How to win back a Virgo

VirgoHave you lost a Virgo? Do you want to win him back? Then all you have to do is be perfect. Obviously, he left you because you were somehow inefficient.

The first thing you need to do is take a fearless inventory of yourself, and identify all of your human flaws. Then eradicate them.

It could be that you did not improve in the face of his relentless criticism. Don’t get me wrong, I know you tried, but surely you missed a spot [on the dishes/his favorite shirt]. You might not have seen it, but he did. You see, that’s your problem — you just don’t see.

What? I’m sounding like the Virgo who dumped you? Stop being so sensitive! Here I am, telling you how to rid yourself of all your imperfections, and you complain! No wonder he left you!

About Jeffrey Kishner

Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. Have to try that

  2. I met my Virgo online. He didn’t lie about anything at the begginig he asked mr to move in with him after 3 month. It was extremely difficult relationship, he had 3 kids and I had one. The 3 on the kids were teenagers with different attitude, so u can imagine. Long story short, the problems we had with the kids reflected on us, he went back in the dating website, I found out, fee years lates I found out he was chatting with someone again, the last thing was my daughter set him up on instsagram with face profile, he hooked up on that, she showed me the whole conversion so that was a last punch. I had to get out, so I did. But I am still in touch with him. If he doesn’t hear from me he will text me, if you had something special with Virgo man he will be back when he understand that you mean something to him, but you might wait long. They are very good twisters and piers.

  3. I will definitely try that.

  4. I met my Virgo online. We had 8 years of hard relationship but because we both had kids from broken marriages. So in was hard. Now we are separated but seeing each other there and then. I moved out for many reason. I asked for reconciliation of our relationship, but he said he has no feeling they all died with me moving out but still taking to me still making love to me, but going out every week, meeting up with new weman and then telling all abit it. They are twisters. Don’t trust them much. They live themselves too much.

  5. Hard creatures

  6. Amanda says:

    Hey hi can anyone here plz help me I am in love with this vergo guy ,first I was with a geminine guy who illtreated me for one year four months I was not letting go off him but when this vergo guy came in my life he tried his best to get me out off that dark relationship I was in but then I kept going back to the geminine guy and this vego guy still supported me even after him being in love with me I have never felt so much love and respect the way the vergo guy did but when I kept letting go off him and going back to the first guy for five times this continued then finally I found my self in love with the vergo guy and went back to him to be with him he said he can not coz he does not resspext me and trust me more but still we were togeather for two months two weeks and now again he’s telling me that what all I have done he can’t for get so he wants me to move on . plz tell me what is this is he testing me aging coz vergos analize everything or is he actually wanting me to go ?? Plz help I love him a lot

  7. I don’t usually do this stuff but I am in NEED of advice. I’m a sag woman dating or not….a Virgo man. We’ve met months ago at our workplace. We hit it off instantly being a Sag I wasn’t so willing to give in so easily…. even though I really liked him. He was sooooo into me talking about relationships, marriage etc. wanting to see each other every day taking me on a date the same week spending the night with me bringing me to his house. We hooked up the first week twice and he did not change one bit we had and still have a lot in common. Talked for hours every night. I always think things are too good to be true so I started playing mind tricks doubting his Feelings for me constantly made him jealous. Then soon after I became pregnant by him which I currently still am. Made him jealous so much telling white lies just to see his reaction which was stupid. It became reassurance for me and I used it to my advantage all the while having just as much feelings for him if not more…never cheated or anything physical or even emotional with another person my games led him to that impression. We were pretty much on and off on and off. I could tell the games were hurting him so I confessed and I stopped. Now everything after that he believes is a lie so try to reassure him was hard. However he still give me chances and chances on top of chances. I was our rise and fall also having lots of sex. The past two months we’ve been great connecting more getting closer I was having a health issue that I kept to myself and he took it as a lie. And he blew up on me although I’ve been telling the truth it’s ultimately my fault why he doesn’t believe me. We’ve been discussing moving in together the future making plans for the next years to come. Having a son on the way which he’s thrilled about. But he broke up with me saying he doesn’t want to be disrespected anymore that I don’t understand the meaning of a relationship was very unsympathetic about it which is understandable. Wanting to be friends still talking to me everyday he took me out to dinner the other day and as he was dropping me off I was crying and pleading for him to give me another chance at 2am knowing he has work at 7am living 30 mins away. Selfish, I know was an act of desperation disregarding my usual Sagittarius pride. After telling me over and over thatge has to get sleep I still stayed pleading to the point where he completely blacked out on me wanting to get physical after seeing that I quickly left the situation. Tried to apologize the next day and he’s not responding to me he’s my best friend and right hand so used to talking to him alllll day. Now I’m trying to give him space hoping in the near future we can have a conversation and work it out. Wishful thinking? Maybe but I love him want to spend the rest of my life with him and we are having a child together….advice please??!!!!!!!!!

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