Pisces man being possessive

Like Aries taking things slow, “Pisces man being possessive” is oxymoronic. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is a “let it be” sign, more polyamorous than possessive. He wants to love the world; there are no boundaries, no limitations, in love. Yes, his feelings are easily hurt, and he may feel abandoned or play the martyr if you flirt with other men. But possessive … no.

Venus, the planet of love, travels no further than two signs from one’s Sun sign. A possessive Pisces could have Venus in Taurus, the sign that wants to own it’s lover. Taurus is fixed earth, stubbornly holding on to anything it acquires. Taurus is also related to issues of self-worth — if you’re talking to some other guy, your Pisces man may be wondering what that guy’s got that he doesn’t! He’s scared of change, and doesn’t want to let you go.

The upside of this combination is that your Pisces man is both romantic and dreamy (Pisces) as well as sensual and lusty (Taurus). Sounds like a good lover to me, so if he occasionally gets insecure when you talk to that guy at the bar, just provide him some extra reassurance, and I’m sure after he sulks he’ll prove to you why he’s a keeper.

Comment below: Is your Pisces possessive?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Possessive? Not my Pisces man with Venus in Aquarius, trine Uranus in the 8th, who says, “It’s okay if you wear that sexy lingerie (that he bought me) for another man sometime. I want you to enjoy it.” True story, which is why this comment is anonymous.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    That’s quite a bit of sexual freedom. I hope you enjoy it 😉

  3. Funny…..I’m Pisces Sun with Venus in Aquarius and I can get very possesive if I don’t checked myself although being cold and detached come easily to me.

  4. Pisces with Venus in Aquarius:

    He isn’t possessive but very intent on keeping the relationship intact.

    He feels jealous towards other men in my life, however would never interrupt my interaction with them.

    Cool, detached, yet strangely emotional — stows it all away.

    I love my pisces.

  5. fallen-astro-angel says:

    Oh, Jeffrey! My first real love was Pisces with Venus and Mars in Taurus, moon in Sag.

    This guy was the most possessive man I have EVER met in my ENTIRE life. He was sooo super sweet, always had this “do whatever you want” thing going on, but as soon as I even SPOKE with another guy, and I do mean this guy could’ve been a foot shorter than me and drooling green slime, thie Pisces Sun/Taurus Venus would practically lose it. It was sooo weird at first. He would walk over and be very sublte, but those eyes and his body language basically spelled “you just signed a deathwish woman!” and yes, the term was “woman!” with the exclamation point.

    I was doing kinda rebellious hoof in the dirt “I am an individual, and I can do whatever I want” little song and dance, and this man looked me dead in the eyes, pointed directlty at my heart, and said with a growl, “I own this individual.”

    That’s when I finally stopped laughing.

    He had beautiful eyes. NEVER EVER EVER allowed “woman on top.” He required complete control and domination of his female.

    He was very respectful….believe it or not….and could actually compromise quite well if it was done in a fair, sweet, and communicative manner.

  6. Wow fallen-astro-angel. Your pisces sounds just like mine! we’ve been going out for a little over a year now and hes so possesive. sounds almost identical to your ex pisces. My is one of thee most possesive pisces i have ever been with before. He has alot of fire in his chart, his rising is aries and moon in leo which also makws him quite agressive. And ima scropio.. im supposed to be more of the posseive one apprantly, but its completly opposite.

  7. Linda Goodman Love Signs says:

    My Pisces man is very possessive too. I’m his Scorpio female ,and we’ve known/been with each other since I was 12! He’s never changed. Not one bit. If a guy OBVIOUSLY tries to flirt with me, he’ll quietly stand by, smirk even, and after the guy turns say, “nope, you’re mind. not a chance.”

    However, my Pisces man gets very mad at me sometimes for “flirting too much”. I have a Gemini rising and he says I do it without noticing. The minute he sees me acting too “fast”, or “flirty” he calms up and frowns his lips to me. He won’t say a word, but I can feel his thoughts on my skin.

    It’s so true about ignoring.. or even escaping into thoughts. I used to walk around asking, “what’s wrong?” all day. That was his way of coping with everything. I outwardly react through words..he does through retreating in his mind.

