How Virgo men break off relationships

VirgoAll a Virgo man has to do is relentlessly criticize you and pick at your faults until you break down into tears. When you ask if he no longer wants to be with you, he will say, “Of course I do. You just need to x, y and z, and everything will be fine.” But when x, y and z are insurmountable tasks — when he is asking you to wipe yourself clean of all inadequacies — you realize you have been set up.

Or, he will say he’s not good enough for you. He tries to improve himself for your benefit, but he always comes up short. “You’re probably better off with someone else, someone who measures up.” You insist that he’s fine just the way he is, that you love him. “But there must be something wrong with you, if you can love such a loser. Really, I don’t deserve you.”

Comment below: How has a Virgo man broken it off with you?

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  1. Taurus Lady on the Cusp of Aries says:

    I meant the Virgo guy thru mututal friends. He seemed quiet and observing and I didnt think much but that he was chill and a good guy. I didnt think of him romatically, but I felt like we clicked. I’m pansexual but prefer the company of women usually. I can fall for men but sexually it doesnt really happen for me with dudes and to most of my friends they just think Im a lesbian including Virgo. After a while of going over to his place everyday and him listening to me while playing video games, of course I grew attached. So I grew really warm to him and auto thought that we were gonna be bffs. We even had this running joke of us being married. We’ll jokingly call each other hubbie/hub, wife, woman, etc. He’d always joke around that I like dudes or I should get with one. Anyway, he’d listen to me for a while as I chatted in his room and he’d let me play video games, take naps, chill, joke around, eat off his plate when he made food. Usually he’d make a big fuss about it, but end up caving when it came to dinner. lol and so here I am thinking, ‘cool, we’re getting along great. Obviously he enjoys my company.’ I went out to drink one friday and ended up having a horrible night that ended up in tears. My roommate (Leo) said she would pick me up so I called her, she didnt answer. I called Virgo and he said he’d wake her up and come get me. I was really down and he let me go over and play video games and drunk talk. I ended up knocking out there and he let me change into a shirt of his to fall asleep in. I woke up later and told him I felt so weak for crying and he said it was okay cause girls cry when they feel hurt. Usually that kind of statement would spring up a heated discussion but for some reason I felt like it was understanding and sweet. I ended up going to my room to change. When I came back he was spread out on his bed and starting to drift off. He said we should take naps so I agreed and had him scoot over. We slept side by side for a few hours, completely exhausted. Now personally I love being in company and CLOSE to people. Im very personal physically. To me if anything it only re-enforced our friendship. Id call him when he was at work and he’d talk to me on the phone before I went to sleep a lot of times. Or text me thruout the work day. I’m the type of person thatll walk into anyones room if we’re friends and its open. But he got annoyed one day and said that I should ask to come in. I get it, people have personal space boundries. And I was mislead in thinking that he was okay with me just walking in. From then on its seemed off. He’s been hanging out with my roommate, both of our friend, more even though he’s said he doesnt trust her cause she has a big mouth and cant handle her for long periods of time. I’m pretty possesive, more so with friends than lovers. But it kinda agitated me. And I told him I feel comfortable with certain people off the bat. He responded by telling me not to say that. When I asked why he said that he felt like I was gonna say I felt comfortable with him. AND OF COURSE I was like… WELL YEAH. Hahaa. What really irks me is that every time Virgo and my roommate (Leo) hang out and Im there it seems like they snub me or gang up on me. Even tho I told my roommate that I was feeling some sort of way about him. See, Im attracted to his personality. My favorite people in the world have always been Virgos or Cancers (Sister, Uncle, Parents, and best friend). I just feel so in tune for no reason. Either way, Im not sure if Im “liking” his personality as in more than friends or what and now Im not sure how he even feels about me. Which is really throwing me off cause I usually dont even get attached to guys like that closely. I think I might be more attached than he is… HELP!!!

