How to win back a Virgo

VirgoHave you lost a Virgo? Do you want to win him back? Then all you have to do is be perfect. Obviously, he left you because you were somehow inefficient.

The first thing you need to do is take a fearless inventory of yourself, and identify all of your human flaws. Then eradicate them.

It could be that you did not improve in the face of his relentless criticism. Don’t get me wrong, I know you tried, but surely you missed a spot [on the dishes/his favorite shirt]. You might not have seen it, but he did. You see, that’s your problem — you just don’t see.

What? I’m sounding like the Virgo who dumped you? Stop being so sensitive! Here I am, telling you how to rid yourself of all your imperfections, and you complain! No wonder he left you!

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  1. Hi there,

    I think I posted a couple months ago telling about my story with my Virgo guy but I’ll just make a quick summary.
    We met through a dating site. We instantly clicked and started to spend a lot of time together. He was always so attentive, careful, polite, always complimenting me, buying me everything, etc. After only 2 weeks, he kissed me and we dated that night. Spent the night together but just hugging and cuddling, no sex. The next day he was perfect: called me, came by my place with a bag full of groceries cuz I had told him my fridge was empty. I was in 7th heaven.
    Then after 2 days, he told me he wanted to stop everything and go back to where we were before, take our time. He also admitted he had met a girl a couple weeks before he met me (she lives 200 miles away). They had kissed one night but she didn’t want to hurt any of us so he prefered to be single for the moment while figuring things/his life out (he had lost his grandpa who he was very close to and has a lot of stress at work). He told me he really loved me and didn’t want to lose me.
    So we kept seeing each other. He introduced me to all of his best friends, his colleagues. He would take me everywhere (movies, concerts, to the park, dinner, etc). His attitude hadn’t changed. He was always very tactile, holding me in his arms, hugging me, always paying for everything, etc.
    Then, 2 weeks later, he suddenly told me that he wanted to be friends with me cuz he had seen that girl again and they had started dating… Although she lives 200 miles away, he wanted to give it a try. Of course, I was heartbroken.

    Now, I want him back. Especially that, although he pretends he wants to be friends, he always has a very ambiguous attitude. As I said, he is always hugging me, holding me in his arms, texting me, etc. A couple weeks ago, we went out and had too much to drink so I crashed at his place and ended up sharing his bed. He woke me up a couple times cuz he was spooning or stroking my hair and kissing my forehead while I was sleeping. He has even invited me to go on holiday and spend NY’E with him and his friends. On the other hand, since he started dating her, he travels the 200 miles every 2 weekends to see her and has introduced her to his brother. But does that really mean anyhting?

    One of his friends has told me to quit because he wants to TRY with the other girl. But another one told me to just be patient.

    What do you think? Do I stand a chance? What should I do?
    Part of me feels like I have to go and tell him he has to make a choice or he’ll never see me again. But it might be too radical and I’m afraid to lose him and his friends (who I’ve grown very close to).
    The other part feels like I should play it smart and stay around and subtly win him back. But how?

    Please. Help me .

  2. ‘some Virgo traits he definitely has, like expecting the best, being critical, seeking perfection…but others he doesn’t, like being really organised, neat freak etc…he’s clean cut and tidy but he’s not obsessive about it.’

    mine doesnt act like virgo descriptions to a T either. he is scorpio rising. aqua moon. merc and venus in leo and taurus venus.

    Until you know where he stands..have a life! Go do what makes u happy and imo, don’t wait around for maybe’s. Mine likes that i am not a ‘ball and chain’ person. i dont need him to call me all the time and I never did. Now that wants a relationship, he calls/texts me like every friggin hour . LOL (we’re ldr for the moment)

  3. Okay I have posted several times about me and my Virgo man, I hate that it seems to always be on again off again, I have learned that he seems to always come back to me, and if I wait him out he is always back, trying to pick things up where they left off, but the last time he seemed much different, he seemed to be more caring and gentle with me, and then since saturday I have only heard a very few words from him, so I don’t know if he is trying to brake it of with me completely or if it is just another of his needing time to think things over, He is so frustrating sometimes, I care for him deeply, and have such a physical attraction to him, and I know he is very attracted to me physically but not sure he is emotionally attached, IDK what to think of him, He lives about a 3 hr. drive away from me, but he has come to meet up with me on two occasions, he was hoping for us to be totally alone, and neither time did that happen, the last time he said “I wanted to kiss you so bad” but he didn’t and I knew he was feeling that because I felt it comming from him, I said what if I had just kissed you and he said I would have kissed you back, but is it only physical with him or is it emotional also?? does he have feelings for me, because I know he is not going to come out with them feelings even if they are there, in fact about 6 months ago he told me he had no feelings for me in any way, and I was really hurt, Being a pisces can really have it’s drawbacks with a man like him, but I also know it has it’s advantages with him also, I know he is drawn to me, but what is it that draws him back? He is the one who has initiated the contact the last time, not me, he flirts so bad with me, but I know that is part of his charm, so what should I do? Should I just give up and move on? or should I ignore him, like he has me in the past? or should I be there to talk to him anytime he is ready to talk? I really want this man in my life, I really care for him, and lets face it he is SEXY as hell!!…. and whom can resist SEXY like that??

  4. @HisGirl:

    The key to knowing where you stand with a Virgo man is to IGNORE him…always be busy and unavailable…make him feel as though he has lost his chance with you….and see how he reacts…you have to set the standard for a Virgo or they will walk all over you…right now, he is controlling whatever relationship you guys have..take the control away from him and hone it….be busy, independent, strong and a non-nonsense woman…and he will fall hard

  5. Ok so Virgo guy and myself are together right! Well he works out of town a lot. However, I’m patient for my love. Here’s the deal Virgo is back in own, Virgo tells me he wants me all to himself not to keep my options open. I was reluctant bc I’m scared to get hurt. However, I said ok I am willing to try and be committed to him and exclusive. He’s under the impression I’m not tho. I don’t get why. Told me one day he wants a woman to be with him only not everyone else. I loooooovvvve him and I know he’s absolutely in love w me. Guarded but he’s in love w me. I’m guarded too. He scares me a little bc I know he could crush me. He dodged me the other nite …we were suppose to go out and he just kept dodging. I was hurt n upset bc he knew I was ready and waiting on him. He said he was tired and exhausted. Told him it was not cool and told him basically to figure out what he really wants from me cause he asked me to be all in. I’m trying and now I feel like he’s not. He texted me bf and said I promise I’m not dodging you I wanna c u just exhausted. I was hurt so I said what I said. He obviously got upset just said goodnite and didn’t hear from him at all the next day and I didn’t contact him at all. Hurt me. I was really confused. So the next day after I texted him said morning…thinking about you…he said emmmm huh… I said I think about him all the time. Told him I didn’t think he wanted to hear from me yesterday. I was processing. I asked if he missed me even tho he’s totally irritated w me. He replied..I’m still irritated with you. I said don’t be anymore. I was too direct with him yesterday and I’m sorry for that. I was irritated with u too but don’t want to fight you’re only here little time before you leave me again. Miss you xoxo…He just he’s driving brb. I texted again hours later saying chin on you, miss your face can’t be irritated w me forever life’s to short and you still love me ..thinking bout you time to be nice love you….still no word. WHAT GIVES?! Really? Is he seriously acting like a big baby over something so minute?! Jesus! He’s killing me. I know he’s a processor. But really he’s a grown ass man. Why avoid me. So childish. Help … Wtf do I do? We aren’t broken up that I know of. Ugh!!!!