    I constantly worry whether he’s happy, healthy, sane, and satisfied with us. He says he is, but his eyes are always wondering into the air (but never another woman.)

    He’s not nearly as ambitious as I’d like him to be, but he’s my friend and my life partner. He supports me and my career ambition, and thats why I love him. It gives me more time to focus on me (the less I focus on what he’s not doing). The smartest thing I can suggest is KEEP CHECKING ACCOUNTS SEPERATE. My Pisces and I have yet to combine checking and never will. His lack of ambition is HIS choice and I respect that.. he knows to meet me halfway (with the bills and in our family responsabilities) so I respect his independent route of way of life.

  8. I’m a Pisces & female. For me I am MAXIMUM like 3% possessive.

    I only get that much, when I’m having one of my insecure moments. But’s it isn’t like I’m pulling my mans arm and saying “this is mine” or getting overly pissed off because he’s talking to many females.

    Like was mentioned above, I just feel down most of the time.

  9. StickyToffee says:

    Pisces only needs lots of reassurance. But do not however give him false reassurance, always be honest for his sake and yours. So if you’re talking to other men (which you should try to do less anyway when with your pisces) let him know after how much you love him and how much you enjoy being with him and only him. If it helps, tell him he’s the best guy you’ve ever met, held hands with, kissed and that he’s better than any of the other guys you talk to or know or just about any other guy in this world (as long as your sincere). An additional tip would be to be subtle about it, pisces will read your mind and your motives before you make them. He’ll know you’re trying to reassure him before you do it and if he believes your motives are not sincere or honest, the reassurance will not work. An example would be to keep a balance in whats being said to him, do not come directly to him after speaking to a couple of other guys and tell him how horrible they are and how wonderful he is to either extremes. Body language and location are very useful when transmiting information to a pisces. When speaking with the other guys, do not get too close to them and make sure to keep glancing back at your pisces to let him know that he still has your full attention. When you’re done, go back to your pisces, don’t strangle him with a dozen kisses and a huge bear hug and say a thousand times how much you love him (unless you do this regulalry) right then and there. If you’re going to do this, do it somewehre else but sit next to him first and be as normal as possible. After a while tell him you want to leave this place and be alone with him. When you’re alone, reassure him and hold him and tell him how much you love him. A practice of this might help any possessive traits or inecurities the pisces may have.

  10. I am a Scorpio and my boyfriend is a Pisces. We recently got back together and he is very .. very sensitive.. and likes to always know how I am feeling. He is a very deep person, and yes he is very girly… he asks me ” when we are going to get married” . I love him for that.. but he is also jealous.. yikes I cant have guy friends he gets so angry… he even asked me to get a tattoo with his name on it.. ” his name property” on it.. there you go! Pisces men want to have you as a property. I reassured him that I dont need that on me, that I love him .. He also likes .. even though he says it frustes him that I become withdrawn at times. He is always dreamy about romance.. and how our marriage will be. I am the opposite I have a hard time to express my feelings. It takes him to make me open up to him. He is also very tough, he does boxing. He does not take sh.t from anyone that tries to take advantage of us. He is my perfect mate…there are downfalls but i COULD handle it.. remember I am a Scorpio : )

  11. “…if you’re talking to some other guy, your Pisces man may be wondering what that guy’s got that he doesn’t! He’s scared of change, and doesn’t want to let you go.” – damn, that’s so friggin true! I have always felt that.

  12. Dominick Marquette says:

    I’m pisces with my venus in Aries. A woman should be worried about possessing ME!

  13. Anonymous :) says:

    Noooooo my Pisces is VERY possessive and to be honest it annoys me a whole lot.
    We were at a bar yesterday in fact and I’d been sitting on his lap and kissing him for ages so when I went off to get a drink and I started talking INNOCENTLY to the barman, he was straight over and had his hands on my bum and kissing me all over, trying to claim a stake in his territory. Like the barman asked what I wanted to drink I wasn’t flirting!

    God i dunno if i can take much more of this, he’s always all over me if a guy looks me at for 1 second, sweet at first….VERY tiresome at the end!

