What Virgo men find sexy about Cancer women


Which pie will turn on a Virgo man?

  1. Vegan apple pie made with wheat-free crust, unsaturated oil and agave nectar.
  2. The kind of pie you’d get at Applebee’s.

Who’s gonna cook it?

  1. A Cancer woman.
  2. Virgo’s Mama.

OK, part 2 was a trick question.

A Virgo man values purity, so if a Cancer woman wants to appeal to him, she’s gotta live out the perfect mother archetype to a T. Although nothing turns a woman on like watching her husband vacuum, this will work for a Virgo man as well.

Caution: Virgo men are more self-critical than they are critical of others, and it’s likely that Mom harped on him as a youth. It can be a challenge for a Cancer woman to do the cooking-and-cleaning bit without also, well, being a Cancer. The Virgo man may take her moodiness personally, and sometimes she just might be crabby enough to pinch him. Then he will criticize her cooking and point out the creases in the shirts she pressed for him, and before you know it she’ll be sulking and he’ll be harping, and, as the formula goes:

WATER (Cancer) + EARTH (Virgo) = MUD.

Comment below: Are you a Virgo man? What about Cancer women turns you on?

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  1. CancerLady says:

    AWESOME greg!!! Sounds like you’re totally in love:) I’m a cancer dating a virgo guy. He is amazing and we seem to be soulmates. I guess what they say about Virgo/Cancer compatibility is really true.

  2. cancer lady says:

    I think cancers and virgo make the best pair in terms of loyal, faithfulness and long lasting relationships. We’re attracted to one another physically and emotionally. Once my virgo man and I got comfy with each other and built a level of trust, the sex was amazing!
    I’ve noticed that some virgo men are not very expressive and good at communication. Virgo men need to be more expressive and they’ll get the best out of us cancer women when in comes to lovemaking, daily needs, emotionally, u name it, we give it! You just have to build a ground of security, honesty and communication.
    When we passed all those tests, we had the best lovemaking ever. We had different styles and we’d do it SO well. 😉 the sex is certainly intense, with sparks flying all over. We just need to feel right about it! You just need to find the right partner and in most cases, we cancers are the perfect partners for virgos.
    Have fun! and don’t let go of your cancer partner virgo men! and vice versa! 😀

  3. CancerLady says:

    Cancer Woman & Virgo Man
    This match is very good for you and can definitely lead to lasting love. You have a lot of things in common with the Virgo boy, like your love for order and routine. Security is very important to you and you will find that in this relationship. You also have good chemistry in the romance department. You will draw out the passionate side in each other that you both keep hidden away most of the time. Because your needs are similar, you respect what each other want from a relationship. You will feel fulfilled emotionally in this pairing and fights about either one of you flirting will be few. A good love match.

  4. Cancergal says:

    I am in love with a guy who is virgo. He is such a gentleman,kind,emotional. I just love everything about him. As a cancerian i know wht are my needs and he is always there to fullfill them. 🙂

  5. i have fallen for a virgo man and vice versa problem he has a partner and family ,he is so caring says all the right things and we are so good together its only been a mth but have liked each other for 6 yrs but only got togther now im single he said he has fallen in love with me but is unsure how i feel but i feel the same just dont want to be hurt but he,s making plans to leave his partner to move into his own place then be with me we talk everyday and when we are togther we dont want to leave each other we have spoke about family feelings everything he,s my soul mate and we are meant to be together im a cancer

  6. i have fallen for a virgo man and vice versa problem he has a partner and family ,he is so caring says all the right things and we are so good together its only been a mth but have liked each other for 6 yrs and he has always asked me out but only got togther now im single he said he is falling in love with me but is unsure how i feel, but i feel the same just dont want to be hurt but he,s making plans to leave his partner and said he hasnt loved her for long time but the children kept him there but now they are older we didnt set out to make this happen it was meant to be friends drink etc but things have happened it aint about sex because only been there twice we love to talk and have talked about just everything he is making plans to move into his own place then be with me we talk everyday and when we are togther we dont want to leave each other we have spoke about family feelings everything he,s my soul mate and we are meant to be together im a cancer can any virgo men enlighten me and is this real or is he using me cause i really dont think he is ?

  7. Cancerlady says:

    I’m married to a Virgo man whom I’ve known for about 14 years. I first met him when he was 16 years old (I’m 2 yrs older) and he was shy and didn’t tell me he was interested. I was later told by mutual friends. I didn’t even know he noticed me, although I did see him, he wasn’t my type at the time (I loved thugs). He was cute though. Anyway we talked on and off for about a year, but nothing came out of it….fast forward 10 yrs, we start back dating, get hot and heavy fast…I got pregant within 3 months of us being together and we were engaged within 9 months and married a year and 2 months after getting back together. He made me fall for him hard, and yes he changed….we both did…I don’t know if it was the marriage and kids or what…but he definitely is more confident (not as possessive) and less lovey dovey, which being a Cancer we love. He is more into raising the children right and keeping the house up and things like that. Which I can’t complain…I just wish he was more into me like he was when we first got back together 4 yrs ago. I would say he’s a nagger and complainer, but loves to clean and spend time with me and the kids…he is definitely a homebody like me…so unless he is at work 99% of the time we are all together..one big happy family. Our 3 yr wedding anniversary is coming up…guess I’ll have to drop some hints that I’m looking for some romance……..

