How to win back a Virgo

VirgoHave you lost a Virgo? Do you want to win him back? Then all you have to do is be perfect. Obviously, he left you because you were somehow inefficient.

The first thing you need to do is take a fearless inventory of yourself, and identify all of your human flaws. Then eradicate them.

It could be that you did not improve in the face of his relentless criticism. Don’t get me wrong, I know you tried, but surely you missed a spot [on the dishes/his favorite shirt]. You might not have seen it, but he did. You see, that’s your problem — you just don’t see.

What? I’m sounding like the Virgo who dumped you? Stop being so sensitive! Here I am, telling you how to rid yourself of all your imperfections, and you complain! No wonder he left you!

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    @cancerboy in love with a virgo
    I hope my response is being clear, direct, concrete and specific to you
    giving u an example of a virgo woman and cancer man relation

  2. inlovewithavirgo says:

    well i can understand that having such bad experiences will make you very bitter toward certain people but trust me when i say something i mean it. there are no hidden meanings behind anything i say, it is all completely genuine. anyone that knows me will tell you that i am a decent, genuine guy and when i care for a woman she knows it, i don’t hide it, i shower her with affection as long as i can see she likes it. i take great care and time to get to know a woman and learn what makes her happy and what makes her sad so that i can be the best friend/partner i can possibly be.

    i happen to be a very good listener which is one reason why she was so comfortable with me becasue i was there for her when she needed to talk. that was the only occasion when i showed any kind of negative emotion in front of her. i had an argument with somebody else and made the mistake of talking to her again instead of logging off and going to bed but it was the only time. for a whole year (almost) we were very happy together and 1 little mistake and she’s gone. i still believe that she still cares as it took her 3 days to remove me from her friends and she is still logging in every day and she has spoken a few times but when she did speak on those few occasions you are right, i did notice a complete absence of emotion. she was nothing like she used to be. she would usually say “hi babe, i tried to watch your video but i kept getting kicked out so will try later when i get home 😉 xxx<3xxx". this time it was "couldn't watch video was being kicked out". as you were saying, emotions no longer exist.

    years ago i was very sceptical about astrology but the more i have seen over the years and a close friend of mine telling me a lot about it has made me see things a whole lot differently and the fact that everywhere i have looked has said exactly the same thing which has been completely accurate has convinced me of the legitimacy of astrology 🙂 she is text book virgo alright but i don't have a problem with that because they have some wonderful qualities and if you give them the right care in the right way they will show you love care and attention like you never knew was possible 😉

  3. inlovewithavirgo says:

    yes it was but funnily enough i have read on many other sites that cancer/virgo can be one of the most harmonious partnerships. they all say they are very compatible and are often very good for each other 😉

  4. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    @cancerin love with virgo:
    well my cancer friend, I hear you in all the things u said
    about being good to her a good listener and showed
    her ur love….my mom is a cancer!.
    I know that guy did some terrible nice things to me
    but I did to him too…
    WHAT I did not do was the insults and the lash mouth
    You see sometimes cancers dnt wanna see their
    there blind at many things as If they like to be treated
    wrong than right!
    Ive also read about cancers being a good pair to virgo
    but honestly in real life I dnt see it happend….
    I see the attraction and the good feeling a cancer man
    could give at the beginning but in the near future
    is just not posible to be with someone so emotional
    and uncapable of many things!
    Im not speaking about that one experiences I hear
    women about cancer men and I always say this
    the bad thing about cancer if THEY are dr and U
    need and injection at night they will look for a legal
    reason not to give u the shot right away!

    you are very difficult people to understand, not
    mental or fast in responding about real important
    issues u guys like to hide and is not only the hidding
    is the way u do it! very childish
    Im like my mom moms….ALWAYS giving her advice
    looking after her since I was 10 and back then I
    knew nothing about asstrology!
    Is not that Im critisizing you, talkng bad about u
    or that I have an issue is just my mind talking
    how I see things with cancers!.
    As I say before I think she likes you but she
    drift away and she is seeing u from afar at a
    distance where the emotions are none existence
    SHE saw ur other side the dark side of cancer
    and she did not like it!

  5. inlovewithavirgo says:

    Thank you for being so open and honest with me 🙂 i have never had a problem with admitting and dealing with my own mistakes and in fact i have openly told her in messages that i know i was wrong, i accept that i am completely responsible for us being where we are now. i told her i regret opening my mouth and she knows it was the first time in a year but maybe for some people once is all it takes. maybe some people only need to see something once to not like it at all. i will tell you what i said to her that night.

    that night, we had had another wonderful evening and she said goodnight as she always did and i said goodnight to her and i should have left it at that because i had an argument with someone else that night which left me in a temper and after i said goodnight to her in the same message thread i went to her page to say goodnight there also and as i loaded her page i saw that someone had sent her a gift, same gift i had sent her many times and i saw that she had thanked him for it and she had never thanked me for my gifts. normally i would never have been bothered because she was with me in a way all day every day whereas all other men only got her for about half an hour in the evening so i didn’t care what she said to other men but because i still had a slight temper i sent another message telling her i had seen it and asked her why she never thanked me for my heart gifts. asked her why she never acknowledged mine and still in a temper i recorded a video in which i told her that seeing that was like a kick in the teeth for me and she should either thank everybody that sends gifts, acknowledge all gifts or none at all, not just those she wants to thank. i didn’t actually mean anything i said, i was venting anger and now of course i am living to regret it. she has always been a very loyal and generous person. when she gets 100% she gives back 150%. she always makes sure her friends know they are appreciated. she has a wonderful personality and thats why i love her. does any of that give you a better understanding of her thoughts and feelings??

    well i guess the only thing that is going to reveal the truth about the future is time itself.

