How to keep the interest of a Leo man

If you keep paying attention to your Leo man, he ought to stay interested. He just wants an adoring audience. His ruling planet is the Sun, and imagine how our star would feel if no planets revolved around it? What’s the point of all that gravitational pull if you can’t draw anything into your field? Why emit all that warmth if there are no bodies to benefit from its fire?

You see, the Sun wants to shine its light upon you, but only if you promise to keep orbiting. You should have enough momentum to not get sucked into its flames and burned alive, but not be so big and powerful that you’re a competing star.

If you can master that, he’ll love you even if you’re demoted.

Comment below: How do you keep your Leo man interested?

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  1. @crazygemini02

    Hello! Well that is weird that nobody knows nothing about his outside life? I mean we are the silent type , but men must be way worse then the women for sharing! And remember we are introverts, so if people dont ask direct questions , then we dont really share. As for the slow and steady thing it is a clear sign that 1 he respects you, and 2 we are slightly old fashioned in our approach to romance so it means he has been thinking about you for a while! So both are very good signs! We do not go out of our way to know you, or take the time to build up that sexual chemistry ( almost like a Leo) if we don’t “feel” it. The fact he sent you some ” good” texts means he is now ready to start moving faster , and he’s now engaging in some serious flirting. So he is ready to “cross” that line it seems to me. So as frustrating as it is for you to be patient with this slow bull, it will all be worth it once you connect. We hate suprises , so you can’t just jump him and hope for the best, he has to make the moves on you. But you can help it along by not looking away when you lock eyes. Make him look away first if you can, that non verbal cue SPEAKS VOLUMES TO US! It shows your interested, and you are not some timid girl who might or might not be him. Laugh lots and touch his arm when your laughing, and the biggest thing for me is to actually find someone I can sit with and not talk to. It doesn’t mean I’m mad, sad or upset . We just like to be alone, but if others are around and we are silent don’t worry, nothing is wrong. And when he says something , if its a sexual innuendo just look at him smile ,and raise your eyebrows up and say ” interesting”! And that’s it! If it goes on then say ….. Well ” show me” I like the sound of it! Less is best, we are totally sexual and passionate people, like I said Venus is our planet. ( that’s why I think my Leo stuck around, no chit chat , all raw emotions and somebody who isn’t constantly calling or wanting to control him) . As a Taurus we like GOOD FOOD, so if you guys go out to pick up lunch or grab a bite to eat make it something better then a burger, unless that’s what he likes. Find out what he likes in music, or if he likes sports, I like most outside activites once I actually get out of the house.. LoL ! Love the beach, and swimming, boating , even walking, also like skiing, snowboarding, and skating. So he may have some intrest in outdoor activities being an earth sign. It’s just getting us out to do it that’s half the battle! Once out we love it! So flirt like a maniac with your non verbal cues and he will not be able to resist you for long! Look up some funny jokes to tell him , or some news worthy story, we love to listen to others abd have them make us feel good. so as long as your doing the talking we are fine with that. Also nice smelling people attract us as well, I’m sure I mentioned that I have never been attracted to anybody’s natural smell. :(. But there is a first time for everything and my Leo is it! Any time I get close to him and or he passes by it makes my body do things that I don’t understand! I even once went to his locker and smelt it! I know creepy! And when we are together I actually do smell him, but as creepy as it is he lets me do it! Because he KNOWS how it affects me….. In a good way for him lol!
    As for my Leo , well I’m not sure I want to go back into a relationship that doesn’t exist. I am so passionate and full of sexual energy and he is not fulfilling this in me, oh let’s not diminish what he does to me!!! But when we first , first hooked up I really wasn’t sure what was going on, or where it would go, and in essence we set the tone of this affair. As in no kissing, no sex, and no dating… Huuum ! Not what a Taurus is looking for at all! I am not on the pill, and he refused to wear a condom. So the few times we had brief “encounters” were stressful. I have been waitting for 8 months for him to say I should go on the pill, but nope… Which leads me to think maybe he has a girlfriend somewhere and as long as full on sex is not involved he may not see it as “cheating” . And the no kissing is driving me mad! It’s a sure sign of not wanting to become emotionally involved with me, I have made him kiss me a few times and it made me crazy! And he could tell how much it turned me on, but he’s still not willing to make me happy in that way. The fact that I won’t just go on the pill on my own just shows my stubborn streak, why should I if you don’t want me to is my feeling! And there again is a red flag! What guy wants to fool around with a woman who is not on birth control and they are okay with it!? My guy Taurus friend always tells me he’s Gay, I think not, but god that would be the worst experience ever if I found something like that out! I am definately going back on full IGNORE . I didn’t like the way he treated me before the holidays, and if I don’t get a text tomorrow or anytime in between now and jan 2nd …. Well I’m gonna try my damnedest to avoid him and end it. At least our old non relationship , relationship. I would be willing to try only if things change otherwise …nope! I need more then just a casual affair, and in essence we are , or he is keeping me from finding somebody else who wants a “life” with me . I would hate to find out that he has been in a relationship all this time ,and then find out he’s getting MARRIED or somrthing!

