How to get over a Taurus

[ad#link]TaurusGrieving takes time. You can start by integrating the qualities you most appreciated about your Taurus man into your daily routine. The end of a relationship can introduce an emotional hole into your life, and it is best to fill it with activities that nurture your spirit. A Taurus guy is not the same as the archetype of “Taurus,” undiluted by other astrological factors. He is a complex individual with many zodiac signs expressing his different needs. Nonetheless, you were probably attracted to his sensual, grounded nature. How can you introject, or “take in,” those qualities?

I would advise against Taurean pursuits like shopping and eating chocolate to get over your Taurus man. They might feel good for a few minutes, but they are not spiritually fulfilling. (OK, maybe if it’s really good chocolate.) Instead, go to an art museum and lose yourself in shapes, colors and textures. Taurus is ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty. Can you find Beauty in your surroundings? Venus also loves sensual pleasure — take an aromatherapy bath and scrub yourself with sea salt; go to the park and lean against a tree, letting its rootedness support you as you wallow in your sorrows. Mother Earth can absorb your sadness. She has endured much more loss than you, and She still perseveres, like any good Taurus would.

Comment below: How have you gotten over a Taurus?

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  1. Cinnamon swirl says:

    Hi all, here’s a question……..

    I broke up with my taurus husband in december 2011. He’d been acting strange and eventually moved out to find himself. It came out that he had been seeing someone else. I have never been so devastated and have a bit of a breakdown. I came back to live with my family accross the sea after going to court for custody of our child. He really changed in this period and was nasty cold hearted sneaky and manipulative. We spent the last year hardly speaking etc. He has broken up with this other girl for a while now. I have been dating someone else but “he’s not my husband” if you know what i mean. For the first time in a year and a half i had a massive phone conversation with my ex, it was lovely, just like old times, we were lauging and joking and saying remember when we used to kind of things. He told me he misses me and that i was the best person he was ever in a relationship with. I have moved on and become a strong independant woman i have gone back to the girl he met and have lost all of my selfishness. I find that i yearn for him and want him back in our lives. I have forgiven him and want to move on with him and not look back. I want to ask him to think about coming back. We’ve been separated for a year and a half now, he said he would file for divorce but he never did…..what does everyone think. I’ve never been on a forum before and i’m kind of feeling desparate.

  2. Hi Cinnamon Swirl

    I happen to be a big advocate of the saying “YOU ARE BETTER OFF WITH THE DEVIL YOU

    You should never feel desperate and always have faith that things will work out in the long run
    and trust in yourself and your abilities as a person and a human being whom is happy within
    yourself, optimistic, confident and very capable to do whatever is in your power to make your
    life a success with or without a Man by your side.

    Anyway my point is that your husband knows a lot more about you now that he has had the
    opportunity to be with someone else and he discovered that she couldn’t live up to his expec-
    tations when he compared her to you and what you had and shared together. The only thing
    they probably had in common was the “SEX” and Male Taureans tend to go for that sort of
    thing because it is in their nature although that does not mean that it’s the real deal since to
    them it’s just the act of “SEX” and nothing more since their true feelings belong to the person
    they “REALLY LOVE AND VALUE”.!!!

    You have all the advantages and the upper hand my Girl so just let him come back and the
    sky is the limit where you are now concerned because he has learned his lesson and I seriously
    doubt if he will pull that stunt again because you will make sure that this is his last chance
    where his “FEDELITY and PRIORITIES” lie if he knows what is good for him and he wants
    to keep you.

    Good luck with everything and always keep smiling. Taurus

  3. Cinnamon swirl says:

    Thank you for your comment. I guess i’m scared of ending up with injured pride again. I keep telling myself it was only one phone call and not to over analyse. We said a lot if horrible things during our break up, him more than me and he literally turned into a monster. Noone could believe how much he changed, but the whole time he was changed he was with the other person. The fact that we went to court for custody of our daughter and i moved to another country is probably another factor. Talking to him on the phone was like talking to my old soul mate, he had changed back to the guy i knew and loved. I know i love him, everything just rushed back for me but i dont know if i over analysed the conversation or not. I dont even know how to broach the subject with him. For all i know i probably never cross his mind from one minute to the next.