  6. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    @cancerlovea virgo: god is funny I went up scrolling down some
    older post and they all say we virgo ignore people is so freaking
    I DO it all the time…sometimes it means nothing and sometimes
    out of purpose…could be to reason why I DO IT ON PURPOSE.
    ONE i LIKE u so much I ignore u
    or I cant stand u one bit!
    is more when I like to call the attention being the queen of the nite
    or party …..or just that I love people and iM ABLE to mingle with the
    whole wide world!
    about men I dnt know they are super cold I hope Im not perceived
    like a virgo man…I think sometimes virgos can be shy!
    as well as upfront but I can be shy

  7. Ms. McKenzie says:

    I am in love with a virgo man, things are very complicated, I being a pisces, which also don’t help matters because the virgo in question just don’t really understand me, This virgo man and I began talking again after 25 yrs. of not seeing eachother, we were teens when we last seen eachother, he had been married as I was when we began talking, we were only talking as friends, and things began to change after a month or so of talking, he seemed to be very interested and very open with me, and then one day he said we need to slow down.. at least I know I do.. and for a few months he really did not talk to me, other than an occasional hello, and telling me were still friends, Then two weeks ago he asked me to meet up with him, and I agreed… I just hugged him, and he said wow you smell really good, and began kissing me, things went a little further than I was expecting but did not go all the way because I stopped it, The virgo male left saying nothing, and had not talked to me in anyway for about a week even though I had sent his messages he never replied. then yesterday he was talking to me, not really saying much other than forget about that night that it was over and we were still friends, and he did not hate me for what had… or had not happened… anyway what do you think? Do I still stand a chance with this virgo male? I really do want him, but like I said it has been years since we have been together in person… what should I do?

  8. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    @ms pices:well sometimes – would not know what to say about virgo men – know we are weird!but the fact that things are just not the way we expect it makes go insilence and scratch possibilities being friends is easier and better for us and sometimes is the best we can offer! I think if u like him enough u should persist and makes things happend dnt give him time to think or ur gonna cool him down big time now or the future

  9. littleflower says:

    Ms. McKenzie, I am a pisces female as well. My Virgo man and I were having issues and decided to separate. I went away for a month to visit family, and to also start a new life. You see, when the Virgo man has had it he’s had it. . . . or so it seems. The Virgo’s that I’ve known hate clingy, emotional, irrational, messy, etc. . . people. They like a smart and independent woman. I really believe that if you are not readily available and he sees you as a challenge he will find interest in you. I dated a Virgo back in the 80’s and had a 10 month relationship with him. He always gave me the impression that he did not ever want to settle own, so I never thought much about the so called relationship. We broke it off and a few months later saw each other at a club. We ended up going out on a date went back to my place and tried to get intimate. Ha! Since sensitive pisces me was still hurt with the thought of his not really wanting a relationship it turned out terribly. We both decided that we should just call it a night. I’m not sure if it was because I was young and wanted a relationship “NOW”! But 22 years later I think that I understand myself and the Virgo man a little better. My husband, the ultimate Virgo called me 3 days into the so-called separation asking if I wanted him to bring anything that I may need, mind you this would have been a 14 hour drive for him. I ignored his calls and called him probably 3 times during the time I was away. On day 29 that was away he called 8 times in 3 hours finally texting me that he was wrong, please forgive, I love you . . .. So Now I’m home.
    My advice is to not be so eager, he probably wants you but he wants a challenge. Read Linda Goodman’s Sun signs she’s got a pretty good chapter on the Virgo man.

  10. Ms. McKenzie says:

    My virgo guy has talked to me since that night but really has not said much, he always insist’s that were friends, because I think he just is worried about commitment, IDK though if I could ever crack the code of a Virgo man, I would be so happy.. I am trying to not act like he is number one in my mind, and I do have a busy life besides him, however the night that we met, he had driven 3 hrs. to see me, but in all fairness, his family , mother, sister ect… still live in the same town as I do, that is also another problem, because he dose still live in the same state but 3 hr. drive away.. he has told me many times he would drive to see me, and that he would have even driven in a bad snow storm to come and see me.. So Unless I am crazy the man has some feelings for me.. but he is Virgo and I have never had any experiance with a Virgo, besides my mother and sister… so I am not sure what to think if him?… Dose he really care for me or not?

  11. littleflower says:

    Idk. (Email me at, we can discuss this further. I think it all depends on what has happened in the past. Virgo’s tend to be a little fussy or picky when it comes to love, that much I know.

  12. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    @ms mackenzie: yes he does have feelings for you!. But we virgo have some trouble being in touch with our feelings!Dnt listen to the things he says about friends, we just like it better to think like that we dnt need the title just check on his actions and the more you give the more he will be. I shouldnt compare wiyou to a pices male I being but pisces can be cold and if we see it , we see it as a wall built in front of us! Since we are mental people we would understand it like that we wont be feeling we would be thinking and that thinking makes you analize and therefore take our own conclusions!. When I was dating or in a relation with this pisces I was watching him and listening what he said all the time and seeing that he was a liar about his job or money matters. I also notice he was cocky and arrogant not humble and his kindness wasent there! Things with a such a complicated person that – I never mentioned cause I knew his reaction and Im not changing anyones!. So -I kept myself quite and move away, plus other reason regarding us specifically!

