Capricorn seducing Cancer

Hey baby, stick with me and I’ll buy you a KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer, as well as a Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine.

I won’t be home while you prepare delicious meals for me, for I will be slaving away at the office in my efforts to become a partner at the firm before I’m 40. However, after you put the kids to sleep and set the table, I should be home around 9, just in time to share dinner with you before I go to bed, for I must get up at 4:30 to get to the gym before I catch up on my emails at the office.

You may not see much of me, but I will provide for you, and we can go skiing in Aspen with the kids after I get my promotion.

Comment below: Are you a Cancer? How have you been seduced by a Capricorn?

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I am a 22 year old cancer and I am questioning some things about a 29 year old, respectful and completely a gentleman capricorn. He is driving me nuts trying to figure this all out.
    We met through my work about a month ago. He is my customer basically. The first time I heard his voice I was in awe! And it still drives me crazy. I could listen to him all day!
    It started out with him ordering items and having regular conversations with me on the phone at work. Then I delivered some things to him one afternoon at met him. Well the following day he asked for my number, and I gave it to him. We texted back and forth all day, and basically every day from that point on. Well either text or he would call me during work and order somethings but talk to me on the phone as well.
    He once told me I had him at hello =-) and we have a joke about answering phones on the first rings means your anxious. And one day he answered the phone on the first ring and I said are you anxious to know if I have your items or what? He said he was anxious about the whole package.
    Well during that same week it was my birthday. Well I sent him a text inviting him out if he had time, and I explained that I knew it would be unlikely with his busy work schedule, but i figured I would ask. (Because he works from early in the morning to late at night). Well 2 hours later he sent a text saying when and where. I was shocked but he came. It was myself, my friend, him and his friend. We all had a blast at the bar, but we decided we were going to try out a club. It was so crowded you could barely walk in it. Well he put his one had on my side and guided me through the crowd. We had lots of laughs that night and had a lot of fun. No kiss though, just a hug that I took the advantage to do.
    Well after that we started talking more. But I was the one that always texted him first. And I felt like a burden…but I couldnt go a day with out talking to him.
    Well starting Monday it will be the 3 week we have talked like this. Last week he called me one day after work, but everyday I was still texting him first. So I decided on Wednesday I was not going to text or call him. So he had one of his workers come get some stuff from me and told the guy to tell me hi and also told him to be nice to me <–does that mean anything?
    Well I told that customer to tell him hi back. Thursday I decided I wouldnt communicate with him first again just to see if he would communicate with me. Needless to say he did. But since we have exchanged numbers, which has been two weekends now he always ends Friday with well have a good weekend. He has told me about how on the weekends he has a lot of house work to catch up on since he is working all week and he has lots of land.
    So my questions are:
    -Is he interested or playing me?
    -Do you think this could ever turn into a serious relationship?
    -He lives 4 hours away and is working down here every week and goes home on the weekends. So if he is interested would he be willing to work with a long distance relationship?
    -Why hasn't he asked me out yet, but yet we talk everyday?
    -Do you think there is a reason he does not talk to me on the weekends?
    -Will I scare him away with my clingyness?
    -Should I keep communicating with him first or wait for him everyday?

    I am sorry it is so long, I just really need to know its driving me crazy!

  2. Kathleen, I am Capricorn male and let me answer those questions as if it was me. But before I do, just let me tell you a little bit about me in dating. I like to do a lot of very very subtle flirting and I dislike girls who are loud, aggressive (making always the first move) or lack class.
    Now, to your questions if he thinks like me that is:
    -Interested, I would never ever play a girl, that is off the limits, I try date girls that I think there is potential of a long relationship. Off course that is not always the case and end up dating some girls for very short amount of times, but if there is any hesitation is because of two things, he is unsure you like him (if this is the case, then he really likes you. The more I like a girl, the slower I move) OR he thinks it will be a problematic relationship, long distance, mixing professional and personal life, and/or he might not see you mature enough.
    -Despite my short term relationships there is nothing more that I would like (in my non-professional life) than finding the right girl. So most likely it will turn into a serious relationship.
    -Yes, long distance can work.
    -If he is like me, it means he likes you a lot. I don’t really make good friends that are girls that I talk everyday with. Even if the conversation is friendly by all means, the fact that he is taking time out of his schedule means he likes you.
    -No reason, he might think that is how you prefer it that way since you have not complained about it.
    -At the beginning yes, but once you are dating, not at all.
    -Continue, but let him know of your fear to be bothering him, he will understand and might try to start the conversation himself.

