Who does Pisces love more: Gemini or Leo?

[ad#link]Pisces would rather spend time with his home entertainment system than choose a Gemini or Leo. The sign of retreat and seclusion is ruled by Neptune, planet of transcendence, and wants nothing more than to dissolve his ego boundaries and merge with divine consciousness. Or maybe he just wants to get high watching David Lynch movies.

Pisces loves film and photography, and has an appreciation for fashion. Who but Leo craves the attention of the camera, the allure of carrying the perfect handbag?

But unlike Pisces, Leo is all about ego. Ruled by the Sun, the center of the solar system, Leo wants to be adored and worshipped. She does not want to be behind the scenes — she wants to be the scene. All the fire of Leo, as well as her stubborn insistence on getting noticed, can be a drain on Pisces’ sensitive nature.

piscesgeminiBut is Gemini much better? Words, words, words … they just don’t do justice to the ineffable mysteries of super-consciousness — or a good bong hit. Pisces yearns to see beyond the superficialities of Gemini’s domain. Gemini has the advantage of being more flexible than Leo, able to drop a topic quickly and move on to the next. However, the airy quality of Gemini, the chattering headspace — once again, Pisces is so emotional and reclusive that Gemini’s mental meanderings can wear him out.

There’s no real winner here … assigning points, I’d put Gemini in the lead because at least Gemini and Pisces are both mutable signs. However, the angles Pisces makes to these signs — a square to Gemini and a quincunx to Leo — suggest inevitable conflict either way. Can’t you just find him a nice Water or Earth sign to love?

Comment below: Is it pointless trying to interest a Pisces man in Fire or Air signs?


  1. I am a Pisces woman in an affair with a Gemini man. According to him, his wife found out about us and has been giving him hell ever since. He stopped speaking to me for about a month and I was devastated. No matter what I said, he still wouldn’t speak to me. He has only just resumed communicating with me again, but I am so afraid to “go overboard” that I don’t say what I feel. I love him still just as deeply as before. He has already said he does not want to revisit what we had in the past (oh God it was sooo good), but am I being selfish to still want him so much and to want “us” back. I really need some advice. My birthday is March 19 and his is May 31. What do I do?

  2. AquaTrainer says:

    Uh….quit seeing a married man! Seriously?! Do you WANT TO GET BURNED?! Ok, let’s say things go your way and he divorces his wife for you. Do you honestly think he’s not going to leave you for another mistress later on down the road? Cuz, he will! I promise, he will! What kind of scumbag cheats on his wife in the first place – think about it. And yeah, I bet the sex was the most awesome thing in the world, do you want to know why? Because there are no strings attached and he still goes HOME to his WIFE! Ugh, I am soo an Aquarius because infidelity shakes my core sooo much. People who are married and cheat? Haha…they are SUBLEVEL HUMANS. Lowest, most pathetic, immature, slugs out there. Do not contact him and do not ever be a homewrecker ever again. You knew he was married. That’s what makes it sooo much worse.

  3. Luna Maria says:

    I have been dating a Pisces for the last 4 years, I am a Leo. The relationship start as a game, just having fun, music, pubs, bar and parties with friend, only a weekend relationship. After a year I decided to change that he gave me more time will say weekend and one day a week, the fight over that have been constant, and even though I shared every special moment with his family, we travel overseas to meet his family, we even travel every year, we shared with co workers, friend and family every single week, he still do not want anything more than a weekend relationship. Last week I told him I do not want to be a part time girlfriend anymore, I told him I deserve more, I told him I felt he was just using me and his anwer was:

    “I am not sure how many times I have to tell you or say this to you, but I do not need to see you everyday. I started a relationship with you and I give you the time that I enjoy giving you, but have always maintained my own space and time apart. That is how I like it. That is the only way that I can do it. This is not because I think too highly of myself. You quickly like to insult me at times, wondering how YOU could possibly be with ME. You are a beautiful person and a lot of fun, but that does not mean that I need you near me all of the time”.

