Virgo finding fault with Libra

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It’s the ‘finding fault with me’ that is a challenge…how can a Libra woman who appreciates balance, beauty, and brains be patient enough and strong enough to get through this? The Virgo man is kind, generous, caring, and seems to love me but he sure can get critical and grumpy sometimes!

I agree. It must be a challenge. Libra is ruled by relationship-focused Venus, whereas Virgo’s planetary ruler is mental Mercury. Venus appreciates, Mercury analyzes. They have completely different ways of experiencing the world. Mercury doesn’t care about making peace; he doesn’t even have value judgments. Perhaps that’s the key to living with his criticism: he’s not saying that you’re “bad,” just that you’re doing whatever you’re doing in a less-than-efficient manner.

Venus can get caught up in concerns about her approval rating, but Mercury doesn’t vote in popularity contests. If anything — being the trickster — he wants to upset the beauty pageant, showing it for the sham that it is.

Nonetheless, Virgo will do what he can to help you improve your chances of being crowned. He may do it by noting the rip in your hemline, or that your posture leaves something to be desired. He’s not aware that he’s hurting your feelings. The Virgo man is just trying — the only way he knows how — to help you win.

Comment below: How do other Libras cope with Virgo’s criticism?

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  1. am taurean… have posted before. Virgo males are a challenge to put things mildly. however just when you think you need to let go… they surprise you. My song and dance with a virgo is beyond counting. Patience and more patience is the key, no promises of the ‘pot of gold’ though. however the interim is enjoyable by far.Simply put: they need and want perfection. are you willing to better yourself every and each and every step of the’way’ or time, is the question? the choice is yours is it worth the labour and the wait? enjoy regardless :0

  2. Hi, Virgo men? hmmmmm…. They are so funny ๐Ÿ™‚ I went out with one when I was a teenager, I thought he was alright, he seemed okay but then he became like the busybody of the neighborhood, he knew everything about everyone and judgemental like crazy. There was another girl who liked him , I broke up with him because he was cruel to her, He was nice to me, but with this poor girls, he set her up. He pretneded to want to go o the dance with her. Picked me up instead of her and then laughed at her with all of his friends in front of the entire school. He told me after that he did this to prove to me that he cared for me only. I dumped him right there. they can’t all be like that but some Virgo guys are very cruel.

  3. LibraLovesBalance says:

    I will say the Virgo man feeds my brain which is a very big turn on. I really liked this Virgo guy but as a Libra I need communication and Virgo man lacks that when he gets busy. I think he we would be great but that one factor would send me to a padded room. I suggest any women in her 30โ€™s or 40โ€™s date another sign because you will be 75 before he sayโ€™s youโ€™re his girlfriend.

  4. Virgo Diva says:

    I think the main problem with Libra Virgo relationships is we both are very smart especially Virgos… Libra are intimidated by the fact that someone else might be smarter than them since they they are sooo narcisstic and think they know everything. we clash

  5. my sister is libra her husband virgo… they find a balance ‘somehow ‘ however the relationship is a challenge. agree they are ‘both’ smart people… however virgo is sooo into details that he misses the ‘big’ picture. with gentle cajoling he can ‘see’ they dole out criticism by the minute however hate receiving it.

  6. LibraLovesBalance says:

    Virgo’s are great for Libra when it comes to the brain but for me way too slow at everything from courting to dating. I can’t deal with a guy that ponder’s away his life.

  7. My goodness…..Libras you need to move on already! It’s evident that Virgo men are not for you! You yourselves say so!! Read all your posts.
    What’s even more evident is that your true to your sign…It’s clearly difficult for you to make a decision. The scales are unbalanced here.
    Keep it moving…to another sign.
    No offense, just straight to the point. PEACE ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. LibraLovesBalance says:

    Replying to Lisa says: I was remarking to the emails and Honey! I never tired to hang on or keep the Virgo guy. My brother is a Virgo I love him but thank goodness some women like borning men.

  9. Like I said no offense. I was commenting overall to the Libra posts in general.
    Good for you that you did’nt hang on, as some of the other Libras seem like they are still trying to figure that out.
    AND Honey…..Have a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. lessdistractedlibra says:

    ROFL…wow, I guess when someone pitches a tent and vent their frustrations, everyone should comply. ROAR…lol Anyways, as a libra myself I am extremely attracted to the imperfect virgo. I am also glad to see more positive websites about the libra/virgo relationship. These postings are great. It serves its purpose…to allow people to share their thoughts and personal experiences in relation to the virgo mate. I’m almost positive that this isn’t the only site out there about any sign. Basically, if libras didn’t care, this would not be a topic of discussion, so there must be lots of libras out there who think virgos are worth the extra attention, which is fine by me! I don’t mind admitting it. This is one sign I’m sure glad we arent making snappy decisions about. Think about it. They would do it for us. We ponder loudly, while virgos ponder silently. And, I don’t feel it is too narcissistic to want to be regarded in this manner. It’s common sense. Hey, I am not cutting virgos slack on showing and telling their loved ones how much they also need them. Reading between the lines is intriguing, but redundant after a while. Sorry virgo men, lol, no slack (don’t know about virgo women but my female virgo friends are just a little more expressive to their men). Reason: It would be foolish to lay down all my cards on the table…open my heart, etc. if the guy feels mediocre about me. I need a little bit of both…expression and devotion. ok, just a little….:D

    Although I don’t have anything derogatory to say about the virgo man, I am definitely not intimidated by his “smartness.” In fact, that is one of the things that I am heavily attracted to. In my recent dating of a virgo man, none of the usual he’s fussy, judgemental, or workaholic turns me off. LOL, I find it very admirable, interesting and involving. Any man who will take the time to fuss with you over nothing obviously gives a damn. But, in my short-experience…testing the waters for now, nothing turns me off more than ANYONE (not just virgos) feeling so perfect as to patronize others, or require a ladder to get from their nose back to their eyes. For me, there is a huge difference in sharing wit and intellect, and taking for granted how important each person in the relationship is. Seriously, who would think, or feel comfortable in a relationship with someone who took you for granted, be it libra or virgo, or any other sign for that matter? Truth is…no one would. Also, when it is a myway or the highway agenda, I will certainly lock down. I don’t mind the leadership, but staying true to the libran nature the way in which libras are treated is just as highly regarded as it is with virgos.

  11. This is a message for LibraLovesBalance – would you mind if I ask you a few questions about your virgo boyfriend? Sounds just like mine and I could really use some advice

  12. sure go ahead…. happy to help.

  13. Libra has the tendency to be diplomatic but is he is criticizing your every move, that’s an entirely different story. Better talk to him, for sure he will listen for it is in his innate nature to be fair.

  14. Humorous! LOL Most of you are clueless! Also, if a Virgo man is not “courting or dating” you fast enough then clearly “he’s just not that into you”! Also, if he likes you enough, he will look over your “imperfections” that he deems as such. Also, some of you are confusing individual personalities/characteristics for zodiac personalities/characteristics. They are NOT the same.

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