How to get a Leo man

Every man wants to be listened to. Granted, it can be easy to tune out an Aquarian talking about SQL Server or a Sagittarian discussing foreign relations, but a Leo man is likely to at least keep you engaged. The consummate performer, Leo’s warm and outgoing style puts you at ease, so all you have to do is dilate your pupils, slightly drop your lower lip, and gaze admiringly at him while he does his schtick.

The Leo man will get along with any woman who’s fiery, enthusiastic, sociable and chatty. However, what he wants most is an audience. Throw in a little Aquarian detachment while you observe him, and he’ll be like a circus lion standing on his hind legs to get a rise out of you.

Comment below: How have you snagged a Leo?

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  1. silkyfine says:

    @ Juicy I AGREE!!! COULDNT HAVE SAID IT BETTER!!! could we have gotten the same one LOL…

  2. ms.juicyfruit says:

    @MYEPOCH..yea u right men only do what u allow them to do,but my two friends have warned me over and over again!about them Leo men..especially the the leo men who birthday is n August it has been said their the worst 1’s.Everything my friends had told me avout a leo man was true!!!!HE was the immature leo!at the age 42.,im36 and a Taurus the bull May16,he’s AUG.5..i was the woman on the side and he had a main woman at home that he lives but keep lying about! but as a black woman i did my investigation cause that’s what we do and found out he lived with a woman,but he keeps lying about! and now im the ex woman on the side!after us being together almost everyday!the act like i aint shit to him now but before at the beggining i was so pretty and he want me to have his baby and all this ole other shit! but i would front the muthafu!ker about all his bullshit!!and lies but he still would lie!!!!!!!LIE!!!!WANNA BE A PLAYA PIMP 4real!!!

  3. ms.juicyfruit says:

    @Silkyfine..maybe we did had the same leo man if u live n Houston.,lol! but naw child i think there all the same!…lol,,if u want to share some bs these men have done hit me up,or send me a friend request on facebook and send me a message to let me know who u are…because of the viruses going around on facebook i just dont want to accept any’ole’body’s request….(shaun juicyfruit brewer)

  4. silkyfine says:

    @juicy nah im all the way on teh east coast…but those players travel LOL. i took a break from FB..too much going on. stay safe and i hope you find a good one!

  5. Question for L3ON ROM 11:
    If a Leo man is really into you after the first date how does he act? Does he call you right away and make plans or shine you on a little at first to play hard to get?

  6. Leo woman here!!
    Ladies if u wanna keep ur lion at heart.. Number one send compliments his way..example: Wow that looks good on u.. Looking very handsome today bla bla bla.. Always look ur best cause leos enjoy walking around with someone looking just as good as they do.. Its a ego thing let me tell u..
    If u cheat.. Forget it ur loss he’s gone for good.. Loyalty is one of our important factors.. Enjoy spending time with family.. Family oriented always a plus.. NEVER deprieve him from going out with the Boys.. cause not a good thing.. We enjoy ME time aswell.
    U lie and we find out.. boy o boy its gonna take a while for them to trust you.. When in public.. no firlting, eyeing other men.. no good for the leo ego..
    I know all this might sem like hard work but let me tell u once u have Leo’s heart he will spoil u forever and be the man u want him to be 🙂

  7. @ everybody out there who knows a little about charts

    uhm so i’ve been thinking….
    I dated this Leo guy last year, we ended it up pretty so-and-so, not abruptly but staying pals, not friends… although the relationship was BLOODSHED; he STILL pursued me after having been abroad for some months; i know he still wants me around, however i’m not planning on going back….anytime soon. Maybe when pigs fly…maybe.
    However. I am very intrigued about his birth chart because things appear to be a little contradictory with his behavior…in general. I am a Cancer thus i do have loads of intuition, i rarely miss one, you know, and many many times i sensed there was something wrong with him, something weird…like whenever he’d act all tough and shitty and offend me and everything, in fact he was being insecure…

    I’m honestly NEVER going to date another man before making his birth chart :))) seriously, i just can’t believe some of the stuff i found out ever since i landed my behind on this forum! (holla @all the ladies &gents)

    So his chart is pretty indicative of what my senses were telling me, yet his behavior, a big pile of bullshiz. I would REALLY need some help to try figure things out just for the record….