  4. Hi Cinnamon Swirl

    I am sure you cross his mind a lot and being the Mother of his child that is an added bonus
    which is not only in your favour but something only the two of you share in your love for your
    daughter and Taureans will go to the ends of the earth for their children and there is nothing
    they will not do where their welfare is concerned. So you should both try to work things out
    not only for you but for your child whom needs both her parents “LOVE and PROTECTION”.

    Don’t dwell on the past and let sleeping dogs lie for he knows he did the wrong thing by you
    and probably doesn’t know how to go about getting back into your good graces again and
    returning back without some assistance from you which you need to point out that all is now
    forgiven and you have moved on from whatever happened in the past when he lost his way
    but he has regained his prior self which was the person you were and are still in love with.

    Start by talking and taking one step at a time and when it is time for him to visit or see your
    daughter use that time to reconnect as a family and as the two people whom still love and
    care about each other regardless of what transpired which has only served to make your
    relationship even stronger then before. These things happen for a reason but you must learn
    from them and keep moving forward toward the future which you make together and continue
    to grow as people and as Man and Wife who have overcome their difficulties regardless of
    what happened in the past.

    If there is anything else let me know and keep the faith O.K. Taurus.

  5. I can’t wait to get over this taurus guy!!! What a ride I’ve been on. I have to remind myself to never look in the direction of another taurus man EVER!!!! I’m sure they are great catches but geez the journey is a bit too exhausting for me.

  6. justavirgobosslady says:

    You know what? Fuck em! Fuck Taurus men! Let real love shine! Ive found the cure for a broken heart! Wanna know what it is from a virgo woman? Wanna know?
    Simple! Just fall in love with every second of this beautiful thing called life, hug your mother, celebrate graduating from university and get into a good post-graduate program and make tons of money, travel, go out with friends and enjoy feeling young!!!!

    Taurus men want to be the centre of your world when they dont want you to be the centre of theirs. They’re selfish and if you catch em’ when theyre young and handsome they’ll play you and the next girl waiting for her turn with him!

    but who cares ? because you’ll be enjoying every minute without em!

    -Virgo woman, ex gf of a Taurus idiot, glass-ceiling cracker, high-heel wearing goddess.

  7. I loved a Taurus man for 9 years. And for nine years he continuously broke my heart. Taurus men I have found are liars and manipulators and only want you back when they realize ur happy without him. Stay away from them rhey suck the life out of you. The play mind games make you think ur crazy deceive you and hold no personal morals other than selfishness. I loved my Taurus man beyond anything Ive ever known but If I could go back to the person I was before he ruined me I’d make sure not to make the same mistake twice. I haven’t gotten over him still I think about him. N that’s how I know his manipulation is embedded in my brain because no one else could hurt me like that n I’d still think of them in a romantic way after all the pain. I hope it works out for you, but I have met n know. Many Taurus men and women In my life n they are all the same. I am an Aries born to love, to not look before I leap and to give all to those I love. He saw that in me and took me for everything I had. I’ve also been stabbed in the back by 2 Taurus friends of mine both females who I greatly trusted and turned out to be the most disloyal liars and fakes I’d ever known take it from me honey ur better off with someone who didn’t need to cheat on u to realize you were the best he ever had.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Hi. I’m a Virgo woman.i fell in love with my Taurus lover. How I got over him. I texted him told him, I’m moving and I did all the way from Minnesota to California. Last week he texted me asking why I leave? I told him cause it was moving way to fast for me and the other reason was I didn’t like the disappering acts most bull men do. Enjoy life , go out with friends, enjoy life and before u know it maybe … Just maybe Mr.right will pop up before your eyes.

  9. I was with a taurean woman who initially approached me and eventually told me that her husband ignored her for years and she wanted to ” hang out” with me. I am Pisces. Needless to say, we had a deeply gratifying yet short lived affair. It was very intensely positive and we seriously discussed eventually moving in together. She started feeling guilty because her husband felt that she was seeing someone, threatened to leave if she did not stop seeing me. She does not have to work if she stays with him. She dropped me like a radioactive rock. Has cut off all contact and that’s it, that’s all.

  10. Proudvirgogrl says:

    I’m a female virgo and my ex is a taurus. 10 year relationship is now over. But your post has been the best thing I’ve read since my heart was broken fron my taurus cheating on Christmas eve. Thank you for your positive words!!! Good day to you!! 🙂

  11. glitterz78 says:

    Good lord this was spot on and I’m also an Aries woman!! The manipulation, the lie after lie. Selfishness like no other. They prey on the “weak”. Meaning sincere ppl who care about people. Just awful all they do is cheat! Never again,chased my ex Taurus around for years and all I got me a broken heart and messed up my Smh,run while you still can.

