Make a Gemini man tell the truth

Are Geminis the liars of the zodiac? (Where else do we get the term “two-faced”?) Pisces is the sign of deception, but Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the god who invented lying. Gemini is a mutable sign, and can be slippery with words. He is a master mimic, adept at adapting. When I think of Gemini, I think of Sydney Bristow from Alias, the sexy spy who donned eight different costumes each episode. This is an agent who spoke something like 148 languages! Sydney’s deceit was always for a purpose, not out of defensiveness. Mercury is rather utilitarian, doing what he has to do to get what he wants. He’s not a terribly moral god.

Yes, Gemini may not value honesty. His sign is opposite Sagittarius, which can be a little too blunt with the truth. (For “truthiness,” see Moon-in-Gemini Stephen Colbert.) He lies when he needs to, and may not even feel any guilt about it.

So how do you make a Gemini man tell the truth?

  • Pin him down. Make him define the words he uses. (“Sexual relations,” for instance, is a famous example.)
  • Try to get behind the lie to see what his endgame is. Is he just trying to get away with an affair? Or is his deceit a necessarily evil in his efforts to get intel for the NSA?

And keep in mind:

  • With Aquarius in his solar 9th house, an objective truth guides him … one that is truly beyond the realm of intimate relationships. Maybe he thinks that a little lie to his lady is nothing, if his deceit benefits humanity.
  • Cancer is in Gemini’s solar 2nd house. Your Gemini man values home, family and security. Remember Sydney Bristow? Half the time she was lying, it was to protect the ones she loved.

OK … I’m not saying your Gemini man really is a spy, who’s being deceitful to protect you from Arvin Sloane, Sidney’s boss who had her boyfriend killed after she told him she worked for the CIA. Maybe your Gemini man is just an affair-having sleazeball. Geminis do like things in twos, after all.

Good luck!

The original query was “make a gemini man to tell the truth.”

Comment below: How have you made a Gemini man tell the truth?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Hmmm…I just realized you’re both Pisces…could I pick your brains a minute about a certain Pisces man I’m hung up on? That would be really cool…actually it would…help me out tremendously ATM. I been through some things over this dude…good lord.

  2. Kyle is a good name! Hello Kyle. Anyhoo… funny u mention about how u feel the need to wake up your girl in the middle of the night so u dont forget whatever it was u were thinking abt 2 days ago Seth ( my gem man) texted a girlfriend of mine at abt 3 am and said ” yo you awake?!” and she was like wtf? she texted me wanting to know why my bf was texting her at 3 am. kind of like she thought it was creepy. she didnt respond him till after i responded her which was in the morning after work and i asked him abt it and he was like geeze i just wanted to ask if i could borrow her lawn mower. ha ha I was like okay but MOST people wait till decent hours to ask things like that he said ” I wanted to ask her while it was still in my head.” I guess this is just a simple example of how people misunderstand gemini folks. Interesting on the science religion stuff I always thought why couldn’t God have made everything this way? I know a lot of christians who think this is all satany stuff.
    About Sass not being like it used to I was actually wondering that myself .. I only came here once last year around Dec and Jan in the Aqua parts of Sass and I do remember it was a lot more alive than this. I don’t like new things sometimes once I get used to something I am just gonna hang out there for a while. That new site u sent to me I would have to go there on a day where I have nothing to do because I am slow at learning stuff at first but then after a day or two I would get the hang of it.
    any questions?.. shoot .

  3. …In the end I have learn that you either love this Geminni men or run away from hem. I have being running away from mine for 2 years and all he dose is get close to me and i let hem in, no other men have make me feel like this one, and yes he have lie to me have other girl on the side etc…i have date other men but in the end…none like hem, I love hem even do he is not out going, he have no friends, he lies, he don’t trust to people, he get lazy, he have let down hes clients and company sims to fall…in the end I would be here for hem I know that…he is geminni/virgo. I am cancer /libra…as long as he make me feel complite on hes arms and all the other things i feel I am staying and acepting hem the way he is, and not forgetting who i am and what i want,,,give hem hes space and like always he dose, he ‘ll come back because he can’t let go of my either…I Love my Geminnis nightmare, who gives me the best orgasms ever!!

  4. I would not bother trying to get a Gemini man to tell you the truth about anything
    They seem to like to keep you guessing.
    They also hate commitment ,there ideal relationship is to be free to do what they want.

    If they want sex or anything from you they will be around you constanlty and when they are board which is very easy they will flirt with anyone that catches there eye. They are quite decietfull and unfaithfull.But they do have some very special qualities.

    I got my Gemini man to tell the tryth only once when I threatend to leave him lol so good luck

  5. Its one thing to let a Gemini tell the truth, yet another to recognize that he is lying. Honestly, I couldn’t distinguish if a Gemini is lying of not. They are so good at it. It’s like their God-given talent or something. And on how to make then tell the truth, I think this can be applied to everybody, not just Gemini people.

  6. And though Pisces are generally liars. Little did I know that Geminis are the masters of deceit. I should warn my sister about this. All the while she thought her boyfriend was telling the truth, I guess she was wrong. Thanks!

