How to win a Scorpio back after you have hurt him

Scorpio men do not take kindly to being hurt. Scorpios hold on to resentments as tightly as a sphincter holds on to water. A fixed water sign, he is stubborn when it comes to emotions. Scorpios don’t trust easily in the first place, because they are all too aware of how one can be wounded in intimate relationships.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that digs deep into experience, rooting out secrets and suppressed memories. Pluto is associated with manipulation and abuse of power. The Scorpio man is well-acquainted with the methods of torture used in the Underworld, and hence does not like to be on the receiving end of such barbaric techniques.

Even though the Scorpio man does not let go easily of his resentments, his zodiac sign is also the most transformative. Pluto rules the death-rebirth process. Scorpios hold tight, but they also periodically become devoured by the flames of regeneration.

As he rises from the ashes, your Scorpio man will have let go of his anger. However, there’s nothing you can do to initiate this process. Pluto works by his own mysterious schedule.

You cannot win back a Scorpio, but if you’re patient he might forgive you.

How long do you want to wait?

Comment below: Have you been reunited with a Scorpio after having hurt him?

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  1. Thank you karissa15.. you are right.. Somehow maybe im still hoping that he will come back.. It slides in my what if he is just trying to test me or something.. there were no closure so i had hard times movin on.. I wanna win him back but i dont really know how or if its the right thing to do..

  2. Hi Cafter

    Listen to me honey. You sound like a wonderful, caring and loving Human Being
    and I don’t think this fool deserves you but it’s not for me to say and you clearly
    love him and want him back but it has to be his choice and the more you persist
    the more he will resist so the best thing to do with this particular stubborn sign
    is to just leave him be and when he comes to his senses and realises that you
    are keeping your distance he may very well decide that he wants you back and
    do something about it if he doesn’t want to lose you.

    Even though it must seem very hard to sit back and do nothing sometimes that
    is exactly what you must do in order to knock some sense into someone’s head
    that you are not at their beck and call and you actually have more important and
    valuable priorities which do not revolve around him because he does not deserve
    your emotional and mental energy since he is doing nothing to earn them.

    You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and that is what you need to impress
    upon him at this point in time so if he is serious about you he will take the necessary
    steps to contact you, come to you and pursue you. And since Absence makes a
    Heart Grow Fonder just let him miss you and learn to appreciate you and value you
    as much as you do him. How else is he supposed to learn unless you teach him
    what is expected of him since he can’t figure it out for himself.???

    Be smart and wise because you deserve so much more then what he has give you
    so far which leaves a lot to be desired. So change your tune and put him to the test
    if he wants the best. And if he is testing you just turn the tables and test him back.

    Cheers Lovely Girl and keep smiling. Taurus

  3. Karissa15,
    Thank you… Thank you.. That was the best advise ever.. I’ll do that.. I will try.. I just bought a new puppy so ill focus my attention to her from now… Mwaaaa ! Thank you

  4. Hi Kafter

    You are more than welcome Sweetheart and it sounds as though you are taking
    the right approach which should serve well one way or another. So enjoy your
    little Puppy whom deserves all your love and care and she will return it tenfold
    since a dog is a humans best friend, they love you unconditionally and give you
    sooo much companionship and pleasure in life.!!!

    I wish you all the best life has to offer, keep believing in your self because you
    are the best and deserve the best so keep smiling and keep in touch.!!!


  5. HI, Me and my scorpio bf split up in sept 12, since then ive been really ill with cancer ,he new this but we were still sending eachother horrible texts, well mainly me cause iwas hurt……3 weeks ago he got back in contact with me and wants to be friends……ive asked him to come back but he keeps saying i couldnt handle him working away….we have had a laugh on the phone, but he backs away if i say anthing nice or that i miss him…..i really want him back , he came to see me and i invuted around for a drink and meal which he said yes …..

  6. we have split up a few times before and got back together, normally when we start talking we get back together…..he is normally the one to start talking then its sort of me that has to beg him to see sense ….

  7. sadexbabymama says:

    Im 3 months pregnant with twins, that we planned to conceive. We have been on a rollercoaster relationship for 3 years off and on. He’s 36 and I’m 29. We recently broke up, not over cheating,) and he hates me! He won’t answer the phone , told me to have a nice life, me and my babies ( twins) should I get out now , have a abortion, and move on? Or should I h keep the babies and hope he will be involved when they are born? He so selfish I really think he could walk away and never look back! Pleas help

  8. sadexbabymama says:

    By the way, he is a Scorpio and I’m a cancer

  9. Hi Sadex Babymama

    You have been blessed with twins no less and I can not believe you are even
    considering the notion of an abortion which should definitely be out of the
    question regardless of whether this fool is there or not because you will do
    very well with or without him so just go ahead and have your little babies.

    If he doesn’t return prior to the birth I am very certain he will be there once they
    arrive and he will not be able to resist staying away from his flesh and blood
    whom will be two wonderful little bundles of joy and will bring a lot of happiness
    pleasure and joy into both of your lives.

    Take care and let me know how you and the babies are getting on.? Taurus

  10. i was involved with a scorpio man for 8mnths, we were inseperable, we loved each others company, we shared very intimate moments together. he told me he loves me nd he has neva felt this way before nd that its so easy to talk to me. anyway, i had a jealousy attack,went crazy as he had his arm around anotha woman…..if i search my heart i know it was done unintensionally, but the damage is done, he left nd he has been gone 3weeks now, i have sent numerous text apologising nd telling him that we are good together, but no reply…… how can a scorpio man just switch off like that? he is making me feel like i never excisted…….. he always told me he will never hurt me as i came from a very abusive marriage,nd my husband cheated…….i trusted him, how can he do this??????

  11. My Scorpio ex used to test me like that. It’s a whole other ball game if you so much as talk to another guy. Scorpios are the biggest control freaks. I did just what you did too. I had fight with him but I caved even though he was wrong. I sent numerous text message left sorry voice messages an nothing. I was cut off like I never was anything to him. It’s been Fi e months and I realize now I would never go back to that type of abuse. Move on an let him come to you.

  12. I lost my temper with my Scorpio man. He played push me pull you, come and go too many times. I couldn’t take it anymore. I confronted him and I have been cut off with out so much as an explation. It’s ben seven months no response to any text, emails or phone calls.

    I have been hurt by people before but never cut them off like they meant nothing to me. This is a form of abuse and he is 38 yeas old.

    I have closed the door and even if he contacts me in the future, I’m done.

