What makes an Aries woman nervous around a man?

[ad#link]If an Aries woman senses that a man will get in the way of her independence, or try to stifle her will in any way, she will feel like a caged animal. When you box in a mammal whose nature it is to thrust ahead, you elicit anger. When she realizes that she has no power to transcend this imposed limit, she feels anxious. Keep her locked in long enough, and she gets depressed.

This is no way to treat an Aries, man! If an Aries woman gets antsy around you, it’s a sign that you need to back off, give her some space. You cannot control the burst of new life that is Spring, so what makes you think you can control an Aries woman? It’s like trying to prevent a bud from blooming. The force of nature cannot be contained.

Comment below: Are you an Aries woman? What makes you nervous?

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  1. Oooo. What makes an aries girl nervous? Honestly I dont get nervous around a lot of men. Maybe it’s kisy the men that I’ve met? Lol but like someone else mentioned trying to control me and stifle my independence will definitely make me nervous (only if I care for you) because I know that it is something I will not tolerate and I’ll just leave without even caring because I care about myself so much more and will not be controlled. I am very loyal, loving, outgoing, trustworthy, protective, honest and open with how I feel and certain things that you won’t have to sorry about caging me in. At the end of every day you’ll know how I feel about you. And I need you to be secure with the relationship and where we are because if you’re not controlling tendencies will form and that will only make me run farther rather than keep me in the cage you’re trying to box me in

  2. roxy1968 says:

    Hi every one , it’s been about 4 years since I posted here , why because I’ve been living the friendship I never imagined possible with a Aries . She and I meet on a dating site and I was in a troubled relationship . We meet abs IT was like finding my long lost soul mate . We connected on so many levels I was in my elenemt . She made me laugh so hard at times and visa versa so did I for her . I had tough times especially finacally and she although not wealthy and getting by helped me out when Ever possible and said when you have it pay me back . We shared our homes like each belonged to each other never a issue for me she could drop in anytime and stay for as long as she liked . I would do the same and hang weekends .

    She likes her pot and regularly smokes but it again was not a issue with me although I never smoked ! .so why am I posting here . Well we were lovers and best mates also , I never nicer felt the need to break our friendship , she on a couple occasions when cold turkey on me , it hurt and I had too try to understand and she eventually tell me ok I need head space etc etc .. Then she would come back . I said to her look don’t come back if you don’t want me I cannot take it . She in the end said “I know what I want now “so I accepted that as ok she now wants to stay close , I have no idea what we where trying to develope , I just knew I wanted our friendship .

    4 years on and sometimes listening to her crazy mind and heloing her cut down on the Weed smoking she set up a company , and also bought her sister on board who she never really grew up with as she left home at 12 so they lived apart , but as the year or so passed her sister was the main source for her Weed and recently in the last 6 months she was going there and not inviting me which I found strange as we did everything togeather , we just got back from Amsrerdam although she seemed detached she was all ok and was bouncing at going away on holiday for Christmas . Then 12 days after arriving home she just came out and said I need space I need solitude jan and feb are not good months for me and my family . Obviously being a cAncerian this freaked me . To go from 4 days a week hanging out for 4 years to suddenly I don’t want to see you for 2 months maybe longer .

    I texted phoned her and she would say I’ll email and explain with a x kiss on the end but nothing ! I even said leave it give me my key and asked someone to collect it but she refused to give it them and said she would send it ,two weeks on nothing I had to ask again , nothing then she finally offerd to post it , but after three weeks .

    Since then I tried to talk but still the same response get on with my life ! I texted her sister who blanked me in the past for reasons I didn’t understand , so asked her what I did wrong , and naturally she said she didn’t want to get involved but would forward my messages . Funny as my friend spent lots of dats hanging with her over the last three months. So surely she knew what was H said .

    Well today my friend messages me and said stop messaging my Family and friends , I don’t want the friendship we once had get on with your life . With a x on the end , I’m Baffled as she said we were friends but she didn’t want the sexual side anymore , I accepted that but now she was saying nore the friendship . How and why would she just cut me like that . Esowcalt as I spent 4 years bounding with not just her but her son as well . I still owe her money etc and have a few bits of hers , I miss her friendship so badly it’s no laughing matter but I know Aries if you keep pushing they just retreat .

    What can I do as I know absence makes them forget . I need a aries woman’s view she was born March 21st 74 I am a June 30th cancerian .

  3. FemmAries88 says:

    What makes an Aries woman nervous around a man? Yes definitely stifling our independence, not letting us be ourselves, trying to control us, being judgmental towards our sexuality and men who are too serious.

  4. aries woman says:

    You have done or said something to offend her, or she instinctively knew it was coming. She doesn’t want to have a conversation with you about it. Being a cancer you may be to clingy and she is not in the mood to tolerate that. You know we aren’t good at doing things we don’t like or having to fake emotion. If you haven’t over done the whole whinging about a key, then she ‘may’ pop up again in your life in the future, but on her terms.

  5. aries woman says:

    Lol, don’t let the door hit your a** on the way out.

  6. marcharies says:

    Tbh you probably did something that turned her off but she just kept it to herself. When people do things that annoy me or offend me I will distant myself asap!!

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