How to turn a Virgo man on

VirgoOn the surface, Virgo is the sign of chastity. However, Virgo is no virgin. This sign relates to the archetype of the Sacred Prostitute, as well as the myth of Persephone and Demeter, in which Demeter’s daughter was raped and abducted by Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

Virgo is concerned with integrity, with keeping “clean.” Of course, when literalized this looks like obsessive-compulsive scrubbing and organizing. But in a deeper sense, Virgo wants his or her sexuality to be aligned with the intention to serve and be respectful of the body. This desire can manifest in a “master-slave” relationship, but the true Master is not the Dominatrix, but Goddess.

Virgo realizes that sexuality is a bridge to higher consciousness (Pisces), and that the body is a vessel of Spirit. With this in mind, it is easy to define what turns a Virgo off: any type of sex in which he feels that the bodies involved are not treated with the deepest respect. Being used, abused, shamed … a Virgo may fall into the dark recesses of sex, but it is these wounds that propel him towards a higher expression of his sexuality. Techniques that connect the two worlds are more important than those that impress for ego’s sake.

So dress as a schoolgirl if you want …

Comment below: How have you managed to turn a Virgo man on?

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  1. Ms Williams I think you are in love. I also believe that your Virgo man may need some time to think / analyse the marriage that appears to have been recently finalized. Even if the process has been long going it is not until now when he has all the pieces of the puzzle that he can analyse and have some lessons learnt from that experience. Also very important, Virgos are perfectionnist so obviously this divorce can be perceived as failure to him and it will take for him to come to terms with it. Sometimes, we Virgos have difficulties coming to terms with this things, so we put them on the backburner until we feel we are ready both emotionally and mentally to dissect the situation and what went wrong. I suggest you give him some time to think, be less available so he is forced to go through thsi process and move on to the next relationship.

  2. Ms. McKenzie says:

    I am in love with a virgo man, things are very complicated, I being a pisces, which also don’t help matters because the virgo in question just don’t really understand me, This virgo man and I began talking again after 25 yrs. of not seeing eachother, we were teens when we last seen eachother, he had been married as I was when we began talking, we were only talking as friends, and things began to change after a month or so of talking, he seemed to be very interested and very open with me, and then one day he said we need to slow down.. at least I know I do.. and for a few months he really did not talk to me, other than an occasional hello, and telling me were still friends, Then two weeks ago he asked me to meet up with him, and I agreed… I just hugged him, and he said wow you smell really good, and began kissing me, things went a little further than I was expecting but did not go all the way because I stopped it, The virgo male left saying nothing, and had not talked to me in anyway for about a week even though I had sent his messages he never replied. then yesterday he was talking to me, not really saying much other than forget about that night that it was over and we were still friends, and he did not hate me for what had… or had not happened… anyway what do you think? Do I still stand a chance with this virgo male? I really do want him, but like I said it has been years since we have been together in person… what should I do?

  3. prettypisces says:

    Sex With Virgo~

    As time progresses, sex with Virgo becomes more and more sensual. These are not the type of people who will engage in a one night stand, they are too reserved and prudish for that. Expect sex to be direct and straightforward, no fancy moves, places or games. Virgo is not a highly sexed zodiac sign and does not place much importance on it, if anything they consider sex to be gross and dirty. Once a relationship is solid, Virgo is willing to experiment a little bit with techniques and foreplay but like everything else involving a Virgo, it takes time to develop once all the advantages and disadvantages have been thoroughly weighed out.

  4. Hi prettypisces do not entirely agree with the one night stands, we are not that prudish…but one night stands are one night stands and just do not expect a relationship…in the beginning as you have just said we tend to be to the point when it comes to sex, but we are adventurous with time.

    Hi Ms. McKenzie, if I understand correctly you are both available now, meaning not in any other relationships. Right? If this is the case, in my experience there is an attraction between Pisces and Virgo probably due to them being opposite signs. In my case, this relationship did not work in the long term (it actually only lasted a couple of months). It was very frustrating as you said we do not understand each other and having to compromise/understand all the time gets frustrating…I cannot tell you how things are for Pisces but for Virgo Pisces’ are too exhuberant and tend to be very intense in the beginning, which is a bit destabilizing for us.

    i wish you the best of luck!

  5. Interested Aquarius says:

    Ms. McKenzie, you are part of a cultural phenomenon called “reunited lost loves” — Dr. Nancy Kalish of California State University is at the forefront of this phenomenon, but others have jumped on the bandwagon because it’s such an interesting and growing phenomenon.

