How can a Taurus woman impress a Libra man?

Taste … you’ve got it. In fact, you both got it. Although Taurus and Libra are incompatible by both element and modality†, they are both ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Libra has an aesthetic sense of balance and grace, whereas Taurus has a more sensual appreciation of art and the body. The Taurus woman may not be as cultivated as Libra, but surely she can transcend her vulgar leanings to meet him at the museum or a nice restaurant. If you’re eating out, don’t grunt. Taurus rules the throat, so it is all too easy to signal your pleasure with a lusty “hmmm!” — guttural noises will turn off Libra. And if you’re viewing a painting collection, it may require force of will to abstain from feeling the texture of the brushstrokes; Libra will chafe if you climb under the velvet ropes. Manners are all it takes! If you can act like a lady instead of the earth goddess you are, then how can Libra not be impressed?

†Taurus is fixed earth, Libra is cardinal air.

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  1. proserpine says:

    I’m a Libra *woman* married to a Taurus man.
    I do have Taurus Moon, so can relate somewhat to a Taurus woman’s feelings.
    I’ve been in love with Libra men that were just wonderful, but I didnt like another flirty Libra who was indecisive (like me) all the time.
    My Taursus is a lot less sociable than I–most of the social planning has to be done by me, if it’s to be done.
    Also,I would prefer my husband to be more decisive–he is stubborn–but not decisive when I want him to be.
    We aren’t the perfect couple but I’ve found we just have different problems than those couples who are very similar do.
    We resepct each other, and give a little here, and a lot there.
    And we learned not to hit below the belt-we don’t try to hurt–because show it or not, everyone feels hurt when their loved one puts them down.

  2. I am a Taurus woman I recently ended a relationship with a Virgo. I have always read that this was the perfect match so not true! I met a Libra man about a week ago, we have been talking constantly on the phone for hours everyday.It seems we have this amazing connection but I’ve been reading on this blog about the chacacteristics of this sign and now I’m scared shitless. Any suggestions on how to impresss this libra man?

  3. yanni baybee says:

    friends first! is the way to go.

  4. If you are a Taurus woman, avoid Libray man. I posted elsewhere here about my 20 year relationship with Libra. More pain than pleasure.

    I am married to a Libra. He is very classic Libra, handsome, nice voice, loves arts, dresses nicely, likes nice things, nice cars,smart, good with money, etc. etc. He’s also cold as ice 80% of the time. He started out really really hot for me and very affectionate. Lots of sex. His soul mate, etc. Different from anything I’d ever experienced. Not knowing my astrology and being relatively young at the time, I feel for it. talked about marriage, children early on. As time went on, he chilled considerably. After 5 years I was about to leave, didn’t tell him that, and suddenly he proposed marriage. Then couldn’t set a date, took months and time with a couples therapist to set a wedding date. We got married, he immediately turned cold and has stayed fairly cold for 15 years of marriage. Incredibly frustrating. No children and I blame it largely on his lack of sexual interest once we married. Knowing what I know now, I would run the other way. He’s a good husband overall, puts on a good game face and tells people we have a good marriage, but we don’t, not at all. Very selfish, I would say he is pretty much one of the most narcissistic people I know. Sorry if that disappoints anyone. I’ve often suspected that he has other women, but no proof of that.

  5. Amazon Beauty says:

    I’m a Taurus woman seducing a Libra man this relationship is interesting first I pursued him. I met him through some mutual friends got his number and built up the courage to call him. He was shocked that I liked him and said I gave him no indiciation I liked him we end up talking untill four that morning. He drilled me asked me so many questions but never gave me any indication that he liked me, he says I caught him off guard and it was like he was trying to reason with himself about if he should talk to me. He asked me to send him some pictures ( libra’s live in their head) and I sent him so everyday after that night. So after a couple days of texting because he doesn’t like to talk on the phone alot. I asked him if he thought I was still off limits. Of course he was still trying to decided I told him to just go with the flow, he asked me what I was looking for and I told him friends with benefits. So we had sex which was good (not as good as sex with a Leo) but it was very sensual he’s a great kisser . After sex things got rocky it’s I started to see the other side of him sometimes he can be so sweet and then he can be alittle distant and cold. I learned the hard way to distinguish between the two Libra personalities , I started to get insecure because he never complimented me and never really told me or showed me he liked me I had doubts. I had this Leo chasing me but I was chasing the Libra (lol). So I asked him why he never called me pretty or cute this frustrated him I asked him if he was bored with me that pissed him off as well. So I told him I would never ask him another question since he was easily pissed off. He said that if he didn’t find me attractived or he if didn’t like me he wouldn’t talk to me. He says he doesn’t give compliments and I should know how I look if he likes something his approval is silence and if he doesn’t like it he would let me know. I’m like whatever so I tell him I think we need to just go our seperate ways know hard feelings but he want let me go says we just have a misunderstanding this has happen several times. Now I love that this Libra will not just let me go (unlike the Leo) he’s willing to fight and isn’t to proud to beg this was a major turnon for me. After our talk things have been gravey he complimented me told me I look good the sexual chemistry is off the charts and he’s opening up to me slowly but the more I get to know him the more I tend to loose interested in him.

  6. i recently met a libra who is just downright gorgeous but i found out that he has a girlfriend. Im really interested in him but dont know what to do becuase he’s in a relationship. i dont wanna sound selfish but life’s too short and how do i make a move on a libra man thats in a relationship?

  7. jijndo1210 says:

    i have been in love with a Taurus girl 2 years ago but i got rejected in the first place. But deep in my heart i still like her and we work in the same place. should i keep continue on chasing her or keep it cold?