  8. Cancerlady says:

    Lonely1 I don’t mean to judge you, but you must be a June Cancer (I’m a July one) to be even considering messing around w/ somebody who is involved with someone else, and their are children involved??? Please step away and let him leave his partner (if that is what he truly going to do) and then pursue a real relationship with him. Why share a man, when you don’t have to? If he really wants you, nothing will keep him from you.

  9. well cancer lady your right i am a june cancer, they are now separated and we are still taking it slowly because we have kids involved but i know in my heart that we are meant to be together and although there may be troubles ahead we will both see them through together iknow and feel this is going to be a god relationship thanx for your reply

  10. Cancergirl86 says:

    Im July Cancer and I was wondering which is good for us Cancer gals, Virgo or Scorpio?

  11. Hi,

    I am a cancer woman and he is a virgo man, he is about 5 years older than me. We have been chatting on the phone now for about 3 days… Well on day two he stated he love me… For me that seem a little impossible… but he is certain so he says. After reading about other virgo men, I must say, this is one is total different or opposite then the norm.. I mean he has no issues speaking or sharing his feelings. The question I have is should I keep on my guard and wait for the other side to come out? FYI, no we have yet to meet, we got each other information from a mutal friend who suggested we would be great for each other.. He lives in TX and I live in GA.. We have not been intimate in any fashion just been have great conversation. SO what is you guys take on this virgo man…

    Pam (6-29)
    Gary (9-7)

  12. Honestly I have gone out with 2 Virgo men, I’m a June cancer(6/30). They were quite different, one was born 9/10 and the other 9/15. I fell in love with the 9/10 guy, I loved everything about him and I still do, even if we no longer talk. I’ll always love him, he always made me happy and finds a way to always make me happy when he caused me the sadness. I still wonder what could’ve happened if we were still going out till this very day.

    Now for the 9/15 Virgo, he was such a horn dog..although I liked having sex with him, I didn’t like the fact he was talking dirty to me while doing it. He still likes me and wants me back but he was the one who broke it up. He had his chance too but missed it.

    Overall, I like having virgos around, but I love the company of taurus men, they intrigue me and keep my attention to them when were together, I’m more in sync with them then virgos even if I fell in love with one.

  13. I met my Virgo man almost 7 years ago. Our relationship started slow and grew to be incredible. However, before he met me he had gotten this girl pregnant.
    He came to me with tears in eyes the day the daughter was born.
    He told me it was killing him, but he had to go be a father to his little girl. That he had made a mistake by sleeping with a 20 years old girl. But he did and must be responsible. So he decided to leave me and be a fulltime father.

    Well about 2 weeks ago, I just happened to log into my yahoo IM and there he was. I reached out. We immediately fell back into place. We had a very long conversation about what happened, and that he’s never stopped loving me. That leaving me was the 2nd worst decision he had ever made.
    Needless to say, we are now in a committed relationship and talking marriage. I am so very happy.

    He is so comforting. As security is BIG for us Cancer gals. He provides me with that extra that I need. He calls during the day from work. Our lovemaking has always been incredible. He even said ‘you know, we have never had an argument’. In the almost year we were together we had NO issues.

    But this man truly completes me.

    I hate that he experienced birth already. But I’m also very very glad to know he is a stand up guy. And takes raising his daughter very serious.
    But my Virgo man truly is the yang to my yin. I’ve never experienced a relationship so pure. Where my clingyness and moodiness, he gets. Lol! We click on so my cylinders. This union is the greatest.

  14. 26june_cancer**hotlady says:

    Im a cancer lady born June. I dont koe , i didnt find any virgo guys attractive, i seen a lot of virgo guys kept chasing after me. Worst still is, my immediate boss, he’s virgo and he’s sucking my bloodd out..hated his critism on my work..BUT time after time..we both get along like how…we shared the same ideas and tots..I appreciated him, and he’s shown a bit-concern on me..hehe nothing happens than that. They are so-called fanatic in cleanliness, fussy, and bit humorous. I dont koe why they called it virgo men & cancer females a perfect match combination?
    But I always found Pisces, cancer, sagi guys very attractive..damn they are so hottt crazy for them eventually these stars drives my sexually intention high all the time…;)

  15. moon's pawn says:

    I tried to date a virgo, i think i sensed that we connect on some wierd level…
    I think his idea of perfection didn’t include me, and with out him saying a word i knew that i wasn’t matching up to the picture he had in his head.
    I am cancer, him virgo of course…
    my venus is virgo, my mars is virgo….his venus is libra (my rising sign and moon are libra)
    but his mars is sagittarius….
    We hit it off on an emotional plane, but my crabby ” can’t talk” got in the way, he couldn’t see past it…
    i didn’t fill the bill, it seemed as if i was just stupid to him, therefor not good enough.
    I really don’t get it, according to the planets, we were attracted to the same kind of person…
    I don’t get the reality either, and i don’t stop thinking about someone assuming that i am stupid, and so i still try to talk and prove i am not, which gets me nowhere.
    I don’t know if it is “him” that i can’t forget, or if it’s me trying to be perfect…
    I am cancer, i guess i think there is no one i can’t reach.

