Should I challenge a Virgo man and show him that I am not easy to catch?

VirgoCan you play hard-to-get with a Virgo man?

I don’t think Virgo’s all that interested in a challenge, unless he’s trying to improve his skill-set. He may analyze the most efficient way to chase a not-easy-to-catch woman, but he’s more into improving his game than winning the prize.

In other words, I think your plan will backfire. You’ve got two things working against you: his element is Earth and his mode is Mutable. Earth signs are not exactly noted for their immediate, passionate responses — they are more cautious and slow to act. And Mutable signs disperse energy — your Virgo man has difficulty mobilizing himself to pursue you. Mutable signs are mentally-focused — he may just think about how he’d catch you.

Comment below: How has the Virgo man responded to your playing hard-to-get?

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  1. Anyone have any experience with a Sagittarius girl + Virgo guy relationship/dating/whatever?!? I’m in the middle of this roller coaster I’m reading about with a virgo guy. It’s been about 6mo, sort of casual, he travels for work and will be gone for weeks at a time. I can be patient, but just want to know if its worth it???

  2. To be honest any sign can get on they say virgos and geminis dont get on im a gemini my husband is a virgo my ex was a virgo and my ex before was a gemini and the one before that a scorpio ( god that sounds bad loool)my husband is a wonderful moody kind loving man lol ok i dont get roses and presents but hes there hes loyal and no one comes before me he doesnt expect me to wait on him to cook for him etc hes quite happy to do that im spoilt its called compromise understanding and patience. I hated my gemini ex he was so immature but thats because he was a mummys boy at 45 lol
    my virgo ex cheated and now regrets it and the scorpio guy was wonderful. Everyone thinks virgos and geminis dont get on yet a lot of my close friends are virgos one of my staff is a virgo we lunch everyday its called comrpomise and understanding xxxx

  3. saggirl, It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. Use your fire to get his interest. Get him to try new things, we love variety and strong people. Just don’t sit and wait for him to make all the moves.

  4. I’m a virgo fellow . I just got out of a rather ridiculous relationship with sag woman, virgo moon. I am Virgo sun and gem moon. Lol. Uh yeah, I personally have a nack for being attracted to sag’s… or thats the way it always ends up, rather. I’ve known her since I was 9, she was my first girlfriend back in elementary school. Before that, I had ended things with another sag, it was a very off and on kind of relationship. Timing wasnt ever right. But my over all impressions are that Neither situation left me bitter, most certainly more cautious for sure. The most recent of the sag’s seemed to enjoy lying so very much and things got turned into a huge mess. Anyways, the whole point of my incoherent ramblings is that these two women have much such a huge impact in my life in a positive way and I wont soon forget them in the slightest bit. Things got complicated, but still was worth it. Go for it.

  5. Have made such a huge impact*** :-/ Communication fail on my behalf. lol.

  6. I love my Virgo man, I am sad at our parting, but was worth the ride. Good childhood friends, we will always be in eachothers lives, just want more? help

  7. @Sagi .you need to explain parting etc i dont understand

  8. Agreed with Lucy. Do you know what else is in his chart? Im still learning, but from my understanding, that can also have an impact on the way he tends to be. same with you. Perhaps there were some other things contributing?

  9. Also, maybe I can pick your brain about you Sag women?? Met yet another one…

  10. Bad idea sister. Virgos innately doesn’t want to be challenged. They get bored and tired easily when put up to the test. Think of another way to please your Virgo guy other than testing him.

  11. I’ve been talking to a Virgo guy for a month, we finally found time to get together and went out 4 nights in a row. He has his kids for a week so we can’t see eachother but he texts me every day to say goodmorning and goodnight and even calls once a day just to say hi. I kinda leave it to him to call so I don’t bother him. This is all great but here’s my thing…I’m very emotional, I get attached easily and I am not good at keeping my feelings to myself. I don’t wanna scare him off but I want to tell him I miss him because I do a great deal. He’s def not an emotionally open person but when he looks in my eyes and he smiles like he does (about the only time he does smile) I can see it all and I melt. I already know I’m gonna fall for him in no time but how slowly do I need to go so I don’t scare him off? Do I wait for his signals? If I can read them correctly. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and I wanna do this right. Anyone with any advice I’d love some feedback.