  8. valarie says:

    ok i am in love with a Libra man, i am a Taurus woman. things are fine but he is starting to show a lot of clinginess towards me and i’m not sure if it’s just a Libra characteristic or if he is just so head over heels for this bull mama!!!!

  9. bill'ebabes says:

    Wow no one has any information on libras lol where all the libra information bloggers . I am of course a bull . I do know we both come from venus . Im fix he’s cardinal bla bla . Were both artist like the finer things in life . Museums interior design . Money .and fine resturants . Love making evolves with two venus signs . We’ve been seeing eachother for almost 2 years come 09/21/09 . Nothing is set in stone cause I quarding my emotions . And taking it slow. We have separate lives which we adore and when we see eachother its fireworks . And new advice to keep thing s interesting im not as verbal as he is . Will this create a problem . He want to talk I want to text . I express my self better that way sometimes . Looking for a new spice to keep things tastey any info .

  10. PATTY42681 says:


  11. bill'ebabes says:

    Patty , if he wasn’t single do you think it would worked out? . Im being honest things are casual between us. (And he’s single ). because I set it up that way . U know how libras are . I see at times he gets frustrated .because he wants more , duh its been almost two years lol. I am starting to think is it me . We both taurians so know how mute and moody and detached we can be at times . So ima keep it real. Im highly independant .intelligent . Have a beautiful home bla bla .cool career. I can say im gorgeous with out sounding vain .just to show I have no insecurities . People compare me to beyonce all the time no bs lol . Light eyes, carmel skin . Light brown weave lol with dark undertone base. big booty u name it . I have the complete urban girl package . He gorgeous etc etc .looks like will smith without the ears and probably 30 pounds heavier.same height . We both are one anothers idealistic partner . The sex is kellogs frosted flakes greattttt. Anyway he hinting to me that he wants to spend the night more come over watch tv. Bla bla bla . Cause I never allowed him to spend the night at my house im that detached emotionally by men . So I started to give in cause he stood the test of time. So it s time to evolve to the next level. But I feel recently he’s pulling away .being a indesisive libra now . Omg. Is it because im set in my ways with certain things being so black and white betwwen us . and emotionally . Its weird cause were not obligated to eachother at all. But always shared a since of responsibility 4 one another . I understand libras flightyness. So I know there’s time he just need to ” just be ” floating in air .and I feel the same give me my space and i’ll grow closer 2u. “That such a paradox statement “lol . But I think its time to let go . Not that he did anything wrong the behaviors the same like I said were both socially independant . But am I becomming stagnant ? because I don’t need validation from no guy .if I need one he’s in my back pocket so to speack. im thinking…… take a month of to re access the situation….. and on our two year casual anniversary which is 9/21/09 take it the next step or move on b4 his bday 4 days later . I think were both preventing possibly attracting future mates . I’ve been through a lot with men . So having him in my back pocket helped me keep men at arms length and heal . And when I needed my pipes cleaned he was the plummer .lol . Im ready for the next chapter of my life .with him or without . I’ve grown healed and self assured now .so im to the point where I don’t even need sex or need to use him for sex anymore . im ready to be completely single(without casual sex either )im mean [SINGLE) and start over fresh beginning january 2010 . I don’t want to get stuck like this he the perfect situation for a bull like me lol . But it time 4 something more intimate .and heart felt . I can say now I loved him . And he dosen’t know . But I think I saw all i needed 2c with him . Any info? Uve done six years !!!!

  12. bkloveshim says:

    well im a taurus woman in a relationship with a taurus man. we have like the worst situation ever, we’re really young (college age) and we’re in different states). We were friends first…he claims he made the first mood and got me..but whatever. When we first established we liked each other he was constantly on me kinda clingy, i thought it was wierd but i liked it at the same time, so i started to act the same way. Now he acts a bit different. He’s emotional, so if i tell him i have a problem with the way things are going (like him acting different) he’ll feel bad but he’ll try to fix it. I love him and plan on being with him for a REALLY long time. Sometimes I do get a little scared that he could be cheating because he is very flirtacious and very attractive. But I see us working. We have problems but so does every couple. when i think about what i go through with himand what ive been through with other boys (taurs, aries, leo, virgo) i realize its NOTHING compared to what i’ve gone through with boys that live in the same state. So I’m willing to work this out, be in the same state soon, and be together hopefully forever. I know I sound young and naive, but if we fail it wont be because i wasnt optipimistic or didnt try.

  13. Hey everyone, I’m a male Libran and have been attracted to many Taurean women in my life. I understand that a few of you have been hurt by the flirtatiousness of Librans in the past–however the emotional coldness is a fallacy. I have been guilty of flirting myself, however I only do it when I’m single, and would never cheat on someone who I am in love with and committed to. And my affection never wavers in a long-term relationship, no matter how many years we have been together.

    To win the heart of a Libran one must be loving, romantic, appreciative of the Arts, and not over critical without room for objective neutrality from time to time (emphasis on “from time to time”). We are also generally positive people, so negativity all the time can be a deterrent. That being said my longest relationship was with a pessimistic Scorpio, and I loved her and never ran away. I am sociable, but can also be reclusive, and would be happy with a supposed homebody Taurean. I’m attracted to Taurean women because they are not only beautiful, but grounded, reliable, and generally have strong moral values. Even though I’m supposedly good with Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius, I can’t stand their infidelity, and emotional-detachment.

  14. From a Taurus woman who’s had LTRs with: Leo (fun but not good with bills), Pisces (fun but too dreamy and in denial), Taurus (borrrring), and just started dating a Libra Man (verbose!).

    I do have a lot of Taurean traits, (grounded, graceful, sensual, earthy, practical, I love money, nature and the arts, I have strong opinions on a few things, mostly involving ethics and right vs. wrong) – HOWEVER – I tend to be indecisive, am bored easily, and need variety, never want to eat the same thing two days in a row for instance – I guess that’s the ADD winning out over astrology! (My Cancer dad could get the same order at the same restaurant every day of his life – even sit at the same table – ugh!)