  2. Scorpio female says:

    My Virgo broke it off and moved out 3 weeks ago. We have a 2 year old son together, and if anything I have always felt that my virgo was the king of being inconsiderate, even now. We built a life together, and one day he tells me that the entire 2 years we shared were the worst years of his life, and I was the worst girlfriend he ever had. He didn’t like that I spoke my mind, and granted our son is only 2, I can’t help but make a big deal out of him breaking promises he makes his son. I am currently seeking employment, and it has been very hard to find help with child care. You would think that because he left me, it wouldn’t have an effect on his relationship with his kid. He is only willing to take his son on the weekends, and even then he will have him for one day because he usually just drops him off at his mother’s house. I will admit I have said terrible things to my virgo guy out of anger that cut into him like knives. Usually it was retaliation for the messed up things he would say, but you let him tell it, he was retaliating for the awful things I said first (he would tell me that every freaking time). He would always tell me “You have issues”, “you’re delusional”, “You need help” whenever we had a disagreement about something that I know full well he said, but he would deny it. I felt that he started using that as a tactic to get under my skin because those are the things that would really (I mean really set me off), but then when I blow up and hurt his feelings, I’m the one who went to far. Really? Don’t get me wrong, when things were good; they were great, and we were happy. I would notice he would get into a certain “mood” whenever he was broke, or something didn’t go his way. I would walk on eggshells and try to stay out of his way, but it wouldn’t work. For some reason it was us, our relationship, and he wasn’t happy. God forbid I ask him for a 5 minute break for myself from having our son all day, and he would get so mad, and we would argue. Throughout our relationship, he picked me apart so much that I feel I became very insecure. When he said he was moving out I instantly felt that he was no longer attracted to me and he was leaving because he wanted to see other people. I feel so ashamed because the way I acted…I did break down and I practically begged him to stay. He said he wanted to be friends, but I told him that if we could not be together, then I didn’t want to be anything with him. After he moved out, he came around and everything felt the same. Everything felt like we were still in a relationship, and still a family. The second I question if he was planning on coming back, he got mad and told me that I needed to get that out of my head, which then led to an explosive argument. I get he needs space and time to think, but I did not have this kid by myself.

  3. pieceslove says:

    I broke up with Virgo men last week and while breaking up we had a bad argument about her ex and had a very bad conversation. Noe he’s apologising me, and is also saying that that it was all his fault…

  4. BEAUTIFULCANCERIAN, Please go no contact. There’s plentiful advice online how to do this. Google NO CONTACT. These men are pure drama and evil to the core. Nothing good will come from having him in your life. You’re so young, go have fun and stay away from these boring men who do nothing but use people. Trust me when he has no more use for you he will find someone else if he already hasn’t.

  5. All I have read is SO true!!! My Virgo – ex & I were friends for 11 yrs before we got in a relationship. I really wasn’t interested at first but he pulled out ALL his charms & pulled me in. I thought he was the one. He told everyone I was the ” Love” of his life. But, after 7 months he left. He always said he was emotionally unavailable. He was in a prior relationship for 5 yrs with a ” Submissive ” woman he married & divorced from her 5 months later. He went thru tons of emotional upheaval because his family no longer likes him and he doesn’t know why ( won’t take responsibility for anything) , He is a bully to people since he believes he is always right. He will kiss his dog in the morning before me. He complained about everything. Crazy thing is I feel he is a good person in a way. He started having sex with a woman he was seeing before me right away & he is entering a relationship with another woman who is in an unhappy marriage of 12 years. I realize he needs someone to fill what he lacks and he will NEVER find it because he is the problem!!! I was heartbroken & embarrassed for weeks because he put our relationship on display. I am finally coming out of it ignoring his calls & text because he ” put” so much energy into the break-up so we could remain friends. I realize he is selfish and only thinks of his needs much like an animal.
    I will not go back with this man.. In fact I am coming out my Virgo fog and realizing he did me a favor leaving me. I am beautiful, positive, upwardly mobile, loved by many people ( a Cap ) and know I wouldn’t have been happy in a relationship with a man like him.
    I doubt if I date another Virgo. WAY to much work. I prefer men who evolve & Virgos aren’t the evolving type.
    Just happy I can now not answer his accusing text because nothing I say will matter anyway it’s all about him. The reason I don’t need to respond? I don’t need or want to be with him anymore. It hasn’t been easy and I’m sure in my loneliness I will want to be with him. But I will replay all the crap that makes up that Virgo and I will snap out of it. Feel the sun on my face and SMILE…..

  6. Antwon Barber says:

    Hey there Virgo guy here, after reading this I can understand a few reasons why he’s going about it this way.reason 1: he probably doesn’t want to run you off because of being close like this and your probably not bf-gf, we take that personally it’s just that we have much respect for females not all but some of us Virgo men’s. 2: He doesn’t want you to feel smothered, again not all but some Virgo men including myself respect females call us old fashion lol. We don’t want you to feel like you don’t have any freedom with us do as you feel (don’t let me stop you from being you I won’t slow you down or control you love) is what his slogan might be inside his head again much respect. 3: He’s feeling for you, whether you know it or not He actually have DEEP FEELINGS for you regardless if you’re both ways (no offens) lol he really likes you to see past that, it hurts him more than anything because he doesn’t know how to tell you how he feels and before we start getting any closer to a woman that we really like we would start detaching our selves from them slowly before getting hurt by them. Forgive us just in our nature, and if you feel something for him you might would have to be the first one to say something to him, he’ll listen (GLADLY) and finally EXPRESS how he feels about you who knows maybe even in a romantic way aha lol. 4: Last but not least we being as Virgo men will do nice things for people’s from time to countless of times, but when we like you I mean really appreciate you we will go the extra Miles for you whatever it is no matter what. Well I hope that this helped out some if you have any questions please feel free to email me, have a happy valentines day