  13. I dated a scorpio for about 5 years. I broke up with my him about a year ago due to constant bickering (it wasn’t healthy). He didn’t want things to end & was extremely heart broken. Now I want him back & he wants nothing to do with me even though he has admitted that he misses me & doesn’t know what the future holds. I’m just trying to be patient in hopes that he changes his mind & comes back. I miss him terribly πŸ™

  14. Im just happy this time around Im not all in my feelings about the separation like I used to be. I had to get on meds to block my emotions but it working!!! Im just tired of wasting my life and energy on a Scorpio man who insist on playing mind games.. He is 37 and Im 34.. we both too old for this. I have never played games other than playing stupid and gullible to see if he would try to take advantage of me.. and he didn’t past my test!! He played me like a straight fool.. but Momma didn’t raise one of those.. Jokes on you buddy!!

  15. My Aquarius Scorpio moon exboyfriend blocked me on Facebook, WhatsApp, pity we work for same company.

    We made once in October 2011 after that i chased him like almost three years, only to find out that there was another Virgo woman in the same company, at first i thought they were only friends.

    My Libra Sun and Pisces moon didnt take that well, I became suspicious, jealous, I lost faith and i couldnt trust him anymore, when he told me we must talk. I just thought maybe he wants to use me like before and disappear.

    Then people told him that i slept with this guy at work, i didnt,but almost `Yes The guy is cute but i could stop thinking of my scorpio man. Now he hates me, i can see the way that he looks at me and its like he is trying to spite me with this woman spiteful.

    There i was a point when i thought i’ll get over this especially because he started it but i just cant take it anymore.

    Is Scorpio ‘s jealousy go with love or they just like that with every women they sleep with. Do i text him to forgive me but he didnt even bother to confront me i can only see his actions…. Or do i have to distance myself as well…

  16. Hello.. Av dated my scorp 2years now. Am 4months pregnant for him bt ta been amonth since he left me wth no reason. He sent me a text that i shd leave him,he asked me to abort bt i have refused. He said if i dont have an abortion h then i’ll take care of my pregnancy myself. Am confused coz its my 1st baby n i love it already. W’d he be playing on my mind?

  17. Don’t bother because unless this is a highly evolved soul, it will repeat the sting. Trust me. Pointless. Good luck with that!

    “what is it in itself, and by itself”

    Better think long and hard about that.

  18. I was with my scorpio boyfriend for 6 months and last week he broke up with me for the second time. Previously before him, I have had difficult relationships involving abuse and cheating, which has affected my trust in men altogether. The reason for our breakup is that he feels like I dont trust him when he has done nothing wrong and I am constantly questioning him which leads us into arguments that bring him down.

    Although the bickering and trust issues have improved over the last couple of months, he feels that he cant try anymore and has tried again once before. Although he has said its over, he did finally admit that he loves me and that he misses me. After speaking with my family over the phone, he has decided to have a 6 day no contact period where he can think things through and finalise the decision.

    I have made it clear to him that friendship cannot be an opinion but I love him and want us to try again to make things work. Friday evening is the day hel contact me (2 nights time) to give me his final decision. These last few days have been the hardest ever- I cant seem to move on and accept that fact that although he struggled to say it, he told me it was over. Its killing me inside to the extent that I am having panic attacks and insomnia each night.

    What do I do? Is there any way to change his mind or make him see that wed be happier together and this is this biggest mistake over nothing horrible like cheating. I know what my issues are and I am making steps to solve them so that I can trust in someone as faithful as he is. I really want him in my life again, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am a Taurus.

  19. Hey Suri. With scorpios it’s always complicated. Never suspect scorpio’s loyalty! I’m male mars in scorpio 8th house with pluto in 7th house and I have the same problem with my mars capy scorpio girl. Never play a jalousy game with a scorp. It always turns bad. Even if he is madly into you he will refuse to contact you and torture himself thereby. Scorpios ara masochists, trust you me. Be patient if you really care about him, don’t play games and don’t push him for his emotions are extremely deep and make him react violently if hurt. It may take him a long while, be prepared for it, but if he REALLY loves you 99.99% he’ll retun. Patience

  20. Hi im a taurus girl and my ex bf is a scorpio…we have been together for 3 years … he went to jail for 1 year and a half and i was the only one doing anyhting for him while he was in jail literally. he got out we were finei got preg. but miscarried. 2 months later we broke up becaue he cheated on me with this other girl she is a scorpio and while he was cheating on my i didnt know it but i knew something was wrong he told me he wasnt happy because i was a bitch to him which i was. he cried on the phone to me and told me i cant make him feel like shit and he loves me so much and i believe he loves me i mean he has my name tatted on his hand and we have been together so long he was really emotional with me i asked if i could make him happy again he said yes but 2 days later i seen a picture of him and her on her instagram i confronted him about it and aftter that he was gone. ! but for a while he would text me tell me he missed me but that stoped and we would just talk about whats going on in life. I really want him back i know he cheated but if i was doing the things i was supposed to be doing and treating him right he prolly wouldnt have left he has been gone for about 2 months now he hasnt talked to me since the beginning of this october and after that ive been sending text messages telling him how much i love him he wont say nothing back,. i told him “if you dont love me anymore tell me that or im going to cotinue to thing you love me.. he didnt say anything back and ive been chasing him What can i do to get him to miss me i really want him back thats the love of my life

  21. cancer/scorpio says:

    My husband and i have been together since 99 we have 3 children he’s cheated several times even before marriag . I always took him back i left him about three years ago . Then i met someone hes came home multiple times since tben the last time almost a year ago he now has someone. Should i give up on my marriage. I didn’t trust him but he’s changed now. He has in his head i left him for who i met but i didn’t.

