Things not to do to the Capricorn man

CapricornCapricorn has worked hard to achieve his level of status and respectability, so the last thing you should do is sully his reputation.

  • Don’t do the slutty, trashy bit on the town with him — he will not want to be seen with you again.
  • Don’t tell embarrassing stories about him at business functions.

Avoid pushing him to be more “expressive.” Good luck!

Don’t incessantly press him to spend more time at home. Of course, he should! But work is where he feels at home, and he may stay longer at the office if he feels that his domestic life is emotionally messy.

Comment below: What have you regretted doing to a Capricorn man?

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  1. I completely agree with the last comments. I met a 39 yo cap online and we spoke for about 3 weeks then we met. I have to admit that I wasn’t really pleased as he was distant and not really talkative. I was surprised when he told me he wanted to see me again.
    I saw him 2 weeks afterwards. It was way better, and we saw each other a few other times. The more I saw him the more I liked him. And he started opening and shared about his past, his family… He never tried to kiss me or anything disrespectful. Then he got family issues so I gave him space but we still talked. Then nothing for a week. So i txt him and he called me the next day but I missed his call. I wanted to know why he was so distant and if he still was interested in talking. We spoke the next day and he told me he was lost and wasn’t feeling good mentally. I told him I understood and that I hope he will get better soon, that I was here for him too. I also told him that if he wasn’t interested in “getting to know each other” as he always say, he should tell me and I’d leave him alone. he told me he didn’t want me to leave, that he likes me a lot but it wasn’t a good time for him to pursue me. He also showed that he wanted to see me again in the future when everything will be ok. I said ok. I felt a bit disappointed but not mad because he was honest and didn’t close the door to an eventual future.
    Last week (a few days after we spoke) I went to my online profile to delete it and saw him online. I was really disappointed because I felt like he lied to me. If he doesn’t feel good why is he online to talk to other women? I feel like all he told me was BS. Why didn’t he tell me to leave him alone when I asked him?! I was ready to wait for him, to give him time to heal but now I think he is a liar.

  2. My Capricorn is the same way, one night he called me telling me he feels so lost, when we first met he really told me a lot about him and his family we would talk for hours some nights, i feel he is pulling away from me a bit but just says he is working hard and still will say he loves me, we go a couple days not talking i feel as if he disapears then reapears as if he never did and i dont say anything i try to give him space, he has actually said before that he is an ass$&@$, im starting to beleive it, but most of the time he is so charming he keeps sucking me back in, but im so crazy about him.

  3. They’re all narcissist

  4. I agree! They’re all narcisissts

  5. Carole Stephens says:

    I was dating a Capricorn for the last two years and in May he announced that he didn’t want a long-distance relationship anymore (he lives in Chicago I live in Virginia). He also announced that he didn’t want to sleep with me anymore (we were both going through divorces) because “it was a sin!” I felt completely blind-sided; I love him dearly; then in July he was going to Las Vegas and asked if I would meet him there because he wanted to see me; he stuck me with the hotel bill, and I haven’t heard from him since! Everyone keeps telling me he’s going to call but really? why would he? I don’t think he will! I still love him but I think he’s moved on to someone else! I’ve never felt so used and yet I still love him! I must be crazy!

  6. Michelle Murphy says:

    My Capricorn promised me the moon on a stick, wanted to make me the happiest woman in the world, reeled me in and when he got me, he dropped me, told me he wanted to be with me but couldn’t because of chronic illness…managed to sit on Facebook all day ranting and changing profile pics to try and get my attention. Attention seeking, passive aggressive narcissists…steer clear girls.

  7. How do u handle them

  8. I’m with a cap and he’s so cold I have a 1 yr old child who loves him dearly, we used to live together we breakup a week now because he’s seeing someone else needs the girl he’s with she push everything in my face n tell him a lot of lies about me n he believe her but he seems to be so interested in her like how he used to be with me… so I’m thinking our relationship is all over but a cheater will alway be a cheater I will never date another cap. I get really angry n say alot of stuff I don’t mean to him but Imy hurting so I couldn’t help…?

