If a man’s Venus is in Aquarius

If a man’s Venus is in Aquarius, he will be attracted to a freaky or geeky woman. Unconventional, eccentric, a woman who plays by her own rules. A woman ahead of her time, who adopts trends before they’re even hip in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A woman who values her independence, who does not like to be tied down. (Well, unless she’s really freaky …)

A man with his Venus in Aquarius will also need freedom in relationships — he will value his space. He is also attracted to groups, humanitarian efforts, and friendships.

For readers who are unacquainted with Venus
, we all have this planet in our chart. She travels near the Sun, but does not necessarily share the same sign as the Sun. Venus rules art, beauty, relationships, values, as well as how you attract … or if you’re a man, the type of woman to whom you are attracted. If you’re an Aquarius woman, you stand a good chance!

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. Gemini girl in troubled with an Aquarius man. says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    I am a Gemini girl, troubled with an Aquarius man. I started seeing this guy, then I learnt he was seeing other girl at the same time. So I confronted him and he started dating the other girl formally, who is a Virgo. He has not stop seeing me though for almost 3 years now. I have read that Aquarius men are not unfaithful. This one clearly is. He keeps on coming back to me. And more strongly if I ignore him. Is this going anywhere? I just treat it as a game. But as a girl, it is definitely harder for me to handle. I also date other people and he knows it, but I keep him completely out of the details of my personal life.

    Please give me your sincere advise. I am a big fan of your blog.

    Thank you.

    Gemini girl.

  2. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    Gemini Girl,

    I don’t need to know astrology to advise you to stop seeing him. If he’s unfaithful to his girlfriend, I see no reason why your fling would go anywhere.

    You are protecting yourself emotionally by withholding details about your personal life. Since this arrangement is hard to handle, respect yourself and don’t treat it as a game. Ignore him and shun his advances when he keeps coming back.

  3. Gemini Girl says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Thank you for your response and your sincere advise. I had kept telling this to myself and the truth is that I never found the inner strength to reject him. It helps great deal to hear this from an outsider.

    Thank you again,

    Gemini girl.

  4. Jeffrey Kishner says:

    You’re welcome. I hope you can draw on your strength to do what’s right for you.

  5. I recently just met a capricorn with taurus moon (conjunct my sun) and an aquarius venus (conjunct my moon)!


  6. Dear Gemini Girl,
    I am a Venus in Gemini woman who was in a relationship with a Venus in Aquarius man. I have some experience with this combination. Feel free to ask me any questions.

  7. Sun&Jupiter says:

    i met a guy (younger than me) with a sag sun/aquarius venus/sag mars and the connection was immediate and strong. i am leo sun/sag moon/virgo venus…we spent a weekend together and had so much fun – we laughed the whole time and enjoyed the same stuff and our physical connection was intense. so…after we came back he talked a lot about wanting to hang out again, even making plans to enjoy another weekend away. i definitely said i was interested, but didn’t make a big thing about it. this was a little over a month ago. since then, we have been in contact on and off – we had dinner once and discussed (again) going away and spending more time together and, as always, he was the one to push for/suggest hanging out. every time we talk he asks about making plans…anyway, we went for a week without talking so i decided to call him and he immediately suggested a trip for the upcoming week and said he’d call me that night or the next day to confirm plans. so that was like four days ago and i haven’t heard from him. grrr…
    so here’s my thing: why is he asking me to do things when he seems to have no intention of following through? is this the sag/aqu combo that is making him a big promiser without the ability to follow through?
    it’s rough because this little “hot/cold”, “on/off”, “want you/don’t want you” routine is always what sucks me in – with any other guy i would have been like, lose my number…but for some reason i can’t cut him off tho i think he deserves – minimum – to be put in his place verbally (by yours truly of course).
    any thoughts? thanks…

  8. I am glad that I came across this site. I too met a man recently- venus in aquarius pisces sun and I am a venus in leo with a sun in virgo. The attraction was instant! But I just don’t get this guy! He sometimes calls, sometimes doesn’t…should I call him?? I hate chasing after men but this whole thing is driving me nuts!

  9. ^ oh man, i have exactly the same problem. it’s so hard to read this dude i’m into. someone with insight into this combo (pisces sun, aquarius venus) PLEASE enlighten us virgo sun/leo-venus ladies as to what they’re all about.

  10. Hi Guys,
    How are you? Im a Gemini 🙂 been with my Aqua guy for over 4 yearsss.. he loves me very much, as do i.. he even verbalized it to me plenty of times! and I truly do feel that we are going to be together forever.. HOWEVER, last week we got into an argument and he hasnt spoke to me since. I asked him to add me back to blkberry messengr so we can communicate but he wont accept my request!…Its been a week now, and I emaild him yesterday the following email:
    Just emailing you to let you know that you can call me whenever you feel the time is right because I know you have alot on your plate so take your time plus I’ve got assignments stacked and with all this wedding stuff going on this week, basically .. I get where your coming from. Kk Bye
    Im trying to be as understanding as possible and give him his space. i sent this email yday and havent gotten a response yet and dont expect to.. but I wanted to know what you guys think?? when will he pop back in, and how will he initiate the communication…
    let me know, i cant help but to think he wont ever talk to me again
    thanks 🙂
    Me: Gemini
    Him: Aquarius

  11. Let’s talk about Mars in Aquarius and how to have them come back lol

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