  6. Ok so after 3 days Virgo man texts me kinda flirts with me… says hes not mad at me any more…. any way he’s been distant but still texting me. I told him I miss him and will miss him while hes out on business again. Of course he just avoids to respond with I will miss you too although I know he wants to say it. LOL Oh well… I don’t know what to do except be myself. show him I love him, I care, I will miss him and hope he will come back to me… we never really broke up he was just pissy and escaped for 3 days and then boom came back…but what do I do because I can tell hes been nonchalant and kinda not wanting to let me go but not wanting to be his lovey self again… hmmm help?

  7. @taurus01: idk if you have figured out your situation but I am a Virgo woman, though I’m on the last day and sometimes tip over to Libra, I have a close friend who’s a Virgo. They do love you and miss you. They may even say that to you but they are “cold” ish by nature. Kinda like “I expect you to know I love you. Stop asking me if I do!”
    I also know that I like to have my time to think things out, figure out what I want. If I want something I will go out and get it, even if I hurt others because it’s mine and only mine (that’s likely what he meant with wanting to be exclusive).
    Probably distant with you because that’s how it seems but once he feels comfortable with the situation then he’ll come around. I know sometimes when I don’t talk to people I really really care about I get really cold and odd… kinda like “soo…how are things..” and obviously the other person is upset like “fine. you?” and then I get discouraged and try to make small talk etc… then get really upset and give up and retreat.
    Point is the Virgo is really giving but not very confident.

  8. Had a high-school crush on a Virgo Guy. We flirted around but never connected back then.. ran into him & he was all over me (kinda drunk).. lost connection again. We became Facebook friends 7 months ago I left a mssg saying hi , he replyd with his #..we chatted made plans he flaked..2mnths later we finally had drinks(he was 2 hrs late by the way) he called me baby & all that… we even sent sexy pics to each other..everything was going great around mid summer. Text got even sexyer. Made plans to go out. ..I flaked ..he invited me to come watch a movie @ his place… i was late this time but with very good reason…i get there & his friends happened r there too. They kinda seemd like jerks but kept making there comments sound like it was all in fun..idk. my Virgo starts to sing sum song about how great of a lover he is, then he rubbed my arm..then the side of my thigh… even calld me beautiful rt b4 he starts talking endlessly about sum girl on sum TV show & how perfect she was… then referred to me as sweetheart and got back playing cards with his friends. .I left shortly after thinking things went smooth.. he text the next day saying he had a great time with me.. I replyd &told hm about something nasty I was gonna do to him.. he rpld with ” OK…Cool” then said he likes being FRIENDS ..& that sex with me was not a big deal anyway because it was taking so long anyway. .. WTF .how could things change within a 14 HR time ? Was it me? It was that time of month. .but I was clear about nothing sexual. .. was it his friends the jerks …is iy sum1 else? Is he playing hard 2get? (He is really hot) idk .. but i strongly feel this Guy is the 1. ( he is also a little suspicious… and I heard Virgo guys can be controlling ) only called to say hi 1 time within 2 weeks can’t get the damn guy off my mind though. …HEEEEEELLP

  9. The best way to get a virgo man back is to IGNORE him. This is a game they play push and pull to gain control of themselves and the relationship. I promise he will come running back….just give him space and get on with your life.

  10. I’m a Virgo woman and we don’t look back. We overanalyze everything before we leave a relationship so by the time we cut the cord we have made an emotional shutdown as well. We become cold and will even say mean things to make sure you stay away. We’re like that because in a relationship we forgive and overlook so many things that it builds up because we have trouble standing up for ourselves or communicating our needs. People have a hard time reading us, yet for some reason we expect our significant others to know exactly how we feel. Even if we don’t communicate it. We generally have low self esteem but we have enough back bone for self preservation and knowing when to walk away. When in love, we are completely dedicated to that person. Money,time, distance, etc. is not a concern for the ones we love. No one else can capture our attention when we are in love. Virgos are for people that really want a traditional relationship. Don’t get involved in one unless you are looking to settle down. Ask their opinion on things because we like to feel helpful and give us lots of compliments. Hope this helps.

  11. what about a virgo man that is married and left his wife

  12. what about a virgo man that is married and left his wife who is saggitaurus

  13. I met a Virgo guy online but was using a fake name and pic. It started as a joke but then I started to fall for him and him for me. I would avoid meeting in person because I lived too far away and I had lied about my pic. We began to get more emotionally attached and talked/texted 24/7 even having phone sex. I finally decided to come clean and meet him after 9 months and he was pissed at me for lying about so much. The personality, voice, body pics, etc were all the real me. We talked it out and then had sex but I couldn’t relax because I knew I still hasn’t come completely clean with him so I’m sure I wasn’t the best partner ever. I knew he deserved to know but I was so afraid of losing him. He felt like the one . We were so compatible and he even said we were perfect for each other. After that night we didn’t speak for three weeks until he text me and said he looked into me and found out I still wasn’t completely honest and so I came completely clean and he said he forgave me but could not forget. I recently moved to where he lives and he knew I was coming and had asked me if I had a place yet etc. I reached out to him when I got here and he asked me to just leave him alone. He said he had moved on and I should do the same and that he knew I was a sweetheart and he was attracted physically but because I lied and then when given an undeserving chance to make it right didn’t, he wanted nothing to do with me. I can’t sleep, eat, nothing because I know this guy was my one. Have u lost him for good? I’m new here so it’s not like we ever accidentally run into each other. It would have to be planned but he won’t even speak to me. He even told me once that he could never get over how alike we were and how perfect we were for each other. I know I did wrong and there is no excuse for it. It was stupid but if he would give me a chance, he would never find someone more devoted to making him happy. What if anything can I do?

  14. Hi Bummed

    Can you tell me what you were thinking and aiming toward when you chose
    to use a fake identity and why you considered this to be a “Joke”.???

    Cheer up and start eating again it’s not the end of the world. Taurus

  15. Obviously I wasn’t thinking. I had just came out of a bad marriage where my self esteem had taken way too many blows. It wasn’t really a joke so much as it was craving done kind of positive attention. Having been put down for years by my ex husband, I didn’t think the real me was good enough to capture attention and so I used a friends pics with her consent. I know how stupid it was, so I don’t need to be told that again. If I were on the outside looking in, I would be thinking why would she do that, how stupid and I knew it was but my self esteem etc was so low it was like an escape from reality for a lil bit. At first it was assholes mainly and they wanted one thing. I never met any of them in person and didn’t feel bad about it because I knew they were jerks. I never expected to fall for someone the way I did.