  2. @Superstar

    I totally agree that not getting a holiday wish would be low and the end all for me…..I am not expecting to hear from mine……but I dont care either lol. I get the smell thing…I dated a guy for a while and after we broke up i slept with a hoodie of his he left here…..weird, but it was what it was……Leos are sexy creatures so I totally dig why you can’t resist him……even my taurus I cant necessarily understand why i like him….its his swag i guess….something about his eyes and the way he looks at me……does it every time.

    I’ve read your tips and luckily I feel a TON better today but I am tired… i may not be my usually witty self tonight with taurus but that’s ok., I’m kinda hoping he has a little gift for me….sometimes he brings me coffee or a tea….and I’ve heard thats a huge thing for tauruses.

    I have a long 16 hours ahead, all with a woman I had to refer to my boss for harassment….its gonna be a blast!! i look forward to talking with ya!

  3. w….t….f.. Taurus didn’t take *one* break with me. I asked him twice when he was going and he told me opposite tim1es than when he went….the first time he was busy but this time he is not busy…..none of us are. he’s quiet claiming to be tired but he’s totally avoiding me. w.. t…f…?

    merry Christmas BTW

  4. @crazygemini02

    Merry Xmas! Well that is weird to say the least about the Taurus was avoiding you. Definitely a girlfriend in the closet is my gut reaction. When I was flirting with the Aries , and BTW the flirty behavior started almost the same time between the Leo and aries( gotta love those fire signs) . It’s just the Leo took a huge leap of faith and jumped me first. But I was still attracted to the Aries at that time ( and still have a attraction to him). So when the Aries was hitting on me , I guess I was leading him on at the same time I was with the Leo… But both had been ” nice” to me for months, as in starting to hang around , helping me out lots at work , and just making small comments that had some sexual undertones. So I knew that they both liked me, and my Taurus guy friend ( who used to bring me coffee , lol , cause I think he liked me as well) told the Leo as just in a casual jokey way that this Aries had a crush on me. ( I didn’t find this out till later) well the next thing I knew the Leo upped his game on me! And remember these two are friends, inside and outside of work. So anytime the Aries was around me the Leo would show up! Anyways what I am getting at is I enjoyed these sexually charged encounters with both. And as much as I LIKE /LOVE my Leo , I can’t stop flirting with the Aries. The Aries and I hooked up twice , while I was with the Leo…. Why ? I couldn’t tell you. That damn Venus planet of Love! So I have two powerful men I am attracted to, and even though I really like one I never pushed the Aries away. After we hooked up the Aries had like two weeks off , then went to another shift and I didn’t see him for almost a month! I think he didn’t know what to do after that and I have not been around him or pursued anything more. But I know I would still flirt with him, and that would be leading him on again…. So where I’m going with this is he most definitely likes you , but he’s got things going on behind the scenes FOR SURE! And he is just trying to over come the guilt or whatever it is! He is trying to logically think his way through this situation and trust me there is no logic! when you like two people at once there IS NO LOGIC! you just have to chose which way to go. and somebody gets hurt. so if he moves forward with you , well what if it doesn’t work? then he has to see you all the time and the big thing is the ” magic” of flirting and the excitement of seeing each other will be gone. Cause I am hot/ cold. That’s why I can go from loving to IGNORE so fast. Like with the Aries after we hooked up I could tell things were not the same anymore! And it took a full month for him to feel comfortable around me . Since we are not big communicators it is easy for us to shut people out, and we also like to be alone. So this guy may be experiencing what I went through, being intreated in two people ( mine was a bit more risky since I was playing with Two Fires!) and trying to figure out which way to go. Weighing the options, consequences and what’s right. I know fooling around and leading two men on who were friends AND my bosses was dangerous , but I felt that once I had crossed that line with them I needed to walk the walk, and at least explore which one suited my needs. The Aries probably would have been better but I was hooked fully on the Leo…. So your Taurus living with a woman or having one is putting him in a bad place, he wants you , but has a slight problem! His girlfriend! Best to just put it out there , but in a text lol! Just say straight up to him……” So after months of flirting, and some chemistry between us I am confused as to your Hot/ then cold attitude towards me. Are you dating someone right now?” When my Leo texted me that he knew ( thanks to my Taurus friend) that this Aries was after me ” said HE FLIRTS AND WOULD PROBABLY DO SOMETHING AS WELL”! I had to be honest , because I would be stupid to think that they had never talked about me even once… I know this Leo ,and him having insider info that the Aries liked me, I can see him casually digging for info from the Aries which he did. Then used it on me… So I had to say yes I flirt with him and visa versa , but I’m not gonna sleep with him! And I didn’t. So your Taurus is stuck in my old situation, Messy for him! But if you ask he will have to tell you, cause you can’t avoid shit like that forever! And how do you just IGNORE that!? But yet he could ,lol, he could just start to avoid you, (my favorite trick to do to my Leo), and hope you just let it go. But if he’s intreated in you he would be back eventually, so him avoiding that question wouldn’t last for long.. Just short term escape. And if he does avoid, ignore well then you have your answer. We are not like the Leo though, we don’t mind confrontation, it either betters the situation, or not, but the end result is what we want ! To have it resolved! So it will either make him stop leading you on, or he will keep flirting with you and you will have to take charge. But you have to put it out there that his behavior is not EXactally normal to you. Yes we have pride, and are stubborn , but we also like calm and stable…. So if you confront him he will probably come clean. Cause after all this time he better start walking the talk , or step away! And you have a right to ask him at this point, once he sent you those texts, WELL he has put himself out there to you. And you have a right to know! Just like my Leo asking me about the Aries, at first I thought screw you , we’re in an affair, but then I seem that HE DID have a right to ask! And of course I avoided the question for a day, which made it look worse then it was, but in the end I was honest and admitted we were flirting. Apparently we/he got past that …lol . If your not gonna see him for a day or two send him the text today! Just say that your ” confused by the mixed signals he’s sending you, and is he seeing somebody!!!? Then just see what happens… Hey if you can work with a woman who harassed you, then your tough enough to find the truth! And really we Taurus”s like a little drama as well, one in a while lol, it breaks up our “stable steady life” gives us a little OMG now what do ! After five months of this flirtatious behavior , touching, bringing you coffee, yup you have a right to make him step out of his comfort zone. Good luck! And hope your shift with that b tch goes by FAST!

  5. hey!!!

    so I replied and for some reason my phone didn’t send it. this thing is being more and more of a pain with each passing day. I survived my double with the jerk, but I have that feeling theyre up to something. I am very intuitive and can read body language *very* well.

    so, Taurus talkers a little more yesterday and I’m fully prepared to say something, but my head says I should wait until the holidays are over. I think he was potentially embarrassed about the sexually based text he sent me, and perhaps I didn’t react as he wanted. Its not that I don’t want to sleep with him, but I don’t want to just sleep with him.