  12. @Sarah:

    ” I already know I’m gonna fall for him in no time but how slowly do I need to go so I don’t scare him off? Do I wait for his signals? If I can read them correctly. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of and I wanna do this right. Anyone with any advice I’d love some feedback.”

    SLOW DOWN BIG TIME….or you will get hurt…Virgo men like a challenge…the easier something comes to them,the easier they discard of it or run off…..they need to be kept on their toes, make yourself a mystery or unattainable and they will become obsessed with you until they have control over you or know all they need to know about you…catching and keeping a Virgo man isnt hard, you just have to understand how they work….and the one thing you DO NOT want to do is get all emotional with him so soon…keep it to yourself…let him be the one to show you or mention it to you….otherwise, you will either run him off or he will see you as weak for falling for someone so soon…and yes, he will not seem like someone who can be that way but he will…lol…I have dated a good amount of them to know….they like STRONG women who can handle them when they get out of line…someone who will put them in their place in a heartbeat…a lady who they look up to…they see women who are overly affectionate too soon…or all over them as having some sort of weakness or no mystery to them…they thrive on the challenge…once conquered, there is no more mystery and they may look elsewhere…also…they havea very high standard so they will look for flaws in you once you start to tell them you want something serious…allow him to fall for you…do not fall for him too soon because he wlll sense it and possibly run…just be a strong woman with your own life and let him do the chasing…be available but not too available…and DO NOT give up the goodies early LOL…if you do then you will definitely need to keep them on their toes…keep it interesting…the like the game of cat and mouse though they will never admit any of these things LOL

  13. Thank you for your response. With all I’ve read, it really confuses me. I’m keeping everything to myself but I have also read that virgos like to be chased. Is this true or not? He is also very affectionate (holding my hand, rubbing my hair or leg, kisses on the forehead) and I didn’t think virgos were. I know he likes me and I know we both want the same things out of a relationship so I’m just gonna chill and wait for him. I actually took him out the last time and he made the comment that he’s never had a woman buy him dinner lol. Hope that wasn’t a bad move.

  14. @sarah:

    “I’m keeping everything to myself but I have also read that virgos like to be chased. Is this true or not? He is also very affectionate (holding my hand, rubbing my hair or leg, kisses on the forehead) and I didn’t think virgos were”

    Virgo women like to be chased…..yes, virgo men to an extent enjoy the chase but it doesnt get you any closer to their hearts AT ALL…in the end, they fall in love with the person who gives them a run for their money….who they know can and will leave at the drop of a hat if they get out of line….it needs to be a very good balance of fiestiness and sweetness…or else they will walk all over you….they are ALWAYS sweethearts at the start….they are always trying to make this image as perfect as possible so he will appear like the dream man….but this is only their exterior and eventually this image starts to fall apart….virgos are perfectionists even when it comes to the image they want to portray…again, my exVirgo I was with for 3 years and U dated at least 3 or 4 virgo men after that…I know them well…the virgo love of being chased go more towards a narcissistic need than an actual interest in the person which is why many virgo men have a good amount of female friends or acquaintances…not all…but many…so again, I do not know what your sign is, but you need to keep yourself a mystery..somewhat…let him have a need to figure you out or he will get bored quickly….perhaps not now…but if you express your feelings to him now…he will eventually run for two reasons…one because he doesnt know what he feels and two, to see if you will run after him and thats where it gets tricky…if you chase him too much, you will seem desperate….and he will test this…so its up to you what you decide to do if and when it happens, but unless he has some serious other placements in his chart, it will eventually

  15. @sarah:

    ” I know he likes me and I know we both want the same things out of a relationship so I’m just gonna chill and wait for him. I actually took him out the last time and he made the comment that he’s never had a woman buy him dinner lol. Hope that wasn’t a bad move.”

