I lost my Taurus man

I’m sorry. I wish I could say something to provide you solace.

You did not ask your search engine for advice — you simply shared your grief, hoping that google would offer some comfort-providing links, an URL whose content would fill this gaping void that was created the moment your Taurus man left you.

It hurts, yes, I know. But sometimes the web does not help at times like this. It is all too tempting to search for meaning in text, but we risk intellectualizing away our pain.

Your Taurus man might tell you, at a time like this, to just feel the ache in your body. Go into it. Deeply. Or derive comfort through pleasing sensations: walk barefoot on smooth rocks, take an aromatherapy bath, get some bodywork. Your Taurus man may have let you down, but you always have Mother Earth on whom you can depend. It is her consistency and breathless silence that will get you through this.

Comment below: How have you coped with losing a Taurus man?

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, Tarot.com and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at JeffreyKishner.com.


  1. junemoonchild:

    Amusing as in a Joke……..or Amusing as in genuine interesting?

  2. genuine interesting

  3. As your friend on this blog… The seasoned Taurean…..what else is there to know?

  4. Someone ask me if this is true:

    “Attract a Taurus Man: Ask him how he feels (meaning are his physical needs being met). Fuss over him – is he eating right? Does he need help with some errands? How’s work going? Keep the conversation very personal. No need to invite the Obamas into the small talk you’ll both enjoy so much. Brush imaginary lint off his shoulder. Straighten his tie. Mirror his body image during conversation. Become more aware of your own body language [ http://tinyurl.com/nancyfennbodylanguage ] so you are communicating in the language he understands best.”

    Darn skippy …yup its true….lol

  5. Thanks for asking….hhhmmmm….let’s see….I don’t know? How are you feeling, physically that is?

  6. junemoonchild:

    This blog is “I Lost my Taurus Man”…….? I have read many things about it hear but I have yet to hear anyone understand the complex code of a Taurean Man. Even you said early that you had my principles somewhere, I assume that you dont carry them in your heart.

    I have blogged what I can with every fiber of my Taurean brain,,,seasoned and stubborn for the sole purpose to help and to exist. I have yet to find someone that really pays attention to detail but find those persons that love the idea of a romantic adventure.

    Share your thoughts with me,,,,,,junemoonchild…..

  7. Inlo:

    How are you feeling lately? I pray you feel better. God bless you.


  8. Hi All,
    Its been ions since I’ve been here. Just came back for an update and of course some clearance, LOL!

    When I last was on, things seemed grim and hopeless. My Taurus Guy stopped calling me, not returning my calls and came to see me the night before he was leaving.

    He went off to school and it was extremely difficult not to call. Slowly, he started calling back. I went nuts, calling psychics and what not. I just could not comprehend what was going on with him.

    One day, he says to me: I miss you so much. I finally see the light. He mentioned getting married in the future and told me reasons why he wanted to marry me. I was so excited, but I kept my cool and still kept reserved. I went over to see him and he came home to see me, yet he stayed over a club’s house( I have 2 boys). He told me that the reason he was being so distant was because my sexual energy was so potent that he had to back away because he didn’t want to be so vulnerable(or something of that nature). He asked me to be patient with him.
    Now, he got of school last. week, Wednesday. He didn’t get back into town, until a few days ago. He didn’t call to say when he was leaving and was in town, at least a day ago. I get a text from him saying he was sorry he didn’t get back to me because he was running around with his son and daughter. He asked me if I was busy and what time I would be home. I told him. I didn’t hear a word from him, even when I texted him letting him know I was home. I went on IM and saw that he was online a few times. It seems one way, but with a Taurus…it could mean, he’s really tired and didn’t bother to call back. He could have fallen asleep and didn’t bother to come late or…? LOL! Anyhow, I would like a possible breakdown of this. Keep in mind, we are talking about a Taurus who is in his early 40s.

  9. I know he is slow to get back to anyone, so this is not unusual for him. From day one, he wasn’t one to call every day, because we were with each other every day, before he left. All I know is I have a lot of things I need to do. Someone mentioned that a particular taurus’s words don’t match the actions…I can relate to that. I can’t wait to get some insightful feedback!