    Me- sun Cancer
    ascendant in Cancer
    moon in Pisces
    venus in Leo
    mars in Capricorn
    mercury in Leo
    Jupiter in Pisces
    Saturn in Sagittarius
    Uranus in Sagittarius
    Neptune in Capricorn
    Pluto in Scorpio
    Lilith in Gemini
    asc node Aries

    Him- sun Leo
    Ascendant scorpion
    Moon in Aries
    Venus in Cancer
    Mars in Virgo
    Mercury in Leo
    Jupiter Pisces
    Saturn Cancer
    Uranus Libra
    Neptune Sagittarius
    Pluto Libra
    Lilith Aquarius
    asc node Sagittarius

    ….whereas i can see why we were instantly attracted to one another (tons of fire in my chart and tons of water in his respectively, similar venus-leo/cancer and mars in earth signs-virgo and cappy), i figure his bad ass moon in fiery Aries was the problem…mine is in Pisces and he was sometimes so hurtful i thought i was either gonna suffocate or crack his head wide open with some blunt object…
    I definitely sensed there was something wrong with him, like he was trying not to show too much, he was trying so hard to control himself in our relationship, like INTENTIONALLY being cold, acting distant, offensive, and when i felt he could take no more and crack, he would….he’d get amazingly warm (hot actually), hold me tight, kiss, make love, bla bla…
    the dude acted all bi-polar and i haven’t met that many men like him.
    so if anyone has a hint on his wicked birth chart, could you guys HELP??

  8. brianna says:

    ok i broke it off with a leo for no good reason and two weeks later i find out he has a new girlfriend. its been a few months and i haven’t talked to him or anything but everytime he’s around he’s staring at me and for some reason now i want him back. but im afraid he won’t want me back because things didn’t end so well between us. can anyone help?

  9. gemini girl says:

    The only guy i’ve ever felt smitten with was a leo guy. We were only 17. But as you find at that age a couple of misunderstandings ended up in him thinking that i’d tried to break up with him, meaning his pride was hurt and he’d cross me off the list.
    Once you upset a leo you’ll never get them back.

    I know geminis and leos can be a difficult match because sometimes geminis are not serious enough or sensitive enough for them, but everytime i can spot a leo man because they have such stunning faces and a great sense of humour with that touch of seriousness which seems to be my ‘type’.

    I was left with my heart broken but as i mentioned, there are always similar people out there so keep your head held high and smile.

  10. Hello, I am a scorpio woman who met a leo man online. He is veryr educated we got on well and talked most everyday for three weeks. But many times during our conversations his i/m would just drop and I would be hanging. Then other times when we would talk and come to the complete end of the converdtion and good nites were in order, he would just not reply and I would emptily give my adue and tell him that I would see him later. Other times all seemed ok. I sorta felt something was wrong, but he would never admit to it. Then on day he justed didn’t i/m me. So after about two days of this I just deleted him from my buddy list. Then, two weeks later he shows up acting like nothing happend. I was polite but asked him how he got thru since I had deleted him. He said well I still see you. I said well, I don’t understand how yahoo works. We had a few polite words but none the less he was pissed that I had deleted him. He says he is doing the same now. Was i wrong to let him know what I had done. Is he really hurt??? I feel that I had to let him know since I don’t want to be a pushover and I’m certainly not a needy woman. Any thoughs on wht his tru feelings might be right now? Tanks everyone

  11. mouse89301 says:

    I dated this leo and boy was he insecure, Who are you texting n so on. Let me just say that if hes seeking the attention of other women even if they are friends hes cheating!!!! he will charm you from dawn to dusk into believing that it isnt going on. Just keep your eyes open and watch yourself

  12. sexyniceredheadvirgo: says:

    a leo who I know for several years now keeps on inviting me to his house,
    to watch a movie or go on his motorcycle or have breakfast cause years
    ago we used to have breakfast at his place on sundays!

    its being seven years not hearing from him..he is real nice I see him as a
    friend I dnt know if he is gay….but I turn him down for I dnt know how many
    mos now…
    should I go to his place_______??????? oh god I think Im going out of
    boredom and feeling arise that he is not jumping on me!

    any advice here?

  13. Ari Yukan says:

    I like my Leo girl she is very friendly where as me as an Aries i get very serious at times.

    ; D

  14. Am in love with a Leo, I have known him for ten years now but everytime we try to go to the next step he back down and sometime make me want to rip my hair apart.
    Am a cancer, do u guys think I should leave it alone and move on or what? Help

  15. Don’t waste any more time with him. He should know if he wants you and my guess is you are a little too available. He probably takes breaks here & there but comes back. You have to break it off for good and don’t give in when he comes back because he will.

    You are only young for such a short time. If you want marriage & a family get serious about it and that means not allowing someone to play with your heart.

