My Pisces man left me. Will he come back?

Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces the day before Valentine’s. When Mercury apparently moves backwards in the sky, unfinished business comes back for resolution. We “re”-turn to old matters. Since it’s happening in Pisces*, your ex may come back … at the very least to rehash the reasons why he left you.

Mercury retrograde has a bad rap for communications gone awry. However, it’s good for revisiting the past. If your Pisces man returns to talk, clear up any confusion, shatter any delusions. His ruling planet, Neptune, is being challenged right now by Saturn, god of hard, cold reality. Illusions are being shattered until summer, and you have the opportunity to distinguish fantasy from fact.

*Mercury moves back into Aquarius on Feb. 26, and returns into Pisces on March 18.

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  1. @NovemberLady

    curious what’s his other aspects (venus, moon). my pisces bf too was too difficult to chase at first. i have to really resort to ways he will notice me and make him think that he did the initiating.

    i openly flirted with him when i find the right opportunity. like before he was asking on his facebook page where he can find a girl who hates herself enough to make out with him. while other friends gave him funny and sarcastic suggestions, i asked him if the girl really has to hate herself. i sent him a private message after he replied on his wall XD. i told him i wanted to volunteer but i don’t hate myself lol.

    he likes witty and smart girls so i had to embody that for him to be interested in me. you have to embody his dream girl or at least make him think you are his dream girl lol. once that is implanted on his mind, you will grow on him.

    but honestly they are really bad at initiating. i dunno what i did to him but he communicates constantly with me ;P but i threw the expectations out of the window cuz i have experienced the martian rubberband a lot on other signs (such as taurus). my principle is, if a guy does not exert any effort to know me well, then he’s out of my list. it was a good thing that i wasn’t really so fixated on making him my guy that time and it worked out well to my advantage…cuz it made it seem like i wasn’t so desperate even though i was very open about my feelings for him.

  2. @anotherariesgirl

    Fascinating that you are an aries and have found a pisces to pursue you. That rocks.
    His moon is in Leo. Venus in Pisces. Mars in Gemini.
    I think I am of a similar vein. He has been aware that I’ve become open to him, but needed more time. I’ve been warm and affectionate in person. And, I try to understand the whole martian rubberband thing, too. I guess time will tell.

    Sometimes I think the key is no expectations, like you said. Which I had in the beginning. But, when he asked me to give him a chance and to prove himself, I expected him to try and prove himself. Go figure. Lol

  3. @NovemberLady

    so he is very pisces when it comes to love huh? but moon in leo might need more ego-stroking. my guy is leo rising…he actually loves my compliments but his pisces nature deflects them.

    btw, this is sort of off topic (in astrological sense) but it will help if you read more on venus and mars on a date. they have a forum too and it helps a lot in understanding a guy’s behavior. i read on it when i dated a gemini guy lol. he did that “blow torching” (in your case when you became intimate and he’s pushing you to be your gf) to me too and what you did with this pisces guy was actually the right thing to do. however he’s undergoing a possible “caving” or “rubberband.” happens a lot to guys when you shared something intimate or had a great time together. i always anticipate this and it does happen a lot.

    will it hurt if you ask him directly whatever happened to his deal that he will prove himself to you? i guess you can tell him in a non-confrontational way, i mean try not to make it look like you’re rushing him into something.

  4. WE SHOULD get a bunch of pro’s and con’s here

  5. @anotherariesgirl

    My temper got the best of me.
    I sent him 3 texts saying I sensed things have changed though I don’t know why. That I was hurt because he asked me to give him a chance. That I will always remember how he made my birthday special.
    He called me 3 times the next day and left a message for me to call him and that we can arrange for me to get my earrings. The following day I called (to end it) saying not to worry about the earrings, I just want to move on. He said not to be like that but was also groggy from sleep. He said he would call me later which I didn’t want because he has been inconsistent with his communication. I called him back and told him to let me leave him a voicemail- which said that I wasn’t trying to be mean, but seeing him would upset me and that I don’t want him to call. Want to let the earrings go like lettting him go and to please allow me to move on.

    I didn’t want to risk yet another occurrence (meeting up with him to just hand over my earrings) and be vulnerable again. My intention to call was to end it not ‘hope for more’ (though my heart wanted). He only pursued in calling me several times when I let him go. That felt hurtful.