    Dr. Kalish found that when young lovers are reunited after a period of at least 5 years — and in her research you found lost loves that were reunited after 30, 40 and 50 years — the attraction between the lost lovers is so intense that it wreaks havoc on existing relationships. She warns people who are in marriages to stay away from lost loves because the attraction is that powerful.

    She found that people who reunited — even after 40 years — fell in love almost instantaneously — one couple married after 2 weeks. The attraction between the lovers is NOT a fantasy, or an “idealization” of the lost love or a midlife crisis. IT IS REAL LOVE. It happens almost immediately after reuniting and 72% of the reunions are successful 10 years later — versus 40-50% of other marriages. The reunion is characterized by intensely emotions and, believe it or not, intense sexuality (yes, even for those in their 60’s and 70’s). The feelings are so intense that it typically takes over the person like a rollercoaster — some likened it to fireworks. Dr. Kalish says it is something over which the two people have NO control. Some have likened it to “imprinting” — and some research suggests that when teenagers fall in love, these first feelings of love and the raging hormones that accompany it “imprint” on the teenager’s psyche, and in many ways this first love governs that teenager’s love life for decades to come. This is a very new research area, but already it is transforming the way scientists view “love” in the teenage years. Lost loves who find each other report that they feel like they are teenagers again, and the intensity of the feelings is the same as when they were teenagers (as opposed to being more sober and reserved the older we get).

    When Dr. Kalish first started researching reunited lost loves in the early 90’s, most of the reunions were between first loves who had been separated by circumstances — such as teenagers whose families moved away. In the early 1990’s, most of the reunited loves found each other after searching via snail mail and telephone. It was almost always the man who instigated the reunion. First loves — as opposed to “lost loves” — have a success rate of 78%.

    However, Dr. Kalish has found something much more ominous in the 2000’s — after internet — with and facebook. Couple are finding each other much easier, and when one of the pair is married and the other isn’t, the results are almost always tragic. Either the marriage is wrecked and an innocent spouse is deeply hurt (as well as children) or the unattached lost love is devastated. Remember, the feelings of being a teenager return, and the pain is infiintely worse than if you are an adult who is shunned. You feel just like a 16-year-old getting dumped.

    You can trust that your “lost love” does love you. Remember, this love is real. And you can trust that he doesn’t have any more control over it than you do. But….you need some help. Google “reunited lost love” and find Dr. Kalish’s site. There is a forum there where you can get help and advice from others who have gone through what you are going through. Trust me, you are going to need some help, no matter whether he leaves his wife or not.

    Good luck.

  6. Interested Aquarius says:

    I re-read your message and see that you are both available. WHOOPEE! I’m sure that he, as a Virgo, is probably completely confused by his feelings. (I’m in a “reunited first love” relationship, and I was very confused — until I did the research and realized the feelings were natural.)

    Why don’t you do some research, print it out, and then show it to him? Once he understands that reunited lost loves MOVE VERY, VERY FAST, then he won’t be so frightened by the speed and won’t need to “slow things down.”

    Trust me, once you and he accept what is happening, you will be very happy. Virgo men are just extra careful and don’t trust what they don’t understand. Give him some real research and help him to understand what is happening.

    Good luck.

  7. MisterJay says:

    The way a woman would know what turns a Virgo man on would depend on his whole astrological chart, especially his Venus and Mars as well as communicating with him on that subject. I’m a Virgo man with my Venus in Virgo in the 6th House and Mars in Scorpio in the 8th House.

  8. Could I get some Virgos (I welcome all, but definitely men) to help me interpret this Virgo-speak please? I’m an Aries woman and my Virgo guy & I are developing (his word). Of course, being as direct as I am, I have no problem articulating what I think of him in a way that’s complimentary but not overboard. In our convo’s, he never has a problem saying that ‘I love so & so’ when he’s talking about people he likes. Very free-flowing.

    However, I asked him his thoughts about me & he tells me that he doesn’t know yet. Huh? Mind you, I wasn’t asking for declarations of love or anything, just in general. We have great convos, he’s trusting me more, and there’s definite chemistry. He told me (his words) ‘I might be a friend for life’…ummm….not just a friend Honey! I’m waiting for you to catch up! He’s my case study for patience! Lol!

    Help a sister out!