  7. My virgo man left me. Am a libra. he said caste was the reason. i founded it to b silly. He chattd lika frnd befo he broke up wid me leavin in confusion fo 2weeks. i was ready to change anythng fo him . i was head over heels in love wid him. He discontinued his studies 5yrs back. his family always blames him. he din go fo work too. Am a hindu n hes a christian. wats wrong?

  8. bonnie greatorex says:

    My virgo man broke off with me for the 5th time. Each time before it was during an argument, and this time was no different. I have concluded that he can’t end an argument except to through out the relationship, then I come along and we get back together. He says he won’t chase women because he tried for a year to get his baby moma back 20 years ago and she would not so that is that! What do I do now? wait and let him cool off and tell him the relationship is worth more than the argument? or let him have his way this time? interesting as he has not brought back my things or has come for his….and still has our picture together on facebook. Just call me numb and dumber.

  9. I’m a Pisces and my ex is a Virgo. My parents have a problem with him and that resulted in an argument between his parents and mine. This is the 3rd time it’s happening. I really love him and even he does. We were really close to each other. Even till the last moment we were close to.each other. After my parents spoke to him, he blocked me and there is no source for me to contact him now. I want to know what is to be done to win him back.

  10. Crystal Wilson says:

    You know I’ll be nice and not generalize but sometimes God puts the trash out for you. For those lucky enough to land a sane Virgo, God bless them. I’m also a Scorpio and dated a Virgo for 3 years. I honestly have to say the first 6 months was great but after that his true colors came out. I went through hell and back and now I can say I’ve been forged in the fires of adversity. I NEVER want to date another Virgo. I think most of them are textbook sociopaths. My Virgo in specific, was a pathological liar, lying was like breathing. I know it hurts, I was devastated to be treated so coldly but it’s a lesson learned. I say walk while you still have your dignity and sanity.

  11. Taurian girl says:

    Hi your comment and i need your help. Im so confused with my virgo guy and i need answers. Pls help. ? Pls email me. Thanks

  12. Taurian girl says:

    Hi your comment and i need your help. Im so confused with my virgo guy and i need answers. Pls help. ? Pls email me. Thanks

  13. @Tina – After 3.5 yrs of really good relationship we hit a patch for a few months, where I got really busy with work and he kept asking me if I was cheating on him, I didn’t have time to breath much less date someone but he didn’t have much faith in me. Anyway we kept talking but I was mad at him since he wasn’t progressing on with the relationship and I distanced myself a little just to make him put in efforts. But nothing happened, we still kept talking as friends and he kept making future plans (with me in most) and now after 7 months, I called him to wish him bday. Some female picks up, tells me she’s his gf and tells me to distance myself from him and the guy doesn’t have any respect for me or himself to atleast step up and do the dirty work himself, keeping me in the dark for so long and dating another girl simultaneously. I’m devastated tonight guys. My heart is really aching.. I’ve never been manipulated this way ever..

  14. Wow, what a piece of crap. Recently I started online dating and blocked every Virgo. They’re all like that, pure rubbish and a waste of time. They have great acting skills. I have no idea how they pretend to be someone else 24/7 for months if not years the switch into someone else within seconds. They compete with women because they don’t have the bus to compete with men. Puny pathetic man children. Don’t sweat this guy’s BS, your well rid of him.

  15. Stay away from male drama queen Virgos!

  16. I love my husband 28yrs turns out he is a lier cheat theif narcissist egotistical . He broke the trust I lost all respect for him now I lawyer up consequence ‘s in form of divorce alimony house being sold I’m moving far away . Can you believe he wants to remain friends narcissist kibble chow no way . After I move going no contact ‘ he gaslight me thought I was lossing my mind grandiose as long as his needs were met everything was good but if you have needs make you feel worthless they are not authentic . Best revenge live well go no contact we deserve better hell with Virgo asshats xo