  13. Ms. McKenzie says:

    This is my biggest question.. will he come back after that night and kind of being rejected… he was not really rejected he just wanted more things to happen than I was ready for.. and I told him I could not do that right now, and he said well then maybe we should not be here… and then did not talk to me for a week, then talked and said were still friends and dont worry about it and that night was over, and he dont hate me for it ect.. but again now he is not really talking to me… what can I do to make this man talk to me and come back?

  14. Andjelika says:

    Hm..1 30 am i am out with my friends and my Virgo start calling like crazy.I finally answered and he was mad that i am out specially cuz he heard guys voices in the background..U remember the story from last nite when he left me to wait and he never answered on his phone since 9 30 pm ..well all day i didnt get news.he was calling now this late and saying how bad he feel and how he fell asleep and he feel so bad bla bla ,and how he miss me.Hm..he was saying”come home”..I said no i have my home and i cant forgive u cuz its not just last nite its all the time.He was saying he appreciate all i was doing for him and his daughter,and he cant forgive himself that he fell asleep.Its a lie..i went to his place last nite since i told him earlier i send dress for his daughter and its in front of his door.When i got there dress was still there,no lights in the house.I dont know but i dont trust him.He just said first time he loves me over the phone he sounded drunk even he said he is not,he was lying he woke up and how he been working hard all week and he wants me to come home.I said no.I am not a girl who coming in 2 am,and i told him yes true he did mistake cuz i cared and he treated me bad.So i didnt go..I believe he wont call now again cuz virgo seems very revengeful to me..Like if he dont get his way he will try to punish u.Even with his 6 yrs old kid i would see if she makes him mad,for no reason he wouldnt let her hug him and kiss him….I dont know why i even keep thinking about this person anymore..I am so mad at him,and at myself cuz i end up w someone like this cold virgo guy..He saying i am sorry but i dont think he mean it at all

  15. Andjelika says:

    @Lucy..Lucy help me with advice.How do i know if this virgo even likes me?I dont know why i even keep thinking about him,cuz he dont giving me enough how much one scorpio needs.I ma very caring if i like someone.Its hard for me when i do nice thing and took effort i dont get even thank you,like that women needs to do anyway:/..He asked me to move in to fast and glad i didnt,now that is not one option at all.But i feel like all its the game,its so weird.I trying to understand him and thats why i been readin a lot about virgo so i was like wow that completely him!Yes he said he is loyal person,but i spend every sat in the house waiting for us to go see a movie,and end up like every time he would work all day long and then he would say i am sorry again..But i would still spend all day with him but not really with him,if u know what i he would let me go do other things,he want me to stay there and he would say in 30 mins,in hour almost done:/..i feel so bad cuz i think he is good person but not good person to me obviously.I dont know what to think:(

  16. Andjelika says:

    @Lucy..I will Lucy,thank u for all advices u gave me..Mine is very crazy virgo>he just called sounded sick and complained how he is coughing bla bla,having a fever.Like we are normal..When i asked y he called at 2 am,and was a lil bit drunk(he loves wine)he said he was at friends bbq,and no he never said i love u last nite,and no he didnt say come Home,and no he didnt call THAT late..Omg,why would i even lie this things.. and then he said i dont have rights to ask if he was seing someone cuz we are not going out,but when i remind him how last nite he was mad that i am out and around other guys,he didnt know what to say anymore..he said true i dont like that u go out.His memory is ..ha..and now i shouldnt care that he is sick but still being stupid and told him if he needs soup or something i can bring for him but i wanna keep it on friendly way cuz we never really had a chance to get to know i will try to be nice but just friendly

  17. Taurusgirl says:

    Being a Taurus, my relationship with my Virgo bf was unbelievably amazing. Until he got crazy jealous. He was always jealous but after 2 years, he got SUPER and IRRATIONALLY jealous and possessive. He seriously said “I want it to be just us. No family. No friends.”

    Since lately he’s been having anger and jealousy issues, I’ve had enough of it. I finally told him I was fed up with all his crap, and left last night.

    Today I received a total of 50 missed calls and endless texts of begging. He said he would change. He said he wants to change and will do anything to get me back.

    We’re still in the same process. I’m ignoring him, and he’s saying he’ll change. I’ll let you know how this all turns out tonight.

    Seriously, if you want a Virgo man back, let him know that you won’t tolerate his stuff. He’ll come crawling back.

  18. He sounds pretty scary, why would you want a guy like that back in your life?

  19. Head in Hands says:

    I got tired of my Virgo and his crap as well and left him nearly a month ago. I don’t want him back. The final straw was when he started parroting everything that I was telling him was wrong and blaming me for it! After that, I cut him off completely.

  20. StrongVirgoWoman says:

    The Fact is Ur ONLY gonna be with the Person tht decides 2 b w/h u ! NOONE can force another human to love respect care or even b with you ! So let go & let God !