    That is a great idea and no, that wasnt a bad move…just wait for him now to offer to pay or take you out the next time…either keep it balanced level of interest or let him do the chasing…and the reason I say this is because, I have seen this countless times with Virgo men…which a woman is expending all of her energy and time chasing one….he is out there chasing someone who isnt chasing him….and thats the girl he really ends up wanting and falling for…there is a Virgo doing that to me even now…I have no interest in him…he has a woman hanging around him madly in love with him and he is ready to cut her and all other women off in a second if I give him the greelight…but I am not interested…which only makes him more fascinated…and he himself has admitted this

  16. I think I will let him come to me. Make him wait a little before I respond and see what happens. I really don’t like the idea of playing games and this kinda feels like it. I’d rather just be me but he’s def worth holding back for a while. Thank you so much. If you’ve got any other pointers then I’d love to hear em. Another question…I got myself a new football hoodie the other day before our date, he started asking what size and I was teasing him that he was gonna take it, he made it a point to let me know what size he wears and he knows from our conversations that I’m a giver. So is that a hint from him or what. He also is very sure that he can change my mind about things that we disagree on (cars, football teams, food) is this part of his challenge he sees in me?

  17. @Sag1975

    “Another question…I got myself a new football hoodie the other day before our date, he started asking what size and I was teasing him that he was gonna take it, he made it a point to let me know what size he wears and he knows from our conversations that I’m a giver. So is that a hint from him or what. He also is very sure that he can change my mind about things that we disagree on (cars, football teams, food) is this part of his challenge he sees in me?”

    If you feel uncomfortable then don’t…be yourself…I am just relating my experiences to you and my opinions…the Virgo interested in me to which I have been showing NO INTEREST IN…just told me that he wants to marry and have children with me….WTH!!!!! I asked him what about the other girl who is in love with you…who is practically your girlfriend…he basically said “whatever” and said he wants that with me only…WTH????? He knows I am not interested…smh….but you do what is comfortable for you…just take it slow…also, Virgos ask very random questions…about random things…they are SUPER curious….you shouldnt let him always change your mind though….stand up for your your own opinions about things without being close minded..I cant explain it…but him being sure that he can change your mind…is somewhat of a challenge….but its up to you how you want to handle that..I see by your name that you are a Sag so you should have enough fire to handle him…the older they are the less games they play

  18. Well hun, ur right on the money. We haven’t been able to see eachother this week cuz he has his kids so I made plans with a girlfriend and we had dinner and played cards. He asked me to text him when I was done and before I did he texted me. He said that we were gonna find a way to see eachother somehow. This makes me very happy, now I know what’s up. 🙂

  19. i am a gemini woman dating a virgo man. we work together foremost and see each other all day everyday. we act like teenagers and carry on..not too much tho, bcuz we r at work.we hold hands when we are out tho. steal kisses in the parking lot at work. he waited several weeks before i gave him my cell #. we were chatting over facebook. i even stood him up a time or two, for legit reasons. he told me 1 day he likd me.really like me. he has bent over backwards for me in many areas..its been like 9 weeks since i came to the job..he was on me by day 1 of my second i am very smitten w/him myself. i like like him. we have not done anything more than kiss.we are grown. 31 and 35 so, i guess its working. i am a spitfire and he keeps up w/me.

  20. @Gemini4life….I have had a long off and on relationship with a virgo male for a year and a half now. It began much the same; flirting, little pdas (I’m not much of a PDA person so holding hands was pretty much kept to the car and movies,) and of course intimate moments. A few weeks into it I got my “Dear Jane ” letter because he stated there was no chemistry. My reply: WTF?! How is there no chemistry? Is it you I’m with? Are you on drugs?! Regardless, something turned him off to me and he went into hermit mode. Nonetheless he came back a few months later, for just physical stuff, and made so much of a point in letting me know that we don’t date anymore. He disappeared again, and came back, disappeared, came back, etc. MAy I mention that each time he went away was preceded by a fight that more often than not involved him getting irate over pretty much nothing. Presently we aren’t doing so well….we were friends, physical, then he changed his mind, so tried being friends and I am not satisfied with that. It seems to me that this particular Virgo is new in the dating game (he’s a bit of a late bloomer in the love dept) and is trying to live his youth in his adult years.