  16. I met a Leo a few months ago and it was love at first sight. i dont know how can i explain what i felt when i met him , but im extremely attracted to him. I dont know how to express myself , cause the feeling i got is very deep…when im around him i start trippin’ , how can i make him understand how i feel without coming off too strong..or scare him? i dont want to give him the wrong idea about me. please help me! write me back!! i dont know if he feels the chemistry but wow i never felt that way before!! by the way im a taurus..

  17. Am a cancer and my man is a leo, am afraid we won’t last cause we fight like cats & dog. Please help, I don’t no wat to do

  18. Maria: Don’t say anything just enjoy what you have. Leo’s start off with a bang but all that affection is not that deep so keep him at arm’s length yet still give him a little sugar to keep him interested. Leo men like a woman who is not easy, who respects herself. He’ll call you baby, sweetie early and you need to tell him ‘I’m not your baby, sweetie…..yet’ with a smile. Give him a challenge, make it fun. DO NOT cling or take what he says early on to heart. Let him lead the way but maintain who you are (values, morals).

    Diana: Why are you fighting so much?

  19. @Maria, I’m also a taurus, and I have been with this Leo guy for a while last year, he is the hottest and most wanted bachelor, we went to college together, sat in the same classroom, but still I didn’t pay him any attention, untill one day he started talking to me. We dated for a while, I’ve had a lot of fun with him, and one day I saw it, he is tall dark and handsome, gosh. The sex was amazing, I like how passionate he is and the way he grabs me like he really wants me.
    I broke it off after a while, because he had issues, but we were never really official. I think I kept his interest by maintaining a life of my own, but still being sweet, just like Bliss said above.
    After a year I bump into him and he asked me out again, omg, I missed him so much, I didn’t realize it untill we were together again. They are so lovable creatures. I know exactly how you’re feeling, flirt a little, have fun with him. Let me know how it went…

  20. littlemissmandy says:

    I am a Virgo female, currently enjoying a ‘flirtation’ with a Leo for nearly two weeks. He is very open with his feelings & has made them known. He constantly compliments me, calling me beautiful, telling me that I give him butterflies, that he can’t get me out of his head, etc.
    Don’t get me wrong, this is lovely and I appreciate it… yet I can’t help wondering whether it is truely sincere, afterall it hasn not yet even been two weeks????

  21. Me – Pisces, Him – Leo

    I’m a little confused over my dear Leo friend whom I’ve known for almost 2 years.

    He and I are very good friends and I know some of his deep dark secrets (mostly sexual), I think he feels very free to talk to me about anything and everything. I get the feeling that I’m the one he calls to just talk. Sometimes he is pensive and I can sense that he is thinking and somewhat far away, other times he is lively and we laugh and chat.

    He knows that I am intensely loyal to him and he knows I would never betray his trust.

    Recently due to certain events happening, I’m wondering if he has never thought of me as a potential mate. As is typical a Leo male, I know his ”type” is a leggy blonde with a nice figure etc. I’m a brunette and curvy (not fat eh? J-Lo ain’t fat is she?!!) – yeah, so think Latino with long dark hair, dark eyes etc.

    We were discussing the number of people we slept with the other evening and when I said a guesstimate, he didn’t seem happy at how ”high” the number was. So I wrote on paper exact number and it was far less – he seemed very happy and said I’ve scored some points. I don’t know what he meant by that.

    I’m wondering due to things he said in the last couple of years of our friendship if he saw or thought of me as a differant? I say to him that he is my mentor and master and he loves that – there is a 20 year age differance between us. I adore him. I don’t know if I LOVE him, i tell him to his face he is snobby and superficial but that I still adore him because I know there is and i’ve experienced his generousity of spirit and when I invite myself over with my friends to his house and he plays host, I laud him, I make him the centre of attention and he knows this because I want my friends to meet this wonderful man I’m lucky enough to call my friend, he loves it, he asks me afterwards what did so and so think, do you think she’ll go out with me, etc.

    Leo men are superficial. But I’m wondering if my loyalty and adoration means more to him than all the pretty woman who have abused his generous nature and treat him badly – look he’s not easy though! But still, I do wonder why someone like him, who is so well connected, rich, cultured, own business, fairly attractive for someone in his mid 50s, etc.

    He did say to me the other evening, he misses the ideal family life, home, wife, etc. He is twice divorced and his kids are spread around the world.

    I always say I feel bad that I can’t fix things for him and he says I know.

    I wonder if for whatever reason he may have seen me as a potential but perhaps signals from me, he didn’t do anything? He did once make a comment about how he didn’t want to do a f**k buddy with me because otherwise ”it would lose something of the special”.

    I’m wondering because I dont look a certain way as his type, I should try to persue some how surriptiously.

    Maybe I’m just confused right now and just let sleeping dogs lie……just be his ”go to person”?