    I was married to a Taurus – yawwwwnnn. Basically roommates. I went with a Pisces for many years – awesome, but in denial and unrealistic, and when they decide to swim away- poof they are gone- without explanation; his feelings shut off like a light switch. That’s so “un”Taurean – we brood over a relationship for years and feel things very deeply. Anyway…

    Now I’m a dating a Libra who is so obsessed with me- it’s nice- but geeeez! It’s a little much! He never stops talking, I’m starting to dread phone calls, other than that I like him. How do I get him to just take it down a notch with all the adoration? A little is wonderful, but this is almost embarassing and makes me uncomfortable.

  15. Hello, I am a Taurus female with a Leo rising, and I first fell in love with my Libra guy five years ago when we met through a common friend. He was the first person I actually fell for, but me being at a young age in comparison to him (me being in my early 20’s and him being just 28) I was really clueless on how I should demonstrate that I actually did like him too, let alone make him realize I was in fact interested. Due to his flirtatious nature, which I do not condemn as flirting is allowed when you are single right? I felt really insecure to accept his flirting and so I watched helplessly him self hooking up with my best friend, who knew of my emotions towards him (some friend right?) … anw, the situation went on for two weeks between them, when he eventually asked me out after we started talking about relationships and emotional stuff. We went out, we hooked up but then even though I warned him that I don’t know how to behave towards him as he was my first ‘relationship’ he would disappear, not send a single message and I would feel lonely and neglected and in general not wanted by him. Eventually we would end up going to the same places and I would be the one to approach him to say ‘hi’ as he would not come close to me around his friends.. Really demeaning actually…The situation went on and on for months and I felt great emotional pain during that period.. Eventually he went back to study in another city and we would see each other only during the weekends after his request, and for the duration of certain hours (very late at night, as he seemed to be constantly busy). Eventually I found out that he one more girlfriend in the city that he studies to, and she in fact had no idea that he was in a relationship.. I got really upset, you can imagine, and I decided not to talk to him again.. It was time for me to finish my studies and due to certain circumstances I am now studying at the same university with him and we are in one of our courses together (lucky me..) he tried to start things again, with all the puppy eyes and sweet words, and me not being completely over him I fell for it (I know I am an idiot right?). And now we see each other, spend time in secret (not convenient for either of us, my parents after the entire fiasco with him cheating and hurting me, don’t want me having anything to do with him again, and people around here know me which makes it easy for my parents to find out). So here we are again, we see each other, we have moments of affection, where I can see that he is more emotional than he was towards me, five years back that is. But, the same situation and I do not know why, he sees me at the university or somewhere out and he does not even say ‘hi’ or a friendly smile. So I started not to talk to him or smile at him either… So where is the actual romantic sense, or their commitment, or even their appreciation? I come from a house of very strict values and for me I believe in the concept that a woman is a flower, if you do not water the flower or give it affection it will surely wither.. I don’t know if any of you wants to say something on my situation, but any comments are quite welcome 🙂 thank you x

  16. TauSunLibMoon says:

    I am Taurus woman now in love with a Libra man (He has moon in Cancer and Venus in Sagittarius while I have Libra moon and Venus in Gemini, besides, my north node conjunct his Ascendent in Capricorn.) I feel very close to him as if we had grown up together. Sometimes I feel loved by him but some other times I see he shows his caring to some others too. That may be the way he always is, but that somehow doesn’t make me feel special, and in doubt if he secretly has other girls due to his sweetness. Sometimes I found he turned cold and felt he was not telling me truth. We used to have arguement, and after the arguement, I always felt that was the end, and thought of moving on though it was hurt. One way or the other, he just turned the relationship back to normal, and I responded to it. It’s been nearly 2 years since I met him, let’s see time will tell if this relationship can can grow further.

  17. I am a Taurus woman who was involved with a Libra. OMG I feel so dumb and played. He totally bamboozled me. He made all the moves, was super heavy on the charm. The first couple of months I thought he was awesome. We went everywhere together, movies, dinners, bowling with his friends. Brought me around the family, spent time with my kid whome I’ve never brought around another man and everything. Told me all the common bullcrap we women like to hear. I’m usually very guarded with my heart but he had me and I did sooooo much for him. I find out he is a player and pathalogical liar. He took me for tons of money and has disappeared. is now in a relationship with another chick and still has multiple relationships on the side. Freakin Dog!!! But not all of them are like that I’d hope. I should be thankful considering I learned he is a woman beater and much more. There should be a warning website for women to learn about a man before she goes there. Like a big a** picture and a discription of all his offenses against women. I’m just sayin I wish I’d known before hand.

  18. Im a taurus woman I recently ran up on this Libra man form my past.I felt the passion throught he phone and the computer. We talked 3days in arow and I texet and he texet back,I haven’t heard anything from Him.Should I call it quits.Im in the Middle of going through a seperation from my husband.We use to be great friend sand we have rekindled our friends ship along with some deep buried feelings I have for him.I tell when my relationship go wrong he always show up and then when Im free he’s no where to be found.I take that as a sign we whsould find out good we would be together .But we both decided to wait until I move out. I have been in love with him since I was 13 and he was 14. I can’t stop talking about him or dreaming of him.He’s in Korea right about now.He’s stationed there. I don’t know what to do.I haven’t heard from him since Wednesday.He didn’t even call to say good bye.