  10. I meant to say he stayed at a cousin’s house.

  11. Hi Inlo,

    If anyone matches words to their actions it has to be a Taurus.!!!

    It sounds as though he has made up his mind as to what he wants and where things are going
    in the future so why are you doubting his words and actions which clearly mean that he wants
    you but somehow you need alone time so you can get down to the romantic part of the equasion
    and get the fireworks going. He is a Man and a Taurus afterall so he is telling you what he wants
    from you so what is standing in the way from your perspective.???

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  12. I love this man so much that if I could morph into him to truly become one with him, I’d do it in a heartbeat! Now, because I know tauruses can move like snails, but I’m willing to wait. If he says, lets get married Monday morning, I will be Mrs. Taurus by that Monday, afternoon!!
    Are you saying I need alone time or him? I have spent more than enough time “preparing” for him. For being romantic, I am well prepared! I will pick a day for his homecoming and give him a homecoming he wont forget! I am extremely creative when it comes to romance! I guess the doubt slips in and out, when I want him so bad and can’t have him. Trust me I know and have faith we are getting married! He told me that when we got together he was never going to let me go and that any past guys were stupid. They all have been trying to get back with me, over the years. I have not been interested. Once this beautiful bull set foot in my life, I have not been able to let any other man get close to me.
    I was sooo open to him and lost control over my feelings so much that I couldn’t think straight for almost a whole year! Him going away to school was the best thing because I needed to get back myself and strength. Now, I am ready!

  13. Hi Inlo,

    I meant you need alone time with HIM. Meaning just the two of you and no destractions.
    Taurus wants the one they are in love with all to themselves when they want to be intimate
    without having to share you with anyone else because it interferes with the sponteneinty
    and the perfect timing where they are totaly focused on you and want to be close to you.

    It sounds as though things are moving in the right direction so stay positive and look forward
    to having this Taurus Man all to yourself.

    Cheers and keep Smiling. Taurus.

  14. What is the meaning of this: yesterday, he was suppose to come over and he fell asleep messing with his ipad. He called me today, so he could see me. Again, no show and no call. I wanted to call him and let him have it, but, I thought men respond better to actions, but wasn’t sure what to do, next. He’s online because I see him on instant messaging.

  15. Hi Inlo,

    Iam not familiar with your story from the begining and I just went by what you said yesterday
    so If there is something going on behind the scenes and he is not revealing something then
    it seems he is confusing you with his actions which obviously are not clear as to what is going

    You mentioned he has children and that means responsibility and commitment toward them
    and their needs which would come first but he should tell you what is going on and where things
    stand between you but he is being cryptic so Iam wondering if he is keeping something from you
    and this is the reason he is sending you mixed signals and not keeping his word.???

    This situation just doesn’t make sense and I can only say you need to get to the bottom of it by facing
    him confronting him and demanding an explanation as to why he is confusing you with his words and
    lack of actions which do not measure up to what he is telling you.???

    Cheers Taurus.

  16. Karissa, there is a long back story where he treated inlo horribly. Crashed her car, left her high & dry, never contacted her when he was in town, etc….

    @Inlo: I don’t know how all this was resolved or did you just suck it up and cave in? This is not normal behavior for a Taurus nor for any man supposedly in love. My husband aches for me as I do for him if either of us are separated if only for a few days. This is not a new relationship and if you’re discussing marriage, there shouldn’t be such a problem with communication.

  17. Hi Miss Bliss,

    It all makes sense now. Thanks for explaining that bit of drama and it is so good to see you
    and hear from you.!!!

    My best wishes and thoughts to you and your Hunk Taurus Hubby. Cheers. Taurus.

  18. Thanks guys. I agree this is not normal acting for a Guy who claims to love a woman. I will demand that we speak about things today. I don’t want to continue with his all-of-a-sudden disappearing acts. We definitely need to resolve things and take it from there. He had never requested to see me and never show up. We had discussed our issues before and the result was that he was “scared” to completely open up to me. He claimed that he wants to marry me but needs me to be patient. He’s been in town for several days and I have not seen him, yet. His words sound like he wants to be with me but his “not showing up” not once, but TWICE has raised my eyebrows.