    Scorpio acted totally weird yesterday. he has been sick but texted me at 7am when.he got off asking if I wanted to come to his house (about 25 minutes away and involving a very steep hill) to have sex then leave. he never did write me and I got annoyed. he said he wanted companionship cuz he missed his ex. little background there……we dated two weeks. when we got along it was stellar, when we didn’t it was bad. I broke up with him after two weeks. he then met this chick and lied about it. e wasn’t really responding to me and claimed it was due to depression about family problems. finally it comes out that he’s got a girlfriend. she was white trash like no other. her Facebook picture shows obvious track marks on her hands, and she has a pretty extensive record……..I told him about her record and I was the bad guy. i also told him he was a douche for yelling at his ex wife for dating a black man, because according to him he’s automatically a felon…..I told him that the black guy has a few far less serious charges from a LOng time ago and he’s dating a girl with a violent past…. but its ok, cuz she is white??? turns out he found out she wasn’t honest to him (I know, a junkie would never lie……LOL) and he dumped her. so he missed her and was depressed about spending the holiday alone….and wanted my vagina ad a distraction.

    ok, the question is did your Leo text you?! how was your holiday? its storming bad here in PA so ill be up for a while probably stuck at work. wbs!

  6. @crazygemini02

    Hey you! Well that Scorpio sounds like a bad dude! Stay the heck away from that guy! And what the heck is wrong with Black people? That’s so closed minded, to say the least about him. Maybe blacks are not the same as they are here, i dont know. But i was married to a black man and my children are black, there is no difference in color where we live, (and i am white). So attitudes like that just mean he’s a low life and the girl he hooked up with sounds atrocious as well. I cant believe that he wanted to just have sex. and then wanted you to leave after? Plus he actually said he missed his ex and wanted you to take her place in his bed! Wow thats so cruel and mean to even say out loud, even if thats how he felt he could have lied and said he wanted to see YOU. Crazy , selfish and just low class. I do not get why you want to wait till the holidays are over to confront this Taurus? Holidays smolidays, if he put it out there that he “wanted” you , well you should be able to say what you feel. And really Xmas is over and if you say something do you actually think it will ruin his “holidays” ? Doubt it, he already sounds like he has lots going on in his head , and maybe you can just get that off his mind. Either to pursue you fully, or to back off. If he’s acting embarrassed you should definitely text him and explain just what you said to me. That you are attracted to him and are interested in getting to know him better, but that you dont just want to “hook-up”, that you are looking for more then just fun. And if he has a gf then he will not be able to continue on with you in the manner he has been, because he will either have to step up or step down. Man for a gemini, your being quite nice… lol. I though you guys spoke your mind. I know you probably dont want to rock the boat , but this Taurus needs to s*it or get off the pot. You cant play games like that with people and then go… OOOPS sorry my bad…. From what you said he has been intrested in you for a long time. And to be honest yes we are slow, steady, do not like change, and i get why he may be HOT/COLD. Cause from all you told me , he totally is into you but he cant do a damn thing about it because he has a Girlfriend. And that would mean he would have to break up with her, move, or CHANGE HIS LIFE. And i can tell you it is NOT gonna happen soon. WE HATE CHANGE…. or I DO. So it sounds like he wants some fun on the side. OH it would be great, Taurus are great lovers , ( always remember VENUS, LOL). But right now it seems like he wants the best of both worlds. To have you , and whatever awaits him at home. Girl you gotta just ASK, i know that the sexual chemistry thing is so exciting and makes work fun….( I know…lol), but do you want to keep having these conflicting feelings about him… Like him one day , and be totally ignored the next , and left feeling frustrated….. . Taurus’s are hard people to communicate with so i understand your dilemma. Because we can be so hot then cold and leave others to wonder what we are thinking. The thing is that we are also very, very loyal, so if he is propositioning you , he must be going through a lot in his “other” life. AND if he has built up this friendship, attraction to you, is bringing you coffee, touching you , well why wait? Taurus’s will never sweep you off your feet, as we are s l o w to show our feelings, if we even can put it in words……. remember INTROVERTS….. (but he has showed you he has feelings for you). We are people of action, not words. So he may not respond , but we are also good listeners, so he will listen to what you have to say, process it and then you can see by his actions what he is feeling. And if you do wait till all the holidays are finished, well you should now know how to proceed. we are slow to anger, but ooohh watch out when we are….yikes! So maybe if you get him all riled up and full of emotions he will finally come clean, but it will be most likely with actions, not words. Love to love, hate to talk.
    As for my Leo, nope nothing yet….. and thats fine, i am going to go onto the new year with a new attitude like i said. I am not great at talking about feelings, or what i want in my personal relationships I downright suck! Thats how i got stuck in this “emotionally distant” relationship because i couldnt say what was making me sad, or what i really was missing. Like kissing, sure after 7 or 8 months i finally got him to kiss me , but thats a long time for a passionate person to go without that physical intimate contact. And It was extremely painful and embarrassing for me to have to even mention it! But i finally got enough courage to speak up. And i know that he is trying to remain “unemotional” towards me thats clear. But man that’s life with a LEO, self centered and focused on bettering himself, and what he can get out of our relationship, not about what i may need. SOOO unless things really change , and i don’t have to step FAR out of my comfort zone . I am going to take back my life. Being in a unemotional relationship is NOT for a Taurus NOT at ALL! I am ready to make him either want me, or leave me. Funny thing is my Taurus guy friend, who is with another Taurus co-worker( i helped them get together… yaaaah :D) texted me and said HEY Woman, merry Xmas my good friend, hope all is well with you and i will see ya in the new year….!!!! And that is what i want from a relationship, somebody who can take the time to say HI, and remembers their friends! And that is a Taurus, kind and caring of others. So you know that yours has it in him to be this way towards you, but you have to make sure he knows that you will not take being ignored one day and then loved the next. Stand your ground with him and you will go far. Good LUCK…. WBS . And i will let you know if i hear anything from mine by new yrs. Doubt it because then that would actually show he :”cared” about me……………………….hummmmm

