says:

    How cool…I can only imagine how terrific you must feel…. does it feel like he is also speaking for you? as if he is expressing what you feel for him. When I was married I persued my husband like a stocker (I am a cancer chick and he is an aquarius anus) when he did not return the affection or let me know how he felt for me, well…I went looking somewhere else. I did not wake up and decided to cheat. I was just sad all the time. (many years–for the record) Then my co-worker would look at me like I would look at my husband, my co-worker would flirted just like I would. well, I got so turned on, I went straight to my husband to have sex, just to find out he thought I was too horny lately, and I might be cheating on him. huh??? WTF…..so I cheated. the marriage is obviously over. many moons later, many signs after…I got me a Cancer Hunk, and I remember how I felt when I was persuing my x, so now I am receiprocal. When he expresses so much attraction and emotions, I put myself in his shoes, and find myself remembering when my feelings and affections were not returned. I am not scared he will cheat, I would just hate to know that I caused him the same pain that I felt in my past relationships. I was the first one to tell him I loved him, he was shocked and warned me not to use those words too lightly. in fact I do, “I love everything and everyone” But because I learned that it is better to say what is in my mind, my heart and even my “gut”. even if I dont get it in returned, I feel like I did not leave any stones unturned. I know what I said is what I felt and feel. and the only thing that would prove my love for him is my fidelity. because we feel the same for eachother, I have no need and no curiosity to look elsewhere. So what do you have to loose, at least you wont regret not doing something for the relationship like “expressing your feelings”. Loving is not hard, only when your love is “conditional”. I dont know for you but, let him know what will bring you happiness (his faithfulness, and his trust in you) absolutely no cheating! and no assuptions of anyone cheating! (for me of course) I wish you and him to have a super romantic time together…have fun!

  3. ariesvenuschick says:

    i’m with this cancer guy. i’m an aries female, and i’m starting to fall for him. he understands me. we have allot in common and i like that fact. we have almost everything in common. He understands me emotionally. which is GREAT! He’s amazing!

  4. cancerian86 says:

    I’m a cancer male and, although I do consider myself more of a butt guy, whenever I come across a generous display of breasts my eyes instantly wander down. Almost never fails.

  5. ariesvenuschick
    Thats fantastic. I’ve never met a Cancer-Aries couple. Yes, those guys can feel your emotions. They are all heart, be careful, he will think with his heart first. They are terrible shoppers, all for you and nothing for themselves. You have to remind them, I mean push them to look after themselves. My Sag brother is married to an Aries woman, she is so good for him, she won’t let him pout or doubt himself or neglect his own needs. I have never seen him smile so much.
    I hope it works out for you. Oh, I should warn you, they don’t take hints well, if you want them to do something you have to tell them. For years I heard my dad telling my mom that. “If you wanted that why didn’t you just tell me.” Its a lot easier like that. They won’t guess, they either know or they don’t. No patients to take the time to reflect on it. The love is strong and with kids, they will do anything for their kids. And for you.

  6. well,i’ve been involved with my cancerian indulgence for 9 months now and i must say,it’s been QUITE THEE ODYSSEY!!! He’s the man i’ve been fantasizing about all my life,and at times i forget how my life was before he completely changed it.so much can be said about this man but i’m too lazy to type lol!he’s just TOO BLOODY AMAZING FOR WORDS!Oh,and did i mention that i’m also under the cancer zodiac sign?his birthday’s two days before mine-the similarities are quite evident,@ times i feel like we’re the same person. . .he’s just the more mature one.i honestly believe he was specifically designed for me,before him i was TERRIFIED of commitment,let alone on a long-term basis,but he has gradually changed that.i actually see myself being his wife and the mother of his kids.i regard him as my first love in many different ways and can’t imagine living without him to embrace life with me.i’m truly blessed!and it doesn’t hurt that our sex life’s just meteoric lol.we’re in-sync,i don’t have to hide who i am to him.i’m @ peace when i’m with him,i can be vulnerable and let him take care of me,not many people are as fortunate as i am.a new word needs to be conceived cos the word love just doesn’t do what i feel for him any justice anymore πŸ™‚ and that’s real talk

  7. passionatescorp40 says:

    hell..they probably don’t even know..their so damn confusing.