    There is definitely communication issues. He wants me to respond to him, whenever he calls, but takes several hours to get back. This has all happened within the last few days. I am actually prepared for anything! I’ve been around the block, but never, in my life, encountered behavior like this. I have tried a different approach from “relationship experts ” and they said to call less. It worked when I stopped calling and focused on other things. Then, he started calling talking about how he missed me and what-not. I have meditated, stayed positive and I am somewhat confused. We had discussed that if either of us wanted to break up we both would not have a problem with saying so. Is this some sick way that tauruses “test” loyalty of the one they’re with or the particular Taurus Guy that is a notorious liar who has no intention of being with me for the long haul? What Taurus Guy does this and is truly sincere?
    I would love to see Iyar 18’s point of view, as well.

  19. @Inlo,

    I’m curious about his chart. I’ve found that aspects in a chart can really alter the typical sun sign reading. Can you give his birthday, birth place & time or list the other planets & houses?

  20. Hi Inlo,

    It’s not a matter of testing your loyalty it’s a case of how much you are willing to put up with.???

    I think he is playing the field and he is giving you the run around so smarten up and face up
    to the fact that this particular Taurus is a PLAYER and you need to nail him down once and
    for all by making him accountable for his evasive actions which do not measure up to the
    bullshit he has been feeding you all along.!!!

    Cheers Taurus.

  21. Inlo:

    Keep your heart safe. Learn from the past, dear sister.
    God bless you and all here.


  22. Such a shame to lose a man. But as they say honey, there are lots of fishes in the sea. It doesn’t mean you have to go all Pisces, there are various options for you out there. Just take time to pause and let your wounds heal before you dive in a herd of wild bulls again.

  23. @Inlo:

    Does he had some past love or unresolved former relationship where he was hurt? The Tauruses I know, including my ex, love very hard and, as a result, take years to let go if they ever really do if the other person was the one to break off the relationship…..He may be back and forth with you on his feelings or displays of emotion because he has unresolved issues internally with a past love….they are usually men of their word…if they tell you they love you and want to marry you, they usually mean it…they are very serious when it comes to making a commitment decision, at least the mature ones…I have heard the horror stories about the immature ones or the playboy types…lol…all in all….I love Taurus men….they are great family men…again, the ones who arent tormented lol

  24. hi there
    i am sag women i met a taurus guy 3 months ago, we were great till we started to have fights like the past few weeks,the last thing he said to me that am tired of this relationship i cant handle you anymore, then he says that he has problems surrounding him and he cant think of anything except dealing with his problems and asked me if i loved him truly to step back and give him a chance to deal with his problems,and thats it i havent heard anything from him since he txted me, its his first time to tell me this that he is sick and tired of our relation ship !! although he loves me he treats me like a princess everything! my question is if i stepped back would he come back? did i loose him??
    Please guys help!

  25. @cat

    You know deep down that if you truly love someone, their problems are yours. You go through what is happening in your love’s life as his partner and friend, there to help and comfort no matter what. Somehow, that trust is not there and he’s not truly committed. When he said the things he did about having you step back, that’s how I would have answered him but if he didn’t feel that way, there is nothing you can do to change it. It’s up to you to see that clearly and see he does not really include you in his life. It’s hard, but really important because Taurus men cannot be swayed. How they view you in their lives is whether you are ‘in’ or out in the periphery which is still undecided.

    So, don’t play games, just act accordingly. I don’t know how long you’ve been with this guy but if it’s been awhile and you’re still not really in his life, then it’s best you move on. If you’ve dated for a little bit, then pull back and do your own evaluation. Think, do you see a future with this guy? Why? Decide what’s best for you rather than focus on what he wants. No guy who keeps a girl guessing is that into her and is worth you waiting to see if he (will ever) truly wants you.