  9. EmeraldeyedVIRGO says:

    It sounds like he is testing you. Virgos are extremely patient and we expect our partners to be the same way. I’m a virgo woman with a virgo man… we are very much in love but so much alike and so critical/analytical at times we tend to bump heads. When he says he might be a friend for life… how does he say it? That sounds like something a virgo would say in a flirty way… I can almost picture it. lol. If so that’s good and like I said he is probably just testing/warming up to you. It sounds like he is definitely interested.. I think he is just building his trust with you… which is something that can take us virgos a while to do. 🙂

  10. your article was very intresting to read! I am a taurus with gemini/venus and my man is a virgo with leo/venus.. we havnt been dating long yet.. but so far we seem to get along very very well in the bedroom.. and this does seem to pertain very much to his love-style.. my question is do you think the two of us will always be like this.. with our venuses considered??

  11. my virgo man is may husband we been apart because he had to work overseas for 3 and half years we face so many trials mis understanding , specially he had time to communicate and i always tell him is faults.. for that time he become close to his co-employee he had relationship with her and had a child.. he did want to be confronted and tell the truth,, it hurts i tot even im not with him he value are family and he will be loyal no matter what.. i want to fix things up.. how can i take him back,, what will i do to put are trust together and his love be stronger than before.. times y?he always criticize me , and dont accept his fault, he doesnt know how to say sorry and he thinks he his always right can i tame him even we are far from each other.. specially when his dissapointed or angry

  12. The Bull Stops here says:

    How to turn a Virgo Man On?

    Don’t do it in the bedroom.
    Do it in the Office.
    You want to really turn him on
    Ask him about his work
    Bring Lunch or in many cases Dinner to
    his work.
    This is how you get him, if you want to
    get a Virgo Man.
    Want to make his day and very possibly yours too!
    Ask him about work. It’s that easy.
    So easy in fact, that I feel ashamed when
    I use this tactic to arouse everything else
    in him. And if you say his work is sexy,
    get ready to get naked.
    His love drug is his work.
    Sorry it’s not you, it’ll be part you
    but not all of you. You have you.
    If there is a faster way to a Virgo Mans
    heart it’s “Go to Virgo’s work Day”
    If your in his work your in his life.
    Bottom line, after that all else
    just falls into place.
    But there will be some guilt on
    your side for how easy it is.
    In the end, you’ll have to decided
    if you respect him, which well…
    you probably will.
    If he’s not employed, run
    for your life, idleness in the
    hands of a Virgo is a train wreck.
    Besides he won’t respect you
    or anyone if he’s not working.
    If you meet him and he’s not
    working and then he finds employment
    chances are he still won’t respect
    you and may indeed leave you, thinking
    you pretty low on the pole for
    dating a loser like he was.

  13. @Jqueen
    Yep, I can only agree with Emerald… How are you and him going now?
    He’s probably just testing you. Virgo’s are very slow movers. But once they have your trust (which you seem to have – “a friend for life”) they will explode with passion. You might start to become sick of it!
    Aries and Virgo can be hard to work out so good luck!

  14. Ok so I need some advice, please!

    I met my “virguy” this past November. We met online… not a dating website though! We actually started off as just friends who would webcam chat/email one another because I was going through a breakup at the time. He defnitely started off as the pursuer. But as time went on, I realized that we have a ton in common and this amazing natural chemistry. Shortly after my ex (Taurus – never again!) & I broke up, it was clear things were progressing because I guess we just both knew that it was “okay” for us to allow things to progress. Whereas before he would try to pursue but I kept saying “no” because I was going through a breakup.

    Anyways! Things were great for a while. We shared a ton with one another about our interests, our lives, our daily happenings, etc. He would make these little understated comments about that hinted at the relationship being long-term. I’ve never really been overly affectonate with him, but I tell him that I think he’s awesome, hot, etc on a somewhat regular basis… because I genuinely feel that & that’s about as “emotional” as I get being a reserved Cap. Well, recently he started becoming a bit detached and I started having less and less webcam time with him. He has been super busy with work and some other personal things – and I’m being super-patient because I feel like what we have is worth being patient for. About 2 weeks ago I found out I’m getting a lot of money back from taxes and told him I wanted to come and visit him (we live in different countries and this would be our first time going beyond the webcam)… and at first he just said “not now because i’m too busy” then when I countered with “ok well let’s plan a date so that i can book my flight” he came back with something like “if we’re going to take it to that level we really have to figure out how this is going to work – how the pieces of the puzzle will fit together.” (He’s always referring to things as “pieces of a puzzle”. ) And he said he would send me a well thought out e-mail to tell me what he thinks we should do as far as “taking it to that level” or whatever and I still havent gotten one and haven’t chatted with him via webcam in three weeks. We still e-mail back and forth every day, but I’m just gettig really tired and frustrated because I love and care for this guy & what we have and I feel like he’s just waning. I’m not needy, or extremely emotional. There are times when I have issues with him and I let him know, but I always do it in a very respectful way because I hate arguing/conflict/etc so I like to make “disagreements” somewhat “business-like”, if you will.