  22. My ex is a Scorpio and so am I. I’ve known since I was 18years old, but reunited last year and started a relationship for 8 months. It’s been 6months since we broke up. He started dating a very young girl 2weeks after our break up. Honestly I cant even remember why we broke up. Anyways it has been an emotional rollercoaster since our break up. He has stalked me even after having a girl. He cheated on her with me and when I told her he filed and injunction for stalking. The injunction was dismissed because the judge saw the BS. We then reunited again in the beginning of September he showed up at my house without calling and found my key that I kept hidden under the mat. I woke up with him standing over me. I know it did creep me out a little. We made love and he left. We continued to keep communication for two weeks and then he disappeared for a week and a half. He appeared again in the beginning of October. He invited to his house where i saw that he kept a picture of his girlfriend, but felt that he needed to point out the fact that he got the same bed that I have. I know weird. Anyways that night we made love and he told me how much he loved me and couldn’t stop thinking about me even while being with his Taurus girlfriend. Anyways on oct 8th he told me that we could not contact each other anymore after I told him that I wanted a normal relationship and i was ready for one with someone else. That weekend I went on a date and saw him at my apartments that same night while I was still with my date when I confronted him and he denied that it was him. Again he told me that we couldn’t be around each other and I agreed. Two days later he calls me but i declined his calls. Did I mention that I don’t even have his phone number he would call me blocked. The next day he called from a new york area code at that moment i didn’t know it was him i picked up. He said that he had called me because he had moved and did not know when he was coming back from New. York. We got in an argument about him trying to get me pregnant and about him being at my house. I sent him an email about how i was done with the drama and craziness. This happened last week. However today i drove by his because i was heading to an appointment and it’s located in his neighborhood and guess who I see? Yes that lying ass Scorpio outside in his driveway talking to who was probably his girlfriend in her car. So the moral of my story is that us Scorpio play a lot of mind games. We will go as far as trying to impregnate just to keep the control. In his case he finds i fun playing with me because he knows that I’m still in love with him and after all these months have remained loyal to him. We are very vindictive especially two Scorpio against each other. It gets scary at how far we go. However i found in myself to forgive and move on completely because in the end that man will destroy me. He is a libra rising which explains his seductive ways. Venus in Scorpio and libra in mars. I’m the same except I’m Sagittarius rising. Deep down do I want him? Hell yeah everyday. He was that mirror and i fell in love with it. Is it logic? Hell no because I know I would always want to seek revenge.

  23. Hey Suri. I’m just wondering did you guys ever get back together?

  24. I am a cancer woman and I hurt my scorpio boyfriend a few months ago. However, with patience, he has finally forgiving me….he will never forget it but at least he has given me another chance to prove my loyalty. Being with a scorpio male takes lots of patience, however, it is worth every moment….

  25. Hi,

    I have met the most wonderful scorpio man 6 month ago. we became friends to start with and then after month we start kissing πŸ™‚ it went on for a month and then he gave me the message he would go back and give his x girlfriend another chance, and so he did. we ad no contact for almost a month but then we met on a street by accident. he told me he’d never forgot me and had missed me, so he finally broke up with now his ex and we started seriously dating . i got involve with his daughter, his friends, staff members and literally the whole world he told them about me. our feeling grew stronger and stronger, and he started missing me now even when he was working and at home alone. he invited me to his fiends party for the first time 2 weeks ago to day. he couldn’t even wait for me to show up at his house, he told me i make him feel so “alive” he can be himself 100% when he’s with me and i make him feel very comfortable. though he’s feeling he says irritated him cause now he was no longer in control πŸ™‚ with a smile.

    At that party his x x mother of his child were there, it was the first timer ever she should se him with another woman (they had been together for 17 years, broke up 3 years ago) i was told to respect her and kinda keep distance, so i did.

    i am a cancer and love dancing even with myself, and so i did, dancing all night having fun. he came to eventually and told and declaring his love for me, that he was ready to commit himself to me and my kids, schools, football, economy and everything – way i felt so happy.

    2 hours later he freaked out, he said i was dancing with the same guy to long and i didn’t come looking for him, so god he got really mad. we went home and i spend the night. in the morning i thought he’d forgot about this matter and it was a joke he got so angry, but NO WAY, i should just leave his house. I did and he left me in silent for a week till monday, where he kinda broke up with me, he said we should finish. he’s now in holiday and I’m home here left in a stage of chock, what the F… happened here??? he was very kind though i should just call him any time when i want my things delivered, he wishes me all the best in the future cause i really really deserve it he says, so he kind of went from being silent for a week to now wish me all the best!!! but god I’m confused, we had THE BEST TIMER EVER and never ever argued, he said i was the easier person to be with ever and not complicated at all and not looking for conflicts ( i have been in self development the last 18 month in bali, i i wish an authentic relation ship now)

    I had no idea a scorpio man was jealous, only just met him and this was our first party and in public together. He says this has nothing to do with jealous, cause he’s been told his entire life he is cold as ice and with out feeling?? i do not recall any of this cause he has been very authentic with me and always showed his feeling.

    its his birthday in a week the 15 th of november, should i write him a letter, but him a small present or what i should i do to win him back.

    hes in holiday for a week now with a friend, and i know for the fact he has just contacted a common girlfriend yesterday and asked if they have heard anything from me, cause he broke up with me (it was at her party btw)

    so now I’m left with all these question?

    why does he do that if he doesn’t care?
    why would he offer to bring my stuff himself if he doesn’t care?
    why would he want all the best for me cause i deserve it, if he didn’t care?

    i know he has strong feeling for me and I’m sure he got really surprised for his own feeling that night cause he finds it very hard to meet someone and fall in love – he even said i knew this would happen, and I’m just left blank and had no idea what this is all about, as i said i don’t know this man very well except we are having a GREAT AND FUN time together always.

    would a scorpio man give all this up now we have met, with this strong feelings and now kids involved?

    how do i deal with this the best way.

    as i say lim cancer and dying to write him a card for his birthday when he gets back form holiday and tell him that i think out love deserve a second chance, this is all based on lack of communication and i didn’t do ANYTHING wrong all i wanted to do was dance…he admit this part, he says he trust me so much and that was not the issue, the issue was i didn’t see it for my self. and then after i wrote him an email telling him what i found his action very unattractive but a the same time made it clear about my love for him..

    long story i could keep on going, the fact is i i was only dancing…

  26. With my former Scorpio partner it has been unrelenting vengeance and as we share a child together he has been driven to outdo me in parenting in winning her affection and respect and proving his superiority in her eyes. Until just recently he was a mad dog at every turn. Something clicked though and he seems to have calmed down to a slow simmer. thankfully

  27. Me and my scorpio have been going at it for months. I had the hardest time trusting him. I felt like he wasnt into me even tho he swore he was. Ive said some really mean things to him. He wud go awhike without talking to me. And wen we did we were always arguing. He moved away but we still wanted to make something work. But he is so difficult and im stubborn. I know my nittpicking is too much to handle. We have known eachother since we were 15. Never dated then. We hooked up at 23. Had a amazing connection. Talked about everything. I know my trust issues oushed him away. I want him back. I want to orove to him im in this all the way. But he claims he met someone and we could only be friends. What do i do. I really do love this man. Im a virgo and he is a scorp. Im obsessed.