  8. what’s so confusing? We love tasty food, we love to touch, and are oral people and this is how we feel ”turned on” smile, smile

  9. Passionate Libra says:

    I’m a Libra female and I’ve been on and off playing this roller-coaster ride with a cancer for 9 months now. I say Finally, but you never know with him. It’s crazy one day we are doing great the other its a fight till death.

    Needless to say I’ve pulled every string I possibly can w/ this cancer (this being the second cancer I’ve dated) and LIBRAS & CANCERS Do NOT do well romantically…

    …even thought my heart loves him, and I always think about him… it’s just not a good healthy match. πŸ™

  10. I met a Cancer man online. Things have been going well & he’s a sweetheart. The problem I have is that he is not clear when I would like him to be. The last time he messaged me was Oct 2. I had mentioned being confused as to why he was saying he was interested but not responding to messages. He reassures me that he likes me as I am. He also mentioned that he too is a lil confused, has not been in a relationship for 5 years (a previous relationship he was in was 7 years…he is 31 years old & he has been in Canada from Russia for a lil over 3 years), so he admits it’s a lil scary to start over but he really wants a new person in his life & just needs some more time. Here I am 2.5 weeks later wondering if I will hear from him again. I have messaged him to let him know that I am here & will wait until he makes a decision.

    Can anyone give advice on this?

  11. Hope this helps….
    He sounds busy, and has found other interests (Canada, Russia) He would probably need/wants someone who shares his field (work/interest). To me,…”It’s scary” because, he won’t commit to something he is not 100% happy and safe and sure about. He needs a hand to hold, he is rusty in this area of romance. (smile). I think as “PEOPLE” we need friends to help us decide. He is not putting to much effort, cuzz he doesn’t know what he wants yet (with you). If you befriend him first, you’ll make him comfortable and he’ll open up (at his pace–just like anybody in the world–at our pace). Reassure him “only friends”. Your feelings, your priorities…”YOU” are more important..what do you want to do? slooowly waaait for him to come around, then for him to confess to you he “digs” some other ‘star sign’. He put up his wall first–did you notice? then it was too fast….now “he’s confused” (ha, ha! what ever dude!)…He will respond if you mention others things happening in your life. BUT DON’T MENTION A HINT OF “ROMANCE”!! Advice: find something you dont like or agree with him….it is easier to let go of him. (smile)

  12. Thanks for the advice, although I would prefer if it was more clear.

    Yuri works as a farm worker so he can save money. From what he’s told me, he works long days & it keeps him busy. He has 1 friend (Scott) there he has mentioned, who is the only person who understands his accent & his english.
    He wants to go to school to work with computers. Since I am in the city he wants to live & go to school in I offered to get him information about the course he wants to take. He really appreciated my doing that for him.
    So far it has now been 3 weeks & the messages still sit unread. I sent him a message saying that I don’t mind waiting but it’s the not knowing that is bothering me. Also that when he is ready we can talk. How long should it take for him to respond if he’s going to? It also seems like he was bringing up the relationship/romance talk first. We have flirted with each other in chat.
    Am I wasting my time waiting for him to come around?

  13. English accent?!? How intruiging. A Farmer?!?! How interesing and exciting. Well there you have it. He has different priorities. Stablishing himself is top priority and it takes early hours, late nights and long weeks, maybe he is physically tired and needs to get sleep. His health is also a priority. Sure he wants to go to school to better his future and be properous. You just happen to meet him in the process, he is sharing his ideal goals with you, because maybe he is looking for support, you know, a “cheerleader” (smile). We all support our friends when they need us, in the same way, you can encourage him with your feedback. Also, very important, what do you consider a waste of time? how much time and effort are you investing that he is not aware of. A good friend of my once said ” We are powerless over people, places, and things” and “This too, shall pass” (smile). Maybe you are not wasting your time, maybe you are just thinking about him….often. and maybe thinking about him is exhausting you, and maybe because you have not heard from him, it feels like a waste of time.