  21. @ taurusgirl,

    You better not over step your thought on a virgo Crawling back ; Being We WILL only take so much before we say C~YA & then we wash & wipe out hands CLEAN!!!! Evene the MOST Perfect CAN get tossed & left spinng wondering WTFJH 🙂 !!! So take it from this virgo When we’re DONE we’re DONE !!!!!! No matter the heartache!!!!! 😉

  22. sexyniceredheadvirgo says:

    I agree with @virgo…when we are done we are done!.
    and thats cause INTELLIGENT people dnt suffer!.

    LIFE IS too short and too good to stay on NEG THOUGHTS
    AND WITH neg people!.

    we virgo’s dnt want to dominate but cant stand being
    dominated either…we are people in the zodiac!. we
    are not animals!.
    cant be restrained in a cage, bowl
    or tank!. we think, we analize and we conclude…
    and conclusion give us an answer .
    to stay…stand or to move and go!

    so dont ever underestimate a virgo’S mind!.

  23. VERY well put sexnicredvirg… My soon 2 b x~husband is now sleeping in his trailor down the road b/c I AM DONE !!! We Virgo’s always have unsettleing Souls , always searching, looking for the PERFECT man /woman…..We will have many relationships until we find the rite mate ( SOUL MATE ) This is why virgo’s get a reputation of being loaners etc… b/c we are always searchers !!!!! I wonder where MY roads is gonna take me ??? I’m gonna try to get out of the “VIRGO” state & try something NEW ! MAYBE 😉

  24. Help!! I’m a Capricorn Women who has fallen for a Virgo Man! We have know each other for about six months. Are flatmates, and I am horrible at reading signs. Some days I think we are perfect, and other days not so much – (specially when he gets really quiet or it seems like he is purposely avoiding me?). I am not sure if it is me making it out to be too much, his Virgo nature or a sign that he just doesn’t like me. Worse yet, I get really flustered and nervous near him at times too. Always sticking my foot in my mouth, which is hard for me to handle, and hard to me to work my way out of. I am sure I am not showing him my best self, but nervous about making a fool of myself (since we live together). What should I do? How do I know if he is humoring me or really may like me (but is being shy or cautious?) HELP

  25. My rising sign is in Libra and my moon is in aquarius what does this mean? I am a Virgo gal.

  26. @sunshine: hi sunshine…as u know IM A VIRGO hahaha
    I was snv remember me?. well my suggestion is u dig
    more about her before pre Judging her!. she does sound
    annoying and perhaps something i might not do…in regards
    with the xmas tree!.
    maybe she is lonely and looking for attention and some
    aceptance!. try to see her with good eyes and invite her for
    coffee or something….find out more about her life and get
    her exact birhtdate and time!.

    is good to know someone on a deeper level to understand
    WHERE they coming from!.
    be good and nice to her YOUll get more taking that road!.
    let me know!.

  27. Hi i am a taurus and the guy i fell for is a virgo
    i am a foster child and i had moved to a new placement around June 27th my new foster family left to go to a funeral the day i came and they were gone for two weeks when they came back they brought him, their son, the virgo. I was 18 at the time and he was 24. I didn’t find him attractive at first but he paid me a lot of attention to me and was very direct and i liked that about him. One night the foster family took all of use out to a drive movie movie theater and he sat behind me and started playing with my hair and massaging my scalp i started pretending to get aroused to see what he would do or say. it lasted for an hour or so and then he whisper into my ear, “I’m not getting you to aroused am I?” and i asked him, “if you knew i was getting aroused then why didn’t you stop?” he said, ” It’s not like you didn’t aroused me either.” i asked, “How i didn’t even touch you?” he replied, “Watching you squirm.” I couldn’t resist him after that night. It lasted until October then he started to completely ignore me. He wouldn’t reply to my messages, phone calls but the far worst was when he came over to visit his family because he acted like i wasn’t even there, he wouldn’t look at me, he avoided being around me at all cost. Then his parents moved at the beginning of April and he started talking to me at the end of April as friends and i was fine with just being friends. A few days after my birthday, May he said he want to get back together and things were going great i gave him space so i wouldn’t overwhelm him like last time and he would even message me asking me if he offended me in some way and that he missed me. That was a first ever for him. Then he stopped answering my calls one day and week later i messaged him and asked why he said that he just didn’t want to talk for now. i said i under stood and stopped talking to him but i still checked his Facebook wall then like two weeks later he deletes me as a friend. But why? i thought he just wanted some time but now he’s cutting off all ties with me? It’s like when ever we start to get some where in our relationship he decides to completely ignore me, Why? What am i doing?

  28. This is so true. The first thing to consider why he left you is to examine yourself and where did you go wrong. It may he who has left you but don’t think of yourself as a perfect entity. We all have our flaws and imperfections. Try to fix yours first, then plan on how to lure him back to you.

  29. Hmmm, winning a Virgo back can be very very tricky & very very heart-wrenching. If you have cheated on a Virgo your chances of getting that Virgo back are probably slim to none!! If you do get a freaking chance @ all to win the Virgo back after cheating (WHICH IS A MIRACLE IN ITSELF) rest assured you will NOT & I REPEAT NOT have the same Virgo you once had before the cheating took place. If this Virgo loved you that’s probably another reason why they are willing to give you another try. The sad thing is your Virgo is probably permanently distraught by your cheating ways! You will not have a Virgo that will keep their emotions hidden, protected & secret! Pretty much you just lost a gem!! Word to the wise…NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER cheat on a Virgo! Virgos are hard to come by because when we fall in love, we fall in love HARD & DEEP!!