  19. A fellow taurus woman with a libra man. He’s talkative and very flirty, and honest to boot (sometimes too much!). I’m much more reserved, but my gemini rising helps a lot (so I’m good at telling stories at parties). Other aspects come into account, such as the rising, moon, mars/venus signs, and then where the person grew up, life experiences, etc come into play. It’s just so that my libra love happened to be the ‘boy next door’ so our early experiences are the same, it wasn’t until he moved away that his life took a different course.

    When he came back, I didn’t notice him at all. He was too shy(!) to even speak to me, it took him TWO YEARS to even get the nerve! He was trying to find a good ice breaker. when he found out i was obsessed with music just like he, he began to open up. That was 5 years ago and our friendship continues to grow strong. Now, we’re talking about taking it to the next level, as much as this agonizes my poor libra man (he’s quite impulsive, i’m not!) because 2 years ago, we could have had a sexual relationship, but i wasn’t ready (and suffered the disappointment as being a friend while he had a girlfriend, realizing my feelings for him were much more than friendly!)

    He’s a typical libra (with libra rising in his chart), but as much as I hear flak about other libras, he keeps his flirtations to a minimum (only acts out at parties) and is always honest with me (tho I have to do some prodding when he decides to ‘omit’ certain things because he can’t bring himself to lie). Because he’s friendly with everyone and too pretty to boot, i can see how previous girlfriends freak out and think he’s cheating or gay because he’s so flirty, but it’s just kicks for him, to be sexual without the act.

    As much as I want a ‘big show’ come Valentine’s Day (you know we taureans like good food and good lighting), I might just surprise him next week after we’re going to a music concert since that’s more of his taste. Formal dinners are nice, but my poor libra is too hyper to keep still, so a rock and roll party is much of his style. He’s been hinting at marriage, so who knows, I’ll get a ring out the deal (yay), a public proposal in front of our friends (as much as a public display of affection or public anything freaks me out).

    I wish every one luck on their endeavors and keep in mind, astrology isn’t just everything! Other factors and influences shape a person too.

  20. queen bull says:

    I am a taurus woman dating a libra man. I can honestly say that the sex is “the best i ever had.” lol. He is a man that gives his all to me time, money, and companonship. But a libra man hates to be pushed into something and they hate to be chained down and question but if they do it to you they will say it is all about love. Lies a libra man is very insure, they may give their all and be a faithful mate but you must constantly assure them that you are the same. Another thing i learn is what attacts a libra man to a taurus woman is her strong independant side, charm, her beauty and her intellgents what can make them leave is routine and being bored.

  21. Princessw/horns says:

    I’m in a sexual relationship w/ a libra man and i’m a taurus woman, the sex just happened and was not planned, i have no regrets about it though… But i find myself kinda liking him and feels as though he likes me, but he has not said whether or not he wants to be n a relationship, he treats me like a gentleman should… And i don’t want to come @ him like i’m pushing too hard for something more… He’s really not even my traditional type, but i;m intrigued w/ him… Is this normal? Any advice someone please?

  22. taureanqueen says:

    OMG! I am so dissappointed that we are not compatible because I know Im willing going on a bumpy ride! I met a lira man through a mutual friend and yes I slept with him right away! (im grown with two divorces under my belt I have no shame if i decide to sleep with a man quickly although its not my normal behavior) It was amazing! Again I say it was amazing! His affection was effortless and pleasing hell he was almost as good as me lol! long story short we shared a wonderful experience but my inner taurus walked away questioning what just happened. I am ruled by my heart and I by no means want a frivolos romp in the sheets with a man so I felt i may have made a mistake sleeping with him so fast when what got me there was the fact that he nearly emboded all that i was looking for in a man. He is smart sexy stylish independant no kids no felonies AND a wonderful sexual appetite! fourtunatly family affairs took my attention off the fact that he didnt call but when i did realize it it took much inner persuasion to make my stubborn heart to text him. he responded but not as quickly as i needed him to to be relieved. he called and was polite but left our future communication open to whenever im available give him a call… Now im new to libras but i do see after investigating that he is a little to nonchalant for me. I thrive on being persued and yes adored…to a certain degree, but its too late for reasoning because the bull already ‘likes’ him and you know how stubborn the bull is.. So im going to stretch the romantic muscle and dazzle him with all things taurean and post back with either another tragic heartbreak or one of the most shocking compatibilty upsets yet!

  23. Taurus Ladies
    omg, its so easy to impress a Libra man, all you have to do is dress pretty, share your chocolate with him and tell him that you love looking into his eyes. They arn’t all jerks like my ex husband, the nice ones are sweet, they will do anything for you if they feel apreciated. They thing is to tell them what you like, Libra men like instructions, send one to a store to get milk and he will phone you, “what brand? what size jug? homoginized or 2%?” Once they know that you are sattisfied with their actions they can be so relaxed, when a Libra man is relaxed and content (it doesn’t take much) then he will try harder to please you. My ex husband was an @#$& if you know what I mean but even he did sweet little things, he would run me a bubble bath and put out chocolates for me in bed, he tried to be romantic, he would bring me tea while I was in the tub and wash my back, so even though there were times I wanted to kill him for our rotten relationship, when he did try to be sweet, he was fantastic. He loved to hear that he was doing something right, when he got feedback over things he worked harder. My grandfather was a Libra man to, when my grandmother was pregnant he would walk miles in the snow to get her an orange in the middle of the night because she just mentioned that she felt like one. He worshipped his lady, she didn’t deserve him (she was the rotten Libra in the marriage) but he always treated her like a queen, why? because she told him that he made her happy. Not all Libas are the same, but the thing thats most common in character is the feeling of “yes, I can please someone” If you love a Libra man, and he’s a good guy, just be romantic….they love romance.
    I’m engaged to an Aqua that is Taurus Rising, OMG he is wonderful. I can see his Taurus side a lot, he is possesive and sweet and romantic….Taurus Rising guys put ownership on their lady, I don’t mind, I love him why not let him possess me right? LOL but he does it such a loving way, I never had such good loving before, I know his Taurus side has something to do with that. 🙂 For a Scorpio Rising girl like me, its intense enough to keep going forever……..

