Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility in the news

Fellow NY astrologer Diana Brownstone has alerted me to her astrological compatibility advice in the Pensacola News Journal. The journalist who consulted her is a Sag married to a Scorpio, and the Web sites he has consulted lead him to believe that they are not a good match: “While Sagittarius may get fed up with Scorpio’s stubbornness and inflexibility, Scorpio could be thinking their Sagittarius mate is just a little too hotheaded.” “The Scorpio female is an emotional person who has a tendency to be jealous, whereas the Sagittarius male is the kind of guy who is outgoing, social and carefree.”

However, there’s more to compatibility than Sun signs. Diana looked at the horoscopes of both the journalist and his wife, and found that the journalist had four planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) in Scorpio — which aligns with his wife’s Sun. Likewise, his wife has three planets (Venus, Mars, Uranus) in Libra, which is the journalist’s Rising Sign.

The moral of this story? Don’t buy the simplistic explanations on Sun sign compatibility (including those on this blog!). They are, by their very nature, generalizations. To get the full picture, consult a professional astrologer, purchase a respectable computerized report, or learn how to read charts yourself and consult a good compatibility cookbook.

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  1. I am a sag women (12/20) married to a scorpio man (11/05). All of the compatibility charts say we wont last. Yes his relationshio is challenging at times but other times it is great. I am born on a cusp. What does that say about or compatibility?

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:


    If you are a Sag born right before the Sun moves into Capricorn, you are still a Sag, but there might be a feeling of being at the edge of a cliff, impatient to move into the next phase of the zodiac. I don’t think this has anything to do with your compatibility with your husband. There are probably other factors (planets) in your charts that improve your compatibility.

  3. I’m a Scorpio woman (11/20) interested in a Sagittarius man
    (12/20). What I see in him so far, I like and I’m interested. But we’re both born on cusps, what does that say about our compatibility?

  4. People born on the exact cusp between signs are often eccentric and quirky. They are attracted to other cusp natives because of the kindred spirit thing.

    Because cuspeans can vacillate between behaviour patterns of both signs (even though they are one sign or the other, most definitely) they can confuse others unintentionally and may be hard to pin down.

    They often form fast and close friendships with each other.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Sag woman (12/16) dating a Scorp man (11/07). I met her 3 years prior to connecting in a relationship. We saw each other twice and then just kept in touch by email and messenger. I have no patience and hearing his stories of promises I was not concern. I use to chase him away and that actually made him chase harder. I told him don’t contact me again until he is ready because I have a great life and don’t need him. Well we didn’t talke for about 1 1/2 years then he found me and asked me out on a date. I accepted his offer to go out.

    I think Scorp men are crazy. They love the challenge and chase. He is great to me. I didn’t tell him I loved him first he told me and it wasnt during sex. After 2 months into dating he set me up without my knowledge to meet his family but that was cool because they love me to death. He started telling me he love me, told me he been chasing me for 3 years and he is tired he feels like he was running a marathon. Well I finally gave in after about 6 months and it has been a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE, BUT I LOVE IT.

    Astrology says Sag and Scorp are not a match I totally disagree. You must go into a relationship expecting nothing but accepting everything (as long as it is not hurt and pain). My scorp boyfriend is secretive, manipulative, controlling, cunning but his is also loyal, a great provider, great in bed, and although he doesn’t say much he does listen. I find that I will tell him something, he doesnt respond but days or weeks later I will see the actions that shows he listen. Yes they are homebodies and like to sit privately in their own space. I say let them be. As a Sag we are very outgoing and sociable so I have learned to not entertain those times he wants to be alone. I let him sit in the den play his games, online, etc for hours and then I use this time to go out and be the social butterfly I am and go hang with friends, go get my nails done, etc. I believe Sag and Scorp are perfect if the Sag learns not to take things personal. When my boyfriend makes a statement about control, Ill play into his lil game I be like Yes Master, believe me its more fun than serious. He laughs or smiles when I do that and in return he comes back giving me what I need. Relationship is about give or take. As a woman I have no problem letting my man be a man. I am frivilous, spend my money on silly things, dont like responsibility and this is where my Scorp boyfriend comes in and teaches me to have a little discipline and patience. In return I don’t give him the option to always sit home alone Ill go buy the movie tickets, concerts tickets..etc then tell him what I done then he gets excited and we have a great time. I don’t know about cheating but I will say Scorp men attract women with their eyes and their personalities. I know I am a successful, beautiful woman because most Sags have high self esteem with our no care attitudes so I don’t get jealous when other women try him or even his flirting. Will or has he cheated as most will say Scorpios will do, he may but I don’t sit around looking for things. I enjoy the happy times in our relationship and don’t dwell on our differences. I take advantage of his neggative traits to win in the end because when he comes out of his private time believe me thats when he will shower you with everything your heart desires. He always tells me how pretty I am and boast my self-esteem which is what I like. So I say the heck with astrology we been together 2 years now and Im loving this relationship and have never met a man quite like this Scorp. For the record all men can cheat regardless of his sign so just learn to have fun with your mate as long as there isnt abuse physical, mental, emotional and he supports you then ride on the coaster until it stops.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I recently went on a date with a Scorpio man (I’m a Sag woman} and it has been nothing but drama ever since our first date! I don’t know what it is about him, but I stay and play his games because I am so incredibly drawn to him! It’s true about a Scorpio mans eyes, they draw you in..I find him to be so intriguing although he drives me crazy! He and I are so different yet we can’t seem to just end it lol. He is FLAKY to say the least and very inconsiderate. Yet he really doesn’t see this! He’s driving me nuts and is so totally opposite of me yet I can’t put him out of my mind! What on earth is going on?!

