How Virgo men break off relationships

VirgoAll a Virgo man has to do is relentlessly criticize you and pick at your faults until you break down into tears. When you ask if he no longer wants to be with you, he will say, “Of course I do. You just need to x, y and z, and everything will be fine.” But when x, y and z are insurmountable tasks — when he is asking you to wipe yourself clean of all inadequacies — you realize you have been set up.

Or, he will say he’s not good enough for you. He tries to improve himself for your benefit, but he always comes up short. “You’re probably better off with someone else, someone who measures up.” You insist that he’s fine just the way he is, that you love him. “But there must be something wrong with you, if you can love such a loser. Really, I don’t deserve you.”

Comment below: How has a Virgo man broken it off with you?

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  1. Zapporah Eastman says:

    You are so right about that!! Release and feel revived again!! Life does get better when we makw wise choices.

  2. WoodinVirginia says:

    Virgo Women do the same thing, just got out of relationship with one for pastt 11 months. 5 months she spent building me up and then the last 6 months she criticized every theing I did dress, facial appearance, the way I grew my facial hair, How pressed or ironed my clothes were. Whther I had on matching outfits. How my eyes were crossed needing eye surgery ( I fixed this) Yet it still wasn’t enough. In the end she told me her 5’3″ 250 lb self did NOT like taller men I am 6’2 inch and my body mass index is LOWER then hers ,But she is determined she must have a trophy class man on her arm to make her “ego” feel better & the ego’s of her girlfriends.
    This will be the first and last time I ever go out with a Virgo woman thats for sure; if I see one coming I am running the other way; yet astrology says we are supposed to be the most compatible (Cancer man here) So much for that..

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