  12. I am a Pisces female now trying to research any support to get over the Taurean man who completely whirlwinded me then dropped me like I never existed.
    In the beginning I honestly believed it was the most incredible match of ever found.
    But little alarm bells rang when i started to feel he was trying to control me, discredit my feelings and play a game’s at manipulating something that was so lovely.
    He wanted to be completely dominant which is nice in the bedroom… but not when he’s asked for any form of reassurance.
    I had enough of surpassing my feelings just to keep him happy so I told him I was tired of his flaky shit and get back to me when he knows what he feels and can say it with conviction.
    I won’t hear back… they are ultimately stubborn, sulky and don’t like being told what to do or what not to do.
    I am gutted though… that’s what makes it hard… rather than just allow it to be as beautiful as it was as first he got scared and his ego contributed to wanted to control everything.
    Anyway… any help gratefully appreciated.. thank you for reading x

  13. Glitterz says:

    It is so hard for me. Mine contacted me again and I thought he wanted another go. I see her is still indecisive and immature as ever. It’s like he doesn’t want me if I actually interested. Over 3 years of torture and knowing him for over 10 years I know this won’t ever go the way I want it too, much I’m done trying.

  14. I don’t understand why there is such a strange magnetism.. if love to think it’s because he’ll realise.. but the truth of it is.. I think the Pisean female/Taurean male combination seems very classic of an empath/narcissitic relationship…
    the piscean will always be a victim.

  15. FemmeAries88 says:

    I just wanted to love my Taurus but he wouldn’t let me. He resisted every time I tried. But it’s probably for the best because he did have all the negative traits mentioned, liar, manipulator, possessive and selfish….oh yes and flaky as fuck!
    But I tried to focus mostly on the good, grounded, sense of humor, hard worker and lovable. We lasted a year to be exact…but after being stood up and he didn’t acknowledge me on my special day, I knew I was just a game to him. I ignored all the signs until the Leo was sent back to me, and although I feel it was over too soon…I’ll just enjoy the love I’m receiving from the Leo. Maybe it’ll help me move on. In the meantime I’ll just try to erase the brief good times with the Taurus from my mind.

  16. Glitterz says:

    Mine too!!! He broke my heart over and over again. Exact same routine and if I got mad at him over what he’d done he’d go ballistic on me. He was so cruel with his words. I don’t think I’ll forget what he said to me. But if he comes back I’d still give it a try but I wouldn’t be so trusting.

  17. I thought it was me then I read what u ladies said.It is all true. They lie they’re sneaky they want u waiting on them like your life dont metter.They will use u but will look out for their home boys.They r Full of S……I told him he can kick rocks.They will stress the F…. Out of u. Let them go.

  18. Ok.
    this is dumb… it’s like we’re all talking about 1 man… which it isn’t
    .. so I did some research…
    and found THIS…
    REALLY hoping the link will work.
    I honestly hope it helps you all as much as it’s helped me…
    much love x

  19. Well if you can’t beat him at his game join him when he’s out with his home boyz and u know other chicks r around we know how that go so shit when he leaves the house go meet your other man. When u get back look and smile and remember the fun u just had.Oh the next time he leaves and calls u don’t answer. When he text dont text back. Let him wonder what u doing.

  20. Give him a dose of his on bull shit. I asked him if he wanted to see other women he said no. I said if u do that’s fine. Im going to see other men. He looked at me with red in his eyes. I didn’t give a F…. When u got your own job pay your own bills and u doing for him like u would for your husband and he just giving u bullshit and games.Dissmiss his Ass out of your class.Let him be stupid with the next chick.

  21. FemmeAries88 says:

    Louise thanks for the link to that article its very interesting and explains ALOT of what I feel. I was actually thinking this to myself the other day, he feels like a drug, because I know he’s bad for me but I keep going back for a hit lol.
    And, It does feel like we’re all talking about one guy, the same I mean I’ve met some really cool Taurus’ but then again the ones I consider really cool I was never in a relationship with.

    I’ve basically decided I’m gonna still see my Taurus because I know I have to “ween” myself off of him. I’ll continue to date, I already wasted a year being faithful to someone who sold me a dream and I don’t plan on wasting another year(s) dating ONLY him. I like the Leo he’s sweet to me, and we have history and we connect. So I’ll just keep having my fun with him and see where it goes. Hopefully I’ll get the Taurus out of my system real soon.