  24. TaureanQueen
    nonchalant, I hated my ex for that……..any guy that acts that way is not worth your time. There are other men, men who love deeply and put effort into a relationship. There has to be that effort or you’re just not worth it to them. I finally have that with my fiance, but I’m 40 yrs old, it took me this long to find the “one” I hope it doesn’t take you as long, some women are luckier, keep smiling…… mr. nonchalant is a loser. He will die alone one day, and woman after woman will walk in and out of his life in the meantime, idiot…….we eventually get what we deserve.

  25. Amen to that. Libra people are cultured enough and follow certain manners that if not followed can easily turn them off. Although they would understand, that can certainly affect your chances with a Libra guy.

  26. Likingloveee says:

    Well Im a Libra man, and I met this Taurus girl in a bar. We kinda had some mutual friends. ( Sadly these are my worst friends:P ) So I guess it was ment to fail. So I tried to keep her away. But she kept coming then she even asked me out. Eventually I let my guard down and couldnt help to fall for her,. Every time I see her she clearly shows many signs of being in love with me. She can never stop touching me for example:P Altough every time I ask her out she says no. ( I guess because she doesnt trust me ) She really broke my heart like no girl ever did before. And I really had my fair share of girls. Mayb its just Karma. But she totally destroyed me emotionnaly. Even to the point that I lost every sense of self respect and love for my self. And I really lost my faith in love even. Heck when I think back I can cry lol. ( And I didnt cry for like 10 years xD, so that really means something ) So Libra men do you self a favor, And stay away from taurus girls 😛 Were better off with someone who can appreciate us for who we are.

  27. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Taurus Ladies
    If you are crazy enough to tango with a Libra man then theres really only one thing you can do, wear his fave colours, smell nice and compliment him on his looks, omg these guys are more vain then us Libra gals, I know not all Libra guys are the same but the majority that I know and I know a lot, they don’t want to be impressed, they want you to be impressed by them and then just love them , its weird, but try to think of it like a mom, you are looking after him and he loves you for that, I was married for 5 years to a Libra man and he loved the way I looked and the way I cooked and wanted me to admire him I didn’t because he wasn’t exactly my knight in shining armour but he wanted to be worshipped, I had our baby to look after instead and he got really jealous, now I’m with my Aqua man and I am toatlly worshipping him.
    Being a Taurus woman, I think you’d be great with a man whose more like you, a typical Libra guy is hard to please, impossible even and unless you are an Aquarius girl

  28. Taurus and Libra.???

    Very bad combo.!!!

    Too much competition and jealousy on Libras part and as for the “CHEMISTRY” ???


    Keep searching the Zodiac and keep smiling. Cheers Taurus.

  29. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Sadly my Sag brother lived with a Taurus woman for a few years, OMG she was the most jealous person I ever met. I once went out with a Taurus man and it was the same, he couldn’t stand it if I even looked at another guy. My Libra ex husband was too, Taurus can be just as jealous. Im a Libra married to an Aqua man and we never get jealous, I trust him he trusts me, I have found some more jealous women and they were Aries and Virgos, of course those were the ones I knew, people are basically twisted no matter what the sign. My Pisces mother in law gets jealous too, if my husband just mentions he likes my cooking its a problem for her, LOL My son, Cancer, never jealous of anyone, of all the people Ive met the Cancer sign seems to be the least jealous of the bunch, and the Aquarians, everyone else OMG, most signs have jealousy problems

  30. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My Hubby pretends to be jealous just to tease me, 🙂

  31. Hi NewlyWedLibraLady,

    I was refering to direct “COMPETITION and JEALOUSY” on Libras part between
    the “COUPLE”, not caused by those outside the relationship where the affected
    party is made to feel threatened due to the fact that their “PARTNER or LOVED ONE”
    may be paying attention or complementing someone else in a very obvious and
    direct manner which may or may not be intentional in order to make their partner
    to take notice and feel resentment or jealousy as a result.!!!

    Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus in a “POSITIVE and NEGATIVE” affect where
    Taurus being the “POSITIVE” feels secure, confident, sure of themselves and their
    capabilities, Libra being the “NEGATIVE” feels insecure, lacks self esteem and
    constantly seeks reasurance regarding their “IMAGE” which they constantly aim to
    project toward others in order to reasure themselves that they measure up to their
    personal standards of “PERFECTION” via “ADMIRATION and APPROVAL of OTHERS”.!!!

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus.

  32. Libra-oct-8 says:

    I am Libra, born on Oct 8 . My story start from the day I found this Taurus girl on facebook. We knew each other from when we were kids. I moved to US and we met again on fb . We started as friends, day after day we met at school and we ended up being like brother and sister. I am flirtious with all girls , but if I like someone , I will always stay loyal to her. Well I loved this Taurus girl so much and Chase her all the time in the way of school and even didn’t go to my classes to just be with her, didn’t eat alone and waited to see her and go together to have food. During two years friendship I have always tried to show affection to her and she never showed me that she also has feelings for me. This made me to feel that she is just as a friend to me. Everytime I tried to talk to her and tell her how much I love her , she changed the subject and left me with words in my heart. After a while I stopped doing that and I guessed she is not interested. I tried to start connection with my other classmates and girls where always around me. However I never disrespected her and never left her alone but she had done that before to me a lot . I was feeling hurt and after two years did not show her affection any more . She got jealous when she saw me talking to other girls and laugh and ried to approach me and talk to me. Everytime that she was sure no one is around me and I am not surrounded by girls, she would leave me alone . She never gave me the chance to tell her how much I love her. I once mentioned that in a text conversation but she stoped replying. I was always confused and still confused if she loved me or not. I have always tried to be honest and always got hurt.