  7. hey!!

    I wanted to wait til after new years because people tend to get all stupid and depressed. I know I hate being alone new years eve…..I get worse then than on Christmas.I also kinda hesitate texting when he’s off he does have a woman…..but again I ask for a suggestion from a Taurus LOL. I’ve held my tongue because often times I am too quick and intense and part of me is enjoying this slow innocent flirting. I am growing more annoyed by the hot cold stuff though.

    the scorp is nuts…..he was raised in an all white area around people that didn’t believe in interracial dating…..but neither did my dad and I most certainly didn’t adapt to that thought process. I was most insulted by the come over and do me then go message..he works on my side of town and he could have swung over before work. he just claims to be allergic to my cats and thinks I live in the ghetto. I am not going to lie, it isn’t perfect, but its kinda bourgie. there are far more shootings on his side of town than mine.

    not even a merry Christmas from yours?! get out!

  8. @crazygemini02

    Okay SHOOTINGS! Get outta town! NO Really! Wow that is just so unreal to even comprehend for me, I live in a little tiny town outside of Vancouver, so nothing like that here! Canada is just not a shooting kinda place I guess. SO if you both live in unsafe areas what’s the big deal for him to come see you? Lazy, is what I say, and he was more about just getting some action ,and then going to sleep I assume. And how convenient that he wouldn’t have to get up and leave and go home! Wow I hope you are not totally taken by this guy! Sounds as bad as the Leo’s for being self serving! And people can’t help where they were born or raised, and we tend to stay where we were raised and try and make the best of it… So for him to judge your area of town psssh! It all sounds dangerous! Like I said I can’t even wrap my head around that! Anyways!!!
    I can see your point about the depression , and sadness , so that’s something for sure to consider! And yes if the Taurus has a GF and you call him out on it the flirting will probably end for a little bit, but if he is smitten with you in some way it doesn’t just go away, even if we are pissed. You really have to hurt and humiliate us to make us stop liking you, just as slow as we are to decide ” yes I like that person” it takes just as long to “stop” thinking of them. Just like when my Leo said my video’s sucked well that hurt my feelings! I hate even face timing my friends! Because I just don’t like that kinda thing, so that totally hurt me when he said it…. Made me almost think that he was trying to hurt me in some morbid way, because he knows how sensitive I was about face timing, making videos… Ect! So maybe he found a new intrest and doesn’t know how to end it? And nope , nothing whatsoever from him. And we go back to work on the second, so even if he said happy new year , it would be a nice gesture, but way To late in my book ! Might as well SAY NOTHING! Thought he might text me today… But nope again! And as funny as it sounds read mine and his horoscope , mine says no word of a lie and I quote —” someone you once saw on a regular basis may have seemed to drop out of sight. You have not heard anything , and you may be taking it personally., but you shouldn’t. You will discover that it is not you at all, that this person has a lot of work , family obligations that they are forced to deal with. Given time things will be back to your usual relationship”. —
    His says and I quote–“have you lost touch with someone special in your life?maybe work obligations or other matters have gotten in the way of a friendship or romantic relationship. Realize that friendships and lived ones are just as important as your other obligations.Leo you really need to try and make a point to reconnect,. Let that person KONW that you want to get will make you feel better.”–
    Found it to be very interesting indeed! And I know that his parents live in another province and came here for Xmas. And they were spending the holiday at his sisters in a town about an hour and a half away from here. So he could have been with his parents at his place for a few days and then they all headed out to stay with his sister . I’m surprised I even know THAT much! So reading that made me LOL! Or he could be spending it with someone “else” . But I am not really worried about it at this point.. There is no point speculating what he’s up to, and I really won’t know unless he tells me either. He may say that he can’t see me anymore. Or , he may try’ to contact me to hook up. The time alone was hard the first few days now its no big deal, and I have had time to think about him . To Think about all the things I DO NOT LIKE. Not about him as a person, but what I am missing in this relationship. And the fact that in his mind its okay to not contact me, because technically I HAVE allowed this behavior. I have let him ignore me, have let him get away with not responding back to me, let him do all the contacting to hook up, and just in general let him treat me how that Scorpio wanted to treat you….. Badly! And only I am to blame , I set the tone on how he was allowed to treat me. So it’s not him, but me. So I have to eeek make a …..change…:( let this Leo know in some way that I don’t like it being that way any more!

