Capricorns and freaky sex

CapricornI once heard in graduate school that many CEOs hire sex workers to dominate and humiliate them. Why? Because when you are in a position of extreme power, your psyche needs to compensate. If the Alpha Male never allows anyone to perceive weakness or vulnerability in him, the stress takes its toll. He needs to totally let go and express the part of himself that wants to be a baby or a slave or what-have-you … a totally helpless human being.

Power dynamics are often eroticized. Doctor-patient, boss-employee … the crossing of a boundary can be a turn-on. Playing out different roles in the bedroom (or hotel room, for married CEOs) is a cathartic way to explore vulnerabilities.

Capricorn symbolizes the heights, the pinnacle of career success. Cap works hard to get where he is, and may shut down parts of himself to get there. He overcompensates to make up for his youthful insecurities. All too often, anything considered weak gets pushed aside into the recesses of his psyche. However, these parts of himself don’t disappear. They need expression, and maybe it’s better to seek humilitiation in the confines of a motel than in the public realm. On the other hand, slow-moving planets passing over the highest point in our natal charts can sometimes expose our secrets to the world, making the personal public.

Talk about humiliation!

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  1. scales on rales: “anyway the point of that story is CAPRICORN LEARN HOW TO SHOW YOUR FEELINGS EARLY!!!”

    i really agree with this, looking back at my early relationships, they were very sexual, usually with women older than me. not alot of emotion and caring though.
    at 37, i think, i’m starting to develop emotionally. ……….. it is a different experience.

  2. im a cappy female and this is so true for me. though i tend to be a lil controllling i need to be utterly dominated in the bedroom. i need to know my man can still be the man.

  3. LibraLady says:

    this Libra is the same, LOL
    I’m bossy and drive everyone crazy but when that bedroom door is closed, I like my guy to dominate….he’s an Aqua with Cap moon, it can get interesting…LOL Works out great for us.

  4. This is amazing! No wonder sado-masochism became a trend before, but I think that’s a little to radical. It’s always nice to compensate for you insecurities. I’d love to try this with a Cappy male and see where it would lead to!

  5. Cap guys are unpredictable (both in good and bad ways!) I started dating this 29-yr-old Capricorn guy about 3.5 months ago… He is quite shy, career-oriented, and very religious. He’s my 4th boyfriend and definitely the most “serious” one. Before he started asking me out on dates, he did a thorough backgroung check, i.e. what are my responsibilities at work, long term goals, what are my priority in life, any dreams about starting a family. Since I have a moon in Capricorn too, I was impressed by his systematic dating style~ He is very serious but he has a queer sense of humor which is quite fascinating. He will surprise me with rare sweet gestures like flowers and hugs… Despite the many bickerings we had, we loved each other very much. Like many capricorns I know, he can be quite controlling… He will persuade me to go to church with him and follow his Christian lifestyle. He lectured me about the importance of Jesus and the purity of love/ marriage. His words were very convincing and I respected him for that. It took him 2 months of dating to hold my hand, and 3 months+ of dating to have our first kiss. At first, I thought “oh boy, he is not very good with kissing…. maybe it’s because he only had 2 girl friends before and they’re all few months long…. He’s probably too busy with work.”

    Then one day, he told me something that was very SHOCKING. We were talking about stupid things that we did in our past… [well, one thing that is a very commendable cap’s trait is HONESTY] and he told me a few common things people do in college (pot, cigarette, drinking parties) but one thing is just too SHOCKING for most girls to accept…. he said: ever since his last serious relationship when he was 24-yr-old, he has been visiting prostitutes. I asked him when was the last time he visitied, he told me 2 months before he dated me. The strangest thing about this cap guy is that he is against pre-marital sex and yet he has been paying prostitute for sex for 5 years. He is very religious and yet his action goes against his beliefs? I have never met a guy so complicated with his sexual needs like this before… some men I met will get such services but they will not tell others pre-marital sex is wrong. This cap guy told me he paid prostitute because of 3 reasons: 1. He was very stressed with work and was lonely, most guys need to let it out. It is just like porn (really?) 2. He had to treat his clients for whore services (quite common supposedly when you deal with big clients) 3. Some of his good friends told him it is okay because he was single and unmarried.

    He said he has asked God for forgiveness, and that I should learn from Jesus, to believe in forgiveness & redemption…. He even scolded me for making fun of prostitutes I saw on the streets. He told me “Don’t condemn those prostitutes but condemn the act.” I thought it was so weird… for someone who used them to say that? Oh boy, he was very good at arguing that at some point, I thought I was the weird one thinking it’s abnormal for guys to not pay for sex. I almost wanted to forgive and forget his past, until one day he told me: “why can’t you accept the fact that I had sex with prostitutes? you had sex with one of your ex and me? in the eyes of God, you’re as much as a sinner as me.” Then, I realized, the problem is not merely his confused morality… but the fact that he thinks is okay just because I did something wrong in his eyes? The, I decided…. I cannot live with a man so unreasonable and confused like this for the rest of my life.

    I won’t say cap men are all morally confused… but I have to say, many cap guys will never accept their mistakes. They will usually argue their ways out of terrible things they did and often, will make them seem like the victims. He was the one seeing prostitutes but in the end, I was the one who was extremely stressed for the relationship….He told his family and close friends that he wanted to stop seeing prostitute. It took him 1 month plus to give up convincing me to re-build our 3.5 month long relationship. In the end, I told him we should just be friends. I truly hope that he is gonna change his ways though~ will he? we will see…

    BOTTOMLINE: Beware of your capricorn guy, no matter how “good” he seems, do find out about his past. I hate digging people’s past but there are some things we do in life that with alter our pyschology for good. And that’s important~? Often, capricorns are honest enough to tell you the truth, BUT they expect you to understand why they did it (this is the part that sucks) and it takes them a while to give up.

  6. the fact that he told, says something…. this dude got issues.
    i don’t think he can come to terms that he made a mistake and he brings it up to you to reassure himself and see if you will accept his behavior.
    i mean, fuc it two tears in a bucket….i did it when i was in high school and so did a lot of the fellas.
    i did it once, felt like a fool paying for it, but later on in life i realized i’m going to have to pay for it either way, whether it’s a serious relationship or a jump off.
    sounds like he has a strong sense of trying to do the “right thing”, but his hear and mind are not on the same accord……you right , he is confused

  7. We have to be stimulated physically and mentally… If its just physical, we take it at face value and move on.

  8. Aries here, with cap woman, sex is another dimension. We can go on all day non stop,she drives me crazy, want her constantly.

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