    I just don’t know how to interpret all of this, esp since I feel like he’s sending me mixed signals. I have even told him “look if you don’t wanna do this anymore just let me know”, but he claims he does, so I don’t know. I have kept myself open to other guys, but have been totally faithful to him and haven’t felt this connection with any other guy I’ve come into contact with since he & I met back in November.

    Help, please! How do I interpret this all? I don’t wanna be pushy with him but I also am becoming drained from feeling conflicted.

  15. I dated a Virgo man.

    Here are some helpful hints to turn on a virgo man:

    take a bath.
    shave everything.
    and pounce him.

  16. Sexy school girls are all the rage right now. What is it with men and sexy school girls anyway? Is it a sublimation of perversion? What ever it is, I tell you it’s working.

  17. Karamelgodiva says:

    I am a taurus woman in love with a virgo man live together for 3 years when I met him he was in love with a virgo woman but for what ever reason they broke up he said she slept with his brother the first time we met we were 14 years old damn we met again in our early thirty’s I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning I did a lot of pushing him away then he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend the virgo when he came back to our town he told me we were no longer together and that he did love her and confirm some of the things she said he said we would only be cordial because of my daughter but he won’t move out of my house and he helps me most of the time I love him completely but he says we will no the dating in this immediate future we have not had sex in over a year I told him over
    a year ago I want it’s only sleep with my husband he does everything a man should do for a woman except sleep with me I’m hurt about his cheating I’m patient with the relationship but I’m hurtin be down with in cuz the man I feel I’m in love with completely something is hindering up for moving forward I cook I clean I make life easy 4 him he works I praise him about work lately we have gotten closer but not as close as I would like it to be we went from his clothes in the bags in the living room to being in the dresser in the bedroom he would not step foot in my room now he’s in there all the time watching movies with me and my daughter I just love him so much and truly wish that we could have another chance I would do anything happy I endured a lot of hurt as well as dishing it out keyword is he won’t leave but he claims to not want to be with me I need help and my love him is as pure as fresh fallen snow
    everytime he needs me I’m there he cheated on me but he didn’t have enough money to get home and I had to help him after you cheated on but I did it cuz I love his birthday was a few after he came home and I still through him a party I have been loyal and loving please somebody tell me what the must I do this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with

  18. Isabella says:

    hey there i just slept with a 46 yearold virgo(man),he hasnot texted we met online and went to a hotel,had a fling lol (onenight stand.) i am 21 dont judge anywho i texted him and he said he worked over time and couldnot hookup … havent heard from him in 1 week why?

  19. Beautasialovely says:

    Hello everyone. I’ve been seeing a virgo man for about 5 years. We have not gotten past the just ” hang out and have sex stage”. I felt that the virgo man really liked me in the beginning. We would eat out of each other’s plates and share each other’s cups. But then i made a mistake; i slept with one of his friend. The virgo was very mad and furious with me. He treated me like shit for a few years. He tried to sleep with my friends, he cussed me out , had his ex girlfriend to cuss me out . He even tried to set up a threesome and get me to fuck another one of his friends. When i didnt do it; he said ” im glad you didn’t sleep with him. Fast forward to now, i go long periods of time without talking to him or seeing him and he still can never really let me go. I just saw him again labor day, and we talked. He asked me ” whats so s pecial about me , do you think im attractive. We took turns saying what we liked about each other. He told me a lil bit about his child hood.. Im just wondering whats’ going on withme and him ? Can anybody tell me ?