  28. Tyrannosaurus says:

    Scorpios are the hardest figure out. Masters of deception, seduction and manipulation. We are chess masters on the psychological playing field. We have high levels of intuition and perception and intelligence (Yes I know, narcissism, now get used to it), just try lying to any of your scorpio friends, try your best, and see their faces as they smirk right back at you. Sometimes we are known to have that ultra sexy, seductive and mysterious gaze, it’s because sometimes i’m trying to look directly into your eyes, either i’m seducing you subconsciously or I’m looking at the way your pupils dilate when I ask you questions. We have this uncanny ability to discover the truth and we know exactly what you’re thinking. Another tactic we use is, we intentionally bite your bait that you have thrown out for us, which makes you happy thinking you got us already, but know this, we’re watching your reaction as we chew on your bait ;).

    We’re the nemesis class for every women of every zodiac sign out there. If you don’t believe me? just think of that Scorpio that you have fallen in love with and how you want him back soooo badly, like you want him now, RIGHT NOW!

    We usually put on like 50-500 layers of mask and defense before you actually find out the *truth*, yet when you actually do, you find yourself in a whole new maze level. We’re extremely good at that, we can reconstruct and deconstruct new mazes on the fly. Just think of it like the movie Inception, a dream within a dream within a dream within ah yes, yet another dream, well you get the idea.

    Yet if you get past all the defenses, and reached to the very depths of our hearts. Then get ready girl and brace yourself, for high level impact LOVE. We will love you like no other man in your life.

    Oh you, fairest among women.

    But sometimes when we truly love a girl, for example, due to various circumstances, we disable contact with her, because she has hurt us, and trust me it takes us days if not weeks or months or years to forgive (we never forget, not kidding on this one XD, but we do forgive… to a certain extent, of say maybe 95%… I think… XD). And years has past, and she has found a new love by now, but when she see that Scorpio again who has before tarnished her shiny armor, as if she has heard the hoofs of her prince charming. In that very very… instance, it reignites her passion, her memories and her feelings for that Scorpio. Yet when we found out that her new love is a really really good and nice guy who treats her extremely well, even when she re-confesses her feelings to that Scorpio. That Scorpio, because of out of great intense love for her, he will hide all his feelings and put on a very steel and cold mask and instead of saying “I LOVE YOU” (We really mean these words to the uttermost) to the one we love the most, we crush her heart in its entirety and manipulate her back into the arms of her current love. And she will never ever know the truth about it, because we’re extremely good at keeping secrets. But you must know, in order for us to do this, we have to crush our own hearts first. Thereby stinging ourselves. We never want to see the one we love cry… You have no idea how much it breaks our hearts if that happens. It is like we’re aren’t affected by anything of this world, career, business, money, status, whatever you name it. But when it comes to you my dear, we always want you to be happy, we want to see that smile on your face, that true happy smile. Because no amount of money can ever buy such a beautiful smile like your’s…

    When we meet a girl whom we truly love, like eagles, we desire to mate for life, there won’t be any girl after you who will be able to take your place, EVER. We take the words, “Till death do us apart” very very extremely seriously, because you mean so much to us. We don’t play anymore games with this girl. We will swear loyalty to you, even if we have to pay it with blood. And we were to give anything to you, we do not want to give things to the girl we love, something that will costs us NOTHING. It must be of high value, something we must pay with our sweat and blood for. So that you will know that you’re greatly loved and greatly valued in our eyes. The apple of our eyes… our one true love.

    This is precisely why we have set up so many defenses and hard to pass tests for you girl. Because we truly want to know if you’re really the one for us. Once we have swore loyalty to you, we rarely take it back, in fact almost never, like a 0.0000001% chance of that happening. Unless you hurt us extremely bad, to the point where we will block out communication with anyone who has hurt us. This is one zodiac sign whose loyalty rivals that of a farm dog. There is no other sign that represented with high loyalty. Mischievous, sexy, mysterious, charming and above all, loyal to you and you only.

    But because we have always been hurt in the past, either by ex-friends or ex-lovers or by people who we really trust and love, we harden our hearts to extreme levels. Never wanting to trust anyone anymore, from then on, seeking revenge and hatred dominates our hearts. We seek vengeance and power almost like blindly,

    Therefore if you really wanna ice down a scorpio’s heart, it is incredibly difficult. You will end up loving us and trying for years, and no matter who you are with thereafter, you will never forget us. Yet there is great reward for anyone who actually manages to break through a scorpio man’s heart

    Here’s some tips if you’re struggling with winning your scorpio man back.

    Some will advise you not to take action, let him chase after you, some will advise you to go after him because your heart SAYS so. Whichever decision you take, do it with sincerity, don’t play games or multi-layered games, we see right through them, our eyes see through everything, nothing escapes, but we will act like we don’t, so that you will let your guard down and we can find out your true motives. Just be yourself, come as you are. If he really loves you… from the bottom of his heart, HE WILL MAKE A MOVE. It might be subtle or it might be more… more….. elaborate, like kissing, touching or *ahem*. In any case, you will know.

    I know our sting hurts, it’s like our auto defense mechanism, on behalf of my fellow scorpio bros, if you have been stung before, I deeply apologize. We have no ill intentions.

    I hope this helps the ladies here into understanding why scorpios react as they are. And for those trying to get your scorpio man back, I believe you WILL. Don’t give up hope, be patience, touch him with your sincerity, we’re really suckers for that, it’s like our damn weak point =/.

  29. sweetaurus says:

    That was nicely written. I have many qa’s 4 u if u don’t mind lol….I’m only going to ask u 1 4 right now…
    *How long should I wait on my ex -Scorpio to initiate communication with me?

  30. Heartbroken Virgo says:

    I’ve been dating my Scorpio for 6 months. We spend all of our time together and have become very close. We both have been hurt by past relationships so we have both been fighting the trust issue, but have come along way. I recently had to go on a business trip for two nights, of course it had to be Vegas. I made it so clear that he was all I wanted and that nothing was going to happen and I was going to work. On the last night we had an awards dinner that ran late so I texted him instead of calling him. I didn’t go out, I didn’t go anything. I never even left the hotel. The next day I find out he is not talking to me and cut me off. He said I lied to him and doesnt want to be with someone he can’t trust. Though he had already made his mind up before he talked to me and won’t tell me what I lied about. He said he didn’t accuse me of cheating but that I lied. Which I did not. I have never lied to him and have never given him any reason to think I would lie. I have always been respectful of the Scorpio need for honesty and trust. I don’t play games with him, I always answer my phone and I always am where I say I will be. I have not even gone out without him I really believe he loves me. Do I have a chance? I know everyone says if he really loves me he’ll come back, but I can’t take 6 months of not hearing from him. We are both older and both looking for someone to be with. I really believe we are soul mates. Do Scorpios always take forever to come back?