  14. AquaTrainer says:

    I kind of wish my Pisces was possessive. He’s more like “you’re not going out wearing that, are you? Guys are gonna think you’re single!” and if I’m with him, he wants me to dress up all sexy sometimes so that his guys friends will idol him. He’s REALLY REALLY good looking, charming, charismatic, funny, just awesome! But, it sucks because he’s shallow, dresses to please the opposite sex, and loves to flirt! Drives me up the freakin’ wall!

  15. hmmm. my new one is. I’m a Libra with my moon in Leo. he’s always very well aware of other guys trying to get at me, and always comments on how hard it’s gonna be to hold on to me!

    but aren’t Pisces men like treasure? more sunken than discovered. my pisces has his moon in Sagittarius as well. very very sensitive, and is not afraid to show it OR defend it!

    <3 I've had one once before, and it ended miserably. but nothing dealing with possession! lol! but I like this one… have to keep the fish on the hook.

  16. Pisces guy says:

    I’m a pisces man and I’m very, very possessive. Down to the level of even pets if they’re given more attention than me, lol.

  17. Pisces guy says:

    > “he even asked me to get a tattoo with his name on it.. ” his name property” on it.. ”

    Hahaha.. that’s hilarious because I asked my g/f the same thing!

  18. Interesting, but what if your Pisces has a Mars in Taurus instead? Does that still apply to a level of being possessive?

  19. HAd to comment:

    My pisces has a venus in Taurus…he is a cheating lying casanova type picses..not the monogamous type! HE has several children and several women! ALl that was fine and dandy because I was allowed to do my own “Im an individual thing” Recently he moved about 2 hours from his children and their respective mothers! This fool wont let me go outside and smoke a cigarette without him (he doesnt smoke and its daytime) He tells me to smoke in his apt cuz “ur always out there flirting and giving ur number out” Remember the women and kids guys…He tells me ur not leaving ill kill u…blah blah blah! Luck for me Ima crazy cancer and hes the one who is scared! LOL! its not funny but u have to kno these men to really understand what I mean! He wont kill me he just loves me so much he doesnt want it to end! Especially cuz im never REALLY jealous or insecure (to his face at least) about the other women! I just say “watever u can do i can do better” But my only question is where did it come from! Before I could roam around witout any opinion frm him. Now I cant go out i cant go to the store or have a freaking cig without him up my ass! Cancers clingy??? Haaaa! He take the cake. I love him so much but im finding it so much of a turn off!

    btw: I think all pisces like to see or think about a woman being cockhold…had i had to look that word up just for him! I cant give out my phone number but he likes wen i yell out other guys names!!! STRANGE FRUITS these men…

  20. Facebook User says:


    I’ve dealt with guys who have taurus in venus and they are all natural flirts. They are attracted and not as loyal, worse if they have pisces or gemini as their sun sign.

  21. anonomous says:

    im very possesive so is my boy friend lol but im a girl but hes a pisces

  22. leo female says:

    Damn, i have (had) a venus in taurus pisces sun…..can you say loser??

    must be over him to use that word….FINALLY i see him for what he was.

  23. VirgoQueen says:

    Uffff well I thought Mine was aloof but I guess he seems some how pissesive, but he won’t say it!. I can related to the comment of him be jealous of pets. Around me!. Maybe that’s why?. We never go out!. Maybe he rather be in a comfort zone!.

  24. What about a Pisces sun and Venus in Capricorn?

  25. My Pisces EX was WAYYYY POSSESIVE!! It took some time for him to get that way though. We were together for two years and we have a son together. As a true Libra lady I’m a total natural flirt, and I’d do it without even knowing. As you can imagine it didn’t go down to well with him. We broke up when my Pisces flew into a jealous rage because I was walking and talking with some guy, who I just met. I think he was really insecure because I always have guys after me and he had cheated on me so he was waiting for the come around to COME AROUND lol.