  16. Hi Bummed

    You had your reasons for doing what you did but as soon as you began forming
    a bond with this Man and things started to change you should have come clean
    and revealed your reasons for doing what you did but you left it too long and that
    is the problem he is having to deal with because he feels betrayed by your sins
    of omission.

    Anyway that is beside the point now because the damage is done and even though
    he said he forgave you I don’t believe he did because when you forgive you also
    forget so he is not being honest and just using it as an excuse. He may need more
    time to come to terms with it and maybe then he will be able to understand and really
    forgive and forget.

    Take advantage of the Christmas season and Spirit and purchase a really nice card,
    write him a letter explaining all that you said here and whatever else there was which
    clouded your judgement and you did what you did and try to make him understand that
    you had your reasons at the time and you were afraid of revealing the truth because
    you thought you might lose him because you really did grow to value him and if he can
    find it in his mind and heart to put it all in the past and make a fresh start.

    If he really does care about you and is an understanding and forgiving human being I am
    certain he will take a more positive attitude and come back to you. If he doesn’t and he
    gives you a negative response then consider it an obstacle for the best and that it wasn’t
    meant to be because it wasn’t in your fate and destiny.

    I wish you all the best and let us know how things work out in the future.? Taurus

  17. Thank you for your insight. He had said he never wanted to speak to me again so I’ve had no contact. Then last night I get a text out of the blue asking me if I left a note on his door a week and a half ago. I didn’t so I simply replied no, it wasn’t me and that I had respected his wishes of no contact. He hasn’t responded to my answer. Since I haven’t been honest with him in the past I wonder if he will even believe me although it’s the truth. I don’t know why if he thought it was me he waited a week and a half to ask or why he even bothered. I would have thought my number would have been deleted from his phone by now

  18. Hi Bummed

    Obviously he is not over you otherwise he would have deleted your number
    so maybe he used that as an excuse to reopen the communication lines and
    stay in touch. Like I said take advantage of the Christmas Spirit and send him
    a card or something meaningful and see what comes of it.???

    Cheers all the best and stay in touch. Taurus

  19. Thank you! I was hoping that might be the case but he never responded to my reply. ???? I’ll just take your advice and see what comes of it.

  20. Hi Bummed

    You are very welcome.!!!

    I can see signs of life in this relationship so you may as well give it a good shot
    and see where it takes you and at least you can say to your self that you gave
    it a good try and you will have no regrets no matter what the outcome which I
    hope works out in your favour because you really value this Man.

    Best of Luck and do keep me posted. Taurus

  21. I haven’t heard anything from him since the one text asking if it was me. Not even an “ok” to my response that it wasn’t me. I think he truly was just asking but I wish I hadn’t heard from him at all if it was just going to be the one text because then I got my hopes up only to be crushed again. I love this man dearly and it hurts so bad. All I think about is what I should have done but the fact is that gets me nowhere because I can’t change the past and the stupid mistakes I made. I’m 36, was married and can say now I have never loved anyone before and to finally feel that and have it go like this is gut wrenching.

  22. Hi Bummed

    What’s done is done so stop beating yourself up over it because it doesn’t help
    and it get you no where. Perhaps if you were to get in touch with him and see
    how he responds then you can come to accept the outcome and either move on
    or put closure to the relationship once and for all and you must otherwise you
    will just keep feeling lousy and living in limbo which is very bad for the soul.

    I hope you get a good outcome. Taurus

  23. Hi Bummed,

    First, our stories are very similar! I, too, met my Virgo man several months ago using a fake profile, but it wasn’t for fun but more so to hide from a few people stalking me on my real profile. I confessed to the fake profile within a few weeks and also let him know that I honestly did not expect to have such a connection with someone since my intent wasn’t to fake being someone else but only to hide from other people. He instantly forgave me for it and was not the least bit angry but was pleasantly surprised after seeing my real profile. He said he could understand why I did it.

    I would not give up on him. What I have learned about Virgo men is that they are hot and cold and disappear and reappear a lot to deal with stress in their lives and to reconcile and analyze their emotions. You should always feel free to text him or reach out to him because they simply LOVE attention. It is kind of a one-way street with Virgo men, not out of vanity but out of insecurity. Even if you don’t get a reply back, consistently send 1-2 messages a day just to ask how they are doing and throw out some updates on your life to “hook” them and pique their interests. They like to know that you think of them often even if they do not reply right away. It’s a small price to pay for getting a guy that will bend over backwards to satisfy you in many other ways.

    Another strategy I have found helpful is to kind of mirror their actions. If he takes a long time to respond sometimes, feel free to add just a little unpredictability by taking a few hours to reply back to them, too. But, do not dabble too much in unpredictability because it will make them associate it with drama and too much worry. Just a touch of worry is healthy for them.

    Lastly, I would try to reach out again to apologize to him. You have to reason with a Virgo man. Tell him about how you really wanted to tell him about the real you, but since he had already thought the fake profile was you, that you didn’t know how to tell him. Tell him about the tough time you were going through. Tell him that you want to apologize with all of your heart for not telling him sooner, but point out that at least you did tell him eventually and that the connection was real between you both no matter who you thought each other were. Tell him that you generally are straight-forward but that this was a unique circumstance where you did something out of character. Be as calm as possible when you tell him these things so that he doesn’t get the impression that you are emotional.

    Always keep them mentally intrigued. Their are some science and tech social media sites that send out random facts daily, so subscribe to them, and you’ll always keep his interest. Just mention the fact when you hear or see something related to it… “Did you know that ….?” or “Wow, I just learned that there’s a religion called the flying spaghetti monsters LOL 🙂 How’s your day?”

    Feel free to message me if you want to discuss more. I don’t check this email daily but will get to it eventually.

    Hang in there! It’s not over yet!

  24. He specifically told me he didn’t want to talk to me anymore and for me to please leave him alone. I think the connection was real until he saw me. I don’t think he found me attractive although he claimed he did (trying not to hurt my feelings) and as of today blocked me on fb when we weren’t even friends anyway on there. Why wait till today to block me?

  25. Unless you’re trapped with a Virgo man (marriage, no money to leave, support, etc. etc) get out of the relationship as soon as you can. There’s a whole series of videos on youtube about narcissism by Sam Vaknin. Watch those and that’s all you need to know about these guys. I’m not kidding, they are PURE EVIL and nothing but never ending nonstop drama 24/7, when they get in a position where they have the upper hand. You will get used for their gain only. They are so weak and can’t take what they dish out. If you start acting like them to show them a lesson, they will dump you. It’s ok for them to abuse. What they want is someone who will be gulliable enough to believe all their lies. They don’t want perfect, they claim they want perfection when they find out you’re the better person. What they want is a doormat. I’ve been in several relationships with Virgo men and they are all the same. Go for any other sign than this sign if you want a strong man. Virgo men are nothing but female b******.