  17. I’m a Pisces and I’ve been with my ex for 2 years we broke up on Sunday and I finally contacted him yesterday and he’s adamant with his decision to stay apart the reason for our breakup he said was because my ex-husband was getting in the way. I was opening up my feelings to him and he can’t get over that. I have loved him since I was 10 years old and because my parents are very strict with me growing up we never really got the chance to date he came to my grade 8 grad party High School birthday party and we reunited on the bridge that we last kissed at14. when I was 37 we fell hard Head Over Heels complete and utter bliss. 2 years in the relationship I honestly did not expect this to come we waited so long to be reunited after 20 years only for him to walk away over a little fights that built up over the last 5 months he says that I need to work on myself and to find myself a new journey and that he will always love me and that possibly in the future we might get back together but in retrospect I know it’s over he was very good at analyzing and studying people and me being a Pisces always made me nervous cuz I felt like I had to make people happy and at the end when I can’t live up to his standards I honestly felt defeated.

  18. Yes I definitely feel Virgo males are not good quality. I find them very inconsistent of character, say one thing then do another, they also lack self awareness, they think they are a certain way and they are not. Also, they can’t seem to be direct – they will lead you into breaking up with them. Their behaviour often makes no sense They have a very strong image of being the “good guy”. They just aren’t up front. They are very strange creature indeed. I’ve known 3 Virgo males that cheats on their wives, as well as another who was just plain strange. Beware.

  19. Hi antwon.

    Thankyou for the in sight into a Virgo mans mind. Pls if you wld can you help me with a quandry without me asking for you as an agony aunt. My now ex of today has played Round with my emotions for 7 months with the push pull scenario until 2 months ago when he very publicly declared love. All very worth the wait. However he has a very overactive mind and has big hangups about my past relatio ships which have been very turbulent ones. He seems to compare himself to them even though i don’t compare them. He is angry at me all the time and causes rows over nothing. If I retaliate its all out war. One mine he wants me to go get him then when i do im told to leave and nit welcome. How do i deal with this being a Virgo man yourself. Am i best to just let him vent?
    Many thanks riddell20

  20. Nina Blanco says:

    Hey Antwon Barber, great analysis I’m a Virgo woman engaged to another Virgo male and even for me it’s difficult. At some points in our relationship we have our highs and our lows but it’s pretty much like fire and Ice. At times I feel the most loved like he couldn’t want another woman but then at others I feel like he couldn’t care less. We have medium trust issues because of our separate past relationships and it’s hard for both of us to fully trust each other because of it. I’m tryna change for the better because I can be a worry wort especially when it comes to the trust factor. I jus need insight so that I can be more helpful in knowing how to proceed with my Virgo definitely in love with him been together for a year so you tell me

  21. These Virgo man forums are so active because no one understands the mind of a psycho.

  22. Hi,I’m an aquraus woman who is deeply in love with a virgo man and I will do anything to have him back.We are distance apart but we use to talk on phone,and all of a sudden he block my number from receiving my messenger. What u think I should do,forget about him or wait cuz I love this man so much I can’t think without him

  23. I am still in a relationship with a Virgo man for 5 years now. In my opinion, when you had become his ex, he won’t bother with you and he never come back again with an ex. They are really loyal and devoted as long as they loves their partner. Don’t argue with Virgo man, you ll lose. Instead, I ll keep silent when he is angry. They are really traditional man and likes woman who can hold that value.

  24. virgo boyfriend acting distant yet showed care … is he waiting for the right time to break up?

  25. fool of the year says:

    Ok so I am going to start this off by saying I am a scorpio woman who has been dealing with this virgo man for over a year now he was honest with me by saying that he did not want a relationship however he only express this to me after about 3 months by that time I was kinda already comfortable with him. We met at work so before we started messing with each we were friends. I did not know he had any interest in me until one day he came on so strong which shocked the hell out of me I thought it was a bet he was trying to win with someone lol however I gave him a chance we went out on a date and I know I shouldnt have done this but we had sex that same night (the sex was very basicbut I thought he may have been nervous) I believe that was his plan all along however time we went on we would see each other every weekend and sometimes during the week I would cook for him and everything it was kinda cute. Then about 6 months into the situation he would start acting different he wouldnt contact me until late night on the weekends (after 2am booty call hours) I stopped hearing from him after work during the week (Mon-Fri) Although I knew his late night phone calls were very disrespectful I would still go over or he would come to my house and that was because he would tell me he needed me and since I’m a sucka for that I would allow him to see me but oh how I wish I would have never did that because thats all he started to do I would get a text from him once or twice a week saying Good Morning and maybe a wyd later that night but the night ones always followed with a can I come over again I know most of the times I shouldve said no I didnt because I wanted to be with him and since I’m not the type to hide my feelings I would let him come over but after I did I wouldnt hear from him its like he got his fix and he was good I would always feel used smh. When I would tell him how I feel and that I want more from this he would always say I’m sorry I do not want a relationship so I would so called break it off with him and I dont know if it was a must that he felt the need to test me but a couple hours later (yes late night) he would call or texts and the calls would not be just one they would be at least 10 until I answered. I have done so much for this guy to this day he still owes me money and its been a year now since I allowed him to borrow it although he has not given me my money back he seems to make his way to the clubs and even purchasing a laptop smh. We had a falling out and he said we shouldnt call each other anymore so I figured it was over so of course I wanted my money when I questioned him about when was he given it back to me he would ignore me so I filed for small claims court the day after I filed he contacted me by text saying that when he gets it he would call me it was very rude I didnt reply I found that he was getting evicted from the apt him and his cuzn shared I felt bad but it still was in the back of my mind that he was still going out on the town knowing what he financial situation was so it couldnt have been that bad so on one of my drunk nights I texted him on a thursday night saying how I was hurt by the money situation but even more hurt that he could just leave me so cold and that I was dropping the court because I really did it out of anger the next night of course late night he called me he wanted me to come over and being the dummy that I am I went since it was 3 months since I seen him when I went I had in my head it was going to be so passioniate since Ive missed him so much and he missed me too but no it was the old same sex lol no apologizes no nothing I was hurt so after we were done I started to leave of course he asked me where I was going but he was basically sleep when asking I gave him a kiss and ask him to do me a favor and dont contact me again and I left he didnt listen because the next he did saying we couldve talked about whatever was going on with me while I was there (he was lying talk please!) about 2 weeks went buy and I reached out to him because I missed him we talked for about 10 mins on the phone because he got me off by saying he was going to sleep (lying) fast forward and we are still doing the same thing having sex on the weekends late night (yes I am a booty call) when we have sex its unprotected one day I called him to my house because I wanted to talk about us face to face he came we talked he basically said that he doesnt want a relationship and his inconsistency is just the way he is I told him I didnt want to do this with him anymore a couple weeks went by and he reached out saying he misses me so like the dummy I am we met up I thought things would be different and of course they were not he texted me good morning 3 times that following week but thats it fast forward to now I ask him what he wanted from me he said I just want you to be my friend I said ok but with my friendship does not include sex he said ok and said so your not dealing with me anymore I said no then I asked him does he have sex with his female friends he said he has had sex with his female friends then I ask are you currently having sex with your females friends he said YES I was beyond hurt I couldnt accept that you dont want a relationship now yu want me to accept you sleeping with other females now I have asked him this in the past and he always told me that he is only having sex with me so when I asked him this time he lied I asked him why would he lie to me he said I only ask was he having sex with anyone else unprotected which I know is a lie I wouldve never asked that so after that convo he reached out to me everyday multi times a day and we just had regular convo he would ask can he see me I would say no because I am not accepting you sleep with others after 2 weeks of that I gave in and ask him if he got the opportunity to show me how much he missed me would he of course his answer was yes so I went over there and he DID NOT SHOW ME ANYTHING!!!!! matter of fact we had sex I put a condom on him and we argued after that he was so cold towards me. After all the things I have done for this man things like bringing him food loaning him money buying things that I feel he needs like pillows yes I brought those!!!! picking up things for his daugther if its something cute and she might like and he still treats me like S$%T this is the same guy that will right on his facebook, instagram saying quotes like its funny how your there for people but when you need them they arent around, putting sexual pics (not of him) saying mood and when I get the girl I want I’m going to act right I look at those post so hurt like who am I havnt I not been there for you anytime you wanna talk have sex etc I’m there and have been all this time however I cannot do the same for him he is never there for me. Its been a week now since I spoke with him and I realized I left my slippers over his house lol he hasnt told me I left them smh. I do not know what to do I am hurt I feel he is a miserable person and cannot be helped no matter how much love I show him. Please help!!!! is this how they really are?

  26. fool of the year says:

    I can tell you this I have been dealing with a virgo man for a year now they never break up with you they are control freaks they want to do things on their time he probably wanted time alone which that will seem like always because they are weird they will have you questioning yourself when all along they are the problems but they will never admit it. My advice to you with them and I’m only saying this because I’ve been thru it set some rules but not like telling him show him first ask him if he is ok ask if he wants to talk if he talks to you then that’s great but if he doesn’t then
    ignore him when he finally decides he wants to reach out to you basically do him like he does you but one thing don’t except him to show he is hurt by the way you are treating him and hell he might later make you eat your actions honestly this is how they are they aren’t going to change even when you leave them it’s funny the virgo I just stop dealing with yes only a week ago has the same exact birthday as my ex virgo and they act just the same emotionally unavailable no matter what you do you can give them your right arm they will say Thank you but brownie points you will not get!

