How can I seduce a Cancer with a Sagittarius Moon?

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I’m a Taurus with an Aquarius moon dating a man who’s a Cancer with a Sagittarius moon. So we’re the commitment-phobic homebodies. I know Cancer and Taurus match well, as do Aquarius and Sagittarius. But what kind of mix is this? Can we ever make it together? And how do I seduce this man?

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You both have yin Suns (Earth and Water) and yang Moons (Fire and Air). The benefit of these matches is that you both approach the world in similar manners. Neither his desire to spend Saturday night at home nor his need to hop on a plane to Malaysia will shock you. Moreover, you get it when he gets all torn up over this inner conflict, because you feel it yourself. In a way, being with each other can be affirming, in that you both know you’re not alone in having competing desires within yourselves. With the insight you have above, both of you can even laugh at yourselves when you act like you have multiple personalities.

But it depends on the space you each are in. We all need to express the nature of our Sun sign to feel fulfilled, yet we retreat to our Moon sign when life gets too stressful. You each instinctively respond to life in an outgoing way, chafing at anyone who tries to squelch your sense of freedom and individuality. Yet you’re each conservative in nature — not Dubya conservative, but in that you each prefer things to stay the way they’ve always been. What if your boyfriend is in Cancer mode while you are in Aquarius? He might not like you upsetting his home life. And what if he’s in a Sag space while you crave Taurean stability? His purchase of two tickets to Siberia may rub you the wrong way. And what happens when the partner who’s in a yin Sun space tries to inhibit the other’s actions? The partner in yang Moon mode may say, “Screw this, I’m outta here!” However, you each can rely on your self-understanding to work through these conflicts.

And how can you seduce this man? Perhaps you can bring the Sagittarius experience into his home. Dress up in traditional garb from a foreign country, and cook him something exotic. This will appeal to both sides of his nature, and make him want more!

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  1. thirtyplus says:

    Very interesting! Like the site.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:


  3. I am a Cancer woman with a Sag moon. All you need do is shower us with attention, affection, love and support. Yes be there for us. Don’t give us the silent treatment and play games with us. Be straightforward and assertive. DON’T take crap from us either. Stand your ground and put your foot down when you need to. But do it in a tactful way. Have intellectual philosophical lighthearted arguments with us. Be intellectual with brains and be forward thinking and creative. I like sensual and sexual partners as well but don’t think I like talking about sex ALL THE TIME. I don’t! Show us that you are more than a pretty face. 🙂

    Be concerned and kind to us. But most importantly give us space when we need it. Don’t push and push and push. It will drive us away.

    I hope this helps. Thanks.

  4. Luna that sounds great !
    Will implement this when i get a Cancer cutie 😉

  5. Tiffany says:

    Luna is spot on. My number one turn off is silent treatment and games. If I feel you will disappear or are not willing to take a risk for me, I’m out.

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