  7. Harlemgirl_11 says:

    Im a Scorpio/Sag Woman (11/21) involved with a Scorpio (10/27). I’ve done some research that says we’re sexually compatible but when it comes to a long term relationship we’re no good for each other. I don’t wanna believe that because all though its tough at times, there’s a very strong bond and I feel like he understands me better than my past mates…

  8. I am a Sag (12/14) and my friend is a Scorpio (10/28) We are not in a relationship, it is sex only, and the sex is the shit. The only thing, I hate is, I know he make other women feel like, I feel when we are together and vice versa. I have tried, in the past to leave him alone, but something just keeps pulling me back in. When we have sex, I have a feeling in my body that I can not explain. But, the shit feels so good, I hate when it comes down. I swear, he has me hooked, SEXUALLY.

  9. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @shirley, is the problem that you know you’re not his only woman?

  10. @Jeffrey, No, I am not his woman, we are (FWB) Friends-With-Benefits. I guess, I just hate 2 think about, how “GOOD” he make other women feel. However, I can not resist him, he has some type of hold on me. I really need help, b/c I don’t want 2 continue like this. I have known him 4 over 10+ years, and have been intimimate with him 4 over 6 years. Personally, I could not see us together as a couple, it’s just SEX and very GOOD SEX at that. My last boyfriend, was a Scorpio and I swear, he was my soulmate.

  11. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    @shirley – this may be cold, but I think you either need to deal with it (i.e., the fact that he makes other women feel good) or stop sleeping with him.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Okay I am a scorpio woman (11/20) involved with a sag man (11/30).. So far, so good.. No sex yet! Just conversation.. We have a great chemistry and he makes me laugh. I’m not concerned about what the charts say. I’m going to try it! We only live once! But to comment on scorpio men: they’re very sexual. All scorpio’s are. Thats how we express our feelings. Scorpio men, from my experiences, are lovable but yet can love multiples of women for different reasons. Its like they are on a quest to please as many women as possible. If you are involved with one, and you want it to last, you must give them space!! If they feel pressured, bored, or feel you are unsure of yourself – it’s a wrap! I personally would never try to settle down with one. I’m a scorpio and I know all the tricks and mind games they play b/c I play them as well.. LoL.. If you are looking for a way to woe them, try taking them to dinner at a lake. Scorpios love to be around water. We also love extravagant luxuries! But if you have the patience and strength to endure the ride, then I believe it could be very rewarding in the end…

  13. Darius Sutton says:

    Met a Scor. male (10/30) online earlier this year, apprx. 3/08. I am a Sagg. woman (12/5). Spoke online ONLY until I flew out to meet w/him which was also a convenient trip due to the fact he resided in a State which my Sister & her family resides. Spent my entire 7 days with him & he with me visiting my family and spent my trip as if we had, “lived” together. He had given me the keys to his car/apt. (which I still have to date). He accomodated me in everyway imaginable! It was no doubt worth the 1400 mile flight! After I left, he never contacted me again or accepted my IM’s or emails until this past week. Lest to say, I was intially heart-broken, depressed, confused and very-relentless to get his attn., & find out WHY? I had thought everything went so PERFECT? Well, turn’s out, he like’s a DRAMA-FREE lifestyle, & I was at the time Legally Separated, which he knew. It’s been 3.5 mos. since we have communicated and now, my feelings of Love and desire have resurfaced greatly for him… The Divorce is still in the works and no finalty yet. Not sure what to do with my Scorp. man? He treats me like a doormat – is avail. to me at HIS desire and its making my life dreadfully consumed with thoughts and wonder of when I will hear from him again. Should I let this go, or stick it out? Is this typical behavior for this Sign? HELP!!!

  14. This is so much news to me! And I’m excited to hear that.Just the reassurance helps. I didn’t want to buy into the stereotypes of the Scorpio-Sagittarius union, but hearing all the vindictive, spiteful, angsty material I had a very hard time believing it was even possible!
    This page has given me a new perspective and hope for my own relationship with a Scorpio.