  30. Correction on the ‘You will HAVE a Virgo that will keep their emotions hidden…’

  31. Normally Virgo like to put test on pples by arousing to see the reaction .
    If that person try to pretend cool and showing no affection , then normally will not pursue anymore .. Any text from that person will be seen like ingenuine thus will be ignored.
    Virgo dun invest love 100 percent .. Often 80 percent the max just incase the relationship turns out not as the expectation ..
    So If u really wan a Virgo man or woman to love u wholeheartedly .. Patient is the key .. Do not rush into commitment .. To Virgo commitment is like binding no freedom that will be a turn off . Do not be too egoistic like playing hard to get that will be a big turn off .. Cos we remembered the first impression deeply then you will be ignored .
    When love ., Virgoans r normally passive but deep down we care alots but when the love turns out hay wired .. I regretted to say there is no turning back .. Forget and find someone else dun dwell in the past . Pointless !

  32. Long story…. we are 8 years apart… in our 30s…. he’s going through a divorce, me a break up. We met through our mutual friends before. When my ex dumped me after several years and crushed me… (although I knew it was well over due) it really did hurt. Anyway, we met for a drink with my sister. Sister left early…he and I just automatically connected. NOT THE REBOUND WAY. TRUST ME! We just had 90% of things in common. We naturally just connected and enjoyed each others company. Spent everyday after together. Couldn’t get enough of each other. HOWEVER, in the meantime… everyone on my end pressuring me to get with my ex. Hes begging for me back , the emotional pressure and persistance and burden was always a constanct because this isnt a huge city. EVERYONE IS INVOLVED. So I was honest with him about it …it was hard to learn how to move bc my ex and i were practically married. I knew I was too hurt to go back. But the pressure was so instense I always dbl thought myself. Every now and then I’d meet up with him or go by and see him. Just to see if that spark was there. If that connection was still there with my ex. I tried to explain to my new guy. Of course he didn’t like it. But I felt stuck. I was falling for this guy but I had too many people in my way keeping me from him. He told me he fell in love with me and I was so shocked bc he was very slooooooooowww to express his feelings to me. Well considering all this drama and chaos in our way…. i was afraid to lose him. However, I needed to prove a point to my ex that my feelings arent there. (and I guess prove a point to my self too) So i told my new guy I had to go and try and prove a point and Id be back….. Of course he was pissed but the emotional strain on me was to instense to ignore. And I couldnt focus on my new guy the way I wanted to if I didn’t just clear this drama the best way I knew how. Well so next day I go out with ex….text Virgo all day…I have no feelings for him, I want you back …Hes pissed… he says hes done with me. Sick of the bullsh*t. I don’t blame him! I was in a cluster f*ck. But damn it made me realize I LOVE HIM and Im really falling for this guy. Next day he texted my ex and told him..just fyi…she was texting me telling me to take her back…My ex was pissed but i admitted it. I said its true my hearts with him. WTH!!???? So I texted the virgo dude and told him i wasnt mad at him. It had to be done and I admitted everything. He said he was sorry he just had to it was bothering him. I said Im not mad I understand you did the right thing. He said thank you. Later that night I told him , I was very sorry for how things turned out and that he didn’t deserve to be caught in this mess. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time was wrong. I was just trying to clear the drama the best way I knew how. I told him he and I knew we didn’t by accident. (I mean seriously we really felt like soul mates guys) We never had this connection with anyone else. I told him to please understand my situation. He seemed very distant…he said what do you want me to say. So I proceeded to explain my stupid actions and as he was processing it…I txtd what are you thinking… hes THAT IM DONE. Afterwards said a few things like go be with your ex Im sure he’ll take you back or this (blank) (my good friend)… I said thank you but it doesn’t matter now. I knew he was pissed by saying that but I just killed it with kindness and wished him well, told him I love him always will, what we had was real , I will always remember the good times we had and I wanted to give him the world. Timing is everything. I will continue to pray for him and his situation too. I was so glad to have met and known him. Good night. NEVER GOT A RESPONSE. …. I completely ended it with my ex now. Which I feel so much better about. Cause now hes out of the way. Its been 3 days havnt texted my virgo. I know I can get him back bc I know he knows he will never find what we had together. I know he still loves me…. But I also know I gotta be smart about what I say or text. HELP!???? What do you think. IM A TAURUS BY THE WAY! Which is probably why we probably fell so hard so fast.

  33. Taurus01..
    Virgo dislikes indecisive .. I think any other zodiacs also the same including you.
    I think you need to have patient to win him back cos you left bad impression to him .. I must say . Try to not to text too much of emotional thingy else he think u r fake not genuine enough . Let him cool down .. If he love you deeply yes I mean deep enough he will find you back . Now I believe he been replaying that part when you insist in spending the time wid your ex only making him more agitated, any texts to him now will be
    ignore .. Sorry to be crude tell u all this.