  14. Lol, Yuri has a thick Russian accent & his english needs work from what he has said. He is a “farm worker” (he’s corrected me twice on that). My concern is that he has not read the messages but my outbox lets me know if they are read, unread, & unread deleted…so I guess unread is for now a good thing.
    He seemed surprised & quite thankful that I was willing to go out of my way to get him the information for school. I told him that I don’t see it as doing anything extraordinary or special….just helping someone out.
    In previous chats we got around to talking about family. He told me how many siblings he has & what his parents did for a living. Also he mentioned that I remind him of his ex, who he was with for 7 years (before being single for 5 years & coming to Canada).
    I am not thinking I am wasting my time with him. I am a Pisces & usually get a feeling if I am going to get hurt or not. I have told him that my intuition is telling me he is a good person & also that my intuition is saying I won’t get hurt. Also I have told him that I do not mind waiting but it is the not knowing that is bothering me. I made sure to be clear that I think waiting in this case is worthwhile. Is this the right way to reassure him?
    2 of the hardest things in life are waiting for the right moment & the courage to accept that you’ve waited for nothing. With that said I am a coward & would really like to believe I am not waiting for nothing in this case.
    It would be nice if he would read messages already. In our last chat he asked me to get Skype so we can talk/meet face to face finally. Originally he was concerned about talking to me because he was concerned I wouldn’t be able to understand him. Naturally I just told him to talk slowly, use easy words until I get a ear for his accent & to please not get excited because that would make his accent worse. So he promised we’d talk as soon as he gets time.

  15. I’m a Sagittarius male with a cancer male. The cancer seems allot more emotionally distant at time when they actually are not, in fact they think just as much as a Scorpio..it’s just getting them to talk about it is the issue. He broke up with his X, who he stills loves (witch is understandable.) He’s holding me up to his X’s ways…is there any hope? Or am I just setting myself up for disappointment?

  16. well im a cancer and my husband is to we have the best relationship ever we get along to good and somtimes its scary….lol.he is very funny they are sweet and would do anything for u just dont ever do something where they cant trust u they distance themselves from u.cant shop worth a dam…lol very loyal and open man i gues u can say there kinda like prince charmings with a funny humor side to them.if your a cancer u should really try to find another cancer it works for me and still is.o yeah very protective and they worship the ground your on very easygoing and good parents.

  17. This is for Justin…
    I think he just needs to get his mind far away from his X. Cancer people love to laugh their asses off! it is an anti-depressant (smile). and as emotional people we need to be in an emtional “anything”. So he might also be on a re-bound, but for whatever reason the break up was for, he wont forget the damage. Yes there is hope, just dont try to make him talk. he just might take as a “session with a head shrinker”. Ask him about his family, or when he was a younger kid, things he used to do and like. take him to his past before he encounter a painful event with romantic relationships. this is only my personal experience and opinion, but I have better relationships when the men are my friends, when they make me laugh, and help me see the good in me when i cant. I love being treated as a friend, I think I just need people at a distant first, then when they make me feel comfortable I let my sensual side roll around free. I do forget about my horrible Xs, and start feeling sexy again.

  18. Jessica,
    Are both of you opposites? I am the more “paranoid” type he (my cancer man) is the “lazy” type. He is also the sensual one in our relationship, and I am more “detail” about emotions. I am the one that “never forgets”; a place, a thing, a color, a name, a face, a taste, a smell…especially A WORD!. and he is the one the that leads with more “supernatural” instincts! I can get on a fantasy journey for days at a time, and he seems to burst my bubble with his scientific, practical, political crap! the only thing so far, that we have in common, and we dont fight about, is FOOD!! this is the only thing he can do with out me and I can do with out him. Food is our peac maker. ha, ha, ha..

  19. Happy to have read the comments. I’m currently dating a cancer and while things went really well for the first 4 or 5 weeks of dates and parties and social outings, but over the last two weeks everything has kind of dropped off. I recently got busier with work, but when I’ve called, twice actually, it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to respond. Though, he did send me a photo/text yesterday to alert me to a fire happening in my area (I work for a newspaper). I’ll venture the excuse that his phone is acting up (he showed me calls and text messages that were intended for me that were never sent), but obviously I’m a little suspicious.