  16. cancergirl204 says:

    Hey hey… I need to talk to a virgo guy… I met a virgo guy over the holiday weekend and we were partying, got kinda drunk and decided 2 be bf/gf… we had a ot of fun but didn’t hook-up, only made out. I’m 10 years older than him and he said it didn’t matter… do you virgo guys care about that? Also the next day we woke up made out a little more then I left to get lunch w a guy friend, do you think that bothered him? I texted him the next day and told him I had a lot of fun and that I wanted to hang out again but do something mellow this time but he never responded and its been days… my q’s are… do you think he reallywanted to become bf\gf that quick or was it drunkeness? Also would he have still made out the next day sober if he didn’t like me? Should I call him or text again cuz I don’t appreciate no response after being so vulnerable to him by telling him how I really felt that night… help me out sweet virgo guys… I think you guys are rad. TY!

  17. cancergirl204 says:

    Hey you rad virgo guys… my q’s are… I partied w a virgo guy this w\e and he told me he wants to be my boyfriend… we were drinking but not wasted… I’m 10 years older than him (21\31) we didn’t have sex, just kissed w and the next day made out again but then I left w a guy buddy to eat lunch cuz he still wanted to sleep… I texted him later to tell him that I had a lot of fun with him and that I thought he was super funny and nice but I that I wanted to hang out again but got no response and its been days… was he full of **it saying he wanted to be my boyfriend just cuz he was drinking? Does our age difference bother him? Should I just call him cuz I want to see him again… What’s going on in his head?

  18. cancergirl204 says:

    Oops post the same thing twice I think…

  19. AquaTrainer says:

    um, all young guys want to bang an older chick lol and especially say they have one as a girlfriend. I wouldn’t invest too much into that. He was drinking and being flirty flirty.

  20. cancerlady626 says:

    HI everyone…I wanted to see if I could possibly get any imput from Virgo’s (esp the male Virgo). I first layed eyes on my Virgo 4 yrs ago at a club. To me he was the most gorgeous men I had ever laid eyes on. He ignored me completely in public, yet emailed me on a social network. Always calling me “sexy”. Well we had what I truly thought would be a one nite stand, yet he pursued me for a few months, then stopped calling. Exactly one yr later he called and asked for a reunion, which I went. It was just sex. Then one nite out of no where, he questioned me as to what I felt we had. I was hesitent to answer, so he blurted out, I think we have more, we have a connection. Things went well for a cpl of months, getting closer, then drama set in and the nastiness on both sides came out. Determined never to speak again we each went our seperate ways, that is until he reached out again months later. I havent always been available for him, which I knew annoyed him, but after all it is just sex. While he does ignore me out in public he is always found w/in 3 feet of me, always has his eyes on me. Well now he once again seems to be interested in my world outside the bedroom. He asked where I grow up, what HS I went to, where I was off to for the Easter holiday. And he actually helped me with a diliema I have had regarding a gf, giving me some insite. I will admit the sex with us is unreal, but I am a little confused by him now once again inquiring about me outside the bedroom. Yet when I leave he doesnt reach out at all, but I do know he is checking up on me. All in all this has been a sex thing for the last 3 yrs on and off…he loves when I tell him I love him, and he recently told me….Ok Virgo’s hit me….Is it at all possible for more? Or am I reading into things at times? When he looks into my eyes all I see is love reflecting back at me, is that crazy??? Thank you….

  21. So true about Virgo men. They may have been pampered by their moms while they were little, hence would be impossible for you to fill in that kind of affection.

  22. julycancer says:

    I’m dating a virgo man, I’m a july cancer. Not sure the honest difference. My virgo man isn’t super emotional. Calls me a sap all the time, but he’s getting mushy since being with me. I love him to pieces and def take care of him. He loves. My cooking, and loves it that I’m an amazing mom to my son from another past relationship. He loves my son as well. We started off as friends, then things grew. The sex is ungodly amazing, its earth shattering! But the best part is that he listens to me bitch and deals with my moodiness like no one else ever has! He’s the best bf I have ever had. And he understands me and makes me feel like a princess. As well as helping keep the great communication in our relationship. We rarely argue even though we have very different opinions on a lot of stuff. He’s very family oreineted, he’s by far the only guy I have truely loved. Like more then just being in love, so much deeper! He’s the best! And I am happy to say this is a well working cancer and vigo couple! And I hope to keep it that way!

  23. Redrenee says:

    So, I’m a July cancer. My husband is a July cancerian as well. When we met, it was like we automatically undestood each others needs. We’ve been together 13 years now, 8 married. We have 2 children but this man has a deeply dark moody side. When things don’t go his way, he’s upset about something he’s just ugly and intimidating and mean. The sex is boring, and I don’t feel connected to him anymore. I started a new job this year and I met this man. He intrigues me, makes me smile abd exudes a sense of calm I crave. With a group we had been out abd had drinks a couple of times. He’s was just cool, funny and down to earth. I discovered he was a Virgo 4 years younger than I am. The last time we hung out, he gave me an indecent proposal. Long story short, I accepted after much inquisition from me, he was still game. We have been intimate 3 times and has been amazing. We’ve hung out twice as friends and it was nice too. I’m at a cross road because I know what I’m doing is wrong on many levels. But I’ve tried to walk away from this man and I couldnt . He is intelligent, intriguing, funny responsible, calming and comforting. I don’t know if what’s going on between us is real. Btw He knows my marital situation. Does he respect me less because of it? Are Virgo men prone to messing with Married women? Why did he pursue me if Virgo men are so attracted to high morals. This relationship we have is certainly not morally correct. Any insight you can give me about this virgos behaviors would be helpful.