    Venus/Mar dating books…by John Gray? The relationship psychologist? Read them! Perhaps, this was a rubberbanding. I might have been hasty but i was upset that he didnt’ ‘wake up’ when I returned his calls and put me off with a ‘possible’ phone call later. If he cared, he would seek to understand why I am upset versus doing nothing.

  6. @anotherariesgirl

    How do you allow for the rubberbanding being an Aries?!!
    Never impatient??? Lol.

  7. @death

    Pros and cons for? Pisces men?
    I’m scared of that list! Lol

  8. yeah it would be too hefty

  9. My pisces bf of 7 months was Great at the begining of our relation,then last march he said that he wanted to end it without any reason but the only reason was i was soo inlove with him and he doesnt want me to fall for him that much !! we back off and then we got back but not like i knew him before,he was someone else! although i was good girl never cheated never lied never nothing! then after we got back i saw him like 3 times when ever he was drunk he is soo sweeet and lovley person who showed me alll the love he has for me,but th very next day he changes and turns to monster,anyways i stayed with him for 2 more months and nothing changed i thought he might feeel me and change and be better than before! but he didnt unless if he was drunk!! so i was tired and 2days ago he said that he loves me and all but he doesnt want our relation to grow and he doesnt want me to fall or love him too much! cuz one day he might leave or god knows!! so i was so hurt i love him to death i think about him he was the only guy i ever see and i never cheated AND he knows that! the last thing was a nasty fight and him being very HARSH of the way he was talking to me! and i talked back too and thats it and i really felt bad although i didnt want to but he pushed my buttons!! and he ended the relation !! so i decided to leave him for goood ! because he was TOTALLY A MONSTER of the way he was talking to me! i was shocked to be honest! never seen him that way before!!!! WOULD HE EVER try coming back? if i ignored him? cuz i already trying to ignore thinking of him am just tired! the guy havent contacted me yet!do u think that anyone can have another chance with a pisces ex?

  10. Hey Cat,

    My advice, if you want him back I would text him something very SHORT and sweet…like “I’m sorry about the fight the other day, it shouldn’t have turned it that. Just want you to know I’m here for you together or not and I still love you!” He’s probably in his fantasy world right now. Respect it. That’s how pisces are. Letting him know you’re still there and love him in the real world may help him guide himself back to solid ground….But remember it won’t last for long because he’s a pisces. It is up to you to kind of lead him where you want him. Meaning just love him and listen to him and let him be when he needs to be.

    Pisces in general are far from easy to be with. UNLIKE ANY OTHER SIGN!!! Patience is ver important!

    He may respond he may not. But eventually, if he really does care for you and love you he will! Never be too pushy or clingy. If he feels for any reason he’s being restricted he will flee back in to fantasy world! Pisces can’t handle being smothered or too much pressure at once. If he does respond, you want to be sure to give him the impression that you actually do care about him but you want him to be happy with or without you.

    Let me know what happens!!!

  11. @Taurus01

    Thanks for the advice but several times before i was always the one who says sorry and that i didn’t mean to bluh bluh etc! but i am fed of being the one sorry every time nasty things happenes between me n him,and i cant now cuz the way he spoken to me was very very very harsh and mean!! so that’s why i decided to leave or disappear for a while till he wakes up 🙂
    hows that? btw have u ever dated a pisces guy?

  12. Yeah still with him…. it hasn’t been easy and he use to DRIVE ME CRAZY!!! But I figured him out and now I know how he operates and how to handle him. You don’t have to apologize then…. but let me tell you something, Pisces don’t chase ANYONE!!! They aren’t chasers no matter how much they know they should. If you leave him in his fantasy world he is more than likely not coming back. He will get lost in his own world. If you are ok with that , then good you deserve to be happy and if he can’t oh well. If you aren’t ok with that you will have to attempt to say something first…thn if and when he comes back you and him can talk about how you both should compromise especially when you’re in a fight.

  13. I knowwwww pisces men are so difficult to deal with them! But wouldn’t he apologize if u guys got into a fight or something? How long have u been with him? And have u guys ever ended the relation before?