    As a fellow gemini woman, let me give you some advice. When the virgo male tells you to back off because he needs some space- DO IT. That is the first and biggest mistake I made with my virgo. When he dumped me the first time he was having a lot of personal problems and insisted he needed space, and as a gemini I just can’t give anyone space- i have to be their mother. Don’t. I know it will kill you to not call or text, and you can check in with him but don’t push the issue! Don’t 20 question him, don’t give him advice, and leave him alone when he wants it.

    Secondly, realize that the virgo male is one of the most mentally screwed up individuals on the planet. While geminis put their heart on their sleeve (and everyone else that comes near us,) the virgo would rather go into hermit mode. They also like to test you… careful attention to their antics and just breathe. Try to wait 24 hours before reacting….that is my general rule as a mature gemini lol!

  21. Okay here’s my story, it is a long one, and I will try to make it short, I am head over heels for a Virgo man, he is 42 and I am 39, we have kind of known eachother since we were kids, he was always shy and did not even know I was alive back when we were younger, he never dated that I know of when he was in school, and after he graduated he went into the navy, when he got out of the navy he came back home, I was already married to a Gemini man, and he got married for the first time, and he had a son with his first wife, and things did not work out with them, they divorced, and a few years later he remarried, sometime during his second marriage, we began talking on fb, and it first there was nothing to it, just talk about when we were kids, the fact that we were both so close to our dad’s and that both his dad and my dad had passed away so young, and the fact that his older brother dated my older sister, his older sister dated my older brother and so on, completely innocent, and then he really began to flirt with me, at first I had no intrest in really having any kind of a relationship with him, and had even thought that he was no where near as attractive as he was when were younger, anyway as time went on and we talked for about a year online, he kept on insisting that we meet, I did not know what I wanted, I was starting to have feelings for him, but I knew I was married,… and not saying in a good marriage, my husband had been very abusive over the years.. anyway there was a lot going on in my life, and I was thinking about meeting him, and about the feelings that I was having, and they were for him, so I left my husband, and I told the Virgo man whom also by the way was no longer with his second wife either, that I would meet him, I met him, and I asked for a hug, well then he kissed me, and I just was not so sure, so I stopped him, and then in a few minuets he was kissing me again, this time I did not stop the kiss, things started to turn sexual, and I did stop it, he left shaking his head, but not saying a word, after that he insisted we were just good friends, I kind of just stopped talking to him, and he came back and began talking to me again, we talked for another 6 months, and by that time I really really had feelings for him, so I told him that I was in love with him, WRONG move, he then told me he had no feelings for me at all, he said I am sorry but that’s just the way it is, I was heartbroken, but decided to move on, and did not even try to talk to him, but one day I was online, and seen that he was online, I asked him a ? about his sister because she and I had been very good friends, and I had not talked with her for a while, he told me everything was fine with his sister, and that he really wanted to talk with me, I talked to him but did not really say much, soon he was wanting to talk almost everyday, I was talking to him, and he asked me to meet him again, I said NO but he insisted that he knew I did not mean that, and that I wanted to meet him, and be with him ect. he lives some 3 hr. drive from where I do, and he said he was comming in that weekend, and wanted me to meet him, I finally agreed with him, but then decided I would not go and meet him alone because I did not want things to get carried away, I’m still kind of hurt that he said he had no feelings for me at all and now he is back, kind of has me confussed, anyway when I met him he was not so happy that I did not come alone, and he said we would have to meet up another time, then he said it was probably for the best that I had not come alone ect. he don’t txt me, and he don’t call but he is online almost everyday and trys to talk to me, and find out what is going on in my life, anyway last week we were talking and we kind of got into an argument online, and he did not talk to me for a few days, then I had some bad things going on in my life, and he heard about it from his sister, and he started talking to me again, he acts like he really cares, in some of the things he says, like yesterday we were talking about the situation I am in now, I have a family member dying of cancer, and it is very close now, anyway he knew I was at the hospital and when I got home I was online, he said how goes it? and I said I was having a bad one today, and he said I hope you feel better soon, I said I am okay it is my sis in law that is dying, he said okay I am sorry about that, and then told me not to let myself get run down, and try not to get to emotionally involved, he said I know it’s hard, but you will be okay, and then I said yes, I am sure I will be okay but it is hard to watch, and I care to deeply for others, and he said YES, anyway he kept telling me to take care of myself ect. then he got to talking about when we had met the first time, about the kiss ect. and said he would like to give it another try.. is he only wanting me for SEX does he have feelings? a lot of time when we talk what he says is very short in answers, but he always makes it seem like he is saying more than what is on the page,??? HELP me please does he care at all?? or is he just wanting to use me?