    Anyways, do you guys have any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance.

    P.S. We recently went to a Halloween party and he recommended that I dress up as a certain pregnant movie character! Me- preggers! Only a cancer…

  20. My soulmate is a Cancer. When I give attention to his chest an stomach. He loves it.

    You will get Free Horoscope DAILY for LOVE; and, Tarot at my site!

  21. sexiiscorpion says:

    hey! im with a cancer male, who found me, his sexii scorpio online, back in late august. I had just broke up with a capricorn after 3 yrs. we met in person for a week and it was sheer magic from the first meeting , on. we are apart, but talk on the phone, text, e-mail etc, all this time., 4 months. men have came and went, but he is still persuing me., and i him. we really miss and need each other….. so now he is coming here to philly this week to move here with me. we just want to have a great love filled life together. we are not right apart. im awaiting his arrival any day. we will surely be the perfect matched couple, and will be very happy together im sure. and the love-making is the bomb……. so, remember girls…. understand them, love them hard, feed them and give them sex. scorpio women and cancer men are sooooooooo great together……. God bless our love and family…. comment back if ud like. GO EAGLES!!!!!

    live your life..make it work for ya! πŸ™‚

    live your life..make it work for ya!

  24. I’m a pisces female and i seem to attract the cancers. Every long relationship i have had has been with a Cancer, including the father of my 2 year old boy. The first cancer i was with for about a year and was my high school love who broke my heart. The second cancer was the father of my baby. We were together for a little over 3 years. It was great at the beginning… i’m pretty picky when it comes to being in a relationship with someone, but once i find that someone it’s really easy for me to fall head over heals. He was kind of jealous and when we drank we would get in fights. He was EXTREMELY critical, always right (one time he actually said “well, i wouldn’t be right all the time if i wasn’t with someone who was wrong all the time” QUOTE!), and pretty much emotionally abusive (for me anyway.. i’m a pretty sensitive pisces when it comes to my loved ones talking to me like that). So it was bad news after the birth of our son, I had our boy about a year and a half of being together, but I wanted to be a big happy family so I just kept my chin up and tried to make it work. It didn’t and we’ve been apart for about 6 months now. Now ANOTHER cancer is into me and i just don’t know what to think. Should i steer clear of these cancers?! It obviously hasn’t worked out for me in the past.
    I also recently got in contact with an old flame of mine who happens to be a virgo, and it made me realize how different cancers and virgos are ( i really like(d) the virgo).

    Anyone had a great/lasting relationship between a Pisces & Cancer?

  25. I had a high school friend he is a pisces, and I saw myself to be really hard on him, but just because I cared for his health I would help him and go out of my way, what would get me upset is that he would not listen and would not care for his health the way he would complain I thought he was serious. I just felt he was taking advantage of my attention and efforts to help him. when he told me he still loves me, I was turned off. So I cut him off. I have my cancer hunk and I see his critical ways. He is just like me! I dont take him personal because I understand he is only looking out for me and us as a couple. I try to make changes to please him and our relationship, but sometimes I get lazy and tell him to back off, I get what he is telling me, but to give me a break because he is pissing me off, so he does. maybe because I tell him I understand what he is trying to tell me. But for you, I think you shoul give the Virgo a chance, it is nice to meet new people. you will discover new things about you and understand different people..I say..”Have fun!”

  26. Breasts are all the rage! It’s true that breasts are powerful things. It’s still a mystery why men are so fixated with boobs, but what about men who were bottled fed? Maybe it’s just culture or tradition, I don’t know. Nice article!

  27. Ok this is easy to answer. Sincere compliments, affection, nurturing, full & partial body massages when he is stressed out or in physical pain, cooking him a home made meal and letting him help, also letting him do things to please you, let him help you fix things around the house, or help you organize things, extra bonus points if you trust him to help you decorate your home because he will feel more welcome and safe there and will visit more frequently. Keep lots of snack foods in your cupboards & fridge, add some things HE likes to eat to your grocery lists, you know hes comfortable in your home when he walks right into the kitchen and opens the snack cupboard, makes his own coffee or grabs something to munch on from the fridge without having to be prompted to do so by you.