  24. Redrenee: I am also a married Cancer woman having an affair with a virgo man.
    Me and my husband ( Taurus ) have been together for 10 years and we have a daughter.
    Virgo is our neighbour, family friend. Yes, it is a crazy situation and I wish I’d never gotten into it…
    We were friends for years before he came on to me, confessing he is in love with me.
    He loves my daughter and is like a second dad to her… crazy I know.

    We started an affair and it turned out to be a roller-coaster. I seriously considered leaving my unhappy marriage for him.
    It’s true, Virgos are not very expressive or passionate. Sometimes, very rarely he let his guard down with me and those times were the best.
    He hurt me a lot, did the hot-cold, push-pull thing all the time, very confusing and could not figure him out.

    We called it quits and are now back to being friends, he is a nice person, but I wish he would move away and get on with his life.
    Even though we are very attracted to each-other and we have a connection and feel good around each-other, I don’t think we would work in the real life.

    He has many issues and so have I.
    He can be critical and harsh and cold and distant.

    I know he likes me, cause I am the motherly type, he says he wishes he had a mother like I am.
    He also finds me sexy, as I am pretty, long hair, feminine, curvy.
    Also he likes intelligent and interesting women and we connect on that level also.

    To think about it – he is probably the perfect guy for me, expect for couple of little things 🙂

    He has many issues ( depressive, alcoholic, dead-end job, mommy-issues ).
    And he is very insecure. And inconsisent and lazy. And selfish.

    So even if we connect on so many levels – emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual, the reality of the every day life would get to us.
    After all, Cancers are practical and need security and stability.
    I don’t see that with my Virgo man.
    He is not very ambitious or hard-working and settles for less than what he could get.
    He is not a go-getter and gives up too easily.
    Cancer’s have a big heart but I don’t want to baby a guy or deal with somebody’s depression.
    Life is hard enough to make it even harder.

    I want to be there for him as a friend and support him in getting his life together.
    But only he can do it, nobody else can do it for him.

    I know other Virgo men also, who have showed interest in me. One is a coworker, also married.
    He has been trying to get me for over five years. But I refuse to start something with a married man, that crosses my limits. He is the supercontrollive type and I would not want to be with him and feel sorry for his wife ( Libra ).

    Cancer woman are not a bad choice for Virgo but I don’t see myself with one.
    I believe Cancer woman can bring out the emotional side from Virgo but Cancer needs a lot of patience to deal with the coldness and pulling away.

  25. curious757 says:


    wow, this is like watching “Desperate Housewives,” or, “LA housewives” or something like that.
    First off, wow, sorry to hear about your unhappy marriage with your Taurus man and you had to go find it with a married man (Virgo) who is unhappily married with the Libra.
    🙁 🙁

    I guess this site really shows me a lot of the “real world” out there, instead of hearing gossip with the family and the neighbors. I usually watch Dr. Phil and his unhappy marriages episodes and how to “fix” them. 95% of the time, they cannot be fixed. Poor Dr. Phil, he tries so hard. He’s a true Virgo who makes his energy potential. With having some virgo in my chart I understand how it is, wanting to “fix” people. My ex’s were the kind I wanted to “fix” which I now understand by making their charts and how I attracted them in the past.

  26. i.peep.your.game.hateration says:

    water+ earth= life and foilage. you’re such a #hater

  27. Me and my Virgo met up recently after 10 years. back then we had an attraction but never pursued it. i knew that he was engaged now, he didnt want to talk about their relationship. later he told me that they are experiencing problems and that he’s not sure how things will work out.
    we continued chatting on a friendly basis and then there was a change to more sexual contexts. after our first kiss, we started chatting more, daily. now, it seems that things are slowly but surely heading forward. and it feels like i am with someone with whom i can be myself all round…

    we have agreed that we are enjoying the ‘fun’. that we have ‘fun’ together. we seemed to be totally different towards each other now, than we did many years ago with both of us being more mature, confident and open.

    however, im scared to let on how i really feel.i know its wrong but i feel that if he is going to end up marrying his partner that i would want to enjoy him now. and no, i am actually a july cancer …. my morals are in the right place, i just could not say no to my curiosity…

    oh, and i am older than him by 5 yrs

    do i just walk away?

  28. Hi Silva,

    My dear girl you do know that “CURIOSITY” did kill the cat don’t you.???

    So it all boils down to how far you are willing to go and what you will end up with.???

    It sounds as though this guy may very well be looking for a last fling before he ties the
    knot, he sounds like a sleaze bag and not a very good catch but if you don’t want to
    throw him back and you “want to enjoy him now” go ahead and “ENJOY” whatever it
    is he has to offer, which must appeal to you otherwise you wouldn’t be questioning or
    considering it would you.???