  31. cancergrl82 says:

    It’s crazy how I’m reading everyone’s comments about cancers and scorpios…I’m currently dating a male scorpio and all I can say is this has been a Rollercoaster!!! We have been together almost 2 years. I broke it off in February 2015 and wanted to rekindle since we just had a baby together. His first my second. Since the beginning around 1 month into our relationship it started getting rough and from then on at least just about every other week we would argue about the smallest things which was stupid…well I almost left him wen I was 7 months pregnant and he ran after me to stop me from leaving and apologized for being out to late. Mind you he loves to drink and hang out with his boys really late. I’m not one to tell someone wut to do but I’ll let them know wut bothers me. So after I had our baby about 1 month is wen I finally had enough of him going out with his boy to the bar. And wen I broke up with him he didn’t text or call me back. (We live with eachother) well that scared me cuz I really didn’t want to end it I just wanted him to change his ways wen it came to drinking and partying every weekend. Well wen I came back home I wanted to get back with him and he said he didnt want to…my heart was broken! He said he doesn’t want to be completly done he just needed a break. But we still lived with eachother and saw eachother going out. We both kept hounding eachother on who we were with and if I was with other guy etc. Well these last 2 months were horrible but we are now together. Wut I don’t like is he feels he has control of the relationship and thinks he can talk to me the way he wants cuz he knows I want to be with him. We have a baby. I do love him but I can only handle so much criticism and manipulation. How do I get him to stop? I know he loves me cuz if he didn’t we wouldn’t have gotten back together. But wow he never shows any emotions. I’m the one that shows it and he jokes around by pushing me away with a smile or acts like he doesn’t want to give me a hug. Or even wen he leave for work he acknowledges me and knows our routine…we hug each other but he plays it off by gently slapping my arm saying bye but I of course tell him no I want a hug and he gives me a hug.

  32. confusedkitty says:

    Hi, I have some questions for Tyrannosaurus. I’ve been with my Scorpio for 3 years but I just broke up with him yesterday. He said he wants to be friends, but I told him that I couldn’t do that since i’m in love with him. I told him it causes me physical pain to be around him & not be able to touch him. He seems scared to be in the bedroom with me & he changes the subject when I bring up anything sexual. He just started this 2 weeks ago. He says he’s still attracted to me & he lists all of the things that I have to offer a potential mate. He’s pledged his loyalty to me, so I know that he isn’t seeing anyone else because he said he doesn’t wanna play the field. Last year he left at one point for 6 months, but then came back on Christmas night. I don’t know if he came back only because I went to see him that day (he wasn’t home). He told me that he’d come by a couple of weeks before – more than once – to see me but I wasn’t home. The weird thing is that i’ve seen the look of love in his eyes for me; he even touched my cheek to turn me to face him & kiss him. I know deep down that he loves me, but he doesn’t know why he can’t “go all in”. He says he doesn’t know why he came back. When he left that one time, he said “even if do I love you, i’m not ready”. But then he came back. I just wanna get your take on this. I’d love to hear from anyone out there. Thanx πŸ™

  33. confusedkitty says:

    Hi, I have some questions for Tyrannosaurus. I’ve been with my Scorpio for 3 years but I just broke up with him yesterday. He said he wants to be friends, but I told him that I couldn’t do that since i’m in love with him. I told him it causes me physical pain to be around him & not be able to touch him. He seems scared to be in the bedroom with me & he changes the subject when I bring up anything sexual. He just started this 2 weeks ago. He says he’s still attracted to me & he lists all of the things that I have to offer a potential mate. He’s pledged his loyalty to me, so I know that he isn’t seeing anyone else because he said he doesn’t wanna play the field. Last year he left at one point for 6 months, but then came back on Christmas night. I don’t know if he came back only because I went to see him that day (he wasn’t home). He told me that he’d come by a couple of weeks before – more than once – to see me but I wasn’t home. The weird thing is that i’ve seen the look of love in his eyes for me; he even touched my cheek to turn me to face him & kiss him. I know deep down that he loves me, but he doesn’t know why he can’t “go all in”. He says he doesn’t know why he came back. When he left that one time, he said “even if do I love you, i’m not ready”. But then he came back. I just wanna get your take on this. I’d love to hear from anyone out there. Thanx πŸ™

  34. Hey,
    I had a relationship with a Scorpio for over year. and he had to leave for studies to abroad. everything was fine, both of us had so many first times together and he would make so much of plans for the future and I’d be cynical about it. and one week we had an argument and I said I need a break don’t text me yet. after three days like we started talking made promises and all. after a week or so he stopped talking and I asked what’s up and he said he doesn’t have feelings for me anymore. he has fallen out of love.
    I keep wandering will he be coming back? is it possible for him to fall out of love?
    iam a scorpion myself πŸ™‚ at the moment I have blocked all medias of contact with him.

  35. Hello,
    I was with a scorpio for 1.5 years. I am a Gemini
    He broke it off 3 months ago….
    We had everything in our relationship but the communication lacked.
    Not intentionally, but i’d cut him off when he was talking, answer before I gave it thought, or not really hear what he was saying..
    He sent me this really long email expressing his feelings about 1.5 months ago. (See below)…

    He is the love of my life. I miss him so much. I tried reaching out and doing thoughtful things for the first 2 months. (not interrupting, thinking before I speak, writing his parents an email telling them I love his son, i’d send him light texts telling him i was thinking about him, I missed him, or what was going on in my day).

    We hung out for a few days.. then, all of the sudden he’s like “I can’t do this, we need to live separate lives”… “Maybe we can get together for a coffee once you get back from Barcelona” (that would be 2 weeks from now). He says he needs to find himself because he is broken.

    Naturally, I was devastated and twas so not expecting this….

    So I didn’t reach out to him for almost 3 weeks. (i caved a few nights ago) Sent him a light message.

