How to get the married Sagittarius man

OK, I’m gonna get on my moral high horse right now and tell you that it is wrong to break up a marriage.

That said, it’s not so hard to get a married Sagittarius man. He’s got a bit of wanderlust in him. The Sagittarius man does not like to be shackled in wedlock, so a mare on the other side of the fence will appeal to him, especially if she can promise adventure … a rollick in greener pastures, for example.

On the other hand, some Sagittarius men love mounting the moral high horse. Sag is ruled by Jupiter, planet of ethics and religion. If the married man you covet has strong beliefs about the institution of marriage, then you’re wasting your time. Find some other stallion … preferably one’s who’s single!

Comment below: Have you had any luck seducing a married Sagittarius man?

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  1. I am an aries girl who had been seeing a sagi man for 2years. im not proud to admit it, but a year before he left his ex and committed to me he had been sleeping with me behind his aquarius gf’s back. so the 2 years they had been together he was also with me for the latter year. i have known this man for over 25 years and we had always been awesom friends. his wife left him after 18years and my husband left me after 15. he rebounded with the aquarian only a few months after his wife had left. she is a couple of years older than him, being 42, im 39. i confronted him acouple of times about it all and after trying to keep away from him he always told me he couldnt help but want to be with me. i told him one day that if he washappy with her, he wouldnt be with me. he agreed.
    To cut a long story short, he ended it with her, said she wanted more than he could give. they kept in contact and i know she always kept her foot in the door. she worships the ground he walks on, probably wouldnt so much if she knew what he had been up to while she was seeing him?
    Only last month i ended it with him. I wasnt getting the love i was giving in return. he said he was happy with me and that we had a future, but his actions never really matched his words. I started to resent him and the loud abnoxious behaviour he had when he was drunk started to irritate me. The flirting never bothered me so much – until it started with the aquarian woman. I decided i deserved better.
    What hurt the most i guess was that after only 2-3 weeks i found out that hes taken his aquarian ex back!!! I hit him up about it and he didnt have a lot to say about it and i didnt get the answers i wanted. Said he loved me but it was over. didnt know how he felt about her but was willing to see how it would go with her. Hmmmm. talk about irratic?!
    From any sagi man reading this, please answer me this – would she be just another rebound? I dont want him, but my pride is hurt that he could have her back in his bed before it was even cold! Can sagi’s just turn their feelings on and off like that? He had told me on several occasions that he loved me not her, he wanted me not her. was it all just a lie?
    Maybe its karma. I know seeing him behind her back was wrong, but our connection was something you dont find everyday and i truely believed we were soulmates and were meant to be together. I think i out grew him. Doesnt stop me missing him though or trying to work ot what the hell is up with the whole running back to your ex thing!!!!???????????

  2. I’m a Gemini female and I’ve been having an affair for five months with a married Sagittarius man, who is fourteen years my senior. He’s married to an Aquarius. I love him with every essence of my being! (I know it’s stupid! but I do) I’m ending are affair before I get really hurt. THIS MAN CAPTURES MY SPRITE AND KEEPS ME STILL (which is so hard for a double Gemini (Sun and Mercury in Gemini) like me. Maybe in another life I can belong to him, my STRONG TITAN WARRIOR.

  3. See… I’m tired of those Sag males and their philandering ruining the reputation of the Sag females.

  4. O am a 33 yr old recently divorced mom of 3. I am a Sagittarius and i am currently having an affair with a married sagittarian guy who i have known for 20 years. The sex is amazing!! He and his wife are having major issues to the point where they now live in different states and only see eachother on weekends. Me and this guy have had a thing for each other for years and neither of us knew about it until this past summer. I want more of him! I know what we are doing is wrong. I was cheated on for ten yrs by my ex husband. But i cant help myself. Only thing is now i want him all to myself.

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