  27. Soraya Khan says:

    Virgo men a users, liars, deceitful, cold, mean spirited, stingy, arrogant, narcissistic, controlling to the extreme, conceited, never there for you when you need them but you will never get away with the same, avoid, avoid, avoid like the plague if you don’t want to be used, lied to or treated badly. No appreciation, no matter what you do for them but they want you to worship them and lie to yourself and the world that they are the best you can ever have. They are Nast pieces of work.
    Let’s face it who wants that. Best revenge, ignore and live a good and happy life, which you surely will without this kind of man and deserve to.

  28. They really are I dated one for three years and he would always say one thing or do another when talking to other people… totally has me questioning if he did that to me the whole 3 years.

  29. I dated a Virgo man for 3 years and he broke up with me and has a new girl friend but talks to me once a week. I feel they won’t talk to you if they’re truly over you but will if they’re unsure

  30. I dated a Virgo for 3 years it was weird while good he was always wanting me to improve but never showing much improvement it’s strange he was so extra when lying like with his ex he did something so special for her but only because he was cheating (saying one thing doing another)

  31. Amira Foxx says:

    Run like Forrest Bump my dear. Spare your sanity! They are huge liars and manipulators. You deserve better and will get better once you open your heart to something bigger and better. No Virgos!!!

  32. Glory amaka Alionye says:

    Everything u said is the truth.
    The virgo man i got involved with was a total lair, a deceiver and a user.
    At first they will show their charms and behave like the best. Buh later u will see thwir true colours.
    They are emotionless and very mean.
    Please stay away from a virgo man. U might think you can change him but trust me…he is bad for you. Virgos are jerks. They only pretend to be good at first. Within them am sure they knw they are jerks.

  33. Cancerian beauty says:

    My dear so true.
    The virgo man i got involved with such a lair. A deciever. So selfush and wi th no emotions or remorse. Virgo men has no heart.
    They should remain alone forever.
    Very incinsiderate fools with no fucking concience. They are not even good in bed. Mtchew. They can die alone with their deceitful charms. I really hate virgo men.
    At first they pretend to love u and care,later they show u how heartless they are with no regrets. Virgos are jerks.

  34. Cancerian beauty says:

    Here is the truth babe. Run for ur dear life. Dont let that wicked soul into ur heart. You are too young for the ruthless and emotionless experience he wl put u thru. Just start getting over him now. He is not good for u. Virgos are real idiots. They will wreck u emotionally. And they wont give a damn about how u feel.
    If you need help… JUST RUN

  35. Here to help says:

    Virgo men always use the i want to get to know u excuses when they only want to draw away from u after using you. he always start by talkin alot wit u and being sweet and then he becomes cold and emotionless. Virgo men will wreck u emotionally.
    Virgo men has no concience. They lie alot and they are deceivers. They are users my dear. Take ur heart off a virgo man if u are not a virgo woman. Cos its only a virgo woman dah can handle a virgo man cos even she is emotionless like him.
    Screw virgos. They seem loving yet devilish at heart. They dont respect ur feeling, emotions or opinions. They are very selfish people. Its always about them. And if u like.. Lick their butt, they will still hurt u and have no regret about it. They will see it as a normal thing that u shld just get over. If u are not a virgo lady, stay away from a virgo man.

  36. As I read through each post, I realize that I am not the only one who has correct judgments of a virgo man. I’ve been with my virgo for a year in a half, and it has been a roller coaster. He started off so sweet, bringing me roses to work, cook dinner etc etc. As time progressed, he began COLD and emotional less to the point where I would openly refer to him as a brick wall. Being a pisces, my emotions were overwhelming him and there is NO way to crack a virgo guy, no matter how hard you try or what you do. He finally decided to break it off, and I literally broke down into tears, begged him not to do this to me, and tried to make this right (for the 1000th time) and he literally said he isn’t putting up this and dragged me and pushed me out of his house. I am emotionally traumatized because deep down inside i did not deserve that from him. He said jump and i said how high. Virgo men are evil, stay away from them! save you soul, sanity, and emotions.