  3. @Kathleen
    thats sounds just like my Cap guy I know. will write more later, sorry am typing this on fone. but i feel ur confusion & perplexity!

    Kathleens situation, surely regardless of “star signs”, if a guy is into u, he wud make an effort? my Cap like Kathleen was hot for me at beginning chasing me, made it clear he physically wanted me, told him i was flattered & feeling mutual. i played the cautious 1. then i started to let my wall down & responded, i didnt jump in the sack with him rite away, we STILL havnt done the deed!, telling him i expected more eventually with time, no rushing, let b easy going etc. so months down the line, we are still in contact, hormones frustrated (LOL!) & he says he likes the fact we are still in contact, he says he hates the thought of messing me around & that is not is his intention @ all. he is trying 2 figure his headspace – not sure wat this means! suggested his trip away will do him good, clear his head etc. he agreed. i’m not playing hard 2 get honest!

  4. Obviously there is more i cud share 2 giv u insight but dont want to bombard u guys with info! laters

  5. @ Kathleen

    I’m not Cancer, I’m Pisces but I feel your confusion!

  6. hi,
    i am very happy i found this discussion between you!
    I am a cancer girl in love with a capricorn guy:)
    we work in the same company, but not in the same office. But because of the nature of our work we have contacts every day. Problem is that even, for example if we start by talking about work, we always end-up talking about other stuff laughing all the time (all tihis on the phone or by communicator)

    Almost everyday he contacts me first – he finds any reason to say something, he makesme compliments all the time (and as any cancer girl i am a bit suspicios if all he says is true). I mean even if we work in different places – we work like a team and he always finds something nice to tell me : things like “you are an angel”
    he tells me a lot of things about his professional plans – for example today he felt a bit sad – and he has all the reasons in the world – he is an incredible smart guy – the most competent person i work with and i know he desirves much more than he has now., but this is not always appreciated.
    Anyway, i was surprised he was talking to me about this stuff.
    But we never talked about more personal things like relashionships, etc. We talked about books, psichology. He likes to each me a lot of things. And i think he is hapy everytime i ask him for help.
    i got the feeling that between us is mutual respect and admiration, but if i want more.

    this would also be a distance relationship.

    Anyway is very difficult to get into his mind and i would really like to know that all he says is true!

    in this conditions, do you think that he would ever consider something between us?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me!

  7. So a lot has changed in the past couple weeks. But unfortunately I am still confused.
    He has told me that he can not have a relationship with how his work is. He has tried and it never works out. He has also told me that when he was 18 he got married, and was married for 8 years, so he has been divorced for the past 2 years +. He also told me that she took everything from him and he is just now getting everything back.
    He now finds a way to text me first everyday and calls me a lot more. Even on the weekends now. But we still go a day without talking.
    We have hung out a lot more to, several times a week. And several has just been with the two of us.
    He’ll hold my hand and kiss and hug me. Will leave work early just to be with me, has even ditched going out with his boss’ just to hang out with me.
    Well this past Wednesday was his last day working down here. He now works 2 hours away from me.
    But he still continues to call and text me everyday all day long. Well right before he left, he kept asking me if I was going to miss him, and he told me he was going to miss me, and that he would stay in touch. He wants me to come visit him at his new job site, and has already hinted to come visit me. He still tells me though.

    I am still very confused by this man, if he says he can’t have a relationship, why does he continue to keep in touch with me and wants to see me?