  26. ConfusedLEO says:

    Hello Everyone – I wanted a little bit of advise in regards to my current issue with my Virgo male. I’m a Leo woman who is VERY much a leo, to a tee. As is my Virgo, VERY much a virgo. He and I met appox. 9 months ago on a dating site. What started as simple conversation, became an everyday, all day talking/texting. All hours of the day, with never a dull moment. I lived in California, he lived in New York. After 2 months of texting/talking, I made the leap and offered to fly him out to California. He agreed and 3 weeks later he flew to see me. From the moment we met, the connection was automatic. He stayed in my home for 4 days and we had the best of times. Left, and everything remained the same. Constant communication, everything was amazing. He was beyond excited about me and even started to make future plans about having me go on a cruise with his family. Now, if you know anything about Virgo males they’re all about their family so at that point, I knew he was serious about me. After weeks of planning it out, I was able to transfer my job to New York and took the leap and moved. Prior to that, he came out one last time to California and met my family. First man I have ever introduced to them and it was amazing! Everyone loved it him and it was great! As soon as I moved here, everything was great. We didn’t always agree with things but none the less a wonderful relationship. His family, loved me. I have become overwhelmingly close to his mother, sisters, brother and law, neices and nephews, everyone. We all got along so well and love me very much. We recently took the leap after 6 months of dating and he moved in (which might I add was HIS idea.) Very quickly after that, things changed quickly. He always stayed over but as soon as it became official, it was very different. He is not financially responsible, blows thru his money, always having to help him catch up on all of his bills, always paying for everything, constantly buying him things and I get nothing, ever. Not even flowers. BUT he treats me emotionally so well and everything until like I said, up until recently when he started to pull away. After 3 weeks of this, I finally sat him down and asked him whats up? He said he thinks him moving in was a bad idea and doesnt think he wants to be with me anymore. WHAT?! Everything has always been good, our communication amazing and out of no where this?! He mentioned I was trying to make him something he wasnt and wasnt sure what he wanted anymore. We tried to work it out, i did all he asked me to do and we seemed perfect again – then again he sat down and told me he was going to move back in with his mother and that he wanted time. He says he’s rethinking everything and its not me, that its him and hes sorry hes putting me thru this. He just 5 weeks ago told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me but now this? I’m so confused I don’t get it. To top it all off, when we were having our break up convo and he came to pick up his things, he was crying his eyes out. Mind you, this is the “non emotional virgo male” who I’ve only seen cry 1 other time since we’ve known eachother. He said he can’t imagine his life without me, that he doesn’t want me out of his life. Then he also said that whatever is bothering him, he wants to shake it off and hopes he can because he wants to be back to how we were. To top it all off, the holidays are starting this week. He said he wants me to be there, spend the holidays with me. That he couldn’t imagine not having the 1 person he’s the most thankful for there with him. WHAT? What the hell is this?! Talked and he finally grabbed his stuff and left. After that he texted me saying “Im going to have a hard time falling asleep tonight…” and thats that. We havent spoken since last night but we did agree to talk on Wednesday to figure out what our holiday plans were going to be.

    WHAT DO I DO? Do I go with him? Do I try to make this work? Do I try and make an effort or is it over and he’s just confused as he says he is. Is this even salvagable?

    HELP! 🙁

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  28. CatalinaBis says:

    Hello, I thought maybe I could get some help here.
    I had been struggling with a Virgo men for around four months. He played slow, so I tried patience. I’m a capricorn, sometimes I felt we were plying the same game and that’s why everything was in slow motion.
    After playing the typical push and pull virgo style, three weeks ago things accelerated on his side. I followed along, still taking care of not showing too much but spending a lot of time together.
    Two weeks ago we had an exchange of opinions on women and men, equality or machist style, etc. We disagreed. I thought it was just and exchange of points o view, but I believe he took it literal and he completely changed his behavior. Like, from HOT to ICE COLD – e.g. went partying alone, unconfortable when we were together, said no to an invite to my place. This coming from a guy that wanted to be 24/7 with me was a total shock. At the beggining I couldn’t understand why the sudden change, and of coruse I got mad also, but I didn’t say anything because I thought he was gonna run if I started complaining at that very basic point of the “relationship”. But I changed my behavior that week, I was absent and cocky wating for him to notice he had messed up. This didn’t happen. When it came to meeting again, he was a totally different person. That guy that would look askance at you just to check where you are, funny and at your service: GONE! I thought ok, maybe if we find each other in the party environment a bit more relaxed we will see again what was there. But he ran, I reached him and asked him to tell me what was wrong. Then he said:
    “I think we are better off as friends, we are too different, there is no feeling or chemsitry” — I was astonished. He was like, “don’t you think the same? tell me your thoughts” — To be honest I was speechles (and drunk) so I requested him to explain to me what does he mean with differences. He reached to those conversations we had in bed. I said differences on opinions shouldn’t be related to chemistry, how can he tell me there was nothing after so long. If I had seen it in his acts, in his eyes (this alst part I said only to myself haha). He couldn’t explain himslef. Then he said, “to be truly honest, I came to thinking and the truth is I haven’t been able to get over my ex girlfriend. I have tried but it hasn’t been possible”. Then I just expressed ok , fair enough since we never discussed about the past, but that HE was the one that confused me and put me in that situation, and that it was not fair (all of this very calm, I was notably sad). After a couple of awkward silents, I just expressed my disbelief on the fact that he said that there was nothing, then he said sorry repeatedly, that was only an excuse, that he wanted to stay friends. I said I’d be lying if I said I could be friends, but that we were lucky cause we don’t share friends or anything. I said “hey, doesn’t matter, I had fun, I hope you did too”, he seemed dissppointed. I shook his hand and left.

    It’s been three days and I wake up every morning hoping it was a bad nightmare. It literally takes me five minutes to understand reality. I know it’s a pretty obvious end, I mean, how could you ever turn that around?
    Why in my insane mind I still want him? How could I have avoided it?
    There’s nothing to do right?