  34. Kiki, Well before I read this…texted him how i really felt about him and was blunt not emotional but blunt…he thinks im full of it. Told him we didn’t meet by accident and I was sorry for everything and it wouldn’t happen again. He just wouldn’t give in. Im torn and heart broken. My heart is with him and I feel his is with mine…. I just want him to come back to me, to save me. Im not desperate by any means, I have no problems getting men. But I truly and utterly love him. He doesn’t want me I guess…. So now I’m doing what he told me to do…go back with your ex… Im empty with my ex… can’t even sleep with him because I feel I’d be cheating my heart. I pray he’ll come back to me and save me. I’m waiting on a miracle here. He knows I don’t want this. I know he knows we were meant for each other. He told me hes been waiting for me his whole life. He told me he wanted me to fall hard for him ….. He told me he was so in love with me and hes never had a woman like me. THEN BOOM DROPS ME! My exact words were to him, were you were with a woman for 9 years who you took back constantly who treated you like a P.O.S. and still treats you that way, I loved you hard went through hard break up, made some mistakes and you fell in love with me. And then boom you drop me…. I told him, we didn’t meet by accident and I didn’t plan to fall in love with him and yes it took me this to realize it. But you got to analyze this practically my heart is still with you. and to get his head out of his ass. Still no chance…. he texted my ex and told him I was sending him those texts I assume to see if he and i were still together… I told him I was always honest with my ex about my feelings for him and underestimating me was not cool at all. He said let me be ok if I feel different I will let you know. I said don’t bother, your so messy and too much trouble, I cant believe you would text my ex. Never heard from him again. He knows I was hurt. He knows I want him back so bad….. I don’t want to be where I am right now. I need him and I know he needs me. Is it weird that I can feel his heart..Look I’m an adult and completely practical and grounded…So please don’t misunderstand me. Im not losing my mind …I just know in my heart he doesn’t mean he doesnt want me. He knows I need him and he needs me. He knows we’re meant for each other….. I just don’t know what else to do. I pray he’ll call me….and say “look heres the deal…. if you really mean what you say, drop everything and risk everything and come back to me” I swear on everything I would. I have never in my life been lovesick like this before ever!!!

  35. Taurus01,
    Beside his sun sign , maybe you should find out what is his moon sign and at least you can
    understand deeper abt him and his emotional side that enable you to tackle the problem.

    After you mentioned afew bluntness texts exchanged , oh I think there is some damages done. I think he will forgive you only the matter of fact regarding how deep he loves you.

    On the dark side of a virgo will not hesitate to let go of relationship no matter hw deep he /she ever loved that person yeah the cruel fact that we just find somebody else in the short time or burying ourself in work or hang out with friends inorder to stop thinking and treating that person non existance.
    Normally a virgo will not look back and therefore will forget and move on ..

    As for your case , trying to win or coax him back that ‘s depend on his side ..let him valuates this relationship if he finds that this is totally worthless and wasting of time and I bet you could sense it already.

    I knew taurus hates changes and may cling on the hurt for a very long time but you have to be decisive and move on.. at the meantime stop thinking abt the past relationship which already a damage and meaningless to carry on and only hindering your new relationship. Try to stop thinking ..find yourself something to indulge to minimise the pain.

  36. Last night he called me to tell me bout his ex issues… Today we’ve been texting all day. He asked me questions and I was honest with him. I miss him and love him sooo much. But I gotta not make any decisions until I know for sure what to do. It’s obvious he loves me. Why else would he be calling me and texting me all day. Told him exactly how I feel about my relationship status…. Hope we are meant to be.

  37. Sound things have been patched up .. let’s moniter ..
    cheer for you 🙂

  38. He misses me and I’m sure wants me back but won’t come out and say it…. I wish he would so I can let go of my past and move forward with him. I miss and love him so much…. His moon sign is in cancer….

  39. We had a silly argument and I said sorry the next day for snapping and swearing at him but he says he don’t want to know and we’re over. We live together and it’s been a tense atmosphere for a couple days. Now he says he might just move aboard as his had enough with work and everything. But his slowly starting to speak more like we’re just friends. I’m going through a low phase with loosing job etc and he seems like he cares for me. Do you think it’s really over or he just had a sulk reaction and doesn’t mean it but just wanted to hurt me. Help please.

    He is Venus in Cancer
    I am Venus in Leo

    so last night I asked what was going on with us and he said we’re not together anymore, said our relationship is always going round in circles. I told him it was just stress and teething problems to us moving in together but he said no its more then that. I told him I love him and he said he loves me too but his not in love with me at the moment. I said I can’t imagine being without him to which he said nothing.

    he said that when I make him angry he feels like he wants to ignore me and his not normally like that.

    his told his parents we’re over but not his friends. I’m just finding it all strange. his talking to me like we’re friends and being normal. he asks what i’m doing today and i asked if he had plans for the weekend and i said i had got the message from his mate about all going out saturday and that i hadn’t replied as i didn’t think he’d want me going to which he said i won’t shut you out of group things while you’re here. I just said thanks.

    Please can someone help me, does he really want us to end or will he come running back if i’m strong??? I find he weird that his being fine and not shutting me off.
    thanks for you advice. i always thought Virgos shut people off and move on quick. yet if i text him to just ask a question, his replying pretty quick. like i asked him if he was in for dinner so i could get bits out before i go out. he replied ‘ummmmm not sure really what i’m doing, don’t worry about me tho i will fend for myself when i get back miss, u going somewhere nice?’ so he wants to know that.