    Ask him to help you choose your outfit before leaving with him to go somewhere, extra bonus points if he consults you about what to wear. Cancers are always the best dressed people in a crowd so he will always make sure you look fabulous. And on that note, good hygiene in general is a MUST. He takes extra care to look and smell great for you, (most cancer men are totally scratch & sniff), so return the favor.

    When you allow him to assist you with personal choices, he feels useful and needed, not to mention honored by your trust in him, and he wont let you down. He loves to cuddle on the couch and watch his favorite tv shows & movies with you, he also loves to discuss what you’re viewing while doing so, this is NOT idle conversation, he is doing it to find out who you are, what makes you tick, what turns you on, what stresses you out, what angers you and what turns you off. He pays close attention to how you react to what you see and hear, emotionally and is very observant of your body language. He picks up all of the subtle & sub-conscious cues your body gives when your heart beat speeds up or slows down, he is aware of your breathing and when you hold your breath, he feels your muscles tighten and relax, and the way you respond lets him intuitively know about your secret world inside yourself, so when it does come time to hit the sheets, don’t be surprised when he does everything perfectly without you having to tell him. πŸ˜‰

    Physical attributes that are attractive to cancer men are buts, breasts (no matter the size), legs especially women who wear high heels to keep the leg muscles flexed, tanned skin, great perfume, make up, matching clothes & accessories, the way you use your voice is also very important, it’s not what you say but HOW you say it, keep that in mind in and out of the bedroom. πŸ™‚ Needless to say if you’ve never been with a cancer before, prepare to be completely spelled out, they are unlike any man you’ve ever had and can not be summed up or classified in any one category. Just don’t ever betray him, or fake it. He will know and he will drop you like a bad habit.

  28. PS Gemini says:

    hey ya all!! I’m a Gemini in a relation with typical cancer man..after reading all ur comments,I felt I was not the only one going through this cancer’s mood swings lol..actually he was way too caring before I mean way too caring πŸ™‚ and I felt he was the most romantic man alive on this world (poor me) but now I feel he don’t give enough time for me.He’s still so charming that I cannot leave him & move on with my life o__0
    they say that gemini and cancer is a horrible combination..because every time I ask him questions (same question again & again) and text him every single time but he being a cancerian don’t reply me most of the time..He just keep quiet and that pisses me off !! I love to talk and he keeps quiet everytime..indeed a horrible combo..

  29. JadaLoveCancer says:

    Well im a Aqua gurl in love with a CANCER men…for some odd reason i’ve been attracting alot of Cancers for the past 5+yrs….GOD knows why…..BUT…..im been dating this cancer guy for quite some time now, i can tell u this, its the best relationship i’ve ever had……I research cancer men to find out what they about…..Im not the romantic type BUT for my cancer boo…..I COOKED for him, i go to his work to drop off a MEAL i cooked for him…..n everytime b4 he eat, he gives me a KISS & a GOOD LOVING follows after that. if we at the house. I kissed him every second i get, I hugged him all the time, rub his back and be close to him. He aint the reassurance type, i guess because of the way i am with him. he dont question my love for him but he mention im lil bit shy when i come around…..what i dont like about cancers they are not DIRECT with u and u got read between the lines with them….my boo give me hints all the time…..as u know AQUA women are INDEPENDENT, i got my own crib, drive my own car pay my own bills etc…..in a convo one time he was like “i should get a key to ur place” it wasn’t direct like that….lol….but over all…if u want a ur cancer dude to fall hard….COOK…COOK…COOK..COOK and make sure its tastey and delicious!!!!!…also if ur not affectionate? try to be cuz this one sign that make u feel secured and loved….n thats what i LOVE my MAN….(AQUA & CANCER OVER HERE)……i dont mind the possessiveness and jealousy from him cuz the SEX is out this world so i dont mind him being CLINGY, JEALOUS OR POSSESSIVE….even tho they say bout AQUA woman dont like either of those…but for him? shit i dont mind!!!…OH did i mention he cap a attitude when i dont answer his call or text? Its cute tho cuz thats my MAN!!!