    Thanks a lot for reading, hopefully I can get back some wisdom words, if possible from Virgos out there 🙂

  29. I am Gemini Male ego had off and on relationship with Virgo for almost 10 years.I had couple of issues on my end due having Asperger’s.My issues early on was due having couple of false starts on both ends.I can’t drive see him because I’m legally blind in one eye.
    The first issues that I had early on was I had ex who jealous of me with my Virgo but also jealous of any guy being friendly with even he was the one that did the dumping by proxy.The second issue was my Dad being overprotective of me and he was meddling in it,my Dad hard come to terms that grown up.Third issue,I had some guy bugging me to go out with me that was on dating site.I had some issues with my Virgo at the time,that he would making plans to meet up with me but did a “no show”‘,He was always busy with work. I grew apart from him and broke up with him for I thought it was for good but every time I think that I would leave him alone ,go see other guys,spend time with family etc.
    It wasn’t until last year he came back after moving away for job,I was having some drama with guys at party as far having them as FWBs plus I was convinced that I was gonna see this Virgo for a while then go our desperate ways.After that drama I haven’t talked to him in months.I was convinced I should let it go for a while.I still feel this way about him but I having the same old conflict with head and heart,one wants to hold on the other to let it go completely.
    I had couple of dreams about him.Where I tried to call him but can’t get my phone to dial his number with my really old Nokia 3390 voice prompts,but won’t work.I had another dream where He died somehow.but I overtime I had dream about him I haven’t had him appear physically lately
    So now ,I found him on Facebook but he blocked me.He did this before on of dating sites but after a while he’ll reach out for me.

  30. Oh wow, I have the same problem… I am glad to hear I am not the only one here.I thought scorpios were the evil sign (which is my sign) until I read about virgos , met one and met my match here!!

    At first I was nervous to meet him so yea I was the one who kept flaking until one night I finally did …I didnt even want a relationship but then he asked me on another date n I had nothing better to do and said sure…after that one I totally fell head over heels for him. And I was really scared to and regret it ever since.

    After I could tell he figured outthat I fell for him he started asking me out and constantly coming up with last minute excuses..mostly work related either they were makin him work late or he was too tired from work and we broke up a couple times…the first time we broke up I decided I was going to be the good girlfriend and just try to accept that he would flake quite a bit…even despite the fact I have a 6 year old daughter I had always had to make arrangements for. And he seemed to like me then because when work called about him goin a couple provinces away I could tell he was worried but I sorta acted like it was no big deal but you could tell it was affecting him on some level.

    But a few months ago I just finally blew up and lost it and asked what it was he wanted here and explained that a man does not show interest by constantly ditching a woman…eventually he gave in and he was doing very good at pulling through for me. Until we had a silly arguement before labour day and we ended up talking in the morning on the phone he said stuff like ‘ well do you think I wanna lose you? And that he was thinking about me too n that he wanted me to be happy…and that he got a work call that he had to go to nunavit for work for the month’ I txted him next day something bout what he said made sense… I think he thought I was goin to break up with him and he started ignoring me for about 5 days so I finally asked him whats up? Like did he think he could just dissapear ? Does that mean hes done? He says he thinks it would be best….I asked if he was serious and he said he atleast needed space while he was gone n that he didnt wanna do the long distance thing. So I asked if we could atleast talk about this …he said he’d talk that night, that night he txt me saying he was workin late so itd be the next day well I didnt hear from himm…txted next night to see if he was alive n he was all nice and casual..then he said we would sort it out tomorrow well he never called or contacted me. I gave him a few days space at a time a couple times and kept pesterin him cuz I was worried what this so called break included I wanted a time frame and just general idea of where everything was at…our final talk on wednesday I asked what was goin on and he said move on without me and he thought it was for the best etc. That he isnt doing the distance thing. N he was workin n his bosses were gettin mad he was on phone well totally my fault but I kept goin on and he finally broke it off , I am hopeing in anger and that he will come to his senses but I feel it isnt my place to chase him this time… I guess only time will tell but I through being emotional for the most part…im so afraid he will come walk back into my life and I wont want him back and my feelings will be gone at that point…or maybe he really is done but I dont want to contact him and bother him again after readin about how virgos need time on their own…I did call n send a text that night but I guess its best I quit acting like a stalker here. Im on day 4 without contact.

    He did ignore some texts when we were dating here and there its true but when I called he would answer 99% of the time.and when he was there he would make you feel like the best and most beautiful important woman in the world. He would also only meet once a week if that for so long. Then theres those cold times That everyone talks about.

    I just wish I knew how long I should hold out hope and I just hope to god my feelings arent gone if he ends up talking to me again…I am so impatient and quite clueless here on whether I should try to hold onto my feelings somehow for him even if I just were to move on and tuck them away for now ?

    Also I asked when we broke up if he wanted me still though despite the distance and problems? He said no, not when you are doing this (buggin him at work), again sounded out of anger.

    He is just so cold sometimes but also seems so sincere at others. I have been googling virgo men to death, racking my brain whether to ditch my feelings..n they all seem the same. I mean I love him but the things us ladies have to put up with seem so impossible…especially for a emotional scorpio.

    I have learned a lot from him though…and I am realizing I have to start thinking with my brain and not let e emotions take control so much.

    Virgos definately care more once you ignore them…I have tested this I have played games many times on him because it has felt like he was on me. Only once you ignore them a bit or brush him off a bit does he show more caring.

  31. Hello I’m dating a Virgo September 15 I’m a Libra October 20 we’ve been dating for almost 3years We had a lot of drama but we got past it. I’ve been pregnant by him fought him damaged his clothes and called woman he text/ talk to. But I’ve always paid for anything I’ve done and took full ownership for everything. He was having a fight party and didn’t want to invite me I was thinking because he had invited other women but we were just now getting back on good terms I told him if he didn’t invite me I didn’t want to talk to him anymore because if he cares for me so much why does he try to keep me away from major events. He said because your so extra at times and he doesn’t want that awkward feeling, between his family and I . I was getting upset He started acting a ass and kept talking about if I left him he wouldn’t care nor would he trip so I changed my number While having a conversation with him about rather he wanted to talk to me or not. He ended up inviting me and the party turned out great, he said he like how I was changing and how we were getting along none of the females he invited showed up or I’m just assuming he told them not to come because I came. For the most part I’ve been working on my anger and I’ve been changing my ways Also walking away from any fight he tries to engage in . But recently he took me there. For his birthday I hired chef to cook for us and tried to make his bday special But as the chef was cooking for us he was texting a women asking if she was gonna give him birthday sex, I didn’t trip I continue making sure he had a great bday. The next day he got drunk and we were having a conversation about men nd how (single) men and have many women they keep around when I asked him how many did he have and where did I fit in he had he avoided the question just to say he don’t have any other women it’s just me. He finished drinking and wanted to use my car to go to the casino So he went in my purse and found a condom and went nuts I still didn’t fight back I just cried after being annoyed with his name calling and crazy ways When he calmed down I told him where it came from He expressed how it made him feel and how he understand where I come from now. The next day I called the women he texted to see if they were using protection because I was having surgery the following day. He called me mad that I did that and said I was acting insecure and I’m not his girl yet, he also said that I make him feel if he does commitment I’m gonna always call his friends to see if they are really friends . I said whatever and left it alone. The. Next day I had surgery and he didn’t call or. CHeck to see if I was fine so I called him, we were arguing about me calling the girl and me wanting him to feel sorry for being in pain, I got upset and said that’s why I slept with some men in your bed while you were out doing you! He was pissed! Ignored my calls / texts and everything The next day he changed his number on me. When I went to get my stuff from him he called the police on me Assuming I was gonna be acting crazy because he wasn’t trying to talk but I didn’t I just left He didn’t or won’t say why he stop talking to me and I don’t know what to do I contacted all friends and things to see rather I should pursue him or leave it alone. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t know if he cares or he’s just playing me and this other women he really wants and he’s mad I contacted her or he just doesn’t know about me because of everything we’ve been threw. I have his back I’m always there for him He always has me up under him all the time I’m just lost and I want him back. Even tho it’s only been 4days. I think he’s gone for real this time. What should I do