  40. Hi there, I know that this post is old but I am really hoping someone can give me some advice because I am kinda desperate. Basically, I’m a Leo. About 6 months ago my Virgo boyfriend broke up with me. The complicated story is as follows:
    He and I sort of grew up together. We went to the same High School from the ages of 11 but we never really hung out in the same circles, we just knew of each other. So when we left High School and went to the same Sixth Form it wasn’t really a big deal, I remember we bumped into each other once at Sixth Form. I was upset and sitting by myself and he was on his way to class and he stopped to talk to me and cheer me up but that was it. After a year I went to a different Sixth Form cos I wasn’t happy there but he stayed. So after another year of going to this different place, taking the same bus every day and never seeing him, I get on the bus home one day, it’s packed and there’s only one spare seat next to me. He suddenly gets on the bus looking gorgeous and pretty much shouting my name and comes and sits next to me. We proceed to get on like a house on fire all the way home and I discover that after all these years he’s only lived 10mins down the road from me. Basically we exchange numbers and he gets off the bus and I kind of forget about it until he keeps txting me and bugging me to meet up. So one night after work I agreed to meet up with him, we went to a romantic spot near our houses, chatted and unexpectedly ended up kissing. Neither one of us had ever been in a proper serious relationship, we were both virgins etc and he was 19 and I was 18, both attractive people so staying single and chaste was out of choice. Anyways we dated for MONTHS until he finally asked me out officially…..the relationship lasted for 1 year and 5 months from January 28th 2010….mostly it was perfect…we were each other’s first EVERYTHING…. but towards Christmas 2010 cracks started to appear, he met some people I didn’t agree with and started telling little white lies etc… communication broke down…anyways, we pulled through until around May time this year he lied to me about going out and I just had enough so I didn’t speak to him for a couple of days….then when we did speak again he had changed…
    two days later he “tried” to break up with me…I made the mistake of begging him not to and he broke down and said “ok well lets go on a break” so we did….2 months of near enough SILENCE my friends finally got through to me and told me I was wasting my time…plus I met someone new…so I “mutuatlly” called it off with him…
    we met up to exchange things and it was awkward….he had changed so much…
    then I started things with this new guy Tom…it was a total rebound…we both knew it and called it off because we didn’t feel anything for each other…that lasted 2 months and my ex knew nothing of it…
    suddenly he txt me out of the blue after pretty much ignoring me, saying he misses me and he still loves me and he took me for granted and he couldn’t believe he’d let me go…so i tell him I still love him too, miss him too etc….so we accept it. He arranges for us to meet up and for once he’s there on time and it was really nice, we sat in the park, talked about a lot of things, had a laugh, I cried and he held me…it was theraputic…
    then there’s lots of on and off txting…
    then I got drunk (so unlike me) last Friday and ended up calling him and saying a bunch of things…
    basically he said that he still loves me but isn’t IN love with me, that he is still very much attracted to me sexually but it’s not all about that for him…that I have a busy life and so does he but that if his life ever became UN-busy he’d only ever wanna be with me….but that until then he just wanted to be best friends and have a laugh like we used to…so I told him that’s what I wanted too (cos it is).
    Then a few nights ago he txt me asking if I wanted to do something Sunday (coming up). I said it would be fun… so he bounced between us watching films at his (which I thought would be awkward cos we’d be in his room, in the dark, on his bed alone…and we’ve made so many memories there…and we’re both still attracted to each other) or seeing a scary film at the cinema (again, in the dark on our own and the last time we were in a cinema watching a scary film i could just reach out and grab his hand or bury my face in his chest)…. so today he’s txt me saying he doesn’t know what we’ll get up to but he’s “down for anything” and I can’t help thinking we’re flirting now. But I don’t know. Truth is, in case you didn’t know, I love him to bits, always will. I don’t know where his head is at or what he is feeling. Virgo’s aren’t the kind to tell you straight up how they feel are they? And being a Leo I’m a very proud person…I don’t really like lowering myself to admitting that I want someone. But I have done that with him. I’m just wondering if there’s anything I can do to get him back? or seduce him? or how am I supposed to act on Sunday? I’m just so lost……and I love him so much…. :/

  41. ‘Virgo’s aren’t the kind to tell you straight up how they feel are they? ‘

    yes they will. Mine does. (and he even has an aqua moon).

    My advice…be his friend with no other expectations. I dont think he’s in love with you’ right now’ or knows what he really wants ‘right now’ other than his freedom. So give him his freedom. If he comes back to you when he knows, he’ll let U know 🙂

  42. Well I dunno maybe it’s not a Virgo thing maybe it’s just his thing to be confusing. I think I will take your advice, it sounds like the right kind. An update is that tonight he was txting me, flirting I think and saying how he misses me and how he’d rather see me than go clubbing etc and even asking me to stay the night at his next week…in the same bed but apparently he’s not trying to get in my pants? And he keeps saying “love u” sometimes when he says goodbye or goodnight on the phone. See what I mean by confusing? 😛 x

  43. Well I dunno maybe it’s not a Virgo thing maybe it’s just his thing to be confusing. I think I will take your advice, it sounds like the right kind. An update is that tonight he was txting me, flirting I think and saying how he misses me and how he’d rather see me than go clubbing etc and even asking me to stay the night at his next week…in the same bed but apparently he’s not trying to get in my pants? And he keeps saying “love u” sometimes when he says goodbye or goodnight on the phone. See what I mean by confusing? 😛

  44. Well I dunno maybe it’s just his thing to be confusing. I think I will take your advice, it sounds like the right kind. An update is that tonight he was txting me, flirting I think and saying how he misses me and how he’d rather see me than go clubbing etc and even asking me to stay the night at his next week…in the same bed but apparently he’s not trying to get in my pants? And he keeps saying “love u” sometimes when he says goodbye or goodnight on the phone. See what I mean by confusing? 😛

