How to know if a Pisces doesn’t like you

PiscesAre you in a relationship with a Pisces man? Pisces copes by withdrawing into fantasy and mind-altering substances. If you are in a relationship with a Pisces man and he does not like you, he will escape — to the movies, to the local watering hole, or into his own mind, staring out the window while he imagines his ideal woman.

Are you interested in a Pisces man? You’ll know he doesn’t like you if he doesn’t notice you. Pisces is so often in another world that it takes something compelling to bring him back to earth. He can tune someone out if she doesn’t interest him, like a radio that ignores all but one frequency. Or to be more Web2.0: If you’re not on his iTunes playlist or at least recommended in his “Listeners Also Bought” section, then the best you can do is play your song on your MySpace page and hope he responds to your invite.

Comment below: What are the signs you’ve picked up on when a Pisces doesn’t like you?

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Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. Jeffrey has been published in print magazines including The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope, and has written online for sites including AOL, and StarIQ. Jeffrey has also been heavily involved in the astrology blogger community. Read his personal blog at


  1. oooh and shizniz… kinda like saga… just a stupid slang way of saying… this shit, like “all that jazz”.
    lol get me?

  2. @lucky charm. YEP i WAS THERE too…I COULD UNDERSTAND IT not explain it!. is being a LONG time long in this physical world…I dnt read about it!. I stayed there!. I need it to assimilated and put it in practice!. but still I dnt know how I could explain it to you…I couldnt even explain it in SPANISH!. lol

  3. @sv
    “question now….U WISH U COULD GO BACK IN TIME? DO you think u can DO THAT LUCKY CHARM?
    with the knowledge that u have?” hahahah nope….
    love your little explanation though…

    yeh… some days the brain connects, today its misfiring.. (been beyond tired lately, and a little down..not much energy, to collect my thoughts, they are indeed traveling faster than light, and they are all hitting the intersection at once, causing a major traffic jam/carnage/massive road toll this week)

    Im still really young, im sure everything will fall into place and gel oneday, and be able to smash it up like chip LOL…

    “I couldn’t even explain it in SPANISH” lmao at least im not the only one lol πŸ˜‰

  4. with the explanation that time as we know in this phyiscal world STOPS when enters into the quantum
    or quantic plane!. ONE CAN UNDERSTAND that when u comunicate with ur creator….the bible says
    IS NOT IN UR TIME IS IN MY TIME!. the creator is in another plane where time as we know here is not

    the bible is rejected by many people CAUSE they dnt understand TIME!.
    time tells u about how people live before, time tell u about evolution,
    physical and spiritual in this WORLD!. the bible was written by people
    less knowledgeable in scientic aspect….still theres alot we cant understand}
    or explain in a physical way….
    but jesus talk about all this in the level of this people, at that time!.}
    he said if I talk to you as men and u dnt understan imagine if I talk to you
    in the language of heaven or the sky I dnt remember the exact word…

    but remember ur thoughts are not limit by this physical world
    CAN being affected with FEEDback or influences by others!.

    but u R the CONDUCTOR AND architect …..u r choices
    are URS to change those thoughts….so the physical world dnt
    limited ur thoughts but the physical world affect ur thoughts!.

    that how one can FIND control in their life THRU knowledge
    and understanding….whats physical whats spiritual….
    and how to avoid this or that….

  5. saga i do ….all that jazz no…dnt worry I GOT THE POINT!.
    are u jewish?
    @lucky charm

  6. thoughts being jam, traffic etc is all FINE!.
    u already started that is the importan thing…
    those jams thougs are perfectly normal
    and NEED it!. so the info is assimilated by
    a higher wisdom that is in U!.

    easy girl and enjoy life ….remember that
    negativity neutrons can alwasy be change
    with protons!.

    you are real young? u mean physically right?
    young in this physical plane?

    if u already started this quest…dnt look at
    physical age!.

    ur spiritual awakening has nothing to do with that!.