  32. Chabre Potter says:

    My Advice as a Virgo Sun Female , just dump them , obviously they don’t like you like that …. And you should look up both you guys Venus sign , Because if his Venus is in Leo and your Venus in Scorpio , its not going to work , stop looking at sun sign to help solve everything because they only influence a person ego, and has nothing to do with love .

    A true love of a Virgo is that of Venus in Virgo go to site for full view on how a true virgo loves

    May prefer a partner with the above qualities. May prefer a woman who seems very innocent and pure. May love yoga and strenuous physical exercise. May be the type to relax by cleaning, organizing, or working out. He may not actually enjoy relaxing. He feels most at ease when he is getting something done. May prefer friends that are hard workers, modest, and intelligent – serious people, who are very down to earth and to the point. May be meticulous when it comes to is art and creativity. May be very meticulously dressed, always ironing his clothes, always clean, and never a hair out of place.
    Men, if Venus is dominant in your chart or conjunct your AC, Sun, or Moon. Please feel free to interpret the “Women” interpretation for yourself, just substitute the pronouns where necessary.

  33. i dated a leo/virgo i met online 23/08/14 birthday really keen at first text every day we dated over a few weeks i stayed over twice. Then suddenly he went cold didn’t text i text him answers where cold and no kisses or one in place of two but he was online on the site sent him a text saying if you don’t want to see me again thats fine you can say i would like to meet up again but like i said if you don’t its cool. I got a reply saying works been busy and stressful and too be honest i don’t know what i want and just now isn’t probably the best time to start anything then enjoy your night out as i was going out that night.

    I replied saying thats fine we can be friends and see what happens then got into banter about spooning etc and he was like thats a deal we can still spoon i had been drinking at this point. Next day he text asking how my night out was, then i got thinking and wasn’t comfortable with things so text saying we can be friends like i said text if you want a chat but looking for a relationship so not going to lie probably shouldn’t have stayed over so quick thats my fault as i am old fashioned and emotions become involved but you seem really genuine i think you are a lovely guy and all the best. No answer that was Saturday.

    Regretting that text now but wont be contacting him i liked him though

  34. loradora says:

    hope someone replies to this. me and my virgo ex broke up last night. he broke up with me. saying how i am so special to him, and amazing, and a big part of him still wants to be with me but he cant do a relationship right now im heartbroken. He told me i deserve more, and even cried. after text me saying sorry for hurting me and that i must believe how special i am to him and how much i mean to him. and that this isnt good bye and that we could even meet up soon for tea. he was the most amazing person i have ever met, i and i know its the same for him. do i mean all this to him or if i do would he really let me go? im so hurt and confused as to if this is true why cant he be with me. 🙁

  35. scorpio girl says:

    My virgo boyfriend broke up with me roughly two days ago. I love him so much and honestly nevr thought he would end things with me. He told me he couldnt see me the same way again. I just want to knw. Did he really mean that. I simply witheld something from my past and when he found out he went silent on me. And on calling he questions me and breaks up with me the next day. Ive been in rshps before and ths one hurt me the most. I dont think i cn afford to just let hm go. We have only dated for 2 and a half months. But i want hm back and feel like we could walk past what happened btn us. I am avoiding hm as much as i cn. Since he is the one who ended it i want to gve hm hs space. Bt i want to be with hm very much and need help to get hm back. Please help?

  36. Me and my Virgo ex where perfect together we met online and had a relationship for about a year we met every other month due to long distance and he told me he wanted to marry me. I’m a very impulsive Gemini and I had a lot of stuff going on at home so I broke up with my Virgo after a month of the break up he contacts me telling me he’s had sex with another woman so I got upset and cut all connections with him so just recently he added me on snapchat and is casually making conversation for the 4th time so I asked him like how is he talking to me after everything and he tells me he doesn’t care about me and he’s over me and has a girlfriend but I think he’s lying about the girlfriend bit because he also told me that after we broke up his life fell apart and that I motivated him in life but now he’s got no motivation.
    Please help me and tell me what to do because I still love him so much but I just messaged him saying goodbye

  37. TrueSagittarius says:

    I have been daring a Virgo man for a year. We met on a dating site. We instantly hit of off. We met for drinks and we went to his place after and I never left. Lol! He introduced me to his father and sister 2 months into the relationship. Things have been very bumpy for us as I have a temper and he is flirtatious. It’s the most annoying thing about him. And because he is so insecure he gets a kick from looking at other woman while I’m around. We fight constantly over this. He has tried to reduce it but when ever we fight and we out he does it purposefully to hurt me. And it works. Well I will admit I have walked out on him so many times I’ve lost count. That is something I am working on. He doesn’t even take my break ups seriously. Because each time I pack and leave he’s waiting with open arms for me to come back home. He is the most patient man I know. He has taught me patience too. We had the worst fight ever a few days ago. He hurt me so bad I couldn’t even breath. I have never yelled at him like that. He just shut down. I told him this time I am done for good. He most probably doesn’t believe me because in have been breaking up with him. What makes me so made is he can’t bring himself to genuinely apologise to me. He has not called or messaged me. He has said nothing. He only texts me when he needs something from me, like his things. Can Virgo men be so selfish as to not fight for love. I must add that I was there when we went through our worst financial time. He lost his job and I supported us for 8 months of out 12 months relationship. Are Virgo men not loyal?