  22. Glitterz says:

    This is so crazy same with me and I’m an Aries as well. I felt like a drug addict. Like I just would want more. After contacting me last week saying he wanted to reconnect, I haven’t heard from him at all. I’ve had nearly 4 years of this torture and I vow to break the cycle this time. My heart can’t take the disappointment anymore. SMH ?

  23. FemmeAries88 says:

    I think they expect a woman to always be available just IN CASE they wanna see, or be with her.
    I have cancelled plans.. only for him to no show then weeks later he’d just pop up at my house like nothing happened. No call that he’s coming, no nothing. And us Aries when we like someone it’s hard for us to see the bad because we always wanna see the good and stay positive.

  24. AllTaurusedOut says:

    I have just recently broken it off with my Taurus for the millionth time last night. We met in 2006 when we were kids. I saw someone say that most break-ups are tough, but I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE GONE THROUGH WHAT I HAVE GONE THROUGH WITH THIS TAURUS MAN. At one point last year I had become so depressed and began isolating myself because I was so hurt by him. He would hurt me over and over again and I would fall for his “sorry I never meant to hurt you speeches” every time. About two months ago we decided to call it quits and I was actually feeling so confident and amazing. I was stress free and finally back to my normal self. I changed my number, blocked his email, and anything else that he would be able to contact me from. He went out of his was to contact me at my job and that’s when I decided to slowly let him back him. I WISH I NEVER HAD. Now I’m just back to were I was before. I really hate him and wish I never met him. Everything is about them, when they want it done, and how they want it done. I’m done with him and I just want my life back. I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

  25. ?
    oh darling… I honestly truly feel your pain and’s honestly like no other pain.. but I promise you will be the same again.. and an even better version.
    I’ve written before about Taurean men and in my experience they are the true narcissists of the star signs please read up, especially about narcissist & empaths relationships, knowing you have counterparts living the same dilemma does help. The advice you will be given without doubt is to cut all contact and go cold turkey. He’s become a puppeter and knows what strings to pull to get you in any emotional state he needs.
    There are fb pages that also help with narcissists and although educating yourself to thei techniques will give you armour you need to delete them all once you’ve learnt all there is as you don’t want reminding every day of him.

  26. FemmeAries88 says:

    AllTaurusedOut….I’m so sorry you are going thru an emotional rollercoaster with your Taurus. You have to find the strength to move on because it’ll only get worse especially if you now feel like you hate him and are feeling hopeless.
    I didn’t let it get that far with the guy I was dealing with because I KNEW it would only get worse. What I find with the Taurus man is that once they feel they “got you” they will take advantage of you if they are a negative Taurus. I’ve also noticed they can be VERY possessive, controlling and either verbally or physically abusive(or both) when they don’t get their way.
    I hope you find the strength to leave because you deserve better.

  27. Agree 100%

  28. FemmeAries88 says:

    I’ve also found that when you ignore them or let it be known you’re not falling for the bullshit they become real sweet and compliant. Like the person you knew when u first met them.

  29. Glitterz78 says:

    I let mine back in and less than 2 months he was back to his lying,flakey,manipulative,disrespectful ways. He would ask to see me every day and then cancel on me say he fell asleep. The last straw was when he stole a bottle of vodka I had purchased for July 4th. He is a liar, an asshole and possibly a drunk.

  30. FemmeAries88 says:

    Mines was flakey as hell too and his excuse would always be he fell asleep! And it’s like they feel no remorse for standing you up.
    I still communicate with him because it seems like he can’t accept that I’m moving on, but I will not continue a relationship with him. It’s too much work!

  31. Glitterz78 says:

    Yes, I’d tell him relationships aren’t supposed to be this hard. Especially in the beginning, well new beginning. I miss him like crazy, I just blocked him on my phone so he’s probably livid. But I can’t bare to listen to anymore of his crap. He’s never going to change. I’ll just suffer in silence and wait till it fades again.