    Message from me – I hope you are doing well. It’s been a while since we last talked and I hope you are finding the answers you need to heal. I have been trying to do the same. Sometimes its hard to see why things happen the way they do as they’re going on but I’ve started to see things differently than I used to. Recently, I’ve met some positive people and sharing with them good and bad experiences has really helped me. I hope that you are having positive experiences too. It would really put my thoughts at ease if I knew you were doing well. I pray you are. If there’s anything you need or just want to share, I promise I won’t put any pressure on you. I am here to listen. Goodnight, take care,

    Message from him – I appreciate you asking, i wrestled with what to say. You look great in your photos and the pone (my dog) is always handsome. To answer your question, I’m well. Still waiting for exam results, working out, golfing mountain biking. Not to be dramatic, I’m finding my stride. Its good to hear you’re finding positive people. Thank you for making yourself available to listen. I try not to think about it too much, at the same time i hope the fart kids (he is referring to my nephews) are smiling and showing you unconditional love – even though I’m sure it rotates between treats and trips to the park. Hope your Gma, Gpa, aunt, mom, dad, sis, fart kids, your dads mom are all well. Thank you for the message. Fingers crossed on exam marks. Be safe & enjoy spain.

    I don’t know what to do!!!! I am at a loss. Do i just continue to give him the space he is asking for?
    Also, we are still friends on good old Facebook.. should i continue to post all the stuff i am doing like, baseball games with friends, drink out, photos of my dog he loves, photos of me, photos of our favourite park i visit?

    I don’t want him to forget. At the same time, I don’t want it to get to a point where it upsets him and he un-friends me..

    Sorry for the long message!!! ALL ADVISE GREATLY APPRECIATED.. Thank you!

    Long message from him 1.5 months ago- Thank you for very thoughtful emails.

    This is really tough to do through email and it would be better to do in person.

    I think you are correct. I need to figure stuff out.

    I cannot fix the past, I can say there was a lot of good in there too.

    Neither of us are perfect and we see areas we both need to improve.

    I will not go into depth talking about the events of the last six months. We did that, some with positive results (good things came out of it) and somethings not positive.

    The real thing here that is good is that we never wanted to hurt each other. Unfortunately it just ended up happening.

    Its important to remember or at least I say this to myself. You, Tiffany never meant to hurt me. It happened and I hear and see you taking responsibility for that. That means alot.

    For me, I’ve been hurt, I try not to think this through because I’m a terrible over thinker. What I am trying to do is listen to my heart and my gut… i think you should break this email down and read it sorta bit by bit. I don’t know why, its just a feeling.

    I really think about you, i know your hurting. I know you want us to be.
    I know I can’t be that Michael. I also know that the first thought through your head was “but yes you can”

    While your words mean alot – the past 6 months really did a number on me….stop breathe re read that. I appreciate you taking responsibility for that, taking responsibility for all your actions good and could be better ones.

    I have to be honest with my heart, with your heart and eachother. It broke me to break us apart. It really took alot for me to even bring it up. I want you to know I’m hurt, confused, unsure scared.

    I do and see a lot of very difficult things in my job. Its all a cake walk when compared to your tears.

    We never really talked about it, instead I felt action and demonstration were the best ways to show my love and admiration for you.

    I’m tearing up at work and this email is letting me ‘talk’ without interruption be it words or more difficult your tears.

    I gave everything I had, adjusted my life to build 1 life. Cared for your family like my own. Wanted to set life goals and have a teammate. It’s really important you need to know this.

    I have never loved as strongly, with as much vigor and zest. I’ve never been so concious that I had a team mate for life and a person to be responsible too.

    This next part isn’t easy. That same person started hurting me, making me feel not good enough. We’ve discussed the ways, the sad part is its how I feel, I can’t control feelings. I’m communicating them with you. When i said your never heard me, thats what i meant – you never heard your boyfriend your love of your life telling you, we have a problem i need my teamate’s help. I needed you I needed us, and I felt alone, not good enough, and it was the hardest thing to have my love of my life not hear me.

    I am fearful you’ll contest this, that’s why I mentioned earlier how much it meant that you have started to take responsibility for yourself. Before you did that it was really hurtful, it felt like I was being told my feelings were wrong.
    That my heart was wrong.

    Take a big breath – this is how i feel, its not wrong its what it is.

    So what now? I don’t know. I’m in shell shock, I’m beginning to figure things out.

    Keep in mind the above points of how i felt and how your actions made me feel.

    Where was I in my heart when all this began, where was I in the team of us.
    Everyone I knew expected us to the the knot. Put me at the very front of the line. When I made the commitment to you to live together I was all in. Maybe you say I wasn’t or didn’t show it or say it. I refer to the top, i made sure to demonstrate it and work at it. When you say i didn’t tell you – i say you didn’t hear it. When you say I didn’t show it, i say you never saw it, when you say I wasn’t – i was. With every ounce of me, with every ability with every cell in my body and with the deepest feelings I’ve ever had.

    I had weaknesses, i am aware of them. I tried hard to take your strengths. You have amazing strengths. You have weaknesses and that’s okay, I lent my strength to my partner, my lover, my everything, my Tiffany.

    Except – your reaction was to contest it. Where as I said okay – I’m in. I agree with Tiffany and I know I’m not good at whatever the subject was so I put my full trust in her.

    So this won’t be easy, the girl I loved with every bit of my being repeatedly told me (not actually told me) My feelings were wrong. And when I reached out, it was downplayed swept away and not acknowledged/heard.

    You were the love of my life, my first text my last thought and my favourite dream.

    It hurt so much, it was indescribable pain to be “alone” with the love of my life.

    You’ve never heard this, because you never heard it. Caught up in whatever you were caught up in, or dismissed it.

    Between me feeling alone in our relationship, and you not hearing/seeing/listening (which you are now taking responsibility for )

    I was devastated – with no idea what to do. Everything I wanted to live for and share my life suddenly wasn’t.

    I second guessed myself, I lost my confidence. I felt I had failed the best thing that ever happened to me. I gave everything, i poured ny heart out and I felt like I failed.

    I couldn’t remain like this, you weren’t truly happy, I wasn’t either.

    So we had that fateful day. Sorry thats all I can muster.

    Its been 6 weeks, for you it seems building expectations. I spent 6 weeks building picking up the peices of my smashed confidence stained with the blood of my broken to pieces heart.

    I’d lost all purpose to live, had nothing to be happy about and look forward to. I had to rebuild. My exam was the only purpose I had. It was a drive I didn’t like doing either. While it does achieve the goal of getting a job, the feel good portion is being a good leader, making good decisions and helping your crew make a difference. The exam sucked every step of the way, i never expessed it, it wouldn’t achieve anything.

    So where am I now – i was in high park with you figuring it out.
    Piece by piece.
    I don’t want to lead you on or give you false hope.
    When I say I don’t want anyone else, i mean it. I don’t. You were the love of my life, my everything, my warmth in the coldest days, my reason to smile on rainy days. My safe place where I knew I could confide, be vulnerable, be weak, and most of all be me. I don’t love many, or much, i have a great capacity to love and give love. I gave that love to my family and you. Some people water it down and love everything. I loved you. Only you, with everything. No one else deserved it, I only wanted you to have it.