  22. You can’t play hard to get with a virgo man. As a virgo in third house, i think like one and can tell when someone is playing hard to get way before they have even thought about it. It does them no favours. Although I’m an aries sun, I don’t behave like one. I don’t chase a guy. It’s not that I’m playing hard to get, the guy’s actions, behaviour, words tells me all I need to know about him and the sort of person they are. After analysing all that, I then decide whether I should be involved or not.

    The doesn’t happen fast either. I take my time. I’m reserved to the point of people telling me that I seem cold, stuck up. I don’t mean to give off that vibe, I can’t help thinking and analysing as to how if I do decide to be involved with that person how they will fit in the grand scheme of things.

    It’s like my mind is one whole chess board and you’re a piece that can move in various places and bring endless possibilities…But will they bring success..

    Hope I made sense!

  23. I met a Virgo man about 6 months ago and he is the hardest person to figure out that I have ever met. He’s 42 and I’m 39 and a Pisces. The chemistry was pretty amazing from the second I laid eyes on him. We started hanging out in a group setting and then we started spending time alone at his house. In the beginning he would tell me how close he felt to me, how he hasn’t been able to open up to a woman the way he can with me and he was affectionate and would kiss and cuddle me, that’s about as far as it got tho, but that all stopped after about the first month. He’s been single for about 20 years after being hurt and he tells me that he doesn’t want to be with anyone for fear of getting hurt again and he enjoys his lifestyle of working away and going on long holidays overseas.
    His actions tell a totally different story tho. I am constantly catching him looking at me, we spend about 4 out of 7 nights hanging out together when he’s not working and he invites me to go away with him regularly to his beach house. The last time we went to his beach house he got pretty drunk and quite aggressive towards me, tho he never touched me. When I questioned him about it the next day he said that it was because I was getting too close. His friend also said that in 20 years he has never seen him act that way and when he questioned him he told his friend that he liked me but he didn’t know what to do about it.
    I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and we get along together so well. I just want to know if I’m wasting my time waiting for him to come around or is he just taking his time figuring it out??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  24. sag girl says:

    Sag girl + Virgo guy (3yrs) relationship… (deceased) He will made all the MOVES, He bought me a porcshe + princess diamond rings + earrings… make yourself like a challenge, reason out not hard to play games… put your reasons out for not wanting to have sex, be high values, said that I am very shy… act like a princess sitting on the top of mount. Everest! You will get all the first class treatment… if he ask you to move in with him, told him you are not moving to anyone else home that did NOT have your name in it! Good LUCK, cheers… 😀

  25. sag girl says:

    remember NO SEX, he is like animal NO FEELING, you need to plant in his mind that you are HUMAN that needs FELLING! PLAY your roles well, be high value, no short sale but really really nice and diplomatic always! … God bless you.