  20. Ms. McKenzie, Interested Aquarius is ABSOLUTELY 100 percent correct. I, too, am reuniting with a Virgo I dated from the age of 15 to 18 – nearly 28 years ago. We were never really in a committed relationship, although I would have agreed in an instant. I dated other boys and My Virgo (who I was madly in love with) dated (and “messed around”) with every girl in town. But, we always managed to see each other and hang out as a couple every so often. It was like we could not stay away from each other. He isn’t the typical loyal Virgo, either. He’s very good-looking and extremely charming and girls and women of all ages still constantly throw themselves at him. I knew I’d never pin him down and I eventually moved away from our small town to Miami and got a degree and now work as legal aid to a Judge and Army Colonel. He stayed in that small town in the southern Appalachians and is now a carpenter and part time cowboy. Our lives could not be more different. I’m happily married and deeply in love with my husband. My Virgo just got out of a difficult, six year relationship.

    All that aside, he asked his mother to look me up on Facebook. He is NOT tech savvy and couldn’t even retrieve text messages! Anyway, his mother liked me best out of all of his girlfriends so she hunted me down. She messaged me her cell number and I decided to call her one day. That day just happened to be when My Virgo was there. I think I was on the phone with his mother for a whole ten seconds before My Virgo demanded the phone. That was just over two months ago and we have not stopped talking since. I love him. He loves me. And I have not laid eyes on him in 27 years.

    Although we live very different lives, we are very much alike. We agree on important things like religion, politics, morals and ethics. We like the same foods, sleep the same way, like the same movies, books and songs. We are both outdoorsy and adventurous. And we both think sex is better than air. Oh…..and we could happily dust and clean and polish together all day long because I’m one of those rare OCD Libras.

    I’m seeing him in four weeks. We’re spending ten days together, horseback riding, hiking, camping, and I’m going to watch him race his stock car! Me! At a race track! And I’m so excited I cannot stand it. Neither can he. We are both going to get our hearts seriously broken because I will never leave my husband. But, I’m madly in love with My Virgo. The feelings I have for him are way too intense to be mere lust or a desperate grasp of the past. No…..this is much, much, more. I have never felt like this about anyone. I have to see him. I can’t not see him. Something has brought us together after all these years and my mother always told me that it is better to regret the things you did do than regret the things you didn’t. So I’m going.

    I have no intentions of leaving my husband. He worships me and I love him with my heart and soul. I could never do that to him. But, I have to see My Virgo. Even if it causes us both tremendous heartache, I have to see him. My Virgo feels the same way. If we do not see each other, we will spend the rest of our lives thinking, “What if…..?”

    Oh! And how do I turn My Virgo on? Since I’m limited to the phone and texting and the occasional picture, I describe in exquisite detail all the things I’m going to do to him when I get there. And GOD I cannot wait to get there!!!

  21. Christie says:

    My Virgo man loves to serve me and he does it very well. In fact he wants me to assertively take from him whatever I want in the bedroom which I find very unnatural. He also wants me to tease him. I like to be taken care of by a man. Perhaps that’s the Taurus in me. I’ll work up to it one day but I will need to research first because I honestly don’t know what to do!

  22. PausingVirgo says:

    As a virgo male who stumbled upon this by accident, I will say that we do enjoy some foreplay. Foreplay is fun. We enjoy being teased and like a woman with a lot of fire in them, especially in bed. However, we can take a while to actually GET to the bed. Sometimes we simply need time away from the person to think over our thought independantly. Often we get “distracted” and wander off for a couple years. But as far as sex goes; we love a teasing flirt who also loves us, and “playing the naughty schoolgirl” is a win.

  23. TalentedVirgoMale says:

    Ms Mckenzie… the reason he left and didnt say much is because he had things planned out in his mind on how they were going to go.. and when things didnt gp down the way he planned he got upset but prolly didnt show it because he dosnt like to show signs of weakness. But if u turned him down sexually and he showed signs of distance between u and just recently said hi, or is still communicating with u.. thats a good sign he is at least still sexually interested in you and u should feel special cuz its hard fotr a virgo man to be sexually interested in many people at all…. but if u keep turning him down he will lose more and more interest in u… but may or may not keep u in his little list in his mind of people he’d sleep with.