  45. @ capbaby Well I dunno maybe it’s just his thing to be confusing. I think I will take your advice, it sounds like the right kind. An update is that tonight he was txting me, flirting I think and saying how he misses me and how he’d rather see me than go clubbing etc and even asking me to stay the night at his next week…in the same bed but apparently he’s not trying to get in my pants? And he keeps saying “love u” sometimes when he says goodbye or goodnight on the phone. See what I mean by confusing? 😛

  46. @Capbaby and Rosh

    “Virgo’s aren’t the kind to tell you straight up how they feel are they? ‘

    yes they will. Mine does. (and he even has an aqua moon).”

    LOL…Cap…dont forget you were friends with yours for years first so that doesnt count….upon the first time with a Virgo….they play it cool…unless you are playing it way cooler than they are…in that case, they will be a little forthwright if they like you because its the chase they love…..the longer you hold out…or live your life without paying them anymind..the more fascinated they become with the chase of you….but if you dont allow them to chase…they will get bored easily and will leave you in pain…so if she really likes him, I advise her (since she doesnt have the friendship history that you and your Virgo share) to definitely be friends first…but not even a friend who likes him…a non-emotional friend…she should act like he is not on her radar…date other men…live her life…when and if he falls for her…which he probably will since she will be ignoring him….then she should be unavailable a little longer and slowly let him in…but she must maintain her stance as a strong woman at all times because if you do not, the Virgo will see that as weakness and prey on it

  47. @Rosh:

    “And he keeps saying “love u” sometimes when he says goodbye or goodnight on the phone. See what I mean by confusing?”

    Ignore it and dont feed into it….this is their games they play….once you express the same feelings toward him…he will run eventually…so dont do it…play it cool and keep your part of the conversation emotionally detached…trust me…I have dated several of them and my ex was one…one has been chasing me forever now and he has a girlfriend who loves him dearly and treats him like a prince yet he is begging all the time to see me, says he wants a baby with me and wants to marry me and the man has only seen me once (which was the first time he met me) and gets no emotional anything from me because I told him I dont do Virgos lol and, more importantly, I dont do men in relationships smdh so he gets nothing else but friendship..he even admitted to liking the chase and that if there is no chase in a woman, then he sees no point and gets bored easily….every Virgo I know treats people who dole on them like crap but caters to those who put them in their place…maybe this isnt all virgos but all the ones I know

  48. But they have known each other for years and they lived together.

    I would do what PQ suggested though since hes playing hot and cold.

    Mine tells me he loves me everyday…every phone call, every text. Once, I didnt text it back to him before bed and he got miffed. I was like, “U know I love you!” and he said, “I’ll love U forever”..

    One time I was feeling insecure about him due to past issues and kinda freaked out on he was so gentle and understanding about it. He knows he has to prove to me he wont do what he did to me in the past. Even with aqua moon, he isn’t detached and emotionless and doesnt expect me to be either.

    See the difference? Once they know what they want. But yeah as PQ said..stand up to him, dont always be available . If i dont answer a call right away, he gets insecure..possessive kinda.(taurus traits he has) As a Cap, I can handle that with humor and fluff it off..

    Whats is is his astro profile Rosh?

  49. Those insights were true abt a Virgo ..
    I myself like challenge and am Virgo / aries .
    Strange enough , smothering partner scare me alots which I like freedom and I see friends are more impt somehow I might lost in my space and neglect my cancer bc at sOme moment I felt I indulge too much in the relationship thus abit tired abit it and I unknowingly slip into my space which I can totally forget abt my cancer till one day I woke I knew I almost lost my cancer and now I crack my brain on how to get back my cancer attention again and I try all over again . I am exhausted and I asked for it for I never cherish it . I feel so bitter when my cancer ignore which Virgo cannot it .. I having hard thinking and anaylze on how to handle them well .. Again Virgo like challenge and can’t to lose out . Omg can’t imagine my cancer can get over me . That is nightmare to me . I am trying hard to sustain this rs and I will do all stuffs to make my cancer happy .. But deep down I hope that I will not lost the interest out of the blue again .

  50. Just to clarify, he and I never lived together. We both still live with our parents. He’s now 21 and I’m now 20. I don’t know what his astrological profile is….or what that means…some Virgo traits he definitely has, like expecting the best, being critical, seeking perfection…but others he doesn’t, like being really organised, neat freak etc…he’s clean cut and tidy but he’s not obsessive about it. He does like to work out though and cares a lot about his image and health etc so I don’t know…
    I think there is a happy medium between both Caps advice and PQ advice…I think ignoring him completely would only be game playing, however being available all the time is something I’ve always done from the start of our relationship…so that’s something I’m working on not being. It seems to be working seeing as every time I don’t talk to him for a while and appear to be getting on with things, he will suddenly txt or want to see me etc.
    I’ve already agreed to sleep over at his next week…and he’s not joking when he says we will be in the same bed… But how can I know what his intentions are? He says he’s not trying to “get into my pants” (he is quite the joker) but I don’t know… I would never make the first move, not after everything that’s happened…but if he made the first move…I wouldn’t stop him. I just don’t know how many more ways I can express that I love him still despite everything….

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