    Walking away from something which is very tempting can be very hard to do but in the
    long run it saves you a lot of anguish and heartache should you get in too deep and
    find yourself caught up in a net of secrecy, lies and deceit which are very unstable
    foundations to base a relationship. If you are able to separate your emotions and not
    involve them whilst you are having “FUN and ENJOYING” each other go ahead, but
    you do not sound or come across as a girl whom is able to do that so I would say tread
    very carefully and look at the “WHOLE PICTURE” before you dive into the deep end of
    what appears to be a very murky ocean.

    Take care and be wise, Taurus.

  29. miss moody says:

    Ok… No offense k gals but i thought this blog was supposed to be What Virgo men find attractive about cancer women…. Basically i was looking to get some insight from a male Virgo perspective

  30. Hi Miss Moody

    I regret to tell you that we happen to be fresh out of Virgo Males for the
    time being so what you see is what you get but keep checking in and
    who knows one or two may drift by soon and give you the answers you
    are looking for.!!!

    Cheers and keep smiling. Taurus

  31. I’m a Virgo male whose known a Cancer woman for 5 years. I’m a year and a half older than she is, I’m 26 and her 24. We met a Chicken and Waffles spot back in 2008, and we instantly hit it off. We conversed everyday even when she went away to school in Texas. We almost did the long-distance relationship thing, but I wasn’t too trusting of that being that I’m in the Bay Area and she being way out there. Fast forward to this year, we started going to school together in my last year of my undergraduate studies, and it was a rocky time for me emotionally. My ex of two years an ambitious and driven Aries woman broke with me, because of my infidelity issues and the Cancer woman opened me up emotionally in a way that hasn’t happened in a long time. We had our fights of course, her being a hot head and having jealousy issues and being fearful that I would go back to my ex, and I being critical, mean, and somewhat distant emotionally because I was scared to open up after dealing with the break up between me and my ex. About 3 weeks ago, for the third time we went through each other’s phone saw some things we didn’t like and things took a turn for the worst in which resorted to us not talking at all right now. I’ve tried calling and texting her and have gotten no response. I know that she’s talking to someone or other dudes right now which hurts my soul deeply, because no matter how many fights we had and all the miscommunication and disrespectful things we did and said to each other, I realize that I love her so damn much it’s ridiculous and I want her back so bad! I miss her touch, her kiss, the way she would look at me, her funny conversation, I wish I listened more to her when she was hurt, etc. I know her family hates me for what I did to her and takes her side, but I can’t love nobody but her I truly believed that that was who God put on Earth for me and I’ll give her her space and let things simmer down, but I won’t stop in my pursuit to get her back, even if she’s acting a like a ***** right now towards me. I know I got to make things right with her even if all I end with up is a friendship with her, that’s fine by me.

  32. Don’t know if anyone looks up this thread anymore, but I figured I’d throw in my 2 cents, given there isn’t much feedback from Virgo men coupled to Cancer women.

    I’ve been married to my Cancerian for about 20 years. I came on to this thread while trying to find out if Cancerian women are typically bad in bed. Ironically, in a few places, including here, it seems like Virgo men and Cancerian women are supposed to be great in bed. Plus, I’ve come across a few places where they described Cancerian women as being freaks in bed. John Mayer said Jessica Simpson (Cancer) was like sexual napalm in bed.

    This unfortunately is exactly the opposite of my experience. As much as I love her, as a wife, as a mother, as someone I know I can depend on for anything, we have what I call one-sided sex. I’m the one doing all the work to give pleasure. Incidentally, though Virgos are not described as being the greatest of lovers, I am by all accounts (my own and that of exes from before marriage) a good lover. I love to give pleasure and that includes lavishing attention on my partners’ needs, giving incredible head (to the point many ex lovers begged me to make them orgasm exclusively by oral) and working on having my partners achieve multiple orgasms, even if it meant delaying my gratification or foregoing on it altogether.

    Perhaps it’s because I focused so much on giving pleasure that my wife got used to not reciprocating. But she’s been that way from the beginning. I know she want me to have pleasure and it would sadden her greatly to read all I’m writing here. Yes, I’ve not really talked to her about it, except to occasionally complain of the lack of frequency in our love making.

    The problem in my mind is she is super conservative and I’m super liberal. I’m all fire and she’s all ice. From the beginning, she’s had a tough time with penetrative sex, since it hurts her. So I eased back on penetrative and hoped she’d consult a doctor to get help. 19+ years and I’m still waiting. I know there are people who’ll say it’s my fault for not pushing it. But the way I looked at it, I did not want to force her into something she’s not comfortable doing on her own volition.

    Ok, so penetrative sex has been far and few in between over 19+ years. Add to that condoms make me go flaccid and she went off the pill as soon as she started (due to hot flushes), she did not get an IUD put in until after 16 years of marriage.

    After I eased back completely on intercourse early on, I figured it’s ok, there are other ways to get pleasure, right. Fellatio and cunnilingus. The latter gives me as much pleasure as much as it gives her. Unfortunately, like penetrative sex, I had to rule out fellatio as well. Not only does she give the worst head in the world, it’s obvious she’s not comfortable with it. That coupled with the grating of the tooth on my manhood, it just wasn’t worth it.