  30. Nessa1979 says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m not new to relationships with cancer’s. But as an Aries woman, i had totally forgotten how they can drive you crazy at times.
    well as far as turning a cancer man on… I never had to try hard with my guy. The attraction was there since day one.

    we met 3 months ago at the mall, he works there. and he sold me some products which i bought without resistance just because i was so hypnotized by his charm. he wrote his # on the card, and said “call me if you have any questions”.. why would I have questions about face cream.. haha. Ofcourse I texted him because I almost lost his number. figured what the heck. we started our romantic relationship that same night and kept going strong for 4 weeks. Then he was notified he was leaving town to New York for 6 weeks. At first he reassured he would return for me, even offered to cook for me one night. but since he notified me at 11pm (he works until 9:30pm) I had to say no because it was too late to arrange a babysitter.
    I was really devastated that he was leaving so i went out to a nearby club for a couple drinks with a friend. I did notify my boyfriend where i’ll be. but I didn’t find the need of explaining that my friend is a guy. I had previously mentioned my friend because we always spoke. Well, later that nite my bf wanted to come meet me at the club and was wondering who my friend was so he can bring his bestfriend. so I cleared up it was my “bro” and not a girl, but that they should totally come…
    Of course they didnt’ show up.
    A week later he left, and things got a little colder after that. I guess he got hurt, but I honestly didnt’ notice because i was way too hurt that he was leaving to see that he felt jealous over a guy.
    A day before he left, I met up with him to give him a gift at work. a gorgeous teddy bear that said you are amazing.. cuz he is.. and i wanted him to have it.. and a letter… he was happy but then he said what I never expected. He said “what’s the point of keeping in touch”. I didn’t understand at all what he meant. and since we met at his workplace i didn’t want to make a scene. Ididnt’ know how things changed from thursday to Sunday… when he was telling me how much he was gonna miss me… to “what’s the point?”
    I said i didn’t agree to the “what’s the point, and that we will see what happens”… so we ended up as that. I had surgery 3 weeks after he left. and was in delicate care for 3 weeks when he returned. I tried to keep in touch during the three weeks before my surgery. i was constantly sweet and unforgetable. and he was very sweet and responsive. i never overdid it. Just wrote once a week or twice to let him know I was thinking of him, or how the moon reminded me of him.
    once I got surgery I stopped completely. I did tell him i had to undergo surgery. we had previously spoken about how I would not know how I’ll feel after surgery. I’m 33 years old, and Had hemicolectomy, which left a scar on my stomach. So I am still trying to recover from the ego-scar.
    So I just left him short text messages saying I’ll be fine. and He was very cold in return saying how I’ll heal fine, yet he was not being sweet or caring as normal. when he returned back from New York I was still at the hospital. He never offered to come see me or nothing.
    now that I have left the hospital I have seen him 4 times total, at his job (the mall). First time, he was very cold just said hi. The second time, he held me by the waist kissed my cheeck and told his coworkers who i was, how great I looked for having two kids etc… the third time I saw him. I was w a friend. he walked up to me and gave me akiss right next to my lips… so close that my friend thought he gave me a peck. he was really sweet and hugged me tightly and Yesterday he gave me a kiss on my forehead and asked to see my scar. these are all beautiful expressions of attention. but he doesnt write me at all. He does reply to me sometimes if I text him but not always. But you can tell he is attracted to me.
    Last Sunday, his co-worker had just added me on fb and we casually chatted and I found out thru him that my cancer had moved out of the apt he lived at. Since his “friend” was too friendly talking about “cooking dinner” and stuff, I got weirded out and said I had to cook dinner myself, and asked him to say hi to my guy if he saw him.
    I decided to write my cancer guy, and told him that I found out he had moved out, and confessed how i found out thru his friend that just befriended me thru facebook. Then my cancer guy said he had just broken up w his gf, and asked if I knew of anyone that we could set them up with. I agreed w the plan as long as my cancer would go out with us. and Now I’m waiting on him (cancer) to tell me the day to go out.
    I guess I’ll wait to see if he follows thru to go out. Or if that was just a way to deviate me from talking to his friend. because he was clear about me not talking directly to him.. which I personally liked.