  7. also in ur time u will understand
    that LUCK or being LUCKY does not exist!
    is all cause and effect….

    my son play black jack with his bf aqua
    they count cards…and come back home
    with 800 hundred dollars!.

    those lucky bastards hahahah
    cause and effect…knowledge put into
    practice GET U the results U want!.

    in my understanding lucky is just being
    blessed!. with spiritual and physical
    characteristics put in practice in this
    physical world U get them thru ur
    desire of receiving!.

    @blessed charm.

  8. @sv

    I dnt reject the bible, i used to do bible study when I was about 18, after a drug induced psychosis which I thought I could talk to god, I was a mad church goer.. I knew the bible inside out at one time.. when they started telling me I couldnt practice yoga or talk about star signs, I was outa there.. never looked back at dogmatic ways.. (at the same time, i dont put down the people that do, they have to right to live life as they see fit, we all do) I am not jewish.. more spiritual you could say..

    I am open to all ideals of life you can say..

    “how to avoid this or that….” this is something I need more practice on lol

    “u already started that is the important thing…” yeh I guess so, have not met another person, of my age with the same sort of path, or ideals as mine.. not even similar.. guess im traveling alone in the physical for now anyhow..

    “you are real young? u mean physically right? young in this physical plane?” yeh I guess, can you tell from someone’s chart if they are say a new soul vs old soul etc???? (can you look at mine and tell me wat you think?)

    man can you get your son to teach me some of that shizniz, i could use some extra cash flow lol πŸ˜‰

  9. someone needs to lay off the holy water lol getting all out-of-left-field philosophical ova here!

  10. @no-perspiration

    LMFAO… agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @lucky charm

    MY son dnt believe in GOD!.

    but he heard me on the methaphysic
    and I think he got interested…
    our relation has being like friends
    but their is a lot of competitive in him
    that I had on my younger years!.

    so now he is the PURE physical part!.

    one has to open what some believe or call it
    third EYE…
    to be able to understand in a higher level
    of wisdom!.

    everything will come in TIME…U dnt need
    to hold into any specific believe about the
    PHYSICAL world that includes ASStrology!.

    u will find in time that is JUST a map at the
    day u were born to INFLUENCE u…but NOT
    for u to define UR self….as that!.
    as good as astrology is and was MADE by
    our creator REGARDLESS of what any religion
    is not something that SHOULD guide ur life…
    to anker u into BELIEVE this is it!.

    no there much more…and above all the FIRST
    u have to believe is in YOU the power u bestow
    weather u call it an OLD SOUL or YOUNG soul!.

    even u FIND THRU numerology that u are and
    OLD soul is not to label urself…that does not make
    u better or superior!.

    dnt depend ON ur quest….used the tools I told
    u yesterday!. ur thoughts travel faster that light!.
    tight is a constant…is always there IN u!.

    also never ever JUDGE the messenger
    use the MESSAGE!.

    that means U cant believe in MEN women
    whatever…we humans, we FAIL!.

    when u understand that human fail and is
    part of their nature…u wont even TRUST
    urself ….or ur decision!. U will find urself
    dependint in SOMEONE, something, that
    lives in YOU…that u have to contact
    everyday and SAY u know better than I do!.

    whats best for me…that higher wisdom
    FULL of GOOD stuff call blessings
    will never LET U DOWN!.

    trust and believe is what takes u there!.

  12. @SV

    thanks πŸ™‚

    you are beautiful πŸ˜‰

    I appreciate you words, they mean alot…

    much love xx

  13. really? umm Im happy!.
    thank u!.
    remember ur BLESSED
    not lucky!. lol

    @lucky charm:

  14. @sv

    REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    haha blessed as can be πŸ˜‰

    mwa xx

  15. @Jolie,

    I suspect your Sass notifications are improperly set up. You can send an e-mail message, here

    I will check that account periodically, reply from an alternate address, and make it clear as to who I am.