  26. @Cat

    Bliss — said “No guy who keeps a girl guessing is that into her and is worth you waiting to see if he (will ever) truly wants you.”

    Not True when it comes to a Taurean Man….

    We like the idea that as complex as we are…..we relish the aggressive detective woman that wants to figure out our deepest intellect……it is a display of fierce loyalty and the precursor to a Queen….

    Happiness is where you find contentment in your heart and soul when you believe in that which you long for all your life…….”Me”

  27. @Lyar18,

    Well the aggressive detective will demand answers. If there is not much to go on in terms of answers why assume he cares for you? I don’t think men realize how important it is for a woman to feel like a prize to him rather than the other way around. It feminizes the guy and a fire sign especially will lose interest.

    Btw, nice to see ya Lyar 18, I hope you are well.

  28. @Bliss

    By aggressive I mean: Some women have a natural charm about them that is border line spell bound, even the mental privacy of a Taurean can be rendered defenseless. Myself, and others like me, we imprint everything there is to know about the woman we are in a relationship with. An aggressive woman by these means is one that will dig, search, put 2 & 2 together, both with charm and a loving smile.

    Metaphorically, some times we need a kick start to open us up, the challenge is, “Can you do it”?

    I believe the actions of a woman searching with heart and soul will reassure the Taurean of her loyalty thus he becomes an open book.

    There is nothing feminine about a Taurean man, and the prize is a two way street, worth is in the hands of the one that possess it.

    What you may not comprehend about the Taurean Man is this:

    Adventure creates excitement, a journey will instill wisdom, longing and working hard all your life will attain your “center of the universe”. This makes up the formula for a soul mate; to know without knowing, to see without seeing, and to love because you have to……

    “The Taurean”
    Show me something I can’t live without – teach me something I need know – challenge me in ways that benefit us both ……and I will be there for you…To know me is to know me….

  29. Get It?

  30. “Metaphorically, some times we need a kick start to open us up, the challenge is, “Can you do it”?”

    Aha, yes! My response to Cat was to open up to him as I did with my husband. He found my open heart and directness refreshing (possibly charming 😉 . Now of course it will be different for each individual.
    But in Cat’s case, he told her, ” that am tired of this relationship i cant handle you anymore, then he says that he has problems surrounding him and he cant think of anything except dealing with his problems…” He asked her to take a back seat indefinitely.

    How charming can she be while waiting for him to come around again? And why should she wait if he ‘can’t handle her’ and feels the need to push her aside to deal with problems rather than let her be supportive. The post relays that he doesn’t think of her as a positive force in his life, so he’s letting her go, albeit gently. She can only be who she is and if it isn’t right, it isn’t right.

  31. Do Taurus men become stalkers?

    Taurus guy and I called it quits and ended on’ just friends’ terms. But we have done this before..

    I am serious this time. We became nothing but FWB’s and i didn’t want that, and he wasn’t willing to step up. Our ‘relationship’ became nothing but sex, we did go out any more and do things, he won’t open up as I need him to, everything was always on his terms(place, time)etc.

    So..even after we ended it, later that night he starts texting me as usual..”wish you could come over right now..”

    I was like wtf..here we go again…sigh…

  32. and he continunes to text me after work as usual..with sexual hints..’come over for dinner and maybe..” Then..”i see ur back on x ..my loss…”

    His own behavior caused him to loose me!

    I am not going to be his FWB..what does he not get about that?

  33. @Capbaby

    Your Taurean is caught up in the erotic seduction, tell him to put a ring on the finger or buzz off.


    Cat’s case; I’m guessing she is adding to his stress in some form or fashion, what she should be doing is trying to help him deal with it. I for one will shy away from a drama crying person at which I have to come to her rescue all the time for immature reasons, “grow up” I say. Don’t add to his drama find ways to make him forget, Libras seem to be good at that btw.

    A one sided view without hearing the Taureans grievances is difficult to place error. However, I can say that if they find a common ground of mutual respect where they can help sooth each others wounds, only then will they be able to move forward with a better understanding in a massaged relationship..

