How to conquer an Aries man

AriesWhat are you thinking? That’s like beating up Aries Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

But, no, you must mean sexually conquer.

You’ve got an uphill battle, because Aries likes to do the conquerin’. Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. He likes to win. You’re not likely to beat him at his own game.

However, you can be his better half. The Aries man is attracted to his opposite — and what’s the antithesis of brutish and aggressive?


Be charming, gracious, beautiful and balanced. Once your Aries man stops grunting, he’ll put down his stick and see that you make up for his boorishness.

Comment below: How have you conquered an Aries man?

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  1. Always just be yourself but don’t get too physical. Enjoy your time with him & let him know if you had a good time. Good luck!

  2. @ Xanthe: It’s been a long 9 months since I’ve known my dear Arien. We hadn’t been able to visit often during the summer since he had been away, studying abroad in Spain (for most of May) and a week later, in Japan with his family (until July 20th). And so, I’ve only been able to see him in person twice this passing summer: before he left for Japan and after he came back. He’ll be returning to Japan to study abroad next semester. Much like during his birthday when I treated him to a trip to Six Flags, he offered to take me out for breakfast at a local restaurant in his town and then to Raging Waves (it’s a really fun place; I highly recommend it!). I don’t really want to go through the details (unless you want me to), but I had a wonderful day and it was by far the best dates I’ve ever been on (on retrospect, I wish that my past meal based dates were as entertaining as his. It’s never awkwardly quiet when I’m with him and he’s such a gentleman – seriously, does any guy wait to sit until the lady does anymore? Maybe it’s just the Southerner in him xD). Unfortunately, the school season is back and we hadn’t had much time to talk to each other. I try to call him, but then I end up being cut off with him explaining that he’s really busy. Okay, I did give him some room and understood well enough that it’s really time consuming to move back into a dorm, but still, something didn’t quite fit together.

    Just this passing Monday, I called him once more and this time, he had something to say. He suggested that we shouldn’t keep considering ourselves a romantic couple anymore, and it’s because we’re too physically far apart. We’ve talked about this situation on the day we first met, but I didn’t think that he would give up so soon. . . I really wanted to celebrate our first anniversary at the convention we met. I suppose that he’s right about this, but for once, I just wanted to experience and tell others about a successful long-distant relationship. I’m starting to suspect that this post is going to talk more about me o – o For a baby crab, I’m surprised that I didn’t cry much or for very long, and I’m doing all I can to move on, but as the week goes on, this is getting pretty tough since I’ve never had anyone actually break up with me before.

    Maybe it’s just my post-break up hope, but I really hope that we can manage to come back to each other as a steady couple when we aren’t living so far away. Many people will tell me that I’ll find better guys, but really, I don’t want to. He was the best I’ve ever got, and I know that I am very fortunate to have gotten to know and be close to him.

    One of my best girl friend’s and her friends have dealt with too many d-bags and they’re often too stubborn to realize that they’re not good enough (and they really aren’t). I suppose that I do put my Arien on a pedestal (funny thing is that he does to same with me xD), but I’m quite proud of him, and wish that there were more people like him in the world.

  3. Ok….so have I conquered my Aries man? We have been together for nearly 4 years. On and off, on and off. I have just recently moved in with him. He has never bought me flowers, or jewelry. He never compliments me. But he will put brakes on my car in the middle of winter when it is 10 degrees outside. I am pretty certain he loves me and our sex is fantastic! But, only when he isn’t acting like a grand ass, which is most of the time. We have mental compatibility but he seems to think that he is way smarter than me. In some things that may be true, but he has horrible social skills, he is harsh, arrogant, and generally rude. Sometimes he is funny tho…and he makes me laugh. But most of the time I feel like I am on a roller coaster with him, and he can be so bi-polar, like Jackyl and Hyde. One minute a huge ass and the next he is being really sweet. So, what is this? I am an Aquarian and not normally prone to stress but he is really testing my patience. I am also worried that he will tire of me and deeply concerned that I will be homeless. I have really put myself in a very precarious position I fear….so tell me should I be worried?

  4. He will not change so love him or leave him. Weigh the positive vs. the negative. Most Aries in love are very giving, unselfish (total opposite of the norm 😉 ) It may be best not to be so dependent on him until you decide. However 4 years is a long time. Why do you like the off & on thing?

  5. I love my aries man… He chased me for a year in a half with dates here and there but I didn’t give in sex… I remember I use to demand so many things from him.. Including to deposit money on my bank account while he was working .. Just to go to the hair salon and do my hair… He did it many times… And, he won me!!! I am now deeply in love with him and if he ever needs me to deposit money on his bank I would gladly do it!!.. He hasn’t changed a bit in fact now that we are intimate he is sooooo nice and loving and caring.. He was the whole time but I never gave him a chance to notice those things till now.. By the way he is the best sex mate I’ve ever had… We las about 2 hours in act and he is always ready for me. Good luck all with your aries! They are awesome loyal, faithful, sexy, charming,giving and very generous!!

  6. moonstar..u described an aries really well. LOL Let alot slide off your back and ignore a lot. If you can’t do that, it won’t work. Or flat out call them on what hurts you..they will listen but often need time to process what you are saying.

  7. Perfect! I’m a Libra girl and haven’t found the right one until now. Problem because previously I was chasing a Virgo and an Aquarius, incompatible signs, I know. All I have to do then is to look for an Aries and all my problems are solved! Thanks!