  37. Lol yeah they can really rack a woman’s mind. Really good at breaking hearts, I feel they feed off them

  38. Evil evil evil says:

    Wow every single comment is so fucking true it’s insane. Selfish textbook sociopath narcissistic SEX ADDICT serial CHEATER liar theif fake as fuck over cares about image and reputation has no morals or integrity, emotionless, gets off to upsetting you, hurts you for fun, starts fights for fun, to break you down, or intentionally as an excuse to ghost on you while they are with someone else. Deceitful, you will bend over backwards and they will never appreciate but take advantage in every way possible, cheat on you then come home to you telling you how much they love you, all while setting up the next girl to move onto and drop you out of nowhere, with your soul ripped out and your life destroyed. Stay the fuck away, you will be broken. U will cry in agony and suffer every day with him and when he leaves you with no regrets u will feel like dying. I think he purposely was trying to make me commit suicide. Worst experience of my life, ruined every part of my life, my home my job I was all alone and broke and had no where to go completely dependent and in love with him, as he continued to degrade devalue and abuse me daily as I tried to keep us together, he will NOT STOP cheating eventually you put up with it, and then he’ll leave you out of nowhere with nothing and broken and not even respond to you as he’s sleeping with someone else now and going to do the same to her. Serves the smug homewrecker right. When will they get their karma????? I want to fucking die 🙁 no I just want him to stop hurting and ignoring me 🙁

  39. 2 fkin virgos! says:

    after years of giving him benefit of the doubt I came to conclusion he was basically full of shit. master manipulator. a complete parasite of a person. will take and do only for his benefit with no regards to the other person. a complete psychopath. abusive to children. a bully. making fun of people for his amusement. and to my face a total different person, i was his queen.
    Fast forward a couple of years to as luck would have it, the guy Im crushing on turns out to have same birthday. now i am extremely leery to the point that its interfering with any possible relationship, i don’t believe anything he says bc i think that in a few years I’ll find out that he too was a psychopath. this sucks!
    i doubt i can get passed the fact that he is a virgo w same bday enough to give him a fair shot.

  40. NovemberRain says:

    Wow…wow, it’s basically my story …only I didn’t know the guy and only dated for 18 months and I’m going trough the same thing you went …gosh, I wish I could talk to you more about this …xoxo

  41. Libraoverit says:

    Hello to all of you who have had an experience with a Virgo male – just wondering if we all are dated the same man. All of the issues are the same. These men will baffle you, use you and get angry when you don’t conform to their wishes. I had a 5 year tenure with Mr. “V” and the whole time my antennas were up. His strangeness was interesting to me, it was like putting pieces together. This nut’ s behavior was so obvious to me and he knew it. He once told me “I can’t control you”. I went along with him for the ride, while dating more mature men. He was fun and I did like him a lot
    He did the same to me, disappeared for no reason (that I knew of). But I had more eggs in my basket. They will leave and make you think you did something wrong when it’s really them. They sometimes need time to be with someone else – then they will come back. They like variety and they don’t get better with age. At 64 you would think they would know what they want. My advice to you if you are dating a vmale – have someone else – don’t let them be your only one….because you are not their only one. You will know when you have had enough I hope it is soon. Just say goodbye and mean it. We women are to emotional when we open our hearts we need to use our heads more iften. Be at peace – treat yourself nice and turn your back on Mr. “V”.

  42. Libraoverit says:

    Your ex Virgo is keeping in touch because he may want to come back and use you for his benefit. It’s like having a savings account when your checking account runs out or if he just doesn’t want to deplete it.It’s about control. Making you think he cares when it’s really for his benefit. Don’t let him use you, they are charming and fun. But when that mask falls off you can see them for who they really are. All ways complaining about things ‘ but never see their own faults which are many. If you just want to have fun use him for his sex – he will perform well. Just don’t let him get in your heart. That’s when he can hurt you with his.

  43. Libraoverit says:

    They want you to be all that they want but they can’t be that for you. It’s like walking on eggs shells. Like being in prison. I know you have a lot more to say – if you have been with him that long. One must be like a piece of puddy so he can mold you and you lose your own identity.

  44. I dated a virgo for two years. A liar. He cheated on his previous girlfriend, consistently. He would take off and be uncontactable. In the end, I couldn’t trust him. Left him. Recently, started to date another virgo. We had an argument, his response, immediately was we are one??? let me know when you stop being upset about the issue. Even though the argument was that we had a previous argument and he came up with a solution, but never honoured it. So again, bye virgo. LIARS!

  45. I really have a strong feeling we are all talking about thesame man. This can’t just be a coincidence lol!! I just broke up with a vigro, the break was the worst ever, no more vigro in my life.