    Thing tend to change when I said I have this event, or I am going out with my friends, is like he can go out but not me, every time I call him and he do not answer the phone and I ask in a polite way, he give me a cold answer like “I do not need to give you my whereabouts every single day, he is very quick to say that just when I call him only once, but then if he calls me and I do not answer the phone, he starts a big fight….
    I love this guys, 4 years so far, but at the same time I am getting so tired, I try to broke up with him in the past but has been so hard that I just decided to go back, and now every time we have a fight he is very quick to say this:

    “You are just a little too eager into turning this relationship into what you want it to be. And to be clear, I never said that I wanted to be your boyfriend again after we stopped talking. You call them fights, I call them breaking up, but you came back looking for me”

    I dont know what to do I am so confused.

  4. @ Luna Maria,

    i’m pisces, male. i understand what guy is telling you.

    but i also understand, _if_ these really were his words – cut it.

    i could give you lots of words & reasons; just cut it. that guy is not able to be committed.

    we’re pisces, sure we’ll confuse you 🙂 _cut it_

  5. Luna Maria says:

    thank you for your comments, I would like to hear those reasons I would like to hear the words, also I am curious why you said “we are pisces sure we will confuse you?

  6. paxinfinitus says:

    Lovely Luna Maria. I am a leo gal and dated a pisces man. I broke it off after 2 or 3 weeks. Then foolishly went back after a month and a half. I started feeling that he could care less about me and the texts were less frequent and the interest seemed less. I totally could relate to the weekend girlfriend thing. Come around the weekend we would fool around a bit then he would say he couldn’t stay over because he has this or that to do in the morning. I finally got sick and tired and I confronted him flat out “I’m not your fuck buddy.” It threw him off because I started tearing up and crying quietly. He ended up leaving and telling me he needed time to think. After a few days he ended it. It stung, but you know what girl? Do you want to be with a guy who can only give you less than you want? His words are real, yes they sting but why are you tolerating this bullshit? You’re a leo, you’re in demand, get out there and show your fine self. He doesn’t come back cause he thinks you’ll always be there.
    This is true with all guys. Go out, enjoy yourself, life is too short!!! You might think you’ll never have a connection like you had with him and the truth is you won’t. People are different, you go connect yourself with another man who wants to connect with you.
    Go out there and show your fine self to the world, fellow Leo

  7. I’m a Leo who met a Pisces online. One day before we planned to meet up, he backed out saying he was busy with other things. I texted him back and he didn’t answer. He just disappeared like that! No explanation, nothing. I still wonder where I went wrong.

  8. My best friend is a Gemini male and I, myself am a Pisces female. It’s hard to be called his best friend sometimes because of his mood swings, we do fight alot but we also always make up very quickly, neither of us being able to hold a grudge. He is absolutely the best person I have ever met, expecially when it is a good day… No matter what he is my best friend.

  9. As a Pisces female, I would pick the Gem over the Leo anyday. Leo’s are too self consumed about too many points and particular to meet other’s needs. A Gem might go back and forth, but at least I KNOW I can entertain him enough for us both to get something out of it. I don’t think either one could fully fulfill my relationship needs/wants/ideals, but I would definitely prefer to do the “give me space thing” which I can empathize with than the “I didn’t get what I want so ______” The blank being either revenge, detachment, sulking, arguments, fighting etc depending on what the Leo’s knee jerk response is…all over a bruised ego that wasn’t intentional. Geez.

    Source? I’ve never dated a Gem, but I married a Leo and ended up kicking his a&& in a fist fight that he started (He definitely didn’t see that coming, because he’s much bigger than I am). Not the ideal way to end a marriage, but it works none-the-less. He still loves me and 6 years later called me in tears wanting to know if I hate him. I chuckled, assured him I didn’t and he STILL remembered the marriage as a one sided, he did nothing to me, deal. In the end, he said that he didn’t want to be in as close contact as he initially thought, because I caused him to see where he went wrong in the marriage…something he didn’t want/wasn’t ready to admit to. All ego, no heart.