  33. Hi Libra 8

    I realise you feel hurt and probably betrayed by this girls actions but the fact is she
    did not feel the same way about you as you did about her even though she enjoyed
    the attention and being in the lime light of your affections and when you were around
    other girls she felt deprived and tried to interfere because she couldn’t handle it.

    This is life my dear Boy and every lesson serves it’s purpose which teaches and makes
    you stronger, wiser and more prepared when you embark on a new relationship and this
    time just make sure that you are on the right track in the “ROMANCE” department where
    you have established that the girl has the same interest and attraction as you do for her.

    Just put it behind you and keep moving forward because this was not meant to be and
    the “BEST IS YET TO COME” have faith and it will happen when you least expect it.

    Cheers and always keep smiling. Taurus

  34. Taurusscorpiowoman says:

    Here’s my story about my libra man.
    11 months ago I met him through fb (yeah I know kind of pathetic) and right away gave me his number and we have talked on the phone, texted and flirted a lot. Within a week of knowing me he wanted me to be his girlfriend which really through my off guard. I told him it could be a possibility but I wanted to get to know him more (I was also going through a break with my ex boyfriend so the timing was really bad). One night, totally unplanned, he drove down to see me. That night we hooked up and I have never experienced such a partner like him. Hands down the best sex I’ve ever had. He was perfect in every way, so handsome, amazing sense of fashion and so charming. It can be so intimidating!! Shortly after what i thought would of been just a simple one night stand i got back together with my ex and having to explain that to my libra man wasn’t an easy thing and totally felt like this whole situation ruined my chance of a normal relationship with my libra (after a few weeks I realized that things with my ex weren’t going to work out).
    Over the year we’ve had this on and of again fling but never went on dates, only sex. Great sex of course! he has showed me both passion, lust and dominace and for me our sex was never boring but things werent enough for me. I wanted more and it was hard because I’m such a emotional, loving, caring spirit and always try to show it trough action or word but never get anything in return. I have asked in the past how he feels about me but right away gets offedend for asking as if I should know already.
    I don’t understand him. Only little moments i feel like I connect to him but other things like how he doesn’t kiss me anymore, complaining that he gets sick or how we never go out on dates, always sex but he is super possesive over me yet distance, gets angry when I doubt him but is most affectionate while he is asleep? So confusing! He is a terrible texter so that makes it harder for me to understand him! Its frustrating! because at this point I feel like I was just a booty call to him which made me distance. although I never suspected him with another woman unless we stopped seeing each other. He’s even told me himself he has all these women wanting him(That isn’t hard to believe at all) but he goes out of his way for me. I’ve just learned that I have to be patient with him, not to force him to explain his feelings which I understand now with anyone.

    My girlfriends tell me he doesn’t deserve me and I was ready to give up. I started to give him the cold shoulder, ignored his text until just recently (a few days ago actually) he gave me a text that showed that he started to care and was ready to open up on his own (which I have been waiting for) but said he rather hold his breath for now because of how I was acting towards him. This really hurt.. Because all I want is to find a greater understanding of him and I’m trying my hardest. He is starting to call me again like he used to yet hasn’t opened up much. Soon I plan to see him and hopefully will open up then because I’m dying to know what he planned to say to me (of course no bringing it up because he hates that). I don’t need so much advice from my fellow taurean ladies but more from the libra men perspective. How do you feel about this situation and have you ever gone through something like this? Of course not helpful advice.. My feelings for him are pretty strong and I don’t understand why.. Should I still be patient with him?

  35. Well…I’m a Taurus woman and had sex a few times w/a Libra man and it was the most uneventful lame sex I’ve ever had.. For all those ppl who keep saying Tauruses are boring in the bedroom, I’m here to tell u that ur wrong. Maybe Taurus men are but not the women. I know because I am one and I’ve had several Taurus female friends who had also described themselves as crazy in the bedroom. I need physicality and intense passion. The Libra I was with had none. It was just awful. Sorry Libras!

  36. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    LOL I was married to a Libra man for 5 years and he was a robot! There were sometimes that he was pretty good, he gave a wonderful back rub, my Aquarius husband is a lot different, he knows how to touch not just where, the thing about Libra men is that they want you to show them what you want. They will try once they now what turns you on, but they are so into books that they know where to touch but not “how” to touch, Libra women are the opposite, it was a strange love life that we had back then, we were both in our early 20’s and both had very little experience so he liked to get out the books LOL If you ever go to bed with another Libra man or him , depending on how long your relationship last, he absolutely goes wild over lingere, they love that! If you tell him you are in charge, they pretend they don’t like it but they do! They also love geeky humor, tell them that they remind you of a scene from star trek and they will attack you while humming the tune from the Spock and Kirk battle scene, Princess Leah bikini will knock his socks off! They love that kind of stuff.

  37. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    Oh yeah another thing, bring food, they love food, its weird but food is the sexiest thing to them……The woman with a purse full of chocolate bars gets the Libra man, if you eat anything in front of him in a sexy way, look out! They will go wild……One minute robot the next Super freak!

  38. Aquarius are not usually jealous because they’re usually screwing one of their so-called friends.

  39. You are entitled to your opinion, you sound angry, bitter and unloved.

  40. The Libra wasn’t into you.

  41. Girl you keep on bragging about your Aquarius husband they are the biggest hoes of the zodiac but they keep it on the under cuz they call these people that they’re sleeping with their so-called friends

  42. And another thing I’ve been married for 15 years and in regards to you referring to yourself as a newlywed Libra that’s quite pathetic you have your own identity? In addition This Thread is not about Libras and Aquarius it’s about Libras and Taurus so nobody cares about the Libra and Aquarius and you’re talking a whole lot and you’re not talking about anything that refers to this thread.