  14. ok my last update with my man is that i decided to talk to him to end the relation but he said that he loves me and etc, so i changed my mind and he said he wanted to see me the day after and he dumped me aas if he didnt say anything and i was really mad and i txted him ending the relation and i was really HARSH in my words i also told him that i will consider him dead because am sick and tired of him the next day i txted him telling him that i really wanted to see him to talk and try fix things and he ignored again i was upset and throwed my arrows on him in a really harsh way because i was really upset and sad OFCOURSE he ignored me again! :((
    my question is that if i left him for good will he ever come back? am really sad i love him but he is driving me crazy!! 🙁

  15. I need some advice please!!!!

    Me and my ex pisces were together for 3 years. We broke up in January because he said I was to mean and realistic for him. But 3 weeks later he came back begging for me to take him back. I told him that we should work on our problems first before we get back into a relationship again. But he was so impatient from January to the begging of April he was always with me. Telling me he loves me and cant his life without me.
    March 31 he went to a family party and he met this girl, that he never told me about by april 16 I told him that I think we should try again with our relationship. He told me no he can’t because he is already falling for somebody else.
    I asked him is it possible because we been together everyday. He told me that he met the girl 16 days ago and they have a lot of things in common. The funny thing is he never bother to tell the girl that he was trying to work things out withe.
    He waited until I fell back in love with Jim to tell me. He didn’t have the ball to tell me face to face. Always avoiding me, it been more than 2 month and I haven’t heard from him.
    My heart is broken because gave him all I had.
    His new girl is Aries

  16. bitbyafish says:


    Your last post was May… how did things end/work out? Your relationship with pisces sounds VERY SIMILAR to mine!!

  17. capricorn and bitbyafish-

    this kind of string along until you fall back in love with him and then he pulls the rug under you….this has happened to me too. I loved my old pisces- we were inseparable. He had pursued me and I fell deeply for him. As years past he began doing all of these other activities that kept me waiting around for him…so i began to think he wasn’t in love with me anymore. We had arguments and I tried to break it off because I felt like it was spiraling to an end. He pleaded and begged me to stay with him, he could not be without me and I acted harsh…but let him back in many times this happened. Then I finally cut the cord. I loved him so much, so I felt as though I was breaking my own heart by ending this tug n pull. I thought I would feel better because I wouldn’t be on a speeding roller coaster any more. I tried to respond back to him months later… I needed time and months later when I realized how dearly I missed him and still loved him he wouldn’t come back. I was depressed and hurt…but I kept trying….until I embarrassed myself- he had another girl. Soon, after I went out dancing and met another pisces. This pisces pursued me too, but he moved much faster – he was extremely attractive and we were so connected. It was felt like true love, but I was so scared and scarred from my previous relationship. I still loved my old pisces, but now I had feelings for another. New pisces told me he loved me and I was too scared to announce to him my true feelings…of how much I felt the same way- it just all seemed too fast. Then when I decided that I was falling hardcore for him and that I was going to let it all go his ex came rushing from across the country to save their previous relationship. I was hurt and tried to get him back…but maybe I was too hurt to let go of my pride….even though I felt I did enough to embarrass myself for yet another pisces man. The old pisces jumped back into my life now….as confusing as this shit is- I love him so much, but we have hurt each other and the trust is hard to gain back after such betrayal and disloyalty. I think we will make it someday back to the way we once loved, but for now its a work in progress. Nothing is ever perfect as it seems. i love him…we have so much in common and he teaches me how to be the best person I can be, but it is hard work and sometimes even I feel like giving up.

  18. I have now spent loads of time reading about Pisces. But no story matches mine 🙁
    I have dated this Pisces (Capricorn rising) 8 months. I my self am Cancer (Scorpio rising). We started out just having fun, but very quickly he declared his love for me… wanting to be more… although he was not sure if he was ready for it, since he had just come out of a long term relationship and really enjoyed being “free” again. I held back on my feelings, questioning his readiness. He was on big time in the beginning, moving the relationship along. As soon as the magic 3 words came out of my mouth, he sort of slowed down. He still kept saying I was his perfect match, that he had never met someone like me, with so much passion and devotion. I have never given my heart to another man like I did him, I love him so much… we have an amazing connection.

    As time went on and we got closer, traveling together, meeting each others kids and families, he became more withdrawn. Then his mother got diagnosed with cancer, with a short time to live…so sad. Me being the nurturing Cancer, want to be there for him and support him through these tough times, but also giving him space to recuperate on his own, knowing that that is what Pisces often needs. And he pulls the plug all together… Telling me that he wishes we have met 5 years ago, because then I would be the mother to his children… but that he needs to be alone at this time, that we met each other at the wrong time. That I deserved a boyfriend that could be there for me, which he was unable to right now. That he loved me but he had to go.
    Now he has cut all contact but has told me that he would like to get back in contact in the new year and see how things looks and maybe get back together… but he did not want me to put my life on hold, he wanted me to move on… so many mixed signals.