  9. @SuperSTar

    Yeah…shootings lol. I live in a very good neighborhood but whats so funny about our city is that it goes from being very upper echelon to projects in under two miles. Very few areas arent like that. So my neighborhood is actually good….but cross the street it starts getting a little dicey lol. His is the same, but hes right in the crap- but denies it.

    Scorp is a nut denying it. I dont ever want a life with that guy the way he is now. I have zero issue with people of other races, many of my friends are black or Middle Eastern….and I just dont see people that way. Actually I get along scores better with black people because they are more real down here. Anyways, he’s so bipolar,. One minue he wants sex then the next he wants left alone- seriously within the same minute.

    I sent Taurus a text the other day……here’s the background. When we began flirting and he kept blowing me off for a drink I told him I’d get him by the end of the year… it is Dec 28 nothing. So I said “I told you I’d get you outside of work by the end of the year….you’re running out of time, sir.” Nothing, and that was two days ago lol. I’m wondering if he does have a girl and he’s in the dog house.

    Im running out the door but wbs!!

  10. @crazygemin02

    Hello, well glad your not to emotionally attached to that crazy Scorpio. I sure hope my kids dont turn out to be that way. My son will be a heart breaker for sure. So i always say you have to treat all girls the same, be nice to everybody! Well i am glad you sent that Taurus that text. Sounds pretty good to me, it wasn’t to pushy, but yet you got your point out there , so now the ball is totally in his hands. And I do suspect that he must have somebody in his life. Sure we are flirty and sexual, but once we are interested in somebody, we don’t back away. And at the same time if somebody shows interest in us, and i am not interested in them in the least…. i either do NOT respond and just try to brush it off, and Avoid them for a bit…. And I certainly do not encourage any kind of sexual joking either with that person. i never lead people on that i am not at all interested in period! So he’s got something going on since he is not be totally pursuing you knowing full well your interested. So just leave it at that, and when you see him next, just see how he treats you. If he avoids, it means he doesnt know what to say, if he flirts then you know he wants to start getting more attention from you. Either way you will know. If he avoids, well then ask why at some point…. it cant hurt.

  11. #superstar

    I feel like the Taurus only texts me when he wants something here at work. would it be wrong to call him on it?