  22. The histrionic Leo, a classic case. I think that’s the easiest way to get a Leo’s attention is to lure into an audience, which in this case would be you. Please him in anyway you can by being an adoring audience to him and for sure you’ll get him in no time! 🙂

  23. I’m trying to get this Leo guy but i know if that like me just taking his time or want me to text message all the time when he try to talk and i ignore me he want me now i want to talk him he he slow to reposed but he not asking me out ??? and he only text me when i text him I’m i over reason i really really want to guy but i don’t mess it up ??

  24. HELP!! My leo man and I (libra) have been together for almost 2 years he has been wonderful!
    I have partial seizures and I had one on a trip we recently took. Now I had been telling him I was
    taking my medicine when I wasnt because it made me feel all loopy (irresponsible I know) I think I not only scared him half to death but lost his trust? He broke up with me about two weeks ago I have been going crazy! I love this man and we have so much fun together WHAT CAN i DO?? Ive apologized and called and text no Im just leaving him alone but hes ignoring me. I recieved 1 text message from him in these two weeks. I went to the doc and got everything taken care of but is it too late?? I feel like he feels responsible for me. What can I do to get him back?How can I make him trust me to take care of myself again??

  25. Angel BIC says:

    I am aquarius. I was dating for 1 year with leo man. After that he proposed me – I was not ready, however I said yes and start to live together with him for 16 months. In that time we had wonderful and horible moments – problem with methods – he wanted family, I wanted to wait to settle myself with the job. This was first misunderstanding, and another care about each other. I wanted more. He has very stresfull job, and even with me ho was miles away ….

    At the end of the story, I made mistake becouse for of the pressures and deficit of care – I told him that there is another gay, who is in my mind .. nothing happend as I loved him.

    He left me after 3 months in the situation where I had hue life problems – he asked for time and separation, I said that we are done.

    I am not typical woman, I know a lot of thins which I should do in a better way, but – its just like that – he is not here anymore. I love him and I appricate his very much – do you have any advice?

    I decided to leave him for some time

  26. Hi Angel,

    I think there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye but from what you have
    revealed so far the one quote which stands out is that “THERE IS ANOTHER GUY
    ON YOUR MIND”.!!!

    You must realise that this would alarm any Man whom is serious about you and
    especially a Man whom has asked you to marry him. Leos are renowned for their
    “LEGENDARY PRIDE” which they take very seriously and constantly reflect it
    toward others due to the fact that it is the very reflection of the way they view them-
    selves, and the image which they project and a very important characteristic which is
    ingrained in their nature.

    You have not only “INSULTED and WOUNDED” his “PRIDE” but you have added further
    insult to injury by placing “DOUBT” in his mind which now raises the question of whether
    or not he is able to “TRUST” you or anything which involves and concerns your relationship
    which has now been placed under the suspicious microscope due to your indiscretion by
    revealing that “another Guy EXISTS in your mind” and that he is not the one and only holding
    “PRIDE of PLACE” in your “MIND and most probably your HEART”.???

    Leos are very “LOYAL” toward those whom they truly love and value but they are equally harsh
    and unforgiving when you have transgressed against them, but if you can “PROVE” to them
    that this “INDIVIDUAL does NOT pose a THREAT to your RELATIONSHIP” then there is the
    possibility of reconciliation providing you are willing to repair the damage which has now been
    caused by causing this rift between you, and needs to be overcome in order to move forward
    in the future.

    Good luck and hope things turn out in your favour. Taurus.

  27. I don’t think the sign Leo is understood very well at all by non-Leos.

  28. Hi Diana,
    The same is happening to me, I’m cancer and my boyfriend is Leo. We have fights and arguments all the time. Fire and water don’t mix very well. I’ll tell something though, if you want it to work you’ll have to let him take charge of the relationship and let him win the arguments, but later in a sweet tone get your message across. You must make him a priority,you must NEVER LIE to him he will find it out, praise him and don’t forget words of affirmation. I haven’t followed all these rules very well because I lied to him and now it’ll take a very long hard effort to get his trust again so it’s not worth it. What are you guys are fighting about? Only love, mutual understanding, patience, loyalty and determination will make leo and cancer a good match.

  29. I reconnected with a Leo man I knew while in my 20s. Now in our 50s,we live in different cities and have visited one another for hot nights of passion during the past year. We speak daily (he calls me)
    and he showers me with gifts in between. We have amazing sexual chemistry, values and political views. Problem: We are not in a committed relationship and haven’t had a discussion about where we are with that. I think he wants me but he is a lazy dater. I know I want him. Your thoughts on next steps?

  30. Did you ever marry?

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