    I am of cause heart broken to no end, stuck here with all my feelings, not understanding why he does not want my support, since he does not have anyone else around him, to support him.
    Then I find out that he is out on the internet dating sites a week later. Now wondering how much he really loved me, since he can just turn of his feelings like that and if I should even believe that we could get back together.

    Will a Pisces man go back to an X, or does he just suffocate the feelings that were, and never look back?

    Anybody out there have some insight on Pisces and what might really be going on here?

  19. me and my boyfriend Pisces been together almost 4 years and he is very surprise how long we are together..and every 3 months he is trying to break with me looks like ..I dd something wrong ..I confused about myself i am honest loving and give him all and his son too as mine …and last month we was making decision to get vacation together we making plans almost 2 moths he was not ready or tell me he has to work more at work and we was sitting every some weekend and looking great package for vacation and we out for one day to lake with kids and was all great like in dream and love sex after that day and next day he hear some news from his buddy he is going to Caribbean and he said to me i think me and my son will go for week fro vicartion without me he never even ask me to go together but we made this plans two months …it hurt me a lot ..i try to stay away from drama that day and left home sad and he didint call me a week until i call and ask what is going on …he sadi yes he still want to go to week off and not still asking me to go with him ,,,omg it is so hurt …and i was giving my last cent to make him and his son happy left myself with no any money make Paradise dinners and rent movies and send him next day with lunch and all coworkers say will be jellos to him what girlfriend he has …how can I be after that and why they do that …he said he never been so long time in relationship by been with me because i have so much patience I am Aries

  20. nubianepiphany says:

    Well, Howdy!

    And let me jump in on this conversation. I met my Pisces back in 2011 on a dating website, but because we lived so far away, nothing ever came of it….fast foward to 2014 and all of a sudden, I find myself in a long distance relationship with him.

    Over the past few months, we’ve had some disagreements and true to form, he disappeared on me. It drove me crazy at first..but this last time…just happened a few days ago…I have decided that it’s time to walk away.

    I’ve spent 5 months of my time trying to get close to him and thought I was only to discover I hadn’t really accomplished a thing. I’m a Virgo, so automatically, my guard was up and I my BS meter was working full time..but being that meeting him and interacting with him has opened up new doors in my personal life in terms of thinking about how I communicate and how to trust, I think even though I’m walking away…I’m much better for the association.

    Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t think he’s lying sack of s**t, or that he totally pulled the wool over my eyes or that he’s whimpering, spineless, crybaby who likes to blame everyone for his lack of emotionality or lack of communication….
    It just means, I’m going to take the positive from it and Keep It Moving. Because if I allow him to, he’ll drag me down into the depths of despair where he is and I ain’t got time for that.

    I think the thing that really baffles me about my Pisces male, is his total lack of courage and confidence when ti comes to facing some hard truths. I’m baffled that when the cold light of day shines upon taking a hard look at oneself, he chooses to slink back into the murky depths of wherever he came from.
    I’m baffled that I didn’t follow my own advice and run like I wanted to all along.

    I guess being SO grounded in reality, maybe a I needed a bit of fantasy and diversion in my life…and boy howdy did I get it. LOL

    I haven’t REALLY heard from him this time around in about a week. Just sent him a text saying Happy Thanksgiving. Love You…here when you’re ready…but really when/if I do hear from him …it’s just going to be to say “Later. As in much, much”

    So for this Thanksgiving, what I’m THANKFUL for is that this happened before he got here on Christmas Eve!
    Whew! (wipes sweat from brow)…This was a close one.

  21. Okay I am just looking for some outside opinions here. This blog is very helpful but also confusing at the same time to me. Been hot and heavy with my Pisces for two months was like love at first sight instant connection spent most of our time together talking texting constantly. He would say things like he’s never felt this way before about anyone it is quite frightening etc. we both agreed early on in the relationship to be monogamous. Then one day I caught him in a very stupid lie and called him out on it. He got very defensive and pulled back for about a week. Then we made up he apologized. Had the best sex ever. Physical connection is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Then he broke a plan with me last minute which upset me because I’m a single mom and it’s not easy for me to get out. I told him off. He said I should be more understanding. We meet up again. He came by in the day time over the Christmas holidays. I was a little busy on the phone with my phone carrier company. He gets up and decides he’s going to leave because I am “busy”. I told him I feel things are weird between us and he decides that he’s not the man for me and can’t give me what I need or deserve. I said fine take your space but I told him I care about him and I actually found love with him because he treated me like a princess and I just wanted to go back to the way we were in the beginning before all the weirdness. It is been almost 3 weeks now since I’ve seen him but he is in constant contact via text he even emailed me money because he thought it would help me out after the Christmas holidays with the bills etc. I have just been giving him his space and keeping it light and fluffy even though I am dying inside. I am a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp born November 22 he is Pisces February 26. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you I wish you all the best of luck!