  46. hi.. i have been dating my virgo man for 3 years. We live together. he always talks about marriage and says i am the love of his life…. we have been arguing for the past week and it was mt fault because i caused the fights over stupif stuff like facebook relationship status or not posting enough pictures of us on social media. i told him that i dont think he loves me and he needs to show it more. ……. he ended up breaking up with me lol. i was so upset i packed my stuff and currently have been sleeping at my friends. I have appologized multiple times and told him that we always get through tough times…why is he giving up now? he tells me he needs space and time to be alone he wants to see if he wants this relationship …and he wants to see how life is without me. it is breaking my heart so badly. it’s been 7 days. He askes me if i have been talking to guys i said of course not!!! and he told me that he is not talking to girls either he kepy saying that he swears on everything he is not. I am dying without him i just want us to be together again and back to normal he is 23 and i am 25 please help :'(….. i told him he doesnt have to contact me he can contact me when he knows what he wants

  47. My virgo split up with me 2 days ago after 11 months together, I’m absolutely devastated. It came out of the blue and at a time where I had been really supportive of him as he was genuinely having loads of stress at work and was exhausted. I had put the change in his behaviour down to the stress and even thought he split up with me due to going a bit mad with the stress and not thinking straight. Only a few weeks ago he was telling me how much he loved me, fancied me and planning future things together. We were practically perfect for each other and always said we were for life. Since he split from me I can see he has been messaging someone almost constantly on whatsapp up till really late at night and first thing in morning, it’s clear now that he just used me and discarded me like shit when someone else came along. Almost all the comments above could be about him too. Very full of himself, never sees that he is wrong, never apologises when he should, drama queen, everything had to be what he wanted. As well as that there were so many times he was so sweet and seemed sincere to me, lots of times I checked up on him and he was telling me the truth. I had been introduced to all his family and friends. I just don’t understand how he has suddenly treated me like this. I’m going no contact but despite everything I desperately want him to come back and say he made a mistake. I know it won’t happen.

  48. The title of this forum already makes the comments above so much hatred. And makes me want to tell about my experience with Virgo guy. Back to mid 2014, this man and I known each other for the first time. He came very strong, but At the time I just want slow started. Time goes by, we were more closed and in dating phase. Even we got a holiday across the country together. He said it was honeymoon time. Haha and I agreed, I am sagittarius girl by the way and so I like it because of so much fun. Months gone by afterwards, we had less communication. One of the reasons is because we are in LDR. 6 mo later, I felt missing him so badly, then I came to his country to meet. I already guested we would still have less communication afterwards, and it happened. Then I started to be mad to him. And we broke up. I dont text him etc. Even I shown up As the strongest girl who dont need him. Then I tried to date any men. But all the men I started closed just come and go, I feel betrayed and cheated. after 3 years of my adventure dating phases with some men, I realized one day that the only man who love and so care to me is the virgo guy. Ya I know he used me for fun only that time, but hey I just realized that However I used him for his care maybe?! He is the only man who gave me advice about work. Haha. While other men are just wanna have fun with me. And I feel so much grateful about that, It is very positive to me, I have been getting good performance at work after meeting him, even I got promoted and it impacts me a lot. I feel so sorry to him for being impatient and chilidish. I feel like he is the only man who loves me guinely, but in his way. Then I am learning and believing that if you want to be loved, you have to love that person as well. There are difference between idea of falling in love and love, guys. Falling in love means you love his presence because of many reasons, such as apperance, thought, and other benefits. Then it makes you so much addicted, and it is only for your benefit. Not them. While loving someone is you love them, you dont wish for yourside benefit only. You love them for doing their life, for chasing their dreams, for supporting them in your ways. It is mutual.
    Now I feel like I already meet the love of my life. It is him, the virgo guy. We are just back and forth because of the situation. I am so much thank to the time which help me to grow, more patient and wiser. Yet I am still making sure to my self that If I would like to settle down and give all my time to my partner of life. I believe it is from myself first before you demand from other. Until I become ready to settle, then back and give another chance to him again. In the perfect time. It is about time. 🙂

  49. Gosh u said that with such accuracy. They are definitely physcos

  50. Sweety iam an Egyptian 28 yrs old woman married to Egyptian virgo man for 5 yrs now with 2 kids and u r describing my life ! Honestly i thought cause he’s Egyptian ? turns out virgos are virgos every nationality ? i feel your pain he’s leaving me right now with 2 kids that he never cared for and they dont like him that much which was strange for me ! He takes them and drop them to his mother’s all day just to get under my skin ! I cry i let myself feel the pain but i have made my mind iam never going back i ll raise my kids on my own ill seek job i live with my mom god bless her she tells me get out while you can i deserve better life is too short for this consistent pain and drama

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