  32. stuck on my taurus says:

    I read alot of negativity about taurus, my experiences have at times been traumatic and at times like a fairy tale. Almost 9 yrs and we are still going through the ups and downs that come with loving a taurus. I want to move on in a positive way. I love him to so much that even if he is happy elsewhere It would make my heart happy. I just need a solid now. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  33. From the comments above, we can see that taurean male is really hard to forget.. i wanna know why
    Tbh, i never involved with taurean male, most of them think im just like other guy.. hmm
    As a taurean female, if i have decided, than thats it, I never reconcile with ex, no matter how much I love him. If i think its done, then its done. (Of course, theres reason)

  34. FemmeAries88 says:

    Hi April,

    I think with me I’m mostly attracted to stability and for some reason with all the messed up ways my Taurus had there was some positives as well its just the negative traits out weighed the positive ones.

    Mines could be really tender and caring and grounded but then he would do something like say he was coming to see me then wouldn’t show up and wouldn’t call until the next day. Not once or twice but several times within the year we dealt with each other. I can’t say he was unforgettable because of the sex because that was mediocre.

    So basically it was his personality that made him unforgettable and the fact that he had a romantic side. Oh and that he built stuff…I loved that!

  35. FemmeAries88 says:

    Apologies Aprie my auto correct changed your name to April

  36. Have you managed to get over him I noticed you posted this on July, I’m hoping to take the Same route let it fade. But I miss him so much I feel like my heart will come to some rest and stop at times I know it’s crazy but I just wanna know are you over your Taurus?

  37. FemmeAries88 says:


    With me I guess it was easier because a guy(a leo) I was dealing with b4 pulled me away from him and I kept saying I wanted someone to come and distract me from Taurus. At first I resisted leo coming back because I was still stuck on taurus but then I realized I asked for him and he came, so I allowed myself to be loved by him.

    Maybe keeping busy will help you to cope with not having contact with him find ways to distract yourself. HTH ?

  38. Yes I have after suffering for so many years. I’m finally over him. He’ll never be serious with me. I met someone new a Sagittarius man. And even though that hasn’t really panned out as I hoped it really gave me a new lease on life. That I can meet someone who doesn’t play games and is emotionally more open. But we shall see bc now he’s all over me of course. Typical Taurus…

  39. FemmeAries88 says:

    Hahaha exactly! That’s how they do ignore them and they’re a totally different person until you let them back in then BAM back to the same A-hole from b4.
    I still communicate with my Taurus because I find it funny to see how “changed” he is since I’m with someone new. He even told me he loved me something he didn’t say in the year we were together and not until he knew I was with someone else.
    You will find someone new who will appreciate you it takes time but it’ll happen

  40. Hi there. Wow! It’s like the bulls are made from the same mould! I’ve been in an affair(we’re both married) for the past 20 years! He was the prince in shining armour, he was MY FIRST LOVE.(arranged marriage, emotionally unavailable spouse) I gave up everything for him(I was willing to move away from my husband and the kids(now grown up! The mistake I made earlier on was telling him of other men in my life and joked that this ONE person was my first love(not true) let’s calll him ‘H’. (I was starved of love and affection in my marriage and was not after sex or money!) I just happened about this thread and I couldn’t believe what I reading! Like a carbon copy of my life. Both our spouses knew our affair and I would say encouraged it. Anyhow, we’ve split up countless times and I would continue to go back to him.(he has some great points, he’s a god in bed,a great builder and used to really anchor me(I’m CANCER) and bring peace in a very turbulent and difficult time. He was my rock in a storm). BUT, he would bring up the ‘H’ & mentioned and others that I met at work or for networking reasons, but he would say that I’d been to bed with EVER man I’d met? (I looked up his old emails, and he says the same things there too…in 2009!

    So moving on 2016 he is STILL using ‘H’ as a stick to beat me up with, only now the goalposts have changed? He swears that I’m STILL seeing ‘H’ and my daughter is ‘H,s’! (I haven’t seen H Since after meeting my bulll). It’s ALL the mind games he plays and should and could be a relationship made in heaven has made it a living hell! (I feel sorry for his wife!) See, EVERYTHING is MY fault? I control his moods etc it’s been like treading on eggshells. Every time we met, we ended up arguing then splitting up as he felt slighted over the smallest thing! It’s been nearly a month now and I can’t stop thinking about him and I wonder he is what he is, but what the F***k, happened to me? I’m a strong independent women, but I’m a shadow of what I could have been. He stifled my growth as in his words,’I shoukdnt be running around building networks, as he’ll give me EVERYTHING I NEED?(well, where was he when post my mastectomy operation he had to go home because his wife was worried where he was at 2am? He was listed as my next of kin. Thing is, HE has the issues not me, and I should have trusted myself more, but being vulnerable does strange things to your thought process?) I read the earlier post t
    WHY I’m finding it so difficult to let go of what is essentially a toxic relationship. It is bio chemical reaction.(that article really hit home what I’ve been going through.) I had a wobbly moment today, but this thread has been an enormous help. Whatever you decide to do, you are worthy of love and respect. Just be very careful. Don’t let him into your life so easily. Make him work for it. After all you’re worth it, right?