  26. TrueCosmic
    I never get why guys do that, being a Libra Lady myself, I find that talking to anyone made any guy I dated, and even my ex husband really mad, Does everyone just want to possess a Libra Woman? I’m engaged to an Aqua Man, he is possesive too, never was with any of his former flames but with me, his eyes are always watching as if I would fall for someone else, whats with men anyways? Do we just walk that way or what? LOL

  27. Do you find being accuseed of flirting when you didn’t even know you were doing it too?

  28. Does a pisces guy still be possessive even if he didnt care or love that person hes with?

  29. Hello. I am a Gemini and my boyfriend is a pisces. Anyone know the compatibility scale between the two signs? Whether we will make it or break it?

  30. I am a Gemini and my boyfriend is a pisces. Anyone know the compatibility scale between the two signs? Whether we will make it or break it?

  31. I know I’m late to the game in this comments section here but I have come across an unusual Pisces man that I’m trying to figure out. His sun and moon and venus are in Pisces and his mars is in Taurus. The feeling I’m getting from him is that he’s seems to be very emotionally unstable, insecure, and lacking confidence. For a long time we had a email correspondence, and also talked a lot on the phone, but when we met the first time face to face he was shyte-faced drunk and seemed to be having a panic attack he was soooo terrified. This was so surprising to me because he is sooo handsome and well educated. Yet, he seemed to have a limited vocabulary filled with profanity. The F word was so overused it was redundant. At the same time he seem to be possessive and jealous and appeared upset when I happen to smile my thanks to the bartender who handed me my drink. Someone, anyone, tell me, should I run and not look back, because that’s the feeling that I’m getting. This person is not a mentally stable individual.

  32. Cancerchickie says:

    Ana, if you have not done so, you should RUN away from your Pisces man now and not look back.!!
    I just exited a relationship with a very possessive, insecure Pisces man who would not let go until He was ready to let go.
    I met him at work, where we were both in a creative environment and worked very well with each other. As time went by, I grew to really like him so when we decided to go out one night, it was perfect. I Thought I fell in love with him. When life only encompassed he and I, he was romantic, sensitive, smart, and oh my gosh, such a great lover. Don’t think I was ever so needy of a man in my life.
    But unfortunately for him, there are other people on the planet we did have to have contact with. And, when we were apart, phone calls that were a few minutes late, jealousy of any man commenting on my FB page, spending time with my friends, and any social conversations and laughter I shared with our co-workers were a threat to him.
    He became negative and harsh, putting down any of my accomplishments at work. Then the verbal abuse set in. As I watched this unfold, I began to pull away….because he refused to be reasonable or to apologize for his actions. Eventually, I broke up with him….which led to fits of crying and nasty emails at my workplace, even mention of suicide.
    I went back to him hoping we could communicate and work it all out. We did work it out but I began to feel like he was a job, not a partner. But, once again, our private days were beautiful. He begged me to move in with him and promised me the world. I considered it, considered deleting my FB account, considered becoming more focused on him and avoiding my friends, considered leaving all the healthy wonderful things that made me who I am.
    So, when I said no he became the same mean, selfish person he probably always was. Because I was afraid of breaking up with him face-to-face, I sent him a nice but firm email that ended our relationship. He returned it with nothing but threat after threat and told me He was leaving me. Which, at that point, was just as well.
    It’s been six weeks of peace and quiet and getting my life back to normal. He was asked to leave by our managers (too many confrontations with other employees) while I was recently promoted. i still have a hard time with the memories of when it was just us. But, I don’t want to live the dark of some cave with him. I like the light.
    I only wish I would have run away and stayed “run away” the first time I left. Don’t even bother getting in…I would NEVER do it again. You are right, the man you know, is not mentally stable and not worthy of your time or love.

  33. Cancerchickie, thanks for the advice. I did that shortly after I met him in person for the first time. He kept calling and I kept putting him off or ignoring his calls until he got the message. I haven’t heard from him since the end of November. I hope to never hear from him again.

  34. pamela humphrey says:

    My Pisces boyfriend,is possesive. But,I love him. WOW.! I’ve said it..!

  35. pisceslover:) says:

    I wouldn’t say my pisces is possessive but he is definitely jealous. Is he sweet ? Yes. Is he full of it ? Asbofreakinlutely! Mood swings and all 🙂

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