  10. I think neither is good for a Pisces. I do think the pisces female can do well with an Aries male or a Libra male. Aries males will defend, protect, and treat a the pisces with amazing grace, yet the aries male will be blunt, he can curve it if he has a tactful sign for his moon or mercury. The Libra male will offer nice meals, sweet compliments, and loyalty that is so hard to find from other air signs. Yet he’ll be picky about appearance and will be more social than you. I can say they do well with those signs, but only if those signs have a lot of water in their chart to help balance and understand a Pisces.

  11. I am a leo gal Pisces men are not worth it …yes they are charming , handsome but they also girls they expect you to read their minds.
    I almost gave up my relationship with my Aries man for a Pisces man biggest mistake i would have regretted all my life . I have known the Pisces man online for a year now we have never met ….but he gonna be in my country pretty soon , during this year the Pisces man told me he loved me he wanted to be with me ….i loved him too but i was hesistant to leave my Aries man i have known him for almost nine years but our relationship weaken there was no magic , no passion for me in it and i guess i found that with the fish .

    So i still continue my relationship with the Pisces man and Aries man hoping to meet the fish one day 🙂 . He knew i was in a relationship still loved me and all ……a few months after he started ignoring me and disappearing on me ! then i started to get texts messages on fb from a girl claiming ot be his g/f .I thought was him first beause he loves to play mind games….so i asked him about the texts . He was like ” i dont have a g/f i will explain to you later what that was all bout ” so i still continue to chat with him and so ….but his behaviour changed a lot .

    A few days back i called him a girl answer the phone she said she was his g/f . I asked him if thats true he said yes call him back later wtf !!!!!!! and get this she married and have a child !

    Being a Leo gal i hate to compete for another man i mean if you have ot compete for someone love they not worth the fight ! So a few days after i called him and said ‘ HEY LETS PUT ALL THIS BEHIND US AND LETS BE FRIENDS ! ” he was speechless at first because he knows i have anger issues and he was like ooooooooh alrite ! lol i didnt even asked him about the other woman nothing !

    I am still angry at him he continued to lie to me said he was single ,,,,not to worry with the other woman she trying ot get to me and all that crap…..what a looser ! and to think i was gaving up my Aries man for his bullshit ! theses men never know what they want …they use you to their advantage and then disappear . My advise to my Leo gals you may wanna steer clear …you really gotta got patience with these fishes ! dont fall for their sweet talks believe me its not worth it ! 🙂

  12. (Leo quincunx Pisces)
    *Quincunx (aka Inconjunct) 150 degrees away*

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  13. im a married mother of 1 & i just started seeing my boss (we’re actually flirting, we’ve only kissed a few times) he’s twice my age & also married. im gemini & he’s sagittarius, so much just clicks between us. we dont plan to end our marriages but just have fun. i get hot at his every touch. i dont feel guity (i cant understand why) help!

  14. belle:

    Love/lust is blind and monogamy is a forced institution. You shouldn’t feel guilty; you are only human.

  15. something fishy says:

    To go with an earlier comment, “all ego, no heart” sums up the Leo female I was regrettably involved with. She thought she was the most amazing person who ever lived and kept prodding me to feed into that with compliments. The method she chose was to make me read her writing and ask me if it was “good” or “funny”. Unfortunately for me I’m a terrible liar, so when I tried sugar coating it it didn’t work too well, things disintegrated, and eventually she blew a gasket when I refused to bend to her needlessly domineering will. It’s just as well though, I would have been miserable with her. Like oil and water, we’ll just never mix.

  16. *sigh* I am a Pisces female who was married to a Leo (for a very short period of time). BAD DECISION. Leos are very selfish and will never EVER compromise. I have never met a more egotistical or controlling sign ever. Leo and Pisces will never mix. No matter how hard you try. My best friend is a Leo and I’ve had to sever ties with her many times as well.

    My childhood sweetheart and current love are both Geminis. Although these relationships have had their moments, good and bad, (Geminis dont like you to tell them how you feel and Pisces are touchy feely through emotions) a Gemini can make you happy. Unfortunately, you have to play by their rules and let them lead you.