  43. I am a taurus woman who loves a Libra man and cannot wait to be over him. He found me on fb after 22 years. He was getting a divorced. I told him to wait before we start anything. I wanted to be friends but he insisted thaf he has always thought of me over the years and that I was the one for him. Everything was great at first. We live in separate cities so I traveled to see him. The break down came when I felt i was doing too much and giving too much. I wanted to be certian that we were going to have a future together. So i questioned then pushed for an answer. He became distant. Stopped texting and calling. He is divorced now and was totally separated from his wife. I gave my all to him. I dropped him a couple of times because of my fear and uncertainty. Now he says he wont put a label on us because I run and hide when i get ready. He says he has to protect himself too. I cannot live with uncertainty and i am pushing him away by being pushy, clingy and emotionally needy which is a turn off to him. In all honesty I dont know if i really love him or if I feel i put my all into it so i am stubbornly refusing to let go. The sex is not fulfilling. He tries very hard to please. I am never satisfied I fake it for him. All i know is that i am hurting and he is the only one that can stop the pain. Someone please tell me to let go because he is not the one. He is the first guy i ever loved but i cant continue on this course it really hurts. ??. He says he still loves me but i know how much libras love to keep the peace. I wont allow him to string me along. Advice is vital please help

  44. Hi,i am a Taurus and I have this Libra guy am in love with…we only met once and we had sex that same day…though I cant say if he is really good in bed or not but I have really grown to love him… After the day we met he left and we never had a way to contact each other until one day I saw him on facebook added him up and he then chatted me first..i was really happy to be incontact with him once again though I had no true feelings for him then but he made me fall for him…he got to know am single and then asked me if I would want him to be my boyfriend…i was glad and happy so I accepted but the issue is that he is now in a distance country when he asked if he could be my guy…letting me know he travelled after we met… To me we are dating but I don’t really know how he sees it and for the fact that he’s not close I always feel like am not wanted…at first he always calls and send texts but as time goes on he no longer care to call. I will call him he won’t pick up,text him he won’t reply and when he got to pick and I ask y he no longer calls he will start apologizing saying he is sorry that he has been busy…he will talk to me calmly wit sweet voice like baby am so sorry…atimes he will feel bad if I mention that he ain’t calling and would say he would hang up the phone on me…or even say I should stop calling him… He mad me fall for him,gave me reasons to and now am drawing deep in his love…but I feel am making a mistake..i feel he has other girls but Wat am confused about is that he would always try to make me feel good when ever he sees my love the last time he posted my picture on his whatsapp…i felt happy but am still hurt…i cry all night praying he would be mine and mine alone….i truly love him don’t know if he feels the same for me tho he finds it difficult to say he loves or misses you unless you force it out from his mouth….pls someone should advice me on what to do… I really want to keep him….plsssssss

  45. taurusgeminicusp says:

    i am a taurus/gemini cusp, and my man is a Libra. we’ve been together 3 years (and counting!). he and i are two peas in a pod. one of us can say just one thing, and it turns into an entire discussion. we both share a love of the same music, we both love having people over and have a lot of “couple” friends that regularly hang out with us. we live in a studio apartment together, with two dogs, a really tight space and despite this we still are each other’s best friend. but it wasn’t always that way at first ! as a taurus woman you definitely have to put a lot of shit behind you when you’re dealing with a libra man. you have to compromise your own values sometimes..but believe me, it is so worth it and you won’t have to do it for long.
    i had just broken up with my ex boyfriend (a capricorn. i dont know what it is about capricorns but i just do not get along with them! weird for a taurus). a lot of people were talking to me, a lot of random guys that i kinda sorta know .. you know that change of relationship status on Facebook type of way haha :p and my libra (recently divorced from a 5 year relationship with a Pisces) was one of the people that was talking to me. he randomly messaged me and said he remembered me from when i worked at a convenience store. i couldn’t remember him at all and i was like, oh..ok i dont know you. haha. he asked if i wanted to hangout sometime and it was a lil weird but i said yeah sure. then he asked for my number and we texted for a month or so before he actually made solid plans with me. he also didn’t text me for hours at a time. which is similar to what everyone’s talking about in the above comments.. how a libra man is slow and acts like he isn’t into you. i dont know if this is because of the gemini in me , but i never get bothered if someone doesn’t answer me. i have better things to do anyways, plus at the time i was working at a really busy pizza restaurant as a supervisor 12 hours a day so i had my own things to do… lol! not to mention i was still fooling around with my capricorn ex on the side, i wasn’t planning on dating him again at all but the sex was just too good to give up. anyways libra ended up apologizing for not texting me for hours at a time, it’s just he forgets he said. i told him no worries i didn’t really care i was busy a lot of the time anyways and whenever he answers, it’s fine. see i think that kinda attitude is what really puts a libra man at ease because, ironically after that he seemed to text me back more quickly. he made plans with me to hangout with him very shortly after also! he is such a free spirit he was a couchhopper at the time just being his hippie self ,hopping from house to house until he could find an apartment because he had changed jobs. he went from being a mechanic to working with mentally challenged adults. typical libra scales! so he wanted to actually find a place for me to chill with him, lol. he ended up asking me to come to his dads (his dad and stepmom weren’t home, they were on vacation but his brother was there.) and i said sure. i got a ride from capricorn hahaha and went to hang out with libra and his virgo brother. they were both a lot of fun to hang out with. libra didn’t look at me for very long the entire time i was there. he would look at me, kinda and then talk to both of us but only look at his bro when he was talking?? lol. i got the vibe he was a lil bit nervous. (i was right. i asked him later on about this.) he didn’t kiss me, or anything. when i left he kinda was just like “bye” and ANYONE would think he wasn’t interested i’m sure!! idk what it was about him but i cut him some slack for some reason. i probably wouldnt have put up with that for anyone else. always do and did, libra’s smiles just make you swoon. after that we hung out at his ex girlfriends apartment (a scorpio!) where he had decided to live! we weren’t dating yet or anything, and so i thought, fair game. but the first time he picked me up to go to his ex girlfriends,i didnt even know thats where we were going ! on the way there he was like sooo you arent the jealous type or anything right? because i live at my ex gf’s house. i was like oh well whatever that’s fine at least you still get along. i get along with a lot of mine too. and this is so weird but this next part was what bonded us together i swear. because he goes on to say that he is still having sex with this girl that he had a friends with benefits thing with before me, but he really really likes me and he’s just sticking around her because the sex is so good. and he felt guilty about it so he just HAD to tell me. i’m laughing thinking about it now. if he was this honest with anyone else, they would be so angry with him! i always tell him that now too how he should be glad he tells me the things he thinks and nobody else because he is just TOO honest and people generally do not like that at all! but anyways i laughed and i told him that i was doing the same thing. and then we both just started laughing. he tried to have sex with me that night, for some reason i rejected him and was like, no im sorry not this time. apparently, he thought that was extremely sexy of me to reject him and told me so in a text when i got home and asked me to hang with him the next day also.i did, and we lived together at his ex’s for a little bit ( she kind of liked me but i got a weird vibe from her.) until we got an apartment together. we got really close. we did everything together and he even wanted to have a baby with me! (we haven’t yet, i wanted to slow the hell down! haha) after about 6-7 months of being together we started to fight a lot. i mean a LOT, about everything. he would really make me mad. he was a bad drinker at the time, i never knew that about him until i moved in with him but he sure knew how to drink. i’m a pretty heavy marijuana smoker so i always just think everyone has their vices. but he actually had a problem. and our fights could get pretty ugly. a taurus approach to things i don’t like and a sharp gemini tongue really makes things bad when i argue. and he’s a peaceful libra, but when he got angry and drunk move out of the way! i used to tell him he was jekyll and hyde and the thing that makes him change is all that booze. it all built up to a point where he had a mental breakdown and had to get some serious help. he was in the hospital for a couple days and came back, then he told me that he wasn’t sure if he loved me anymore. i had no clue what to do. should i leave? i would honestly have been out that door if anyone else ever told me that. but i was so close to him and despite the fighting we always told each other that it felt like soulmates with us. i stuck with it and actually bit my tongue and i just got the feeling that if i pushed through this with him, it would be so rewarding in the end. so i went with my heart instead of my head. i stuck with him when he went through therapy, drove him to his appts. i stuck with him when he lashed out on me because he couldn’t handle his depression. i just thought of him as someone who’s mentally sick and can’t help themselves. it was hard, a lot of times i cried because he wouldn’t seem like the same person i was with before and sometimes looked at me with complete indifference. and i would have to leave to another room and cry because he insisted i still live with him. i looked online for forums that were for support for wives with husbands who have depression and the like and that’s what i relied on for a few months. they found out he has depression and ptsd and he was starting to feel better after awhile, and slowly came back to me. i was right though, he was shocked that i would love him that much to put up with his bull**** and he told me he never really fell out of love with me but he was going back and forth about us in his head. that was almost 2 years ago that he started to feel better and we rebuilt our relationship even stronger than it was. and he even got sober (still is!) because he wants to live longer, have a family with me and enjoy my company forever. we barely fight and when we do get into an argument it’s about something small and we both just don’t even bother continuing it. i can pick up his phone and he doesn’t care at all, just go ahead use it he says (a problem with my capricorn that i had.) he tells me he feels like he can be himself around me and he never felt that way with any woman before,that he always had to be on his toes. last night he just made me a bath with lavender in it because i told him i was feeling a little worn out. he likes to come home and tell me every little thing he did that day. he will actually help me clean the house, if i ask him to help me do something he will tell me no problem, sit down and i’ll do it for you. whereas in the beginning it was the opposite haha! we have sex almost every day still and he is an extremely supportive man that always wants to talk and listen to me. he’s told me that if i ever want to get married, he would marry me in a heartbeat but me personally am not sure if i want or ever will want marriage because of my childhood. he knows this and is ok with anything. but it really is an incredible relationship. the best i’ve ever had hands down. but if i didnt put up with his **** we never would have gotten here. so taurus ladies, if you really want your libra man just deal with his crap for awhile and he will reward you immensely!!

  46. Libra is one of the most loving, warm and
    compassionate zodiac sign. Because their ruling
    planet is Venus, men who fall under this sign are
    helpless romantic. They just LOVE being in
    LOVE. You will rarely find a Libra man alone, he
    might have a bad relationship but he will always
    be with someone because they can never choose
    to be alone. Libra men have a very positive
    outlook in life and, because beauty, comfort, and
    luxury are their weakness, they work hard to
    achieve them.

  47. Taurus woman must keep their Libra man in the way the relationship will last. Libra is one of the most loving, warm and
    compassionate zodiac sign. Because their ruling
    planet is Venus, men who fall under this sign are
    helpless romantic. They just LOVE being in
    LOVE. You will rarely find a Libra man alone, he
    might have a bad relationship but he will always
    be with someone because they can never choose
    to be alone. Libra men have a very positive
    outlook in life and, because beauty, comfort, and
    luxury are their weakness, they work hard to
    achieve them.

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