    I want to win him back. But I have only seen him four times I see no response. Tonight is a full moon.
    I am not going to contact him for a little while. I had only casually seen him 4 times in the past 4 weeks. So it’s not like I’m a total stalker. But regardless, I don’t know if I should give up or not.

    I think I need to space out our encounters. which will be easy since he mentioned he would let me know about our meet up. So he cant be resentful about me not contacting him, since I’m waiting on him to contact him.

    Hope anyone reads me and gives me their insight to my story… sorry its long.

  31. m a sagittarian(female) so is there any chance to make dis cancerian guy confess his feelings to me?

  32. Jackie have yougeard fromYuri?
    I think you and I are talking tithe same person
    Email me lets chat yolo1023@hotmail.com

  33. Jackie have you heard fromYuri?
    I think you and I are talking tithe same person
    Email me lets chat yolo1023@hotmail.com

  34. I am a capricorn female and i’m seeing a cancer guy. He made me confess that I have feelings for him and only after that he told me how he feels about me. I’ve known him for 4 months and in 2months of knowing me he wanted to get in to a relationship, I wasnt to sure about it like i loved him alot because he understands me and knows how i’m feeling but because of my family & religion complications he wasnt the best match for me but its true they’ll do anything for you because he said he’ll do something to get my family to accept and convert his religion. As a Capricorn I am very protective of my self and always look for security & stability so I haven’t had sex with him even though he wants to but he respects me a lot. he always tells me I’m beautiful and how nice my body is & he loves my skin colour & its true he loves playing with my breasts even though I’m just a size B. he’ll refer to me as his wife at times. He always thinks about me and the other day I made him open up and tell me what he thinks about and he said that ‘ he wants to marry me and he wants to start a family with me’.

  35. Well im a Cancer guy, & I love breasts of any size “). As long as i can hold them & lick & suck them all night. As long as my partner makes me feel emotional secured in a relationship; I would do whatever she likes

  36. pumpkin125 says:

    Well I am a cancer female and i just met a cancer male(my boss) and he is just the sweetest person i have ever met….i don’t know if he is single but he has kids…I just think he is amazing…he’s sharp, he is smart, he is so hot!!! I don’t know what it is about him but i just want to get to know him and i don’t know how because i want to be professional but at the same time i’m like wow!!!!! We flirt sometimes he raises his eyebrows and smiles me i just melt….he told me that i am a good woman and a savvy shopper…he had on a teal shirt the other day i was like that looks nice on you he blushed…I’m just scared cause he is my boss…i gave him his favorite candy the other day he said thank you..I don’t want to fall too hard really nervous….he’s so beautiful OMG!!! I know the whole thing about cancer men and their children so I totally respect him for being a great man and a great father….but i just think he is amazing.. all replies HELP!!!!

  37. Xandria says:

    My cancer man’s biggest turn on is actually his neck.

  38. Cancer men are so sweet loving and caring.. they also are excellent listeners then on the other hand they can be cold distant reserved and extremely stubborn. You tell them off I’m talking about the male cancers and here they go popping right back up as if nothing ever happened I been with one for too long so I know Lol .. ..They will ignore you until the end. I think they are a little immature also. But once they love you you’ll know! They have a way to them that draws you to them although you wanna off on them @ times also..best of luck you will need it with their exhausting asses ha ha ha

  39. I am a Virgo been with my cancer man for a long minute. Yes he loves my DD boobs. He told me i have nice big boobs he’s always sucking on my nipples and twirling them and holding my boobs while we have pillow talk..He also loves my round phat ass omg! He smacks it squeeze it kiss it and lay on it like it’s a pillow..I am known for my phat ass lol..By the way he loves for his nipples to be teased and pleased he moans and groans so loud and to top it off when I lick his neck it drives him to the roof he fucking goes bananas like a monkey hahaha..he also loves wheniI play with his stomach caressing it and laying on it. Actually he loves all that I do to him (big smile)