  12. @crazygemini02

    Nope , it will not make him run away all pissed off like a Leo. He may avoid you or ignore you for a bit, because he will be trying to figure out what to do , or what to say . It’s not like confronting the Leo’s , who would take it as a attack on them. The Taurus will just have to face it, and will try and find a logical explanation to give you . But ya I would call him out on it. Cause this flirting , going nowhere behavior could literally go on Forever if you allow it. If he’s happy just flirting with you, and your fine with how things are at work and neither of you change a thing it could continue on this way because its filling an emotional need. But by calling him out on it your forcing a change, so either he deals with his feelings for you, or he has to admit he’s involved. But if you just let him avoid, and continue on the same way , we are just as fine with no change, and staying stagnant . Hence why I have remained in my destructive relationship, if nobody rocks the boat , we just keep doing the same thing over and over. As much as I hate how this Leo is treating me, I couldn’t bring myself to talk about the things I NEED. And yet I can’t end it so ” nothing changed”. Just like we will stay in any bad relationships FOREVER, because unless others take action we just hate change more and will tolerate it. So only you can either change the dynamics of your ” relationship ” with him. Either cut him off, or make him come clean. The only reason I am ready to move forward now is because change was forced upon me. I was forced to have two weeks off, so this time apart was not something either if us did to the other person on purpose. But I plan on using this , since the last week of work he ignored me, (and hurt my feelings) and these two weeks off are a great start to changing. It doesn’t mean I still won’t have feelings for him because I would be lying ( see you don’t have to worry about him not liking you , it doesn’t just go away for us), but three weeks away for me is defiantly a good start to making changes. And no matter how sad I was about not seeing him for two weeks, this change has forced me to see 1) I am not important to him , as he has not texted me once. 2) he is all about himself, which is fine, but I know I’d never come first with him .
    I know I could text him, cause I always did before, ( so its funny that i expect a guy who hardly texted me to actually text me now. lol) and it’s not like I’m texting to ” hook up” …. So maybe I’m being stubborn , and maybe he’s expecting me to contact him? But my stubbornness / pride / and the fact that I’ve endured this time away…. As a start to breaking up, i will have three weeks of being separated under my belt, so why go back? Maybe you can give me some insight, after reading what I wrote maybe I am wrong to think he would contact me. After all I haven’t contacted him either. And I usually did the casual texting. He did the hook up texting. I don’t really care if he has a girl and I text him, that’s his and her problem, not mine. So I’m not worried about that. I just guess I wanted to know he was missing me, but also if I text him I may look emotionally weak or needy I guess. And so by just doing nothing I can ignore him when I see him. The way I see it I would look dumb sending text that says” hey hope your good” then trying to ignore him and look like I don’t care…. Better in my mind to be hurt, put up a wall, and not contact him so I don’t look like I like him , when he obviously is fine with not seeing me…. WBS let me know what you would do

  13. realizing you aren’t important to someone anymore is always a major kick in the teeth. I felt the same with my Leo and feel the same with the Taurus. I’m glad you are going to take action because it isn’t fair to go on like that any more. do NOT do what I did with the Virgo and go on for two years. be strong! also act like you don’t need him. whenever you walk past him just say to yourself “no piece of a– is worth my piece of mind. ” best advice ever.

    I texted my Taurus today….this is the final try….”you mentioned something about being at my house last week. why don’t you stop being shy and come see for yourself. see you at work later.” so, ill see him in about two hours……this is going to be interesting. LOL!!! ill certainly let you know

  14. @crazygemini02

    WELL IM GLAD U TEXTED HIM! Good for you, and like I said we only avoid cause we don’t know what to say! But if people call me out on shit I usually face it when I have to . So I definitely want to know how that went! And bottom line is how long can we go on in these relationships? Somebody has to shake it up!
    So I did text my Leo, said “I hope your having a good holiday!” So that was my last attempt as well. I am going to take your advice, the advice you received…. Nobody can make me feel like that if I don’t let them have my power. And no piece of A** is worth all this drama! So I am not going to carry this on for any longer. I really didn’t expect to hear back from him, it was more of a test for myself , so I would know I was not important. Now there is no doubt in my mind, he’s to busy, to self serving, and has no compassion for others. All he had to do was say ” thanks , same to you” but nope too hard, and he just doesn’t care. Nobody wants to be used, and that’s how I’m feeling. Regardless of really what he feels , I am a person of action…. And his inaction speaks volumes to me. So I am still going to be strong and just move on, and now knowing Full well he hates being ignored . I’m going ignore him for as long as we were together! I am totally bad for that , I can hold a grudge forever really. ( that’s a negative trait I assume ! LOL!). And I have held grudges against life long friends, and have STILL never looked back unfortunately . Not something I am proud of, but it shows the depth of my true nature… Stubborn and unbending. I am going to go into work early on the first day ( he shows up late) and take my breaks in another area. So that he will not be able to “see”me face to face. He can do his walk by, and see me from afar if he needs to. I guess I needed this reality check. And it won’t be too hard, since its only a three day work week. I guess I need to take it as it is, he said from day one ” no commitment” and I guess he meant it. He IS responsible though for staying with me after I told him I had feelings. SO he knows he was playing with fire. And I guess if you have lots if women on the sly why commit to just one? I said I was stupid once to him for allowing this , now I’m just plain foolish and sad! And that’s Not me!
    Let me know what happened with your Taurus!