  17. Hey all… I am a Pisces female and was involved with several types of men (Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces) I would say neither one of them matched my ideal type of the “one” – not because they were those above mentioned zodiacs, but rather because men tend to wanna lead in the relationship and if they do not get what they want, they get angry and childish and walk away..
    Aquarius: Cannot live up to their promises and words, no content in what he says
    Gemini: cold, fishy at first… but only protecting his heart for the “one”
    Pisces: Just wanna have fun, especially when his first marriage ended..
    One Aquarius man cheated on me with plenty women (I found out about all of them at one certain moment)
    the other Aquarius man was not even looking at beautiful gals when he was out with me, let his email account open and told me he has no secrets and does not wish to have any secrets between the two of us…. you see we all are different, not due to zodiacs, but rather due to education, culture, family life, what has crossed our lives´ paths until we meet…
    Sorry… but the only thing that I dislike here is, that it alawys seems that everyone is looking for “problems” instead of living a life with only ONE person… why would I stay in a marriage if I feel the urge to cheat? No judgement, but then again: everyone digs their own grave.


    I’m a Gemini female involved with a Pisces male. He’s been really great so far. He seems loyal, honest, and we have a very good time together. We are always laughing and having fun. Physically, the chemistry is amazing. It’s so easy to be with him. I’m completely happy, only problem is hes reluctant to make anything official. We spend like 4 days a week together, some times at my place, sometimes his. I just don’t understand his hesitation. He wants to just take time and let things fall into place, and I’m trying to be ok with that. After all it’s only been like two months, but I’m just worried what if this is all he ever wants? Any comments/suggestions?


    Best bet is to wait awhile. The first three months of being with someone, you should just live in the moment, not trying to define. You have no idea yet if this will even last, so don’t jump the gun and try to define what it just yet. Most Pisces men I know tend to wait to put a label on the girl he is with. After 3-6 months, you’ll know if he wants a relationship with you or not… most fish guys just let the cards fall into place and never try to force any of it. If it’s forced, they tend to start slowly backing off the girl and use excuses to see her.

    So the best bet is to chillax and just let it happen on its own.

    Also what is his moon, mercury, venus and mars signs? And what are yours as well?


    *and use excuses to NOT see her.

    lol sorry grammatical error!


    I have no idea! His bday is Feb 27 mine is May 29…

    I do agree with what you are saying, I need to be more patient. After all I have nothing to complain about at all. Things are pretty near perfect now.

  22. @Funtazy

    I think this is a fundamental misunderstanding between Aquarians and Pisces. Pisces thinks Aquarius makes promises and doesn’t keep them – when in reality, a lot of times Aquarius is just “thinking out loud” and Pisces takes what we say as gospel. Most times, we’re just looking for an opinion or an idea, where Pisces wants someone to counter-balance their dreamy disconnection with real life. They need someone to take care of the fine, mundane details while they deal with family, social life, and all the other “fun” things in life that sustain them emotionally. This is why they tend to gravitate to Leo and Aries – two forceful, assertive signs that have no problem taking the lead in a relationship with Pisces.

  23. @Damien

    Your opinion states how you lack of maturity. People cannot be put into boxes!
    I have been living my life and taken responsibility of mine, my mother´s and brother´s lives for the past 7 years now. I am paying my own bills and have my own apartment, a demanding job and my own financial plan. Me as a pisces and I guess all mature people would take a 40-years old man´s talking as what we call “honest talking”! If though you and people similar to you are “processing” thoughts and feelings out loudly THAN this is something that should be said in advance. Either way though I cannot imagine that hearing “I wanna get you a ring, what is your size” I would consider as “processing an idea”! “I would love to move in with you”, and similar thoughts should NOT be expressed out loudly OR in a different manner such as “I am thinking it would be cool moving in with you – what do YOU think?” states much more the thinking process that people like you state above might actually mean.

    So either way, turn it or toss it, I do believe it is no common opinion that zodiac of this or that sign has its own characteristic. I have met many men who had a bad experience and all act similar to this challenge in their lives, no matter which sign.

    I am glad though I have grown out of the power play scenarios and keep my boundaries up when something inappropriate according my value system happens.