  22. Hi, so me and my boyfriend broke up exactly a 4 months ago. I have been feeling very low because of this as we were very close and have been going out a year and had no problems. He had told me that he had depression and stuff and I tried to help him by always telling him I was there for him and giving him advice. Then he turned around one day and told me he couldn’t cope with being in the relationship anymore. Prior to this we had a small disagreement but nothing you would break up over. My aunt advice to me, that I should look for help in magic. I looking for a website with love spells that work fasts. I choose and I’m very satisfied. Boyfriend back to me and his depression is over.

  23. Smitten Scorpio says:

    Hi I’m a Scorpio, who recently reconnected with a childhood crush Pisces. I never have felt the way o do with anyone like I do with him… He told me he always thought of me throughout the years and I always thought of him also He said I was his counter part that we would be great together. We hooked up, but then he disappeared on me, no calls or text…then I get a message saying he just want to be friend…I was hurt but didn’t respond..two more weeks go by and I get a message sating that was a mistake and he didn’t wanna lose me because I’ve always been honest and genuine with him…so we make up and what happens again THE DISAPPEARING ACT. I was crushed…if he claimed to like me as much as he said why do this to me??? Help I miss my Pisces, what can I do to get him and keep him…PS he asked me to open up to him and when I did that’s when the acts came about…

  24. Aries misses Pices says:

    Chad (2/21/76) and I (4/15/79) met on Thanksgiving 2015 through our families (he nephew is engaged to my cousin)…Anyway I had not had sex in (6yrs bc i decided on focusing on the Lord and building my business)…We clicked immediately althought there were some things that I didnt like but chose to overlook (ie he looooves to go out sports bars…thats not really my thing but i rolled with it…..Everything was great (interacting with each others families who loved us together, talking about babies and marriage, attending many fuerals and repasses including me taking 4 weeks off work (I live in DC and he lives in ATL, but i come to see him ALL OF THE TIME) to be by his side when his sister died…i even fed her her meals and slept in the ICU rooms with him and his family….In July I noticed he stared to come in late 6AM and a condom fell out of his pocket, but i didnt flpout THAT time, but he was very nonchalant about it…I noticed at his sister funeral he would introudce me as his “friends” when ALL of the other funerals I was his “GF” but i said nothing So Sept-Oct 1, more disrespectful behavior (late nights with no sex attempts once he got home, he just seemed distant yet so close if that makes any sense)…

    THE FALCONS vs PANTHERS GAAME – I punched in the face after the game….I was so angry with his blantant disrespectful behavior (hestarted texting a girl right in front of me after I paid $400+ for game tickets, BTW I always pay for the tickets in which he always took credit, but i started to feel like he was neglectingand taking advantage of me….I was WRONG FOR THAT and it took us about 1.5months to get together during Dec 2016 (we went to a museum together with his family).I went back to ATL to try t o work on the relationship from Dec 2016-Feb1 2017.. AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED>>>>