    So now I’m picking up the pieces, I’m allowing myself to hurt and find simple small joys. I feel my life is gone, my whole life was us. I feel its been gone for a while, and I still feel I have to remind you my feelings are my feelings.

    So pull all the positive you can out of this email. There is a fair amount. And you take all the negative, i had to overcome all that which equalled fear, and meet up in the park with you.

    In 45 mins, when you walked away, that 6 months of agonizing hurt hit me in one of the most brutal, devastating was I’ve ever experienced. I was walking with “my life” – you and trying to figure it out. And “my life” – you walked away from me. Down a dark wooded path and left me all alone.

    So letting us go to figure me out? I don’t know – i don’t have an answer to that. I really really really wish I did. But my heart can’t even give me an answer on what to do.

    I am broken – please don’t tell me I’m not. Because I am and I’m telling you and no one else I am. So don’t take that away from me, please don’t take away my ability to hurt, i can’t love with intensity if I’m not able admit I’m hurt.

    I so lost and crushed. And I have no idea what I’m going to do. I hear your spain trip and you should go. When you say your waiting for me you shouldn’t be. I understand what your saying, your not understanding what I’m saying. Waiting for me puts pressure on me, i put pressure on myself, i feel as if I’m limiting you, i may not be however thats how I feel.

    I can only sum this up as saying this is the most challenging time ever, I’m fragile and sensitive, and it’s because my whole life is gone at least thats how it feels. And the biggest half of my life nevet knew how I felt cause i could never get it out and have it heard. And then once heard, have it considered. Its been a 6/7 month journey to getting to this point both emotionally and in life.

    So please forgive me if I’m slow to react respond etc…. the one thing that hasn’t changed is I still consider your feelings, and care about them very very

    I’m slowly picking up the pieces of me. Its really hard. I’m lost and I have no idea how to put anything back together.

    Before you ask questions please understand this is everything I have in me to give. I’m void of answers and any other way to try communicate it. Please don’t ask me for more, its devasting to not be able to and i dont want reminders.

  36. Tyrannosaurus
    Are you up for a challenging date πŸ˜‰

    I have crushed meshed kicked and destroyed scorpions. on behalf of all my virgo ladies.. take revenge dont let this stupid animal hide beneath the soil. Grind them for hurting you !

  37. @WOODZLE:

    Well, first of all I am a Scorpio Rising, and Scorpio Moon with Pluto conjunct, guy.

    Reading your message, I am sure of one thing, all that he said, really must have taken a lot of guts on his part to say, because even thinking of saying all that makes our brains go in hypermode, where even an ant seems like a goddamn godzilla (no kidding). And trust me, he must have been waiting for your reply, with the clock going tick tock in his head, because he’s scared, and I can understand he must be.
    In my opinion, you should give him time to recuperate his sense of life (it might take some time be patient) , be completely honest with him, let him know of all your inhibitions regarding this situation.

    Analyse yourself, understand what things about yourself you are ready to change for him, and what things you cant(the ones that form your core I mean, like he and I cant leave our intensity and sensitivity behind no matter who asks us too) . The reason why I am asking you to do this is, being with a Scorpio will challenge you to your core, its really important you know yourself in depth, otherwise you will just be left bewildered as to what the hell happened.

    Don’t worry about him forgetting you, that just never happens, you see once you are living very intensely your brain just cant forget it, like I am pretty sure you wont ever forget him or this incident. Its both a blessing and curse for us, as, normal things that someone else just might shrug off in a jiff, may hurt us for the rest of our life. Our minds will take that one moment, do a profound piece by piece analysis of it, whether we want it to or not. And only after that’s completed, we will be able to try to move on from it, and sometimes it actually is nothing and we realise its nothing and it just makes us feel, well like an imbecile really, hence we don’t like to be reminded of it. So, if do such a thing, like react very angrily to something, but soon return silently, it means we realised our mistake and a kind smile from your end will really do wonders.

    And, he really does need to find himself, as romantic it may sound, losing yourself completely in someone else isn’t that great a thing to do in real life. From my personal experience it hurts, bad.
    You could go on days, waking up, not knowing what to do and just laying there like a worthless piece of shit, until the day you find your passion that will rekindle you and give you the strength to walk in the world with your head held up high.

    All this sounds like a lot work I know, all I can say is, once you are done you wont regret it for an instant.
    Let me know how it goes.


  38. Tyrannosaurus, really enjoyed your post on this site. I’m not sure you will ever end up back on this site anytime soon as it has been months but if you do I would like to pic your brain on what the outcome would be on my situation with my Scorpio; or any body on this site for this matter.

    when I met my Scorpio I was not looking for anything other than friends, of course that is not where we ended up staying. Our connection was amazing. He ended up telling me he loved me after a few weeks and told me I was everything he was looking for. I felt the same, although I ended up moving in with him after being together for only a month and that’s where I freaked because I didn’t know if it was a good idea because everything was so perfect and I did not want it to end and I had trust issues as far as how can someone be so good to me; I almost felt as though I did not deserve him and shut down. This did cause issues. It was the night that I spoke with a girl he dated that I knew; that I asked how serious they were because he made it sound like they weren’t that I found out the truth. upon principle was upset since he was not completely honest with as I was with him about my last relationship I just got out of. So that night our relationship end horribly. I ended up having to move out and as days have gone on and we have had a cooling off period one of our mutal friends told me that he said for me to never come around or try to contact him. I know that down the road I will run into him, but I still love him and care and would like my chance to express that to him as I realized a lot being a part. How do I go about this?

  39. byefelicia says:

    im a saggittarius and i fell on my face for a scorpio we had a mutual misunderstanding and an argument.. i know he needs his space but im just windering if theres something i could do he was my best friend..

  40. byefelicia says:

    i feel like i need to fix it amd make him happy again but idk what to do.

  41. My ex scorpio man is completely confusing me. He started a rumor about me and I emailed him to correct him. He read my email and then after nearly a day of it showing read he changed it to unread. I have a male and a female opinion. My male friend said that he didn’t want me to see it because the relationship is in the past. My female friend told me that she thinks he want me to think he didn’t read it to get a reaction from me. I am cancer by the way. πŸ™‚ Over emotional hand have to analyze everything. can you please tell me which opinion is more accurate. Thanks

  42. @RAachel yes I agree with your girlfriend. Scorpios and Cancers are the best match. But he needs his space to figure things out at times. I know it hurts but if you like him be patient and allow him to think. If you want loyal ( No sex flirting with other men) to him but in the meantime enjoy life with friends and family. He will be back if its meant to be. But I say after a couple months, its okay to reach out to him too. Just a quick hi, how you doin. See if he misses you or not. Then go from there. If he wants something with you he will not be able to help himself but to show it. Tell him how you feel. And he should reciprocate and want to move forward with u.If not,you have your anwser. -Cancer woman with a scorpio man who keeps coming back and chasing with stronger feelings.