  7. I have learned through out life All Gemini”s are different. All dont have the same characteristics.

  8. HI everyone,
    I need some help reading charts.. I met a guy online and we are talking everyday for a while now, hes away atm, and is back in a few days. I am excited to meet him, I really like him so far. Is it possible to fall for someone over the net? It makes me feel silly, so I am waiting patently to meet him.
    I did a compatability chart, although I used my birthtime and no birthtime for him, is it better to use 12pm for him?
    this is our charts, if its better to use the 12pm, let me know, and I will re-post. I feel something strong for him already? is that weird? am I able to keep this feeling what I mean, does it look like it will work, do I need to play hard to get? or just be myself? ooooh im so in lust atm

    Mercury Trine Sun 0.32 224
    Mercury Opposition Uranus 0.18 -84
    Mercury Square Ascendant 2.54 -92
    Mercury Opposition Midheaven 1.21 -32
    Mars Conjunction Venus 2.42 130
    Mars Conjunction Saturn 2.36 99
    Mars Trine Ascendant 1.39 69
    Jupiter Square Sun 0.06 -225
    Jupiter Sextile Venus 0.50 76
    Saturn Conjunction Venus 1.08 129
    Saturn Conjunction Saturn 4.11 67
    Saturn Trine Ascendant 3.14 44
    Uranus Sextile Sun 0.53 83
    Uranus Conjunction Uranus 0.40 93
    Uranus Square Ascendant 2.32 -66
    Uranus Conjunction Midheaven 0.59 48
    Neptune Conjunction Mars 1.38 96
    Neptune Conjunction Jupiter 4.40 57
    Neptune Conjunction Neptune 1.27 76
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.56 39
    Pluto Sextile Mars 0.52 50
    Pluto Sextile Neptune 0.41 42
    Pluto Conjunction Pluto 1.42 66

    I really like him so far, Im hopping when we meet the feelings stay the same.. what are my chances of him being the one lol

  9. @pandora Sasstrology offers compatibility reports, use sassy718 as a discount code at checkout for 10% off.

  10. Gemini moon here I lie when needed and I don’t feel bad about it. Despite that I always have good intentions.

  11. Aqua808Ecs says:

    Aquarian Woman engaged to a Gemini Man.

    Yes I have to admit that my Gemini has lied to me and even hid things from me. But it was not that he was cheating on me or having an affair, it was more like his insecurities. He would go through my phone even after I gave him my code in order to show that he could trust me. But he would do this while I’m sleeping. He would even message my guy friends (some were gay and the others were like family) and pretend to be me.
    I didn’t do anything to make him not trust me. But what happened to him with his other relationships with those “girls” made him worry. I was not worried at all about him cheating on me. But I wasn’t about to allow him to keep acting like this and giving any guy who just glanced at me the “DEATH LOOK”. The first time he proposed to me, I said ‘Yes’. Only later on realizing that he still had his insecurity problem…
    So I told him that I will not marry him until he fully trusts me and has gotten over that insecurity. DRIVES ME NUTS!! So I gave him back the ring and called it off.
    Few months later he proposed again, And he’s completely over it.
    When A Gemini has finally found THE ONE, they are the most loyal partners and my adventures with him is amazing. Yes they may lie but to those that the Gemini’s choose as THE ONE it’s nothing to be worried about really. Just stupid and silly things that isn’t even worth stressing over. But laughing about.

  12. Can’t stand Geminis. In my 50+ years, I’ve met exactly one who wasn’t dishonest, hypocritical, manipulative, backstabbing, violently psychotic, or some sordid combination thereof.

    I’d rather deal with a Pisces, any day. When the average Pisces lies, it’s because you’ve made them terribly uncomfortable, they’re trying to get some space after everyone has run them ragged, or they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Geminis lie for the sadistic pleasure of it.

  13. Awua, in your 50+ years of life, have you met every 1 billion person in the world? If not, what makes you think every Gemini is exactly that? Are you the same as every person with similar Sign as you? Question yourself first and see who you’re usually hanging out with. You become like the people you spend the most time with. The Gemini’s you mostly hang out with are negative because you probably prefer to be negative yourself.

    You are your reflection.

  14. i felt it in my gut every time my Gemini lied to me. He wanted to keep me on the shelf because I was home to him and I was security once he got bored with his other flings. He NEVER told me the truth but I know his energy very well and I have vey good intuition being a Cancer. So when he did it to me the last time and started lying and taking me for granted, I just removed myself from the picture permanently. I loved this man. He was like my best friend. We spoke every single day and he was my friend before anything (I thought) but lying to me means he lacked integrity and respect for me and himself. i had to take the best road for me.

  15. You seemed to know a lot about the Gemini and I really need some advice. My Gemini and I dated for 6 months. But we ended May 2015. I thought it was really the end but he keeps calling not to get back with me, to remain friends. I asked if he has a girlfriend he tells me yes he does. So I tell him quit calling me and he gives ur new fling a chance and he says he gets it. He doesn’t contact me for 2 months. He calls me out of the blue. I ASSUME he isn’t with the girl anymore. We hang out and have sex. Afterward I tell him we shouldn’t have done that. He totally shuts down and says ok. I leave. I text him the following am realizing how I probably hurt him and didn’t mean it. No response, I called no response. By nightfall, my frustration were thru the roof and text him, you coward. No response. He didn’t call me for about 2 weeks. I spazzed out bc he told me he still has a girlfriend. At the end I told him to never to contact me again. It going to be a month of no contact but I have a feeling he is going to pop back up. What does he want from me?

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