    Her loyalty may be in questioned or vise versa she does not trust or believe in him…that will get you kicked to the sideline.

    Loose the drama or loose the Taurean,
    Make the Man or Break him,
    Share in his pain, or chase him away,
    Don’t just hear, listen…

  34. @Bliss and to whom it may concern..

    Hold the the Taurean religiously to his promises and make him accountable for his words and actions, he will instinctively want to resolve the issue whatever it may be….

  35. A wise Taurean boyfriend once advised me on how to get rid of an ex (and anyone for that matter) who is calling non-stop…and this only works if you girl have honestly and totally decided to get rid of this guy…no games. Ok, it’s really easy…DO NOT RETURN ANY OF HIS CALLS, TEXTS, EMAILS, WHATEVER! He will stop soon, guaranteed. But, if you continue to get annoyed and complain again here, what can I say…

  36. Hi, Bliss. How are you?
    Hi, lyar18. How are you?
    Hello everyone!
    God bless you all.

    To any female that is baffled and unhappy by a man’s situation or some such, you must know and hold on to what is important to you as a female, as a person and woman. If that person makes you sad and cry often, if it is less than loving kind honest and respectful, I would say, it is time to move on. Bliss would call it “a deal-breaker.” 🙂 Amen.

    Ara (Ferdinand the bull)

  37. My darling Bella!

    Hi sweetie! I missed you so much plus all the other girls. I often wonder how they’re doing. Pathetic, huh? Well, I cared and offered my best to them so I hope they are well just like I’m sure you do, my dear Bella.

    Now, who is this on your avatar? The Cap? I get the feeling you’re happy and above all, content. Are you in a good place my dear Bella? I hope so, you deserve it. Got rid of that nasty Aries 😉 . You know, I have a good Taurus friend with a Cap wanting to date her yet she has similar misgivings as you did. I don’t say much about it since I know she will do things when she feels it is right for her. Her Cap is actually a good friend of my husband (we introduced them) and he is so smart, strong, creative and sweet. There is a slightly depressive, serious side that she didn’t understand at first but having Saturn in my 1st house, I totally get it and try to explain his moods and how it has nothing to do with his feelings towards her.

    Anyway, good to see you here darling. I need an update!

  38. What does one do, when a taurus has disappeared and then a friendship re-establishes? How do you keep him around without him disappearing again?

  39. call him out on it..

  40. Dearest Bliss:

    I am so happy to hear from you dearest Bliss. Thank God. I can feel normal again.
    My lovelife, it is good. I think it is good, but I can not feel anything right now. I’ve been buried in the deepest pit of nursing school, and I often times don’t know when I can breathe freely again. I have lost touch of my old self. I look drawn, depressed and worn out since I started nursing school. My friends and I in the school look the same. Drawn, depressed and worn out, but we keep climbing that steep mountain. We just finished the first half of the first semester and they weeded people out like those they eliminated were grasses. I saw a lot of tears every after an exam. I saw a lot of tears last week. It was just awful. Last week, after the final exam in the first half, we were called one by one to our professor’s office and given the news, good or bad. I just keep telling myself, “I am a taurus; I am stubborn; I am strong (even though I am about to break inside) and I can do this.” Oh Bliss… the exams and the check-offs are coming at me and my classmates fast and furious. Jesus deliver me and my classmates. There is very little of us left in our batch to move forward in the program. It has got to be my being a taurus that has kept me in the running for that diploma because it is so mighty hard, and I have not cried yet, not openly. I refuse to break. I am here looking for you so I could feel normal again. I can not feel Thanksgiving and Christmas coming. All I can feel is the tremendous stress demanded by my goals. I swear I have a tendency to set myself up for trouble. 🙂 Lovelife, I truly can’t feel anything right now. The cap loves me so much. But I feel numb and soaked up in stress. He is there so very supportive and so very understanding. When I am grumpy, he never retaliates. I still don’t know why God put him in my path. When I graduate, I will ask the Lord why he put this cap in my path. My head is full of cobwebs right now. 🙂

    Now, what about you? How is your husband? How are you dearest Bliss. I miss you terribly! Are you going to have a baby soon? I hope you and your beloved husband and the entire family are super-well. How is Candice, her husband and their baby? I hope that they too and doing well.

