What to wear for a Virgo man

Did Virgo create the uniform fetish?

Do you find it odd that, during Halloween, “sexy” costumes include Naughty Nurse and French Maid? Virgo rules these and other service professions, like flight attendant and repair-person.

And those women (and men) who exclaim, “I love a man in uniform”? Well, military personnel are also ruled by Virgo.

Many of us eroticize being “serviced,” so you can’t go wrong by donning one of these costumes in Virgo’s private quarters. Just make sure you’ve ironed out all the creases first!

And if you’re going on a date? If you’ve got a pet, buy a sticky-roller and remove all dander and fluff. It’s probably safe to button-up your blouse, at least to create the first impression that you’re prim and proper. (Virgo’s other side, as mentioned above, will come out behind closed doors.) If you’re a man (or boi) dating a Virgo, tuck in your shirt and don’t wear droopy socks.

Comment below: How do you dress for a Virgo?

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  1. CapricornJan2 says:

    Okay, so well basing on what I call “intuition”, I can say that Virgo men like women who have class. And they also want to treat the said women nicely.

    I guess, you just need to be comfortable in your own skin, but do incorporate class as well. I presume these men want their woman to be unique as well as professional. Be tidy and polite in public, but freaky in the sheets. And well, don’t brag a lot.

    Make up is NOT a necessity. The lesser the better.

    As what I’ve observed, the Virgo man I know is really good at dressing up. He’s natural at being classy even though his clothes aren’t worth a hundred bucks.

    As for conversations, be logical and truthful. Try incorporating humor as well and don’t always agree with him. He wants a mental stimulation, a real human who knows debate and not a robot as his playmate. But don’t disagree a lot, he might think you’re trying to pick a fight and well… he’s not exactly someone who you want to mess up with.

    He’s patient but don’t test it by coming up late every time you two hang out.

    He also may not like surprises, to be specific, the bad ones are out of his menu. For example, don’t just go and blurt out that someone’s died, it’s too overwhelming for him but he’ll appreciate the good stuff, like you just bought him a new car as a gift and you want to surprise him. He’ll be happy 😀

    This works with Capricorns as well.

  2. CapricornJan2 says:


    I’m a Capricorn with a Pisces Moon, ASC in Libra and MC in Cancer.

  3. CapricornJan, you are exactly right! As a virgo man, I definitely appreciate witty, intelligent conversation, I need to be mentally stimulated otherwise I lose attention quickly. We also appreciate class and style, as long as it’s practical. Most importantly we are very intuitive and observant so be yourselves, we can see through fake people very easily and nothing is worse than people who aren’t genuine.

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