  8. A Bit Confused! says:

    I’m interested in an Aries Man but the problem is he’s been having a girlfriend that lives in his hometown for 1 1/2 yrs and I had a boyfriend in the Cayman Islands. I’ve realized that the long distance relationship is not going to work for me so he doesn’t know I’ve moved on. Whereas, he’s still hanging on to his long distance relationship. the other day was his birthday and she came out to see him on that day around 5pm but he called me around 4:30pm to thank me for leaving him a message to wish him Happy Birthday ( the Big 50). That’s a big deal. So we play this game on the computer and on our phone and on the next day (saturday) around noon it was such a beautiful day, what pops up on my phone but him playing the game with me. She left that Sunday evening and he was back on the computer playing with me around 6pm (not saying anything). I was getting the impression that he wanted me to have conversation with hm through the game but I didn’t. I took him to lunch the next week for his birthday and since than we’ve gone to a movie and had breakfast together. He doesn’t know what I’m thinking as far as how I feel about him and he doesn’ know if I’m still with my cayman guy. I have to play hard to get but each time we’re together I see how he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking at him. He always has so much to say to me when we get together. I don’t want to play games but what is it that I have to do now to make him want me and for him to show it. I want him to realize long distance relationships are hard and us being together is easier. He said to me that he mostly play the game with me and his mom. I’m so close with him. I’m an independent lady and we laugh alot when we’re together. Help I really want this relationship. He’s such a good guy!

  9. I’ve been with an Aries man for almost give years now…and for me i had to play hard to get for almost a year and let him make all the moves lol…even though i had every intention to be with him…which i guess was a bonus because naturally we became friends before our relationship even began…btw i am a Scorpio…

  10. I’ve been with an Aries man for almost give years now..and for me i had to play hard to get for almost a year and let him make all the moves lol…even though i had every intention to be with him…which i guess was a bonus because naturally we became friends before our relationship even began…btw i am a Scorpio…

  11. Can Someone help me??? Please?!

    Can someone help me in regards to understanding an Aries man? My ex-boyfriend and I met back in 2009 and at the time I was not really interested in him. He pursued me for a year and a half until we finally became romantically involved. Once we did, i had moved away for a job and after a few months I had returned. I returned because I had lost my job and of course during that time I couldn’t handle things and I broke up with him. We ended on really good terms and after a month we hung out together. A month after that we saw each other by chance in a different state and ended up spending the evening together. From there we ended up getting back together and were dating. After about 3 months he became extremely ill and ended up having surgery. It was a long recovery and I was not able to see him. Once he started to feel somewhat normal something happened and we/he saw me as a friend and no longer as a girlfriend. I told him I couldn’t continue to see him as I had wanted more and for me to move on I needed to break all ties with him. He contacted me 7 weeks later and we hungout again. He kept saying it was so great to spend time with me and mentioned it 5 times the first time we saw eachother. we hungout 1 more time after that and it was then that I followed up with an email saying I really couldn’t hangout with him anymore. Ok, so 5 weeks later he invites me out and says whenever he has tickets to concerts he always thinks of me first. He invited me to go to an event he was hosting and during that time, while we were only friends, he would look across the crowd and lock-in and smile at me as well as held my hand as we went to an event right after his party. At the event, I asked him if the girl who was buy herself was his girlfriend and while he tried to deny it, I called him out on it and said I saw you kiss her. As it turns out, his best-friend pulls me aside and says “Here is what happened. He didn’t find out that she was coming until the last minute and didn’t know what to do. He said he didn’t want to hurt me and his friend said why…Do you love her?” His answer was “no.” Why did the Aries man do this to me and why does he keep calling me back into his life?? I never deserved to be hurt the way he hurt me?

  12. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    My brother in law is an Aries, I am deeply in love with my Aquarius husband and I would love it if I could be friends with his brother, but he avoids me. when we speak its polite and friendly but he won’t talk to me unless he has to, my Sag brother got along great with my brother in law but he won’t talk with me. I am not flirty and I just want to talk like family but he runs. He has a gorgeous Leo wife so it can’t be attraction, I just don’t get it. Oh well, his wife and I get along great.

  13. NewlyWedLibraLady says:

    This happened to a friend of mine with her Aqua BF, I think he feels obligated to be nice to her one last time on the last date, so she can have closure, if he says he doesn’t love her, I’d believe him. I would try to trust him but if I saw any sign of her back in his life then I’d quietly leave. Its not his sign , its a guy thing. They are all like that until they decide they can’t live with out you, could still happen, don’t worry, men are funny creatures. Just ask yourself something too, is he worth it to you? Do you really want him, if you do then let him come after you, guys love to chase.

  14. damselindistress says:

    Just recently started dating a aries man its been about a month. Yesterday he told me he lovved me I was kinda shocked but i love him too so i said it back but when we finally met the next day he plays so man games like little boy in kindergarten idk we i ended up losing him his phone was dead and i just went mhome cos i couldnt find him i felt so hurt and ended up crying as soon as i got inbmto my house i know he has feelings for me and i know god has sennmt him to me

  15. Taurus sun, Leo rising, Virgo moon says:

    I’ve been dating my aries man for 7 months on and off, hot and cold, here than gone, at first it really hurt that he would ignore me after we spend days texting, but now I understand them a little bit better, I ignore his ass as much as I can and do my own thing and than he will always come back, I like my own space too sometimes but I find them to be rather indifferent to our relationship when we aren’t together, I’ve been trying to seriously break up with him recently but he won’t stop sending me a random text every few days, is this gonna continue for the entire relationship if I keep responding, oh he’s very good at getting me to respond than disappear, I’m taking things very slow, he has been trying to move in with me too but I don’t want to move that fast, I really don’t like it when he does this but the sex is beyond amazing lol that’s why I can’t forget him….maybe I’m in love

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