    Good luck on your search =)

  24. Leo At Heart says:

    What’s with all the Leo hate? I’m a Leo girl and I’d like to point out that I meet none of these descriptions. I am always described as reserved, passive, shy, quiet, and calm (I have a Taurus moon). Also, to generalize an entire group of people by their birthdays based off one experience is very narrow-minded. Not all Leos are egotistical cam-whores (some start that way and evolve from that as they mature). Have you ever actually stopped to think that maybe you just attracted such a personality at the time but now you came out of that and just happened to find someone of a different sign from that last person that met your criteria? I mean I’m pretty sure you don’t want to tell someone your sign and hate you and start generalizing, would you? I was deeply hurt by this (my pride still gets bruised but what person’s doesn’t from time to time?) I just wanted to put in my two cents! Thank you!!! 😀

  25. I’m a Leo female, I’ve recently broken up with a Pisces male.They’re introverted and extroverted Leos. When I’m in a relationship I treat my mates like Kings. I’m a introverted Leo, I always listen to what he had to say. I’d always help his fantasy come true. You know how they say Pisces are able to jump into anothers shoes and are able to read their minds and feelings. He would always assumed there was something wrong and in reality nothing was ever wrong. He always thought I was upsetand he thought I was in denial of my feelings. Nothing would get me more upset than constant incorrect assumptions. I would always tell him he’s wrong, I’ve always upfront. I’m 16 years old, he’s 18, I’m focusingon school and my goals that I’ve set out for my self. He starts saying “promise me we’ll get married and have kids.” I told him “no that’s stupid why would I ever promise that. That’s completely foolish I’m only 16.” Eventually he just started assuming that I’ve been sleeping with my best friend which is a guy not only that a flamboyant homosexual. I told him that I don’t feel the same as I use to that I wasn’t that in love with him anymore. I was tired of being accused of things that I never even did or said. He always wanted me to be open about my feelings, which when I did express them I was a mean cold selfish bitch. He’s broken up with me 3 times and when I broke up with him it was like he end of the word for him. He started saying that he was going to committee suicide and that the only reason he would break up with me is to try to make me feel bad and knew I wanted to get back together. I simply told him no I’m done you’ve been completely childish. He always told me that the fact that he couldn’t read me or my emotions would drive him insane. Anyways we dated for a year which has been his longest relationship. I broke up with him about two months ago he wants to be “friends” I keep telling him that’s fine but it isn’t healthy for you. He to a different state to stay up there for a while to try to forget about me. I just feel like he isn’t realistic at all with this whole relationship. While hes up there trying to forget about me he constantly texts me. I respond to him because he’s in a sensitive stage and I don’t want anything negative happening with him. My moon is Leo, my rising is aquarius, my Venus and mars are both in Cancer. His moon is Aquarius and his rising is Virgo. Don’t get me wrong though I love Pisces I have a lot of friends that are Pisces, but it seems like nothing is ever good enough they always feel like they’re being attack. It makes complete sense though that Virgo is their opposite sign. I feel like these signs are beautiful people and are just easily misunderstood souls.

  26. fly4gemini says:

    I am a gemini male with a pisces female. We are extremely happy with each other, and I feel like I’ve found the person I’ve been looking for: the one!!
    She has had many more relationships, and is no stranger to heartbreak, so she has put up a guard that is slowly coming down the deeper into the relationship we get.

    The one problem: I’m deeply in love and she still has a guard up.

    I want her to know that I am willing to wait, but I don’t want her to feel rushed into feeling a way she may not feel quite yet.

    Any advice?

  27. Hi fly4gemini,

    Since you are “EXTREMELY HAPPY” with each other why complicate matters
    by meeting a deadline of “how deep is your love” instead of allowing nature to
    take it’s course and permitting the individual to deepen and strengthen their love
    at their own pace and time frame.???

    If you are willing to wait and not rush her into feeling something she is not yet
    ready and needs more time then you have answered your own question and
    you know what you have to do so just play the “WAITING GAME” and allow
    her love to deepen toward you just as yours has toward her.

    You are obviously experiencing the right “TIMING and FRAME of MIND” which
    experiencing the right “TIMING” and “FRAME of MIND” which is telling you that
    you are deeply in love and she is the one but she needs to experience this thought
    process and feelings for herself in order to be able to reach the same level of
    depth as yourself.