  9. My Cap boyfriend admitted he had had a “concept girl” to whom he compared everyone, including me. Eventually he realized the concept of a concept girl was stupid, and that everything he wanted and needed presented itself in a different form, namely mine. We live in different states; had dated in our 20s for a brief few months before work took us in different directions. Those few months together stamped him on my heart. Though we both married others, had children, and were out of contact for years, when we reconnected last year, now both divorced, it was as though days had passed instead of decades. Yes I still needed to be patient, to wait for him to come to the realization of just how perfect we are together, even though I had always known it and had it reconfirmed to me within the first 3 dates last year. I knew in December; also knew how HE felt in December – but it took him another four months to complete his analysis and KNOW for himself. He is now making plans to move back to my city., taking the initiative to have conversations with potential local employers. As a Cancer I am the most patient girl on the planet as well as intuitive, so I did not mind waiting for him to know for himself. So much nicer than trying to convince a man how he feels about you.

  10. I don’t necessarily regret doing anything we spend time together sparingly because he’s busy I’m a Cancer woman and we know you know we get along fine and I don’t know necessarily that I betrayed or anything you know the seduction is really crazy and I’ve known as person now for eight months and we’ve never messed around or kissed or anything but he had a sore neck and I gave him the best body massage ever and are supposed to be friends though but I was able to seduce him in a way which I hope doesn’t backfire on the friendship he’s a great guy.

  11. Hi girls! I am a cancer and i have bben wirh my Cap for about 18 months. For a while i wasnt sure of his honesty but i continued to be found wrong. He is the most trusted guy I have ever known. The doubts come when he acts so aloof and I wantvto be with his strong spirit all if the time. I too am crazy about him like many of you. Long distance relations will be hard for this man who really does need our emotions, sensitivity and to feel our love. When he feels secure in us, he will be with us for ever. We are the father and mother of the zodiac. That is enough to show the roles we play and where we have to wait for our Caps even though they frustrate us!!!

  12. Libragrl says:

    I’ve been with my cap man for 6 years. We started off as great friends getting to know the ins and outs of each other. We set rules and dedication to keep our compromising and differences in tact. But understand this once you do something a cap man doesn’t like they take soooo long to talk about it. The must sleep on t and give you major attitude. Totally forgetting about communication and the rules we set. Do not be emotional with him, do not do any immature things, think before you speak and speak with intelligence. Be strong and resilient. Be a beast at work and accomplish all goals. Because if they see you’re being extra lazy they come down on you hard with no compassion. Very sickening and I’m figuring everything out because it gets heart renching at times especially when he disappears

  13. Starlight9 says:

    I agree. You have to speak to them intelligently and matter-of-factly. Make your point, then drop it entirely. Leave them to allow your feelings on the issue bounce around in their brain for a bit. They will only try to get away with what you tolerate and allow them to from the very beginning. You have to stand your ground without being mean or abrasive about it. Like I said, very matter-of-fact that it’s going to be that way in the relationship because you respect yourself enough to only tolerate MUTUAL respect in any venture that you decide to take on with him. Together. A partnership. 50/50. That is why a Leo woman and Capricorn man are a very good couple. They seem like an unlikely match, but we tend to see through their tough exterior and they realize that. Leo women are strong minded with soft hearts. I demand nothing out of the ordinary…just the respect that he also wants. With myself (Leo) being a fixed sign, even though the Cap is a Cardinal sign – he will realize that in order to ‘win’ HE will have to be the one to bend if he really wants the ‘us’ in the relationship to move forward. BTW, my Cappy and I were friends for MANY, MANY years and I never even picked up on his hints that he was interested in an ‘us’. Every time he’d hint to his feelings, I laughed it off for many years. Then I finally realized that he was being serious. That’s when I started laying the ground rules. Showing him slowly as we went along that a particular behavior was a deal-breaker and encouraging him what WOULD logically work. His jealousy over NOTHING would irritate me. Then he’d try to say he had a ‘girl’ visiting. The first time he tried that, my response was that it was fine that he visited with ‘girls’- however he’d probably be wise to let those ‘girls’ know that they may want to be careful because there’s an actual ‘woman’ prowling around him lately. He didn’t know what to respond since I didn’t fall for his attempt to poke at me. I advised him that I DO NOT compete… I DO NOT share… and that if he wanted to throw out tidbits to try to get my jealousy fired up then that was one of those absolute deal-breakers for me. I advised him that we were officially HALTING the physical aspect and stepping back to the ‘friendship’ zone. He realized that his attempts got him pushed out of my physical desires and possibly prompted me to maybe talk to some ‘boys’ again. 100% backfire. Needless to say, he stopped. Stand your ground from the start. Make the playing field level and continue that balance as things progress. He will realize that IF he craves us & the relationship enough to move forward -it would be side by side, hand in hand. Nothing less.