  38. TrueSagittarius says:

    Hi I am a December 12 sag and my boyfriend of 12 months is a Sep 11 Virgo.
    We have had a very very bumpy relationship. I have been through more with this man than any other.
    I met him on a dating site and we hit off instantly. I loved his confidence. We went to his place and I never left lol. We loved 10min apart and I was always at his place. Well life happened and he lost his job. I had to take care of us financially. 6 months into the relationship we found he has a daughter with a one night stand. I was crushed. I wanted to give him his first child. Well we moved past that because he made am effort to show me I am still his wife to be while still taking care of his daughter. Well when he lost his job I would buy the baby things. I love hat little girl, she’s so precious. Well to cut a long story short I dealt with a lot for this man because his love was like no other. I’ll also admit that I have a hell of a temper and We have had very very bad fights. I have also walked out on us on numerous occasions. Because of my own insecurities. He has always taken me back. I don’t know whether he’s done it because he loves me or because I have supported him financially. I’ll admit that when things were good for him he made sure I was spoiled and taken care of. I am frustrated with our financial situation and I have taken it out on him so many times. He is son patient with me. And I love that about him. But he so boldly proud. It’s annoying. I have been patient too. I stuck by him through it all. The baby. No job. All of it.
    Well a week ago he wants to spend Christmas with his daughter and not come with me and my family as planned. I was fine with that but what I wasn’t fine with was him spend if time with his daughters mother without me. Is daughters mother told me that she wants to spend Christmas with her daughter and asked what we doing. So I knew for a fact she would be there. So what? I must be fine wile they play happy family. He didn’t end up going but he wanted to. He was will to jeopardise us to spend a day with that woman. The baby knows nothing. She’s a baby. So he was doing it for himself and didn’t take my feelings about he matter into consideration. He got mad at me and called me selfish. We want back and forth and he didn’t get me and we agreed to disagree and we moved forward.
    Then a few days after making up he hurts me so much I was livid. I have never been that angry and hurt by him. I was so angry I yelled and cursed. He was numb and said nothing the whole time. I told him I was so hurt and I’m done. He said nothing. He most probably thinks it’s one of my tantrums. My deal breaker has always been if he cheated. Well as far as I know he hasn’t yet but the way he cut me I can’t deal.
    I took all my stuff, everything and moved back in with my flatmate. He let me go. He is so proud he is willing to throw bit all away rather than humbling himself to say sorry. All I wanted was a sincere apology and maybe sometime apart. But clearly he is okay with letting love go
    Are Virgo men that proud that they don’t value loyalty? What do they want!!!!
    Is it possible for a man to find such a loyal woman and not fight for her?
    Confused Sag girl!

  39. Jasgemini says:

    Interesting blog about the Virgo male! I’m a Gemini sun Virgo moon. I met a Virgo man on a casual outing in 2013. Initially I didn’t like him. He was late to our first two dates and canceled on me several times. He is the one that initiated contact so I started ignoring him, I felt like he was playing games. Fast forward a year we’re seeing each other at least 4 times per week, talking several times per day, behaving as if we were best friends. Took a few trips together as well. I noticed that this guys personality started to change when others asked about our relationship status. He looked nervous and always responded with “we’re just friends”. He kind of hurt my feelings but often I hide my emotions. Meanwhile he wants more intimacy from me, when I reminded him that ” we’re just friends” he pursued me more. Once we began getting intimate the relationship took a turn. He tells me that we need to take a break. I attempted to call him several times after 3 weeks of no contact to get something that belongs to me from him. Of course my twin side comes out an I left a nasty message. He blocked me! That was 6weeks ago. Haven’t spoken to him since. Saw him out one night at a sports bar and he stares at me yet says nothing to me.I played it cool, but I am deeply hurt. I miss this guy despite all of this. I was in denial that I had feelings for him. I wonder if this is the end of contact with him. Mysterious Virgo guy was a waste of time for me.

  40. Hi im a pisces woman and i know i messed up with my ex virgo woman. Ive known her for about 7 years. We fell in love about 5 years ago. when we first start dating we were both very shy but i had a hard time opening up to her like i started ignoring her with out even trying because i got nervous and shy everytime i saw her. So she started dating other people but would keep comming back to me but i didnt know why. Its wierd but we love eachother though. Then after years of us being off and on we finally got in an arguement because i felt she lied to me. I asked to be my woman and she said yes eventhough she was with someone else but she told me to give her some time. I waited 2 months and she was still dating the same person so i ignored her. Then she got mad. Months after that i started missing her again after all the people i dated i didnt want them i wanted her. So i randomly seen her again and this time she was single but i ignored her again i didnt wanna say anything mean to so i just said nothing. Later i texted her to know why she lied to me and she said she didnt lie she was waiting to see if i’d stop ignoring her. Then we argued and i apologized. She said she would talk to me later. Later never came until 2 months ago i got in contact with her. It had been 3 months since we last spoke. She stop talking to me when i started wanting answers. Then 2 weeks ago i sent her the longest strongest loving norishing sweetest determined apologizing letter i really put every single piece of my heart and body into it. I really want her back and i will give up the past for i wont even bring back up. Honestly the only thing im mad about still is when we first together she left out of town n didnt tell me but she came back missing me…

  41. Hi im a pisces woman and i know i messed up with my ex virgo woman. Ive known her for about 7 years. We fell in love about 5 years ago. when we first start dating we were both very shy but i had a hard time opening up to her like i started not talking her with out even trying because i got nervous and shy everytime i saw her. So she started dating other people but would keep comming back to me but i didnt know why. Its wierd but we love eachother though. Then after years of us being off and on we finally got in an arguement because i felt she lied to me. I asked to be my woman and she said yes eventhough she was with someone else but she told me to give her some time. I waited 2 months and she was still dating the same person so i ignored her. Then she got mad. Months after that i started missing her again after all the people i dated i didnt want them i wanted her. So i randomly seen her again and this time she was single but i ignored her again i didnt wanna say anything mean to so i just said nothing. Later i texted her to know why she lied to me and she said she didnt lie she was waiting to see if i’d stop ignoring her. Then we argued and i apologized. She said she would talk to me later. Later never came until 2 months ago i got in contact with her. It had been 3 months since we last spoke. She stop talking to me when i started wanting answers. Then 2 weeks ago i sent her the longest strongest loving norishing sweetest determined apologizing letter i really put every single piece of my heart and body into it. I really want her back and i will give up the past for i wont even bring back up. Honestly the only thing im mad about still is when we first together she left out of town n didnt tell me but she came back missing me…

  42. Confused says:

    Hi all,

    This thread is interesting to read.. I’m a Pisces and was recently casually dating a Virgo woman who is currently married but filing for a divorce. We were seeing each other for a few weeks now and constantly texting each other, until last weekend I stayed at her house watched films, chatted and went to bed, things were going smoothly and she said she felt uncomfortable sleeping with me at that time. I was was ok with it and respected what she said so we just cuddled and went to sleep. The day after when I left her she texted me asking if I was ok and how my day was and then she just stopped replying. I text her a couple of days after and asked how she was and asked about what episode we had watched and she just replied with one answer not saying how she was or asking how I was which was strange. I’m really confused I don’t no if I did anything wrong or said anything she just stopped texting and I really like her but I don’t want to annoy her by texting her constantly 🙁