    Time is either our “BEST FRIEND” or our “ENEMY” it all depends how you use it.???

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus

  28. Pisces Girl says:

    Hi. I am a pisces girl and i am soooo in love with my Gemini bf. We get along really well. No fights. No quarrells. We understand each other a lot. He’s always there for me and so do I. Well, we’re on a long distance relationship tho so we have a lit of space and freedom. He is very loyal and somewhat aloof when it comes to girls. We trusts each other a lot and We have a lot of similarities. Maybe because I have a lot of Aquarius in my chart and my moon is Leo and gemini rising. His moon is in pisces. Like I said, we get along really well. He’s like my other half. My soulmate. Although i can be VERY moody sometimes but it’s no big deal. I can be very emotional too but after 10 minutes or less, it’s all gone. I’m a really positive person (maybe because of my leo moon) But anyway, being compatible or not, it all depends on how much you love each other. 🙂

  29. Pisces confession (long post, sorry) says:

    I’m a Pisces girl and I’m just a little head over heals for my Leo girlfriend. She’s really not a typical Leo. She’s vibrant and warm but she can be really introverted(and a little insecure) for a Leo. (Her moon’s in Virgo, Venus Libra). She’s more mentally oriented than most people giver her credit for and she can really over think what people say to her. Even though she’s really giving and friendly with others, she just has trouble really trusting people. It breaks my heart to see her so down when it does get to her, so I try to lay the, sincere, compliments and flattery on thick. With a confidence boost she always bounces back stronger and brighter than ever.

    She’s the cutest, funnest, most lovable and unique person I’ve ever met. It feels like she’s the only person in the world that even speaks my language and I doubt I could ever find anyone else that I could love as naturally and easily as I can love her. I’d worship every inch of her if she’d let me. Or if I could pin her down to one spot long enough to do so. I’m more outwardly independent so it was surprising to most of our friends that I’m wrapped so tightly around her little finger, when it first started. She definitely takes the lead in the relationship now, and I’m only happy too comply with that.

    It started off really rocky though. I had to jump start our best friendship/almost relationship into actual girlfriend status by confessing my feelings. Which at first, did nothing but strain our friendship. Getting impatient with her complete lack of response (my Venus in Aries is showing), I tried to pull one out of her. Which ended badly. I got my heart broken when, instead of just telling me ‘no’, she got a new boyfriend. (She’s bi and and technically I am too but she’s the only girl that I’ve ever been physically attracted too). Because of that I broke off our friendship almost completely. I found it a little insulting that she didn’t seem to understand why I did that, and was acting like I betrayed her. We were barely friends at that point and I thought that would be the end of anything romantic with her. Only to be completely blind sighted by a letter in the mail almost a year later, confessing her love, sharing her fears, and basically explaining that she ‘sure’ now that I’m the one for her, and that she still wants me if I’ll still take her.

    It confused the hell out of me. I wrangled an actual apology out of her first, for emotional damages among other things, and then I said yes. We’ve made up, we’re in a long distance relationship now, and against all better judgment I’m sort of madly in love with her. I’m busy in college away from home, and she’s moved out of state until the end of the year at least, but between the long messages and handwritten letters we’re still just as close as we were living in the dorms together. Though I do miss holding her, and spending our free moments just curled around each other like we could before.

    Her mars is conjunct my moon, both in Gemini, which might help explain our against-all-reason supercharged attraction to each other that neither of us can really explain or define.

    We can talk for hours at a time and it will always be different and fun, and she can trust me with some of her deepest secrets, but when it comes to anything to do with our relationship it’s like she seems to tell everyone but me what she’s thinking or feeling. Which rubs me the wrong way if for just the fact that I’m such a private person and I believe it’s none of their business. She’s also sort of an exhibitionist, I soon figured out. She brought our mutual friend to our last sort-of-date, and she can get real handsy when we’re surrounded by people and she thinks no one’s watching.(Hotel pools, dorm rooms with roommates, long car trips with friends.) I have a few of my own kinks and I want to be understanding and support her, but I just can’t ‘perform’ for an audience like that. My mars is in Cancer. Doing stuff behind a locked door just gives me a little more piece of mind, and I’m a little more open then. I can’t deny that it’s hot. It’s always hot when she takes control and showers me with that kind of attention, and my body’s responsive whether or not I believe it’s the time or place, but still. I would’ve liked a little more fore warning than a hand up my shirt, fingers tracing my inner thighs, or a hard bite on my neck. Especially when I thought we were just kind of relaxing and cuddling around.