  43. I am a capricon girl,going out with a scorpio man,who seems to love me very much for 6mnths.he seems cool to me, but,Recently I got Pregnant And he ask me to abort the baby, He claims he is not financially ready,
    Please I need your advice
    Do I go ahead to abort the baby or should I break up with him
    I am confused I need your. Replies urgently

  44. scorpio_attached_to_my_soul says:

    Im a Taurus crazy in love with my scorpio bf of 4.5yrs, we suffered an abortion earlier this yr. For the past 9 mo. I been treating him horrible since then. I recently kicked him out and he said hes NVR coming back! I ddnt think he ment it bc we broken up many x’s b4. So my issue wit him was that he nvr tlkd abt how he felt he would try to give me material things to make me happy, iys been a whole week since the break up and he barely answers his ph for me, i have to call a thousand x’s and go to his hang out places to get his attention, nd when i see him he hits me with, i been busy! I knw i hurt him deeply and i sincerely apologized and eventually told him what was why i been pushing him away. I just want him back into my arms where i can hear his heart beat nd feel his warmth nd smell his cologne! Please help!!!!! Helpless Taurus.

  45. Onenonnymous says:

    Let me tell you from a real scorps vantage point! Trying to be cold to a Scorpio is like trying to put out a fire with napom!!! Don’t do it! And to the tyranasaurus person in this thread, you’ll fuck around and get killed or get somebody killed!!!! Scorpio is the only sign with poison to kill things much larger than itself! Don’t push him to half to show you!! DEATH and rebirth! There able to hide a grudge for years even though u won’t detect it! Once you push them to there limits as alot of people especially women do and get a kick out of it…its over!! Or sooner or later he gonna use that stinger!!! You wanna attract Scorpio back….hmmm, that’s a hard one it varies! Respect Respect Respect!! U gotta give them more respect than the average, You gotta let them know y’all are bonie and Clyde! BINGO!! and show it!!! Cause we can detect deciet a mile away!! Respect there wisdom, that will really get them going!!! Respect is like love to them everything is about respect! Being versatile and intelligent is a plus a reader etc. And privacy… they can’t get enough of!! Don’t play the knick knack revenge game with them!!! If they try to get u n 2 that, bow out gracefully!!! If there keeping there distance from you its for good reason!! And even sometimes cause they know how magnetically they are attracted sexually to you???Scorpions have an outer shell and take a bit of abuse…..but If u are an emotionally immature person and a scorp is bending over backwards to your whims cries and unnecessary frequent tantrums, and you leave or put him out in the COLD!!!!!! Oooohhhhh shit!

  46. To Tyrannasaurus, thank you for the encourageing and positive take.

    To WOODZLE, the long email made me cry. Waterworks. I do pray that you both find your way back to each other. Reading the letter felt like it was written for me, from my Scorpio man. It is the same words that he has been trying to tell me but I just “wouldn’t listen”. It puts things in perspective when the words were written by and for another person.

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing it. I hope you both find your happiness.


  47. Hi I’m a Gemini that’s been best friends with Scorpio… He wanted me deeply for a year or so . We were always together . My best fucking friend . We out of no where stopped talking & he thought I dropped him.. Really I was busy with work & also a little mad over a situation we were in.. A little while later I began to fall for him , missed my best friend , & wanted him back in my life but this time there was feelings like he had for me… This time it’s me having feelings for him & him acting scared & distant from me . He would always come to me when he wanted me to just lay with him… He would never try anything.. It took 2-3 months for us to finally have sex & TMI : it wasn’t very successful cuz he couldn’t stay up.. I figured maybe he was dehydrated cuz he drank so much the night before , but then again I always noticed when he touched me he was so nervous… I wasn’t nervous so I don’t think he was sencing that I was.. He was so ashamed but I didn’t care . I just lied on top of him reassuring him over & over that it was ok & that we could try again some other time if he wanted.. He just giggled a little.. I asked him if he wanted me to get off of him & he didn’t want me to.. He always wants me right under him when it’s just us . There’s so much passion with us… I feel like once I start giving myself a little more cuz I gain hope for us he just pushes me away again.. He won’t look me in my eyes period , but I can read every emotion on his face… I just feel he is scared of me.. Any advice.. I just keep being told to be patient , but how can I be so patient if I don’t know what he’s doing to me.. If I don’t know how he really feels cuz “scorpios don’t share exactly how they feel.”

  48. Im a Sagittarius woman my bf is a scorpio. Weve been together for about 4 years. We got along good. Recently his family started putting their opinion about our relationship which caused alot of arguements. It was over stuff he never had an issue with only after they said something he did. Our latest one was our worst so far. His family didnt give us a chance to even cool off they came and got him and we havent been able to talk face to face at all. I said stuff i shouldnt have and ive tried to apologize over and over. He wont accept my apology. He would call and text but the last time we spoke he wanted to know what family member of his had talked bad about him (i didnt want to do it over the phone i wanted a face to face to talk things over) so he got mad and hung up. Its been 8 days hes been gone and i finally gave in and let him know who. Do i just leave him alone? Ive apologized over and over and its like i never mattered to him even though he said himself he felt like i was the only person he had in this world?

  49. Hey Monika! Just try your best and calm yourself and be PATIENT! And I mean really really patient patient patient! That’s family and so it’s a hard one b/c they are crazy loyal to fam. But honey if he loves you…even if you get in a relationship after your heart waiting on his return, he will still come for you! Mine did lol. I messed up BAD and it took him a LONG time to come back. He apologized for his wrong and all. Be you, live your life…be patient be strong.

  50. So glad you wrote this. I’m gonna keep this brief, but recently I’ve been getting over my ex. And, now that he’s back in my life I have realized I’m not ready to move on. I want him to at least befriend me and trust me, but he straight up said to a friend of mine that he doesn’t trust me. So all I can do now, is try some things out, and hope for his trust. I just don’t want him to think so negatively about me, I fear he thinks of me like I’m just as bad as the ex he left for me (She was manipulative, a liar, and a total cheater.).

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