  24. Tumika Harris says:

    I have a Virgo boyfriend & we’ve been together for a year. We’ve known each other for about 10 & he’s 3 years younger than I. 26/29 I’m a Leo. We live together kind’ve by default. I still have my own place I’m just always at his & if I go home he follows…We’ve had minor issues nothing too major & we do love each other even though we don’t say it much we show lots of it to each other but not over bearing. We have sex every night & mostly more than once, if I move or change my position while I’m sleep it’s on. I shower & come to bed nude, he sleeps in clothes but wants me nude. I love his dominance in the bedroom & he’s a freak! He caresses me all night & if I’m laying in a way that he can’t feel me or if he just so happen to realize I’m not on his chest or under him, he positions me. It took a while for me to get use to him controlling my body at night but I’m used to it now. We aren’t perfect & he did take his time telling me how he felt about me but he shows me so much love & support I don’t have to be verbally praised by him. The way he love me, the way he look at me the way we understand each other is amazing. Now for the not so good about my Virgo, he is territorial, he always thinks he’s right about everything even when he’s wrong because he don’t like apologizing. We’ve gone about 4 days tops without sex & that’s when we’re not seeing eye to eye on something, once we resolve it, he’s all over me & I mean like he’ll stop everything make me turn my phone off & it’s show time for him that’s when he says sorry, he apologizes during sex. He has a high libido so whenever we’re alone he attacks me & I love every bit of it. I’ll take a sorry during some really good sex lol

  25. Ahaan…:P

  26. I am a Scorpio and in love with a Virgo man.. but I have a problem cause I can’t communicate with him 100% cause when I am hurt I just keep quiet and I won’t say a word and I feel like he is not aware of his mistakes. at times when I talk to him he seems like he understands me but again we will be back to square one.

  27. I’m a Virgo he’s a Virgo will this work?

  28. Pisces girl13 says:

    I am a Pisces having sex with a married Virgo and he is amazing. He is the most considerate, romantic lover I’ve ever had. The way he locks eyes with me while making love is something I’ve never had a man do. In fact it took a while to get used to it because I’m so used to other men who just aren’t like that. He will do anything to please me and often will ask if he has satisfied me, once I said no… he started over. I know he loves me, he tells me he does sometimes yet he won’t leave his wife and constantly worries about cheating on her.. I just don’t understand how we can have such an intense connection and he doesn’t want to be with me. He told me he’s never felt this way about anyone so what is the hold up? He is so confusing.

  29. Yikes pisces girl 13 . How old are you ? Listen to yourself you are bragging about sleeping with a married man? He will never leave his wife and he is using you. Once the lust is over he will dump you. This is text book . sides when you are married one day and getting older how would you like it if your husband cheated on you ? Remember what kind of real man would cheat on his wife? Someone with no integrity.

  30. I enjoyed reading the comments left and decided to leave a little something. I was previously in a long term relationship with a Virgo man that I was friends with for 14 years. I am a Pisces woman and I adored him. Eventually he lost his job and fell into a depression that as “The Bull stops here” said he lost respect for me and his family and kept calling himself a loser. We broke up got back together several times. Only to never really move forward. I informed him that I had changed and moved on. I met another Virgo man who wanted to be my friend but I tried every way possible to fight it. 2 years in I fell in love with him. He was like no one I had dated before even the previous Virgo had nothing on him. He had a preference and I wasn’t it. Yet my confidence did not keep from believing that one day he would be mine. 5 months ago I fell ill and wound up in intensive care and he changed. I knew something was different but wasn’t sure. He was very upset that he couldn’t get in contact with me when I was first admitted to the hospital and made it clear to never let it happen again. I was hospitalized a day before my birthday. He left a singing message which brought me to tears because no man had ever sang to me. He started flirting and wanting to talk to me more and more to the point of us talking 3 times a day. It has been 4 years and my Virgo gave me what I’ve always wanted him. I am totally in love with him and would not change one thing about the way we got to this point. Patience is the main ingredient and friendship brought me through. Wow 4 years went by so fast now I am looking forward to any and everything else life has in store for me and him. Good luck to anyone in love with a Virgo Man they are truly a gift sent down from heaven.

  31. Pisces girl13 says:

    I am 32 years old. Never been married, no kids. But you were right, he did dump me once the lust wore off. Everything he told me was a lie and he never told his wife of course. I really want to tell her now that I feel so used. Stupid me, I really thought we would ride off into the sunset together.. HA lesson learned!

  32. Your young and have a lot to learn. It was exactly what you called it a one night stand. He took advantage of the situation that you presented. Honestly I would question if he was really a Virgo.

