How can Aries get a Gemini man?

[ad#link]If there is any sign with enough energy to keep up with a Gemini, it’s Aries. The Gemini man is restless, and wants to cover a lot of ground in little time. The Aries woman may not be able to match Gemini’s quick wit, but she can win him over by taking him on a whirlwind tour of New York City, or hitting every vineyard in Northern CA. Taking the initiative suits Aries, and since she loses interest after the first step, she’ll be right in line with Gemini, who’s ready to move on to the next destination once he’s taken in the sights.

Comment below: Are you an Aries? How have you snagged a Gemini man?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m an Aries woman and I met my long term Gemini man in the workplace. He was very goodlooking and stared holes through every cute girl at work. All the girls had a crush on him. His girlfriend left him and moved away. Since he was so used to all the girls adoring him. I got his attention by ignoring him. If I passed by him at work I wouldn’t speak or look at him. Same thing if we were on the elevator together. I was dating someone else who was a Virgo and we all went out of town together for the day. I guess my date realized how me and the Gemini were getting along famously and he blew me off. Then when the guy I had been dating went out of town. My Gemini man made his move. We went to the same place out of town with one other guy from work. We went floating down a beautiful spring in the heat of summer. He made our first kiss so sensual. He took some of the water from the springs and put some on his lips and then put some on mine. And then he kissed me. I was in love from that moment. And a couple of months later when I felt he deserved to have all of me he turned out to be the best sexual parnter I’ve ever had! We new each other for 12 years. We broke several times and got back together and now we’ve been broken up for over a year and a half and I hadn’t found a man that I loved that much! But I just met another Gemini man and the way things are going so far, I think he’s a keeper!

  2. no effert required for Aries woman to get Gemini man. He will start talking and will be funny. Effortless chemistry. They enjoy each other’s company immensely!

  3. I’m a Scorpio separated from a Gemini man after being together for almost 11 years. I agree with Larissa…play it cook with your Gemini man & it will drive him nuts. When I’ve become didstant with my Gemini, he has come running. Just don’t take it too far or he really will believe that you’re not interested.

  4. Ariesinlove says:

    Hey, i am an aries girl who has started dating a gemini guy ,but the problem is he is a player and for me loyalty is very imp.this is for all the areies girl-how do u deal with the geminn’s tendency to flirt and infact do a lot more than flirting 🙂

  5. well im an aries . and i had a gemini guy freind now for two weve hooked constantly like sexual hook up. and the first time we were together it was the best. but i found put he was a hoe lol. he was sneeky.i broke up wih him and got bax with him…….. well atleast i thought we was back together. i gave him my virginity no. 1 and we have had the worst arguments repeated in worlds history. 3. come to find out he didnt love me. he was in love woth a girl that i was going to school with in my young days. she went out with him before but didnt take him back. she knew what he was about . and i was the dumb one lookin like wow……… im still by his side. and come to find out i got pregnant by him and i had a miscarrage. and i dint know . now he thinks that i wuldve never had told him about me being pregnant . and in his eyes ima liar because i lied to him about aa situation. lol i need help . i want to clear up things between me and him. but i dont believe hell trust me ever again though……….. what do you guys think?

  6. Facebook User says:

    Okay I’m an Aries female (Scorpio moon) who has a close guy friend who is a Gemini (Taurus Moon). I can say that I’ve been friends with him since I was 16 and he was 18, but there has been spurts of something “more” over the years. Usually the best bet is to keep him interested with humor and be honest too, yet don’t squish his ego too much, but don’t be afraid to call him on out on his bluff, it’ll keep him on his toes and interested. Show your zany side and don’t be afraid to use music as a choice in showing you care. Also brush up on your vocabulary, cause Gem’s talk and have a wide-variety of words to use at advantage and love someone that knows more then they do… one of the reasons my friend has stuck around for so long, I always keep him guessing and on his toes, whether it be for conversation or something physical, like whacking him with a pillow playfully. Oh and don’t be afraid to get playfully with these guys, they love a girl who enjoys being silly and like a kid sometimes.

  7. I’m and Aries woman and I’ve been with my Gemini guy for almost 4 years now. Funny how it started. My best friend started dating his best friend back in 2006. I met my boyfriend through my best friend’s boyfriend at a hotel party in Vegas ( Where I reside)and I had immediate attraction to him. I paid no mind to him of course. I just said very casually to my friend “he’s cute”. It’s funny because after we made it official 3 months later he told me he was like “fuck that girl” because he found out I thought he was cute but this other jealous guy that I’ve hooked up with before which I definitely regret tried telling him stories that weren’t true. Here we are still together almost 4 years July 9 of this year. I was 17 and he was 16 when we met I’m now going on 21 next month. It blows my mind of how young we were yet we’re pretty much married with out the papers. We’ve lived together 2 years here in Vegas as well as in Utah. Of course we’ve had some very very ugly arguments but we’re still in love. He actually wants to marry me now…..I was blown away about this because he would always say he didn’t want marriage but just recently he has been talking about it. Of course though I’m not ready for that. As of right now I moved away from Utah back in Vegas and he’s still in Utah. We’re doing the long distance thing for now. We’re both very laid back people and have a lot of trust in each other. We brush off all the negative people due to the fact we always have people trying to get in our business. We’re happy though!

  8. anotherariesgirl says:

    hey…anyone with experience with gemini with scorp moon?

  9. I am an Aries woman with a Gemini man… He has been the sweetest man ever! He constantly sends me messages and calls me to tell me how much he misses me and how he loves me and is happy with me. We compliment each other very well. I read that Gemini man are very flirtatious and players, but that is not going to stop me from wanting to be with this man. As long as things are going how they are now, I am good. We are very open with one another as far as communication goes, and I feel very comfortable speaking to him just about anything. He tells me that he is very hard to keep because he get’s bored easily, and he doesn’t know why he cannot stop thinking of me.

    I give him his space and allow him to do what he wants without bickering, because after all, he is a man, and the space between us allows us to miss one another which is great. It is always good to let your man breathe and hang out with his friends, without assuming that he is doing anything wrong behind your back.

    I trust him and know that he is faithful. Until I see something for myself, I will not doubt or push him away with my jealousy. I do get jealous a lot of time, but do not with him because he treats me like no other and makes me feel special, so why doubt him and have him change the way he feels for me?

    Anyhow, I am in love with him, and think we are made for each other. We started off as friends, and little would I have known how much this man means to me. I truly do love him and believe that he too loves me!

  10. Aries and Gemini are an absolute perfect match… they both compliment each other immensely….. I love Gemini men !!

  11. This is great stuff. I had a friend who an Aries and she’s has been drooling over a Gemini. Now’s her chance to bag him! Thanks so much! I’m gonna recommend this to Leslie, she’s gonna love it!

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