Aries taking things slow

AriesNow, that’s odd. If your Aries man does not want to move fast, it’s likely he has Venus in an earth sign — he doesn’t want to take risks. Normally, an Aries would go full throttle into a relationship; he knows what he wants, and he goes for it. He’s not one to “hem and haw” when it comes to jumping into the waters.

Venus ventures no further than two signs away from one’s Sun sign. Taurus, therefore, could be the culprit. The sign of the Bull takes things slow, indeed. Venus in Taurus doesn’t like change, and is focused on security, so “she” will stick her toe in the water to test the temperature, as opposed to Aries, who will confidently dive right in. If the budding relationship feels “just right,” Venus will cautiously submerge herself into the pool, and will keep an eye out for sharks. It is only when she feels comfortable that she will enjoy herself, and then it will take two lifeguards to pull her out of the water, because she won’t want to leave.

An Aries with Venus in Taurus can come across then — in matters of love — like a split personality. He really does want to go for it, and does not usually consider the consequences of his actions, but he just can’t help getting stuck in this area of his life. Unfortunately, he may not be able to see this aspect of himself clearly — it’s a bit of a blind spot. Just trust that if he says, “Let’s take things slow,” he means it … otherwise, he would have left the pool to play football.

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  1. I dated a guy for 20 days 2 years back. Then we broke up. I moved on. He moved on. After 10 months we became great friends. And ended up making out many times. but he behaves awkwardly after that but he wants more at the same time. At times while making out he has pushed me away saying “I don’t wanna fall in love, its all shit. I don’t want attachments. We shouldn’t bdo it any more.” And the next day he said he has nothing for me. Then again we end up making out after a while. This is happening since a year now. But when I’m drunk. He takes care of me alot. Doesn’t even try to kiss me. Or touch me.
    I’m the only girl he ever touched. Or wanted to touch. I don’t know what he feels for me. But he tries to push me away and hide his emotions. He cares about me.
    he tells me at times that he doesn’t like me. He says he doesn’t like hugging and then when we hug he says he loves it. I’M SO CONFUSED. Idk what to do.
    Does he like me or considers me just a friend? We have a love-hate relationship. We fight A LOT. All our common friends get annoyed cause we can never talk properly in public. I’m confused. Please help.

  2. I too have an Aries April 6 in my life. I’ve never met anyone like him before, he has a Taurus in Venus and Aries Moon. He and I have great communication except when it comes to his feelings, emotionally. He’s very straightforward about us getting together for sex and although I’d love to- I want an emotional connection from him. He’s definitely someone I would never want to let go of, he’s just so dreamy, funny.. ?

  3. Loreal Goggins says:

    Unfortunately I gave myou April 7 aries an “ultimatum” told him that if he called me tonight then he wanted to move forward if he didn’t call then he just wanted to be friends. 1045pm 1/19, 2 days before my bday and no call so guess that’s that.he was so confusing. 8mo situationship. I fell in love though. I’m saddened.

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