  14. I met a capricorn man in 2012 dated for 10 months and then it ended badly. He said that what he felt for me was broken and that it could not be fixed. He was the one and only love of my life and I was devastated. We stopped talking until 2016 when we actually met and everything was perfect. We spent one night together and then he completely disappeared. He would not answer texts or calls so I got mad and sent him a very long aggressive text and dropped it. Two days ago he decides to start talking to me again like nothing happened!!! Being that he is the love of my life I continue to talk to him but feel as though I am getting nowhere….

  15. I dont think I can date another Cap man. They drain the life out of you. As much as you hate their cold then hot ways you still love them because you think they are trustly good men with flaws. They will leave you in a state of confusion if you don’t have your own separate life. They will leave u depressed if you are a caring person. Virgos can be cold distant but they are a level on its own.

  16. My ex is a capricorn, a typical one. We separated 1,5 years ago but we stayed very good friends because of our daughter. We would go on trips together just as friends. We got better along than in a relationship. One trip, I was in a very bad mood that weekend and i admit that i didn’t put much effort in that trip and it was his birthday. The day after, I realised that i was wrong and apologized. I never got an answer back. He closed the door for me that moment (i’m a pisces btw). 5 days after that weekend all of a sudden he had a new girlfriend and told me we couldn’t be friends anymore. Everything we build up, for our daughter was gone. Suddenly we were enemies. And he was all over the place with his new gf. Over social media, in our town. Everywhere. It was really weird and hurtfull back then because it caught me by surprise. She was not a good influence or even friendly to me. Now we’re 8 months later and they broke up. Meanwhile I have boyfriend but I told him from the beginning that I would like to get along again as before (except for the trips together, that would be weird now) because that’s in the best interest for our daughter. I really hate the situation because I never thought he would ever be that coldharted as he has been the past months. I try to stay friendly and go with the flow. But everytime he starts arguing. Even now they’ve broken up. I hoped he might realize it was not worth destroying a good understanding relationship for our child. But still, he keeps picking fights and annoy me whenever he can with the most stupid stuff. I guess it was not just the relationship that changed him. He obviously doesn’t realize it doesn’t have to be this way, as if we’re enemies. And an apology is not coming either, he really made fun of me in the beginning with his gf, ‘look at us being strong and happy, loser’ I don’t know how I have to be towards him. What the best way is to deal with a cap, and i have to deal with him for a long time…I really don’t know.

  17. AverageCap says:

    @pisces Probably he still in love with you and din’t know what to do with his emotion…

  18. Piscesleomoon says:

    Hi Vivi,

    I’m curious to know whether or not he pursued you after your last message back in August. I ask because I met a Cap man myself.

  19. Piscesleomoon says:

    Hi Pisces, I know it’s been sometime since you last message but how is he now towards you?

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