  41. For me it was the sex. It’s the best I ever had. Such a passionate lover. And this strong silence to him. Mine is also extremely intelligent. That was really the attraction to me,intense mental connection. But I suspect it was just all his manipulations. I still speak to him but I am no longer interested nor attracted. I think he is a sad strange man with mental problems lol.

  42. Hi everyone

    I’m a Taurus female and I am on week 4 of NC.

    My bull and I were friends for 18 months before we became a couple. I was in a really bad way, emotionally and financially and my bull looked after me and treated me like a Queen. He was my rock through the hardest of times. We were just platonic friends as I was not emotionally ready for any kind of relationship and I turned him down four times but he continued to persist and eventually won me over.

    Our lifestyles are extremely different and we have tried for six months to balance our relationship with our lifestyles (became of his lifestyle it’s too dangerous for us to be together) even though we tried. We tried for six months and it came to an end in November.

    I feel your pain. Today is a day where I have struggled to get out of bed as the tears flood over me like oceans… But I will continue to struggle on with NC as this is my way in all relationships when it ends. I cut contact and walk away.

    I pray that my bull can sort out his lifestyle so that perhaps we can be together in the future but I have read your stories and he and I have split for the second time ONLY and I have no intention of letting the pain span over many years.

    Thanks for your experiences. It’s been an eye opener.

  43. My taurus is 25 female. Im 55 Libra. I am a millionaire. She is broke. It is the relationship from hell. Three and half years of her treating me like a ATM. It all been done mostly by text. The i love you, Want to be with you. To the lets be friends. I need help with bills. To i want to start business. I told her no more money till she love me. Only gave her 1100.00 for christmas now she hurt. She says she has to work is why we not together full time. I love her. Ive been with 44 woman till her. Last 3 years only her. The hell. I dont shave, eat right or do anything but smoke drink. Waiting at my house for her to wake up and bring marriage. I am white. She is black.

  44. ItsAtAurusThing says:

    Are comments still being accepted here?…I’m a Taurus man!…lol the heartless, ice cold monster I’ve seen described in many of the comments above!…but to be honest, I like how it does seem like all the people who commented did seem like they were talking about one person!…lmao….anyways…I’ve dated Libra, Aquarious, Pisces, Gemini, and my favourite…which seems to be the ones hating Taurus the most…Aries! So this is why am asking if comments are still being accepted at this point…because all I want to say for now is, I’m in love with an Aries woman who, by the way, is as cold and heartless as the taurus men you guys have mentioned. Ok then Ill check in a couple of days to see if comments are still being accepted. K bye, peace n love Aries sweethearts, Taurus Loves You!…Virgo…you really don’t wanna get me started! Lmao I tried dating a Virgo…Id visit hell for vacatins!???

  45. Sweetness says:

    Oh please tell me what your Virgo did?…I’ve just been the sweetest Virgo to my Taurus man…still he kept me floating around him like he was the sun in my universe for two years…I’m a strong Virgo but I have a huge heart…he took advantage & soaked up all the sweetness & caring I gave him….but then suddenly a random ex just popped in for one fone call & bam!..he at least told me its over..& that I was an extreemly beautuful soul..& sorry ….I’m assuming she was younger prettier …lol I hurt still..but I’m not dying over him

  46. Glitter78 says:

    Omg I an Aries finally seem to have my elusive Taurus and we have even discussed moving in together. He has changed and seems ready to settle down. I’m over the moon and hope this love lasts as long as the chase did lol

  47. PassionateAries says:

    Well maybe you see this Aries girl as a cold hearted person because you have actually done all the stuff mentioned by all!! Maybe she just decided to give you some of your own BULL CRAP and it’s not nice we know, but Taurus men are selfish and toxic people. For all the emotionally detachment that they dish out maybe it’s their own fault relationships don’t work out for them. See it as Karma!

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