    So that brought down my receipt of pleasure to how I felt when giving her pleasure. One of the very few ways I got pleasure until recently was performing cunnilingus. However, she is uncomfortable with cunnilingus as well and has tried to dissuade me on just about every occasion. Despite that, between being persistent and also trying to convince her to get on board, I kept at cunnilingus, even though we don’t make love as often as I’d like to.

    Recently, she asked me not to go down on her and I asked her what’s the big deal, to which she replied she’s still uncomfortable with it. I didn’t say anything, but frankly was incredibly saddened by it. After almost 20 years of doing it, of trying to convince her to relax and enjoy it, of letting her know how much it means to me and how much I enjoy it, she’s still uncomfortable with it.

    At that moment, I felt like I’d been forcing her into accepting cunnilingus all these years and I just blanked out. This was the last bastion of pleasure I could get from our love making and even that was shattered now.

    It’s been 2 months since then and I rarely instigate sex any more. If either one of us does instigate any intimacy, I stick to just masturbating her, since there aren’t too many other options left.

    So all this talk of Virgo men and Cancerian women being a match made for crazy lovemaking has got me stumped. If I had to judge based on my personal experience, I’d say Cancerians are the worst for a Virgo man and especially me, considering I like my sex to be raunchy and dirty.

    I apologize to all the Cancerian women out there, if I’ve offended your sensibilities. Perhaps Cancerian women are truly hot in bed and I just ended up getting the short end of the stick. On that basis, I would love to hear from Cancerian women and Virgo men about their experiences. I can only hope there are lot of people out there having a better time than me.

  33. Hello ,

    I meet a Virgo guy two months ago. He is an angel, and I mean this full heartedly. I have never had someone match my humor this much , I make him laugh as much as he makes me laugh. Hes honory , as can be and not reserved about things like I imagined a Virgo would be. He gets me into trouble alot!!lol 😉 I was against us being a couple from the start, he was the one to convince me and is still doing it tell this day.

    I don’t believe I’ve come across someone who can be so innocent and proper then turn around in the same note and be dirty. Lol maybe that’s why I like him because I’m the exact way. I always surprise people when it comes to sex, and I’m very open about it with close friends. I’ve noticed he allows me to be the women in our relationship and he proudly takes the man role. Honestly, he fits the bill and I love watching him do it. I was raised by a Virgo man and I have a son who is one as well so maybe that’s why we get along so well , I already knew what to do when I realized he was a Virgo. Trust is the key for both of us and having fun. I was taken back by his willingness to please but it only fuels my fire to do the same back. I’ve had more experience in bed then him but hes a quick learner and before I know it hes teaching me!!:D lol just have to say it , you Virgo guys are wonderful! Keep doing what you do !!

  34. Virgo male here 8/24. Hi Miss Moody! Lol I love that name. It does fit a Cancer Woman. Here I am almost two years later reading and responding to your blog/comment/question. I have been dating a Cancer Woman for 6 months. This is what I find very attractive about her. She is caring, nurturing, honest, loyal, faithful, trustworthy, loving, a one man woman, gorgeous, humorous, down to earth, sexy, humble, dies not flaunt her beauty, she compliments me and makes me proud to be her man. Her moodiness? Oh yes she can be very moody especially when she gets tired but I will deal with her moodiness anytime knowing I have all the great qualities and characteristics I listed above. I respect and honor her because she is a true person and most importantly she has God in her heart. I love this woman and I am planning to marry her. What a blessed man I am to have her with me and now a huge part of my life.

  35. @ZAR: I am a cancer woman and I’ve read your story. I am a married woman and it’s been 4 years and I already lost interest in sex! Like I use to enjoy at first of our relationship and it was good but I got bored of doing the same thing everyday that I thought staying off is better. My husband complains and ask me like for once a week and I give that to him. I am a july born cancer and my perspective is we cancers do not like repetitive stuff. If you r not interesting or making interesting in bed we jus don’t feel like it. I told my man many times about this but he just don’t get it you know! Also if you are kinda guy who like controlling then we just lay there doing nothing coz we don’t want to get judged by taking the lead and doing something that u may or may not like! That truly is disappointing for us. Like I try to do some kinky stuff on my husband and he will be like you would have done it that way coz this felt a lil weird and I was like scared to try new stuff on him.