    Let out whatever you are feeling, but do not do anything rash… don’t let the emotion, or what you feel should be, overwhelm you as some have…

    I’m around, but removed myself as requested…

  16. @ Chip

    e-mail sent. a bit erratic and i forgot to add some stuff, however thanks πŸ™‚

  17. I turn up the music in my head cause it sounds better then your bullshit ….. what? what was that? your right next to me and i didn’t catch a word you just said LOL πŸ˜€ whoopsie

  18. LMAO i also do the same, i turn up all my thoughts in my head louder and i totally block out whatever someone who i don’t like is saying, but because i have a scorpio moon i tend to give out dirty looks to people i hate and i try and make their life shit.

  19. @Miryssa, and Passionate Piscean,

    I thought all women do this :-/

  20. I need to figure out where my planets are cause im not a goody 2 shoe Pisces… i mean i was when i was a child but now
    I’m a fighter and a lover <3 if i don't like you, you will know, i don't beat around the bush. I don't start fights bcuz i hateeee drama… but i get nasty looks all the time frm random strangers n thts a problem cause that pisses me off and im not shy anymore so i will say wtf and i'm always ready to fight … Now on the flip side … if i love you, i love unconditionally, and i will never hurt you… i will do anything to keep you from hurting. I will fight for you, with you, but never against you.

  21. @ Miryssa,

    You should just head on over to, sign up (it’s free!), and do a chart. Make sure you know your time of birth because than it will be 100% accurate when done so.

  22. You can also get a free copy of your chart right here on Sasstrology.

  23. The same thing would happen to any man who has lost interest with his pattern. Escape would be the first thing in mind, not to mention an instinctive act. They tend wonder off just to get away from you. Often times they would go to bars, clubs, hanging out with buddies or somewhere solace. If that’s the case, then you better fix it before it gets worse.

  24. Escape is an instinctive, especially for a man who has a huge ego. If this is your partner, you better be care and get to know him better.

  25. If this case does happen, then you better wake up and smell the coffee. Try to find out why he is avoiding you and solve the problem.

  26. Does this apply for Pisces women as well.. I noticed that Male signs and Female signs personality are different

  27. @RotaryDUDE

    What is your story? With your Pisces lady? There are some Pisces women that belong to this community that might be able to give you some insights.

    What’s your sign?

  28. LuckyCharm says:


    Hey It’s LC… How have you been

  29. @LC,

    been a pure Pisces… couchsurfing… lol… left the site (must mean Pi doesn’t like you :-))… then, did a 360… not sure if this is the number of days that I was away… or me coming full circle… or me just spinnin’ around to catch the next wave… or Pisces coming back…

    water’s been blown out… my fin hasn’t been steering me straight… or it has, and I’m just getting drilled by the wave…

    but, you know me… I’m always off the lip… no matter the slab… wish I was born a foamer sometimes (not)… been wanting to bail out, but not my style… it’s white water and brainfreeze… always better to wipeout…

    this allegory is for the Caps and Virgos who luv them so… πŸ˜‰ …Gapers are they, I say…

    I apologize to my fambo dally who’s a Libra and does the dundee … was not ignoring… didn’t get a notify…

    the site has undergone some changes… not surprised to see the PF’s (private forums go)… lot of shoobies hiding in there (and they say that’s what we fish do)… 😐

    must be a mutable Pi who runs Sass… and is changing it up…

    hope u r on a tube-ride my salty sister…

    if you need specifics about the vicissitudes of my life and procrastination, I can post my e-mail addy… if you need to chat, I can do so here, or I can offer you my addy…

    u see, Pi’s forgive even aft u de-friended me on FB… lmao…

  30. LuckyCharm says:


    hahah I have missed you πŸ™‚

    Sorry I defriended you. I was going through a bad case of paranoia.. all fixed now with a does of lithium lol

    add me again!/Littlejay333

    I didnt think you would reply.. it just struck me today to check if you had.. and you did YAY! lol

  31. Holy hell it’s CHIP! Hiiiiiiiii Chip!

  32. @LC,

    Link didn’t work… you toyin’ with me ??? lol…

    found an AJ Waite in Qland… in a relationship with a lifejacket πŸ™‚ …is that you ???

    e-mail… will send my creds if you like…


    hope that ur over the goat… ty for the cheer :)… don’t break too many hearts on V-day, my ska princess…

  33. Chip,

    Totally over the goat. He didn’t have the integrity in his word. Moving in with a Cancer man πŸ˜‰ i don’t break hearts πŸ˜› They see it coming lol!