  15. As far as your dilemma Ms. Sagittarius,
    I’d be [extremely] frustrated as well. I’m guessing you’ve tried to contact him and no word yet?

    If that’s the case he may not be feeling the same as you, or you may need to just give him some time to open up. They can be quite mysterious indeed.

  16. Dr. Sabrin Morgan says:

    Ms. Darius, being a scorpion myself and a doctor , my intitial diagnosis is :

    1. Since your scorpion male does not like drama at all , you , somehow , made him feel that there is some drama . OR
    2. He is a playboy and/or not interested in you anymore.

    try to find out the probable reason , and if it is (1) ( more likely since he said he wants a drama free life ) travel to him to clarify things. Explain everything HONESTLY to him.
    Remember : you can and should not try to keep secrets from scorpions for whatever reason. They make the best detectives and have doggy noses that smell lies !

    Good luck.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am a Sag Woman dating a Scorp man, we met about 5 years ago, and just in the past year hit things off. We have a wonderful relationship. As long as the Sag doesn’t let his/her adventerous spirit get in the way of the relationship, and doens’t judge the Scorp for his/her jealousy or lack of wanderlust, things are ok. Distance relationships are usally hard, but somehow for me and my Scorp they seem to work out very well. We are compatible on every level. When I am down or angry he can make me laugh, and I can do the same for him, we fit so perfectly into each others lives and it is wonderful.

  18. Anonymous says:

    You have to have a good deal of trust with Scorps, I am learning this, however in turn the Scorp has to trust you, and they CAN be VERY mistrusting at times, you have to be open and honest all the time, follow your heart, but don’t get so carried away with your heart that you don’t listen to your head and vice versa. Sags hate to be pinned down, I should know because of the distance between my scorp and I, yet the distance makes us realize our love more.

  19. Phenix/scorpio says:

    Theres alot of positive pages ive found about this relationship. I persoanlly like sagitarius wemon but sometimes they annoy me. Alot. The problem is whe i want them to quit annoyimg me they countinue. Ive known a few sagitarus wemon. One was flirty and just wanted love, one was a troubled friend, another was a fling, and another still has conflicting feelings on if she likes me. Persoanlly the only thing that can stop this realationship is if the girl annoys him enough.
    Shirley- if you want o get away im afraid the only way is to lessen the time spent together. So the emotional attachment is lessened.What i mean is dont see him for awhile and only tak to him on te phone fo a breif momments of time. Otherwise itll be back to the bedroom again.

  20. I was Born On March 18, 1978. I think that I have a little bit of Aries In me, although I miss the cusp by a day, I still think that I have Aries In me. anyhow..I have this friend who is a Scorpio/Sagittarius. We have been friends for Years. His Birthday is Novemeber 23, 1978. Our relationship can be challenging, But the good times out weigh the bad. I just want to your charts..are we compatible?

  21. I am a Sag with venus/mars in Cap/Pisces and I am interested in a Capricorn that has venus/mars in Cap/Pisces. From what I read that is a good thing right?

  22. deeps1511 says:

    i m in love with a sagi guy…(03/12)….i m a scorpion woman (15/11)….he and me are in a open relationship…he has a steady girlfriend,who is out of country….i want him to commit to me…we are together literally 24/7 …i know he loves me..he is addicted to me but as sagis are …weired way of expressing…i want him for life….any suggestions what should i do ….

  23. I am a sag born 15.12.86 (13h25) and my scorp mate’s birthday is on 25.10.1986 (14hr) . Please advise… We have been together for nearly 5 years. He even stopped loving me because he was impressed by another beautiful girl. I am very jealous but he does not show sign of jealousy at all. He is more outgoing than i am. socialises more. And most of the times does not ‘see’ me!! Make me understand this behaviour please. I love him..but its being too painful. i want only him for the rest of my life. i want to understand him so he can love me again too…
    Any comments??

  24. curious757 says:

    I dont know why astrologers like to say sag /scorp are not a match. Anything can be a match, with the right connection.

    Even the same Fire element, example: Leo Sun and an Aries Sun won’t last or dont care for each other.
    Astrologers always want to stick the same elements with eachother for “safety”, and it’s so superficial.
    Sagittarius are a handful, that’s for sure, so it’s good to get into the investigation of someone’s personality before falling in love. But that’s easier said than done. Even a Cancer/Scorpio couple won’t even last, or break up/divorce. I dont know how many times I’ve seen disaster marriages with Capricorn/Virgo too. They end up hating eachother. My mother in law is a Cap sun (not going to mention her chart) but she was married to a Virgo sun, and they hated eachother, they only lasted as long as they did, (10 years or so) because they had two kids. In the end, the Virgo father in law ended up married to a Gemini Sun woman. And they’ve been together for 25 years.

    Sagittarius Sun females I know, has a child and home, partnered/lover with a Virgo (my sister).

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