  43. Pisces319 says:

    I’ve been in love with a Virgo woman for 4 years. We’ve known each other for 8. We moved in together a little over a year into the courtship and I moved away almost two months ago because we were illegally evicted and she could stay with family but I had nowhere else to go. I had a sort of online relationship with another woman because there were things about myself I wasn’t ready to share with her and I felt it easier to divulge them to a stranger that wouldn’t see me differently. The online lady turned out to be a psycho (coincedentally also a virgo) but lied about it. She found out on her own and it took years to stop fighting about it. She says she still has pain a resentment to work through. Last summer she went out with coworkers. One guy whom she’d been flirting with for a few weeks, in person and via text kissed her. She never told him she had a boyfriend and she kept it from me. I found out on my own and confronted her. We fought for weeks. I sucked it up and it was around the time of our anniversary/her birthday and I managed to get her a gift(s) anyway but she didn’t get me anything. That coupled with the sort of cheating and lying put me over the edge. I broke up with her in early December and we still lived together so since then it’s still been like we were together. It hasn’t felt like we were broken up til I physically moved to another state. Before I left, after we broke up she said she wanted to date other people. Months after that, she said she wanted US to try to date in a way we never had since we did long distance and moved right in together after a year. We planned on moving in together again toward the end of the year. Since I’ve been gone, she’s now talking about dating other people again and finding herself and focusing on school. Via telephone she’s matter of fact and distant and friend like. Via text, if anyone were to read our threads no one would think we’d ever broken up. She’s affectionate, apologetic, loving, flirtatious, still uses pet names and kiss emojis, we tell each other I love you all the time. I’ve made it clear I still want to be with her. She said she doesn’t want to commit to another long term relationship right now and that she’d love a future with me but not right now and if life brings us together again then it will. I can’t accept this because I know if she goes down that path life won’t bring us together again unless we choose for it to. I’m going back to visit her in a couple of days for a week. I hadn’t mentioned that I’ve suffered from severe anxiety, depression and PTSD pretty much all of my life so dating or living with me wasnt always fun. I’ve been going to therapy and taking responsibility for my actions. I want very much to propose to her but I don’t want to scare her away. When I go back in a few days i plan to layout for her everything we were, are and could be. I intend to explain to her that I don’t want us to be like we were, but that I want us to be better. I want both of us to be the best possible versions of ourself in any respect but i don’t want that to mean for her that we can’t be together. When I look at this woman I see kids, I see grandkids, I see an empire built on endless love. I feel like if I can show her what I see and explain that nothing is more important to me than her and our future, she might understand that things don’t have to be and won’t be like they were. I’ve sought counsel from relationship therapists and they’re waiting for me to book an appointment for us. I’ve engagement rings. Poems written by me. Love letters written on 14th century parchment sealed with Victorian wax labeled with my initials, scented with vanilla oil. But I’m only going to be with her for 7 days and I don’t visit again until October. I’ve tried to be a open as possible with what my problem is. Any and all advice on the matter would be most appreciated. Thank you for reading.

  44. Lost sauce says:

    My ex boyfriend who is a Virgo, and I am a Pisces been together a good 9 months but I broke it off cause he was so disrespectful to me, didn’t understand me as a person. But for a whole year after I left him he kept chasing me yet he was still a bit harsh, we would see each other off and on at times me thinking he’d change we also got intimate which I must admit I held out in our past relationship. So recently he contacts me while on a trip in Texas in mid July saying he wants me back and if I sucked his dick we can be happy together again. I said give me some time to get myself together, after a good 6 weeks I decided to give in and try to put him on that I am ready we can try this. He plays the game as if he was coming around but we only stayed in contact via text I tried to call would ignore me, then he would say he’s coming over but don’t. After letting him know how much I care and love him and apologized for my mishaps in the old relationship he seem to back off some. As I kept trying to pursue this via text, a few days later he text he is happy with his new life and with responsibilities on the way. But before that actually came out he kept saying he has too much going on, he does not want to talk now. So I was hurt over that message and overly reacted I contacted his family and friends about the situation so then he blocked me on social media but not his phone texting me that we should meet up it would be good for all. Just lost so I decided to ignore him do me I notice when I do he comes back, I feel it can be a game cause he’s confused especially when you leading someone on while in a relationship. Please some advice is needed, and sorry my English sucks.

  45. Lost sauce says:

    Forgot to mention him sending me a picture of him and child mother to me she did not look pregnant but who knows, I guess I wanted him back so bad might of pushed him away

  46. Capricorn says:

    Hi I am a cap girl and casually met a virgo through a friend. We dated a few times and no sex. Just talked alot and did alot together. He even came by my home twice and met my family and met my friends too. I never met his friends or fam. He told me he likes me. Tells me he misses me often when we dont see each other. Told me he’s very spiritual. I am very spiritual myself and i told him i support his spirituality alot and he says he admires mines. He went on a spiritual fast for 14 days since ash Wednesday. Switched off his phone and locked off contact with all, including myself. I didnt try to contact or message him at all. Gave him his space and spend more time with myself and focusing on God. After his 14 days fast he resumed contact with his friends and not me. Even deleting me of his phone and off whatsapp. I am confused by that. But am not upset cause i tend to give ppl space and like mines too. But why would he delete me and not even try to be my friend atleast, even if he doesnt want a relationship. I have not tried to call him since he deleted me to find out anything. I rather give ppl space. Just confused as to why and after fasting what prompts such decision. Any advice anyone? I did like him even if it was friends sake only. I believe am spiritual deeply and i can help him overcome his hurts and pains he’s been thru. Yes he did go indebt about his past hurts with me. So i care about him from a spiritual standpoint. Any advice?

  47. Hi Jess
    Virgo man are very confused people. If you love him very much, you have to speak to him openly and if he wants you in his life. Just stay cool for a while, go and go things that you enjoy, making jealous, don’t have start taking with someone. Just keep yours bussy and let him text you and call you.

    I have a problem with Virgo man. I was with this man for 8 years and for 3 month now we are separated but we see each other twice a week,in total 2 hours. I left him because he has tendency to look for a consolidation from onether female after the arguments we had. I left, but because I love him very much I can’t keep awey from him and constantly call him or text him, I know is wrong but can’t stop myself, but he is responding to all and says that he is giving a chance to us. I was spot with that, but what he done next, he met someone new , went out with her, end up in her house, stayed till morning and like nothing happened told me all about it. The reason he had to do that to see if he is ready to move on to new live abdenture. When I asked where he was he just told me the trough and said I didn’t do that to upset you, I did it for myself. So please anyone tell me. What shell I do ?

  48. Hi, the problem is with this man. They hardly initiate anything. The respond to you but they won’t do first. If Virgo is not emotionally attracted to you, he won’t make love to you. Depends on the age group but in my case. I loved this man for long time, it is very very difficult with them. You have to be very relaxed peorson just like him to be happy with him. Just relax don’t ever push it.

  49. I agree.

  50. Ha, I had the same things trough out my long relationship with Virgo man. when my one was upset, I was trying to dig out of him why he is upset and talk about it there and then. They keep hurt in their heart for long time. If you really love him, just don’t push it but gently ask, have I upset anyhow. He will answer, they always do but don’t keep it long to hung in the air.

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