    Since I went back to his apt in DEC not ALL of a sudden hes trying t o buy a house (hes inthe military) but I internally found this hard to believe bc he is such a “showboater/loud talker”…he said it was areaction to our family memeber moving ahead in life and I got a new car which he seemed jealous of for some odd reason…I always had dinner ready f or him (one minute he would say that I was “good” then two days later he would say that he can get his own dinner and i should go do something like get my nails dones)….his wishy-washyness leaves me bewidlered and flabbergasted at times, then he could ne sooo sweet….Innotiiced though that he doesnt have a problem llying to ppl to smooth over a situation in which I cant stand….(ie he never takes me with the realtor to go look at houses yet he goes alone and comes home and alks to me about the houses and how hes playing several realtors against each other (AGAIN – Im disgusted, bc Im thinking “Is this how you really live your life by trying to get over on ppl”….but anyway I wasny really that interested cause he NEVER really follows through on anything (even coming to visit, he says its too exspensive, yet Ill pay for the ticket)… i noticed that he picked me up from the airport and he started lokcing his main bedroom door (we sleep in the guest bc neighbors here us have sex in his room) ANYWAY, OVER THE WEEKS = HE WAS GREAT in the beginning but towards the end of my visitt things went terribly wrong, well….
    *I had started to start telling him NO to paying for thngs like game tickets, then he trew in my face that i was staying in his place for free….but you know my SSMAT Aries mouth said “Well I feed you and fuck you for free, yikes!!)…we got passed it or so i thought he became very distantyet close….he found out that he aprt had bed bugs andI offered financial help bc of two things (1-he just asked for $$$2,500 all of his earnest $ to put down on a house yet he JUST CAME BACK two prior VEGAS and CALI with his boys and not once did he call me…the nerve of this guy…..2- the second reason is the night beofre he was just taling “we” and then by the time he woke he was focused on himself….Dont get me wrong he sweet to me at imes but this seconfs go round he is distant…I think he met someone else or maybe is now serious about someone else….he seemed offened by my financial offer and he said that he was going to move in with his cousin until he closes pn the house (btw he hadnt signed a contract at that point and he was always changing his mind aboutn which house he could afford)….maybe he was havingmoney issues because his windshield was cracked fully for months and he was complaining about rent increasing….i offered to hellp so many times and in different ways but he just became more rude and distant…..he had EVERYONE believing that we were back together, including his family….One minute it seems like were back together and the next he just wants to be “friends”.. WTF????….

    I wasnt feeling appreciated and/or valued. my last week there we were supposed to go see his mpther 3hrs aways (he flaked on her the rpevious week, when he told he had to do stuff with the house but in reality he went to hangout with his “boys”)…I digress..I love his mother (my parents were murdered when i was 25 and i ivery little close family which he promised not to hurt me by allowing me to get close to his family then pulling away)…His mom is a March Aries and get along, but it seems like he doesnt want his family to talk to me really….like he woke me up at 5am and said thatc we are not to visit his mother, then I texted her to let know so shouldnt go out of her way to cook, but i heard him tell her that we miht coome later…..As soon as he hung up , he told he to go do something or go be with my own family (which hurt) …he said that we spend too much time together and he was going to go let his hair down…I was so hurt bc I did have alternate plans in he case he didnt keep his word, but his deliver was like a knife to the gut….

    *I left Sat and came back Monday evening before my flight (I just checked into a hotel, he nevercalled to check on me)…I had the worst gut feeling about giving him SuperBowl tickets afterbeing treated like that…so in a nice playfu mood i peeked my head around the corner said “Chad, we are still together right?…And he shook his head No”….I screamed WHAT and began to cry, I really hate crying and prefer to do it alone , but my heart felt soooo shattered…here i just paid $3000 for a ticket for him that he knew nothing about (in a fussing the other night he said that if I really loved Iwouldve gotten him SB tickets and he would had really know how I felt about him….WHAT??? I thinking “what about when your sister died?”….but tickets are mre immportant….i lthen made the mistake of letting my temper get to me HAT!!???….because i wanted to know where i stood in his life and not to be strung along….He said that I wanted more out the deal than he did ….WHAT!??? OMG, you wouldve thought I was a comlete stranger….He said that he “you’ll be back”…OMG thats not good if a guy says that right????….I missed my flight, we got something to eat burger and on my way back the hotel he asked to come to his place but i couldnt do it…I do have some prideand dignity….I left the next day via Uber (he text 2 days later to see how my flight was, but I never replied….I was crushed and literally sick….Im 37 and I thought we would have babies abd work things out because i forgave him when he wanted another shot, but i really thinks he done….H sent a text for Vday but thats it…he lied to his family and mine(the ones who dont really now him) and told them the last time he saw me was when i got upset about him not accepting my help with earnest money LIE!! this guy, i did get upset but because of his attetude towards me not the other…he always plays the victim and i cant stand for a person to lie oon me. The next day after vday he sent me a text saying “you were right These Amazon firesticks work good”…..I didnt reply ….Right before I lsaw him last during the argument he aske dfor my stick and I told him NO once again…so maybe hes throwing it in my face that he got one for Vday…IDK…why would he send a text like that?….

    So Presidents day weekend, I went to NYC his sister sent me a text saying “sorry I heard about you and Chad. But God has good things for you both. Take and Loe you”…..OMG, really….IDK what he said to his family, but he did tell me I try too hard as a gf…..and this is the man who chased after me…..PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    Yes, I do want him to want me……Ive read that ignoring doesnt help this zodiac ….

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