    You might not like to hear this but virgo men are monotonous and do not try much in sex. We like it to be new each time and may be that’s what has caused your partner to loose interest in all of it? The suggestion I could give you is to talk to her or get her girlfriends talk to her and tell you what is the problem that she has( coz often times I am too shy to tell my husband or demand I expect him to know what should be done! If he doesn’t so I just escape and prefer not to deal with it coz it’s all awkward and stuff). So coming to your case try to know her problem. It’s not like we hate sex or not interested. Sex has to be something exciting for us and not the same thing everyday that’s just not interesting in my definition atleast and I am expecting other cancer women to be as kinky as me. I watch porn lately and I really like the girl being slave, role playing and kinky stuff like that but my husband is too shy and reserved to do all that I know! I still suggest u not to give up on her and try to know the reason behind. If she couldn’t speak out with you try her friends or may be a therapist. Your story has given me an outlook of how my sex life is going to be after 20 years! I guess I am gonna do something to make it interesting for myself. Thanks for the input and good luck

  36. CrabCakes says:

    I’m a june cancer female, and have been talking to a Virgo male for about 3 weeks now.
    He is the definition of perfect, but doesn’t see it. He’s actually the complete opposite of me, and since I have a boyfriend that’s in jail I won’t kiss him. I barely hug him. But he makes me feel happy, he’s respectable and as a cancer I’m all for the respect. My boyfriend is a Capricorn, which I have been with for two years. He’s constantly let me down, and am so terrified of being broken again. Which is why I talk to my Virgo, every Virgo I have talked to ended up madly in love. Even female Virgos. But having a female Virgo bestfriend I can say they they play a lot of mind games. Females and males are different in zodiac, but the females are very bouncy. They will say they want a King be all about one guy, than bounce to another one. But when they want someone, they really want them. Which keeps me skeptical about my Virgo male. I’m very loyal to my Capricorn. As cancers are very loyal. But am not sure what to do, but as my Virgo says ‘God put you in my life for a reason, whether it means we remain friends or get married’ still skeptical , moody , and have huge trust issues. Still getting to know my Virgo, but I can tell you he is down to earth. Reading these posts, keeps my eyes open not sure on what to do.

  37. ladyflame says:

    I am a 28yr old female cancer in July and I met a 21 year old virgo male. He seemed older when we met like 25 or 26 yrs old. Then he told me he was 21 and i checked his id and wow what a surprise he is 21. We are both attracted to each other. We been talking about two weeks now and gone out twice.As a cancer i tend to hold back I am scared to get hurt. I have dealt with a lot in the past and have learned from it. I am also not the type to sleep around with. I can only make love with my partner. I also feel like in the past I was young and dumb. I wasted my self in men who were not worth it.After maturing I thought about not wanting to waste my body on just anybody because I want to get married one day and for my goods to be in a good condition. I would not want my husband to get the left overs. This is a the second virgo I have had communication with. The first Virgo guy we took things too fast.He was 2 yrs older than me. We were attracted to each other and went out twice. Hanged out four times and in two of them we had sex. It was good but could of been better. It did not work out though he thought i was clingy well at least that is what his coworkers mentioned to me. We met through a coworker of his. Now I have this young Virgo and I do not know what to do with him. It is obvious he wants sex with me. Hes told me and tried but since the moment we exchanged numbers we agreed to be friends. But on the two times we gone out hes made a move over and over. I have asked him a few times what is it that he wants. If he wants a one night stand or friendship or friends with benefits or a relationship. Communication is the key and it is important for me to know what he wants because that way I know if I need to protect my heart and so there wont be any misunderstandings. He has not told me what he wants. I am hoping he does.

  38. OrdinaryVirgo says:

    Hi,I’m a virgo guy. I currently dating a cancer (july) it’s been about 5months now we are very young but gotta say we act mature for our age. She 19, me 20. I came on this thread to fun out what virgo man should watch out with cancers. Just so I can walk around the problems. Because we both have some intense times where we are at our happiest and I can be as goofy as I like cause I know that makes her smile and laugh and that’s one of the best things I love seeing day by day. Her smiles, i know for sure she laughs to hide her pains it’s convenient cause I do the same thing. I love her with all my heart, but lately we been crashing really bad. She doesn’t seem to understands my views when it comes to a problem I want sorted. I think she watches movies to much cause I asked her why she doesn’t text me often and answered with “the guys supposed to text first” in my mind i thought its been a couple of months and that we are over that stage. Just express your love, and I will express mine. We recently just had a big arugement. She told me she feels like she needs to back her self up when something arises I told her she’s doesn’t need to do that because there is no threat and I’m not trying to throw hits at all. She ended up getting angry 100x and pinning different other things on me, i told her couple more times that she doesn’t need to back her self up because I ain’t and have never been trying to be a threat. She doesn’t seem to realise what I say because if she did she would stop biting me for no reason. It’s seems that she doesn’t want to listen to what I say or even agree with my solutions. Even if I give her a good reason to why this happen or that she’s ends up ignoring it with “ok” And that really gets on my nerves. It has always been me apologizing every single arguement even when I know she’s wrong. I had run to her house *seemed like 10kms* to apologize one time. It’s really hard to get around the moodiness you know cancers! But I really do love her and out of all the girls iv been with she’s the only one I actually ran for. She makes me happy. Just try and understand our views cancers. Our view are for the greater good, and if you ever experienced some really messed up situations it’s only because you didn’t see AT THE START what he was trying to do. And if he exploded on you it’s because you keep biting for no reason at all. At the end of the day though I very much love my girl and I tell her every single time just to make it clear. To make it clear cause it feels like aha don’t believe. Thanks

  39. CancerJune27 says:

    Hi everyone. I keep researching cancer and Virgo compatibility because I am literally feeling so complete right now with my Virgo guy and it makes sense because our zodiacs match well. I can’t believe how perfect it is. We have been talking for just about 2 months and we get along so well. We ve never argued or had one hiccup. It’s so smooth its perfect and we both are feeling so good. The sexual tension is growing very high we haven’t slept together yet because I live 9 hours away but I’m moving up to his area next month. We met online on a dating site. We closed our accts after 3 weeks and have just focused on each other since. The attraction is crazy intense and emotional connection is beyond perfect. I am counting down the 30 days until I live up near him and we can see each other regularly. He is a keeper I know he is the one! As crazy as that sounds he is my ying to my yang hands down.