  34. chupichulo says:

    Hi everyone, not sure where to post this. “Pisces doesn’t like you” seems about right.

    After a wonderful three-year relationship with a Pisces woman, (We’re both 45. I’m an Aquarius.)
    Back in February she dumps me, says our relationship is not working and we don’t have anything in common. I’m like “WHAT ??” Anyway, I did not take it well. A lot of fighting and man, I was angry and said a lot of things I shouldn’t have. Not doing anything to make it better, right?

    It gets worse. She’s telling me every day that we’re finished and we’re not going to get back together, so I start thinking it’s time to move on. I went out with another woman I met online and on our first and only time out we had sex.

    Still in touch with my ex on facebook and sometimes we even met up for a little walk but she remained adamant that we were finished. I keep saying, “Well, we can still be friends right?”
    And that seemed to be that until one day back at the beginning of May. I’m round at her flat for a coffee, giving it the usual, “I hope we can still be friends,” and as I stood up to go I said, “Come give me a hug…” Hug turned to kisses and off to bed, suddenly we’re back on.
    “Oh how I’ve missed you. I’m sorry for everything that’s happened.”
    Next day she tells me she met up with another guy, just for a drink and it was that which made her realize she’d made a mistake. Asked me if I’d been out with anyone else. Now out of respect and love, I told her the truth. “Yes I went out with somebody and it was for more than just a drink.”

    Oh dear! At first I was like, “Hey, you finished with me! I can do what I want !”
    But she says obviously I don’t really love her. All men are only interested in sex and I’ve just proved that I’m like all the rest. I’ve written long emails explaining that it was a mistake, a big mistake, I’m sorry.” But I’m still getting nothing but the cold shoulder.

    “You showed me that you still care about me and you were ready to try again. Why can’t we put this behind us?”

    “No, it was just a moment of weakness.”

    So we’re right back where we were before, except worse. I say I love her and she’s like “Yeah, right!”
    She says she doesn’t love me and we’ll never get back together and I say, “Yeah? You said that before!”

    Anyway, I’m reading all I can about Pisces. Never been a great believer in astrology but I’m interested to read a lot of things that describe her very well. Super-sensitive, swimming in opposite directions.
    I need to take a step back. If she comes back to me again it won’t be because I’ve been pressuring her, that’s for sure. My long emails are no longer at all welcome. “Why can’t you just leave it alone already?” Well the answer to that one is that I do still love you and I want to get back what we had before. But now is not the time to push it.

    I welcome any comments from Pisces women, or anybody. How can I fix this monumental screw-up?

    thanks for reading.

  35. Hi Chupichulo

    You could rival any comedian any day and this Pisces Woman has no sense of
    humour because let’s face it they are too old and out dated in their way of taking
    in and processing information which is supposed to be light hearted and valid
    information regarding a breakup which validates what occurred whilst you were
    apart and not together at the time which this sex encounter occurred. So she has
    no right to question or make you feel inadequate in any way what so ever regarding
    your actions whilst you were not together.

    She is wrong for you and you should start surfing the Zodiac for a Woman whom
    appreciates and values you for yourself not something she wants to control and
    wants at her beck and call whenever it takes her fancy just because she feels like
    it at the time when she is in the mood for you.

    Learn to let go of those whom are not worthy of you and always keep smiling. Taurus

  36. LUCKY CHARM says:


    im about to send you an email

  37. Respect yourself enuf to walk away from anything that no longer serves you,grows you, or makes you happy. If you aren’t being treated with love and respect, check your price tag. Maybe you’ve marked yourself down. IT’S WHO TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOUR WORTH IS!! Get off the clearance rack and back behind the glass where they keep the valuables. TRUST

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