  33. Your whole message has been about how you have bent over backwards to accommodate him but I heard nothing about why he’s so wonderful. What has he done for you and your daughter? Why did you feel the need to stay after he cheated? There is a big difference between love and low self-esteem. A relationship is never one sided it takes two people working together for one common goal. You have a daughter who will follow in your foot steps. Think seriously about your situation and if your daughter was experiencing this as a woman. What advice would you give her. A Virgo in love gives whole heartedly he doesn’t suck every drop of life out of you. Wake up and give yourself a chance to find true love. Unless you left information out about this man I don’t see a bright future ahead.

  34. Sleeping with his friend was a big no no and honestly even though its been some years. I think he still wants to make you pay for what you did. He may genuinely care but I can’t see him putting his heart on the line again. My question to you is if everything was so lovely in the beginning. Why did you sleep with someone else. Sounds like it is more to this story. Virgo’s never forget portrayal and even when they get revenge they are still not satisfied. I would not look for anything more than a friendship.

  35. Hi, Libra well #1 I am gravely concerned because your repetition of not leaving your husband sounded like you were trying hard to convince yourself. You are married and you took a sacred vowel when you married. You say you love your husband but do you really. In order to do that you first have to know what love really is. ” I can’t not see him” A cop out. Now my words are probably too late but if the shoe was on the other foot. How would you feel if your husband felt this way about another woman. Love is not a game. Love is not to be toyed with. You throw the word around like it’s nothing. Where is your loyalty to your husband? You are not a child you know right from wrong yet this nonchalant attitude you carry is so childish. It is not acceptable to cheat. All the beautiful pictures you are painting are in your head of this man because if it was as perfect as you said it were. You wouldn’t of married another.Wake up before its too late.

  36. Why would he leave his wife he’s getting the best of both worlds. Most likely this is not the first time he stepped out on his wife. I wonder sometimes why women think sexing someone else’s man is right. His wife is not the problem. She was there from the beginning. You are presenting the problem. And in the end the person that will hurt the most is you. Where is your dignity the pride and confidence in yourself. Are you that hard up that you couldn’t find a single man. Sleeping with a married man is always a bad decision. The sad part about this whole ordeal is that you seem to think you’ve done no wrong. Don’t allow lust to give you a lifetime of misery.

  37. Hi there I am a Taurus in love with a Virgo man (cop) he has been single for 15 years because if what his ex did to him and when he texts to hang out we hang out at his house we never had sex (I won’t do it yet) but I did however give him oral sex. We did kiss for the first time a few weeks ago and I lay on his chest and he has now started to rub my back. My problem is he always has is always on his phone I was with him last night and someone just kept texting him continuously. I also know he wants to take his dad to see a wrestling show I bought the tickets for him out if kindness of my heart and told him I did.. We are not in a relationship.. I do want to be in a relationship with him.. Any advice??

  38. DifferentBreed says:

    Indeed!!! Totally agree, I’m a Libra and I wound Neverrrrrrrr… But I love a Virgo so I get that to lol but wrong baby girl on soooooo many levels.. #Loyalty

  39. I’ve been dating a Virgo Man for about a month now. I have never met a guy so compatible. He is a hard worker, introvert and OCD. I’ve read the Virgo horoscope and recently found out we are compatible but as far as being slow to love and wanting to take things slow, he is not at all that person. He has already asked me to marry him and we haven’t had sex or stayed the night with each other. He tells me all the things he will and want to do to me sexually and OMG yes yes yes it turns me on but again I’m a Capricorn I don’t like to move into things quickly, but sh#% it seems like we are both on the same vibration cause I totally want the same he’s intellectual we talk all day, even text and call during work and I’m not mad at it. We talk on the phone for hours sometimes falling asleep. We’ve both been in long relationships before and also married and divorced but this feeling is it lust or love so soon. Deep inside I tell myself why not YOLO. I wanted to tell him I loved him so bad last night and stuttered, but I promise he read my mind and said I love you too. He said he’s never met anyone as myself before and that he would never let anything happen to me and will be the man he know I need and desire. I just melted. I told him he is not his sign and he’s dated Capricorn’s before but they were tomboys and I’m so much different.

  40. MissPriss says:

    Patience…. No lie.. U either accept the virgo man as he is . He doesn’t bend! Unless u have given him reason to do otherwise.
    You dont.
    It feels extremely complicated…
    But ultimately . ..
    It boils down to if he’s worth it…
    If u have a Virgo…
    U are definitely worth everything to him.

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