    Now, if only there was some way to explain all that to her in between our wacky banter, without it getting awkward or misunderstood. Our compounded Pisces sun/mercury and Leo sun/mercury does nothing to help our on/off communication issues.

  30. toodles says:

    hmmm… This is interesting. I think it’s true that your other signs in your chart make a huge difference. I was married to a LEO and I’m a full-on Pisces… I was madly in Love with him and still think he is a wonderful, great man. I have Libra Moon and Mars in Aries, so he wasn’t the first Leo or Fire sign I dated, to be sure. I think what also made us so compatible, although we are fundmentally different, was his Venus, Moon, and Ascendant in Cancer… He was a gentle, quiet, caring, sensitive, introverted Leo.

    But, the funny thing is that when you’re Married and living with that person under all circumstances, you really see their core. When the LEO came out–wow. I learned over the marriage that he was an incredibly strong, ambitious, often bossy, often very stubborn, perhaps even tyrannical man, at times. This was a problem. The Noble Leo could give way to the Bossy Kick-Ass Tough Guy Leo. Don’t be fooled, they ARE the King of the Jungle. (or at least they want to be!~ 😉 )… No amount of polish can hide that powerful tough-guy core. It can also be fantastic when you need a champion or true friend, I might add!~

    Now I’m getting involved with a Gemini (again)…and worry that I’m setting myself up. Oh why do I have to have that chatty Libra Moon??… I feel like I’m falling for him, too…

    With all my other signs that are not Pisces, I seem to be more attracted to non-Water signs?? Is that bad?? Am I just fated for that disconnect or do I relish a challenge???…. So far, I’m pretty ELATED with this Gemini, but feel some confusion coming on…. Thanks!-

  31. toodles says:

    p.s. As a Pisces, I was with my Leo husband for 10 years and was very happy for much of it. Totally loved him!! A more generous, manly, talented, gorgeous, loving, fun, idealistic, magnanimous, artistic, hilarious man you will probably never find. He was my best friend, but we were very different on some things, he could be so stubborn, & now we’re split. ouch. Most of it was outside circumstances such as career moves, bad mother-in-law crisis, etc. I think less “compatible” signs may be more vulnerable to those outside factors. Good luck to all!!~ 🙂

  32. ShiningGem (long rant, so srry ^^")5|\ggyygygyyyytvg\gy\; says:

    I’m a gemini girl and always found myself attracted to freaking pisces and, pls send help, virgos. Which is practically a joke since almost everywhere it says these particular signs have the worst compatibility with gems…

    why do find them sooooo attractive then? And their personalities sooooooooooo endearing? Why do I adore their ways so, the negative and the positive ones alike?

    Why do i just want to be there for them and support them in their dreams and aspirations and be like their own personal cheerleader and encourage them when no one one else will? and cheer them up when they are down???

    this is so sad. Do they even think gems are hot? Or even endearing? Or…anything? Why would i want to fight for their love? Their attention? Even when i know it would be a challenge, i would sincerely love them and i definitely would want to hold them when they go through those emotional breakdown moods, i wouldn’t mind!!! I would kiss the tears and sadness away, take in all that anger til there’s nothing left except love~?

    Gems are adaptable and accepting and we also go for what we want but why do we always want something soooo out of reach?? Idk. Maybe i was born in a taurus moon or something because yeah, of course i could get distant and indifference about things but when I’m happy, I’m really happy and when I’m emotional, I’m really emotional af. Wow.

    Can Pisces even handle all that emotions of overwhelming happiness ? or overwhelming sadness sometimes…

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