    I miss you all so very much.


  41. @Ara,

    Hopefully Virgowoman will chime in and give you some advice. She is a nurse. My brother went through the same thing. It is tough indeed. If you can, try to take some time to let it all go so you be come back refreshed and re-energized. Even if it’s a walk to the beach or a dinner out.

    Candice has moved to northern CA and they are well. Mr. T and I are very happy and he seems to love living in the U.S.

    I miss you too darling. Check in when you can, please? And stay strong. 🙂

  42. ‘What does one do, when a taurus has disappeared and then a friendship re-establishes? How do you keep him around without him disappearing again?’

    -be his friend with no strings attached.

  43. Hi everybody,
    I’ve been reading this blog for some time now and find it very useful when dealing with my Taurus, I am a Leo woman and English is not my first language so please forgive me for any mistakes :).

    I have one question to everybody, preferably to all bulls on this website and especially to lyar18 as I really appreciate and enjoy reading his blogs.

    I haven’t been with my Taurus for too long and I’ve been trying not to act needy and desperate and I think I give him lots of space. He disappeared on me – I texted him, no reply so 4 days later I texted him again and again no reply, so I disappeared for a few days too. He messaged me, I didn’t reply, the next day he texted me, I didn’t reply and he texted me again, finally I replied 3 hours later, he didn’t reply, finally I caught him on a fb chat and and he told me he was busy, I said I understood and didn’t expect immediate reply but he has lunch breaks and stops working sometimes, he also noticed that I was gone. We met a few days later and he was very affectionate. I texted him two days later and he replied immediately, I texted him again today and he replied immediately.

    Now, what should I do to make him text me first or even call me and ask me to see him?

    I can disappear again or I can keep texting. Or is there anything I should do. lyar18 said that a woman should be aggressive and show him how much she wants him, that’s fine but at the same time I don’t want to look needy or desperate. He is responsive to me, but recently it’s me making the first move. Even if he pulls me back, he pulls away at the same time.

    Any advise highly appreciated 😀

  44. I’d look at his venus sign.

    An aries venus for instance, will chase u.

    A taurus disappeared on me too and then when he couldn’t have me, (forbidden love)wouldnt leave me alone.(aries in venus)

  45. Capbaby thank you so much for your reply :D.

    It looks like his Venus is in Aries so he should chase me hahaha. So you’re saying disappear again but Venus in Aries means that he likes bold, so maybe it’s true what lyar18 said that you have to be aggressive and chase him. This can be a problem as I’m not aggressive myself, I can be but I need time to open up and I need some reassurance to open up and at the moment I’m not getting any :S.

    I’m going to research this Venus sign more now.

    And your question is very good, how many disappearing acts we have to go through before they start to trust us. I don’t know, after reading this blog I think a few, so don’t be surprised if he disappears again :S. It is annoying because they waste so much time, we should be spending time together and getting to know each other better. Instead we spend time reading blogs on internet while our Tauruses do god knows what.

  46. Hi Everyone! Where is everbody?? No comments since 11/2011…Are you still out there somewhere Lyar18?
    Love 2 All from junemoonchild
    *still searching for another perfect Taurean b.f. :)!

  47. sinblkque says:

    Be consistent the Taurus man, I have found that they like for you to tell them what they feel. If they open up to you and you don’t open up it will push them away. So if they talk about marriage you are enthused it will disappoint them. Learn what pushes their buttons and stay away from those as much as possible but don’t be on eggshells. They need to know you are formidable character not a push over.

  48. Hello June..
    Im an old veteran of this…had to be on hiatus for a bit..
    I agree with Sin…but please remember…if you want to show us that you are not a push over…do so very gently and politely…our egos are huge and fragile 🙂

  49. LovelyCancerian says:

    Oh gosh, its now 2017 and here I come with my taurean story. Does anyone still frequent here?

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