  40. Amen cause what goes around come around,Im a July Cancer!!?

  41. GraceOyanguren says:

    Hi Virgo man,
    I’m a cancer lady and although I’m conservative politically I do like to get creative in bed. Any woman should jump at the chance to have sex…siiigh. I’ve only been with one man. My Aries ex husband. We are divorced and I wish I could have sex with a Virgo man since I hear we are somewhat compatible

  42. Find one. A decision you won’t forget

  43. I’ve fallen In love with a Virgo born 09/05 and ima cancer woman July I’ve known him for 1 year and 8 months . He can be so gentle and sweet and passionate understanding . He just can’t love me how I love him bc another female hurt him really bad . We say we’re done with each other but we end up back talking and stuff . But he just opened up to me about a lot of stuff . And I told him I loved him and I been waiting on him for a long time . Should I give up on me and him ever getting back in a relationship???? I really love him and it hurts me to watch him be in relationships with others . And he gets mad when I date others … but it’s like he won’t just get in a relationship with me ..

  44. You’re a home wrecker -leave him and his family alone and find your own virgo man.

  45. Never scorpio. Virgo is good. Scorpio is for people who like to be played with like a toy. They manipulate and lie.

  46. Purely Cancer says:

    Hello everyone, I am a cancer female somewhat dating this Virgo man. I’ve been reading some of your stories and it seems to me that almost all female cancerian and virgin (Virgo) men love stories are very much the same with its own twists in the mix.
    I’ve been seeing this Virgo man since August of 2016 and around the same time we both had just broken up with our ex’s. The tricky situation is I was friends with his ex and for a long time we didn’t want to tell for the sake of her feelings. To me I had a feeling he didn’t want to tell her because he wanted to juggle both of our feelings. She an Aries by the way. She moved to Florida due to work and me and him are still in the same State. Over the summer she came out of no where to visit him for his birthday and he was pissed because me and him just started hooking up. Fast forward to Christmas and he goes to Florida to visit his family and he goes to stay with her at her place. She even spent the holidays with him and his family. I wasn’t bothered at first because I knew she was new to the state and had no relatives there so no big deal she spent Christmas with them right? During their time together he told her about him. I’m not sure how much he told her because recently I asked him if I could talk to her. Since she’s coming back here for the weekend p.s. their gonna hang out this weekend too. That’s why I asked if I could talk to her he said he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Then we get into this discussion where I share to him that eventually I’m gonna end up falling for you and that I’m not built for just hook ups. I want to be romanced. He says he’s not built to be emotional and even though he’s getting older (we’re 6 years apart me 22 him 28) he feels like he still wants to explore the possibilities out there and that’s including me in away. We have been spending a lot of time together and I feel like we compliment each other. He’s such a neat freak lol and I’m very observant I pick up on his needs and I respond to it without saying a word I just see the need and I deliver. We finish each others sentences and sometimes I catch him staring at me with admiration in his eyes. I’m very nurturing and he sees that by the way I treat him and his cats. I love his cats ? he cooks for me and we enjoy each other’s company. Never got into any heated arguments. Not like him and his ex (from what I’ve witnessed, she’s a very feisty Aries fire sign) I feel like I treat him like any man deserves to be treated by a woman. Our sex is amazing, at first I was so nervous because his ex being a friend and all but after a few times I didn’t care anymore, just wanted him to myself. We talked last night and him being a Virgo he asked for space to figure out how he wants to continue and that next time he sees me he’ll know. I agreed space was in order so I can figure what I want for myself. I know I want commitment, I feel he cant give that to me right now because of his need to “explore” but I told him when you find something good please don’t let it go. What do you guys think I should do?

  47. Hey hey! I’m a June cancer and I unlike her would ever even consider being a home wrecker. But yes I agree. With all the men there are in the world go find you a single virgo

  48. My virgo man loves the same position in bed every time and it too was getting to me. He does try at times tho to switch things up. So last Friday we were being honest with each other and I confessed to messing with someone else two months ago….let me tell you, sex went from good to explosive 50 shades of grey experimentation. I’m loving the new side to my virgo! Don’t ever lose hope!

  49. So are he and your friend still together? First off I’m not bashing you but why is there a need to sneak around? It kind of seems like he is stringing you along for now. When will you see him again?

  50. confusedcrab says:

    Hi guys. Im in need of some advice. Im a June cancerian woman who has fallen for a September Virgo male. Well we knew eachother years ago in which we talked as friends due to the fact that he was involved. We started contact through social media. We would talk for hours. All of a sudden he told me he had something to handle. No calls or responses. Its been only a day but we went from him saying hes crazy about me to no response. I really like him but i need to know if this is normal or do i just move on. Sigh. I would really hate to lose him.

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