  15. just quickly before bed ….. you were right, he avoided me, but I didn’t avoid him LOL. I went over and if winked at Me. he probably thinks I’m crazy LOL …..just wanted to update ya, ill write more in the morning…. night 🙂

  16. Hey @Superstar

    I probably would have last ditch effort texted well, anyone I had feelings for too. I’m hoping you stick to your guns this time and realize you can do better than how he treats you. It doesnt take long to reply to a text message, its not llike you were having a full out conversation, just looking for a merry christmas. That doesnt take long at all, and hes just being a total jerk. New year, new attitude!! Any word from him?

  17. @crazygemini02

    Hey! How did it go with work? What happened, or didn’t happen with you two? I’m curious to know what his response was!!!!
    And I did get a text from him, but NOT FOR ME… lol meant for another friend of ours at work( male). I don’t think that counts ! Anyways said he had the wrong person, and he just LOL’ed . But ya I plan on trying to move forward. It’s just too much of an age difference, normal guys his age would be fine, but being the immature Leo he still is, trying to figure out who he is I’m guessing. And being around someone more mature is probably interesting to him, but I’m not really what he’s looking for long term. Just fun . So unless I want to sabotage my own mind, mental health, ect I need to realize that I’m setting myself up for heartache. So he would not be to blame, no guy is ever going to refuse sex from somebody they are attracted to. Bottom line. So enter this relationship at your own risk!

  18. I haven’t got a single reply but I knew that would happen……..he did avoid me, but I went over and said hi to him and he winked at me lol. I then texted him again and called him a tease again- cuz he is.

    ‘Your leo needs to wake up and smell the coffee!!Ugh he makes me mad!!!

  19. @crazygemini02

    Yup , we are teases . I myself have been called that many, many a time! But I’m pretty good at following up! Well keep up on your slow, and steady attack, LOL! If nothing else it makes work fun and interesting!
    Well at least my Leo wasn’t texting some girl! And the message was confusing to me so I knew it was probably for someone else… And it was. I let him know right away it was me, not who he thought he was texting. But he did say Hi , anyways as weird as it was I didn’t even read it when it came in. I waited about an hour. Then read it… And it was not even for me! LOL

  20. @Superstar

    Oh, nothing like a text that was not meant for you…so it shows you he’s paying attention to his phone just not you. Jerk.

    Yeah, I work a double tomorrow so we’ll see how Taurus acts. Do you all flirt with people you dont like? And also once you’re dumped do you move on or linger?

  21. @crazygemini02

    I never flirt with people I don’t like. Ever. It’s just not for me to get people I am not attracted to intreated in me in that way… But the ones I like , I tease 100%. As for being dumped , I would linger for a little bit, depending on how I felt about them. As an example 8 months with the Leo, I would say if I didn’t have to ever see him again, probably a month, or a bit longer, maybe two. Also Depending on the amt of time we spent together, if we did lots together, or if it was just casual. But if I did the dumping, I don’t look back. I feel terrible about their feelings and stuff, but it’s usually something that was brewing for a bit… As I will stay in a bad relationship for a while. But once done, if I really have no interest I don’t lead them on. If there are feelings I can get sucked in if I don’t keep my distance… So I tend to avoid, so as to not hurt them more if its truly finished . I hate needy clingy men .

  22. email me at…I created that just for this then ill give you my real email lol. makes it easier.

  23. @crazygemini02

    Okay i emailed you at that address…LOL.
    That seems like a way better solution!!!!

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