  26. I’m totally blown away by some of these comments. Its like I am reading about myself. Right now I sit here heartbroken, and I think he is just as sad as I am, but he is telling me he loves me but wants to be alone. I’ve said everything I can possibly think of. I can’t understand the way he thinks. How do u push someone away that u say u love? We still communicate every day, but he talks to me like we are strangers. No real explanation, just wants to be alone. He says its nothing I did, he just feels he needs this right now. I have never had reason to believe there is someone else. He’s the first man I’ve ever truly trusted and respected. He was hurt in the past and its such a shame I’m paying for what someone else did. He says he’s sorry every day bcuz I’m hurting. He says he never ever meant to hurt me. I’m so confused, and I’m at the point where I wish someone would just tell me what to do. I thought we were perfect. Never really a harsh word, never argued,…I would appreciate some input bcuz it just doesn’t make sense. I love this guy and I know he loves me too. What’s with the need to be alone and the self punishment? I’m just so sad right now and maybe it would help if I understood bcuz he has a hard time with talking about his feelings.

  27. Hi Elisha,

    Why are you beating yourself up by asking all the “QUESTIONS”.???

    What you need to do is “REFLECT” his actions and behaviour by doing the “EXACT” same
    thing he is doing to you. Think outside the “SQUARE” by using “REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY”
    which means you are telling him the “OPOSITE” of what he expects to “HEAR” by agreeing
    with and complying to his wishes and request of being “LEFT ALONE”.!!!

    Tell him that you have thought things through, you know he loves you, he doesn’t mean to
    hurt you but you also realise and understand that he needs this time to be alone and work
    through what ever it is that is troubling him and something he is unable to talk about. Again
    emphasise that you respect “His need to be Alone”.

    Take it one step further by using the “SCARCITY PRINCIPAL”.!!!

    Make yourself “UNAVAILABLE” in person and the telephone, by staying busy with other people
    and interests in your life which prove that your existence does not revolve around him alone and
    you are continuing to lead a happy and full life regardless his self imposed need to be left alone,
    which he has chosen by “PUSHING you AWAY” so do exactly that by staying away and leaving
    him to his own devices and thoughts which sooner or later will begin to revolve around you by
    him wondering and “QUESTIONING” what is going on.???

    Try it my dear Girl, after all what do you have to loose.???

    Cheers be smart and keep smiling. Taurus

  28. Playing hard to get won’t work. The Virgo man will simply think and think and think – he won’t chase you. He maybe really into you. Obsessed with you even. (Do you have multiple strong pluto aspects in your synastry chart with him? If so, he’s thinking about you.) But he still won’t lower himself to chasing you. If he’s giving you advise he’s thinking about you and wants to help you. If that feels like too much criticism, leave him be. He is who he is and he will not change. If you want him, perfectionist tendencies and all, heed his counsel. Allow him to help you with his words of wisdom. That will be a turn on for him.

    I’ve been in a 3+ year on/off relationship with a Virgo. We have multiple strong pluto/obsessed and saturn/glue aspects in our synastry chart. I have broken up with him 4x because I have wanted more than he has been willing to give, because I have “baggage” I need to clear out. He’s a perfectionist, so until the path is cleared he will not “level up” our relationship. He’s made it known he wants to, but at this point he won’t say ILY although when we’re intimate that’s the message he conveys to me. It’s difficult, because I want him so completely! (I have Scorpio Moon.)

    With a Virgo man, patience is a virtue! He needs to feel sure and secure to “level up” the relationship.