  40. @MissVirgo that’s great you been with your Cancer guy for a good while. You must be doing something right lol =). Yes we do love Boobs A lot lol. It doesn’t what size they are as long as we can hold them & lick & suck them all over. Just be motherly to him in a good way, & we Cancers always return the favor. So everyone wins. By the way, Virgo women are awesome <3

  41. Hi I am a cancer woman who is falling hard for a cancer men however he is married 15 years now πŸ™ I’m trying not to fall in love with him because he is married but he comes to my work (cafe) almost every day and we understand each other without words , I’m sure we both feel the chemistry and hot flashes. It’s started 6 months ago when I first saw him and regardless the stress I was under in new job and I’m currently divorcing I just felt the heat when he stared and always does right into my eyes waiting for me to just hold it for a little longer . He never asked me out, never said anything that he is interested in me or that his marriage is not going well but he shows that instead and I just know it in my gut . Lately after 6 months those unsaid looks and a little conversations as I’m at work and can’t chat too much he asked me for my number saying he won’t call me but if I can have coffee one day I should call him which of course he assured me is not an issue when I said it’s not right bc he is married . I gave him my number and kept his when he missed call me right away , weeks later I must’ve dial his number by mistake and he called back but I appologised for mistake and he was disappointed as he thought I finally wanted to have coffee with him . What to do now I can’t get him out of my mind and I know we would be perfect together but I will not break a family πŸ™ unless it’s already broken πŸ™ I waited for someone like him whole my life and now I can’t have it , I’m in process of divorce myself :(((( I don’t think as cancer he would ever leave his family unless there is something really wrong as I did πŸ™ help

  42. Georgio says:

    Hi Kate aka fellow Cancer =). The best thing you can do with this Cancer guy is to respect him and his family. I know you like him but he’s married. I doubt he’ll just up and leave his family like that cuz it’s wrong. You know that. You can be friendly to him IF you happen to run into him. But respect his relationship with his wife ok. Focus on your own marriage and happiness because that’s important. Find someone who will love, nurture, and accept you as you are. Cancer women are naturally beautiful so you won’t have no trouble finding a good man. Be Blessed fellow Cancer =)

  43. Hi!I am a pisces woman ,involved with my cancer man for 1 year.during this time we have many ups and down in a relationship.i have bought a shirt from first salary for him,but he is like he will take the shirt if only i agree to take a return gift from him.i am not understanding his behavior or thoughts.I am becoming thoughtful with his withdrawal at times

  44. Well in a libra woman and met this cancer guy summertime last year. He asked me for my number and of course I turned him down…. He comes to the office where I work all the time. In February of this year I saw him again and he still asked me for my number and I gave it to him. We had lunch the next day where we talked about nothing in particular just about our family and he showed me pics of his kids which he adores. The sex is to this day amazing and always feels new like we doing it again for the first time everytime. But after a while sometimes I hardly hear from him. So I would ignore and do the same. He did come back. And of course I told him I worry because he works on the road and I don’t want anything to happen to him. He told me in in love. And that he wants a baby with me. I chased him off a few weeks ago because I found out that he is married. Of course I called him about a million different type of pervert. He called me a million times that day to explain himself. I told him that it is too hard. I didn’t hear from him again till about two days later asking me if I am OK. I am giving myself some space between us. I need it. I left town and I hear him more each and everyday as suppose to when I was close by….still confused about him

  45. I need help with cancer man. We have known one another over a year and we have experienced some highs and lows. Each time he goes MIA and ignores any form of communication from me. Well this time I have decided to finally stop reaching out to him. Tomorrow will make four weeks of me not contacting him.Let me point out he stopped communicating with me in May and when he did reach out to me it was here in there up until I stopped reaching out to him. He told me he wasn’t interested in being in a relationship however when we interact with one another it is as if we are a couple.I am confused as to why he would he say he doesn’t want to be in a relationship but yet he doesn’t want to hear or think I am with someone else.We call each other lovey dovey names as so on. He told me he was moody and he always told me the more I get to know him I would get use to him going MIA. The passive behavior is very hurtful and when he is on one of those moods he shuts me out and ignores me. I have heard and read just give them space and they will reappear. Could someone please give me some advice in how to really deal with a cancer man?

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