  8. Capt. Morris says:

    i think he is afraid, of love, of something serious. doesn’t want to get hurt. leaves a door for himself to ran away. cos if he’s telling you – he wants you, needs you, misses you – it is true. we never lie, we just don’t tell everything. so he probably already fell for you, and tries to test your feelings

    i’m a cap

  9. candicoated624 says:

    Thank God that I have found this site about Cancer/Cappy relationships….I am currently checking out this younger Capricorn, which took me 2 yrs. to speak to him until he approached me after class in September. We started out texting everyday for a week straight. Then, we developed a sexting thing…Keep in mind that I told him that I have a boyfriend (even though I didn’t want to tell him). We still texted and sexted until he asked me over his house. I went because I thought that I could control myself, but ended up with the most passionate sex ever (he was tender also).

    What pissed me off about him was that he did not tell me that he had a girl until after we had sex. I hate dishonesty especially when I am from the beginning. We still had sex…Now, I am broken up with my Leo because of his violent temper and emotional abuse. I am wondering why does Cappy still asks me questions about my ex? Things have been going okay except that he doesn’t open to me but want me to open…I’m also trying to cover my emotions by being mean to him. It helps me surpress my Cancerian emotions but contradicts how I really feel about him. I like and spooked about the fact that he notices the little things about me like why do I look mean when he is leaving…Then I become smart mouthed to not express myself. I also get hot when he is distant towards me, which is strange because distance sometimes scare me in a relationship. Someone PLEASE HELP MAKE SENSE OF THIS MADNESS…Any advice is accepted

    Here are the planets:





  10. OMG so that’s why…
    I met this great guy a month ago,we clicked right away,he acted like he’s so into me so quickly, it wasn’t about sex, I felt it he said it and I just know. He has rising sun in Capricorn. Otherwise sun gemini. But he feels really Cappy-ish in his behavior.Now it’s late anyway coz he decided that our reationship cant be continued. Now I understand why after reading that site. We both live abroad, he wants to go back to our country in about 18months…and says coz of that we cant meet coz I am not sure (yet) if I want to go back either. He said from the start he’s looking for a serious relationship and that he cares for me a lot- I felt it,what he did for me was a lot,not only words,he would always do things not only talk. I loved that,I got into him so quickly, I have rising sun in cancer sun in aries. In a way it felt like we are so compatible both on the outside and on deeper level (just sensed that). We acted like crazy kids together but both thought seriously about commitment. He introduced me to his parents extremely quickly, and…the next day it started to suck. I knew sth’s wrong. After a week he said he cant continue coz he’s leaving the country in few months. Then next day he changed his mind begged for second chance and apologized. two days before we were supposed to meet and talk seriously he emailed me saying he is so sorry but cant do it. He went through similar situation and he was hurt too much coz she moved or sth like that(didnt give details).
    I know it’s been a short ‘relationship’ but soooo promising. I cant understand how he could be so calculating…
    I emailed him that he hurt me a lot but that’s fine, that maybe he’ll find a girl who matches his and his parents expectations…I was sad and angry with him…
    Decided not to contact him again,I know he wont either.
    I got into him so quickly,I am sure that we wouldn’t separate for a second once meeting for a date. He was so serious and careful about getting intimate, we didnt do the deed but did a lot of kissing,hugging and touching…a lot and crazy. I could feel he’s into me.
    Im sort of devastated.
    I miss him.

  11. brittany says:

    I realize that this is a really old thread, but maybe someone will pick it up. I’m a cancer and totally gone on a cappricorn man. We were friends as teens (until he pushed for ‘more’) and hadn’t communicated but once in 25 years. Last spring after separating from my husband of 20 years, I looked him up. It was immediately “on”! And it’s been a wild ride ever since. I keep thinking I’ve screwed it up this time–every time we’re together and then he calls me and wants to get together. He’s been living with me off-and-on for a few months, but I keep getting the “I don’t want a relationship” line (he brings it up, not me). I, unfortunately, having not actually dated EVER, slept with him right-away, hence all of the confusion. I’ve not mentioned marriage, but during the most turbulent point this winter, he would just call me up to tell me that he’s never getting married. I was so confused. I’d walk away, but he’s been “the ONE” since I was 17 and he was 15. I think I needed to write it all down. Life can be crazy.
    As an aside, he professed his desire to have me for a wife during our first phone conversation last spring, THEN informed me we weren’t even dating a month later. I know this guy, he’s not an off-the-cuff sort. Just not sure if I should run. I’ve tried, but he always reels me back in.

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