  29. pisces girl says:

    I been dating this Virgo man for about month now. we met cause he seen me one night & I caught his attention ever since that day he been calling & texting non stop. He told me his feeling right away he said he really like me and ask me to be his girl, but I thought it was to early so I told him I need to get to know him some more. I haven’t showed him my real feelings about him ever since we met. I asked him did he talk to any one or was he into anyone else & he said no just me. A couple of days ago I just found out that his ex girlfriend called him telling him she miss him and want him back. I start to notice he haven’t been chilling or calling like he used to, he lied to me 3 times so my trust level with him is not high.. I told him I done I don’t want to talk to him no more and im not bout to be a second option to anyone. So he started texting and calling and saying he really want me and want to work it out with me. I told him the only way I feel we can work it out is if you call her infront of me and tell her you dealing with someone already, so he did but she didn’t answer.. So he said where do we go from here can we work it out I said No you go your way & I go my way if I don’t hear this girl voice we not working anything out.. I told him you have to work for what you want.. This happened yesterday & he been blowing my phone up all the way today as well. I really like him and I want him to be my man but I don’t think he deserve to know how I really feel for him yet until I know im the one he yearns for. So pls give me some advice what do I do now? Do I let him chase me & keep being the strong pisces that I am.. Help me!!

  30. Hi Pisces Girl

    It appears that you have everything under control where your logic and emotions
    are concerned by keeping an early score in the beginning of a potential relationship
    of your priorities and where things should stand in regard to your expectations and
    as to whether or not he will meet this criteria of satisfying your requirements and
    be a suitable candidate by demonstrating his suitability as a potential contender in
    winning your approval and possibly your affections in the future.???

    Just bear in mind that Human Beings and this this instance Men are not Robots whom
    function on autopilot and respond to your command as they have feelings and minds
    of their own with a history of relationships which can not be eliminated at the snap of
    a finger just because you have now appeared in the picture and you may or may not
    become a couple in the future as this is something which will take time and remains to
    be seen as to where things between you will lead.???

    Give the Man a Break, permit nature to take it’s course and keep smiling. Taurus.

  31. I am a virgo dating a virgo to make a long story short this is my first virgo man im crazy about him but he is very stubborn n acts spoiled i do get on him about things i feel are important he is very angry at me now for a while the last 8 months. He is using reverse physcology i just go along with it. I am however ready to move on because i want to settle down he had been stalking me for a while .while we were broken up. I need his presents and if he does not step up im gone. I have things i want us to accomplish in life. Also he stop bn n wont be more intimate with me but he wants his cake. I have told him how i feel n now we r go n to court . If he does not step it up im moving on i love him dearly but im mentally and physically tired. I feel i have given tooooo much already. My.foot is down . I.think i hurt him when i kept breaking up with him. But what did he expect when he continued to not be a responsible father to our daughter. Virgo man like to take their time n will not jump n quick . They r very loyal. I have made some major mistakes n this relationship. But i do think if they have been hurt fear shows up n stagnates them be patient with them they will give in. But do stay strong n stand ur ground with any man virgos r very picky n hates ignorant people or people who think they r stupid what ever the case they will do a 360 degree turn on u if they feel u r try n to make a fool of them . Im n love n tired this is it for me i just wanted to share cuz i am a loving person that will do anything to help a person. Virgos do not trust anyone but like i said eventually they will give in when they see u genuinely care for them be patient. I love my boo but he mess n up too much i can do good by my self or bad by myself but i do not.need no help do n bad BY MYSELF

  32. christie chuprun says:

    So I am a sag female and my boyfriend is a virgo male. he just left about amonth and a half ago to goto mexico (his home country)… for he was somewhat deported, but owes the canadian embassy money and then can come back but has to obviously wait out the process, with that being said, he is having trouble back home, hard to find good work and good pay and kinda down and stressed, on top of it, i found he doesnt show any attention or connection to me over social media where we talk, with facebook, facetime, and obviousl text. I was getting annoyed and trying to show him things he could do to make our relation grow, also i was planning to go 6 months later stay with him for 5 months, after he finally had time to get settled. either way, i guess i was being too much (but not even) and he would right away have to go if conflict arose in a convo, a week and a day ago he said hes not dealing with the convo and was like im going and hung up, i havent reach him since, and he has not contacted me, i find it cowardly and cruel and confusing. any insight? will he callme ever agian, even if to say you knwo it wont work, like give me and explanation, words, a convo? thats ridiculous

  33. So i ment this virgo guy and know him for 4 years he moved all the way from florida to new york to be with me and when he got here i shut him down didnt see him cuz i was wiTh my husband so he stayed up here and ment this chick but still during the process was chasing me the whole time. I was to busy loving my husband and chasing him so during the process off this 4 year friendship my husband stated cheating on me.So about a year a half ago i said u know what screew this im gonna give this virgo man a try.Now at this time yo know hes in a situation with someone but yet he tells me that situation aint nothing im the one he wants to be with so i give him a try its been about 1 YEAR 6 MONTHS SINCE WE BEEN SERIOUS HE NOW WANTS ME TO.LEAVE MY HUSBAND I.BUT MY HUSBAND OUT MY HOUSE TO MAKE HIM MORE AT EASE HE Treats my so good wine and dines me the sex is awsome at this time i have no signs of him cheating .I mean i been looking but couldnt find nothing.Then about 4 MONTHS AGO I NOTICE THAT I CAN NOLONGER REACH HIM at night to the morning he would say he sleep or he was tired.Now at this time hes living on his own and im living at home alone.But then i notice something im starting to see him but my house alot when he lives on the otherside of town.Then i get a phone call from a mutual friend off his that the reason why i cant reach him at night is cuz he moved with the other women the women that i thought he had broken it off with now im trmatized cuz i didnt see it i been putting my husband threw hell when i heen sleeping with a bigger snake and not only does he live with the women but he moved her right down the street from my house that why he always new my where abouts.I need help ladies give me advice why would he do that hes been decieving me this whole time im confused didnt see this coming and dont know what to do.

  34. Buy the way im a pices women i keep him chasing but does he love this girl.and if he do why he wont leave me alone everytime i fall back he come running.

  35. I have been seeing this Virgo guy for a year now I am a Scorpio, so everything was perfect he was coming to visit me almost everyday and we we’re going out every weekend for about 6 months and now he calls sometimes and I feel Lile he is distant, God it’s killing me cause how can I love someone from a distance? and this made me cold myself cause I really don’t understand him one minute everything is okey and the next poof he is nowhere to be found. I started reading about this sign and I am a little patient with him but I don’t know for how long can I keep this up. I really love this guy

  36. It’s crazy cause I’m goin thru da same thing

  37. CancerSun VirgoRising AquariusMoon says:

    I’m a Cancer woman that’s been very smitten with a Virgo man since we were 14 years old. I got married 13 years ago after running back into my Virgo guy. He simply never acted like I was anything more to him outside of a friend.

    A few years ago, I separated from my Scorpio hubby and my Virgo guy texted me a lengthy love letter (20 years ago I wrote him one and he kept it until he learned I got married). Anyhow he stated that he was into me until I got married. All these years I never knew. However, I have finally decided that I’m ending my marriage but Mr Virgo doesn’t know my situation in detail, but he’s been texting me and I’ve been learning about him. Virgo sun, Sagg rising Aquarius moon. I can definitely tell he’s still interested and he’s very introverted. I’ve been letting him know I’m still feeling him but of course no direct comments on his feelings. But he’s happy to talk sexually or asks for pictures. But won’t send any to me.

    I’m actually getting ready to move to his city, regardless if we hook up or not. I’m just wanting to gain as much insight as possible on how the Virgo man thinks. Any tips would be appreciated. My goal would be to eventually be seriously involved. We’ve been childhood friends for 25 years that still act nervous around each other whether it be via phone or webcam or in person. He’s always got off the phone after five minutes for years. Anyway anything would help, Thank you.

    P.S…those of you posting about your Virgo love interests, I pray you get your hearts desire.

  38. CancerSun VirgoRising AquariusMoon says:

    I want to be like you. I want to marry my Virgo guy one day. Help a cancer sista out, lol

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